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St. Matthias Cemetery

Milwaukee County Wisconsin Genealogy


The St. Matthias Cemetery is located behind St. Matthias Church at 9306 W. Beloit Road. The Parish of St. Matthias began about 1845 when the German Catholic Community in the area was known as Holy Cross. The church was served by missionary priests and then by Father Mathias Steiger who traveled from St. Francis. In 1850 Bishop John Martin Henni announced the establishment of the church and appointed Father J.A. Stein as pastor.

The first church was built in 1851 on Beloit Road originally known as Whiskey Corners. Three area families donated one acre each of land to build the parish. The second church was dedicated on November 28, 1883 and served the parish until 1865, when it was razed to make way for the present church. (source: church website)

The cemetery was established about 1849. It is a well cared for cemetery maintained by St. Matthias Catholic Church.

Stones with no date of birth or no date of death listed may be stones purchased ahead of time and persons are not yet buried there at the time of this transcripiton.


The earliest stone found was 1849.



Joannes/b. 1801/d. 1867/Ruhe Sanft
John/b. 16 Jul 1833/d. 5 Okt 1861/Ruhe Sanft

Dorothy A/b. 1915/d. 1972/OSSW:
Joseph F./b. 1917/d. 1978

Anton/b. 1888/d. 1971/SSDI b. 16 Jan 1888/d. Oct 1971/OSSW:	
Elizabeth/b. 1886/d. 1957/OSSW:
John/b. 1879/d. 1950/OSSW:
Regina K./b. 1892/d.1966/SSDI b. 30 Jul 1892/d. Feb 1966

Nicholas/b. 1892/d. 1957

Betty A. (STRANSKY)/b. 29 Sep 1926/d. 25 Mar 1993/OSSW:
Kenneth D./b. 17 Jun 1922/d. 14 Jan 1977

George/b. 10 Jul 1888/d. 7 Sep 1957/Wisconsin PVT 223 Casual 
Margaret/b. 1866/d. 1946/OSSW:
Peter/b. 1859/d. 1940/Father
Irene/b.1911/d. no date/OSSW:
Louis/b. 1906/d. 1987/not in SSDI/NEXT TO:
Joseph/b. 1901/d. 1984/not in SSDI/OSSW:
Marguerite/b. 1908/d. 1987/not in SSDI

Esther/b. 1915/d. 1993/SSDI b. 2 Oct 1915/d. 14 Jun 1993/NEXT TO:
Frank A./b. 1874/d. 1937/Father/NEXT TO:
Mary E./b. 1875/d. 1948/Mother

Marie A./b. 19 Feb 1906/d. no date/OSSW:
Theodore E./b. 29 Mar 1907/d. no date/OSSW: Marie & Michael F. Drewniak
	(there are a Marie and a Theodore with matching birth dates that show up 
in the SSDI as last living in San Diego, California)

Anna/b. 2 May 1858/d. 18 Jun 1935/Mother/NEXT TO:
John/b. 30 Aug 1852/d. 31 Dec 1924/Father
Frank/b. 1864/d. 1936/OSSW:
Margaret/b. 1866/d. 1925/Mother/NEXT TO:
Mary Ann/b. 1888/d. 1964/SSDI b. 26 Nov 1888/d. Sep 1964/NEXT TO: 
Peter John/b. 1890/d. 1958
Theodore/b. 1872/d. 1950
Eva/b. 13 Aug 1830/d. 13 Sep 1893
Jacob/b. 22 Jun 1826/d. 18 Aug 1881
Katherina/b. 27 Mai 1858/d. 9 Aug 1878
Margaretha/b. 23 Sep 1869/d. 14 Sep 1907

Leo L/b. 1933/d. 1976/In God's Hands/SSDI b. 25 Apr 1933/d. May 1976
Peter P./b. 1903/d. 1974/SSDI b. 17 Jun 1903/d. Nov 1974

Leo B./b. 1906/d. 1963/OSSW:
Rose/b. 1906/d. 1974/not is SSDI

Clara/b. 1811/d. 1892/Mother/NEXT TO:
Peter/b. 5 Oct 1811/d. 7 Feb 1885/Father/NEXT TO:
John A./b. 1 Jan 1847/d. 17 Mai 1881

Anton/b. 1855/d. 1918

[back of left side]	James A./b. 1924/d. no date/OSSW:
[back of left side]	Estella I./b. 1927/d. 1989/SSDI b. 13 Aug 1927/
				d. Apr 1989/OSSW:
[back of left side]	Dennis/b. 1953/d. no date/(there is a Dennis Baker in the 
				SSDI listed as b. 4 May 1953/d. 15 Dec 1993 last 
				residence: Milwaukee, unknown if same Dennis)/OSSW:
[back of left side]	Patrick M./b. 1960/d. 1970

[left rear section]	Norman D./b. 25 May 1913/d. 4 May 1971/
				Wisconsin Tec 4 10 AAA AW BN CAC WWII/Next To:
[left rear section]	William D./b. 30 Jan 1944/d. 12 Feb 1969/
				27 INF 25 INF DIV Vietnam BSM & OLC-PH

[center of middle section]	Jeanne Elizabeth/b. 20 Nov 1947/d. 23 Apr 1971	

[left rear section]	no name given/d. Sep 1960/only one date

[right rear section]	Fred J./b. 1893/d. 1975/OSSW:
[right rear section]	Anna M./b. 1897/d. 1963/next to:
[right rear section]	Mary Ann]/d. 1934/Our Baby

[center of middle section]	Bruce J./b. 1930/d. no date/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Jack H./b. 1905/d. 1988/SSDI John H./b. 16 Jul 1905/
					. 2 Dec 1988/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Ruth M./b. 1905/d. 1970/SSDI b. 14 Dec 1904/d. Nov 1970

[center of left side]	Jerome J./b. 1916/d. no date/SSDI b. 29 Sep 1916/
				d. 24 Feb 1998/OSSW:
[center of left side]	Margaret J./b. 1913/d. no date

[left rear section]		William P./b. 1885/d. 1929	
[center of left side]		Anne K./b. 1887/d. 1959/Wife of William, In God's Care
[center of middle section]	Herman/b 1797/d. 1867/Next to:
[center of middle section]	Max Mil/b. no date/d. no date
[center of middle section]	John P./b. 5 Feb 1864/d. 13 Mar 1884/Next to
[center of left side]		Cecilia/b. 22 Nov 1839/d. 6 Oct 1889/mother/next to:	
[center of middle section]	Mathias/b. 1836/d. 1892/Father/Next to
[center of middle section]	Anna? C./b. 1853/d. 5 Apr 1877/stone chipped
[center of middle section]	Charles/b. 25 Apr 1896/d. 2 Jul 1948/Missouri PFC 30 Inf WWI/
[center of middle section]	Donald C./b. 1931/d. 1987/Son/SSDI b. 24 Jan 1931/
					d. 8 Oct 1987/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Marie/b. 1903/d. no date/Mother/SSDI b. 31 Jan 1903/
					d. 24 Apr 1997/Mother

[center of middle section]	August/b. 1813/d. 4 Apr 1886/OSSW:  
[center of middle section]	Mary J./b. 11 Mai 1818/d. 25 Oct 1870/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	P. H./b. 29 Nov 1862/d. 12 Sep 1862/OSSW: Elisabeth Kau/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Augustus/b. 11 Nov 1850/d. 15 Sep 1862/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Etmunt/b. 3 Sep 1854/d. 14 Nov 1856/family plot

[center of middle section]	Alfred J./b. 1881/d. 1949/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Lena M./b. 1882/d. 1968

[front left side]	Francis B./b. 1912/d. 1989/Deacon Bud, Life & Kingdom/SSDI 
				b. 9 May 1912/d. 6 Sep 1989/OSSW:
[front left side]	Charlotte E. (Schoenmann)/b. 1916/d. no date/SSDI 
				b. 16 Jul 1916/d. 31 Jan 1995/OSSW:

[right center section]	Martha/b. 1857/d. 1940	

[left front section]	Herman/b. 1889/d. 1976/SSDI b. 8 Apr 1889/d. Sep 1976/
				OSSW: Llewellyn, Lois Ann & Ruth Biwer


[center of left side]	Teresa/b. 28 Jun 1899/d. 13 Nov 1983	

[center of middle section]	Frank G./b. 1901/d. 1979/SSDI b. 16 Nov 1901/d. Jun 1979/
					Railroad employeeOSSW:
[center of middle section]	Celia/b. 1907/d. 1951

[center of left side]	Henry A./b. 1905/d. 1962/OSSW:
[center of left side]	Dorothy/b. 1905/d. 1933/In God's Care

[center of middle section]	Eleonora/b. 1891/d. 1926

[right center section]	Elizabeth/b. 1911/d. 1920

[right center section]	Joseph/b. 1873/d. 1943/Father/OSSW:
[right center section]	Anna/b. 1869/d. 1956/Mother

[center of middle section]	Hans/b. 1895/d. 1975/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Frieda/b. 1901/d. no date

[center of middle section]	John/b. 1900/d. 1950/Next to: Marion Berns Machtig

[center of middle section]	Goham/b. no date/d. no date/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Anna/b. no date/d. no date/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Magdalene/b. no date/d. no date
[right center section]		John P./b. 1877/d. 1967/Father/OSSW:
[right center section]		Magdalena/b. 1871/d. 1957/Mother/OSSW:
[right center section]		John P./b. 1914/d. 1916/Son

[left rear section]	Wilhelm/b.cannot read/d. cannot read/old stone from 1880s

[left rear section]	Michael/b. 1907/d. 1983/OSSW:
[left rear section]	Josephine/b. 1908/d. 1994/Together Forever

[center of middle section]	John P./b. 6 Apr 1854/d. 6 May 1939/Father/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Magdalene/b. 18 Apr 1858/d. 18 Jun 1926/Mother/Daughter
					of Franz and Margaretha Jacoby/next to:
[center of middle section]	Katharine B./b. 1891/d. 1918/OSSW:  Henry
[center of middle section]	Henry/b. 1882/d. 1949
[center front section]		Anthony C., Rev./b. 29 Oct 1876/d. 6 Apr 1953/A Priest, Pary For 
					Me, ordained 29 Jun 1907
[left front section]		Llewellyn/b. 1915/d. no date/Father/OSSW:
[left front section]		Lois Ann/b. 1946/d. 1964/Daughter/OSSW:
[left front section]		Ruth/b. 1921/d. 1992/Mother
[left rear section]		no first name/b. 21 Sep 1882/d. 6 Mar 1885
[right center section]		Frank L./b. 1878/d. 1964/OSSW:
[right center section]		Gertrude/b. 1880/d. 1969/OSSW:
[right center section]		Jerome/b. 1912/d. 1916
[right center section]		Peter Joseph/b. 13 Nov 1849/d. 25 Feb 1939/OSSW:
[right center section]		Anna Gertrude/b 21 Mar 1856/d. 1 Feb 1923 Hancock MI/next to:
[right center section]		Peter H./b. 18 Jan 1889/d. 30 Oct 1873

[right center section]	Edward Sr./b. 1886/d. 1923/Next to: Clara Biwersi & Bernard Hocks
			Edward C./b. 25 Feb 1919/d. 7 Dec 1966/Next to Phillip C. Haehlen/
				Wisconsin AS USNR WWII

[center of left side]	Robert L./b. 10 Aug 1919/d. no date/OSSW:
[center of left side]	Helen Ruth (Johnson)/b. 16 Oct 1920/d. 2 Jun 1990
[left rear section]	Richard W./b. 1901/d. 1982/OSSW:
[left rear section]	Edna K./b. 1903/d. 1985

[left rear section]	Gilbert L./b. 1 Aug 1924/d. 21 Nov 1984/Sgt US Army WWII

[right front section]	Florian J./b. 1899/d. 1979/Father/OSSW:
[right front section]	Mary A./b. 1888/d. 1956/Mother

[right front section]	Joseph/b. 1910/d. 1987/OSSW:
[right front section]	Isabel/b. 1908/d. no date

[right center section]	John/b. 13 Mar 1859/d. 27 Jan 1918/Father/Next to:
[right center section]	Anna/b. 6 Dec 1865/d. 13 Aug 1935/Mother

[center of left side]	Gilbert J./b. 1902/d. 1958/OSSW:
[center of left side]	Mary A./b. 1901/d. 1974
[left rear section]	Donald J./b. 4 Jul 1938/d. 25 Dec 1938/Beloved Son
[left rear section]	Gilbert J./b. 5 Jan 1930/d. 10 Apr 1931/Our Darling Baby
[right center section]	Joseph/b. 1867/d. 1940/Father/OSSW:
[right center section]	Bertha/b. 1872/d. 1954/Mother

[left rear section]	Adeline/b. 1909/d. 1934

[center of middle section]	Stanley R./b. 1915/d. 1898/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Genevieve S./b. 1921/d. no date/married 21 Sep 1941 

[center of left side]	James Michael/b. 7 May 1914/d. 10 May 1958/Wisconsin PFC 624 
				Ordnance BN WWII

[left front section]	Joseph J./b. 1914/d. 1983/OSSW:
[left front section]	Elinor L./b. 1912/d. no date

[center of left side]	Edward J./b. 1913/d. no date/Married 23 Jul 1933, Forever Together/OSSW:
[center of left side]	Catherine H./b. 1913/d. 1991

[left rear section]	John A./b. 25 var 1948/d. 4 May 1948

[right center section]	Harry I./b. 1896/d. 19 --/OSSW:
[right center section]	Barbara C./b. 1893/d. 1972
[right center section]	Thomas D./b. 27 Jul 1932/d. 13 Aug 1990

[center of middle section]	Wiliam L./b. 1908/d. 1960/OSSW:  
[center of middle section]	Anastasia M./b. 1911/d. 1984/next to:
[center of middle section]	Anthony J./b. 1902/d. 1980/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Constance D./b. 1907/d. 1985/next to:
[center of middle section]	August/b. 17 Mar 1875/d. 1 Nov 1901/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Katherina/b. 23 Oct 1835 Buckport ME/d. 31 Jul 1902/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Elizabeth/b. 19 Okt 1870/d. 4 Mai 1944/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Lucas/b. 18 Okt 1830/d. 25 Feb 1910
[center of middle section]	Joseph M./b. 1900/d. 1971/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Frances Jones/b. 1905/d. no date
[center of middle section]	August N./b. 1903/d. 1948
[right center section]	Lucas/b. 1858/d. 1924/Father/OSSW:
[right center section]	Anna/b. 1862/d. 1950/Mother"/OSSW:
[right center section]	Eva/b. 1887/d. 1966/OSSW:
[right center section]	Kathryn/b. 1886/d. 1979/OSSW:
[right center section]	Peter/b. 1900/d. 1969/Father
[right center section]	Theresa/b. 1904/d. 1933/Mother/OSSW:
[right center section]	Peter R./b. 1927/d. 1945/Hosp Corps Sch US Navy/OSSW:
[right center section]	Robert/b. 1930/d. no date/Son
[right center section]	Leona/b. 1915/d. 1929/OSSW:  
[right center section]	Gertrude/b. 1907/d. 1915/next to:
[right center section]	Herman/b. 1864/d. 1930/OSSW:  
[right center section]	Mary/b. 1873/d. 1962/Mother/Next to: 
[right center section]	Joseph/b. 1872/d. 1915/OSSW:
[right center section]	Christina/b. 1875/d. 1951/next to
[right center section]	Jacob/b. 1903/d. 1961/Next to: Rose Spaeth
[right front section]	George C./b. 1893/d. 1957/OSSW:
[right front section]	Rose V./b 1896/d. 1986/OSSW:
[right front section]	Gerald A./b. 1922/d. 1945/S/Sgt, there are 3 stars and the #5
				on stone

[center of middle section]	Dela R./b. 1908/d. 1976/Mother, To Know Her Was 
					to Love Her/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Larry F., Fr./b. 1931/d. no date/A Priest Forever/
					ordained 1964
[center of middle section]	Dolores/b. 1929/d. 1977

[center of middle section]	Elis/b. 18 Jul 1833/stone very worn, DOB could be 1853

