St. Adalbert's & Holy Family Church Records

Below are records extracted from St. Adalbert's Catholic Church in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Holy Family Catholic Church in Cudahy, Wisconsin. Please remember that this is a work in progress and that there may be interpretation errors and/or typing errors.

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In Volume I of the Baptismal Records of Holy Family Congregation in 
Cudahy, Wisconsin 1905-1916 there appears the following entry on 
Pages 34 and 35:

Antonius Maximilanus (son of)
Under Parentis:  Joannes WISNIEWSKI and Alexandra NOWAK
 born 3 June 1908
Under Patrini:  (Godparents):  Francisus Kucma and Stanislawa Sobocinska

In Volume I of the Baptismal Records of Holy Family Congregation in Cudahy, 
	Wisconsin 1905-1916 there appears the following entry on 
	Pages 6 and 7:

Under Parentes:
Sophia Caecilia  (daughter of)  Joannes WISNIEWSKI and Eleonora NOWAK
 born 8 March 1906; baptized 18 March 1906
Under Patrini:  (Godparents)   Joannes KUCZMA and Stanislawa LOZYNSKA

    Hierominus Mieczyslaus, son of Ladislaus Augustowski: and Catherina 
    born 17 July 1913;  baptized 20 July 1913
    Godparents:  Josephus Todryk and Constantia Sobocinska

    Julianus, son of Fabianus Balcerzak and Catharina Zywicka
    born 1905
    Godparents:  Venceslaus Milewski and Josepha Zywicka

    Stanislaus, son of Fabianus Balcerzak and Catharina Zywicka
    born 20 September 1908; baptized 27 September 1908
    Godparents:  Antonius Zywicki and Anna Tylicka

    Helena, daughter of  Fabianus Balcerzak and Catharina Zywicka
    born:  30 November 1909;  baptized 4 December 1909
    Godparents:  Fransiscus Lazcynski an Maria Milowzka

    Ladislaus Berkowski, son of Stephanus Berkowski and Maria Wisniewska
    born:  15 December 1898; baptized 25 December 1898
    Godparents:  Boleslaus Wisniewski and Eleonora Swojkowska

    Petrus Budziszak, son of Thomas Budziszak and Michalina Kro'likowska
    born 27 February 1907; baptized 3 March 1907
    Godparents:  Josephus Krolikowski and Catharina Witkowska

    Valentina, daughter of Teodoro Bureta and Magdalena Romanksa
    born:  21 March 1901;  baptized 24 March 1901
    Godparents:  Antoni Prell and Valentina Bureta

    Fabianus Bali(ier)zak born in Lus??ipar Ka(m)iewo, Polonia, Russia, 
	son of (deceased) Vincenti and Mariae Milewska and Catharina 
	Zywicka, born in Li????, Polonia, Prussia daughter of Antoni 
	and Josephine Fylie(ka?); banns proclaimed 15, 22, 27,1905 ..
	married 31 January 1905 (cannot read names of witnesses)

    Jacobus Bukowski born in (Loysoz-sp?), Lipinski (?), son of (deceased) 
	Petrus and Catharina (S)ochaska and Josephine Skoczynska daughter 
	of Adamus.  Banns proclaimed 12, 17, 26 of February...

Joannes (Bacsek)? spelling, born in Kvne (?sp) gub Pl~ocka..(Galacia?), 
	son of (deceased) Joannes and JuliaM?????cs and Maria Kaczmanowska 
	born in Milwaukee, daughter of (deceased)Ignatius and Fransisca 
	Wroblewska...married 23 May 1905..appears to be a civil marriage recorded

Bukowska--12 Feb 1919, Ceslaus Bukowska, aged 1 year of Cudahy, buried 14 Feb 
	1919 at Holy Sepulcher


Celmer (??)
    Fransisca, daughter of Stanislaus Ceimer ( sp??)  and Maria Loszynska
    born 5 January 1905; baptized 7 January 1905
    Godparents:  Josephus M... and Stanislaus M....

    Rafal~ Wl~adyslaw, son of Stefan K. Chmielewski and Maryanna Drons
    born 27 May 1915; baptized 30 May 1915
    Godparents:  Hipoli Witkowski and Josefa Witkowski

    Joanna Eleonora, daughter of Wincenty Czajkowski: and Stanislawa Sobocinska
    born:  17 May 1914;  baptized 24 May 1914
    Godparents:  Jozef Sobocinski and Anasazya Mierkowska

    Anna Maria, daughter of Ignatius Czaplewski and Antonina Zynda
    Born:  26 December 1898; baptized 1 Jan 1899
    Godparents:  Petrus Piotrowski and Rosalia Br..kowska

    Teresia, daughter of Anna Maria, daughter of Ignatius Czaplewski and 
	Antonina Zynska
    born:  6 April 1905;  baptized 16 April 1905
    Godparents:  (man's name illegible) and Veronica Zwolinska

    Ignatius Victorus, son of Ignatius Czaplewski and Antonina Zynda
    born:  16 October 1901;  baptized 20 October 1901
    Godparents:  Josephus Brzukowski and Fransisca Czaplewska

    Helen. daughter of Ignatias Czapiewski (ie written over le) and 
	Antoniana Zwyinda
    born:  6 Auguat 1903;  baptized:  9 August 1903
    Godparents:  Joannes Czapiewski and Catharina Czapiewski

Czapiewski, Infant  page 26  #1
   "  , Augustinus   page 30  #7
    "  , John  page 37  #11
    "  Felix  page 42  #1
Chybowski,  Joannes, page 6  #4
    Chybowski,  Joannes page 7  #11
    "  , Frank  page 49  #6
    "  ,  Stephan  page 64  #8
    "  , John  page 67  #12
    "  ,  Gertrude  page 100  #4
Chybowska, Clara  page 53  #3
Czajkowski and Sobocinska
    Vincentius Czajkowski of Milwaukee, son of Josephi Czajkowski and 
	Agnetis Maciejczak, and Stanislowa Sobocinska of Cudahy, daughter 
	of Michaelis Sobocinski and Constantia Lielinska
   	Witnesses:  Franciscus Garstecki and Joannes Rzepecki
    	married 12 October 1909 by Rev. Paulus Go'ra  at Holy Family 
	Church in Cudahy, WI

    Regina Clara, daughter of Michael Datka and Wiktorya Brovowska
    born 17 June 1902;  baptized 18 June 1902
    Godparents:  Frank Per????? and Pelagia Nowak

    Isabella Anna, daughter of Stanislaus Dierzgowski and Catharina Bielawska
    born 13 July 1906; baptized 19 August 1906
    Godparents:  Josaphat Schimelphenig and Antonina Ekert

    Wacl~aw, child of Feliks Deden' ski and Wl~adyslawa Kwiatkowski
    born  8 March 1912; baptized 10 March 1912
    Godparents:  Szczepen Burzynski and Julia Wojtkowska

    Feliksa Helena, daughter of Feliks Dedynski and Wl~adysl~awa Kwiatkowski
    born 7 August 1913;  baptized 17 August 1913
    Godparents:  Josephus Wojtkowski and Ladislawa Jozefatzka

 Marriage:  Doda-Krymkowska page 20 #7
                    Dugan-Strazyk page 25 #3

    Ladislaus Dobrzynski born in Rav'__n', Mogilno, son of (deceased) 
	Franciscus and Maria K???? and Catharina Liotro'wska  born in 
	O?????, Polonia, Prussia daughter of  (deceased)  Joannes and 
	Maria Wojeciak; banns proclaimed January 22, 27 and February 
	5th ;  married 7 Feb 1905;  Witnesses:  Stanislaus (L' or Z)ioskowski .

    Ladislaus Doda born in Metwica... Nowagrow'  Pol  Russia son of Joannes 
	Maria Gotacka (sp?)  Valeria Kro'l of Milwaukee daughter of (deceased) 
	Voj?????ki and Catharina Kowpinska..possible civil marriage 20 September 
	Witnesses:  Petrus Dy???ski and Josepha Kro'l...3 October 1905

    Julianus Dodas (28?) born in Matwica (jar) Nowogrof gub Reg Pol 
	son of Joannis and Maria Garaska .....Staniaslava Wisniewski (18) in 
	Varvava Reg Pol daughter of Antonius Kierzkowska  (?? St Perter and St. 
	Paul in Koszyki Varavinc, banns proclaimed 13, 20, 27 ..26 Septembris; 
	witness Victor Wilzewski and Helen Jauc...married 29 Sept 1908

    Edwardus (Gates-written in), son of Adamus Gaca and Fransisca Remus
    born:  28 February 1903;  baptized 15 March 1905
    Godparents:  Martinus Pozorski and Rozalia Ku--ziora
    ** married Helen Szkowski in 1959 at St. Alex in Milwaukee

    Hieronimus Antonius, son of  Antonius Gawes and Anna Skoczynska
    born:  1 October 1908;  baptized 4 October 1908
    Godparents:  Joannes Wilk and An.....Golinska

    Franciszka, daughter ofIgnacy Glowacki and Maryanna Sokol~owska
    born 8 October 1915;  baptized 10 October 1915
    Godparents:  Jan Sokol~owski and Rozalia L~yczynska

    Ignatius Petrus, son of Bartholomeus Gorski and Maria Sulewicz 
	(sp?--difficult to read)
    born:  20 July 1909;  baptized:  8 August 1909
    Godparents:  Thadeus Wojdat and Catharina Wojdat

Listed in baptismal index:  Adam Alphons Gorski--page 20
    Adam Alphon, son of Joannes Gorski
    born 12 August 1919; baptized 12 August 1919
    Godparents: Joannes Subsach and Fransisca Dunaj

    Bernardus Eusebius, son of Adam Goraska and Antonina (Wunk ??)
    born:  14 August 1902;  baptized 15 August 1902
    Godparents:  Gregorius Stasik and Magdalena (Wunk  ??)

