Wisconsin Artists

This project was begun October 22,2000, the one hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Society of Milwaukee Artists

Compiled and submitted by:
Eugene B.Meier, Jr.
December 18, 2010

Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors Exhibition Record 1900-2000
Sound View Press, Madison,CT

Note: A reverse-directory in Milwaukee is referred to as a criss-cross directory in Chicago; the latter is a brand-name

The following Milwaukee telephone exchanges appear below:

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          1977:--40A Big Bend Rd.,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1977-78]

Aber,Richard W.
         1975:2106 S.88th St.,West Allis,WI 53227[WP&S 1975]
         1977:…Dearborn Ave.,Wauwatosa,WI 53266[WP&S 1977-78]

Abstetar,Stanley F.[WP&S Biographical Data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
        Sheboygan,WI 1916-
        1929:N/L in 1929 MCD
        1935:Metropolitan Block # 401,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list][Abstarter]
        1936:Metropolitan Block-1012 N 3rd @ W State[Teamsters Local  @#401-7][1936 MCD]
        1937:c/o Carl Holty,Westport,CT.[WP&S March 1937 mailing]
	1.Composition-oil and tempera @ $100.00
	1.Fugue With Linear Variations; oil and tempera @ $500

	Tideland;porcelain,wood,paint[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

      1935:43 ½ E.Elm St.,Chippewa Falls,WI[WP&S 1935 membership][no phone #]

Ackerman,Mary Ann
     1948: Centennial
	2. Every Man; etching @ $10
	1.Cross Town,opaque watercolor @ $50.00
	1.Industrial No.2-oil

Adamczyk,Irene-Snowhite Studios
	1.New Wave,1983;pastel on photograph,20 x 36 inches[Exhibition 62]
        1985:204 W.Washington St.,Milwaukee,WI 53204[WP&S 1985-86]
        1986:422 W.National,Milwaukee,WI 53204[WP&S 1986-87]
	Modern Romance:Play by Play;hand-colored photography[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
$500 award winner Irene Adamczyk Modern Romance;Play by Play,107" x 41 ½"
        1989:2943 S.15th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53215[WP&S 1989]entrants
	Wishes-Force Series;handcolored photo[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

Adams,Hazel-WP&S Southeast Chapter
       1975:38375 Lac La Belle Dr.,Oconomowoc,WI 53066[WP&S 1975]
       1976:38375 Lac La Belle Dr.,Oconomowoc,WI 53066
	Geraniums,watercolor @ NFS[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
	Tree,batik @ NFS[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
       1977:38375 Lac La Belle Dr.,Oconomowoc,WI 53066[WP&S 1977-78]
       1979:38375 Lac La Belle Dr.,Oconomowoc,WI 53066[WP&S 1979]
       1980:38375 Lac La Belle Dr.,Oconomowoc,WI 53066[WP&S 1980-81]
       1982:38375 Lac La Belle Dr.,Oconomowoc,WI 53066[WP&S 1982]mixed media
       1985:38375 Lac La Belle Dr.,Oconomowoc,WI 53066[WP&S 1985-86]paid
       1987:38375 Lac La Belle Dr.,Oconomowoc,WI 53066[WP&S 1987]pro
       1989:38375 Lac La Belle Dr.,Oconomowoc,WI 53066[WP&S 1989]
	River;watercolor[Juried Membership Show]
       1990:38375 Lac La Belle Dr.,Oconomowoc,WI 53066[WP&S 1990]38373
       1991:38375 Lac La Belle Dr.,Oconomowoc,WI 53066[WP&S 1991]
       1995:38375 Lac La Belle Dr.,Oconomowoc,WI 53066[WP&S 1995]
       1997:38375 Lac La Belle Dr.,Oconomowoc,WI 53066[WP&S 1997]pro

      1929:Adams,Roland M. (Marie K)artist Olson & Enzinger Inc r297 39th[1929 MCD]
       1935:2821-A  N.58th St.,Milwaukee, WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
       1936:Adams, Roland M (Marie K) artist Mandel Engraving Co. & Art Studios Inc [1319 N.3rd],
               H971 N.37th [1936 MCD]; 2821A Menders, Floyd (Grace)[reverse]
       1937:2821 N.58th St.,Milwaukee, WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

	1.Self-Portrait;oil on canvas,30"x 40"[Exhibition 63][ill.]
$500 award winner:Marlyn Agnew,Madison,Self-Portrait

        1991:2075 S.13th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53204[WP&S 1991]

