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Milwaukee County Churches

Milwaukee County Wisconsin Genealogy

LDS holdings

For more information on obtaining these holdings please 
see the LDS website

All located in Milwaukee unless otherwise noted

Cemetery Records available

Calvary 1857-1979
Forest Home 1850-1945
Holy Cross 1909-1979
Holy Trinity 1909-1979
Mount Olivet 1907-1979
Pilgrim's Rest 1880-1979
St. Adalbert's 1899-1923
Union Cem and burial plots
Union Cem interments 1865-1920
Wanderer's Rest (now Lincoln Memorial) 1880-1979
German Ev. Lutheran Church records 1868-1881

Church Records Available: 
1889-1920  Catholic Church. St. Vincent de Paul 
1901-1920  Catholic Church. St. Thomas Aquinas 
1883-1920  Catholic Church. St. Stephen-New Coeln 
1906-1920  Catholic Church. St. Stephen Martyr 
1866-1921  Catholic Church. St. Stanislaus 
1912-1920  Catholic Church. St. Sebastian 
1917-1920  Catholic Church. Sacred Heart 
1911-1996  Sherman Park Luthern Church 
1884-1955  St. Martin Lutheran Church 
1854-1996  St. Stephen Lutheran Church 
1912-1920  St. Michael Hospital 
1899-1920  St. Mary's Hospital 
1875-1894  Catholic Church. Holy Name of Jesus 
1876-1921  Catholic Church. Gesu 
1888-1920  Catholic Church. St. Rose of Lima 
1912-1920  Catholic Church. St. Robert 
1919-1920  Catholic Church. St. Paul 
1876-1920  Catholic Church. St. Patrick 
1883-1920  Catholic Church. St. Michael 
1851-1920  Catholic Church. St. Matthias 
1892-1920  Catholic Church. St. Matthew 

1937-1948 Annual genealogical report record of members
	 1936-1945  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
	 Milwaukee South Branch (Wisconsin) 

1890-1905  First Free Methodist Church Church minutes
1897-1912  Second Free Methodist Church Church minutes 

1900-1917  Berean Presbyterian Church (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
1889-1970  Catholic Church. Saints Peter and Paul 
1860-1909  First Presbyterian Church (West Granville, Wisconsin) 
1840-1853  Catholic Church. Cathedral of St. Peter the Apostle 
1909-1920  Catholic Church. St. Adalbert's 
1872-1920  Catholic Church. St. Anthony's 
1902-1920  Catholic Church. Saint Elizabeth 
1893-1920  Catholic Church. SS. Cyril and Methodius 
1860-1920  Catholic Church. St. Catherine - Granville 
1894-1920  Catholic Church. St. Casimir 
1888-1920  Catholic Church. St. Boniface 
1900-1920  Catholic Church. Blessed Virgin of Pompeii 
1908-1920  Catholic Church. St. Benedict the Moor 
1888-1920  Catholic Church. St. Augustine 
1871-1920  Catholic Church. St. Hedwig 
1850-1920  Catholic Church. Holy Trinity-Our Lady of Guadalupe 
1902-1920  Catholic Church. Holy Spirit 
1900-1920  Catholic Church. Holy Rosary 
1880-1920  Catholic Church. Holy Cross 
1914-1920  Catholic Church. Holy Angels 
1849-1920  Catholic Church. St. Gall 
1913-1920  Catholic Church. St. Gabriel 
1871-1945  Catholic Church. St. Francis of Assisi 
1912-1920  Catholic Church. St. Florian 
1919 	   Catholic Church. St. Emeric 
1884-1920  Catholic Church. St. Wenceslaus 
1908-1920  Catholic Church. St. Mary of Czestochowa 
1847-1920  Catholic Church. St. Mary 
1909-1920  Catholic Church. St. Leo 
1888-1920  Catholic Church. St. Lawrence 
1888-1920  Catholic Church. St. Josaphat Basilica 
1907-1920  Catholic Church. St. John Kanty 
1863-1920  Catholic Church. St. John de Nepomuc 
1871-1920  Catholic Church. Immaculate Conception 
1883-1920  Catholic Church. St. Hyacinth 
1895-1920  Catholic Church. St. Anne's (Milwaukee, Wisconson) 
1840-1923  Catholic Church. Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist 

