St. Stanislaus


The author has been researching Polish families since 1983, and was on staff at the Peoria Arizona North Stake LDS Family History Center from 1987 to 2003.

St. Stanislaus was Milwaukee’s first Polish parish, and the only Polish parish to include place of origin in marriage and death entries with any consistency. Although the microfilmed death register extends from 1866 to 1920, the individual’s place of origin was often listed as “Poznan,” “Prussia,” “Poland,” “Europe” or left the column blank.

This index omits persons whose place of origin was listed as Prusy (Prussia). With one possible exception, it also omits all deaths of persons whose birthplace was within Milwaukee County.

If there is a Tilde (~) after a letter it means that the original letter was a polish letter, and therefore pronounced differently than the American combination of letters.

The author’s apologies for incorrectly spelled surnames; some handwriting was difficult to read. The same applies to the places of origin themselves, most of which were unfamiliar to the author, and perhaps to the priest himself. In some an “educated guess” or “correction” is included in brackets. For the most part, however, the place of origin is a literal transcription.

If this index helps you locate your ancestor’s place of origin, say a prayer of thanks for Father P. Szulercki, who was solely responsible for maintaining St. Stan’s death register for the years 1895 to 1911.

An index of St. Stan’s marriage records for the period 1900-1909, listing brides’ and grooms’ parents and places of origin, is available from the author for $12.00, post paid.

Contact: Mary Popovich, 2029 W. Wilshire Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85009. (602) 340-9062. Online:

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Courtesy of Mary Popovich

Name/Date of Death/Age/Place of Origin

Ma~ka, Katarzyna
	d. 19 Dec 1901/Age 63/Minkowo

Mal~kowski, Franciszek
	d. 11 Dec 1908/Age 62/Poznan

Mahoney, Zofia
	d. 12 Mar 1905/Age 28/Cincinnati, OH

Majdoch, Barbara
	d. 1 Apr 1902/Age 68/(Da~bno) Osiek

Majdoch, Franciszek/7 Mar 1904/Age 75/Luchowo

Malewicki, Tomasz
	d. 12 Dec 1908/Age 56/Poznan

Mantych, Tomasz
	d. 24 Feb 1908/Age 48/Niemczynko

Maryanska, Jozefa
	d. 8 Oct 1901/Age 58/Klenka

Marzal~, Julianna
	d. 30 Sep 1903/Age 49/Gdansk

Maszytkowski, Wl~adysl~awa
	d. 3 Jul 1905/Age 8/Bydgoszcz

Meler, Ewa
	d. 15 Feb 1907/Age 70/Lichnowo

Meler, Fryderyk
	d. 27 Feb 1897/Age 47/Kuswiele [Kusfeld?]

Michalski, Antoni
	d. 17 Jun 1906/Age 45/Zl~otowo

Michalski, Jan
	d. 13 Dec 1910/Age 65/Bugowo [Bl~ugowo?]