    Fransisca, daughter of  Josephus Gostkowki and Martha Kptz
    born:  27 November 19??;  baptized:  2 December 19??
    Godparents:  Teophilus Gostkowski and Catharina Czaplewska

    Maria, daughter of Josephus Gostkowski and Maria Kupice
    born 23 Feb 1903;  baptized 1 March 1903
    Godparents:  Joseph Knubela and Catharina Czaplewska

    Stanislaus (twins), son of  (G?) elia Guskowski
    born 8 January 1904;  baptized 8 January 1904
    Godparents:  Constantius Grochowski and Ludovica Gronczewska
    Zofia  (twins)
    born 8 January 1904;  baptized 8 January 1904
    Godparents:  Constantius Grochowski and Ludovica Gronczewska

    Felicya Maria, daughter of Flor Grochowski and Stan Lysrkowska
    born 24 Feb 1917; baptized 25 March 1917
    Godparents:  Wenc. Milewski and Wand Helkowski

    Regina Irena, daughter of Valentius Grochowski and Maria Ciszewska
    born:  21 September 1917;  baptized 25 September 1917
    Godparents:  Martinus Grochowski and Maria Wojciechowska
    ** married Stanislaus (Helstowski ??) on 5 October 1940 at Holy 
	Family in Cudahy, WI

    Justyna Irena, daughter of Albertus Grochowski and Catharina Domagalska
    born:  1 October 1917;  baptism 7 October 1917
    Godparents:  Jacobus Fortak and Agnes Hreniewska

    Irena Helena, daughter of Szczpan Grzybowski and Mary Faliszak (sp?0
    born  18 April 1914;  baptized 26 April 1914
    Godparents:  Marcin Go'rski and Maryanna Nowak

    Sigismundus Fransiscus, son of Ignatius Grzybowski and Alexandra Pajewska
    born 23 July 1908; baptized 9 August 1908
    Godparents:  Antonius Pajewski and Josepha Zywicka

Gurkowski (written above: Kurkowski):
    Felicia, daughter of Telia Gurkowski and Fransisca Piortowski
    born:  7 January 1901;  baptized 8 January 1901
    Godparents:  Anastasius Gruszyczewski  (Gron written above)

    Juliannus Gorski' born in Inowroclaw Polonia (Russia) son of (deceased) 
	Mathias and Victoria and Bronislawa  L~ or Zar(eck?) born in, Suwatki, 
	Pol (Russia) daughter of (deceased) Josephus and Anne K???tka
    	banns proclaimed 4, 16, 23 November  1903;   married 26 November 1903
>From an Index of Marriage Records for Holy Family Catholic Church in 
	Cudahy, Wisconsin:
    Gehle-Nowak--page 180  #15
    ,  Otto--page 118
    , Walter--page 132
>From an index of Death Records from Holy Family Catholic Church in Cudahy,
	Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
    Adam--page 64
    Kataryna--page 159-11
    Andreas--page 12
    Michael--page 27
    Magda.--page 141
    Peter--page 154
    Seraphim--page 161-2
    Helen--page 166-6
    Martin--page 185-4
    John--page 192-8
    Valeria--page 193-15
    Ed--page 87
Gorski--1 December 1919, Adam Gorski, aged 3 months, of Cudahy, buried 
	3 December 1919 at Holy Sepulcher


    Edmunda Martha, daughter of Stanislaus Haren'ck and Helena Wisniewska
    born:  30 August 1920;  baptized 5 September 1920
    Godparents:  Waclaw Plachcinski and Walerya Bukowska
    **married Gerard F. Kantz on 19 October 1946 at Holy Family Church 
	in Cudahy, WI
>From an Index of Marriage Records for Holy Family Catholic Church 
	in Cudahy, Wisconsin:

Helstowski-Grochowski--page 189 #21


    Joannes Tadeus, son of  Thomas Ignasiak and Josepha Braun
    born:  21 June 1917;  baptized 1 July 1917
    Godparents:  Michael Marciniak and Magdalena Kuliszewska
    **married Irene Fochs 31 August 1940 in St. Paul's Church in Mosinee, WI

    Alicia Elisabeth, daughter of  Thoma Ignasiak and Josepha Brown
    born:  4 October 1920;  baptized 10 October 1920
    Godparents:  Theophilus Trudnowski and Bronislawa Pawlek
    ** married Ervin C. Lazkowskion 3 September 1949 at St. 
	Josphato's Church in Milwaukee, WI

Listed in baptismal index:  Joannes Ignasiak--page 4;  Alicia 
	Ignasiak page 28

    Henricus Josephus, son of Marian Jakuborski and Maria Gorska
    born 1 January 1914; baptized 11 January 1914
    Godparents: Sta. Kolinaga and Stan. Jablonska

  Julia Maria, daughter of Joannes Jamros and Angela Jamrozik
    born:  15 June 1917; baptized:  24 June 1917
    Godparents:  Idzy Krzywkowski and Josepha Jamros

Listed in an index:  Jamros, Joseph on page 56;  S. Jamros on page 36;  
	Joanna Anna Jamros page 9
    Jamrosz, Henricus Ignatius page 19

    Genowefa Krystyana, daughter of Jozef Jozefatzki and Wl~adysl~wa
    born 24 July 1912;  baptized 18 August 1912
    Godparents: Feliks Niestrowski and Zofia Romanowska
    **contracted marriage with Asaph Frey 26 November 1960 at St. 
	Patrick ??uron, Milwaukee, WI

    Anna, daughter of Sebastianus Jurszyca/Jurisca and Carolina 
	(Karoline) Tuczyk (Tucek)
    born 9 June 1906; baptized 17 June 1906
    Godparents:  Casparus Plewak and Catharina Plewak

    Janotek (sp) :
    Alexander Janotek (sp?) born in ????? , Polonia, Prussia, son of 
	(deceased) Jacobi and  ?????? Grabowska and Clementine Gostkowska 
	born in Kos'cielsko (sp?), daughter of (deceased) Teofil and 
	Cathiam Knfta (sp?)
	banns proclaimed 17, 24, 31 January 1904  married 4 February 1904
>From an Index of Marriage Records for Holy Family Catholic Church 
	in Cudahy, Wisconsin:
    , Joannes--page 23
    , Josephus--page 2
    , Stanislaus--page 16
    , Stanislaus--page 37
    , Franc.--page 37
    , Maryan--page 86
    , Josefacki-Dobrzynska--page 171 #4
    , Josefacki-Nowak--page 193 #15
>From an index of Death Records from Holy Family Catholic Church 
	in Cudahy, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
    Stanislava--page 24
    Maria--page 83
    Helen--page 99
    Constantine--page 174-5
    Zofia--page 40
    Joanna--page 7
    Joanna-page 7
    Ewa--page 12
    Adam--page 4
    Wl~adysl~aw--page 42
    Joseph--page 119
    Helen--Page 120
    Victoria--page 126
    Sophia--page 164-17
    Eugenia, daughter of Josephus Kaminski and Anna Milewska
    born:  10 December 1909; baptized 25 Decemebr 1909
    Godparents:  Josephus Bobinski and Sophia Milewska
    Confirmed at St. Josaphat's 10 April 1958

    Ludovicus Franciscus, son of Josephus Kaminski and Anna Milewska
    born 21 August 1914; baptized 6 September 1914
    Godparents:  W. Milewski and C Helkowska

    Albinus Eugenius, son of Carolus Karolak and Michalina Wachowska
    born 15 February 1906; baptized 25 February 1906
    Godparents:  Josephus Rudzinski and Philomena Witkowska
    * married Bernadette Langsdorf nee Kleineider 23 April 1962 at 
	St. Frederick's Church in Cudahy, WI

    Josephus, son of Josephus Kowaski and Francisca Czaplewska
    born:  19 March 1903;  baptized 22 March 1903
    Godparents:  Jacobus Brzuskowski and Martha Gostkowska

    Albinus Eugenius, son of Joannes Karolek and Michelina Komoracka
    born:  24 February 1906;  baptized 25 February 1906
    Godparents:  Josephus R. Rudzinski and Philomena Witkowska
    **married Bernadette Langsdorf nee Kleineider on 23 April 1962 
	at St. Frederick's Church in Cudahy

    ??? Stanislaus, son of Valentinus Kazmierzak and Victoria Dominiak
    born 1906
    Godparents:  Laurentius Kazmierzak and Pelagia Nowak

    Petrus Paulus Kleineider, son of Petrus Kleineider: and Stanislava Todzik
    born 27 July 1907; baptized 14 July 1907
    Godparents:  Paulus Mlodzik and Helena Kulpa

    Cecylia Anna, daughter of Joannes Kleinieder and Maria Kozl~owska
    born 12 July 1914; baptized 19 July 1914
    Godparents:  Jos Kozlowski and Marya Kleineider

    Eleanora Sophia, daughter of Ladislaus Kordelas and Ladislava Sobocinski
    born:  17 October 1918;  baptized: 27 October 1918
    Godparents:  Antoniua Kordelas and Catharina Sobocinska

    Stanislaus Valenrius, son of Ladislaus Kordulas and Ladislava Sobocinska
    born:  19 July 1917; baptized 21 July 1917
    Godparents:  Valentius Sobocinski and Bronislava Kordelewska
    **married Lorraine Myszkowski on 13 October 1956 at Holy Family 
	Church in Cudahy, WI

    Edwinces Clemens (illegitimi thori)  Stanislava Kostecka
    born 2 March 1907; baptized 2 March 1907
    Godparents:  Alexander Jach and Elizabeth Kostecka

    Antonina Margarita, daughter of Thomas Kowalewski and Genovefa Pracki
    born 13 July 1908; baptized 19 July 1908
    Godparents:  Vincentius Pracki and Sophia Romanska

    Maryanna, daughter of Jan Kowalewski and Jadwiga Wachowska
    born 7 December 1911; baptized 10 December 1911
    Godparents:  Jan Chodera and Michalina Lange
    **married Joseph F. Harvanek on 26 May 1945 at Holy Family 
	Church in Cudahy, WI

    Boleslaus Ignatius, son of Joannes Kowalkowski and Marya 
	Niedbalska (lived at 16 Missouri)
    Bron 21 January 1914; baptized 1 February 1914
    Godparents:  Bol. Stryzswski (?sp) and C--clia Helkowski
    **Confirmed 22 April 1956 at St. Joes in Waukesha, WI

Kvon or Kron:
    Romanus, son of Fransiscus Kvon or Kron and Valentina Wl~owcryk (??)
    born:  8 August 1903;  baptized:  9 August 1903
    Godparents:  Josephus Burzynski (clear) and Josepha Lozynska
    **married Lela Sophia Salmela 20 April 1947 at St. Matthews 
	Church in Long Beach, Califoirnia

    Zofia, daughter of Wincenty Kwas'niewski and Rozalia Skoczynska
    born 11 June 1916;  baptized  18 June 1916
    Godparents:  Francz Kwasniewski and Jozefina Skoszynski

    Leonardus Andreas, son of Vincentius Kwasniewski and Rosalia Skoczynska
    born:  29 November 1917; baptized 9 Decemeber 1917
    Godparents: Henricus Kwasniewski and ???  Mikorska

    Edmund, son of Tdzy Krzywkowski and Anna (G or J) amro'z
    born 3 July 1915; baptized 1 August 1915
    Godparents:  Ttius Krzywkowski and Zofia Romanowska
    **married Dorothy ??? 14 June 1947 at Holy Family Church, Milwaukee, WI