Aho,Barbara-WP&S Southeast Chapter
        1989:2502 E.Webster Pl.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1989]entrants
	Grandmother from 'Bloodlines'Series;mixed[Juried Membership Show]
	Breaking Out;polychromed wood[Juried Membership Show]
              Bloodlines Triptych;mixed media[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
        1990:2502 E.Webster Pl., Milwaukee, WI 53211[WP&S 1990]
        1991:2502 E.Webster Pl., Milwaukee, WI 53211[WP&S 1991]
        1993:2502 E.Webster Pl., Milwaukee, WI 53211[WP&S 1993] $15.00
        1995:2502 E.Webster Pl., Milwaukee, WI 53211[WP&S 1995]
        1997:2502 E.Webster Pl., Milwaukee, WI 53211[WP&S 1997]pro

Ahrens,Barbara-WP&S South Central Chapter
        1990:822 Mayfair #3,Madison,WI 53714[WP&S 1990]
        1991:5218 Century Ave.,Middleton,WI 53562[WP&S 1991]5218
        1996:5218 Century Ave.,Middleton,WI 53562
	The Farm;drawing and collage[Past,Present & Future]
        1997:5219 Century Ave.,Middleton,WI 53562[WP&S 1997]5219;pro;painter;mixed media,collage

      1972:W238 Main St.,Delafield WI 53018[WP&S 1972]
      1973:W238 Main St.,Delafield WI 53018[WP&S 1973]
      1974:W238 Main St.,Delafield WI 53018[WP&S 1974]
      1975:W238 Main St.,Delafield WI 53018[WP&S 1975]

Akins,Tamlyn-treasurer,WP&S South Central Chapter 1997
	The Pigeon Coop;watercolor[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
           1989:4609 Windigo Trail, Madison, WI 53711[WP&S 1989]entrants
           1990:4609 Windigo Trail, Madison, WI 53711[WP&S 1990]
           1991:4609 Windigo Trail, Madison, WI 53711[WP&S 1991]
           1993:4609 Windigo Trail, Madison, WI 53711[WP&S 1993]$15.00
           1997:4609 Windigo Trail, Madison, WI 53711[WP&S 1997]pro;painter;wc,jewelry
	Terra-Graphic (ill.);mixed media [Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
Vicki Schober Award $50.00

    	1.Extension; steel,lacquer @ $1,000.00[53rd Annual][ill.]
$50 Palette Shop
	2.Split; steel,chrome,lacquer @ $750.00[53rd Annual][ill.]
$50 LaVera Pohl Award
        	1.Extension; rosewood,aluminum @ $800.00[54th Annual]
	1.Untitled; plastic, steel @ $750.00[55th Annual]
	2.Untitled; plastic, steel @ $750.00[55th Annual]

Albright,Adam Emory[One Hundred Years:Union League Club of Chicago,pp52-3]
     Monroe,WI 1862-1957 Warrenville,IL
     1893:Columbian Exposition,Chicago,IL
     1896:505 Owings Bldg.,Chicago, IL[FALK AIC 1990]
     1897:505 Owings Bldg.,Chicago, IL[FALK AIC 1990]
     1898:69 Dearborn St., 55 McCormick Bldg.,rm. 55.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
     1899:69 Dearborn St.,Chicago, IL[FALK AIC 1990]
     1900:69 Dearborn St.,Chicago, IL[FALK AIC 1990]
     1902:Edison Park, IL[FALK AIC 1990]
     1903:Edison Park, IL[FALK AIC 1990]
     1904:Edison Park, IL[FALK AIC 1990]
     1905:Edison Park, IL[FALK AIC 1990]
     1906:Edison Park, IL[FALK AIC 1990]
     1907:Edison Park, IL[FALK AIC 1990]
     1908:Edison Park, IL[FALK AIC 1990]
     1909:Edison Park, IL[FALK AIC 1990]
     1910:Edison Park, IL[FALK AIC 1990]
     1911:Hubbard Woods, IL[FALK AIC 1990] The Book of Chicagoans 1911,p.8
     1912:Hubbard Woods, IL[FALK AIC 1990]
     1913:Hubbard Woods, IL[FALK AIC 1990]
     1914:Hubbard Woods, IL[FALK AIC 1990]
     1915:Hubbard Woods, IL[FALK AIC 1990]
     1916:Hubbard Woods, IL[FALK AIC 1990]
     1917:Hubbard Woods, IL[FALK AIC 1990]The Book of Chicagoans 1917,p.9
	1.The Spring @ $850.00………………………………[#8 FALK AIC 1990 p.57]
…………………………………………………[#1 1917-18 Rotary Exhibition @ $850.00]
     1918:Hubbard Woods, IL[FALK AIC 1990]
     1919:Hubbard Woods, IL[FALK AIC 1990]
     1920:Hubbard Woods, IL[FALK AIC 1990]
     1921:Hubbard Woods, IL[FALK AIC 1990]
     1922:Hubbard Woods, IL[FALK AIC 1990]
     1923:Hubbard Woods, IL[FALK AIC 1990]
      	 1.Old Mission,Capistrano-oil
     1926:removed to Warrenville:The Book of Chicagoans 1926,p.25
     1927:[Warrenville, IL]FALK AIC 1990]
     1933:[Warrenville, IL][FALK AIC 1990]
     1935:Artists of Chicago Past & Present by C.J.Bulliet,CHICAGO DAILY NEWS March 2,1935 #2
     1936:Warrenville, IL;Who's Who in Chicago 1936,p.25
     1939:[Warrenville, IL][FALK AIC 1990]
      1941:Warrenville, IL;Who's Who in Chicago 1941,p.24
      1945:Warrenville, IL;Who's Who in Chicago 1945,p.22
      1950:Warrenville, IL;Who's Who in Chicago 1950,p.20