[center of left side]		Frank L./b. 31 Aug 1896/d. 11 Oct 1976/PFC US Army WWII

[center of back section]	Robert/b. 1926/d. 1942

[center of left side]		Nic/b. 1838/d. 1905/Onkel, ruder von Anna Wiltzius/
					Next to John B. Wiltzius

[center of middle section]	Conrad/b. 1890/d. 1984/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Emma/b. 1893/d. 1967
[left rear section]		Cecil A./b. 6 Oct 1914/d. 6 Oct 1968/Wisconsin Tec 4 86 
					Replacement BN WWII/Next to:
[left rear section]		Cecilia A./b. 18 Nov 1919/d. 7 Mar 1983

[right front section]		George J./b. 1884/d. 1963/OSSW:
[right front section]		Antonia/b. 1884/d. 1955

[center of middle section]	William Sr./b. 1880/d. 1924/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	William Jr./b. 1922/d. 1923

[center of middle section]	Lawrence/b. 1821/b. 1903/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Frances/b. 1835/d. 1912
[center of middle section]	Jos./b. 23 Sep 1862/d. 1 Apr 1938/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Christina (E Schlosser)/b. 19 Oct 1856/d. 13 Mai 1919

[center of middle section]	Fred G./b. 1871/d. 1954/Father/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Helen G./b. 1869/d. 1945/Mother

[right front section]		Emil/b. 1894/d. 1972/OSSW:
[right front section]		Minnie/b. 1902/d. 1955

[center of middle section]	Joseph H./b. 27 Jan 1877/d. 18 Mar 1920/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Elizabeth/b. 22 Oct 1877/d. 1 Jul 1945/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Josephine/b. 1877/d. 1920
[center of middle section]	Julius H./b. 7 Feb 1874/d. 17 Nov 1959/Ordained 20 Jun 1897
					Rt. Rev. Msgr./OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Gertrude H./b 16 Sep 1885/d. 13 Jun 1965/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Theodore H./b. 14 Apr 1838/d. 16 Nov 1914/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Anna M./b. 9 Feb 1845/d. 17 May 1930

[center of left side]	Sidney S./b. 1885/d. 1957/OSSW:
[center of left side]	Sophia M./b. 1889/d. 1958

[center of left side]	Ralph E./b. 1911/d. 1988/OSSW:
[center of left side]	Pauline/b. 1909/d. 1958

[center of left side]	Robert M./b. 1923/d. no date/Father/OSSW:
[center of left side]	Alice M./b. 1924/d. no date/Mother/OSSW:
[center of left side]	David A./b. 1960/d. 1983/Son

[center of left side]	Judith Marie/b 1849/d. 1963

[center of middle section]	Woodrow/b. 1914/d. 1976/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Mary/b. 1922/d. 1988

[right center section]	Louis F./b. 1904/d. 1971/OSSW:
[right center section]	Catherine/b. 1902/d. 1987

[left front section]	Virginia Rose/b 1940/d. 1964/Daughter/could be Gabella

[center of middle section]	Jerry C./b. 17 Feb 1911/d. 2 Apr 1994/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Alice H./b. 7 Aug 1913/d. no date

[right center section]		Rose/b. 1910/d. 1985

[left front section]		William A./b. 1913/d. 1990/OSSW:
[left front section]		Elbertina R./b. 1921/d. 1962

[left front section]		John/b. 1918/d. 1983/Knights of Columbus marker/
					W. Allis Coun 3095/OSSW:
[left front section]		Janice/b. 1919/d. no date/Next to:
[left front section]		John F. /b. 1945/d. 1965

[center of left side]		Louis/b. 1856/d. 1947/Father/OSSW:
[center of left side]		Mary Ann/b. 1857/d. 1930/Mother

[center of left side]		Ada/b. 1949/d. 1961/Our Little Angel

[right front section]		George R./b. 8 Apr 1894/d. 7 Jun 1955/Wisconsin PVT 
[left rear section]		Elizabeth/b. 1926/d. 1972

[center of left side]		Albert/b. 1858/d. 1929/OSSW:  
[center of left side]		Helen/b. 1860/d. 1954/OSSW:
[center of left side]		Marie/b. 1909/d. 1909

[right center section]	Thomas H./b. 1859/d. 1921/Father/Family plot
[right center section]	Johanna/b. 1860/d. 1949/Mother
[right center section]	Mary L./b. 1892/d. 1992
[right center section]	Thomas W./b. 1900/d. 1983/Husband
[right center section]	Ethel/b. 1905/d. 1988/Wife

[single grave, left rear section]	Zachary John/b. 8 Jan 1980/d. 29 Feb 1980/
						You Never Really Lost Your Wings
[left rear section]	Geraldine/b. 1928/d. 1990/Beloved Mother

[left rear section]	Paul John]/d. 7jan 1964/Son/OSSW:
[left rear section]	Susan Mary/b. 15 Dec 1964/d. 17 Aug 1991/Daughter

[center of middle section]	Dennis R./b. 1950/d. 1971/Next to
[center of middle section]	Amanda L./d. 1 Nov 1987

[left rear section]	Jeffrey/b. Mar 1957/d. Sep 1957

[right rear section]	Leona L./b. 1917/d. 1952/Mother

[back of left side]	Nicolaus/b. 15 Feb 1814/d. 13 Jul 1883/Vater/Next to
[back of left side]	Josephine M/b. 1854/d. 1931/Next to:
[back of left side]	Elizabeth M./b. 1866/d. 1931/Next to
[back of left side]	Anna Gertrude/b. 15 Apr 1825/d. 7 Sep 1912/Mutter/Next to
[back of left side]	Katharine M./b. 1864/d. 1883
[right center section]	John N./b. 1861/d. 1936/OSSW:
[right center section]	Anna M./b. 1874/d. 1953/OSSW:
[right center section]	Theresa G./b. 1862/d. 1947/OSSW:
[right center section]	Mary A./b. 1869/d. 1962

[right center section]	Charles P./b. 1911/d. 1986/OSSW:
[right center section]	Evelyn L./b. 1912/d. no date

[left rear section]	Debra Ann]/d. 15 Sep 1972/Our Baby

[back of left side]		Maurice J./b. 29 Dec 1894/d. 3 Apr 1948/Wisconsin PVT 340 Inf. 85 
					Div. WWI, VFW Mkr/Next to:
[back of left side]		Robert M./b. 1921/d. 1930/Son
[center of middle section]	Hattie M./b. 1894/d. 1965/Mother
[center of middle section]	Ellen M./b. 1933/d. 1951/Daughter

[left rear section]	Walburga/b. 29 Sep 1810/d. 14 Sep 1878

[left front section]	Herman H./b. 1912/d. 1964/OSSW:
[left front section]	Rose Marie/b. 1914/d. no date

[center of left side]	Clemens/b. 1898/d. 1969/OSSW:
[center of left side]	Katherine/b. 1901/d. 1985

[right center section]	Harold C./b. 1914/d. 1977/OSSW:
[right center section]	Marie L./b. 1919/d. no date

[right front section]	Z. William/b. 1903/d. no date/OSSW:
[right front section]	Hazel M./b. 1904/d. 1994

[center of middle section]	Joseph/dates hard to read/old stone	

[right center section]	Elizabeth/b. 1883/d. 1958/Daughter/OSSW:
[right center section]	Helena/b. 1862/d. 1934 Los Angeles CA/Mother

[center of left side]	Joseph G./b. 1937/d. 1958/Son/Next to:
[center of left side]	Terrance F. (Terry)/b. 1932/d. 1965/Son

[left rear section]	Joseph/b. 1893/d. 1976/Father/OSSW:
[left rear section]	Pauline/b. 1895/d. 1989/Mother

[left rear section]	Raymond F./b. 1919/d. 1976/OSSW:
[left rear section]	Jeanette B./b. 1920/d. no date/Together Forever

[right center section]	Herbert J./b. 1884/d. 1950/Next to
[right center section]	Joseph/b. 1849/d. 1933

[center of middle section]	Casimira/b. 1908/d. 1987/OSSW: 
[center of middle section]	Edward/b. 1908/d. 1975/Next to:
[center of middle section]	John Robert/b. 15 May 1941/d. 4 Jun 1941

[center of middle section]	Margaret/b. 1868/d. 1962/Mother/OSSW: Margaret E., John F. & Lucy 
					VanPallen & Lacy Klas

[center of left side]	Catherine I./b. 1891/d. 1962

[center of left side]	Herman/b. 1877/d. 1965/OSSW:
[center of left side]	Euphrosina/b. 1873/d. 1965
[center of left side]	George Frank/b. 26 Sep 1910/d. 1 Feb 1960/
				Wis S Sgt 3 Air TNG BN FAS DET WWII
[center of left side]	K. M./b. underground/d. underground/stone very worn

[center of left side]	Harry S. /b. 1901/d. 1959/Next to:
[center of left side]	Catherine/b. 1905/d. 1945/Wife

[left front section]	Rueben R./b. 21 Feb 1929/d. 25 Aug 1985/CPL US Army Korea

[center of middle section]	Edward/b. 1860/d. 1949/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Katherine/b. 1877/d. 1952

[front left side]	Elizabeth M. (Adriansen)/b. 24 Jun 1914/d. no date/OSSW: 
				Joseph G. Drobiszewski

[center of left side]	Marie/b. 6 Jan 1896/d. 30 Nov 1976/OSSW: 
				Michael F. Dreniak & Marie A. & Theodore E. Anderson

[back of left side]	Harold/b. 18 Apr 1913/d. 23 Jan 1984/OSSW:
[back of left side]	Ann H./b. 18 Apr 1913/d 17 Oct 1972

[left rear section]	Raymond/b. 1916/d. 1975/OSSW:
[left rear section]	Margaret/b. 1911/d. no date

[left rear section]	Gregory/b. 21 Apr 1971/d. 27 Jun 1971

[front left side]	Joseph G./b. 22 Feb 1816/d. 13 Jan 1990/OSSW: Elizabeth M. Drew

[right front section]	John A./b. 3 Jan 1895/d. 5 Feb 1976/Father/OSSW:
[right front section]	Lillian/b. 6 Feb 1897/d. 16 Jul 1971/OSSW:
[right front section]	Ralph C./b. 12 Jun 1923/d. 4 Apr 1946/In Memory of, Navy emblem 
				Eagle above 2 cheverons

[center back section]	George F./b. 1898/d. 1946/Father

[left front section]	John J./b. 1903/d. 1969/OSSW: 
[left front section]	Stella V./b. 1903/d. 1986/OSSW: 
[left front section]	Dennis John/b. 22 May 1969/d. 12 Jul 1969/Baby

[center of middle section]	Mathias/b. 1876/d. 1964/Father/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Katherine/b. 1878/d. 1962/Mother/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Regina/b. 1912/d. 1949/Daughter
[center of middle section]	Gregory/b. 1905/d. 1970/Son

[center of left side]	John/b. 1871/d. 1953/OSSW:
[center of left side]	Elizabeth/b. 1880/d. 1970

[center of left side]	Mathias/b. 1866/d. 1942/Father/Next to
[center of left side]	Frances/b. 1867/d. 1942/Mother

[center of middle section]	Catherine (Schloemer)/b. 1871/d. 1901/Next to Clarence Schloemer
					& Rose Pierner

[front left side]	Lucy/b. 1903/d. 1969/Grandmother/OSSW: Donald, Dolores & 
				Eileen Stanosz

[center of middle section]	Joseph J./b. 1918/d. 1969/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Margaret/b. 1917/d. no date

[right center section]	Joseph/b. 1875/d. 1935/OSSW:
[right center section]	Catherine/b. 1881/d. 1924
[center of middle section]	Johan/b. 20 Jan 1820/d. 24 Jun 1859

[center of middle section]	Mary/b. 1881/d. 1973/Sister

[front left side]	James Norman/b. 1911/d. no date/OSSW:
[front left side]	Louise Elizabeth/b. 1912/d. 1988

[left rear section]	Virginia/b. 22 Nov 1947/d. 22 Nov 1947/her twin/OSSW:
[left rear section]	Walter Jr./b. 22 Nov 1947/d. 22 Nov 1947/his twin

[center of left side]	Elizabeth/b. underground/d. underground/Mother
[center of middle section]	Estelle/b. 1893/d. 1931/OSSW: Joseph T. Rauh

[center of middle section]	Paulus/b. 6 Dez 1824/d. 17 Mai 1899

[left front section]	Edwin E./b. 1891/d. 1979/OSSW:
[left front section]	Margaret F./b. 1889/d. 1976

[right front section]	John/b. 1896/d. 1973/Husband/OSSW:
[right front section]	Julia/b. 1895/d. 1970/Wife

[center of middle section]	August/b. 1854/d. 1929/father
[center of middle section]	Angeline/b. 1858/d. 1929/Mother

[left front section]		Virginia Rose/b. 1940/d. 1964/Daughter, could be Cabella
					fancy writing

[center of middle section]	Mary/b. 1909/d. 1971

[right rear section]		Richard P./b. 1902/d. 1950

[left rear section]	Leo F./b. 1897/d. 1974/OSSW:
[left rear section]	Mina E./b. 1899/d. 1978

[back left]	Thomas E. Sr./b. 8 Dec 1916/d. 20 Dec 1986/
			writing hard to read, too fancy, shamrocks on stone/OSSW:
[back left]	Irene M./b. 23 Feb 1918/d. no date

[left rear section]	Mary K./b. 12 May 1910/d. 25 Aug 1993/Beloved Mother, Forever In 
				Our Hearts

[center of middle section]	Raymond/b. 1903/d. 1977/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Regina/b. 1906/d. 19--/next to:
[center of middle section]	Alice/b. 1936/d. 1949/Daughter

[left rear section]	Joseph/b. 1843/d. 1886

[back of left side]	Walter N./b. 1897/d. 1971/OSSW:
[back of left side]	Theresa A./b. 1914/d. 1991

[front left side]	Alexander M., MD/b. 1922/d. 1976/Next to
[front left side]	Teles A./b. 1959/d. 1982

[left rear section]	Philip H./b. 1896/d. 1979/OSSW:
[left rear section]	Lorraine B./b. 1915/d. no date

[center of left side]	William G., Jr./b. 30 Apr 1921/d. 1 Nov 1959/
				Wisconsin, S Sgt US Marine Corps Res WWII

[right center section]	John/b. 1905/d. 1923/Son/OSSW:
[right center section]	Margaret/b. 1875/d. 1961/Mother

[front left side]	Lawrence/b. 1923/d. no date/OSSW:
[front left side]	Lorraine/b. 1922/d. no date/Together in God's Care

[left rear section]	Zenon/b. 1907/d. 1984/OSSW:
[left rear section]	Gertrude/b. 1915/d. no date

[center of middle section]	Emil/b. 1907/d. 1985/OSSW: 
[center of middle section]	Ann/b. 1909/d. 1973/Till We Meet Again

[back of left side]	Raymond R./b. 1912/d. 1988/Father/OSSW:
[back of left side]	Ethel/b. 1916/d. no date/OSSW:
[back of left side]	Cathleen M./b. 1960/d. 1973/Daughter

[front left side]	Nextor/b. 1928/d. 1977/OSSW:
[front left side]	Grace/b. no date/d. no date

[center of left side]	Hubert/b. 19 Apr 1825/d. 12 Oct 1908/OSSW: 
[center of left side]	Agnes/b. 17 Oct 1827/d. 22 Oct 1906/next to:
[center of left side]	Herman/b. 1870/d. 1917/Father
[center of middle section]	William/b. 1873/d. 1955/Father/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Mary/b. 1878/d. 1950/Mother/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Alois H./b. 1902/d. 1950/next to
[center of middle section]	Edward W./b. 17 Aug 1907/d. 6 Jan 1975/GM 3 US Navy WWII
[center of middle section]	Bernard A./b. 14 Jan 1913/d. 26 Jun 1987/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	LaVerne L./b. 5 Apr 1919/d. no date
[center of middle section]	Ralph F./b. 29 Jul 1909/d. 12 May 1917
[left rear section]		Mary/b. 1915/d. 19--/OSSW: 
[left rear section]		Alois/b. 1911/d. 1972/stone very worn
[right center section]		Joseph/b. 1907/d. 1970/Son/OSSW:
[right center section]		Anna/b. 1910/d. 1987/Daughter/next to
[right center section]		Herman/b. 1916/d. 1928/Son/OSSW: 
[right center section]		Margaret/b. 1880/d. 1967/Mother
[right center section]		John F./b. 1881/d. 1958/Father/OSSW: 
[right center section]		Katharine/b. 1878/d. 1944/Mother/next to
[right center section]		Leona F./b. 1907/d. 1965
[right front section]		Math/b. 1887/d. 1956/WWI/OSSW:
[right front section]		Anna/b. 1893/d. 1983/next to:
[right front section]		Mildred F. (Millie)/b. 1920/d. no date/daughter/Next to
[right front section]		Matthew J./b. 1922/d. 1957/Son

