First Baptist Church Milwaukee

If anyone has any history of this church, please let me know.
As the name would denote, we believe it is the First Baptist Church 
in Milwaukee, established pre 1840s.

According to the history of Underwood Baptist Church in Wauwatosa
"By 1843 folks in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, area had moved away from the First 
Baptist Church of Milwaukee and organized a circuit of small churches in the 
Wauwatosa Township." The new church established was in belief of 

MAY 22, 1907



Constitution 	Page 28


C. E. Betts 		Term Expires  Dec. 31, 1907
E. J. Lindsay		 "   "    "  "  1907
Dr. H. D. Sykes	 	 "   "    "  "  1907
Henry Lindsay 		 "   "    "  "  1908
A. V. Bishop 		 "   "    "  "  1908
A. L. Gilbert		 "   "    "  "  1908
Herman Bleyer 		 "   "    "  "  1909
E.  J. Fellman 	  	 "   "    "  "  1909
C. A. Breen		 "   "    "  "  1909
E. J. Fellman 		906 N. Ave. (664 Humboldt Ave. (Crossed out)

C. A. Brown 		726 Franklin Place

A. J. Strong		73 Reed Street (crossed out)

H. A. Betts		895 Hackett Avenue

A. L. Gilbert (crossed out)
E. C. Hunt
Dr. G. H. Fellman
A. J. Strong

A. Le Grand		741 Cass Street

Rev. Robert Gordon	684 Marshall Street
At Home Monday Evenings

Frank Rogers		Term Expires Dec. 31, 1907
A. V. Bishop		"   "    "  "  "
A. L. Gilbert (crossed out) " "    "  "  1908
Dr. H. D. Sykes, Secy	"   "    "  "  "
John Martin		"   "    "  "  1909
E. J. Lindsay		"   "    "  "  "
James Tribe		"   "    "  "  "
J. F. Tyrell		"   "    "  "  1910
Dr. G. H. Fellman	"   "    "  "  "

A. L. Gilbert (crossed out)

Earl C. Hunt		124 New Ins. Bldg.

Mrs. Nellie Bowstead	712 Astor Street

E. C. Hunr	
A. J. Strong
A. L. Gilbert (crossed out)
E. C. Hunt       	E. J. Fellman
F. H. Lindsay		S. F. Howard
A. J. Strong	    	L. P. Bond
G. H. Fellman     	F. W. Riesen
W. J. Robinson 

Mrs. A. L. Gilbert
Mrs. Wm. Spence
Mrs. A. L. Dobbs
Mrs. B. Smith

	F. H. Lindsay		899 Lake Drive
Assistant Supt
	Dalton (written in)
Assistant Supt
	S. F. Howard
Supt. Primary Dept
	Mrs. N. Bowstead
Supt. Junior Dept
	Mrs. G. H. Fellman
	W. F. Tribe
Asst. Secy.-Treas
	C. A. Breen
	H. A.Foote
Asst. Librarian
	W. J. Blakney

Meets Sunday 6:30 p.m. 

President		S. F. Howard, 247 Pearson Street
Vice-President		Olive Graves
Recording Secretary	Florence Crabb
Corresponding Secretary	Edith Voigt
Treasurer		F. W. Sheperd
Pianist			Helen Tyrell

No meetings during months of July and August.

Meets first Friday of the month 2:30 p.m.


President		Mrs. N. Bowstead
Vice-President		Mrs. B. Smith
Secretary		Mrs. O. E. Roberts
Treasurer		Mrs. H. A. Betts

Meets first Friday of the month after meeting of
Mission Circle


President		Mrs. J. C. Kleist
Vice-President		Mrs. J. F. Tyrell
Treasurer		Mrs J. A. Bigelow
Secretary		Mrs. E. G. Pease

The "Tens" are Auxiliary to the Aid Society

Preaching every Sunday morning, 10:30 a.m.
Sunday School, 12 m.
Preaching every Sunday evening, 7:30 p. m., except during
	July and August.
Christian Endeavor meeting, 6:30 p. m.