1836-1874  First Baptist Church (West Allis, Wisconsin) 
1839-1928  St. Paul's Episcopal Church 
1841-1925  Plymouth Congregational Church 
1847-1935  St. John's Episcopal Church 
1848-1973  Salem Lutheran Church 
1853-1919  Ascension Lutheran Church 
1856-1963  First Reformed Church 
1857-1896, 1908-1915  Summerfield Methodist Church 
1861-1922  Evangelical Lutheran St. Peters Church 
1862-1950  Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church 
1863-1927  Our Savior Lutheran Church 
1866-1927  St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church 
1866-1949  Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church 
1867-1927  All Saint's Cathedral (Milwaukee, Wisconsin : Episcopal) 
1868-1918  Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church 
1869-1929  Friedens Evangelical Church 
1870-1968  Trinity Lutheran Church 
1872-1952  St. Peter's Episcopal Church (West Allis, Wisconsin) 
1876-1939  First Evangelical Church 
1882-1935  Immanuel Methodist Episcopal Church 
1884-1957  Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church 
1886-1940  Grace Reformed Church 
1888-1932  Simpson Methodist Episcopal Church 
1888-1938  Bethlehem Lutheran Church 
1889-1944  St. Luke's Episcopal Church 
1890-1919  Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Redeemer 
1892-1925  Grace Presbyterian Church 
1893-1907  Farwell Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church 
1893-1924  Bethany Presbyterian Church 
1893-1940  Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church 
1893-1942  Salem Evangelical and Reformed Church 
1893-1947  St. Mark's Episcopal Church 
1893-1954  Gethsemane Evangelical Lutheran Church 
1894-1930  Mt. Olive Evangelical Lutheran Church 
1895-1937  Christ Church (Milwaukee, Wisconsin : 
		Evangelical and Reformed) 
1898-1928  Trinity Presbyterian Church 
1898-1944  Glaubens Evangelical Church 
1898-1983  Catholic Church. Holy Redeemer 
1900-1920  Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church 
1900-1938  Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church 
1901-1926  St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church 
1905-1917  Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Epiphany 
1905-1931  Salem Evangelical Church 
1906-1922  Trinity Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church 
1907-1919  Catholic Church. St. Stephen's 
1907-1920  Faith English Lutheran Church 
1908-1927  Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Reformation 
1908-1966  Nathanael Lutheran Church 
1908-1969  First Community Church 
1909-1978  St. Thomas Evangelical Lutheran Church 
1910-1929  Calvary Presbyterian Church 
1911-1938  Bethel Evangelical Church 
1911-1947  Lake Park Lutheran Church 
1913-1942  Hephatha Evangelical Lutheran Church 
1914-1969  Resurrection Lutheran Church 
1914-1981  Catholic Church. Holy Name Parish 
1915-1948  Luther Memorial Chapel 
1915-1972  Immanuel Congregation of the Reformed Church 
1916-1928  Sherman Boulevard Congregational Church 
1917-1937  English Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Incarnation 
1917-1938  Washington Park Presbyterian Church 
1917-1960  Tippecanoe Presbyterian Church 
1922-1949  Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church 
ca. 1894-1959  Immanuel Baptist Church 
ca. 1905-1927  Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church 

ca. 1892-1982  Bay View Baptist Church Inactive file of members 

1871-1920  Kreuz Gemeinde (Milwaukee, Wisconsin : 
		Evangelical Lutheran) Kirchenbuch 
1875-1919  Evangelisch Lutherische St. Marcus Gemeinde 
1884-1919  Evangelisch Lutherische St. Martini Gemeinde 
1889-1922  Evangelisch Lutherische Jerusalem Gemeinde 
1895-1919  Evangelisch Lutherische Sarons Gemeinde 
1895-1921  Nazareth Lutheran Church Kirchenbuch 
1895-1931  Jehovah Gemeinde (Milwaukee, Wisconsin : 
		Lutheran)  Kirchenbuch 

1831-1849  Marriage ceremonies performed by Rev. C.F. LeFevre, 
1795-1968  German Evangelical Lutheran Church Parish and family registers, 

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