[left rear section]	Gebhart/buried in 1880 section/can't read

[right center section]	Maria/b. 1859/d. 1923/Grandmother/OSSW:
[right center section]	George/b. 1884/d. 1955/Father/OSSW:
[right center section]	Anna/b. 1886/d. 1953/Mother

[center of middle section]	George G./b. 1902/d. 1978/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Mary A./b. 1892/d. 1952
[left rear section]		Johann/b. 24 Jul 1896/d. 21 Jan 1909

[back of left side]	Christopher L./b. 28 Feb 1961/d. 10 Dec 1973/Thou Makest 
				Me Dwell In Safety Psalm 4v8

[center of middle section]	Madelyn A./b. Feb 1931/d. Oct 1970

[left rear section]	Katharina/b. 23 Dez 1873/d. 4 Oct 1890/Heir Ruht in Gott, Ruhe Sanft
[right center section]	Anthony/b. 1889/d. 1920/Father/OSSW:
[right center section]	Susanna/b. 1884/d. 1927

[center of middle section]	Edward/b. 1920/d. 1928/Son/Next to
[center of middle section]	Henry E./b. 1872/d. 1962/OSSW: 
[center of middle section]	Katherine/b. 1877 Europe/d. 1957

[right front section]	Heildgarde/b. 1916/d. 1959/OSSW: Blank

[left rear section]	Elizabeth/b. 9 Jul 1854/d. 31 Oct 1880

[center of middle section]	Caroline/b. 1964/d. 1970

[right center section]	Joseph/b. 1869/d. 1953/OSSW:
[right center section]	Helen/b. 1867/d. 1949

[center of middle section]	John C./b. 1896/d. 1950

[center back section]	Fred/b. 1865/d. 1949
[right center section]	Robert J./b. 19 Feb 1921/d. 13 Aug 1969/
				Wisconsin T Sgt 825 Bomb Sq AAF WWII

[center of middle section]	Theresa E./b. 7 Nov 1893/d. 23 Mar 1986
[right center section]		August/b. 1862/d. 1933/OSSW:
[right center section]		Elizabeth/b. 1866/d. 1933/OSSW:
[right center section]		Marks/b. 18989/d. 1928

[right center section]		Phillip C./b. 1917/d. 1935/Between Edward C & Edward 
					Sr. Biwersi


[left rear section]	Joseph]/d. 8 Nov 1950/Our Darling Baby, only one date

[center of middle section]	Oswald R./b. 1906/d. 1993/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Bernice B./b. 1907/d. 1978
[right center section]		Isador J./b. 1867/d. 1919/Next to
[right center section]		Cecilia/b. 1909/d. 1984/Next to
[right center section]		Julia G./b. 1873/d. 1954/Next to:
[right center section]		Louise/b. 1915/d. 1920

[right front section]	Edward/b. 22 Jan 1906/d. 11 Sep 1975/OSSW:
[right front section]	Genevieve/b. 18 Jan 1907/d. no date

[center of middle section]	Frank/b. no date/d. no date/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Eleanore/b. 26 Dec 1901/d. 8 Dec 1902/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Gertrude/b. 21 Jun 1869/d. 4 Mar 1943/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	George/b. 4 Sep 1861/d. 30 Mar 1921/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Theodore/b. 2 Feb 1871/d. 21 Mar 1937

[center of left side]	Henry/b. 1875/d. 1970/Father/OSSW:
[center of left side]	Mary/b. 1879/d. 1939/Mother
[center of left side]	Arthur N./b. 1903/d. 1954/Next to
[center of left side]	Pauline/b. 1902/d. 1977
[center of left side]	Ruth I./b. 1921/d. 1961
[center of middle section]	Hermann J./b. 26 Sep 1793/d. 9 Feb 1854/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Elisabeth A./b. 23 Jul 1818/d. 22 Sep 1888
[center of middle section]	Johnie/b. 1878/d. 1888/OSSW: 
[center of middle section]	Peter/b. 1894/d. 1896/next to
[center of middle section]	George/b. 1890/d. 1900/Next to
[center of middle section]	Cath/b. 1849/d. 1921/Mother/Next to
[center of middle section]	John/b. 1841/d. 1902/Father
[center of middle section]	Raymond/b. 1909/d. 1979/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Viola/b. 1909/d. 1991
[right center section]	Charles/b. 1876/d. 1926/OSSW:
[right center section]	Anna/b. 1880/d. 1972/OSSW:
[right center section]	John/b. 1911/d. 1934

[center of middle section]	Ludwig/b. 1849/d. 1934/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Barbara/b. 1 Nov 1819 Lothringer Frankreich/d. 1 Dec 1903/
					OSSW: Franz Haameier, Friedrich Harmeyer stone erected 
					in 1877

[center back section]	Lorenz/b. 1884/d. 1947
[center of left side]	Lawrence M./b. 21 Feb 1902/d. 2 Jun 1974/OSSW:
[center of left side]	Margaret M./b. 27 Sep 1904/d. 16 Jul 1959
[left rear section]	Joseph/b. 1869/d. 1911/Father/OSSW:
[left rear section]	Theresa/b. 1875/d. 1944/Mother
[left rear section]	Dorethea/b. 22 Apr 1831/d. 2 Mai 1877/Ruhe Sanft
[right center section]	William/b. 1880/d. 1948/OSSW: 
[right center section]	Martha/b. 1883/d. 1952/next to
[right center section]	Lorenz/b. 1832/d. 1915/Father

[right front section]	Ervin/b. 1894/d. 1975/The Cross Leads Generation On/OSSW:
[right front section]	Sylvia/b. 18989/d. 1956

[left rear section]	Norman/b. 1928/d. 1930/Our Little Angel

[left rear section]	Lois Jean/b. 1949/d. 1951/Our Darling Daughter

[right center section]	Phillip/b. 1875/d. 1935/OSSW:
[right center section]	Mary/b. 1879/d. 1948

[right center section]	James/b. 1903/d. no date/OSSW:
[right center section]	Ethel/b. 1901/d. 1981/OSSW:
[right center section]	Diane/b. 1937/d. no date/OSSW:
[right center section]	Thomas/b. 1929/d. no date

[center of middle section]	Father/b. 1843/d. 1932/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Mother/b. 1860/d. 1938/next to:
[center of middle section]	Ralph A./b. 3 Jan 1891/d. 12 Oct 1943/
					Wisconsin PVT Sup Co 2 Regt Fard WWI

[center of middle section]	George/b. 1867/d. 1929/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Rose/b. 1866/d. 1913

[right center section]	Bernhard/b. 21 Jul 1893/d. 28 Feb 1939/OSSW:
[right center section]	Anna/b. 13 Aug 1885/d. 16 Dec 1933

[left side of back area]	Ralph W./b. 1926/d. no date/Married 20 Jun 1953/OSSW:
[left side of back area]	Virginia R./b. 1925/d. 1993

[right front section]	William/b. 1904/d. 1985/OSSW:
[right front section]	Elizabeth/b. 1909/d. 1983/OSSW:
[right front section]	John/b. 1933/d. 1951

[center of middle section]	Raymond N./b. 17 Nov 1919/d. 23 Feb 1991/OSSW: 
[center of middle section]	Gladys E./b. 5 Jan 1925/d. no date/next to
[center of middle section]	Leonard A./b. 28 Jan 1922/d. no date

[back of left side]	Peter/b. 4 Mar 1807/d. 25 Jul 1869/dates could be wrong, old stone

[center back section]	Matthias/b. 1879/d. 1950
[center of left side]	Peter/b. 7 Nov 1837/d. 15 Aug 1916/Father/OSSW: Catharina
[center of left side]	Catharina/b. 9 Oct 1843/d. 12 Jun 1910/Mother/next to
[center of left side]	Mary M./b. 1881/d. 1960/Next to
[center of left side]	Angeline/b. 1889/d. 1921/Next to
[center of left side]	Anna A./b. 1886/d. 1919/Next to
[center of left side]	Jacob/b. 1842/d. 1906/OSSW: 
[center of left side]	Anna/b. 1851/d. 1939/next to
[center of left side]	Jacob/b. 1870/d. c 1916/Next to
[center of left side]	William M./b. 1891/d. 1973/OSSW: 
[center of left side]	Josephine K./b. 1891/d. 1968
[center of middle section]	Peter C./b. 11 Aug 1868/d. 22 Dec 1958/OSSW: 
[center of middle section]	Catherine/b. 13 Jul 1885/d. 27 Mar 1948/Mother
[center of middle section]	Nicholas/b. 1876/d. 1926/OSSW: 
[center of middle section]	Regina/b. 1871/d. 1948
[center of middle section]	Margareta/b. 1868/d. 1941/OSSW: Gertrude Schinz, 
					not sure of last name
[left rear section]	Peter J./b. 1862/d. 1893/OSSW:
[left rear section]	Magdalena/b. 1864/d. 1946
[left rear section]	Johann H./b. 18 Jan 1884, could be 1834, hard to read/
				d. 21 Mai 1895
[right center section]	Anton P./b. 1905/d. 1928/OSSW:
[right center section]	Sophia/b. 1866/d. 1940/OSSW: 
[right center section]	Anton/b. 1864/d. 1943
[right center section]	Joseph P./b. 1874/d. 1953/OSSW:
[right center section]	Clara A./b. 1874/d. 1958
[right center section]	Angeline W./b. 1908/d. 1988/OSSW:
[right center section]	Catherine M./b. 1907/d. no date

[right center section]	Frank/b. 1854/d. 1930/OSSW:
[right center section]	Catherine/b. 1865/d. 1935/OSSW:
[right center section]	Joseph J./b. 1892/d. 1949/OSSW: 
[right center section]	Ruth M./b. 1902/d. 19--/OSSW: 
[right center section]	Ida E./b. 1890/d. 1935

[center of middle section]	Sylvester John/b. 19 Aug 1921/d. 26 Feb 1992/
					US Army WWII/Next to:
[center of middle section]	Helen/b. 1922/d. 1971/Wife & Mother

[right rear section]	John A./b. 1892/d. 1967/OSSW:
[right rear section]	Estell/b. 1895/d. 1953

[left rear section]	Howard J./b. 1920/d. 1984/OSSW:
[left rear section]	Emma M./b. 1891/d. 1981

[right center section]	Anton/b. 1869/d. 1958/Vater/OSSW:
[right center section]	Maria/b. 1871/d. 1923/Mutter
[right center section]	Bernard/b. 1896/d. 1959/Next to Clara Biwersi 
				Hocks & Edward Biwersi Jr.
[right center section]	Clara Biwersi Hocks/b. 1894/d. 1969


[left rear section]	Michael/b. 1870/d. 1934

[left rear section]	Brian/b. 16 Sep 1966/d. 11 Oct 1966

[right front section]	Jacob F./b. 11 Jul 1893/d. 25 Jul 1955/Michigan PFC US 
				Army WWI/Next to:
[right front section]	Phoebe M./b. 1 Aug 1897/d. 12 Dec 1971

[center of middle section]	Frank P./b. 1918/d. 19--/OSSW:
[center of middle section]	Evelyn/b. 1919/d. 1972

[left front section]	Frank/b. 1888/d. 1872/OSSW: 
[left front section]	Teresa/b. 1893/d. 1978/Next to:
[left front section]	Paul M./b. 1930/d. no date/OSSW: 
[left front section]	Theresa A./b. 1914/d. no date/Sister

[left rear section]	Eva/b. 29 Jul 1881/d. 29 Nov 1881/Ruhe Sanft

[center of middle section]	Mother/b. 1850/d. 1919/OSSW: Father
[center of middle section]	Father/b. 1846/d. 1913/OSSW: 
[center of middle section]	Anna/b. 1868/d. 1954/OSSW: 
[center of middle section]	Hubert/b. 1875/d. 1913/OSSW: 
[center of middle section]	Richard/b. 1929/d. 1938/OSSW: 
[center of middle section]	Frank/b. 1889/d. 1970/OSSW: 
[center of middle section]	Genevieve/b. 1894/d. 19--

[center of middle section]	Hattie/b. 1906/d. 1977

[left rear section]	Kirk]/d. 23 Mar 1969/only one date

[left front section]	Nicholas/b. 1887/d. 1969/OSSW:
[left front section]	Catherine/b. 1878/d. 1964

[center of middle section]	Wm. Charles/b. 1908/d. 1970/OSSW: Ruby A.
[center of middle section]	Ruby A./b. 1914/d. 1969

[right center section]  Frances/b. 3 Jun 1865/d. 7 Feb 1923/Mother/OSSW:
[right center section]  Peter/b. 18 Apr 1858/d. 8 Jun 1938/Father

[center of middle section]  Franz/b. 27 Mar 1817/d. 4 Feb 1903/OSSW:
[center of middle section]  Margaretha/b. 21 Nov 1817/d. 12 Jul 1902

[center of left side]  Anna/b. 1885/d. 1986/OSSW:
[center of left side]  Catherine/b. 1873/d. 1955
[center of middle section]  Benedict/b. 1920/d. 1921/OSSW:
[center of middle section]  Catherine/b. 1879/c. 1957/OSSW:
[center of middle section]  Leo/b. 1911/d. 1929/OSSW:
[center of middle section]  Charles H./b. 1880/d. 1966
[center of middle section]  Elizabeth/b. 1853/d. 1930/Next to:
[center of middle seciton]  Gertrude/b. 1867/d. 1921
[center of middle section]  Gertrude/b. 1843/d. 1928/Mother
[center of middle section]  Jacob/b. 1839/d. 1924/Father/OSSW:
[center of middle section]  Magdelena/b. 1847/d. 1904/Mother
[back of left side]  Jacob/b. 25 Apr 1801/d. 27 Jun 1868
[back of left side]  John/b. 17 Nov 1827/d. 2 Nov 1872/OSSW:
[back of left side]  Mary/b. 19 Jun 1838/d. 8 Mar 1904/OSSW:
[back of left side]  Minnie/b. 27 Oct 1866/d. 23 May 1891
[right center section]  Katherine/b. 1884/d. 1952/OSSW:
[right center section]  Nicholas A./b. 1876/d. 1950/Our Beloved Parents/next to:
[right center section]  Marie M./b. 1920/d. 1935
[left rear section]  Peter/b. 1835/d. 1879

[center of middle section]  Margaretha/b. 18__/d. 1902/OSSW:
[center of middle section]  Mathias/b. 1824/d. 1904

[center middle section]  Florian/b. 1913/d. 1987/OSSW:
[center middle section]  Rita/b. 1918/no date

[right center section]  Anna/b. 1859/d. 1945/OSSW:
[right center section]  Joseph/b. 1862/d. 1938/

[left rear section]  Geralyn/b. 1 Feb 1965/d. 11 Feb 1965/single grave area
[left rear section]  Mary Ann/d. 26 Jul 1959/Our Baby

[center of middle section]  Bernadette/b. 1905/d. 1948/Mother/OSSW:
[center of middle section]  Cheryl/d. 1948/Baby/OSSW:
[center of middle section]  Ralph/b. 1906/d. 1985/Father
[center of middle section]  Bruno-Jim/b. 1880/d. 1953/Father/OSSW:
[center of middle section]  Mary/b. 1883/d. 1972/Mother

[left front section]  Anthony C./b. 1911/d. 1972/OSSW:
[left front section]  Rosemarie/b. 1913/d. no date

[left rear section]  Victoria Alicia/b. 28 Aug 1971/d. 20 Jul 1972/Our Baby/single grave area