       1970:865 W.Montclaire Ave.,Milwaukee, WI 53217[WP&S 1970]
       1972:865 W.Montclaire Ave.,Milwaukee, WI 53217[WP&S 1972]
       1973:865 W.Montclaire Ave.,Milwaukee, WI 53217[WP&S 1973]
       1974:865 W.Montclaire Ave.,Milwaukee, WI 53217[WP&S 1974]
       1975:865 W.Montclaire Ave.,Milwaukee, WI 53217[WP&S 1975]
       1977:865 W.Montclaire Ave.,Milwaukee, WI 53217[WP&S 1977-78]

       NYC 1901-1970 San Diego,CA
          1940:119 W 52nd St, NYC[Marlor SIA]

	1.Fisherman's Shack--watercolor
       1937:Sheboygan High School,Sheboygan,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]
	1.Down the Steps-Hi!-water color
	2.Butchers-water color
	3.Street Crime-drawing
                  [Honorable Mentions-drawing]
               1.Alley Observations-watercolor
	2.Seasick Sailor-watercolor
	3.Mental Detour-drawing

        1929:Alexander,Agnes C instr Girls Trades Sch r333 Summit av apt 31[1929 MCD]
        1931:History of Milwaukee,Wisconsin by John G.Gregory Vol III[S.J.Clarke Co,Chicago]pp369-71
        1935[no address][WP&S 1935 associate member]
                 Alexander,Agnes C tchr Girls'Trade & Tech High Sch r924 E Juneau ave[1935 MCD]
        1936:Alexander,Agnes C tchr Girls Trade & Tech High Sch r1742 N Prospect av apt 213[MCD]

          1975:453 S.2nd St.,Evansville,WI 53536[WP&S 1975]
          1977:453 S.2nd St.,Evansville,WI 53536[WP&S 1977-78]

Alft,Doug,WP&S treasurer,Central Chapter
           1997:341 LeTendre Ave.,Port Edwards,WI 54469;pro;photography

Algiers,Patricia S.,Wisconsin Telephone
          1982:125 N.Executive Drive,Brookfield,WI 53005

Allard,Russell-WP&S Northeast Chapter
          1989:111 West Parkway Ave.,Oshkosh,WI 54901[WP&S 1989]entrants
          1990:111 West Parkway Ave.,Oshkosh,WI 54901[WP&S 1990]
          1991:111 West Parkway Ave.,Oshkosh,WI 54901[WP&S 1991]
          1997:621 Elm Street,Omro,WI 54969[WP&S 1997]pro;painter

	1.Woman in Bed,oil @ $70.00[51st Annual]
	1.Now;acrylic @ $140.00[58th Exhibition]
	Orient Express;paper,latex,rhaplex @ $175.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
         1977:…61 N.Wahl,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1977-78]
         1980:2966 N.45th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[WP&S 1980-81]
	Untitled,25" x 41",mixed media @ $300.00[Membership Show]
	Untitled A & B,14" x 15",mixed media @ $300.00[Membership Show]
	Untitled;mixed media[Juried Membership Show]
	Untitled;mixed media[Juried Membership Show]
	2.Untitled,1983;mixced media,20 x 25 x 9 inches[Exhibition 62]
         1982:11210 W.Mequon Rd.,Mequon,WI 53092[WP&S 1982]painting
         1991:P.O.Box 92595,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1991]