    Adela, daughter of Idzy Krzywkowski and Anna Jamros
    born 19 June 1916;  baptized 6 August 1916
    Godparents:  Jan Jamros' and Albina Przeracka

    Helena, daughter of Bartholomaus Lewan'dowski and Francisca Kwiatkowski
    born 7 November 1905, baptized 12 November 1905
    Godparents:  Stanislaus Liolkowski and Veronica Liolkowski

    Ludovicus, son of  Bartholomaus Lewan'dowski and Francisca Kwiatkowski
    born 3 Dec 1910; baptized 3 Dec 1910
    Godparents:  Ludovicus Chojnacki and Franca Sliwinska

    Florence Jozefa, daughter of Michal Kulinksi and Maryanna Sobocinska
    born  13 May 1915;  baptized 16 May 1915
    Godparents:  Wincenty Czajkowski and Jozefa Witkowski
    **married Edwin Cyczek (sp?) 9 August 1945 atSt Alexander Church Milwaukee, WI

    Jan Piotr Kuc'ma and Marcelina Pokrzywa
    born 16 May 1914; baptized 24 May 1914
    Godparents:  Franc Kuc'ma and Katarzyna Kuc'ma

    Stanislawa, daughter of Joannes Kuczma and Catharina Smolen'
    born 19 January 1911; baptized 5 Feb 1911
    Godparents: Petrus Kuczma and Maria Smolen'
    **married Fred Samaa 11 September 1937 at Holy Family Church in Cudahy, WI

    Stanislava, daughter of Joannes Kuczynski andHelena Chybowska
    born 10 April 1908; baptized 19 April 1908
    Godparents:  Joannes (D)omlek and Rosalia Kuszynska

    Joanna Sophia, daughter of Simeon Kucharski and Fransisca Stefanska
    born:  28 April 1909;  baptized  9 May 1909
    Godparents:  Antonius Drabinski and Pelagia Nowak

    written above:  Gurkowski??

    Bernardus, son of Valentinus and Ladislawa Wilnynska
    born 1906
    Godparents:  Joannes Przekwas and Joanne Wilnynska

    Edwardus Theophilus, son of Joannes Kurczynski and Helene Hybowska
    born 1906
    Godparents:  Teophilus Roukowsi and Maria (Wainstok?)

    Joannes Kleineider 23 born in Ripon, WI habitus(lives) in Milwaukee, 
	son of deceased Joannis and Maria S(m or w)arizynska, and Maria 
	Koztkowska 20 born in Milwaukee daughter of Josephi and Joannas 
	Sulewska, proclaim banns:  11, 12, 24..31 July, 7, 14 August--
	civile 5 August 1910  37822, married 14 August 1919; 
	Witnesses: Joannes Osinski and Stanislawa Koztowska

    Kazimierez Kroll of Milwaukee (Stanislaus) son of Pawla and Apolonii
	(Pauliny) Go'ra and Maryanna Bordecka of Milwaukee (Cyryla i M), 
	daughter of Adama and Maryanny Grochowskiej;  
	Witnesses:  Agnieszka Bordecha and Franc Kroll
	married on 26 July 1916 at Holy Family Church in Cudahy, WI

    Joannes ???lpa 25 son of Stanisla and Joannas Mucha and Barbara 
	KRZYSINSKI 18 born in Milwaukee, WI illegitimate daughter of 
	Catharinas Kryzynska, proclaim banns:  11, 18, 25 Sept 1911 ...
	civile N3846800...Witnesses:  Petro Sztchya (sp?) and 
	Joseph Sztolpa 28 September 1911

   Kaminski,  Walter  page  55  #11
    Kaminski, Josephine  page  74  #9
    Kleineider, John J. Jr.  page 68  #8
    Kowalewski,  Michael  page 59  #12
    Kowalewski, Stephan  page 77  34
    Kowalewski, Stephan  page 80  #9
    Kowalewski, Irene  page 81  #5
    Kowalewski, Joannes  page 5  #1
    "  , Josephine  page 34  #3
    Kuczynski,  Raymond  page 69  #3
    Kuczynski, Walter  page 95 #7
    ", John  page 8  #4
    "  , Michael  page 41  #3
Listed in a Baptismal Index:
    Kulik--Theodore page 96
    Kryszewski, Bernard--page 81
    Kujat, Florence--page 81
    Komorowski, Silvester--page 71
    Kaminska, Ladislava--page 4
    Kordelas, Eleonora Sophia--page 14
    Kucma, Petrus--page 17
    Kaminski, Ladislaus--page 21
    Kujat, Olga--page 32
    Kaminski, Alice--page 47
    Kaminski, Stan--page 49
>From an Index of Marriage Records for Holy Family Catholic 
	Church in Cudahy, Wisconsin:
    , Ed--page 162
    ,  Antoni--page 19
    , Kazmierez--page 34
    ,  Alphonse--page115
    , Frank J.--page 150
    , Krzywkowski--page 198  #32
    , Idzy--page 25
    , Josef--page 61
Krzyaniak-Wojs--page 201 #12
    , Josef--page 40
    ,  Joannes--page 8
    , Petrus--page 18
    , Joannes--page 57
    , Jos--page 82
    , Jos--page 82
    ,  Wincenty--page 29
    , Joseph--page 157
Kozlowicz and Krzewinska:
    Telesfor Kozlowicz of w. Polsce, son of Michala  and 
	Antoniny Gakowicz and Aniela Krzewinska of Milwaukee, 
	Wisconsin, daughter of Adama Kalczynskiego and Karzyny Fono
    	Witnesses:  Lucya Piszczek and Aniela Rogowska
    	married 21 October 1917  at Holy Family Church in Cudahy, WI
Krzywkowski and Jamrosz
    Idzy Krzywkowski of Cudahy, son of Ignatii and Franciscae Liberacka and
    Anna Jamrosz of Cudahy, daughter of Matiae and Paulininnae Tadla
    Witnesses:  Theodur Krzywkowski and Leon Skoczynski
    married on 16 September 1914 byRev Jno S. Kalczynski  at Holy Family 
	Church in Cudahy, WI
Kuc'ma and Pokrzywa
    Petrus Kuc'ma of Cudahy, son of Thoma and Justinae Telma and
    Martianna Pokrzywa of Cudahy, daughter of Antonii Pokrzywo and 
	Aniela Guzek
    Witnesses:  Franciscus Kuc'ma and Veronica Wisniewska
    married on 23 October 1912 by Rev. Joannes Kalczynski  at Holy Family 
	Church in Cudahy, WI
Kulinski and Sobocinski
    Michael Kulinski of Cudahy, son of Franciscii and Franciscae 
	Olender and Maria Sobocinska of Cudahy, daughter of Michaeli 
	and Constantiae Zielinska
    Witnesses:  Joannes Sobocinski and Jaonnes Trjsier (sp??)
    married on 22 September 1914 by Rev. Jno Kalczynski  at Holy 
	Family Church in Cudahy, WI
Kujat and Skoczynska
    Joannes Kujat of Freeland, Pennsylvania, son of  Joannes Kujat 
	and Pelagiae Nowak and Helena Skoczynska of Milwaukee, 
	daughter of Adami Skoczynski and Josephinae Kowalskiej
    Witnesses:  Carol Kujat and Sophia Kierzkowska
    married on 6 September 1920 by Rev. J. S. Kal~czynski  at 
	Holy Family Church in Cudahy, WI
Kwasniewski and Skoczynska
    Wincenty Kwasniewski of Inowrocl~aw Kr. Poz, son of Franciszka 
	Kwasniewski and Maryanny Obwczerek and
    Rosalia Skoczynska of Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Sw Jozefata), 
	daughter of Adama and Josefiny Kowalskiej
    Witnesses:  Helena Skoczynska and Stanislaus Kwasniewski
    married on 3 August 1915 by Rev. Jno L~ Kalczynski  at Holy Family 
	Church in Cudahy, WI
>From an index of Death Records from Holy Family Catholic Church in 
	Cudahy, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
    Petrus--page 10
    Benjamin--page 141
    Alvin--page 144
    Hedwig--page 159
    Mary--page 91
    Peter--page 182-16
    Edwinus--page 6
    Paulina--page 53
    Paulina--page 80
    Frank--page 109
    Paul--page 135
    Alphonse--page 191-4
    Valentina--page 133
    Delores--page 139
    Franc--page 45
    Catherine--page  167-12
    Albert--page 62
    Dorothy--page 91
    Stanislava--page 154
    John--page 192-11
    Venceslaus, son of Fransiscus and Catharina (no last name 
	written in original record)
    born:  13 April 1908, baptized 24 April 1908
    Godparents:  Fransiscus Rapacki and Helena Zywicka

    Petrus, son of Josephus Lenda and Rozalia Mroz
    born: 22 February 1902;  baptized 2  March 1902
    Godparents:  Petrus Dymerski and Antonina Gos'atka

    Amalia, daughter of Teodor Lipinski and Catharina (Ldoba  ??)
    born:  2 September 1902;  baptized 7 September 1902
    Godparents:  Ludovicus Tylicki and Pelagia Nowak

    Sophia Maria, daughter of Lucas Lochowski and Maria Roman'ska
    born 9 June 1906; baptized 1 July 1906
    Godparents:  Joannes Wrzesin'ski, Vincentius Romanski, Rosaia 
	Romanska, Hedwigus Wrzesinska

    Ladislava Wanda, daughter of Lucas Lochowski and Maria Roman'ska
    born 14 May 1908; baptized 24 May 1908
    Godparents:  Adamus Popowski and Anna Wro'blewska

    Florianus. son of Lucas Lochowski and Maria Romanska
    born 25 September 1901;  baptized 29 September 1901
    Godparents:  Petrus Kleinader (as spelled on document) 
	and Anastasia Romanska

    Joanna Ludovica, daughter of Ludovicus Lozynski and 
	Josepha Wisniewska
    born:  7 August 1901;  baptized 25 August 1901
    Godparents:  (Vojlierhus  ??) Tojek and Constantia Sobocinski

    Joannes, son of Ludovicus Lozynski and Josepha Wisniewski
    born 24 April 1904;  baptized:  8 May 1904
    Godparents:  Joannes Wisniewski and Valentina Roo'l

    Anne, daughter of Bernardus Lozanski and (Leonora crossed out) 
	Joanna Cierzynska
    born:  22 July 1903; baptized 2 August 1903
    Godparents:  Josephus Bak and Rosalia Cierzynska

    Ladislava daughter of Valentinus Lwolinski and Michalina ???cannot read
    born 27 May 1908; baptized 31 May 1908
    Godparents:  Michael Grochowski and Josepha Sobocinska

    Antoni, son of Walenty Lwolinski and Michalina Sliwinska
    born 18 January 1912; baptized 18 January 1912
    Godparents:  Wojciech Michalski and Marya Wojciechowska

    Lazanski, William  page 85  #4
>From an Index of Marriage Records for Holy Family Catholic 
	Church in Cudahy, Wisconsin:
    , Benedict--page 152
    , Antonius--page 14
    , Franc.--page 39
    , Adam--page 48
    , Franc.--page 106
    , Stanley--page 141
    , Paul--page 155

    Serafina Eleonora, daughter of Stanislaus Makowski 
	and Eleonora Bartol
    born 19 January 1908; baptized 26 January 1908
    Godparents:  Joannes Szyman'ski and Sophia Romanska

    Josephus, son of Stanislaus Makowski and Eleonora Bartol
    born 18 April 1904;  baptized 24 March 1904
    Godparents:  Joannes d...??? and Teresia Prcz...??