[left rear section]  Joseph M./b. 1922/d. 1976/S Sgt US Army WWII/OSSW:
[left rear section]  June M./b. 1923/no date

[center of middle section]  Adam/b. 1902/d. 1929/Father/Next to:
[center of middle section]  Henry/b. 1813/d. 1898/OSSW:
[center of middle section]  Margaret/b. 1839/d. 1926/next to:
[center of middle section]  Michael/b. 1861/d. 1905
[center of middle section]  Joseph/b. 1876/d. 1919/Next to:
[center of middle section]  Joseph J./b. 1908/d. 1955/son/Next to:
[center of middle section]  Mathilda/b. 1874/d. 1958/Mother
[right center section]  Mathias/b. 1880/d. 1963/OSSW :
[right center section]  Minnie/b. 1880/d. 1962

[right front section]  Edmund/b. 1905/d. 1979/OSSW:
[right front section]  Gertrude/b. 1904/d. no date/Joseph H. & Joan E. Kerber

[left rear section]  Maria S./d. 20 Jun 1871

[center back]  Bertha/b. 1915/d. 1941/Sister
[center middle]  Mari Rose/b. 5 Jun 1889/d. 28 Jan 1954/Our Beloved Mother

[center of left]  Christian/d. 1872/Son

[left rear]  Bryan Wayne/b. 8 Jan 1959/d. 10 May 1959/Our Baby

[center of left side]  Edward J./b. 22 Oct 1914/d. no date/OSSW
[center of left side]  Martha K/b. 24 Nov 1917/d. no date

[center of middle]  Antonius/b. 2 Aug 1816/d. 27 Okt 1908/OSSW:
[center of middle]  Katharina/b. 9 Sep 1819/d. 19 Feb 1886
[ceneter of middle]  Elisabeth (Baumgarden)/b. 17 Jun 1858/d. 15 Jan 1880/family plot 
			with Mary J., August, P.H., Augustus & Etmunt Baumgarden
[right center]  Frank/b. 1897/d. 1978	OSSW:
[right center]  Stella/b. 1897/d. 1985
[center of middle]  Ursula/b. 16 Jun 1857/d. 13 Aug 1910/Mother

[center of middle]  John D./b. 13 Nov 1883/d. 5 Sep 1956

[center of middle]  Bernhard F./b. 1907/d. 1994/Married 11 Sep 1948/OSSW:
[center of middle]  Ruth A./b. 1914/d. 1971

[center of middle]  Bernard/b. 11 Mar 1908/d. 6 Nov 1985/OSSW:
[center of middle]  Leona/b. 1 Mar 1905/d. 1 Apr 1975

[center of middle]  Anna/b. 1887/d. 1975/Mother/OSSW:
[center of middle]  John/b. 1884/d. 1953/Father
[center of left side]  Frank M./b. 1915/d. 1962/OSSW:
[center of left side]  Mary I./b. 1918/d. no date

[center of middle]  Mabel Ann/b. 1897/d. 1940/OSSW
[center of middle]  William T./b. 1899/d. 1985

[front left side]  E. Maxine/b. 28 Oct 1922/d. no date/Together forever/OSSW:
[front left side]  George F./b. 16 Nov 1922/d. 13 Nov 1990

[center of middle]  Elizabeth/b. 1864/d. 1952/Next to:
[center of middle]  Herman/b. 1864/d. 19__/Next to:
[center of middle]  Lawrence J./b. 1899/d. 1973/Next to:
[center of middle]  Marie C./b. 1896/d. 1977
[right front section]  Joan E./b. 19d. 1947/OSSW:
[right front section]  Joseph H./b. 1895/d. 1945/OSSW:
			Gertrude & Edmund Jurkowski

[center of middle]  Eleanor C./b. 2 Jun 1903/d. 29 Apr 1979/Next to:
[center of middle]  Peter A./b. 15 Oct 1900/d. 4 Mar 1976/EMI US Navy WWII

[center of middle]  Adell/b. 1894/d. 1969/Daughter/OSSW:
[center of middle]  Agnes/b. 1859/d. 1942/Mother/OSSW:
[center of middle]  Joseph/b. 1853/d. 1932/Father
[right center]  Alexa/b. 1899/d. 1900/Daughter/OSSW:
[right center]  Julian/b. 1875/d. 1927/Father/OSSW:
[right center]  Lorraine/b. 1904/d. 1965/Daughter/OSSW:
[right center]  Mary/b. 1863/d. 1922/Mother
[right center]  Clarence W./b. 1 Mar 1897/d. 14 May 1940/OSSW:
[right center]  Marie R./b. 24 Oct 1897/d. 8 Oct 1989
[center of middle]  Katharina (Kurth)/b. 29 Aug 1824/d. 15 Sep 1889/Next to:
[center of middle]  Raymund/b. 8 Jan 1817/d. 27 Nov 1867

[left front]  Edwin A./b. 1911/d. no date/OSSW:
[left front]  Lorraine M. (LeDuc)/b. 1908/d. 1989/Together forever/Next to:
[left front]  Frank/b. 1882/d. 1978/OSSW:
[left front]  Pauline/b. 1888/d. 1978
[center of left front side]  Richard A./b. 1944/d. 1961/Our Dear Son

[center of middle]  Father/b. 1861/d. 1929/OSSW:
[center of middle]  Mother/b. 1864/d. 1940
[center of left side]  Joseph/b. 1888/d. 1942/OSSW:
[center of left side]  Muriel/b. 1894/d. 1977/Mother/OSSW:  Louise Yates

[center left side]  Joseph/b. 1905/d. 1978/OSSW:
[center left side]  Lillian/b. 1907/d. 1960

[center of middle]  Lucia/b. 1824/d. 1917/Mother/OSSW Margaret E., John F. 
			& Lucy VanPatten & Margaret Doelly

[center of middle]  Genevieve/b. 1909/d. 1956

[center of left side]  Harvey/b. 1904/d. 1956/huaband/OSSW:
[center of left side]  Martha/b. 1908/d. 1958/Wife

[right center section]  Elizabeth/b. 1889/d. 1970/OSSW:
[right center section]  Frank J./b. 1890/d. 1963

[right center section]  Lucille B./b. 1923/d. 1989/Beloved Mother & Grandmother

[right center section]  Allen/b. 1923/d. 1955/OSSW Betty
[right center section]  Betty/b. 1926/d. no date/next to:
[right center section]  Frank/b. 18 Dec 1892/d. 24 Nov 1972/Father/OSSW:
[right center section]  Anna/b. 24 Jul 1894/d. 10 Feb 1967/Mother
[right center section]  Andrew F./b. 1917/d. 1972/Next to: 
[right center section]  Andrew/b. 1889/d. 1950/OSSW:
[right center section]  Martha/b. 1894/d. 1985
[right center section]  Doris F./b. 12 Nov 1918/d. no date/OSSW:
[right center section]  Richard J./b. 29 Apr 1917/d. 9 Oct 1989/next to:
[right center section]  Julian/b. 16 Feb 1858/d. 6 Feb 1934/Vater/OSSW:
[right center section]  Franziska/b. 2 Feb 1866/d. 5 Dec 1913/Mutter
[right center section]  Henry/b. 1884/d. 1960/father/OSSW:
[right center section]  Mary/b. 1884/d. 1929/wife/OSSW:
[right center section]  Mayme/b. 1890/d. 1965/wife

[center of left side]  Thomas F./b. 1947/d. 1960/Beloved Son & Brother

[center of middle section]  Albert J./b. 1883/d. 1940/Father/OSSW:
[center of middle section]  Katherine R./b. 1880/d. 1978/Mother

[center of middle section]  Adam/b. 1893/d. 1961/OSSW:
[center of middle section]  Anna/b. 1862/d. 1936/OSSW:
[center of middle section]  Carl/b. 1862/d. 1911/OSSW:
[center of middle section]  Clara/b. 1894/d. 1983
[right center section]  Michael J./b. 1891/d. 1950/OSSW:
[right center section]  Nora/b. 1893/d. 1976/Mother

[right center section]  James J./b. 1931/d. 1977/OSSW:
[right center section]  Sylvester L./b. 9 Jan 1906/d. 13 Feb 1944

[center of middle section]  Andrew/b. 1907/d. 1983/OSSW:
[center of middle section]  Anna/b. 1913/d. 1979
[center of middle section]  Anna/b. 1887/d. 1956/Mother/OSSW:
[center of middle section]  George/b. 1883/d. 1962/Father

[center of middle section]  Gertrude/b. 14 Feb 1821/d. 12 Sep 1895/OSSW:
[center of middle section]  Johann/b. 2 Feb 1822/d. 9 Feb 1904/next to:
[center of middle section]  Jacob/b. 1828/d. 1910

[right rear section]  John/b. 1902/d. 1955/OSSW:
[right rear section]  Mary/b. 1905/d. 1952

[center of middle section]  Adeline A./b. 1918/d. 1969/Everyone Friend/OSSW:
[center of middle section]  Ernest F./b. 1910/d. 1984

[front left side]  Dolores M./b. 1916/d. 1993/OSSW:
[front left side]  John G.?/b. 1909/d. 1977/OSSW: Rosalyn Sprifke

[right center section]  Anna/b. 1888/d. 1975/Mother/OSSW:
[right center section]  Stephen/b. 1885/d. 1943/Father

[center of middle section]  Anna/b. 1910/d. no date/OSSW:
[center of middle section]  Frank/b. 1906/d. no date

[left rear section]  Charles/b. 1904/d. 1982/
[left rear section]  Rose/b. 1909/d. 1976
[left front section]  Frank R./b. 5 Jun 1898/d. no date/OSSW:
[left front section]  Marie/b. 11 Jun 1908/d. 30 Oct 1970
[center of left side]  James J./b. 17 Oct 1902/d. no date
[right front section]  John/b. 1890/d. 1973/OSSW:
[right front section]  Magdalene/b. 1903/d. 1969

[right center section]  Antonia/b. 1897/d. 1944/Mother/OSSW:
[right center section]  Frieda/b. 1918/d. 1950/OSSW:
[right center section]  Wenzl/b. 1878/d. 1961/Father

[right center section]  Anna M./b. 14 Dec 1892/d. 23 Sep 1970/Mother/Next to:
[right center section]  George/b. 14 Oct 1885/d. 1 Jan 1952/Father

[center of left side]  Anton/b. 1883/d. 1969/OSSW:
[center of left side]  Kristina/b. 1890/d. 1963

[left rear section]  Hilger/b. 10 Jan 1802/d. 11 Mar 1874/Vater
[back of left side]  Theresia (Rode)/b. 1 Sep 1859/d. 23 Dec 1893/Next to Rhode family

[back of left side]  Paul B./b. 1912/d. 1988/OSSW:
[back of left side]  Veronica M./b. 1913/d. 1971

[center of middle section]  Balbina/b. 1884/d. 1974/OSSW:
[center of middle section]  Michael G./b. 1883/d. 1971

[center of left side]  Felix/b. 1901/d. 1981/OSSW:
[center of left side]  Mary/b. 1901/d. 1968/In God's Care

[center front]  John J., Rev./b. 12 Dec 1890/d. 20 Mar 1965/ordained 
			17 Jun 1917, "Now Here It Is Required In Stewards That 
			A Man Be Found Trustworthy", 1 Cor. IV 2

[center of left side]  Jerome A./b. 21 Feb 1930/d. 16 Nov 1987/OSSW:
[center of left side]  Particia A./b. 10 Apr 1931/d. no date

[right center section]  Anna R./b. 1899/d. 1993/Mother/OSSW:
[right center section]  Frank P./b. 1919/d. 1943/Wis Sgt 80 Troop Carrier 
[right center section]  George C./b. 1898/d. 1985/Father

[center of left side]  Edward A./b. 1915/d. 1966/OSSW:
[center of left side]  Zital I./b. 1917/d. no date

[right center section]  Elizabeth/b. 1883/d. 1950/OSSW:
[right center section]  Michael/b. 1889/d. 1954

[right center section]  Edward/b. 1895/d. 1925/Father

[center of middle section]  Gertrude/b. 27 Jan 1837/d. 2 Jul 1879/Mutter
[center of middle section]  Hubert/b. 1867/d. 1934/Father/OSSW:
[center of middle section]  Lena/b. 1878/d. 1960/Mother

[center of left side]  Mary/b. 1881/d. 1958/Mother

[back of left side]  Carl/b. no date/d. no date/Father/OSSW:
[back of left side]  Gregory/b. 1950/d. 1973/Son/OSSW:
[back of left side]  Margaret/b. no date/d. no date/Mother

[center of middle section]  Agnes I./b. 22 Jun 1896/d. 1 Sep 1934

[left rear section]  Mary Lynn/d. 1941/Baby

[right center section]  George/b. 1898/d. 1961/Father/OSSW:
[right center section]  Laura/b. 1898/d. 1945/Mother

[right front section]  Marie/b. 1900/d. 1976/Mother

[center of middle section]  Johann Hubert/b. 1851/d. 1852
[center of middle section]  Wilhelm/d. 1866/only one date

[center of left side]  John G./b. 1909/d. 1984/Beloved Father/OSSW:
[center of left side]  Minnie/b. 1912/d. no date/Beloved Mother/Next to:
[center of left side]  Michael/b. 17 Sep 1950/d. 8 Aug 1957/Our Dear Son

[center of middle section]  Joseph N./b. 1900/d. 1945/OSSW:
[center of middle section]  Mary/b. 1908/d. 1971

[center of middle section]  Gregory/b. 1933/d. 1983/OSSW:
[center of middle section]  Janet/b. 1938/d. no date

[right center]  Georgena/b. 1903/d. no date/Beloved mother of Junie & Darlene/next to:
[right center]  John/b. 14 Jul 1895/d. 11 Feb 1945/Wisconsin PVT 16 Engrs
[right center]  John/b. 20 Aug 1864/d. 24 Sep 1943/Father/OSSW:
[right center]  Josephine/b. 7 Mar 1865/d. 18 Aug 1942/Mother

[left rear]  Linda L./b. 27 May 1965/d. 3 Jul 1965/Our Angel, In God's Care

[center of left side]  Gilbert/b. 1908/d. 1986/OSSW:
[center of left side]  Madeline/b. 1908/d. no date

[right center]  Charles H./b. 1858/d. 1931/OSSW: Clara B.
[right center]  Clara B./b. 1865/d. 1952/next to:
[right center]  Charles H. Jr./b. 1892/d. 1971/Next to:
[right center]  Joseph/b. 1899/d. 1936

[center of middle]  John J./b. 1917/d. 1970/OSSW:
[center of middle]  Josephine M./b. 1922/d. no date

[right center]  Emma Mathilda/b. 1864/d. 1926/Next to:
[right center]  William H./b. 1864/d. 1934

[center left side]  Anna N./b. 1 Nov 1816/d. 13 Mar 1898/OSSW: 
[center left side]  Peter/b. 25 Jun 1816/d. 25 Mai 1885/next to:
[center left side]  Bernard/b. 1892/d. 1970/son/next to:
[center left side]  John/b. 1858/d. 1936/Father/next to:
[center left side]  Rose T./b. 1896/d. 1977/next to:
[center left side]  Theresa/b. 1857/d. 1926

[center left side]  Joanne/b. 13 Oct 1965/d. 26 Jul 1970/daughter/Next to:
[center left side]  Nancy/b. 14 Jun 1943/d. no date/Mother/OSSW:
[center left side]  Neal/b. 22 Aug 1941/d. no date/Father

[front left side]  Helen R./b. 1911/d. no date/Jesus, Mary, Joseph Pray For Us/
[front left side]  Samuel F./b. 1912/d. 1976

[center middle]  Bertha/b. 20 Jan 1856/d. 12 Apr 1942/Mother/OSSW:
[center middle]  Elizabeth F./b. 1894/d. 1983/OSSW:
[center middle]  Fred P./b. 1898/d. 1985/OSSW:
[center middle]  Margaret/b. 10 Nov 1902/d. 7 Oct 1964/Daughter

[left front]  George W./b. 1911/d. 1969/OSSW: 
[left front]  Marion C./b. 1913/d. 1964