Wednesday evening, 7:45 p.m.

First Sunday in each month, 11:30 a. m.

Monthly; Tuesday evening before the first Sunday of each 
	month, 8 p. m.

Second Wednesday of December, 7:30 p. m.


I.  	To take interest in all regular meetings, viz.: Preaching 
   	Service on the Lord's Day, Mid-Week Prayer Meeting, Communion 
	Service, and Sunday School.

II.  	To take active part in the work of the Church, and show 
	willingness to respond to such appeals for service and help 
	as ability and circumstances will allow.

III. 	To contribute regularly to the financial needs of the Church, and 
	also to the quarterly appeals for Beneficient objects; and that in 
	proportion as the Lord has prospered them. 

IV. 	Upon change of residence, such as will make it impossible to attend 
	to the above duties, to promptly apply for a letter of dismission to 
	some other Baptist Church more conveniently located. If for good 
	reasons non-resident members prefer to retain their membership, they 
	will be expected to communicate with the Church in writing at least 
	once a year, and to contribute something toward its support.

V. 	Neglect to comply with these duties without explanation for two years 
	in succession will be considered sufficient reason for dropping the 
	name from the membership Directory.

In case of change of residence, notify church clerk by postal.

This page was handwritten on pg 9:
Mrs. ADAMS			771 Van Buron (sic)
Mrs. C. BLYTH			364 Brady
   RARACONG			724 Cass
   ORMOND			281 Prospect
Miss. Ella MALBIE		561 Belleview
Mr. F. E. CRAVEN		1305 Grand
Mrs. J. FREW			732 Franklin
M. M. WEBSTER			536 Concord
Miss Mona LETCHER		443 Murray	
Eva BULLARD			2812 Wells
Grace NELSON			782 Broth
Dora HALVORSON(crossed out)	Irving  
Mr. Louis J. ELLENBECK		390 15th Street
Edward F. STEFFANIDES		488 Cramer

ANDERSON, Mrs. Emily E.  	310 Sycamore Street

BENSON, Chas C. 		1092 National Avenue
BETTS, Mrs. Anne  		895 Hackett Avenue
BETTS, Charles Ernest 		897 Hackett Avenue
BETTS, Mrs. C. E		897 Hackett Avenue
BETTS, Henry A.			895 Hackett Avenue
BETTS, Mrs. Henry A.		895 Hackett Avenue
BETTS, Miss Mary E		Y. W. C. A.
BIGELOW, John A 		725 Franklin Place
BIGELOW, Mrs. John A. 		725 Franklin Place
BILLINGS, Earl. 		263 17th Street
BINGHAM, Mrs. Joel 		W693 Marshall Street
BISHOP, Americus(crossed out)	630 22d Street
BISHOP, Walter P.		904 Summit Avenue
BLAKNEY, Mrs. Jane 		872 Cambridge Avenue
BLAKNEY, Mrs. John		719 Stowell Avenue
BLAKNEY, William J.(crossed out)872 Cambridge Avenue
BLAKNEY, Mrs. William J		872 Cambridge Avenue
BLEYER, Mrs. Herman		834 Cass Street
BLEYER, Miss Isora		834 Cass Street
BLEYER, Mrs. Julius		836 Cass Street
BLEYER, Miss Abbie.		836 Cass Street
BOND, L. P .			519 Milwaukee Street
BOND, Mrs. L. P 		519 Milwaukee Street
BOSTON, Thos. J  		Y. M. C. A.
BOWSTEAD, Mrs. Nellie
		(crossed out)	712 Astor Street
BOWSTEAD, Miss Edith		712 Astor Street
BOWSTEAD, Etta			712 Astor Street
BOWSTEAD, John E.		712 Astor Street
BREEN, Charles A		726 Franklin Street
BREEN, Mrs. Chas. A		726 Franklin Street
BRETT, Miss Grace L 		126 5th Street
BRIEN, Mrs. L. J.		747 Racine Street	
BRIEN, Herman H.		747 Racine Street
BUFORD, Mrs. H. H.		176 Queen Anne Place
BYRAM, Floyd			614 Milwaukee Street							
BYRNES, Mrs. L. M. Norman	7th and Grand Avenue