    Paulus, son of Jacobus Malicki and Maria Kurzawa
    born 3 January 1900;  baptized 6 January 1900
    Godparents:  Ludovicus Witkowski and Helena Starzak

    Josephus, son of Jacobus Malicki and Maria Kurzawa
    born:  28 February 1901; baptized 2 March 1901
    Godparents:  Jacobus Malicki and Elisabetz Kosteka

    Hermanus, son of Jacobus Malicki and Maria (Verrvgawa ?? )
    born 22 September 1901;  baptized 22 September 1901
    Godparents:  Anynotinus Beren(s)?? and Maria Press (?)

    Eleonora, daughter of Martinus Micynek and Magdalena Piotrowski
    born 11 April ????; baptized 24 June ????
    Godparents:  Pelagia Nowak and Joannes L or S ????

    Raymundus, son of Jacobus Malicki and Maria Kurzawa
    born:  3 September 1917;  baptized 9 September 1917
    Godparents:  Josephus Prier and Josephina Skoczynska
    **married Mildred Lorraine Ambr---on 2 July 1945 at 
	Holy Family in Cudahy, WI

    Ladislaus Boleslaus, son of Bronislaus Mikorski and Marya Skoczynska
    born 10 July 1910; baptized 17 July 1910
    Godparents:  Josephus Mikorski and Josepha Skoczynska

    Irena Anna, daughter of Bronislaus Mikorski and Marya Skoczynska
    born 10 January 1912; baptized 14 January 1912
    Godparents:  Leon Skoczynski and Helena Lachowska

    Eleonora Emilia, daughter of Bronislaus Mikorski and Marya Skoczynska
    born 19 July 1913; baptized 27 July 1913
    Godparents:  Tdzy Krzykowski and Helena Skoczynska

    Ervinus Edmundus,  son of Bronislaus Mikorski and Marya Skoczynska
    born 2 November 1914;  baptized 15 November 1914
    Godparents:  Jan Wilk and Teresa Chojnacka

    Ceslaus, child of Franciscus Milewski and Maria Starszak
    born 30 June 1906; baptized 1 July 1906
    Godparents:  Maximilianus Burdecki and Elizabeth Kostecka

    Zygmund Henryk, son of Franciscus Milewski and Maryanna Staszak
    born 2 May 1914;  baptized 3 May 1914
    Godparents:  Stefan Staszak and Rosalia Staszak

    Carolina Mirlniczak, daughter of Josephus Mirlniczak and Victoria Gala
    born 27 January 1908; baptized 2 February 1908
    Godparents:  Josephus Bukowski and Catharina (L or S) amiec

    Fransisca, daughter of Walentinius Mrsz and Valentina Kurligowska
    born:  6 March 1902;  baptized:  9 March 1902
    Godparents:  (Vojluhus  ??) Raminski and Valentina Pral
    **married Ernest Polzan 20 July 1946 St. John (Kanty) Milwaukee

    Josephus, son of Joannes Mucha and Anna Nieza..oska
    born:  4 April 1908; baptized 11 April 1908
    Godparents:  Thomas Rogowski and Angela  Ki???

    Adamus Stephanus, son of Aloysius Popa and Rosalia Mucha
    born:  22 Decemebr 1901; baptized 25 December 1901
    Godparents:  Fransiscus Mucha and Maria Wojnotek

    Martha, daughter of Joannes Mucha and Anna Wizyanowska
    born: 1 June 1904;  baptized:  5 June 1904
    Godparetns:  Stanislaus Kujawa and Victoria Sztopla

    Karol Franciszek, daughter of Ignacy Murawski and Marya Niezwinska
    born 18 Jan 1912; baptized 28 Jan 1912
    Godparents:  Leopold Niezwinski and Filomena Witkowska

    Milewski, Mary  page 91  #9
Listed in Baptismal Index:
    George--page 87
    Benjamin--page 94
    Joseph, page 73
    Raymund--page 86
    Florence--page 93
    Mikorska, Alice--page 70
    Julian--page 50
>From an Index of Marriage Records for Holy Family Catholic 
	Church in Cudahy, Wisconsin:
    ,  Ed--page 60
    ,  Stan--page 158
    , Malicki-Beilfuss--page 176 #27
    , Milewski-Helstowski--page 185 #9
    , Carol--page 90
    , Albertus--page 21
    ,  Edmund--page 158
Mikorski and Skoczyn'ska
    Bronislaus Mikorski of Cudahy, son of Francisci Mikorski 
	and Antoninae Plachinska and
    Maria Skoczyn'ska of Cudahy, daughter of Adam Skoczyn'ska and 
	Josepae Kowalska
    Witnesses:  Franciscus Gazstecki and Franciscus Michalski
    married on 14 June 1910 by Rev. Paulus Go'ra  at Holy Family 
	Church in Cudahy, WI
Milewski and Pospiek
    Albertus Milewski of Cudahy, son of Francisci and Catharinae
	Przybylska and
    Alexandra Pospiek of Cudahy, daughter of Anthonii and Anthoninae Krysiak
    Witnesses:  Joannes Milewski and Leo Skoczynski
    married on 22 October 1913 by Rev. Joannes Kalczynski  at Holy Family 
	Church in Cudahy, WI
Muszynski and Malicka
    Maksymilian Muszynski of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, son of  Conradi 
	Muszynski and Josephinae Kocejai and Magdalena Malicka of 
	Cudahy, daughter of Jacobi Malicki and Mariae Kurzawa
    Witnesses:  Joannes Malicki and Anna Bukowska
>From an index of Death Records from Holy Family Catholic Church in 
	Cudahy, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
    Maximilian--page 7
    Ludovici infans--page 16
    Stanislaus--page 33
    Jacob--page 190-26
    Sandra--page 195-20
    Jno--page 94
    George--page 156-24
    Josephus--page 20
    Mierczyslaus--page 59
    Franciscus--page 18
    Marianna--page 30
    Michael--page 107
Makowski--23 March 1914, Stanislaus Makowski, aged 38 years 5 months, 
	of Cudahy, buried 26 March 1914 in Holy Sepulcher

Mikorski--19 August 1910,  Infans Josephus Mikorski, aged 16 hours, 
	of Cudahy, buried 22 August 1910 in Polish Union Cemetery
Mikorski--4 December 1918, Mieczyslaus Mikorski, aged 10 days, 
	of Cudahy, buried 5 December 1918 in Holy Sepulcher
Mucha--6 October 1913, Marianna, daughter, aged 70 years, of 
	Cudahy, buried 9 October 1913 at Holy Sepulcher

    Eduardus ??ceyslaus and Marta Jaszembowska
    born 9 May 1908; baptized 17 May 1908
    Godparents:  Josaphat Schimelphenig and Romanowska

    Wladyslawa Katarzyna, daughter of Stanislaus Nowak and Misiaszek Zofia
    born  13 Feb 1915;  baptized 15 Feb 1915
    Godparents:  Jan Nurak and Elzbieta Gasion

    Casmirus Stanislaus, son of Stanislaus Nowak and Sophia Misiak
    born:  8 April 1920; baptized: 10 April 1920
    Godparents:  Stanislaus Ambroziewicz and Catharina Nowak
    **  married Edna E. Stennegan on 29 September 1945 at St. 
	Mary's Church in Annapolis, Maryland

    Andreas, son of Stanislaus Nowak and Misiaszek Zofia
    born:  16 October 1918;  baptized 20 October 1918
    Godparents:  Joannes Kuliga and Maria Mysliwa

    Felix, son of Andreas Nowak and Pelagia Nowak
    born 31 May 1902; baptized 31 May 1902
    Godparents:  Benedictus Grstowski and Maria Swiadack

    Wilhelm, son of Aleksander Nowak and Teofila Strzelecka
    born 11 August 1912;  baptized 18 August 1912
    Godparents:  Antoni Kos'cielak and Marya Maciejewska

    Hedvigus Thela, daughter of Michael Nowak and Paulina Trowicka
    born 9 September 1909; baptized 19 September 1909
    Godparents:  Fransiscas Kaszanski and Thela Kubert

    Thomas, son of Josephus Nowak and Maria Braun
    born:  25 May 1901;  baptized 2 June 1901
    Godparents:  Michael (Parnowski ??) and Constantia Sobocinski

    Maria, daughter of Jospeh Nowak and Maria Braun
    born:  30 April 1902;  baptized 25 May 1902
    Godparents:  Michael Sobocinski and Catharina Szneider

    Ladislawa Maria, daughter of Joannes Nurek and Catharina Cerat
    born 7 August 1913; baptized 17 August 1913
    Godparents:  Stanislaus Nowak and Julia Kalman

    Niedzialkowski, Marja page 40  #7
     Niedzialkowski, Sophie  page 52  #3
     Niedzialkowski, Daniel  page  63  #5
    Nowak, Edmund  page 10  #12
    Nowak, Alex  page  87  #7
    Nowak  Emily I  page  94  #7

Listed in Baptismal Index:
    Nowak, Anderus--page 14
    Nowak, Casimirus Stanislaus--page 24
    Nowak, Mary--page 40
    Nowak, Stanislaus--page 55
    Nowak, Eugene--page62
    Numec, Robertius--page 1
    Numec, Czeslaus--page 4
>From an index of Death Records from Holy Family Catholic Church 
	in Cudahy, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
    Felix--page 180-6
    Josephus--page 22
    Alice--page 85
    Felix--page 113
    Child of Alex--page 117
    Alexander--page 182-15
    Szymon--page 33
    Andreus--page 60
    Ladislava--page 72
    Stan--page 86
    Vinc--page 126
    Franc.--page 143
    Staislaus--page 26
    Wl~adysl~ava--page 118
Nurek--4 October 1912, Staislaus, son, aged 9 months, of Cudahy, 
	buried 6 October 1912 at Holy Sepulcher