[center middle]  Emma/b. 1874/d. 1945/Mother/OSSW:
[center middle]  Fred/b. 1865/d. 1947/Father

[center of left]  Bernard/b. 1892/d. 1970/Son/Next to:
[center of left]  Theresa/b. 1857/d. 1926/Mother/Next to: 
[center of left]  Rose T./b. 1896/d. 1977/Daughter/Next to:
[center of left]  John/b. 1858/d. 1936/Father/Next to:
[center of left]  Peter/b. 25 Jun 1816/d. 25 Mai 1885/OSSW: 
[center of left]  Anna K./no dates

[center of left]  Albert J./b. 10 Apr 1931/d. 13 Aug 1958/Wisconsin Sp 3 HQ BTRY 32 FA BN

[center of middle]  Clara/b. 1861/d. 1930/Mother/OSSW:
[center of middle]  Paul/b. 2 Dec 1891/d. 21 Jun 1945/Father/OSSW:
[center of middle]  Joseph/b. 1848/d. 1923/Father/OSSW:
[center of middle]  Doris/b. 30 Aug 1907/d. no date/OSSW:
[center of middle]  Ivonne/d. 20 Jan 1942/Daughter/OSSW:
[center of middle]  John/b. 25 Sep 1904/d. 8 Nov 1917/Our Darling/OSSW:
[center of middle]  Victor/b. 21 Nov 1939/d. 5 Jun 1940/Son

[right rear]  Beatrice/b. 1917/d. 1986/OSSW:
[right rear]  Eugene M./b. 1914/d. 1985

[front left]  Gladys/b. 1923/d. no date/OSSW:
[front left]  Melvin A./b. 1920/d. 1988/PFC US Army WWII

[center of left]  J. Allen/b. 1895/d. 1980/OSSW:
[center of left]  Laura/b. 1899/d. 1984

[center of middle]  Anna Marie/b. 1842/d. 1914/Mother/OSSW:
[center of middle]  Phillip/b. 1840/d. 1914/Father/next to: Christina (Lohman) Williams
[right center]  Elmer/b. 25 Feb 1901/d. 11 Apr 1923/Son/OSSW:
[right center]  Peter/b. 1870/d. 1940/OSSW: 
[right center]  Katherine/b. 1871/d. 1939/OSSW: Ella C. & William J. Perry

[left rear]  Jodi/d. 1965/Beloved Daughter
[front left side]  Marguerite/b. 1918/d. 1983/OSSW: 
[front left side]  Robert J., Rev./b. 1947/d. no date/K of C mkr. West Allis Council 3095/OSSW:
[front left side]  Robert W./b. 1911/d. 1976/Together in Loving Memory

[left rear]  Mary/b. 1902/d. 1972/Beloved Sister, In God's Care

[left rear]  Genevieve/b. 1912/d. 1992/OSSW: 
[left rear]  Joseph/b. 1905/d. 1982

[left front]  Annabelle/b. 1911/d. 1983/OSSW: 
[left front]  Daniel A./b. 1911/d. 1990/In God's Loving Care

[center of middle]  Mary M./b. 1866/d. 1915/Mother/OSSW:
[center of middle]  Timothy F./b. 1853/d. 1935/Father

[center of middle]  Marion Berns/b. 1905/d. 1989/Next to: John Berns


[left rear]  Terry Ann/b. 1958/d. 1979/Rest in Peace

[right front]  Augusta/b. 1 Sep 1903/d. 23 Jul 1984/Next to:
[right front]  Charles Joseph/b. 20 Nov 1899/d. 14 Jul 1956/Wisconsin PFC 
			Co. 1 34 Infantry WWI
[back of left side]  Keith/b. 1963/d. 1977/Beloved Son

[left front]  Helen/b. 1902/d. 1991/OSSW:
[left front]  Joseph/b. 1902/d, 1876

[left rear]  Eliza/b. 1855/d. 1935/Mother
[center of left side]  Myrtle M./b. 1877/d. 1962/OSSW: Ida B. & Wiley W. Young

[right center]  Augustine/b. 1892/d. 1923

[left front]  Caroline H./b. 1927/d. 1964/OSSW: John L.
[left front]  John L./b. 1921/d. no date

[center of middle]  Elizabeth (Palmersheim)/b. 14 Apr 1843/d. 20 Apr 1916

[right front]  August A./b. 1894/d. 1964/Father/OSSW:
[right front]  Getrude R./b. 1894/d. 1955/Mother

[right front]  Clara D./b. 1897/d. 1972/Mother

[center of middle]  Anna/b. 1882/d. 1963/OSSW:
[center of middle]  Frank J./b. 1879/d. 1944/OSSW:
[center of middle]  Eugene/b. 1921/d. 1922/OSSW:
[center of middle]  Francis J./b. 1914/d. 1987/Sgt US Army WWII
[right center]  Hannah B./b. 1886/d. 1963/OSSW:
[right center]  Nicholas N./b. 1876/d. 1933
[right front]  John/b. 1881/d. 1854/OSSW:
[right front]  Mary/b. 1887/d. 1982

[back left]  Marya Magdalena Mary (Schmitz)/b. 1788/d. 2 Dec 1872/old stone, 
			very worn to fancy, shamrocks on stone

[center of middle]  George/b. 1902/d. 1983/OSSW:
[center of middle]  Magdaline/b. 1903/d. 1950

[center of left side	Patricia/b. 1941/d. no date/OSSW: Richard, Mother

MATTHIAS	center of left side	Richard/b. 1941/d. no date/OSSW: Patricia, Father

[center of left side]  Clara B./b. 1907/d. 1975/OSSW:
[center of left side]  Frank C./b. 1905/d. 1957

[left rear]  Patrick/b. 1807 Ireland/d. ?/old broken stone in 1880 
		burial area

[center of middle]  Keith/b. 1920/d. 1976/OSSW:
[center of middle]  Nancy/b. 1934/d. no date

[center of left side]  John/b. 1901/d. 1957/OSSW:
[center of left side]  Mary/b. 1900/d. 1957

[right front]  Eleanor/b. 1899/d. 1989/OSSW:
[right front]  Ray/b. 1894/d. 1963/OSSW:
[right front]  George/b. 1922/d. 1943/US Vet mkr w/George M. inscribed on it
[left rear]  Gilbert J.	/d. 18 Jan 1940/Baby, only one date

MELER: (could be Meier)
[let rear]  Janet/b. 24 Jan 1942/d. 15 Apr 1943

[front left side]  Anthony B./b. 1918/d. 1990/OSSW:
[front left side]  Mary P./b. no date/d. no date

[left rear]  Alice T./b. 1921/d. 1990/OSSW: 
[left rear]  Earl W./b. 1917/d. 1975/Together Forever
[right center]  Aloysius C./b. 6 Jan 1890/d. 26 Nov 1953/Sgt US Army/Next to:
[right center]  Ottilia/b. 1850/d. 1934/Mother
[right center]  Elizabeth/b. 1886/d. 1920
[center of left side]  J./b. 1873/d. 1957
[left rear]  John/b. 2 Jul 1833/d. 15 May 1890/Father

[center of left side]  Sophie H./b. 1900/d. 1958/othe side of stone blank

[center of middle]  Mark/b. 8 Jan 1965/d. 7 Feb 1993/Moose Club Member/Next to:
[center of middle]  Melvin/b. 1914/d. 1973/OSSW: Patricia
[center of middle]  Patricia/b. 1915/d. 19--/OSSW: Gary
[center of middle]  Gary/b. 1938/d. 1971

[back of left side]  Mark J./b. 20 Nov 1926/d. 12 Feb 1971/Wisconsin, PFC US Army WWII
[center of middle]  Gertrude M./b. 26 Aug 1909/d. 15 Sep 1940
[left rear]  Ceil/b. 1917/d. 1970
[left rear]  Walter/b. 1925/d. 1929/Son

[center]  Barbara/b. 1 Aug 1860/d. 25 Jun 1880 
		burial area

[center of middle]  Keith/b. 1920/d. 1976/OSSW:
[center of middle]  Nancy/b. 1934/d. no date

[center of left side]  John/b. 1901/d. 1957/OSSW:
[center of left side]  Mary/b. 1900/d. 1957

[right front]  Eleanor/b. 1899/d. 1989/OSSW:
[right front]  Ray/b. 1894/d. 1963/OSSW:
[right front]  George/b. 1922/d. 1943/US Vet mkr w/George M. inscribed on it
[left rear]  Gilbert J.	/d. 18 Jan 1940/Baby, only one date

MELER: (could be Meier)
[let rear]  Janet/b. 24 Jan 1942/d. 15 Apr 1943

[front left side]  Anthony B./b. 1918/d. 1990/OSSW:
[front left side]  Mary P./b. no date/d. no date

[left rear]  Alice T./b. 1921/d. 1990/OSSW: 
[left rear]  Earl W./b. 1917/d. 1975/Together Forever
[right center]  Aloysius C./b. 6 Jan 1890/d. 26 Nov 1953/Sgt US Army/Next to:
[right center]  Ottilia/b. 1850/d. 1934/Mother
[right center]  Elizabeth/b. 1886/d. 1920
[center of left side]  J./b. 1873/d. 1957
[left rear]  John/b. 2 Jul 1833/d. 15 May 1890/Father

[center of left side]  Sophie H./b. 1900/d. 1958/othe side of stone blank

[center of middle]  Mark/b. 8 Jan 1965/d. 7 Feb 1993/Moose Club Member/Next to:
[center of middle]  Melvin/b. 1914/d. 1973/OSSW: Patricia
[center of middle]  Patricia/b. 1915/d. 19--/OSSW: Gary
[center of middle]  Gary/b. 1938/d. 1971

[back of left side]  Mark J./b. 20 Nov 1926/d. 12 Feb 1971/Wisconsin, PFC US Army WWII
[center of middle]  Gertrude M./b. 26 Aug 1909/d. 15 Sep 1940
[left rear]  Ceil/b. 1917/d. 1970
[left rear]  Walter/b. 1925/d. 1929/Son

[center]  Barbara/b. 1 Aug 1860/d. 25 Jun 1899/Mother/family plot with:
[center]  William/b. 2 Jul 1859/d. 2 Nov 1943/Father/OSSW:
[center]  Gertrude/b. 1897/d. 1980/OSSW:
[center]  Otto J./b. 20 Jul 1889/d. 28 Aug 1889/OSSW:
[center]  Peter/b. 20 Jul 1889/d. 17 May 1917/OSSW: Harriet Stunkel
[center of middle]  Jacob/b. 4 Sep 1839/d. 27 Apr 1914

[left rear section, single grave]  Michael C./b. 21 Jun 1979/d. 20 Aug 1979/Our Little Angel, 
					Went Home to Jesus

[center of left side]  Lester H./b. 1908/d. 1982/OSSW: 
[center of left side]  Victoria/b. 1907/d. no date

[center of middle]  Joseph/b. 1906/d. 1975/OSSW:
[center of middle]  Rose/b. 1908/d. 1984

[right center]  Elmer C./b. 1901/d. 1977/OSSW:
[right center]  Sybil M./b. 1904/d. 1982

[right front]  James/b. 1933/d. 1951/Son/OSSW:
[right front]  Lorraine/b. 1902/d. 1987/OSSW:
[right front]  Martin/b. 1898/d. 1975

[right front]  Julianne M./b. 8 Oct 1957/d. 8 May 1989

[center of middle]  John J./b. 1897/d. 1974/Son/OSSW:
[center of middle]  Mildred M./b. 1915/d. 1991/Wife/next to:
[center of middle]  Joseph/b. 1870/d. 1940/OSSW: 
[center of middle]  Mary/b. 1872/d. 1955/Mother/next to:
[center of middle]  Joseph Jr./b. 10 Jan 1904/d. 24 Mar 1912/Brother

[right center]  John C.	/d. 26 Feb 1935/Wis Mus 2 Cl 121 Field Arty 32 Div/next to:
[right center]  Joseph/b. 1852/d. 1921/OSSW:
[right center]  Margaretha/b. 1857/d. 1954
[right center]  Katherine/b. 1878/d. 1950/Mother/OSSW:
[right center]  Paul J./b. 1878/d. 1933/Father

[front left side]	Marion F./b. 20 Jun 1938/d. no date/OSSW Paul J.
[front left side]	Paul J./b. 22 May 1935/d. 12 Apr 1991/OSSW Marion F.

[center of left side]	Bernard J./b. 1929/d. 1967/OSSW Raymond R.
[center of left side]	Bernard M./b. 1896/d. 1960/OSSW Louthera E.
[center of left side]	Louthera E./b. 1898/c. 1979/OSSW Bernard M., Ladies Aux. VFW mrk
[center of left side]	Raymond R./b. 1926/d. 1969/OSSW Benard J.

[right center]		Emily M. (Lendl)/b. 1905/d. 1992/Let Me Be Thine Forever
[center of middle]	Lesa/b. 1915/d. 1992/

[right center]		Marion Olive/b. 1921/d. 1922/Next to Ole J. & Rose H.
[right center]	Ole J./b. 1893/d. 1933/Next to Rose H. & Marion Olive
[right center]	Rose H./b. 1891/d. 1959/Next to Ole J. & Marion Olive, "Mother"

[right center]	Catherine/b. 1865/d. 1935/OSSW Frank, Joseph J., Ruth M. & Ida E.
[right center]	Frank/b. 1854/d. 1930/OSSW Catherine, Joseph J., Ruth M. & Ida E.
[right center]	Ida/b. 1890/d. 1935/OSSW Frank, Catherine, Joseph J. & Ruth M.
[right center]	Joseph/b. 1892/d. 1949/OSSW Frank, Catherine, Ruth M. & Ida E.
[right center]	Ruth M./b. 1902/d. 19--/OSSW Frank, Catherine, Joseph J. & Ida E.

[front left side]	Calvin/b. 1 Mar 1925/d. 14 Sep 1993/OSSW May, "Beloved Parents of Larry, Carol, Dorothy, Mary Ellen, Daniel & David
[front left side]	May/b. 16 Oct 1927/d. no date/OSSW Calvin "Beloved Parents of Larry, Carol, Dorothy, Mary Ellen, Daniel & David

[left rear]	Kenneth H./b. 2 May 1938/d. 7 Mar 1941/Our Beloved Son
[center back]	Mary A./b. 1872/d. 1941/Next to Peter, "Mother"
[center back]	Peter/b. 13 Aug 1870/d. 19 Mar 1952/Next to Mary A., "PVT 2 Wisconsin Infantry Spanish Am War"

[left front]	Evelyn/b. 1912/d. 1973/OSSW Stephen
[left front]	Stephen/b. 1906/d. 1985/OSSW Evelyn

[center of middle]	Mathilda/b. 1896/d. 1970/OSSW Richard
[center of middle]	Richard/b. 1893/d. 1949/OSSW Mathilda, "Father"

[center of middle]	Claude J./b. 21 Sep 1924/d. 8 Dec 1973/Wisconsin PFC US Army WWII

[center of middle]	Erwin W./b. 26 Jan 1923/d. 8 Mar 1993/Next to Jeanne Robillard Ochowicz, "S Sgt US Army Air Corps WWII"
[center of middle]	Jeanne Robillard/b. 29 Sep 1923/d. no date/Next to Erwin W., "Loving Wife & Mother"

[left rear]	Theresa//d. 1963/"Our Baby", only one date

[right center]	Anna Mae/b. 1923/d. 1924/Next to Joseph & Margaret
[right center]	Joseph/b. 1879/d. 1946/OSSW Margaret, next to Anna Mae
[right center]	Margaret/b. 1884/d. 1959/OSSW Joseph, next to Anna Mae

[center of middle]	Clifford/b. 1929/d. 1970/OSSW Sylvia
[center of middle]	Sylvia/b. 1930/d. no date/OSSW Clifford

[right center]	Elizabeth Tobin/b. 1887/d. 1974/Next to Harry Tobin

[right front]	Clara A./b. 1915/d. no date/OSSW Frank T.
[right front]	Frank T./b. 1914/d. no date/OSSW Clara A.