Mir, Agnieszka
	d. May 1898/Age 36/L~opienno

Mir, Anna
	d. 18 May 1900/Age 64/Sl~awienowo

Mir, Pawel~
	d. 14 May 1900/Age 40/Sl~awienowo

Mizejewski, Leon
	d. 29 Nov 1898/Age 38/Torun

Modrakowski, Franciszek
	d. 30 Aug 1895/Age 55/Osie

Muszynska, Antonina
	d. 11 Oct 1906/Age 28/Poznan

Muzia, Bernard
	d. 23 Jan 1897/Age 1/Jastarnia

Muzia, Henryk
	d. 17 Jan 1897/Age 3/Jastarnia

Muzia, Jacob
	d. 12 Nov 1909/Age 63/Cejnowo

Muzia, Justyna
	d. 20 Feb 1910/Age 39/Jastarnia, Gdanska

Muzia, Walenty
	d. 30 Apr 1897/Age 37/Wajherowo

Myska, Florentyna/9 Jul 1909/Age 73/Szla~sk

Nanyok, Anna
	d. 2 Apr 1901/Age 34/Brodnica

Napieralski, Jacob
	d. 27 Nov 1897/Age 43/Podlesie

Nierzwicka, Franciszka
	d. 22 May 1909/Age 73/Pogudki

Nowak, Antonina
	d. 20 Jun 1896/Age 29/Smielin

Nowak, Stefan
	d. 7 Feb 1898/Age 52/Czcyn

Nowicka, Marianna
	d. 24 Sep 1909/Age 83/Grocholin

Nyka, Maryanna
	d. 15 Jan 1904/Age 69/Poznan

Nykiel, Katarzyna
	d. 4 Dec 1902/Age 25/Manitowoc, WI

Olszewska, Maryanna Barbara
	d. 21 Jan 1900/Age 85/Wielki Buczek

Orlikowski, Jozef
	d. 30 Nov 1901/Age 49/Wal~dowo

Orlowski, Stanisl~aw
	d. 4 Sep 1904/Age 31/Rolbik

Osinski, Jan
	d. 8 Oct 1908/Age 47/Nieciszewo

Osowicki, Maryanna
	d. 8 May 1900/Age 90/Bysl~awek

Ossowski, Bronisl~aw
	d. 13 Mar 1904/Age 27/Lucim

Paczocha, Maryanna
	d. 1 May 1899/Age 33/Puck

Paja~kowski, Maryanna
	d. 10 Sep 1898/Age 86/Starogard

Pakulska, Teresa
	d. 9 Feb 1899/Age 89/Wa~growiec

Paprocka, Maryanna
	d. 4 Jan 1906/Age 82/Piaski

Paprocki, Jan
	d. 29 Oct 1910/Age 51/Poznan

Paradowski, Aleksander
	d. 9 Jan 1905/Age 59/Poznan

Pawelska, Josefina
	d. 16 Jul 1899/Age 34/Poznan

Pawelski, Antonia
	d. 5 Feb 1897/Age 70/Kijaszikowo

Pawelski, Jan
	d. 10 Jul 1899/Age 62/Poznan

Pawinski, Piotr
	d. 1 Nov 1909/Age 52/Kcynia

Peszczynski, Julianna
	d. 27 Jun 1896/Age 42/Kcynia

Piasecka, Katarzyna
	d. 6 Jun 1906/Age 49/Poznan

Piasecki, Teofil
	d. 22 Oct 1903/Age 37/Gniezno

Piechowski, Franciszek
	d. 16 May 1904/Age 79/Zakrzewo

Pietrykowski, Stanisl~aw
	d. 29 Oct 1903/Age 61/Poznan

Piszczek, Jozef
	d. 25 Jan 1905/Age 92/Poznan

Plewa, Jan
	d. 20 Nov 1910/Age 54/Tl~ukom

Plewa, Marianna
	d. 2 Nov 1908/Age 87/Tl~ukom

Podalski, Leon
	d. 28 Apr 1909/Age 3/Zebienik Biskupi

Podol, Piotr
	d. 19 Jul 1910/Age 45/Galicya

Pokrop, Elzbieta
	d. 3 Feb 1907/Age 45/Falmerowo

Polewczynska, Maryanna
	d. 28 Aug 1905/Age 71/Wyrzysk

Poznanski, Ksavery
	d. 22 Apr 1899/Age 47/Strzeszewo

Pryba, Jan
	d. 19 Sep 1909/Age 60/Poznan

Przybylska, Antonina
	d. 12 May 1902/Age 45/Starzenowo

Przybylska, Maryanna L./9 Apr 1897/Age 63/Powidz

Przybylski, Leo
	d. 12 May 1910/Age 19/Staswort

Przykucki, Wawrzyniec
	d. 21 Apr 1904/Age 63/Poznan

Pyszka, Piotr
	d. 12 Nov 1900/Age 55/Swieta[?]