Nowak--27 March 1914, Szymon, aged 16 days, of Cudahy, buried 
	28 March 1914 at Holy Sepulcher
Nowak--26 December 1918, Andreus Nowak, aged 2 months, of Cudahy,
	buried 28 Dec 1918 at Holy Sepulcher

    Dortha Lucia, daughter of Zygmundus Oleszewski and Stanislava Kopidlowska
    born: 19 September 1918;  baptized 10 November 1918
    Godparents: Venceslaus Oleszewski and Maria Krzy'ankowski

Marriage: Osinski-Makowski page 50 #10
    Osinski- Lenda page 51 #7
    Olszewski-Gutkowski (Pinkowska)

    Olszewski, Edmund  page 19  #3
    Olszewski, Edwardus  page 28  #10
     Olszewski, Wactaw  page 60  # 11
     Olszewski, Mary  page 64   #3
     Olszewski, Pearl  page 86  #10
     Olszewski, Matha  page 89  #5

Listed baptismal index:
    Dorotha Lucia--page 13
    George--page 50
    Erwin--page 77
    Lenard--page 70
>From an Index of Marriage Records for Holy Family Catholic Church in Cudahy, Wisconsin:
Oleszak-Sokol~owicz--page 162 #11
Oleszak-Kujat--page 201 #13


   Clara Irena, daughter of Antonius Pawinski and Elisabeth Grzybowska
    born  26 August 1913; baptized 31 August 1913

    Joannes, son of Valentinus Pawlak and Martha Jursowska
    born 10 January 1905; baptized 15 Januray 1905
    Godparents:  Valentinus (??)  and Maria Vnol (??)

    Aloisius Alexandrus, son of Alexander Peplinski and Sophia Witkowska
    born:  23 December 1917;  baptized 27 Decemebr 1917
    Godparents: --sius ---czek and Catharina Staszak
    ** married Alice Zakowska on 6 April 1940 in Milwaukee

    Ervin Leon, son of Alexander Peplinski and Sophia Witkowska
    born:  11 April 1920; baptized: 13 April 1920
    Godparents:  Leon Witkowski and Maria Strzatko

    Andreas Jr., son of Andreas Petta Sr. and Veronica Wis'niewska
    born:  22 September 1920;  baptized 26 September 1920
    Godparents:  Stanislau Witkowski and Stanislaus Witkowska  (Uncle Stanley and Aunt Stella)
    married on 25 July 1916

    Eugenius Raymundus, son of Stanislaus Piotrowski and Cecilia Skoczyn'ska
    born:  12 August 1917;  baptized:  26 August 1917
    Godparents:  Vincentius Kwasniewski and Josephina Skoczyn'ska

    Thadeus Josephus, som of Valerianus Popowski and Leocadia Gronczewska
    born 19 July 1910; baptized 24 July 1910
    Godparents:  Josephus Gronczewski and Anna Gronczewska

    Tadeus Witold, son of Maksymilian Popowski and Konstaneya Stremska
    born 15 September 1913;  baptized  21 September 1913
    Godparents:  Adam Popowski and Helena Popowski
    **married Irene Tolkasz (sp?) 16 May 1942 at St. Adalbert's Church, South Milwaukee, WI

    Edwardus, son of Martinus Pozorski and Maria Jan????
    born 28 October 1904; baptized 30 October 1904
    Godparents:  Josephus Sz??? and Maria Jann??zy

    Stanislaus Petrus, son of  Martinus Pozorski and Marya Jawlozozy
    born:  12 January 1910; baptized 16 January 1910
    Godparents:  ????slaus Krygier and Pelagia Nowak

Marriage:  Pozorski-Wisniewski page 11 #9
    Pliszka-Bugal (Kowalewska) page 17 #11


    Andrzej Petto born in Italy, son of Filipo and Rosalii Randaz (as in original record) and Weronika Wis'niewska born in 
Shamokin, Penn., daughter of Jane and Eleonory Nowak.  Witnesses:  Stanislawa Wis'niewska and Karol Kujat
...Rev J.S. Kalczinski  at Holy Family Church in Cudahy, WI

    Stanislaus Piotrowski 30 Ganz-zyn per Ciechacios geb Pl...Reg Pol, son of deceased Valentinius and Agnatis Row...minska 
and Helena Wr...kowska born in ??? per Witin, daughter of deceased Arnoldi and Paulina Jurczyk, proclaimed banns: 19, 20 
and 21..civile 11 October  34416...witnesses: Witkowski and Pelagia Nowak 28 October married in Milwaukee, 
WI (possibly 1908)

   Pozorski, Frank  page 42  #6
    Pozorski, Rose  page  69  #4
    Pozorski, Helen  page  74  #4
    Pozorski, Joseph  page 77  #8
    Pozorksi, Stanley  page 101  #6
    Pozorski, Edwardus  page 1  #4
    Pozorski, Joannes Fr.  page 7  #10
    Pozorska, Maria  page 14  #7
    Pozorski, Martinus  page 32  #6

Listed baptismal index:
    Joanna--page 99
    Petto, Andreas--page 27
    Piotrowska, Genovefa--page 32
    Popowska:  Wanda Virginia Popwska--page 14
    Helena Stanislava--page 19
    Ester--bap 1930
    Florence--page 51
    Eugene--page 72
>From an Index of Marriage Records for Holy Family Catholic Church in Cudahy, Wisconsin:
    ,  Alexander--page 24
    , Andrzej--page 34
    , Stan--page 39
    , Joseph--page 56
    , Romanus--page 5
    , Valerianus--page 11
    , Maximillianus--page 14
    , Jos--page 80
Peplinski and Witkowska
    Aleksander Peplinski of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, son of  Joannis and 
	Mariae Papka and Sophia Witkowska of Cudahy, Wisconsin, daughter 
	of Ludovicii Witkowski and Josephi Tyborska
    Witnesses:  Edwardus Peplinski of Milwaukee, WI and Leo Witkowski 
	of Cudahy, Wisconsin
    married on 4 August 1914 by Rev. S. Kalczynski at Holy Family Church in Cudahy, WI
Piotrowski and Skoczyn'ska:
    Stanislau Piotrowski of Kro'l, Pol, Czechanin(sp??), son of Piotra and Katarzyny Kowalskiej and
    Cecylia  Skoczynska of Carolville, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin,
    daughter of Adama Skoczynski and Jozefi Kowalskiej
    Witnesses:  Helena Skoczynska and Franc. Szymelfenig
    married 5 June 1917  at Holy Family Church in Cudahy, WI
Piotrowski and Dreja
    Joseph Piotrowski of Krol Pozn, son of Josephi and Franciscae Gabrys' and
    Agnes Dreja of Pennsylvania, daughter of Pauli and Stanislavi Milewskeij
    Witnesses:  Paulus Dryja and Rosalia Cipella
    married on 26 April 1920  at Holy Family Church in Cudahy, WI
Popowski and Gronezewska
    Valerignus Popowski of Cudahy, son of Francisci Popowski and Leocadius Lietek and
    Leocadia Gronezewska of Cudahy, daughter of Anastasii Gronezewski and Ludovicae Kruszewska
    Witnesses:  Franciscus Garstecki and Joannes Rzepecki by Rev. Paulus Go'ra
    married on 12 October 1909 at Holy Family Church in Cudahy, WI
>From an index of Death Records from Holy Family Catholic Church in Cudahy, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
    Eva--page 85
    Albin--page 83
    Eliza--page 111
    Child of Ervin--page 199-15
    Antonina--page 171-13
    Infans--page 66
    John--page 111
    Mieciolaus--page 171-16
    Michael--page 178-7
    Voilet--page 181-7
    Josepha--page 25
    Wl~adysl~awa--page 41
    Ewa--page 76
    Adela--page 86
    Anastasia--page 106
    Leokadya--page 131
    Tadeus--page 14
    Thadeus--page 20
    Alfred--page 29
    Francis--page 31
    Adam--page 146
    Waclaw--page 161-1



    Zofia, daughter of Alexander Re'mus and Maria Felska
    born:  12 November 1904; baptized 12 November 1904
    Godparents:  Petrus J. Krobul and Sophia Krzyz'anowska

    Alfina Rosalia, daughter of Wl~adislaus Rogowski and Maria Nowicka
    born:  12 September 1920;  baptized 19 September 1920
    Godparents:  Franciscus Niespodziany and Ladislaus Rogowska
    **married  Anthony Anderson on 27 Aptil 1946 at St. Helen Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Bronislaus Antonius, son of Stanislaus Roman'ski and Rosalia Sobocinska
    born 8 August 1906; baptized 9 August 1906
    Godparents:  Lucas Lochanski and Magdalena Michalska

    Eleanora, daughter of Stanislaus Roman'ski and Rosalia Sobocinska
    born 6 February 1908; baptized 23 Feb 1908
    Godparents:  Adalbertus Michalski and Anastasia Popowska

    Valeria, daughter of Josephus Romanowski and Sophia Krzy'kowska
    born 4 June 1906; baptized 7 June
    Godparents:  Joannes Rex and Albina Krzynowska

    Raymund, son of Jo'zef Romanowski and Zofia Krzy'kowska
    born 6 Lutgo 1915;  baptized 18 Feb 1915
    Godparents:  Bronislaus Przeraski and Genowela Kowalewski
    **married Mary G. Gorski at St. John Kanty Church in Milwaukee, WI on 17 May 1941

    Sophia Rzczkowski, daughter of Fransiscus Rzczkowski and Helena Zywicka
    born:  8 September 1910; baptized:  11 September 1910
    Godparents:  Michael Zywicka and Josepha Zywicka

    Ralman (sp??)
    Stanislaus Ralman son of (deceased) Joannes Ralman and Margaretha Lmystowska, born in Lie???sks, Polonia, Russia
    and Julia L~iotkowska, daughter of  (deceased)Francisi and Maria Sobocinska, banns proclaimed in Cudahy 17, 24
    December 1903  and 3 January 1904Witnesses:  Franciscus Sobocinski and Stanislas Makowski  married 3 Feb 1904

    Franciscus Rzcezkowski born in Ciercawi gub Ploconscs, son of deceased Leonardi and Marianna Goryszewska
and Helena Zywicka born in Pennsylvania, daughter of deceased Antonius and Josepha (T or F)licka, proclaim banns 11/10, 
11/12, 11/2?....16 Nov 1909; witnesses:  Antonius Zywicki and Stanislawa Viszkowska...N1597  possibly 22 Nov 1909