CAPPELL, Walter C.		614 Milwaukee Street
CARPENTER, Mrs. M. I.		1402 Fond du Lac Avenue
CHAMBERLAIN, Clark		494 37th Street
CHAMBERLAIN, Mrs. Clark		494 37th Street	
CHERRY, Mrs. Leslie E.		565 Bradford Street
CHERRY, Mrs. M. T.		565 Bradford Street
CLAFLIN, Mrs. T. (crossed out)	897 Cambridge Avenue
CLAFLIN, Ray T.			897 Cambridge Avenue
CLARK, James			444 Webster Place
CLARK, Mrs. James		444 Webster Place
COBB, Miss Alice M.		Care Protestant Home for Aged
COLLIDGE, Hazel			718 Sycamore Street
COMLY, Mrs. J. D.		Industrial School
CRABB, Miss Florence      	707 Jackson Street (crossed out) Astor Street  
CRABB, Arnold P.		707 Jackson Street (crossed out) "     "
CRABB, Raymond C.		707 Jackson Street (crossed out) "     "
CROOKE, Mrs. Jane		329 Farwell Avenue
CROSBY, Mrs. M. E.		137 Warren Avenue
CROSBY, Miss Clara (crossed out)137 Warren Avenue

DALTON, H. Lyon			561 Bellevue Place
DALTON, Mrs. H. L.		561 Bellevue Place
DAMROW, Joseph			820 Marshall Street
DAMROW, John			820 Marshall Street
DAVIS, Mrs. M.			654 Van Buren Street
DAVIS, Miss Pauline		654 Van Buren Street
DAVIS, Frank			55 28th Street
DAYFOOT, Miss Emma		451 Oakland Avenue
DEANS, Mrs. James I.		368 Irving Place
DELLICKER, Mrs J. Henry		181 31st Street
DOMKE, R. E.			783 Booth Street
DOMKE, Mrs. R. E.		783 Booth Street
DOMKE, Margaret			783 Booth Street
DOUBRAWN, Miss Mary(crossed out)1382 Booth Street
DURAND, Miss Ina C.		839 Seperd Avenue

EDMUNDS, Miss Lucy 
	(crossed out & 
	Woelf written in)  	Y. W. C. A.
EIMMERMAN, Gus			140 Wyoming Pl.,Fernwood, Sta. D.

FALKENSTEIN, Max		639 Oakland Avenue
FALKENSTEIN, Mrs. Max		639 Oakland Avenue      
FELLMAN, Edward J.		954 Humboldt Avenue
FELLMAN, Mrs Edward J.
		(crossed out)	954 Humboldt Avenue
FELLMAN, Judson L.		954 Humboldt Avenue
FELLMAN, Dr. Geo. H.		764 8th Street
FELLMAN, Mrs. Geo. H.		764 8th Street
FIELDING, Arthur		787 Franklin Street
FOOTE, Herbert A.		430 Prospect Avenue
FOOTE, Mrs. Herbert A.		430 Prospect Avenue
FOOTE, Miss Elsie		430 Prospect Avenue
FOOTE, Miss Mabel		430 Prospect Avenued