Ra~ke, Piotr
	d. 22 Dec 1905/Age 23/Two Rivers, WI

Rechlicz, Justyna
	d. 1 Jul 1896/Age 67/Izabela

Rechlicz, Marianna
	d. 9 Oct 1910/Age 74/Mrozowo

Redet, Apolonia
	d. 14 Nov 1908/Age 45/Kopeczynce

Remus, Anna
	d. 8 Nov 1897/Age 50/Bysl~awek

Reybok, Autustyn
	d. 5 Mar 1896/Age 44/Bial~oslice

Robakiewicz, Zuzanna
	d. 16 Apr 1906/Age 65/Poznan

Rogozinski, Salomea
	d. 24 Jul 1904/Age 61/Warszawa

Rosciszewski, Dorota
	d. 8 Apr 1900/Age 77/Poznan

Roszczynial~a, Jan
	d. 24 Aug 1900/Age 34/Minikowo

Roszczynial~a, Jakob
	d. 23 Jul 1899/Age 75/Sucha

Rota, Bazyli
	d. 9 Sep 1897/Age 55/Kusfeld

Rota, Jozef
	d. 9 Apr 1910/Age 42/Kusfeld

Rozanowski, Tomasz
	d. 14 Aug 1906/Age 34/Piaseczno

Rozga, Michal~
	d. 21 Mun 1906/Age 51/Glesno

Rozpl~och, Franciszek
	d. 29 Dec 1909/Age 34/New York

Rozpl~och, Katarzyna
	d. 30 Sep 1902/Age 51/Poznan

Ryk, Marianna
	d. 14 Mar 1911/Age 57/Piesznie

Ryska, Michal~
	d. 4 Jun 1896/Age 55/Wielkowies

Rzepka, Janina
	d. 17 May 1910/Age 11-12/Szymanowice

Rzepka, Weronika
	d. 6 Mar 1906/Age 40/Bugowo [Bl~ugowo]

Sl~upecki, Jozef
	d. 28 Feb 1908/Age 75/Panczno

Sl~upianowska, Maryanna
	d. 31 Oct 1902/Age 24/Skoki

Sl~upkowska, Andrzej /7 Jun 1908/Age 66/Przechowo

Scibiorska, Franciszka
	d. 21 Jan 1899/Age 75/Kozielsko

Sczetny, Adam
	d. 14 Feb 1909/Age 23/Mal~owo Galicya

Semski, Tomasz
	d. 18 Aug 1896/Age 78/Znin

Sindzinski, Jan
	d. 30 Apr 1901/Age 83/Nakl~o

Skoczek, Franciszek
	d. 19 Mar 1907/Age 28/North Dakota

Skorcz, Andrzej
	d. 21 Apr 1901/Age 67/Runowo

Skorczewski, Szczepan
	d. 16 Dec 1907/Age 23/Lemont, IL

Skukalski, Jan
	d. 4 Jul 1897/Age 29/Wielkie Buczki

Slaski, Michal~
	d. 25 Apr 1905/Age 59/Runowo

Slupkowska, Anna
	d. 2 Feb 1900/Age 76/Bysl~aw

Sme~tek, Marianna
	d. 23 Feb 1908/Age 95/Poznan

Sme~tkowska, Agnieszka
	d. 16 Nov 1896/Age 38/Tl~ukom

Sme~tkowski, Maciej
	d. 5 Apr 1898/Age 87/Rzeszkowo

Smigielski, Wawrzyniec
	d. 15 Mar 1910/Age 57/Zielen

Smukowski, Jozef
	d. 9 Dec 1910/Age 37/L~obzenica

Sobieszczyk, Julianna
	d. 9 Jan 1909/Age 33/Jastarnia Gdanska

Sobolewska, Julianna
	d. 20 Sep 1909/Age 17/Chicago, IL

Sonenberg, Pawel~
	d. 30 Nov 1906/Age 60/Tl~ukom

Spichalska, Antonina
	d. 3 Dec 1896/Age 56/L~obzenica

Spierewka, Michal~
	d. 26 Feb 1910/Age 79/Mal~e Chel~my

Spychal~a, Maryanna
	d. 16 Mar 1905/Age 67/Bial~zyn

Spychal~a, Maciej
	d. 24 May 1900/Age 65/L~obzenica

Stachanowski, Jozef
	d. 27 Nov 1901/Age 41/Trzeciewnica

Steinbacher, Jakob
	d. 7 Apr 1910/Age 43/Bawarya [Bavaria?]