Allen,Hazel Leigh[Mrs.Mortimer P.]
     Morrilton,AR 1892-
     1923:Allen,Mortimer P.(Hazel W)sec treas Hunter Machinery Co h644 Murray av[1923 MCD]
              1.The Call of the Flowers[sculpture]
      1925:Allen,Mortimer P.(Hazel L)sec treas Hunter Machinery Co h644 Murray av[1925 MCD]
      1928:[644 Murray Ave,Milwaukee,WI]FALK AIC 1990
      1929:Allen,Mortimer P(Hazel L)sec treas Hunter Machinery Co h644 Murray av[1929 MCD]
       1932:2760 N.Murray Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S roster 1932]
	1.Baby Priscilla Leigh Allen-sculpture @ $250.00[ # 616 on A.B.C. List]
              [#184 FALK AIC 1990,p.61]
[#615 Priscilla,1932 @ $50.00;#616 Baby Priscilla Leigh Allen @ $250.00]
       1933:2760 N.Murray Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 entrants]
                [[#002 Priscilla @ $50.00;#3 Fountain Figure-Child with Rabbit @ $200.00]
       1934:2760 N.Murray Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1934-5 membership ]
      1935:2747 N.Murray Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member][Fairchild 5282]
      1936:Allen,Mortimer P.(Hazel)v-pres Chadwick Machinery Co h2747 N.Murray av[1936 MCD]
      1945:2756 N.Murray Ave.,Milwaukee 11,WI[WP&S 1-1945 mailing]
      1961:2756 N.Murray Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
      1963:2756 N.Murray Ave.,Milwaukee 11,WI[WP&S 1963 Active]
      1964:2756 N.Murray Ave.,Milwuaukee 11,WI[WP&S 1964]
      1965:2756 N.Murray Ave.,Milwaukee 11,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
      1966:2756 N.Murray Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1966-67]
      1970:2756 N.Murray Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1970]
      1972:2756 N.Murray Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1972]
      1973:2756 N.Murray Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1973]life member
      1974:1224 N.Prospect Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1974]life member
      1975:1224 N.Prospect Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1975]life member
      1976:1224 N.Prospect Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53202
	Gallery Cournavaca,watercolor @ $100.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
	Moorage,watercolor @ $100.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
      1977:1224 N.Prospect Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1977-78]life member
      1979:1224 N.Prospect Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1979]life
      1980:1224 N.Prospect Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1980-81]life
      1982:1224 N.Prospect Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1982]life

Allen,Julia Frances
      1915:Allen,Miss Julia,h 702 ½ Marshall[1915 MCD]
	1.Group-Sunrise and Sunsets,Pewaukee,WI
	2.A Calm Day,Pewaukee,WI
	3.Southwest Storm
	4.Storm Clouds,Pewaukee,WI

Allen,Mary North
     1989:4330 Upland Dr.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1989]entrants

Allen,Mrs.William J.(Anna D.)
      1929:Allen,Wm J(Anna D)asst sec Robt A Johnston Co. h5929 Washington blvd apt 20[1929 MCD]
      1935:5929 W.Washington Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
      1936:Allen,Wm J.(Anna D)asst sec Robt A Johnson & Co. h5929 W.Washington blvd apt 20[MCD]
      1937:5929 W.Washington Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