[center of middle]	Anna E./b. 1872/d. 1951/OSSW Frank W.
[center of middle]	Anna Maria/b. 25 Dez 1840/d. 4 Jun 1900/OSSW Peter John, next to Erwin, Johann J. & Maria Marg.
[center of middle]	Arthur P. /b. 8 Feb 1895/d. 16 Jul 1957/Next to Hubert & Gertrude, "Son"
[center of middle]	Erwin/b. 1908/d. 12 Jun 1909/Next to Peter John
[center of middle]	Frank W./b. 1886/d. 1952/OSSW Anna E.
[center of middle]	Gertrude (Walter)/b. 6 Dec 1868/d. 24 Jul 1917/OSSW Hubert, next to Arthur P.
[center of middle]	Hubert/b. 31 Mar 1863/d. 31 Aug 1935/OSSW Gertrude, next to Arthur P.
[center of middle]	Johann J./b. 21 Jan 1807/d. 1886/OSSW Maria Marg., next to Peter John, Anna Maria, Erwin, Johann J., stone worn
[center of middle]	Joseph/b. 1861/d. 1932/OSSW Lawrence & Margaret, "Father"
[center of middle]	M./b. 14 Feb 1836/d. 19 Feb 1915/OSSW Mother, "Father"
[center of middle]	Margaret/b. 1872/d. 1956/OSSW Lawrence & Joseph, "Mother"
[center of middle]	Maria Marg./b. 17 Jan 1802/d. 10 Sep 1890/OSSW Johann J., next to Peter John, Anna Maria, Erwin, stone worn
[center of middle]	Mother/b. 16 May 1841/d. 12 Nov 1928/OSSW Father
[center of middle]	Peter John/b. 19 Nov 1837/d. 1 Jan 1927/OSSW Anna Maria, next to Erwin, Johann J. & Maria Marg.

[right front]	Annabelle/b. 1917/d. 1955/"Beloved Wife & Mother"

[left rear]	Paul A./b. 1893/d. 1980/OSSW Regina
[left rear]	Regina (Jean)/b. 1895/d. 1981/OSSW Paul A.

[center left side]	Frank/b. 1896/d. 1976/OSSW Mildred
[center left side]	Mildred/b. 1903/d. 1961/OSSW Frank

[left rear]	Jacob P./b. 1906/d. 1986/OSSW Mary F., "In God's Loving Care"
[left rear]	Mary F./b. 1914/d. no date/OSSW Jacob P., "In God's Loving Care"

[right front]	Harry Lyle/b. 14 Jan 1901/d. 13 May 1951/OSSW Leona M.
[right front]	Leona M./b. 15 Mar 1889/d. 27 Aug 1983/OSSW Harry Lyle

[center of left side]	Dorothy B./b. 1906/d. 1992/OSSW Thomas R.
[center of left side]	Thomas R./b. 1905/d. 1957/OSSW Dorothy B.

[right center]	Ella C./b. 1899/d. 1992/OSSW William J. & Peter, Katherine & Elmer Lohman
[right center]	William J./b. 28 Sep 1896/d. 17 May 1975/OSSW Ella C. & Peter, Katherine & Elmer Lohman, "PFC US Army WWI"

[center of middle]	John/b. 8 Aug 1829/d. 23 Jul 1904/OSSW Maria, Margaret Anna & Margaret, family plot
[left rear]	John M./b. 7 Feb 1858/d. 20 Mai 1891/"Heir Ruht"
[center of middle]	Margaret/b. 1867/d. 1925/OSSW Maria, Margaret Anna & John, "Mother", family plot
[center of middle]	Margaret Anna/b. 9 May 1911/d. 16 Sep 1911/OSSW Maria, Margaret & John, family plot
[center of middle]	Maria/b. 3 Nov 1897/d. 26 Feb 1899/OSSW Margaret Anna, Margaret & John, family plot

[front left side]	Bette/b. 17 May 1921/d. 30 Nov 1990/OSSW Gordie
[front left side]	Gordie/b. 12 May 1919/d. no date/OSSW Bette

[center of middle]	Elizabeth/b. 1844/d. 1924/OSSW John, next to Peter H. & Susan F.
[left rear]		Maria, wife of George/b. 1805?/d. 27 Nov 1875/(this stone was originally reported 
				as George, but after further investigation, it says Maria, wife of George, 
				Mary Haag Petri [P]
[center of middle]	Gertrude/b. 1900/d. 1904/Next to Peter & Hubert and a broken stone, "Daughter"
[center of middle]	Hubert/b. 1906/d. 1906/OSSW Peter, next to Gertrude
[center of middle]	John/b. 1832/d. 1917/OSSW Elizabeth, next to Peter H. & Susan F.
[center of middle]	Peter/b. 1902/d. 1905/OSSW Hubert, next to Gertrude, "Son"
[center of middle]	Peter H./b. 1867/d. 1939/OSSW Susan F., next to John & Elizabeth
[center of middle]	Susan F./b. 1872/d. 1959/OSSW Peter H., next to John & Elizabeth

[right center]	G. Earl/b. 28 May 1904/d. 21 Jan 1972/OSSW Joseph H. & Hilda R., "Son"
[right center]	George/b. 1873/d. 1938/OSSW Mary M., "Father"
[right center]	Hilda R./b. 12 Jul 1880/d. 17 Sep 1971/OSSW Joseph H. & G. Earl, "Mother"
[center of middle]	Jacob/b. 1847/d. 1926/OSSW Katherine, "Father"
[right center]	Joseph H./b. 22 Apr 1881/d. 26 Nov 1948/OSSW Hilda R. & G. Earl
[center of middle]	Katherine/b. 1855/d. 19--/OSSW Jacob, "Mother"
[right center]	Mary M./b. 1877/d. 1964/OSSW George, "Mother"

[center of left side]	Elizabeth/b. 1856/d. 1938/OSSW Mary, Patricia & Jacob, "Mother"
[center of left side]	Jacob/b. 1853/d. 1917/OSSW Mary, Patricia & Elizabeth, "Father"
[center of left side]	Mary/b. 1891/d. 1974/OSSW Patricia, Jacob & Elizabeth
[center of left side]	Patricia/b. 1894/d. 1967/OSSW Mary, Jacob & Elizabeth

[center of middle]	Frank Karl/b. 27 Sep 1931/d. 19 Jan 1973/"Wisconsin CPL US Army Korea"
[right center]	Robert B./b. 1918/d. 1919/"Our Baby"

[center back]	Gertrude/b. 1916/d. 1941/"Daughter"
[right center]	Helen/b. 1885/d. 1949/Next to Michael, "Mother"
[right center]	Michael/b. 1880/d. 1936/Next to Helen
[center back]	Norbert/b. 1910/d. 1944/"Father"

[center of middle]	Donald/b 1924/d. 1971/OSSW Martha
[center of middle]	Martha/b. 1925/d. no date/OSSW Donald

[center of middle]	Dorothy M./b. 1925/d. no date/OSSW Floyd J.
[center of middle]	Floyd J./b. 1925/d. 1978/OSSW Dorothy M.

[left rear]	Gustave S./b. 1887/ d. 1921/"Father"

[center of middle]	Katherine/b. 1920/d. no date/OSSW Leonard F., "Beloved Wife & Mother"
[center of middle]	Leonard F./b. 1917/d. 1984/OSSW Katherine, "Beloved Husband & Father"

[center of middle]	Irene M./b. 1897/d. 1971/"Wife - Mother"

[center of middle]	Edna C./b. 10 Mar 1902/d. 26 Apr 1988/OSSW Medore U., "Mother"
[center of middle]	Medore U./b. 26 Nov 1905/d. 21 Aug 1972/OSSW Edna C., "Father"
[center of middle]	Roger/b. 17 May 1935/d. 17 May 1951/"Beloved Son"

[left rear]	Anna/b. 1910/d. 1993/OSSW Emil J.
[left rear]	Emil J./b. 1907/d. 1991/OSSW ANNA

[center of middle]	John /b. 1898/d. 1970/OSSW Maria, "Father"
[center of middle]	Maria/b. 1902/d. 1994/OSSW John, "Mother"

[right center]	Harry//d. 1941/OSSW Nellie & Ralph E., only one date
[right center]	Nellie//d. 1924/OSSW Harry & Ralph E., only one date, "Mother"
[right center]	Ralph E./b. 1905/d. 1975/OSSW Harry & Nellie, "Son"

[left rear]	Richard/b 13 Jun 1951/d. 25 Aug 1951/

[center of middle]	Anton/b. 1854/d. 1940/Next to Emil, Maria & Della, "Vater"
[center of middle]	Della/b. 1892/d. 1969/Next to Emil, Maria & Anton
[center of middle]	Emil/b. 14 Feb 1889/ d. 20 Mar 1919/Next to Maria, Anton & Della, "Sohn"
[right front]	Emma E./b. 1900/ d. 1955/OSSW Oscar, next to Robert A. & Marie M., "Mother"
[center of middle]	Maria/b. 1861/d. 1920/Next to Emil, Anton & Della, "Mutter"
[right front]	Marie M./b. 1909/d. 1988/OSSW Robert A., next to Oscar & Emma E.
[right front]	Oscar/b. 1894/d. 1980/OSSW Emma E., next to Robert A. & Marie M., "Father"
[right front]	Robert A./b. 1901/d. 1983/OSSW Marie M., next to Oscar & Emma E.

[center of left side]	Thomas/b. 1943/d. 1957/

[right center]	Anton/b. 1857/d. 1923/"Father"

[center of left side]	Frank/b. 1897/d. 1973/OSSW Louise, "Together Forever"
[center of left side]	Louise/b. 1897/d. 1991/OSSW Frank, "Together Forever"

[left rear]	Susan Ann/b. 27 Mar 1945/d. 6 Nov 1946

[center of middle]	John J./b. 11 Jan 1896/d. 6 Jul 1974/OSSW:
			Lillian L.
[center of middle]	Lillian L. /b. 14 Apr 1902/d. 19 Oct 1955/OSSW:
			John J.

[center of middle]	Joseph T./b. 1890/d. 1970/OSSW:
			Estelle Frank

[left rear]	Paul A.//d. 1960/"Our Loving Baby, Jesus Loves Me This I Know"

[center of left side]	Alphonse B./b. 1913/d. 1957/OSSW:
			John & Wanda J., "Son"
[center of left side]	John/b. 1888/d. 1928/OSSW:
			Wanda J. & Alphonse B., "Father"
[center of left side]	Wanda J./b. 1889/d. 1951/OSSW:
			John & Alphonse B., "Mother"

[back of left side]	Carl A., Sr./b. 10 Jun 1895/d. 19 May 1991

[right front]	Cyril M./b. 1913/d. 1983/OSSW:
			Isabell A., Nest to:
			Thomas J.
[right front]	Isabell A./b. 1914/d. no date/OSSW:
			Cyril M., Nest to:
			Thomas J.
[right front]	Thomas J./b. 1937/d. 1953/Nest to:
			Cyril M. & Isabell A., "Son"

[center of middle]	Zella/b. 1901/d. 1994

[back of left side]	Medardus/b. 7 Jun 1816/d. Oct 1868/hard to read
[left rear]	Katherina/b. 1824/d. 1873

[left rear, single grave ]	Rebecca/b. 1 Mar 1977/d. 10 Sep 1977

[back of left side]	Adolph/b. 1827/d. 1912/OSSW:
			Mary, Nest to:
			Madeline & Elizabeth Rhode & Theresia Kramer
[back of left side]	Mary/b. 1825/d. 1917/OSSW:
			Adolph, Nest to:
			Madeline & Elizabeth Rhode & Theresia Kramer
[back of left side]	Madeline Ward/b. 1895/d. 1977/Nest to:
			Mary & Elizabeth Rhode & Theresia Kramer
[back of left side]	Elizabeth/b. 1871/d. 1946/Nest to:
			Mary, Adolph & Madeline Rhode & Theresia Kramer
[center of left side]	Jacob/b. 1867/d. 1944/OSSW:
[center of left side]	Wilhelmina/b. 1871/d. 1930/OSSW:
[center of left side]	Joseph C./b. 26 Jul 1899/d. 4 Apr 1975/OSSW:
			Lenore G. Nest to:
			Cecelia Marie Zingsheim
[center of left side]	Lenore G. (Zingsheim)/b. 29 Dec 1900/d. 5 May 1986/OSSW:
			Joseph Nest to:
			Cecelia Marie Zingsheim

[front left side]	Harry P./b. 1934/d. no date/OSSW:
			Alice M.
[front left side]	Alice M./b. 1931/d. 1977/OSSW:
			Harry P.

[right center]	Norbert/b. 7 Apr 1922/d. no date/OSSW:
			Barbara, has books & grad hat on stone
[right center]	Barbara/b. 23 Apr 1918/d. 18 Jul 1992/OSSW:
			Norbert, "RN, Mum", shamrocks carved on stone

[center back]	George F./b. 1880/d. 1960/OSSW:
			Mary Eva
[center back]	Mary Eva/b. 1881/d. 1975/OSSW:
			George F.
[left front]	Harold K./b. 1915/d. 1963/OSSW:
			Lillian C.
[left front]	Lillian C./b. 1915/d. no date/OSSW:
			Harold K.

[front left side]	Joseph/b. 1950/d. 1989/"US Navy Vietnam"

[left rear]	Arthur C./b. 1901/d. 1980/OSSW:
			Sophie A.
[left rear]	Sophie A./b. 1905/d. no date/OSSW:
			Arthur C.

[front left side]	Steven/b. 2 Nov 1953/d. 21 Apr 1974/OSSW:
[front left side]	Diane/b. 15 Sep 1930/d. 17 Mar 1965/OSSW:

[center of left side]	George S.//d. 6 Jan 1941/Nest to:
			Lillian A., "Wisconsin Sgt 412 Serv Park Unit MTC"
[center of left side]	Lillian A./b. 19 Mar 1903/d. 27 Oct 1988/Nest to:
			George S.
[center of middle]	Frederick/b. 1854/d. 1922/OSSW:
[center of middle]	Mathilda/b. 1855/d. 1922/OSSW:
[center of middle]	Lee C./b. 1889/d. 1980/OSSW:
			Rose M., next of John B.
[center of middle]	Rose M./b. 1889/d. 19--/OSSW:
			Lee C., Nest to:
			John B.
[center of middle]	John B./b. 1898/d. 1928/Nest to:
			Rose M. & Lee C., "Brother"

[center of middle]	Johann/b. 1793/d. 1849/date partly underground
[center of middle]	Anna Maria/b. 1794/d. 1851/very old, hard to read

[center of middle]	H./b. 1836/d. 1858/hard to read

[left rear]	Anna/b. 1781/d. 1866

[center of middle]	Frank/b. 1877/d. 1953
[left front]	Arnold John/b. 4 Dec 1924/d. 7 Sep 1964/"Wisconsin F1 USNR WWII"

[center of left side]	Joseph I./b. 1898/d. 1972/OSSW:
			Cecelia K., Nest to:
[center of left side]	Cecelia K./b. 1898/d. 1988/OSSW:
			Joseph I., Nest to:
[center of left side]	Raymond/b. 21 Mar 1925/d. 18 May 1965/Nest to:
			Joseph I. & Cecelia K., "Wis AVN Cadet Army Air Force WWII DFC AM & OLC"
[center of left side]	Leo P./b. 1902/d. 1957
[right center]	William/b. 1858/d. 1933/OSSW:
			Theresa, "Father" family plot
[right center]	Theresa/b. 1856/d. 1936/OSSW:
			William, "Mother", family plot
[right center]	Josephine/b. 1890/d. 1984/OSSW:
			William & Theresa, family plot
[right center]	Leona M./b. 1900/d. 1983/OSSW:
			William & Theresa, family plot
[right center]	Donald Henry/b. no date /d. no date/OSSW:
			Mary Ann, child of Joseph & Cecelia
[right center]	Mary Ann/b. no date /d. no date/OSSW:
			Donald Henry, child of Joseph & Cecelia