    , Joannes  page 14  #7

Listed baptismal index:
Ratka, John--page 45
 ,Cecelia--page 56
    , Genovieve--page 69
    , Pelagia--page 79
    , Ladislaus--page 3
    , Josephus--page 19
    , Stan--page 34
    , Mary--page 73
    , Alfina--page 27
    , Rose Mary--page 92
    , Rita--page 100
    , Norbertus--page 34
    Bronia--page 63
>From an Index of Marriage Records for Holy Family Catholic Church in Cudahy, Wisconsin:
    , Chas--page 67
    , Ed--page 87
    , Florian--page 151
    , Stanislaus--page 14
    , Vincentius--page 22
    , Bruno--page 105
    , Edmund--page 111
    , Romanski-Kluzinska--page 171 #7
    , Godfrey--page 195 #20
>From an index of Death Records from Holy Family Catholic Church in Cudahy, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
    Silvia--page 68
    Caroline--page 138
    Ladislaus--page 178-9
    Maria--page 11
    Rosalia--page 17
    Eleonora--page 21
    Catharina--page 51
    Franciscus--page 14
    Joannes--page 30
    Jos --page 89
    Vinc.--page 115
    Stephanus--page 32
    Joseph--page 176-15
Romanska--6 March 1910, Rosalia Romanska of Cudahy, buried 8 March 1910 in Polish Union Cemetery
Romanska-30 September 1910, Eleonora Romanska, daughter of Stanislaus aged 2 years, of Cudahy, buried 1 October 1910 
in Polish Union Cemetery

Romanski--27 September 1913, Joannes, son, aged 73 years, of Cudahy, buried 30 September 1913 in Holy Sepulcher

Romanowski--26 Jauary 1914, Stephanus, son, aged 4 years, of Cudahy, buried 27 January 1914 in Hloy Sepulcher

Romanska- 29 November 1917, Catharina Romanska, age 69 years, of Cudahy, buried 3 December 1917 at Holy Sepulcher


    Tadeus Stanislaw, son of Stanislaw Sadowski and Cecylia page
    born 23 June 1915; baptized 26 June 1915
    Godparents:  Bronisl~aw Przeracki and Stefana Bukowska

    Dominicus Aloisius, son of Josaphat Schemelpfenig and Anastasia Kas'przak
    born 2 October 1905; baptized 15 October 1905
    Godparents:  Michael Sobocinski and Catherina Dierzgowska

    Josephus, son of Adamus Skoczynski and Josepha Kowalska
    born: 6 August 1901;  baptized 18 August 1901
    Godparents:   Andrezj Drikow and Maria Lackowska

    Abedonia Barbara, daughter of Leon Skoczynski and Maria Mirazlewska
    born:  30 July 1917;  baptized:  12 August 1917
    Godparents:  Bronislaus Mikorski and Barbara Nawrot
    **married Francis Neidojodls on 21 June 1941 Holy Family Church in Cudahy, WI

    Leonarda Josephina, son of Leon Skoczynski and Mus'lewska
    born: 6 September 1918;  baptized: 18 September 1918
    Godparents:  Gregorius Weteszka and Josepha Skoczyn'ska

    Jozef Maryan, son of Jakob Smolen and Franca Pefeva (sp?)
    born 2 July 1912; baptized 2 July 1912
    Godparents:  Szczepan Forystek and Katarzyna Kucma

    Josephus Petrus, son of Joannes Smolen' and Sophia Bikosz
    born 23 Feb 1905; baptized 26 Feb 1905
    Godparents:  Petrus Kucz?????  and Angela Psybylowski

    Adamus Sylvester; son of Michael Sobicinski and Constantia Lielinska
    born 16 December;  baptized 17 December 1905

    Helena; daughter of Josephus Sobocinski and Josepha Witkowska
    born 31 December and baptized 31 December 1905

    Josepha Valeria, daughter of Josephus Sobocinski and Josepha Witkowska
    born 13 February 1907; baptized 16 February 1907
    Godparents: Josaphat Schimelphenig and Helena Bosecka

    Bernardus, son of of Josephus Sobocinski and Josepha Witkowska
    born 24 July 1908; baptized 26  July 1908
    Godparents:  Valentinus Sobocinski and Philomena Witkowska

    Caecilia, daughter of Josephus Sobocinski and Josepha Witkowska
    born 24 January 1910; baptized 25 January 1910
    Godparents: Leo Mac'kowiak and Catharina Nowakowska
    **married Charles E. Evans 17 May 1920 in Holy Family Church in Cudahy, WI

    Regina Heromina, daughter of daughter of Jozef Sobocinski and Jozefa Witkowska
    born 2 April 1914; baptized 2 April 1914
    Godparents:  Stefan Starazak and Apolonia Sobocinska

    Eva Pelagia, daughter of  Jozef Sobocinski and Jozefa Witkowska
    born 3 September 1915, baptized 30 September 1915
    Godparents: Stanislauw Witkowski and Helena Szymelfenig

    Franciscus, son of Josephus Sobocinski and Jospeha Witkowski
    born:  6 September 1903;  baptized 6 September 1903
    Godparents:  Franciscus Sobo(linski--may be error--Sobocinski?) and Paulina Nowakowski

    Josephus, son of Josephus Sobocinski and Josepha Witkowski
    born:  12 March 1920;  baptized:  12 March 1920
    Godparents:  Stanislaus Kalman and Joanna Lewandowski

    Ladislaus, son of Walenty Sobocinski and Catharina Ra--ny
    born:  2 August 1902;  baptized 10 August 1902
    Godparents:  Joseph Wojt--siak andFransisca Macio--ek

    Alfred Eduardus, son of Stefan Staszak and Catharina Witkowska
    born:  15 November 1917;  Baptized:  25 November 1917
    Godparents:  Josephus Sobocinski and Victoria Burdecka

    Josephus Petrus, son of Valentinus Staszak and Angelina Knipel
    born:  21 August 1919; baptized 31 August 1919
    Godparents:  Ladislaus Staszak and Paulina Knipel

    Eduardius, son of Romanus Stra'zyk and Maria Btaszak
    born:  6 August 1908;  baptized 9 August 1908
    Godparents:  Bernardus Lazanski and Maria Tyczkowska

    Stanislaus, son of Paulus Szczesny and Michalina Orczykowska
    born 10 July 1908; baptized 19 July 1908
    Godparents:  Josephus Sobocinski and Helena Witkowski

    Filomena Jadwiga, daughter of Jan Szulc (written in above: Schulsz) and Jadwiga Ruszkiewicz
    born 31 May 1916;  baptized 11 Junw 1916
    Godparents:  Ignacy Chmielewski and Filomena Witkowski

    Romanus Stra'zyk born in Ciczyn gub Cali??????, Polas, Russia, son of (deceased) Valentine and JosephaTya??kowska 
and Maria Biaszak born in Prussia, daughter of (deceased) Voj?iaki and Michalene Siuba(?)...? married 20 June 1905.  
Witnesses Stephanus S????ski and Josepha Stra'zyk.

    , Roman  page 73  #8
    , Raymond  page 83  #12
    , Wanda  page 8  #4
    , Joannes  page 11  #11
    , Henry  page 11  #12
    , Ralph  page 29  #2
    , Mary  page 40  #10
    , Lawrence  page 43  312

    Agnieska  page 36  #4
Listed baptismal index:
    , Abedonia--page 5
    , Leonadra Josephina--page 13
    , Cirilus--page 30
    , Selma--page 44
    ,  Silvia--page 94
    ,  Eugenia Aloysius--page 24
    , Laurentia--page 48
    , Cornelius--page 62
    ,  Elisabeth Eva--page 12
    , Rosa--page 50
    , Simon--page 80
    , Richard--page 79
    , Lorraine--apge 75
    , Melvin--page 69
    , Verg--page 63
    ,  Alvina Apolonia--page 8
    , Josephus--page 24
    , Es--page 39.
    , Verginia--page 58
    , Arthur--page 80
    , John--page 71
    ,  Teodozia--page 66
    ,  Adam--page 63
    , Sophia--page 2
    , Irena--page 2
    , Ricardus--page 32
    , Eusebius--page 43
    , Alfred--page 7
    ,  Franciscus Bronislaus--page 10
    , Joannes--page 32
    , Dorothy--page 71
Szymelfennig, Z--page 34
>From an Index of Marriage Records for Holy Family Catholic Church in Cudahy, Wisconsin:
    , Adam--page 97
    , Leo--page 32
    , Jan--page 3
    , Stanislaus--page 48
    , Fr Jr.--page 79
    , Steven S.--page 96
    , Edwin--page 134
    ,  Joannes--page 9
    , Stephanus--page 11
    , Josephus--page 54
    , Joannes--page 58
    , Valentine--page 98
Staszak and Witkowska:
    Stephanus Staszak of Cudahy, son of Adalberti Staszak and Anna Milewska and
    Catharina Witkowska, of Cudahy, daughter of Ludovici Witkowski and Josephas Tyburska
    Witnesses:  Franciscus Garstecki and Joannas Rzekecki
    married 6 October 1909 by Rev, Paul Go'ra at Holy Family Church in Cudahy
Skoczynski and Muschlewska (Muszlewska):
    Leon Skoczynski of Milwaukee par(ish) of Josepfata, son of Adama and Josephi Kowalskiej and
    Maryanna Muszlewska of Cudahy, daughter of Augusta Muszlewski and Barbary Jablonskiej
    Witnesses:  Marya Frelka and Wojiech Milewski
    married on 20 June 1916 by Rev. Jo L Kalczynski at Holy Family Church in Cudahy, WI
>From an index of Death Records from Holy Family Catholic Church in Cudahy, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
    Anastasia--page 170-10
    Leona--page 64
    Ladislaus--page 17
    Joannes--page 9
    Joannes--page 29
    Franc.--page 110
    Konstancja--page 151
    Helena--page 2
    Valeria--page 8
    Sophia--page 48
    Eva--page 57
    Irena--page 59
    Josepha--page 73
    Eowelina--page 73
    Antonina--page 112
    Michael--page 17
    Bernard--page 34
    Jozef, Sr.--page 37
    Henry--page 92
    Catharine--page 142
    Julia--page 187-13
    Lorrainne--page 202-29
    Irena--page 37
    Nepomuca--page 52
    Josephat--page 61
    Dominic--page 127
Soboicinska--7 February 1906--Helena Sobocinska, daughter of Josephi Sobocinski aged 1 month-7 hours, of Cudahy; 
buried 9 February 1906 in Polish Union Cemetery--