GERE, Mrs. H. C.		Protestant Home for Aged
GIANELLA, Mrs. Raphael		Wauwatosa
GILBERT, A. L.(crossed out)	452 Ivanhoe Place
GILBERT, Mrs. A. L.		452 Ivanhoe Place
GILBERT, Miss Alice Marie	452 Ivanhoe Place
GILLO, Miss Helen		554 Bartlett Street
GOODACRE, Miss Sarah 
	(crossed out)		712 Astor Street
GORDON, Rev. Robert(crossed out)684 Marshall Street
GORDON, Miss Anna		684 Marshall Street
GORMLEY, Miss Jeanette		Y. W. C. A.
GRABE, August W.		153 Garfield Avenue
GRABE, Mrs. August W.		153 Garfield Avenue
GRABE, Miss Clara		153 Garfield Avenue
GRABE, Miss Jeanette		153 Garfield Avenue
GRABE, Grace			153 Garfield Avenue
GRABE, Charlotte		153 Garfield Avenue
GRANGER, Miss Ethel		410 Prospect Avenue
GRAVES, John			568 22d Avenue
GRAVES, Mrs. John		568 22d Avemie
GRAVES, Garfield		455 27th Avenue
GREGORY, John E.		782 Jackson Street
GRIGGS, Mrs. Susan		181 31st Street

HANSEN, Miss Katherine 
		(crossed out)	796 Astor Street
HARKINS, Miss Ella		8---1414 Grand Avenue
HEAFFORD, Mrs. Susan A.	
HOSCH, Mrs. J. P.		691 Sheperd Avenue
HOWARD, Stanley F.		247 Pearson Street
HOWARD, Mrs. Stanley F.
		(crossed out)	247 Pearson Street
HUGHES, Mrs. J. W.		893 Astor Street
HUGHES, Miss May E.      
		(crossed out)	893 Astor Street
HUNT, Earl C.			124 New Ins. Bldg.

JACKSON, Miss Lida		198 Martin Street
JANSEN, Mrs. Sarah E.		South Milwaukee
JASPERSON, Robt. O.		424 21st Street
JASPERSON, Mrs. Robt. O.	424 21st Street
JOHNSON, Carl			1020 2d Street
JOHNSON, Carl			1020 2d Street
JOHNSON, Mrs. Carl		1020 2d Street
JONES, Mrs. Chauncey L.		719 Hackett Avenue
JONES, Miss Nellie (crossed out)209 Pleasant Street

KELLY, Edward			204 Wisconsin Street
KELLY, Mrs. Edward		204 Wisconsin Street
KETTLER, Mrs. Wm.		713 2d Street
KINNEY, Mrs. D.			838 Downer Avenue
KLEIST, Mrs. J. C.		526 Park Place
KLEIST, Miss Ella		526 Park Place
KLEIST, Miss Hattie		526 Park Place
KLITZKE, Mrs. Mabel		1106 Booth Street
KNELLER, Fred C.		3708 Park Hill Avenue
KNELLER, Mrs. Fred C.		3708 Park Hill Avenue	
KNELLER, Fred			3708 Park Hill Avenue
KNOWLES, James			721 Stowell Avenue
KNOWLES, George, Jr.		697 Marietta Avenue
KNOWLES, Mrs. Louise J.		San Rafeal Flats
KURTZ, Mrs. Julia		483 35th Street

LEES, Mrs. Ella			191 15th Street
LE GRAND, Adrian		741 Cass Street
LE GRAND, Mrs. A.		741 Cass Street
LETCHER, Miss Mona		443 Murray Avenue
LEWIS, Mrs. Robert		168 Juneau Avenue
LINDSAY, Mrs. David		281 Prospect Avenue
LINDSAY, Edmond J.		281 Prospect Avenue
LINDSAY, Mrs. Edmond J.		281 Prospect Avenue
LINDSAY, Edmond J., Jr.		419 Kenilworth Place
LINDSAY, Mrs. Edmond J., Jr.	419 Kenilworth Place
LINDSAY, Frank H.		389 Lake Drive
LINDSAY, Mrs. Frank H.		389 Lake Drive
LINDSAY, John M.		296 Prospect Avenue
LINDSAY, Phillip K.		281 Prospect Avenue
LYON,  Mrs. E. M.		452 15th Street