[center of left side]	Nicholas/b. 10 Dec 1894/d. 17 Jun 1949/OSSW:
			Agnes, Louise & Anthony, Nest to:
			Henry J., etc
[center of left side]	Agnes/b. 15 Nov 1891/d. 20 Apr 1948/OSSW:
			Nicholas, Louise & Anthony, Nest to:
			Henry J., etc
[center of left side]	Louise/b. 10 Mar 1898/d. no date/OSSW:
			Agnes, Nicholas & Anthony, Nest to:
			Henry J., etc
[center of left side]	Anthony/b. 6 Aug 1902/d. 15 Jul 1984/OSSW:
			Agnes, Nicholas & Louise, Nest to:
			Henry J., etc
[center of left side]	Henry J./b. 24 Jun 1900/d. 10 May 1983/OSSW:
			Anita M., Nest to:
			Jackie John, Agnes, etc
[center of left side]	Anita M./b. 13 Aug 1898/d. 31 Mar 1972/OSSW:
			Henry J., Nest to:
			Jackie John, Agnes, etc.
[center of left side]	Jackie John/b. 29 Aug 1935/d. 23 Jul 1945/Nest to:
			Henry J., Anita M., Agnes, Nicholas, etc. "Our Darling Boy"
[right center]	Peter W./b. 1865/d. 1939/OSSW:
			Catherine G., "Father"
[right center]	Catherine G./b. 1865/d. 1935/OSSW:
			Peter W., "Mother"

[left rear]	Joseph W./b. 1910/d. 1973/OSSW:
			Ruth F., "Eternal Rest Grant Unto Them O Lord"
[left rear]	Ruth F./b. 1918/d. no date/OSSW:
			Joseph W. "Eternal Rest Grant Unto Them O Lord"

[center of left side]	Henry J./b. 1885/d. 19--/OSSW:
			Margaret, "Husband"
[center of left side]	Margaret/b. 1884/d. 1930/OSSW:
			Henry J., "Wife"

[center of middle]	Gertrude/b. 1872/d. 1946/OSSW:
			Margareta Heinz, not sure of last names

[left rear]	Anton/b. 1914/d. 1994/OSSW:
			Anna, Nest to:
[left rear]	Anna/b. 1915/d. 1977/OSSW:
			Anton, Nest to:
[left rear]	Joseph/b. 2 Apr 1940/d. 1 Jan 1984/Nest to:
			Anton & Anna

[back of left side]	Hubert/b. 16 Oct 1882/d. 18 Jun 1889/Nest to:
			E. W., hard to read, dates could be wrong
[back of left side]	E. W./b. 9 Jun 1876/d. 2 Jul 1910/Nest to:
[center of middle]	Gottfried/b. 1842/d. 1921/OSSW:
			Elizabeth, Andrew & Anna
[center of middle]	Elizabeth/b. 1839/d. 1922/OSSW:
			Gottfried, Andrew & Anna
[center of middle]	Andrew/b. 1861/d. 1923/OSSW:
			Gottfried, Elizabeth & Anna
[center of middle]	Anna/b. 1875/d. 1957/OSSW:
			Gottfried, Elizabeth & Andrew
[center of middle]	Clarence/b. 1896/d. 1927/OSSW:
			Rose Pierner Schloemer, Nest to:
			Catherine (Schloemer) Elsner, "Father"
[center of middle]	Rose Pierner/b. 1897/d. 1980/OSSW:
			Clarence Schloemer Nest to:
			Catherine (Schloemer) Elsner, "Grandmother of 27"

[center of middle]	Franz W./b. 10 Apr 1810/d. 31 Dez 1900/OSSW:
			Maria A.
[center of middle]	Maria A./b. 12 Sep 1823/d. 5 Jun 1898/OSSW:
			Franz W.

[back of left side]	Wolfgang/b. 1834/d. 1901/OSSW:
			Josephine, Nest to:
			Joseph & Maria, "Father"
[back of left side]	Josephine/b. 1851/d. 1934/OSSW:
			Wolfgang Nest to:
			Joseph & Maria, "Mother"
[back left side]	Joseph/b. 1842/d. 1926/OSSW:
			Maria, Nest to:
			Josephine & Wolfgang, "Father"
[back of left side]	Maria/b. 1857/d. 1932/OSSW:
			Joseph, Nest to:
			Josephine & Wolfgang
[back of left side]	Michael/b. 25 Nov 1836/d. 28 Oct 1902/OSSW:
[back of left side]	Anna/b. 17 Apr 1852/d. 1 Oct 1922/OSSW:
[center of middle]	Joseph/b. 1882/d. 1976/OSSW:
[center of middle]	Johanna/b. 1881/d. 1962/OSSW:
[center of middle]	John M./b. 11 Apr 1890/d. 25 Feb 1948/OSSW:
			Laura, "Father, Wisconsin PVT 64 Inf 7 Div WWI"
[center of middle]	Laura/b. 1891/d. 1963/OSSW:
			John M., "Mother"
[left rear]	Patricia Anne/b. 1955/d. 1959
[right center]	Adam Albert, "Ed"/b. 1 Jul 1894/d. 28 Feb 1978/OSSW:
[right center]	Elizabeth/b. 15 Jan 1899/d. 19 Dec 1975/OSSW:
			Adam Albert

[center of middle]	Edward J./b. 1905/d. 1986/OSSW:
[center of middle]	Katherine/b. 1916/d. no date/OSSW:
			Edward J.
[center of middle]	Fred W./b. 1907/d. no date/OSSW:
			Ottilia A., Nest to:
			George A.
[center of middle]	Ottilia/b. 1912/d. 1972/OSSW:
			Fred W., Nest to:
			George A.
[center of middle]	George A./b. 1962/d. 1969/Nest to:
			Fred W. & Ottilia A., "Son"
[left rear]	Albert/b. 1905/d. 1968/OSSW:
[left rear]	Rosalie/b. 1910/d. no date/OSSW:

[front left side]	Henry Jr./b. 1926/d. no date/OSSW:
			Carol, "Beloved Parents"
[front left side]	Carol/b. 1926/d. 1981/OSSW:
			Henry Jr., "Beloved Parents"

[center area]	Barbara/b. 28 Dec 1852/d. 24 Nov 1867/"ICH WAR MEINER MUTTER 
[center of middle]	Emil P./b. 1907/d. 1973/OSSW:
			Clara A.
[center of middle]	Clara A./b. 1910/d. 1974/OSSW:
			Emil P.
[left rear]	///can't read dates, old stone, in 1880 burial area
[left rear]	Franz Jos.//d. 10 Sep 1899

[center of left side]	Charlotte E./b. 1923/d. no date/OSSW:
[center of left side]	Elizabeth W./b. 1900/d. 1994/OSSW:
			Charlotte E.
[center of middle]	William/b. 1903/d. 1948/OSSW:
			William Jr.
[center of middle]	William Jr./b. 1938/d. 1948/OSSW:


[center of middle]	Norbert H./b. 1908/d. 1983/OSSW:
[center of middle]	Innocence/b. 1916/d. 1952/OSSW:
			Norbert H.

[left rear]	Michael/b. 1942/d. 1972

[left front]	Ervin H./b. 1902/d. 1963/OSSW:
			Irene A.
[left front]	Irene A./b. 1902/d. 1992/OSSW:
			Erwin H.

[back of left side]	Nicklaus/b. 28 Feb 1827/d. 10 Nov 1893/OSSW:
[back left side]	Adelheid/b. 10 Jul 1823/d. 19 Nov 1893/OSSW:
[right center]	Peter/b. 1859/d. 1927/OSSW:
			Delia, "Father"
[right center]	Delia/b. 1869/d. 1945/OSSW:
			Peter, "Mother"
[right center]	Jacob W. H./b. 1 Apr 1868/d. 10 Sep 1932

[center of left side]	Christian/b. 1837/d. 1919

[right center]	Dorothy/b. 1904/d. 1943/OSSW:
			Jean Marie
[right center]	Jean Marie/b. 1952/d. 1953/OSSW:

[center of left side]	Lucille/b. 1931/d. 1968/"Mother"

[right center]	William Patrick//d. 30 Nov 1942/"Wisconsin PVT 508 Parachute Infantry"

[left rear]	Karen Marie/b. 3 Jan 1952/d. 4 Feb 1953

[left rear]	Roger M./b. 13 Sep 1927/d. no date/OSSW:
			Kathleen M.
[left rear]	Kathleen M./b. 15 Jul 1931/d. 13 Jan 1987/OSSW:
			Roger, "Together in God's Care"

[center of middle]	Qinlona?/b. 1837/d. 1861/hard to read, stone worn

[left front]	Ellsworth F./b. 1894/d. 1981/OSSW:
			Goldye A.
[left front]	Goldye A./b. 1895/d. 1964/OSSW:
			Ellsworth F.

[back of left side]	Hubert//d 11 Feb 1893/OSSW:
			Mike, Nest to:
			Margaretha Zingsheim
[back of left side]	Mike//d. 10 Aug 1896/OSSW:
			Hubert, Nest to:
			Margretha Zingshiem

[center of middle]	Lloyd Wayne/b. 16 Nov 1928/d. 11 Jun 1972/"FI EM US Navy WWII"

[center of middle]	Steven R./b. 1962/d. 1974/"Son & Brother"
[front left side]	Ann R./b. 9 Jul 1918/d. 30 Apr 1991/"Mother"

[center of middle]	Erwin A./b. 1916/d. no date/OSSW:
			Catherine F.
[center of middle]	Catherine F./b. 1917/d. no date/OSSW:
			Erwin A.

[center of middle]	Maureen C./b. 24 Apr 1947/d. 14 Oct 1972/"Beloved Wife & Mother"

[center of middle]	David Henry/b. 25 Apr 1934/d. 22 Nov 1952/"Wisconsin SA US Navy"
[right center]	Henry W./b. 1873/d. 1947/OSSW:
			Rose in Braun family plot, "Husband of Rose"
[right center]	Rose (Braun)/b. 1900/d. 1981/Nest to:
			Joseph, Christina, Jacob, Leona, Gertrude Mary & Herman, "Wife of Henry"

[left rear]	Joseph F./b. 1922/d. no date/OSSW:
			Betty C.
[left rear]	Betty C./b. 1929/d. 1968/OSSW:
			Joseph F.

[center of middle]	Joseph/b. 1858/d. 1930/OSSW:
			William J. & Catherine, "Father"
[center of middle]	Catherine/b. 1866/d. 1948/OSSW:
			William J. & Joseph, "Mother"
[center of middle]	William J./b. 1892/d. 1955/OSSW:
			Joseph & Catherine, "Son"
[center of middle]	Thomas/b. 1894/d. 1969/OSSW:
[center of middle]	Josephine/b. 1903/d. 1969/OSSW:

[front left side]	Rosalyn/b. 1923/d. no date/OSSW:
			John G.? & Dolores M. Kops, "Born into Eternal Life"

[center of middle]	Lawrence/b. 1861/d. 1949/"Our Dear Father"

[center of middle]	Alfred W./b. 16 Sep 1870/d. 11 Jun 1948/OSSW:
			Rose Mary, "Father"
[center of middle]	Rose Mary/b. 14 Aug 1880/d. 18 Aug 1947/OSSW:
			Alfred W., "Mother"

[front left side]	Donald/b. 1928/d. no date/OSSW:
			Dolores, Eileen Stanosz & Luch Fager
[front left side]	Dolores/b. 1931/d. no date/OSSW:
			Donald, Eileen Stanosz & Luch Fager, "Mother"
[front left side]	Eileen/b. 1957/d. 1965/OSSW:
			Donald, Dolores Stanosz & Lucy Fager, "Daughter"

[right center]	Kathleen Ann/b. 31 May 1949/d. 6 Jan 1951/"Daughter"

[center of middle]	Michael/b. 1903/d. 1985/OSSW:
[center of middle]	Theresia/b. 1901/d. 1981/OSSW:

[center of left side]	Patricia A./b. 1943/d. 1959/"H.M.P.F.U., Blessed Are The Pure of Heart"

[back of left side]	Joseph H./b. 1914/d. 1973/OSSW:
			Jennie & Jennie A.
[back of left side]	Jennie/b. 1919/d. no date/OSSW:
			Joseph H. & Jennie A., "Sister"
[back of left side]	Jennie A./b. 1915/d. no date/OSSW:
			Jennie & Joseph

[left rear]	Franciska/b. 6 Jan 1836/d. 25 Dec 1884/"Heir Ruht, Ruhe Sanft", wife of Andreas Sterr

[left rear]	Joseph R./b. 1914/d. no date/OSSW:
[left rear]	Helen A./b. 1916/d. 1993/OSSW:
			Joseph R.
[right center]	Joseph/b. 1854 /d. 1925/OSSW:
			Mary, John R. & Mary A. family plot, "Father"
[right center]	Mary/b. 1856/d. 1920/OSSW:
			Joseph, John R. & Mary, in family plot, "Mother" 
[right center]	John R./b 1879/d. 1954/OSSW:
			Mary A., Joseph & Mary in family plot
[right center]	Mary A./b. 1879/d. 1969/OSSW:
			John R., Joseph & Mary
[right center]	Anton/b. 16 Mar 1883/d. 1 Jul 1961/OSSW:
			Joseph & Mary family plot
[right center]	Susan/b. 1912/d. 1925/OSSW:
			Joseph & Mary family plot

[center of middle]	Maynard Joseph/b. 17 May 1924/d. 27 Jul 1993/"US Marine Corps WWII"

[left rear]	Joseph F./b. 1909/d. 1979/OSSW:
			Mathilda A.
[left rear]	Mathilda A./b. 1911/d. no date/OSSW:
			Joseph F.

[right front]	Betty A./b. 29 Sep 1926/d. 25 Mar 1993/OSSW:
			Kenneth D. Allfree, not sure of name

[center of left side]	Philip/b. 1893/d. 1956/OSSW:
			Cecelia, "Father"
[center of left side]	Cecelia/b. 1907/d. 1990/OSSW:


[center of middle]	Harriet/b. 1896/d. 1955/family plot with Barbara, William, 
				Gertrude & Otto J. & Peter Mirgler

[center of left side]	William A./b. 1935/d. 1961

[right front]	Chester J./b. 1916/d. 1993/OSSW:
			Josephine R.
[right front]	Josephine R./b. 1919/d. no date/OSSW:
			Chester J.

[right center]	J. Harry/b. 1883/d. 1931/Nest to:
			Elizabeth Olson, "Father"

[center of left side]	Peter/b. 14 Aug 1876/d. 31 May 1950/OSSW:
[center of left side]	Mary/b. 8 Dec 1885/d. no date/OSSW:

[front left side]	Michael/b. 1954/d. 1990/OSSW:
			Brenda, "Together Forever, Holy Mary Mother of God Pray For Us"
[front left side]	Brenda/b. 1961/d. no date/OSSW:
			Michael, "Together Forever, Holy Mary Mother of God Pray For Us"

[back of left side]	Donald W./b. 1 Jan 1928/d. 12 Nov 1951/Nest to:
			Donald T & Eleanore J., "Wis 1st Lieutenant 2 CML Mortar BN Korea", VFW marker
[back of left side]	Donald T./b. 1901/d. 1979/OSSW:
			Eleanore J., Nest to:
			Donald W.
[back of left side]	Eleanore J./b. 1904/d. 1990/OSSW:
			Donald T., Nest to:
			Donald W.

[right center]	William J./b. 1910/d. no date/OSSW:
			Loretta A., Nest to:
			Thomas C., train picture
[right center]	Loretta A./b. 1912/d. 1993/OSSW:
			William J., Nest to:
			Thomas C., "Fraternal org L-S, B of F, I-F & E"
[right center]	Thomas C./b. 22 Jul 1946/d. 19 May 1969/Nest to:
			William J. & Loretta A., "Wis PFC US Army Viet, BSM & OLC-AM-PII"

[back of left side]	Peter/b. 10 Apr 1817/d. 1 Jun 1902/OSSW:
			Elisabeth & Peter H., Nest to:
			Mary H., "Ruhe Sanft"
[back of left side]	Elisabeth/b. 14 Apr 1818/d. 18 Sep 1892/OSSW:
			Peter & Peter H., Nest to:
			Mary H., "Ruhe Sanft"
[back of left side]	Peter H./b. 26 Nov 1861/d. 25 Oct 1877/OSSW:
			Peter & Elisabeth, Nest to:
			Mary H., "Ruhe Sanft"
[back of left side]	Mary H./b. 1859/d. 1935/Nest to:
			Peter & Elisabeth
[right center]	Anton/b. 1857/d. 1924/OSSW:
			Caroline, "Father"
[right center]	Caroline/b. 1857/d. 1923/OSSW:
			Anton, "Mother"

[right center]	George H./b. 1895/d. 1988/OSSW:
			Lillian F.
[right center]	Lillian F./b. 1895/d. 1933/OSSW:
			George H.