Sobocinski-22 October 1915, Joseph Sobocinski, Sr., aged 77 years, of Cudahy, buried 25 October 1915 at St. Adalbert's in 

Sobocinski--10 February 1910, Michael Sobocinski of Cudahy, buried 12 February 1910 in Polish Union Cemetery

Skoczynski--3 March 1910, Ladislaus Skoczynski of Cudahy, buried 7 March 1910 at Polish Union Cemetery

Skoczynska--12 February 1920, Leona Skoczynska aged 1 year, of Cudahy, buried 14 February 1920 in St. Cordis in St. 
Francis, Wisconsin

Szymelfenig-23 January 1915, Irena Szymelfenig, daughter of Josephati. aged 5 years, of Cudahy, buried 25 January 1915 in 
St. Adalbert's in Milwaukee

Szymelfenig--31 October 1917, Nepomocrna, aged 83 years, of Cudahy, buried 3 November 1917 at St. Adalbert's in 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Szymelfenyg--6 March 1919, Josaphat Szymelfenyg, aged 54 years, of Cudahy, buried 10 March 1919 at Holy Sepulcher

    Wincenty, son of Michal Tras'howski and Elzbieta Krys'cio
    born 15 July 1912;  baptized 21 July 1912
    Godparents:  Jan Starszak and Cecylia Sztukowska
    **married Irene Ogradowski on 16 November 1940 at Holy Family Church in Cudahy

    Heironimus, son of  Ladislaus Tylicki and Anna Klimek
    born 4 April ????; baptized 4 April ????
    Godparents:  Fabinus Sosowski and Maria Tylicka

    Romanus, son of Ladislaus Tylicki and Irma Klimek
    born:  6 November 1903;  baptized 8 November 1903
    Godparents:  Antonius Zywicki and Catharina Klimek

Listed baptismal index:
    , Hieronim--page 58
    , Eveline--page 75
Talaska and Buczkowska
    Antonius Talaska of Cudahy, son of Josephi Talaska and Apo'loniae and
    Ludovica Buczkowska of Cudahy, daughter of  Martini and Annae Sucharska
    Witnesses:  Maria Frelka and Joannes Witkowski
    married 28 November 1914 by Rev Jno S. Kal~zynski at Holy Family Church in Cudahy, WI




    Eleonora, daughter of Josephus Wainstock and Marya Kowska
    born:  13 January 1910; baptized:  16 January 1910
    Godparents:  Antonius Rozela and Walenya Koiska (sp unclear)

    Josephus, son of Stephanus Wajsrok and Margaretha Raczkowska
    born 20 September; baptized 1 October 1905
    Godparents:  Stanislaus Romanski and Catharina Raczkowska

    Josephus, son of Stephanus Waisrok and Margarita Raczkowska
    born:  20 September 1905;  baptized:  1 October 1905
    Godparents:  Stanislaus Roman'ski and Catharina Raczkowska

Camille Maria (Maria crossed out and Mildred written in), daughter of Josephus Waraksa and Stanislava Korotka
    born 1 June 1908; baptized 14 June 1908
    Godparents:  Venceslaus Olezewksi and Sophia Romanowska

    Bernardus, son of Stephanus Weisrok and Margarita Raczkowska
    born 2 January 1911; baptized 8 January 1911
    Godparents:  Adam Popowski and Eleonora Wisniewska
    **married Leocadia Nurek 31 August 1940 at Holy Family Church, Cudahy, WI

    Helena Regina Weraksa, daughter of Antonius Weraksa and Antonina Koratka
    born 5 January 1908; baptized 12 January 1908
    Godparents:  Michael Sobocinski and Francisca Morawska

    Stanislaus, son of Petrus Wessolowski and Maria Mycek
    born 26 March 1908; baptized 29 March 1908
    Godparents:  Walentinus Ragan and Maria Z'ak

    Helena, daughter of Stanislaus Wilerzynski and Joanna Kuczinska
    born 1906
    Godparents:  Vanentinius Kurek and Rosalia Kuczinska

    Sophia Caecilia, daughter of Joannes Wisniewski and Eleonora Nowak
    born 8 March 1906; baptized 18 March 1906
    Godparents:  Joannes Kuczma and Stanislava Lozynska

    Antonius Maximilanus, son of Joannes Wisniewski and Alexandra Nowak
    born 3 June 1908; 14 June 1908
    Godparents:  Franciscus Ku'cma and Staislawa Sobocinska

    Julia, daughter of Joannes Wisniewski and Eleanora Nowak
    born 26 November 1901; baptized ?? December 1901 (cannot read date)
    Godparents:  Ludovicus Lozynski and Ludovica Wisniewska

    Helena, daughter of Joannes Wisniewski and (Joanna) Eleonore Nowak
    born:  25 December 1903;  baptized:  1 January 1904
    Godparents:  Franciscus Kron abd  Margaretha Wajsrok
    **Mrs. Drewek

    Joannes, son of Vinc. Wisniewki: and Bronisla Jozwiak
    born 29 March 1917; baptized 1 April 1917
    Godparents:  Joannes Kowalkowski and Anto Wisniewska

    Czel~aw Wl~adysl~aw, child of Franciszek Wis'niewski and Wl~adysl~awa Sobcinska
    born: 4 September 1920;  baptized:  14 September 1920
    Godparents:  Jan Sobocinski and Wiktorya Pacholska
    **  married: Frances Knitzer on 24 November 1945 at St. Bonaventure Church in Chicago, Illinois

    Wenceslaus son of Antonius Witkowski and Helena Ermminksa
    born: 29 August 1905; baptized 30 August 1905
    Godparents:  Staphanus Kaz'mierczak and Josepha Sobocinski

    Joannes, son of Antonius Witkowski and Helena Romanska
    born: 5 January 1904;  baptized 6 January 1904
    Godparents:  Stanislaus Makowski and Valeria  Lewandowski

    Bronislaus Petru, son of Antonius Witkowski and Helena Ka (crossed our--above written) Ruminska
    born: 16 December 19??; baptized 16 December 19??
    Godparents:  Hipolitus Witkowski and Josepha Witkowska

    Wenceslaus, son of Antonius and Helena Ermin'ksa
    born:  29 August 1905; baptized:  30 August 1905
    Godparents:  Stepahnus Kaz'mierzak and Josepha Sobocinska

    Thadeus Joannes, son of Joannes Witkowski and Alexandra Ekert
    born 17 June 1906; baptized 24 June 1906
    Godparents:  Josaphat Schimelpfenig and Philomena Witkowska

     Georgius Romanus,  son of Joannes Witkowski and Alexandra Ekert
        born 28 February 1910; baptized 7 March 1910
        Godparents:  Antonius Ligowski and Josepha Sobocinska

    Maria Josepha, daughter of Joannes Witkowski and Alexandra Ekert
    born:  4 August 1902; baptized: 5 August 1902
    Godparents:  Joannes Rzep--ski and Josepha Witkowska

    Joannes Carolus, son of Joannes Witkowski and Alexandria Ekert
    born:  4 November 1918;  baptized:  9 November 1918
    Godparents:  Joannes Gorski and Maria Legowski

Josephus (?Frances), son of Ludovicus Witkowski and Josepha Tyburska
    born 26 Feb 1905;  baptized 26 Feb 1905
    Godparents:  Franciscua Sobocinski and Catharina Gro(s or c)howska

Josepha Helena, daughter of Ludovicus Witkowski and Josepha Geburska (written clearly here)
    born:  13 August 1901; baptized 25 August 1901
    Godparents:  Joseph Gronozewski and Josepha W??tkowska

possible error by person entering info:
    Josephus, son of Joannes Wisniewski and Alexandra Ekert
    born  5 March 1904;  baptized  6 March 1904
    Godparents:  Joannes Witkowski and Cl.....???  West

    Sigismundus Hipolitus, son of Hipolitus Witkowski and Philomena Kormoracka
     born 6 July 1907; baptized 7 July 1907
    Godparents:  Antonius Witkowski and Alexandra Witkowska

    Paulus Aloisius, son of Hipolitus Witkowski and Philomena Kormoracka
    born 7 March 1910; baptized 7 March 1910
    Godparents:  Josaphat Schimelphenig and Michalina Karolek

    Petrus Teodorus, son of Hipolitus Witkowski and Philomena Kormoracka
    born 7 March 1910; baptized 7 March 1910
    Godparents:  Stephanus Starzszak and Anna Gronczswska
    **married Joanna Czajkowska13 October 1934 at Holy Family Church in Cudahy, WI

    Czeslawa Florentyna, daughter of Hipolitus Witkowski and Filomena Kormoracka
    born 29 June 1912; baptized 30 June 1912
    Godparents:  Franc. Schimelfenig and Zofia Witkowska
    **married Ernest Zywicki 14 June 1941 at St. Mary's Church in Los Angeles

    Edwardus Bernardus, son of Hipolitus Witkowski and Filomena Komoracka
    born  9 March 1905,  baptized 12 March 1905
    Godparents:  Carolus Vesolek (sp?) and Josepha Witkowska

    Hieronimus Fransiscus, son of Hipolitus Witkowski  and Philomena Komorowksa
    born:  12 December 19??; baptized 16 December 19??
    Godparents:  Ladislaus ???ski and Josepha Witkowski

    Petru Pantus, son of Marjannes (Marion?) Witkowski and Maria Makowska
    born:  28 May 1902; baptized:  28 May 1902
    Godparents:  Joannes Makowski and Fransisca Joczariewska

    Vincentius, son of Michael Wojciechowski and Maria Urbanska
    born 27 July 1913;  baptized 28 July 1913
    Godparents:  Josephus Sobocinski and Scholastica Trepula

Aliceya, daughter of Ludwik Wojciechowski and Marya Kos'cielniak
    born 19 October 1914;  baptized 18 October 1914
    Godparents:  Tomasz Nowak and Jo'zefa Szponakowska

    Helena, daughter of Andrezej Wojtkowiak and Pelagia NOWAK
    born:  11 May ????; baptized 27 May ????
    Godparents:  Joseph Lec..a and Josepha (L or S)ega

    Michael, son of Andreas Wojtkowiak and Pelagia Nowak
    born 17 September 1909; baptized  26 September 1909
    Godparents:  Jacobus Krzy'kowski and Antonina Przbyska

    Clara, daughter of Andreas Wojtkowiak and Pelagia Nowak
    born:  25 July 1903;  baptized:  2 August 1905
    Godparents: Macius Simalach and Antonina Przybylska

