Milwaukee County Churches

LDS holdings

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All located in Milwaukee unless otherwise noted

Cemetery Records available

Calvary 1857-1979
Forest Home 1850-1945
Holy Cross 1909-1979
Holy Trinity 1909-1979
Mount Olivet 1907-1979
Pilgrim's Rest 1880-1979
St. Adalbert's 1899-1923
Union Cem and burial plots
Union Cem interments 1865-1920
Wanderer's Rest (now Lincoln Memorial) 1880-1979
German Ev. Lutheran Church records 1868-1881

Church Records Available: 
1889-1920  Catholic Church. St. Vincent de Paul 
1901-1920  Catholic Church. St. Thomas Aquinas 
1883-1920  Catholic Church. St. Stephen-New Coeln 
1906-1920  Catholic Church. St. Stephen Martyr 
1866-1921  Catholic Church. St. Stanislaus 
1912-1920  Catholic Church. St. Sebastian 
1917-1920  Catholic Church. Sacred Heart 
1911-1996  Sherman Park Luthern Church 
1884-1955  St. Martin Lutheran Church 
1854-1996  St. Stephen Lutheran Church 
1912-1920  St. Michael Hospital 
1899-1920  St. Mary's Hospital 
1875-1894  Catholic Church. Holy Name of Jesus 
1876-1921  Catholic Church. Gesu 
1888-1920  Catholic Church. St. Rose of Lima 
1912-1920  Catholic Church. St. Robert 
1919-1920  Catholic Church. St. Paul 
1876-1920  Catholic Church. St. Patrick 
1883-1920  Catholic Church. St. Michael 
1851-1920  Catholic Church. St. Matthias 
1892-1920  Catholic Church. St. Matthew 

1937-1948 Annual genealogical report record of members
	 1936-1945  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
	 Milwaukee South Branch (Wisconsin) 

1890-1905  First Free Methodist Church Church minutes
1897-1912  Second Free Methodist Church Church minutes 

1900-1917  Berean Presbyterian Church (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
1889-1970  Catholic Church. Saints Peter and Paul 
1860-1909  First Presbyterian Church (West Granville, Wisconsin) 
1840-1853  Catholic Church. Cathedral of St. Peter the Apostle 
1909-1920  Catholic Church. St. Adalbert's 
1872-1920  Catholic Church. St. Anthony's 
1902-1920  Catholic Church. Saint Elizabeth 
1893-1920  Catholic Church. SS. Cyril and Methodius 
1860-1920  Catholic Church. St. Catherine - Granville 
1894-1920  Catholic Church. St. Casimir 
1888-1920  Catholic Church. St. Boniface 
1900-1920  Catholic Church. Blessed Virgin of Pompeii 
1908-1920  Catholic Church. St. Benedict the Moor 
1888-1920  Catholic Church. St. Augustine 
1871-1920  Catholic Church. St. Hedwig 
1850-1920  Catholic Church. Holy Trinity-Our Lady of Guadalupe 
1902-1920  Catholic Church. Holy Spirit 
1900-1920  Catholic Church. Holy Rosary 
1880-1920  Catholic Church. Holy Cross 
1914-1920  Catholic Church. Holy Angels 
1849-1920  Catholic Church. St. Gall 
1913-1920  Catholic Church. St. Gabriel 
1871-1945  Catholic Church. St. Francis of Assisi 
1912-1920  Catholic Church. St. Florian 
1919 	   Catholic Church. St. Emeric 
1884-1920  Catholic Church. St. Wenceslaus 
1908-1920  Catholic Church. St. Mary of Czestochowa 
1847-1920  Catholic Church. St. Mary 
1909-1920  Catholic Church. St. Leo 
1888-1920  Catholic Church. St. Lawrence 
1888-1920  Catholic Church. St. Josaphat Basilica 
1907-1920  Catholic Church. St. John Kanty 
1863-1920  Catholic Church. St. John de Nepomuc 
1871-1920  Catholic Church. Immaculate Conception 
1883-1920  Catholic Church. St. Hyacinth 
1895-1920  Catholic Church. St. Anne's (Milwaukee, Wisconson) 
1840-1923  Catholic Church. Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist 