[right front]	Arthur/b. 1893/d. 1989/OSSW:
[right front]	Katherine/b. 1896/d. 1977/OSSW:
			Arthur, Dau. of Peter & Frances (Sterr) Jacobi

[right center]	Herman/b. 1916/d. 1943/Nest to:
[right center]	Richard//d. 31 Jul 1924/Nest to:
			Herman, DOD could be wrong

[center of middle]	Gua?/b. 29 Jun 1821/d. 27 Aug 1859/stone worn, hard to read

[center of left side]	Joseph L./b. 1889/d. 1960/OSSW:
			Mary J.
[center of left side]	Mary J./b. 1898/d. 1985/OSSW:
			Joseph L.

[back of left side]	Frank/b. 24 Feb 1896/d. 18 Feb 1986/"SM 3 US Navy WWI"

[center of middle]	Vernon/b. 1914/d. 1970/OSSW:
[center of middle]	Grace/b. 1916/d. no date/OSSW:

[center of middle]	John R./b. 1960/d. 1973/other 2 spaces blank

[left front]	Frank L./b. 6 Jan 1901/d. 6 Sep 1970/OSSW:
			Alice L., Nest to:
			Veronica A.
[left front]	Alice L./b. 22 Sep 1906/d. no date/OSSW:
			Frank, Nest to:
			Veronica A.
[left front]	Veronica A./b. 16 Jan 1943/d. 1 Dec 1990/Nest to:
			Frank L. & Alice L., "Loving Daughter"

[left front]	William/b. 1916/d. 1963/other side of stone blank

[right front]	Wilfred A./b. 1900/d. 1977/OSSW:
			Lillian C.
[right front]	Lillian C./b. 1903/d. 1953/OSSW:
			Wilfred A.

[right center]	Werner P./b. 1880/d. 1947/OSSW:
			Minnie, stone has one blank area
[right center]	Minnie/b. 1886/d. 1944/OSSW:
			Werner P., "Mother" stone has one blank area

[center of middle]	John F./b. 1884/d. 1948/OSSW:
			Margaret E., Lucy, Lucia Klas & Margaret Doelly, "Father"
[center of middle]	Lucy/b. 1895/d. 1981/OSSW:
			Margaret E., John R., Lucia Klas & Margaret Doelly, "Mother"
[center of middle]	Margaret E./b. 1918/d. 1939/OSSW:
			John F., Lucy, Lucia Klas & Margaret Doelly, "Daughter"

[center of middle]	Phillip H./b. 1907/d. 1990/OSSW:
			Vivian E. & Phyllis L.
[center of middle]	Vivian E./b. 1914/d. 1970/OSSW:
			Phillip H. & Phyllis L.
[center of middle]	Phyllis L./b. 1942/d. 1991/OSSW:
			Phillip H. & Vivian E.

[center of middle]	Etta/b. 1900/d. 1969

[right front]	Marion J./b. 1907/d. 1955/other side of stone blank

[left rear]	Martin J./b. 1909/d. 1979/OSSW:
[left rear]	Evelyn/b. 1913/d. 1977/OSSW:
			Martin J.

[right center]	///nothing else on stone

[front left side]	Harry E./b. 1912/d. no date/OSSW:
			Mary M., "Father"
[front left side]	Mary M./b. 1912/d. no date/OSSW:
			Harry E., "Mother"
[center of left side]	Donald/b. 1938/d. 1958/"Son"

[center of left side]	Fred/b. 1833/d. 1909/OSSW:
			Gulnary, "Father"
[center of left side]	Gulnary/b. 1844/d. 1933/OSSW:
			Fred, "Mother"

[right center]	Stanley/b. 1917/d. 1943/"Husband"
[center back]	Angeline/b. 1893/d. 1946/"Mother"

[front left side]	Stanley J./b. 1915/d. 1983/OSSW:
			Angeline R.
[front left side]	Angeline R./b. 1920/d. no date/OSSW:
			Stanley J., "Holy Mary Pray For Us"

[center of left side]	Joseph/b. 1878/d. 1957
[center of middle]	Nickolas/b. 8 Sep 1945/d. 12 Jun 1917/OSSW:
			Hendrena, "Father"
[center of middle]	Hendrena/b. 15 Oct 1855/d. 8 Nov 1944/OSSW:
[right center]	John/b. 1875/d. 1933/OSSW:
[right center]	Laura/b. 1887/d. 1974/OSSW:
[right center]	Theodore/b. 1881/d. 1952/OSSW:
[right center]	Mary/b. 1886/d. 1947/OSSW:
[right center]	///Nest to:
			Theodore & Mary, cross with name only

[right center]	John A./b. 1887/d. 1959/OSSW:
			Frances M. & Norbert
[right center]	Frances M./b. 1893/d. 1969/OSSW:
			John A. & Norbert
[right center]	Norbert/b. 1925/d. 19--/OSSW:
			John A. & Frances M.

[right center]	Donald/b. 1928/d. 1988/OSSW:
			Betty A.
[right center]	Betty A./b. 1928/d. no date/OSSW:

[right center]	John/b. 1879/d. 1964/OSSW:
[right center]	Cecelia/b. 1889/d. 1977/OSSW:
[right front]	Cletus A./b. 1912/d. 1972/OSSW:
			Marie L., Nest to:
[right front]	Marie L./b. 1914/d. no date/OSSW:
			Cletus A., Nest to:
[right front]	Jerome/b. 29 Jan 1952/d. 9 Mar 1954/Nest to:
			Marie L. & Cletus A., "our Little Jerry, Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven"
[right rear]	Andrew/b. 27 Nov 1876/d. 27 Oct 1950

[center of middle]	Gua?/b. 29 Jun 1821/d. 27 Aug 1859/stone worn hard to read

[left rear]	Philipp/b. Apr 1873/

[center of middle]	Stanley F./b. 1909/d. no date/OSSW:
			Veronica F.
[center of middle]	Veronica F./b. 1907/d. 1972/OSSW:
			Stanley F.

[right center]	Levi/b. 1916/d. 1975/OSSW:
			Ruth, "Sgt US Marine Corps 2nd Div So Pacific Theater 1942-1945"
[right center]	Ruth/b. 1924/d. no date/OSSW:

[left rear]	Trevor Howard/b. 19 Sep 1972/d. 3 May 1975/single grave

[right center]	Thomas/b. 1938/d. 1951/Nest to:
[right center]	Angeline/b. 1911/d. 1945/Nest to:

[center of middle]	George/b. 1887/d. 1955/OSSW:
			Mary & Mary J.
[center of middle]	Mary/b. 1888/d. 1916/OSSW:
			George & Mary J.
[center of middle]	Mary J./b. 1888/d. 1969/OSSW:
			Mary & George

[center of middle]	Leonard F./b. 1907/d. 1982/OSSW:
			Minnie L.
[center of middle]	Minnie L./b. 1906/d. no date/OSSW:
			Leonard F.

[left rear]	Julia Y./b. no date/d. no date/probably a child buried c. 1960

[center of middle]	Christina (Lohman)/b. 1875/d. 1942/Nest to:
			Phillip & Anna Marie Lohman
[right front]	Agnes V./b. 198/d. 1955/"Beloved Mother"

[center of left side]	Joseph/b. 1878/d. 1963/OSSW:
			Frances, "Father"
[center of left side]	Frances/b. 1891/d. 1961/OSSW:
			Joseph, "Mother"
[center of left side]	John B./b. 4 Apr 1831/d. 1 Aug 1905/Nest to:
			Anna Wiltzius & Nic Brosius, "Heir Ruht in Gott"
[center of left side]	Anna (Brosius)/b. 8 Apr 1835/d. 29 Apr 1912/Nest to:
			John B., Susan & Emil
[center of left side]	Susan/b. 1877/d. 1920/Nest to:
			John B., Anna & Emil, "Sister"
[center of left side]	Emil/b. 1869/d. 1947/Nest to:
			John B., Anna & Susan, "Brother"
[right center]	John/b. 1868/d. 1932/OSSW:
			Emma, Nest to:
			Henry, John J. & Regina, "Father"
[right center]	Emma/b. 1881/d. 1967/OSSW:
			John, Nest to:
			Henry, John J. & Regina, "Mother"
[right center]	Henry/b. 1910/d. 1971/Nest to:
			Regina, John J., John & Emma
[right center]	John J./b. 1907/d. 1964/OSSW:
			Regina, Nest to:
			Henry, John & Emma
[right center]	Regina/b. 1907/d. 1993/OSSW:
			John J., Nest to:
			Henry, John & Emma

[center of middle]	Joseph/b. 1934/d. 1939/OSSW:
			Florence B. & John X., "Son"
[center of middle]	Florence B./b. 1905/d. 19--/OSSW:
			Joseph & John X, "Mother"
[center of middle]	John X./b. 1897/d. 1988/OSSW:
			Joseph & Florence B.
[center of middle]	George/b. 1869/d. 1947/OSSW:
[center of middle]	Kunigunda/b. 1874/d. 1950/OSSW:

[front left side]	Florian J./b. 24 Mar 1923/d. no date/OSSW:
			Helen L., "WWII Veteran"
[front left side]	Helen L./b. 5 Jan 1926/d. no date/OSSW:
			Florian J.

[right front]	Joseph/b. 1893/d. 1965/OSSW:
			Alice & Robert O.
[right front]	Alice/b. 1899/d. 1985/OSSW:
			Joseph Nest to:
			Robert O
[]	Robert O./b. 6 Jan 1927/d. 5 Sep 1952/Nest to:
			Joseph & Alice, "Wisconsin 1st Lt 3545 Plt Tng GP AF WWII"

[front left side]	Eugene Joseph/b. 2 Mar 1920/d. 29 Jan 1990/"Cpl US Army WWII"
[left rear]	Robert J./b. 1949/d. 1979/"Beloved Son & Brother"

[center of middle]	Mary/b. 1883/d. 1955/"Mother"

[center of left side]	Robert R./b. 1915/d. 1989/OSSW:
			Agnes M.
[center of left side]	Agnes M./b. 1915/d. no date/OSSW:
			Robert R.

[right center]	Vincent/b. 1882/d. 1955/OSSW:
			Alyce Mae Schmidt, Theresa, Del Jack & Doris, "Father"
[right center]	Theresa/b. 1884/d. 1944/OSSW:
			Alyce Mae Schmidt, Vincent, Del Jack & Doris, "Mother"
[right center]	Del Jack/b. 1908/d. 1989/OSSW:
			Alyce Mae Schmidt, Theresa, Vincent & Doris, "Son"
[right center]	Alyce Mae Schmidt/b. 1921/d. 1944/OSSW:
			Theresa, Vincent, Del Jack & Doris
[right center]	Doris/b. 1922/d. no date/OSSW:
			Alyce Mae Schmidt, Theresa, Vincent & Del Jack

[center of left side]	Joseph J./b. 1888/d. 1959/OSSW:
			Mary F.
[center of left side]	Mary F./b. 1891/d. 1966/OSSW:
			Joseph J.

[center of left side]	Louise/b. 1874/d. 1958/OSSW:
			Joseph & Muriel Kitchin

[center of left side]	Wiley W./b. 1879/d. 1955/OSSW:
			Ida B. Young & Myrtle M. Mahler, etc
[center of left side]	Ida B./b. 1880/d. 1957/OSSW:
			Wiley W. Young & Myrtle M. Mahler, etc

[right front]	Joseph/b. 1895/d. 1955/OSSW:
[right front]	Josephine/b 1897/d. 1972/OSSW:

[center of middle]	Fred E./b. 1922/d. no date/OSSW:
			Rita M.
[center of middle]	Rita M./b. 1927/d. no date/OSSW:
			Fred E.

[right center]	Edward V./b. 1923/d. 1993/OSSW:
			Darlene A., Nest to:
			John & Georgena Lang,  "Proud Mom & Dad of Teddy & Penny"
[right center]	Darlene A./b. 1932/d. no date/OSSW:
			Edward V., Nest to:
			John & Georgena Lang, "Proud Mom & Dad of Teddy & Penny"
[right front]	Lorraine/b. 1923/d. 1956/"Wife"

[left rear]	Scot/b. 18 Apr 1959/d. 19 Apr 1959/OSSW:
[left rear]	Steven/b. 18 Apr 1959/d. 23 Apr 1959/OSSW:

[]	see SINGSHEIM//
[back of left side]	Hubert//d. 11 Feb 1893/see Singsheim
[back of left side]	Margretha (Marx)/b. 20 Feb 1828/d. 29 Dez 1891/Nest to:
			Hubert Singsheim, "Heir Ruht in Frieden"
[back of left side]	Mathias/b. 31 Oct 1830/d. 3 Sep 1910/OSSW:
[back of left side]	Margaretha/b. 20 Feb 1828/d. 29 Dec 1891/OSSW:
[back of left side]	Mike//d. 10 Aug 1896/see Singsheim
[center of left side]	Michael H./b. 1883/d. 1958/OSSW:
			Theresa J.
[center of left side]	Theresa J./b. 1893/d. 1970/OSSW:
			Michael H.
[center of left side]	Cecelia Marie/b. 31 Jul 1905/d. 9 Feb 1972/Nest to:
			Lenore G. (Zingsheim) & Joseph C. Rhode, "Holy Mary Pray For Us"
[center of middle]	Andrew/b. 1854/d. 1939/OSSW:
			Ingrid, "Father"
[center of middle]	Ingrid/b. 1865/d. 1940/OSSW:
			Andrew, "Mother"
[center of middle]	Angela/b. 1859/d. 1863
[center of middle]	Gertrude/b. 4 Nov 1864/d. 12 May 1894/old stone
[left rear]	Anna M./b. 1800-1885/d. 1885/"Mother"
[left rear]	William/b. 1821/d. 1915/"Father"
[left rear]	Gerhard/b. 27 Apr 1816/d. 28 Mai 1898/OSSW:
			Gertrude, Nest to:
[left rear]	Gertrude/b. 15 Apr 1819/d. 5 Jan 1877/OSSW:
			Gerhard, Nest to:
[left rear]	Gertrude/b. 1857/d. 1932/Nest to:
			Gerhard & Gertrude
[left rear]	Mathias H./b. 4 Jan 1870/d. 12 Nov 1894
[right center]	Anton H./b. 1861/d. 1942/OSSW:
[right center]	Frances/b. 1867/d. 1944/OSSW:
			Anton H.
[right center]	Joseph/b. 1864/d. 1937/OSSW:
			Adelheid, "Father"
[right center]	Adelheid/b. 1867/d. 1928/Nest to:
			Joseph, "Mother"
[right center]	George/b. 3 Jul 1891/d. 28 Dec 1917/Nest to:
[right center]	Gertrude Simonsen/b. 1890/d. 1965/Nest to:
			George, "Mother,
			She Walked With The Lord"
[right center]	Phillip/b. 25 Sep 1857/d. 12 Dec 1918/Nest to:
[right center]	Margareth/b. 2 Oct 1862/d. 26 Jul 1924/Nest to:

[left front]	Michael F./b. 1900/d. 1964/Nest to:
			Helen C., "Father"
[left front]	Helen C./b. 1911/d. 1977/Nest to:
			Michael F., "Mother"

[left rear]	Walter/b. 1899/d. no date/OSSW:
			Eleanor & Mary Ellen, "Sgt 312 DIV U.S.A"
[left rear]	Eleanor/b. 1903/d. 1988/OSSW:
			Walter & Mary Ellen
[left rear]	Mary Ellen/b. 1925/d. 1992/OSSW:
			Walter & Eleanor

[back of left side] Louis Bruno/b. 12 Dec 1931/d. 20 Jan 1971/"Wisconsin 1st Lt. 7 Infantry Div"

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