Strachanowski, Michal~
	d. 6 Apr 1904/Age 65/Poznan

Stroinski, Wawrzyniec
	d. 9 Feb 1900/Age 66/Miescisko

Strozewski, Franciszek
	d. 12 Feb 1900/Age 46/Szczepanowo

Struk, Julius
	d. 8 Sep 1910/Age 45/Jastarnia

Swierry, Karol
	d. 6 Aug 1895/Age 45/Szla~sk

Swosinski, Teofil
	d. 20 Feb 1909/Age 52/Kowalewo

Szal~kowski, child of Lukasz
	d. 25 Jun 1905/unknown/Nowa Cerkiew

Szachtenberg, Jan
	d. 22 Jul 1908/Age 37/Minorowo

Szczepaniak, Marianna
	d. 31 Oct 1908/Age 78/L~ukowo

Szczerbinska, Antonina
	d. 23 Dec 1903/Age 53/Poznan

Szczerbinska, Jozefa
	d. 27 Sep 1910/Age 65/Poznan

Szczerbinska, Konstancya
	d. 23 Dec 1903/Age 88/Poznan

Szme~t, Maryanna
	d. 2 Apr 1905/Age 83/Poznan

Szopiczaj, Stanisl~aw
	d. 8 Sep 1904/Age 67/Zakrzewo

Szplet, Maryanna
	d. 5 Dec 1907/Age 65/Wawelno

Szpryngier, Teresa
	d. 21 Jul 1899/Age 1/Kostrzyn

Sztych, Marianna
	d. 9 May 1909/Age 44/Barcin

Sztych, Roch
	d. 14 Aug 1910/Age 49/Zl~otowo

Sztyma, Jan
	d. 26 Apr 1905/Age 64/Zl~otowo

Szulc, Pawel~
	d. 14 Jan 1897/Age 1/Grcanwiell [Granville or Greenfield, Milwaukee 

Szulszewska, Anna
	d. 24 Aug 1898/Age 90/Krolikowo

Szumberg, Krystyna
	d. 25 Jan 1909/Age 81/Puck

Szuta, Walenty
	d. 20 Jun 1899/Age 23/Starywice

Szybczynski, Leon
	d. 26 Mar 1908/Age 59/Gl~owo

Szybczynski, Roman
	d. 12 Dec 1907/Age 26/Znin

Szymek, Marianna
	d. 21 Mar 1903/Age 47/Goszyce

Szymkowiak, Franciszek
	d. 24 Sep 1902/Age 56/Popowo Koscielne

Tanerowicz, Piotr/6 Mar 1907/Age 26/Liary

Tomas, Maryanna
	d. 5 Jan 1901/Age 52/Zl~otowo

Tomas, Stanislaw
	d. 30 May 1899/Age 24/Skic

Tomasik, Jozef
	d. 8 Jan 1904/Age 65/Wieloneke

Tomaszewski, Stanisl~aw
	d. 29 May 1901/Age 50/Gniezno

Tomkowiak, Marcin
	d. 7 May 1902/Age 63/Popowo Koscielne

Trajan, Jozef
	d. 20 Sep 1900/Age 03/Chicago, IL

Trajanowski, Katarzyna
	d. 22 May 1899/Age 78/Osiek

Tredel, Anastazya
	d. 20 Jul 1900/Age 19/Cejnowa

Tredel, Matylda
	d. Nov-Dec 1899/Age 21/Cejnowa

Trok, Joanna
	d. 31 Dec 1901/Age 28/Manitowoc, WI

Trok, Pawel~
	d. 12 Mar 1897/Age 79/Glesno

Tutaj, Anton
	d. 25 May 1903/Age 81/Sl~atki

Tutaj, Jan
	d. 26 Nov 1907/Age 43/Tl~ukom

Tylman, Apolonia
	d. 16 Nov 1899/Age 33/Poznan

Tylman, Franciszek
	d. 16 Feb 1896/Age 71/Znin

Ugalska, Agata
	d. 7 Dec 1908/Age 27/Myprop[?]