MCDOUGALL,  Mrs. Nath'l		794 Astor Street
MCGINNIS, Miss Nellie		871 Commerce Street
MCKOWN,    D. A.		756 Cass Street
MCLEAN,  Mrs. F.		740 Cass Street
MARKET,  Mrs. Frank A.		281 Knapp Street
MARRIOTT, Miss Susie		20--162 Biddle Street
MARSH,  Miss Alice		768 Racine Street
MARSH,  Miss Daisy		768 Racine Street
MARTIN,  John			107 Farwell Avenue
MARTIN,  Miss Kate		107 Farwell Avenue
MASON,  Miss Maria P.		Protestant Home for the Aged
MASSON,  Mrs. N.		400 Bradford Street
MASSON,  Miss Janet		400 Bradford Street
MELHAUPT,  Mrs. Mabel		163 Mason Street
MEYERS,  Mrs. Bessie B.		14--The Holbrook
MILES,  Mrs. George		424  14th Street
MILLS,  Mrs. L C.		535 Park Place
MOODY,  Miss Eleanor		803 Astor Street   (crossed out)
MOODY,  Miss Madge		344 Prospect Avenue
MOODY,  W. A.			725 Stowell Avenue
MOODY,  Mrs. W. A.		725 Stowell Avenue
MOODY,  Miss Margarite		725 Stowell Avenue
MOORE,  Mrs. J. E.		894  1st Street
MURDOCK,  Miss Pearl		755 Farwell Avenue
MURPHY,  Miss Esther M.		217  24th Street

OLSTEN,  Miss Myrtle		581 Van Buren Street

PARSONS, Abner   (crossed out)	834 Astor Street
PARSONS,  Razada  (crossed out)	834 Astor Street
PARTRIDGE,  Miss May		Protestant Home for the Aged
PAYN,  Miss Nina		457 Cass Street
PEASE,  Mrs. Sarah		385 Oakland Avenue
PEASE,  Elmer G.		385 Oakland Avenue
PEASE,  Mrs. Elmer G.		385 Oakland Avenue
PECK, Roy			190 Farwell Avenue
PERKINS,  Mrs. Nora E.		21 Melrose, Cass Street
POLK,  Miss Emma		712 Astor Street
PRICE,  Lawrence B.		851 Marshall Street

REESE,  Mrs. Elizabeth		893 Astor Street
RIESEN,  Frederick G.		757 Farwell Avenue
RIESEN,  Mrs. Frederick G.	757 Farwell Avenue
RIESEN,  Walter P.		801 Holton Street
RIESEN,  Mrs. Walter P.		801 Holton Street
ROBERTS,  Miss Esther		786 Jackson Street
ROBERTS,  Owen E.		751 Astor Street
ROBERTS,  Mrs. Owen E.		751 Astor Street
ROBINSON,  Frank W.		678 Hackett Avenue
ROBINSON,  Mrs. Frank W.	678 Hackett Avenue
ROBINSON, Miss Carol(crossed out)678 Hackett Avenue
ROBINSON,  Willis J.		1212 Wells Street
ROBINSON,  Mrs. Willis J.	1212 Wells Street
ROBINSON,  Frank		1212 Wells Street
ROBINSON,  Hazel  (crossed out)	1212 Wells Street
ROBSON,  Miss Georgia		279  10th Street
ROGERS,  Frank			540 Frederick Street
ROGERS,  Mrs. Frank		540 Frederick Street

