Milwaukee Markham Academy College Prepratory School

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1864-1904Milwaukee County Wisconsin Genealogy

The Markham Academy, changed to Milwaukee Academy in 1887-88, was founded in 1864 as an engineering and classical school for boys and young men in preparation for college.

The following is from

The Scroll of the Milwaukee Academy
Milwaukee, Wis
June 1904 Volume III


The year 1904 marks the completion of the fortieth Anniversary of the founding of Milwaukee Academy. To commenmorate the anniversary, stimulate the enthuiasm of present pupils, recall the graduates the memories of the past, and furnish a pleasing souvenier to all interested in the school, this Scroll is unrolled. In the hope that it may meet a hearty reception from all who hold dear the traditions of the old school, it is dedicated by its editors to those who in time past have helped to make Milwaukee Academy what it is.

Board of Editors

Literary Editors
August J. Luedke	Class of 1904
John M. Lindsay		Class of 1904
John M. McDonald	Class of 1904
Eugene G. Luening	Class of 1905
France C. McLeod	Class of 1906

Business Managers
Myron T. MacLaren	Class of 1904
Arthur A. Frank		Class of 1905
Vogel H. Helmholz	Class of 1905

Advisory Board
Edward P. Vilas		G.D. Van Dyke
Grant Fitch		Hon. Geo. H. Noyes
H.F. Whitcomb		G.C. Markham
H.A.J. Upham		Prof. Charles F. Smith, Madison
B.K. Miller, Jr.	W.K. Flint

Instructors 1903-1904
Julius Howard Pratt, Ph. D., (Yale), Principal, Latin and Mathematics
M.W. Swartz, A.M., (University of Virginia), Greek and German
H.D. Wolff, A.M., (University of Virginia), Science and History
Gertrude D. Swartz, (Emerson School, Boston), Elocution
Carolyn M. King, (Diplomee de l'Alliance, Francaise), French
Mrs. Lillian Bacon Van Scoy, (Rockland College), Principal of Prepatory Department
Florence M. Austin, B.L., (Lawrence University), Assistant in Prepatory Department
Minna Knuckell, German

Other persons mentioned in the book:
Albert Markham, A.M.
Cyrus Foss Hill, A.B.
Isaac Thomas

In Memoriam
Albert Edward Sivyer
Member of the Class of 1904
Died August 22, 1903
pg. 23

Class of 1903
Alvin W. Fargo
Frank M. Fargo, Jr.
Waldeman R. Helmholz
karl Klauser
Kellog Patton
Mackey Wells
John G. Wollager
Lester B. Stevens

Class of 1904
William Henry Timlin, Jr.
August John Luedke
John Moody Lindsay
John Maxwell Stowell McDonald
Myron Teasdale MacLaren