History of Milwaukee Wisconsin

City and County Genealogy 1922 Biographies

History Of Milwaukee: City And County, Volume I Index
Chicago and Milwaukee: The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1922
Editor: William George Bruce

One of our researchers found Vol. I of the History of Milwaukee, City and County, Edited by William George Bruce online in PDF format. I have linked to each of the sections for your convenience.



Chapter 1
Discovery of the Great West

Chapter 2
Ordinance of 1787

Chapter 3
Discovery of the Great Lakes

Chapter 4
Mail Carriers and Routes

Chapter 5
Indian Villages

Chapter 6
Days of the fur trader

Chapter 7
The Lead Mining Industry

Chapter 8
Solomon Juneau And His Family

Chapter 9
Byron Kilbourn and George H Walker

Chapter 10
Life And Labors Of Andrew J Vieau

Chapter 11
Milwaukee In The Pioneer Period

Chapter 12
The Lady Elgin Disaster

Chapter 13
The Great Milwaukee Fire

Chapter 14
Lincoln In Milwaukee

Chapter 15
Immigration And Race Origin

Chapter 16
Beginnings Dates Events

Chapter 17
The Era Of Internal Improvements

Chapter 18
Industrial Beginnings And Achievement

Chapter 19
Commercial Rise And Expansion

Chapter 20
Harbor And Marine Interests

Chapter 21
The Coming Of The Railroads

Chapter 22
Banking And Finance

Chapter 23
Life And Fire Insurance

Chapter 24
Milwaukee Association Of Commerce

Chapter 25
Milwaukee Association Of Commerce

Chapter 26
The Milwaukee Post Office

Chapter 27
The Milwaukee Auditorium

Chapter 28
The Municipal Government

Chapter 29
The Milwaukee Waterworks

Chapter 30
The Health Department

Chapter 31
City Planning And Zoning

Chapter 32
Milwaukee County Government

Chapter 33
Woman's Suffrage In Wisconsin

Chapter 34
Participation In War

Chapter 35
Roosevelt's Visit To Milwaukee

Chapter 36
Milwaukee Public Schools

Chapter 37
Higher Institutions Of Learning

Chapter 38
The Public Library And Museum

Chapter 39
Milwaukee's Musical History

Chapter 40
The Progress Of Art In Milwaukee

Chapter 41
Newspapers And Trade Publications

Chapter 42
Public And Private Charities

Chapter 43
The Transition Period