Ulenberg, Maryanna
	d. 19 May 1900/Age 77/Chmielno

Urban, Feliks
	d. 8 Apr 1906/Age 27/Potulice

Van Derlinder, Jerzy
	d. 26 May 1906/Age 52/Holandya [Holland]

Wl~oszczynska, Anna
	d. 14 Dec 1895/Age 25/Poznan

Wl~oszczynski, Antonina
	d. 30 May 1907/Age 27/Zl~towo

Wl~oszczynski, Maksimilian
	d. 24 Oct 1910/Age 33/Zl~otowo

Walczak, Jozef
	d. 19 Dec 1910/Age 22/Rataje

Walczykowski, Franciszka
	d. 4 Jul 1919/Age 11/Manistee, MI

Waskowiak, Antoni
	d. 29 Jan 1909/Age 70/Wyrzysk

Wawrzyniakowski, Jan
	d. 20 Sep 1900/Age 47/Kcynia

Welna, Marta
	d. 2 May 1910/Age 7/Skal~at

Welzant, Maryanna/9 May 1906/Age 51/Chojnice

Wieczorek, Stanisl~aw
	d. 26 Aug 1910/Age 28/Korzeniste

Wierzba, Julianna
	d. 9 Sep 1902/Age 53/Lipusz

Wiktorek, Maryanna
	d. 17 Jan 1907/Age 19/Gryaik[?]

Wiorek, Jozef
	d. 2 Jul 1910/Age 49/Mozewo

Wisniewski, Jozef
	d. 19 Nov 1899/Age 39/Bytom

Wisniewski, Walenty
	d. 20 Feb 1904/Age 56/L~aki

Wisniewski, Wojciech 
	d. 2 Aug 1908/Age 20/Dieplin

Wnuk, Pawel~
	d. 23 Jun 1901/Age 35/Bugowo [Bl~ugowo]

Wojciechowski, Jan
	d. 9 May 1897/Age 35/Skic

Wojciechowski, Wojciech
	d. 10 Feb 1899/Age 30/Rataje

Wojda, Joanna
	d. 26 Feb 1897/Age 81/pow. Zl~otowski

Wojtal, Rozalia
	d. 21 Feb 1904/Age 51/Poznan

Wojtowski, Bol~esl~aw
	d. 24 Feb 1909/Age 24/Manistee, MI

Wolert, Wojciech
	d. 23 Feb 1909/Age 24/Manitowoc, WI

Wolski, Bartolomiej
	d. 7 Nov 1903/Age 100/Koscierzyna

Zachowska, Katarzyna
	d. 21 May 1907/Age 14/New Haven, CT

Zalewski, Franciszek
	d. 2 Mar 1906/Age 9/Polskie Piawze[?]

Zaborska, Maryanna
	d. 6 May 1904/Age 64/Galicya

Zapal~owski, Ludwik
	d. 21 Feb 1907/Age 42/Gorzno

Zecka, Apolonia
	d. 24 Jan 1906/Age 54/Sypniewo

Zecka, Weronika
	d. 29 May 1907/Age 58/Szczerbin

Zelin, Jan
	d. 15 Jan 1902/Age 66/Jastarnia

Zgliczynski, Aleksander
	d. 1 Aug 1908/Age 41/Srensk

Ziabek, Walenty
	d. 25 Aug 1905/Age 50/Poznan

Zukowski, Katarzyna
	d. 17 Nov 1909/Age 56/Wielgiet Pierazno