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Milwaukee County Congregational Churches

Milwaukee County Wisconsin Genealogy

From History of Milwaukee County 1881


   when the church moved from West side of River to East Side

1841 - School room on W. Water St.
1841 - Leased hall at Spring and W. Water Sts.
No date given - at Oneida & Milwaukee Sts.
1843 - Spring & 2nd Sts. 
1844 - new building at purchased site dedicated January 3, 1843
1854 - this building burned but cornerstone was saved with historical information
                inside after congregation had moved to East side of town.
1850 - New Church was dedicated on the East Side on May 24, 1851 but no 
                address was provided in Volume of History of Milwaukee

First Pastors:
Rev. O. F. Curtis - organizing pastor
Rev. John J Miter - 1841
Rev. G. M. Humphrey - 1856
Rev. John Allison - 1866
Rev. J. L. Dudley - 1868
Rev. Henry T. Rose - 1875

Early Members:
       Robert Love
       Alanson Sweet
       Edward Terry
       Samuel Brown
       Daniel Brown
       Benjamin Moffat
       Lyman Stoddard
       Josiah DeWolf
       Otis Sprague
       Sylvester Pettibone
       James P. Whaling
       Samuel D. Vose
       R. P. Houghton
       E. Townsend Mix
       A. R. Matthews
       C. A. Hendee
       Chas. G. Stark
       J. R. Brigham

Officers - 1842
Deacons: Benjamin Moffat
         Daniel Brown
         Robert Love
         Samuel Brown
Officers - 1880
Deacons: Edward Terry - Clerk
         James P. Whaling
         Samuel D. Vose
         R. P. Houghton
Trustees:  E. Townsend Mix
           A. R. Matthews
           C. A. Hendee
           Chas. G. Stark
           J. R. Brigham




1867 - Astor St. & Lyon (bought Astor Street Chapel and moved it to
1868 - Marshall & Division Sts. with dedication in January, 1868
        Started new building immediately and laid cornerstone in August 
	and dedicated building in November
1873 - Large debts caused congregation to sell building to the Episcopals who 
	built All Saints Cathedral there.
        Olivet leased an unoccupied Unitarian Church (no location provided)
1875 - Congregation moved to the Academy of Music building
1877 - Congregation disbanded

First Pastors:
Rev. C. D. Helmer - organizer
Rev. McLean - 1861
Rev. John Allison - 1867
Rev. Myron W. Reed - 1873

Officers - 1868
Rev. John Allison - Pastor
Deacons - William J. Whaling
          E. H. Ball
          J. A. Dutcher
          W. P. McLaren
          William Jarvis
Trustees: Jason Downer
          R. P. Fitzgerald
          H. W. Finch
          O. E. Britt
          W. P. McLaren      


  (name change to)  SPRING ST. CONGREGATION  - 1847

       Meeting to organize in school adjoining dwelling of Albert Fowler 
1847 - leased various public rooms around town
1848 - East side of Main St. (now Broadway) between Mason & Oneida Sts
1849 - occupied new building there
1852 - leased building formerly the First Congregational Bethel then Plymouth 
	Church at Spring and Second Sts.
1852 - six months later purchased this building
1854 - sold the building and purchased Lots on Spring & Sixth Sts.
1857 - Services held in new church building
1859 - January 18  Church Dedicated.  

First Pastors:
Rev. Otis F. Curtis - 1847
Rev. William L. Parson - 1848
Rev. George W. Basset - 1850
Rev. J. G. Wilson - 1853
Rev. William DeLoss Love - 1858
Rev. George T. Ladd - 1871
Rev. George H. Ide - 1881

