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The Milwaukee Whist Club
Milwaukee County Wisconsin Genealogy

Whist is a classic card game which was played widely in the 18th and 19th centuries and was a development of an older game Ruff and Honours. Its rules are pretty simple, but it is difficult to master this game of strategy.

From: History of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The Western Historical Company, Chicago; A.T. Andreas Proprietor, 1881

Was founded in 1875 as "the Milwaukee Chess Club." The first President was Winfield Smith and the first Secretary, Eugene S. Elliot. Rooms were at first occupied on Grand avenue, where the club remained two years until the organization had outgrown its quarters. Rooms were next engaged at No. 422 Broadway, which are still occupied by the club. In 1878 the name was changed to the one which it now bears, and the club was incorporated under the laws of Wisconsin. The present number of members is between fifty and sixty, they meet Thursday evenigns, besides keeping the rooms open every night. The officers are E. Sanderson, President; J.P. McGregor, Vice-President; and George H. Rountree, Secretary.

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