SALMON,  Mrs. Mary		Y. W. C. A.
SANBORNE,  Mrs. Sophie		361 Kane Place
SANDERS,  Rev. E. C.		565 Bradford Street
SANDERS,  Mrs. E. C.		565 Bradford Street
SEVERANCE,  Mrs. A. L.		572 Jefferson Street
SHAW,  Mrs. David (crossed out)	825 Franklin Street
SHELDON,  Edwin D.(crossed out)	642  19th Street
SHELDON,  Mrs. Edwin D.		642  19th Street
SHEPHERD, Peter			744 Astor Street
SHEPHERD, Mrs. Peter		744 Astor Street
SHEPHERD, Miss Florence 
	(crossed out)		744 Astor Street
SHEPHERD,  Frederick		744 Astor Street
SHEPHERD,  Miss Pattie		744 Astor Street
SHEPHERD,  Mrs. Mortimer	185 Biddle Street
SHERMAN,  Miss Mary		519 Jefferson Street
SMART,  Mrs. Elizabeth L.	Protestant Home for the Aged
SMITH,  Mrs. B.			645 Cass Street
SMITH,  Miss Emma		539 Terrace Avenue
SMITH,  Mrs. Julia		719 Hackett Avenue
SMITH,  Miss Charlotte		452 Ivanhoe Place
SOUTHCOTT,  Charles		208 Warren Avenue
SOUTHCOTT, Mrs. Charles   
	(crossed out)		208 Warren Avenue
SOUTHCOTT,  F. J.		Bradley Farm
SOUTHCOTT,  Mrs. F.  J.		Bradley Farm
STEVENS, Mrs. Charles		643 Jackson Street
STOVER,  Mrs. B. D.		744 Van Buren Street
STOVER,  Daniel G.		744 Van Buren Street
STRONG,  Arthur J.		78 Reed Street
STUEWE,  Mrs. Benno		3204 Galena Street
SWAFFIELD,  Mrs. Carrie		368 Irving Place
SYKES,  Dr. Herbert D.		336 Farwell Avenue
SYKES,  Mrs. H. D.		336 Farwell Avenue
SYKES,  Lawrence G.		336 Farwell Avenue
SYKES,  Margaret		336 Farwell Avenue

THOMAS,  Edward			425 Lake Drive
THOMAS, Mrs. Edward		425 Lake Drive
THOMAS, Emmett E.		140  23d Street
THOMAS,  Mrs. Emmett E.		140  23d Street
TRIBE, James			575 Murray Avenue
TRIBE,  Mrs. James		575 Murray Avenue
TRIBE,  Miss Florence E.	575 Murray Avenue
TRIBE,  Clara E.		575 Murray Avenue
TRIBE,  Ruth M.			575 Murray Avenue
TRIBE,  William F.		575 Murray Avenue
TUCKER,  Miss Isabella L.	152 Juneau Avenue
TURTON,  Annie ZM.		801 Franklin Street
TWEEDEN,  Harold E.		379 Albion Street
TWEEDEN,  Miss Myrtle		379 Albion Street
TYRRELL, John F.		619 Farwell Place
TYRRELL,  Mrs. John F.		619 Farwell Place
TYRRELL,  Miss Gertrude		619 Farwell Place
TYRRELL,  Miss Helen		619 Farwell Place

VOIGT,  Miss Edith		304  22d Street

WALKER,  Mrs. Ida Howie		615 Grand Avenue
WALKER,  Mrs. M. G.		694 Jefferson Street
WALLING,  Miss Ruth		2036 Grand Avenue
WEBB,  Lindsay			645 Cass Street
WEBB,  Mrs.Lindsay		645 Cass Street
WELLS,  Miss S. Marie		Protestant Home for the Aged
WELTON,  Florence M.		175 Warren Avenue
WILDE,  Mrs. Sam'l		1112 Hadley Street
WOCKNER,  Frank			388 Cass Street

At bottom of page - handwritten  Agnes WARD
WORDINGHAM, Geo.		196 Reservoir Avenue
WORDINGHAM, Mrs. Geo.		196 Reservoir Avenue
WORDINGHAM, Miss Amy		196 Reservoir Avenue
WORDINGHAM, Miss Florence	196 Reservoir Avenue