At Meeting next to Mr. Fowler dwelling the following people signed up to 
organize a Free Congregational Society: (1847)
       Mrs. Marilla W. Curtis
       Rev. Otis W. Curtis
       Robert Love
       Mrs. Martha Love
       David McDougal
       Mrs. Minerva McDougal
       Geore Barber
       Mrs. Hannah Barber
       Otis Sprague
       Samuel C. Newhall
       Mrs. Mary B. Newhall
       Elizabeth S. Newhall
       William Morrison
       Mrs. Ellen Morrison
Other Early Church Members:
       H. H. Briggs
       Mrs. Electa Briggs
       Frederick H. Westover
       Mrs. Phoebe Westover
       Mrs. Ann E. Breed
       William Trumbull
       Cornelia Eames
       E. D. Holton
       Edwin Palmer
       Avery Hill
       Hiram Clark 
       James W. Vail
       William Taintor

Trustees:  1848 and later
       E. D. Holton
       D. McDougal
       Edwin Palmer
       Avery Hill
Deacons: (1854) 
       Robert Love
       Frederick H. Westover 
Deacons (later)
       Hiram Clark
       Samuel C. Newhall
Deacons (1858) 
       James W. Vail
       William Taintor


First Name - 1851 - South Presbyterian Church
Name and Church change by congregational vote to 
	Church of the Pilgrims on July 19, 1858
Name change in 1860 to Hanover Street Congregational Church

       Small building erected near corner of Hanover & Park Sts.
       Larger building built in 1959 on same lot
       Dedication of new building held on Sept. 4, 1859 

First Pastors:
Rev. Steels - 1851
Rev. Kidd - 1855
Rev. Day - 1858
Rev. J. J. Miter - 1860
Rev. Fred W. Beecher - 1860
Rev. J. W. Healy - 1862
Rev. Wilder Smith - 1866
Rev. E. S. Huntress - 1871
Rev. J. C. Taylor (no date provided)
Rev. Kerr C. Anderson (no date provided)
Rev. H. C. Hitchcock ( no date provided
Rev. J. W. Healy (2nd pastorate) - 1878

Early Members:
       Oliver Parsons
       Robert Love
       E. O. Ladd
       George H. Williams
       R.A. McCullough
       Dr. Jay Jennings
       E. W. Atwater
       F. W. Harwood
       Thomas Davidson
       A. M. Joyce
       Jas. Sheriffs
       H. H. Rockwell
       E. B. Parsons

1881 Trustees:
       R. A. McCullough - President
       F. W. Harwood - Secretary
       E. O. Ladd - Treasurer
       Thomas Davidson
       A. M. Joyce
       Jas. Sheriffs
       H. H. Rockwell
       E. W. Atwater
       E. B. Parsons

1881 Officers:
       J. W. Healy - Pastor
Deacons:  E. O. Ladd
                 George H. Williams - Treasurer
                 R. A. Mc Cullough
                 Dr. Jay Jennings
                 E. W. Atwater  


organized 1857

First Worship services held in building located at Main St. (Broadway) 
between Michigan & Huron Sts.

Erected building on Jefferson St. between Michigan & Huron Sts.

First Pastors:
Rev. John Parry - organizer - 1857
Rev. G. Griffiths
Rev. John P. Jones
Rev. Henry H. Davis
Rev. G. Cadwallader
Rev. J. T. Breeze - 1874
Rev. H. Parry - 1876
Rev. E. R. Lewis - 1878
Rev. Enoch Jones - 1879

This congregation had a hard time making a go of it.
In 1881 they were starting to get their heads above water.


This Milwaukee church was founded in 1847 as the Free Congregational Church, later known as the Spring Street Congregational Church, and renamed the Grand Avenue Congregational Church in 1881. Since 1961 the congregation has been a member of the United Church of Christ. In 1915 this church formed a union with Pilgrim Church.

The UW-Milwaukee Archives has records mainly 1910-1965. Included are published histories and information on anniversary observances; newspaper clippings and photographs; minutes and correspondence of congregational meetings, the Church Council, and many governing boards and committees; financial and other administrative records; incomplete membership records, and numerous publications including annual reports, newsletters, and church bulletins. Activities of the women in the congregation are documented by minutes, financial information, and other records of the Women's Guild and its many circles, the Home and Foreign Missionary societies, and other groups. There is also information on the United Church of Christ merger and on participation in area ecumenical activities. Finding Aid

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