    Wisniewski-Lesnieski  page 42  #2
    Wisniewski-Franklin  page 49  # 1
    Witkowski-Lisowski page 14 #7
     Witkowski- Laskowski  page 44  #4
     Witkowski-Chybowski  page 44  # 12
     Waroniecki-Kowalewska page 12 #2
    Weber-Gutkowski (Olszewski)  page 30 #10

    Marjanus Witkowski (latin here may mean widower) son of (deceased) Marian Makowski born in Polonia/Russ....lives in 
(?Walworth County) and Paulina Nowakowska (latin here may possibly mean widow of John), daughter of Josephi Witkowski 
and Josepha K..K?????. lives in Cudahy; banns proclaimed 7, 14, 21 May 1905.  married 22 May in Cudahy

   Wisniewski, Joannes  page 6  #1
    Wisniewski, Ludovicus  page 10  #6
    Wisniewski, Antonina  page 37  #3
    Wisniewska, Bronislawa  page  42  #2
    Wisniewski, Matthew  page 50  #12
    Wisniewski, Vincent  page 57  #4
    Wisniewski, Largine  page 59 3 6
    Wisniewski, Longina  page 62  # 7
    Wisniewski, Roman  page 76  # 4
    Witkowski, Kenneth  page 82  #4
Listed baptismal index:
    Werowska, Ethel--page 28
    Werkowski, George--page 72
    Werkowski, Arthur--page 85
    Werkowski, Ursula--page 87
    Werkowski, Eleonora--page 91
    , Rose Mary--page 89
    , Czeslaus--page 27
    , Ricardus--page 33
    , Rafael--page 44
    , George--page 80
    , Robert--page 86
    ,  Sylvia--page 34
    , Joannes Carolus--page 14
    , Henricus--page 33
    , Stan--page 50
    , Henry--page 54
    , Ray page 59
    , Raymond--page 67
    ,  Ed Jr.--page 82
    , Ruth--page 83
    , Verginia--page 84
    ,  Ed--page 43
    , Lays--page 60
    , Delores--page 67
    , Bronislaus--page 73
>From an Index of Marriage Records for Holy Family Catholic Church in Cudahy, Wisconsin:
    , Felix--page 144
    , Weisrock-Nurek--page 187 #17
    ,  Franciscus--page 52
      , Anthony--page 138
    , Wisniewski-Chojnacki--page 192 #11
    , Stanislaus--page 51
    , Eduardus--page 56
    , Hipolit--page 57
    , Leo --page 59
    , Jno--page 76
    , Ben--page 102
Wieczorkowski and Romanska
    Jacobus Wieczorkowski of Krol, Pol, son of Joannis Wieczorkowski and Constantiae Jaskulska and
    Cecylia Romanska of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, daughter of Josephi Romanski and Rosaliae Plowenc
    Witnesses:  Stan. Romanski and Anastasia Romanska
    married 3 November 1920  at Holy Family Church in Cudahy, WI
Wisniewski and Kordelas:
    Franciscus Wisnewski of Cudahy, son of Mariani and Joannae Debowskiej and
    Ladislava Kordelas of Cudahy, daughter of Valentini and Catharinae Kocharskiej
    Witnesses:  Joannes Sobocinski and Bronislaus Kordylas
    married on 21 October 1919  at Holy Family Church in Cudahy, WI
Witkowski and Orcholska
    Joannes Witkowski of Milwaukee, son of Joannis Witkowski and Rosaliae Trzos and
    Magdalen Orcholska of Cudahy, daughter of Franciscii and Mariae Dorzak
    Witnesses:  Jospehus Krzyzanowski and Stanislawa Orcholska
    married 29 September 1914 by Rev. J. S. Kalszynski
Witkowski and Wisniewska
    Stanislaus Witkowski of Cudahy, son of Hipolit and Filomenae Komorackiej and
    Stanislava Wisniewska of Cudahy, daughter of  Joannis an Eneonorae (as spelled on original) Nowak
    Witnesses:  Eduardus Witkowski and Victoria Wisniewska
    married  30 September 1919 by Rev. J. S. Kalczynski  at Holy Family Church in Cudahy, WI
Witkowski and Sobocinska
    Eduardus Witkowski of Cudahy, son of Hipoliti Witkowski and Filomoenae Komoraskiej and
    Wanda Sobocinska of Cudahy, daughter of Michaeli Sobocinski and Constantiae Zielinskiej
    Witnesses:  Hieronimus Witkowski and Victoria Wisnieska
    married on 22 June 1920  at Holy Family Church in Cudahy, WI
Witkowski and Smolen'
    Hipolitus Witkowski of Krol, Pol, son of Josephi Witkowski and Josephine Kokowicz and
    Sophie Smolen' of Isalicya, daughter of Josephi Bigos and Mariae Jantan
    Witnesses:  Stnislaus Witkowski and Josepha Mitshull
    married:  28 July 1920  at Holy Family Church in Cudahy, WI
Witkowski and Strzal~ko
    Leon Witkowski of Cudahy, Wisconsin, son of Ludowici Witkowski and Josephae Tyborska and
    Maria Stral~ko of Krol, Pol, daughter of Petri Strzal~ko and Mariae Ostrowska
    Witnesses:  Sephanus (as in original) S. Witkowski and Marta Chmielewska
Wojciechowski and Kwiatkowska:
    Jozef Wojciechowksi of Milwaukee, son of Jana Wojciechowski and Michaliny Niemcrynskij and
    Cecylia Kwiatkowska of Buffalo, New York, daughter of Jana Kwiatkowski and Katarzyny Barczak
    Witnesses:  Katarzyna Kwiatkowska of Milwaukee and Michal Rozga of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    married 29 May 1917  at Holy Family Church in Cudahy, WI
>From an index of Death Records from Holy Family Catholic Church in Cudahy, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
    Stephan--page 106
    Margarette--page 153
    Joannes--page 18
    Helena--page 23
    Child of Henry--page 97
    Vincentius--page 69
    Wacl~aw--page 122
    Adam--page 158-9
    Maryanna--page 160-19
    Richard--page 70
    R.--page 77
    Clara--page 174-7
  Josepha--page 19
    Regina--page 41
    Filomena--page 159
    Josephine--page 165-2
    Infant--page 2
    Josephus--page 3
    Paulus--page 20
    Aleksander--page 25
    Ludovicus--page 32
    Ladis.--page 84
    Stephen--page 89
    Hipolit--page 96
    Mary--page 125
11 April 1906-Infans of Ludvicii Witkowski; buried 11 April 1906 at Polish Union Cemetery--Still born
30 August 1906, Josephus Witkowski, aged 1 year; buried 1 September 1906 at Polish Union Cemetery
Witkowski--1 August 1910, Paulus Witkowski, Jr. age 5 months of Cudahy, buried 3 August 1910 at Polish Union Cemetery

Wenta--16 April 1911, Helena Wenta, daughter, aged 13 years, of Cudahy, buried 20 April 1911 in Polish Union Cemetery

Wojciechowska-4 June 1911, Otylia, daughter aged 26, of Cudahy, buried 8 June 1911 in Polish Union Cemetery

Witkowski--30 August 1912, Alexander, son, aged 1 year of Cudahy, buried 2 September 1912 in Holy Sepulcher

Witkowski--1 January 1914, Ludovicus, son, aged 46, of Cudahy, buried 3 January 1914 at St. Adalbert's, Milwaukee

Witkowska--22 December 1915, Regina Witkowska, aged 8 years, of Cudahy, buried 24 December 1915, at Holy 

Witkowski--9 November 1918, Filomena Witkowska, age 40 years, of Cudahy, buried 13 November 1918 at Holy 



    Wladyslawa, daughter of Michal Zaborski and Ezbieta (as spelled on film) Staiwoolo'wna
    born 18 Feb 1912; baptized 3 March 1912
    Godparents:  Jo'zef Sklinger and Marya Sobocinska

    Jozef, son of Wojciech (Albert) Zawacki and Julianna Radtke
    born 11 October 1913; baptized 12 October 1913
    Godparents:  Jan Zawacki and Murya Brzezinska

    Wladyslaw Boleslaw, son of Ignacy Zdanek and Julianna Smolen
    born 9 September 1913; baptized 14 September 1913
    Godparents:  Francizek Kuczma and Maryanna Kuczma

    Helena, daughter of  Ignatius Zdnack and Julia Smolen
    born:  5 January 1905;  baptized 7 January 1905
    Godparents:  Joannes Smolen' and Eleonora Wisniewska

    Florentius Franciscus, child of Stanislaus Ziolkowski and Helena Nowak
    born:  27 October 1917;  Baptized:  4 November 1917
    Godparents:  Vincentius Nowak and Jadwiga Helmin'ska

    Stanislaus, son of Josephus Zygmunt and Victoria Kosidowska
    born:  1905
    Godparents:  Joannes Mysak and Magdalena Ragner

Simeon, son of Michael/Anton Zywicki and Josepha Tylicka
    born 16 October 1898; baptized 23 October 1898
    Godparents:  Joannes W--kowski and Antonina Tylicka

    Cecylia, daughter of Antonius Zywicki and Josepha Tylicka
    born 30 October 1903;  baptized 8 November 1911
    Godparnets:  Fabianus Josnowksi and Teodora Nowak

Marriage:  Zywicki-Magulka page 15 #8
                    Zywicki-Kaczmarowski page 50 #5
                    Ziarek-Strazyk  page 37 #7

    Zawacki, Mary page 56  3 6
     Zywicki, John  page 70  #3
Listed baptismal index:
    , R--page 35
    , F--page 35
    , Bernard--page 96
    , Laverne--page 85
>From an Index of Marriage Records for Holy Family Catholic Church in Cudahy, Wisconsin:
Zywicki, Ant.  page 69
Ziolkowski, Martin, page 50
Ziolkowski. John, page 121
Ziolkowski, Joseph, page 144
>From an index of Death Records from Holy Family Catholic Church in Cudahy, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
Zalinski, Jozef--page 45
Ziolkowska, Maria--page 10
Ziolkowska, Marta--page 10
Ziol~kowska, Maria--page 40
Ziol~kowski, Franciszek--page 39
Ziol~kowska, Katarzyna--page 42
Ziolkowski, Adam--page 43
Ziol~kowski, Ramund--page 72
Zoil~kowski, Florence--page 86
Ziol~kowski, John--pahe97
Zwolinski, Ed--page 98
Zwolinski, Rafael--page 123
Zwolinski, Stan--page148
Wesolowski-Michalski  page 47  #4
Wesolowska, Maryanna--death recorded page 36 #3
Wesolowski, Stanley--death page 39  #6
Wesolowski, Peter--death  page 50  #1