YATES, Miss Gertrude	609 Lake Drive
YEOMANS, Miss Irene H  
		(crossed out)	130 Farwell Avenue


BARTHOPE, Miss Emma		Fond du Lac, Wis.
BROOKS, Archie			Manila, Phillippines

CAINE, W. P.			Birmingham, Ala.
CAINE, Mrs. W. P.		Birmingham, Ala
CAMPBELL, Archibald M.		Plymouth, Mass.
CAMPBELL, Mrs. Archibald M.	Plymouth, Mass.
CAPRON, E. F.			Evanston, Ill.
CARTER, Mrs. H.  H.		Chicago, Ill.
CRIBB, Mrs. Margaret		Minneapolis, Minn.
CRIBB, Ernst			Minneapolis, Minn.
CRIBB, Miss Grace		Minneapolis, Minn.

DODGE, A. R.			Washington, D. C.

FISCHER, Sam'l H.		Pasadena, Cal.
FISCHER, Mrs. Sam'l H.		Pasadena, Cal.

HANSON, P. W.			Denver, Colo.
HARRIS, Mrs. Jennie		Lyndon, Wis.
HATCH, Miss Emma		Pasadena, Cal.

KENNEDY, Miss J.		Memphis, Tenn.
KUSHEL,  Frank			Chicago, Ill.

LINCOLN, Mrs. M. C.		Janesville, Wis.

MCLEAN, Mrs. J. H.		Duluth, Minn.
MCLEAN, Miss Ethel		Duluth, Minn.
MYHRE, Miss Maud		Westby, Wis.

ORMSBY, Mrs. J. S.		Glendora,  Cal.

ROLLINS, Mrs. John		Paris, Wis.

STEENIS, Mrs. John W.		Depere, Wis.

TERHORST, Mrs. Dan'l		Waukesha, Wis.
THATCHER, Edgar W.		Chicago, Ill.
THATCHER, Mrs. Edgar W.		Chicago, Ill.
TURNER, Mrs. B. E.		Santa Ana, Cal.

WEBB, Miss Eva			Pasadena, Cal.
WILLIAMS, Wm.			Chicago, Ill.
WIPPERT, Miss Rose		Chicago, Ill.
WIPPERT, Miss Jennie		Chicago, Ill.

Notices of Members Deceased Since January, 1904
Brother Allen D. French		Feb. 5, 1904
Miss Maria D. Wells		March 3, 1904
Mrs. John Damrow		April 5, 1904
Mrs. Wm. E. Smith		Sept. 6, 1904
Mrs. Laura Granger		Oct. 30, 1904
Mrs. H. Greenslade		December 31, 1904
Mrs. May Irving			March 29, 1905
Mrs. M.R. Sanderson		March 31, 1905
Deacon T.M. Claflin		May 13, 1905
Mrs. O.A. Holt			July 8, 1905
Mrs. Mary Webster		Sept. 23, 1905
Mrs. Nellie Lindsay		October 30, 1905
Brother John W. Hughes		Nov. 6, 1905
Mrs. Anna A. Knowles		Feb. 27, 1906
Deacon L.E. Cherry		March 23, 1906
Mrs. G. W. Peck			Oct. 14, 1906
Mrs. P.W. Claflin		Oct. 29, 1906
Brother W. E. Thompson		Dec. 31, 1906
Miss T. Ellen Abbott		Feb. 20, 1907
Brother Judson A. Roundy	May 15, 1907

ARTICLE   I  -  Name
	This society shall be known by the name of The Society 
of the First Baptist Church of the City of Milwaukee.

ARTICLE  II  -  Membership
	All members of the First Baptist Church in good standing 
and any person who shall own or rent a pew in the church edifice, 
or pay an annual subscription of Ten Dollars towards defraying 
the expenses of said church, shall be considered a member of 
the Society.