1836-1874  First Baptist Church (West Allis, Wisconsin) 
1839-1928  St. Paul's Episcopal Church 
1841-1925  Plymouth Congregational Church 
1847-1935  St. John's Episcopal Church 
1848-1973  Salem Lutheran Church 
1853-1919  Ascension Lutheran Church 
1856-1963  First Reformed Church 
1857-1896, 1908-1915  Summerfield Methodist Church 
1861-1922  Evangelical Lutheran St. Peters Church 
1862-1950  Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church 
1863-1927  Our Savior Lutheran Church 
1866-1927  St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church 
1866-1949  Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church 
1867-1927  All Saint's Cathedral (Milwaukee, Wisconsin : Episcopal) 
1868-1918  Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church 
1869-1929  Friedens Evangelical Church 
1870-1968  Trinity Lutheran Church 
1872-1952  St. Peter's Episcopal Church (West Allis, Wisconsin) 
1876-1939  First Evangelical Church 
1882-1935  Immanuel Methodist Episcopal Church 
1884-1957  Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church 
1886-1940  Grace Reformed Church 
1888-1932  Simpson Methodist Episcopal Church 
1888-1938  Bethlehem Lutheran Church 
1889-1944  St. Luke's Episcopal Church 
1890-1919  Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Redeemer 
1892-1925  Grace Presbyterian Church 
1893-1907  Farwell Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church 
1893-1924  Bethany Presbyterian Church 
1893-1940  Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church 
1893-1942  Salem Evangelical and Reformed Church 
1893-1947  St. Mark's Episcopal Church 
1893-1954  Gethsemane Evangelical Lutheran Church 
1894-1930  Mt. Olive Evangelical Lutheran Church 
1895-1937  Christ Church (Milwaukee, Wisconsin : 
		Evangelical and Reformed) 
1898-1928  Trinity Presbyterian Church 
1898-1944  Glaubens Evangelical Church 
1898-1983  Catholic Church. Holy Redeemer 
1900-1920  Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church 
1900-1938  Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church 
1901-1926  St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church 
1905-1917  Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Epiphany 
1905-1931  Salem Evangelical Church 
1906-1922  Trinity Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church 
1907-1919  Catholic Church. St. Stephen's 
1907-1920  Faith English Lutheran Church 
1908-1927  Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Reformation 
1908-1966  Nathanael Lutheran Church 
1908-1969  First Community Church 
1909-1978  St. Thomas Evangelical Lutheran Church 
1910-1929  Calvary Presbyterian Church 
1911-1938  Bethel Evangelical Church 
1911-1947  Lake Park Lutheran Church 
1913-1942  Hephatha Evangelical Lutheran Church 
1914-1969  Resurrection Lutheran Church 
1914-1981  Catholic Church. Holy Name Parish 
1915-1948  Luther Memorial Chapel 
1915-1972  Immanuel Congregation of the Reformed Church 
1916-1928  Sherman Boulevard Congregational Church 
1917-1937  English Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Incarnation 
1917-1938  Washington Park Presbyterian Church 
1917-1960  Tippecanoe Presbyterian Church 
1922-1949  Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church 
ca. 1894-1959  Immanuel Baptist Church 
ca. 1905-1927  Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church 

ca. 1892-1982  Bay View Baptist Church Inactive file of members 

1871-1920  Kreuz Gemeinde (Milwaukee, Wisconsin : 
		Evangelical Lutheran) Kirchenbuch 
1875-1919  Evangelisch Lutherische St. Marcus Gemeinde 
1884-1919  Evangelisch Lutherische St. Martini Gemeinde 
1889-1922  Evangelisch Lutherische Jerusalem Gemeinde 
1895-1919  Evangelisch Lutherische Sarons Gemeinde 
1895-1921  Nazareth Lutheran Church Kirchenbuch 
1895-1931  Jehovah Gemeinde (Milwaukee, Wisconsin : 
		Lutheran)  Kirchenbuch 

1831-1849  Marriage ceremonies performed by Rev. C.F. LeFevre, 
1795-1968  German Evangelical Lutheran Church Parish and family registers,