ARTICLE  III  -  Officers
	The Officers of this Society shall be a President, 
Secretary, Treasurer and nine Trustees.

ARTICLE  IV -  Election of Officers
      Section 1.  The Pastor and Clerk of the Church shall 
be "ex-officio" President and Secretary of the Society.

      Sec. 2.  The corporation, who by the conditions of the 
Charter, constitute the first Board of Trustees, a majority of 
whom shall form a quorum for the transaction of business, shall 
at their first regualr meeting or as soon as practicable, divide
themselves into three classes of three members each; the First 
Class to continue in office one year, or until the first regular 
meeting of the Society; the Second Class two years; and the Third 
Class three years; to the end that one-third of their members 
may go out of office annually.

   Sec. 3.  At each regular annual meeting of the Society 
there shall be elected three Trustees to fill the places of 
those whose term of office shall expire by condition of Section 
2 of this Article, and a Treasurer who shall be "ex-officio" a 
member of the Board of Trustees.

   Sec. 4.  In case of the failure of the Society, from any 
cause, to elect its officers as above described, the former 
incumbent shall continue in office until their successors are 
duly elected.

ARTICLE V.  -  Duties of Officers

   Section 1.  The President and Secretary shall perform the 
usual duties of such officers.

   Sec. 2.  The Trustees shall receive all moneys belonging to 
the Society and hold the same subject to the order of the President 
and Secretary of the Board of Trustees.  At the end of each year the 
Treasurer shall present a full report of all receipts and 
disbursements of the year, and a complete statement of the exact 
financial condition of the Society.  He shall also make such special 
reports as the Society or the Board of Trustees may from time to time 

   Sec. 3.   It shall be the duty of the Trustees to meet at the 
close of the Annual Meeting of the Society and to organize by choosing 
a President and Secretary.  The Board of Trustees shall have charge of 
all the property of the Society, subject to the Laws of the State and 
the direction of the Society.
                 It shall be their duty to make all necessary repairs 
on the Church Edifice, Parsonage and other buildings and the grounds 
belonging thereto.
                 To provide for and pay the Pastor's salary, to furnish 
fuel and lights, to employ and fix the salary of Sexton, but in no case 
shall any important changes be made in the property of the Society, nor 
shall any property be bought or sold; nor any contract be made for 
buildings bought or sold; nor any contract exceeding Five Hundred Dollars 
without the special authority and direction of the Society.
                 It shall be the duty of the Board of Trustees to give 
notice from the pulpit or through one of the daily papers, of the Annual 
Meetings of the Society, at least one week previous to the same.
                 The President of the Society or a majority of the Trustees 
may call special meetings of the Society by giving notice thereof on the 
Sabbath previous to the day appointed.
                  At the end of each year the Board of Trustees shall make 
a full report of the proceedings to the Society at its regular meeting.

   Sec. 4.    The President, Secretary and Treasurer, with two other members 
of the Board appointed at any regular meeting of the same, shall constitute 
an "Executive Committee" of the Board whose duties it shall be to audit all 
accounts and transact any other business that may be committed to it by the 

ARTICLE VI. -  Pastor, Etc.

     The Society shall have no voice or control in the electing of, or 
designating the salary of the Pastor, or in the election of any other 
officer of the Church.
      It shall in no way interfere with, or obstruct the free use of the 
Church Edifice for all religious or benevolent objects of said church, but 
the edifice shall not be used for any other purpose without the consent of 
the majority of the Board of Trusteees or of the Executive Committee of the 

ARTICLE VII.  -  Annual Meeting

     The Annual Meeting of the Society shall be held on the second Wednesday 
of December in each year at 7:30 p.m. 

ARTICLE VIII.  -  Ammendments

     This constitution may be altered or amended by a vote of two-thirds of 
the members present at any Regular Meeting of the Society, provided notice of 
the same shall have been given at a former meeting or from the pulpit at least 
two weeks previous thereto.