	1.Nightbloom,oil @ $250.00

Alschuler,Roberta[Mrs.Charles F.][WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
      1929:Alschuler,Charles F r465 Newton[1929 MCD]
      1935:4001 N.Prospect Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]["Mrs.C.F.]
      1936:Alschuler,Chas.F.(Roberta),slsmn,h.4938 N.Larkin[1936 MCD]
	2.Jones Island--oil
      1937:4001 N.Prospect Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing][Mrs.C.F.]
         	1.Plant Study,oil @ $100.00
	1.Room Study,oil @ $100.00
            	1.January-9:30 A.M.,gouache,@ $150.00
      1946:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1946xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	Plant with Blue Cloth,Casein and oil glaze @ $75.00
	1.Leeks and Apples,oil @ $100.00………………………………[#4 FALK AIC 1990 p.62]
	2.Interiors,oil @ $125.00
      1948: Centennial
	3. Fruit and Flower Composition; ;oil @ $100
	2.River Bank,casein @ $100.00
	3.Tunnel Avenue,casein @ $75.00
      1951:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1951xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	117.Fruit & Flower Still Life-casein
	1.Motion in Repose-oil & encaustic
	29.Still Life with Red Cloth-casein @ $100.00
	30.Water Front-casein @ $75.00
	1.Landscape,oil @ $175.00
	2.Secret Places,oil @ $150.00
      1961:7026 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
      1963:7026 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee 17[WP&S 1963 Prof]
      1964:7026 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee 17[WP&S 1964]
      1965:7026 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee 17,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
      1966:7026 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1966-67]
      1970:7026 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1970]
      1972:7026 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1972]
      1973:7026 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1973]
      1974:7026 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1974]
      1975:7026 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1975]
      1976:7026 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53217
	Untitled;acrylic @ NFS[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
      1977:7026 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1977-78]
      1979:7026 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1979]
      1980:7026 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1980-81]
      1982:7026 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1982]painting,ceramics
      1985:7026 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1985-86]
      1986:7026 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1986-87]

	3.Kiosk No.1,oil
	2.Table With Figure,oil @ $400.00 
	3.Market No. 1,oil @ $750.00
	4.Figure and Foliage,oil @ $750.00
	1.Figure and Foliage,Oil @ $500.00
$50 Palette Shop Award 1 Figure and Foliage oil Harold Altman

Amann,Henry P.
        1933:218 Leonard St.,Watertown,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.00]
	[#634a Spanish Holiday @ $12.00;635a Watertown Landmark @ $12.00]
        1935:114 ½ Main St.,Watertown,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1937:114 ½ Main St.,Watertown,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

	3.Woman with Blue Pillow,oil @ $40.00

        1935:American Federation of Arts,Barr Bldg,Washington,D.C.[WP&S 1935 mailing list]

	1.Chicago Faucet No.2;oil @ NFS[57th Exhibition][ill.]SH

Amm,Sophia-WP&S Northeast Chapter
           1989:1109 Briarcliff Dr.,Appleton,WI 54915[WP&S 1989]entrants
           1991:1109 Briarcliff Dr.,Appleton,WI 54915[WP&S 1991]
           1993:1109 Briarcliff Dr.,Appleton,WI 54914[WP&S 1993]$15.00
           1997:1109 Briarcliff Dr.,Appleton,WI 54914[WP&S 1997]pro
           2000:1109 Briarcliff Dr,.Appleton,WI 54914[WP&S 2001]
	Plate 1:Spirit of the Forest,acrylic on paper,22" x 30"[Centennial Exhibition]

        1951:West Allis,WI

Amundson,Allyn E.
	4.Properties,State Position You Adore,oil
	5.Three Figures,oil
	4.Plant Growers,oil @ $200.00
Milwaukee Art Center Awards,$75.00 each:4.Allyn E.Amundson,Plant Growers
	5.Lighted Interior,oil @ $300.00

Anders,Willi[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition /1935]
        Hannover 1897-1979 Brookfield,WI 
        1935:541 N.28th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list][FALK AIC 1990]
        1936:541 N.28th St.,Milwaukee,WI-Voigt,Paul,Printing Co.[1936 MCD-reverse][FALK AIC 1990]
	3.Cherry Street Bridge-oil [1936 Wisconsin Centennial Art Exhibition]
	4.Farm Scene-watercolor
        1937:Anders,Wm F(Annelore)drftsmn h839 N 28th [1937 MCD]
        1937:541 N.28th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]
	4.River Scene-oil
       1938:Anders Willi (Annalore)artist r543 N 28th [1938 MCD]
	4.Woman in Red Robe-oil
	5.Near the Valley-watercolor
H.H.West Co. $20.00 Merchandise Award:Willi Anders-"Near the Valley"-water color
       1940:Milwaukee,WI; not listed  in 1940 MCD
	3.Farm Scene-oil
       1945:417 W.Auer Ave.,Milwaukee 12,1i[WP&S 1-1945 mailing]
       1948: Centennial
	4.On Lake Shore; gouache @ $150
       1949:Milwaukee,WI;not listed  in 1949 MCD
	4.End of the Flying Cloud,casein @ $100.00
	112.Autumn Still Life-casein
	113.Bailey's Harbor-casein
	96.Disintegrating Boat-casein
 	76.Inundated Shore Line-casein
	6.Beauty of the Lowly Weed,casein
	7.Late Summer Expression,casein
	5.Two Weeds, casein @ $65.00
        1961:15365 Burleigh Rd.,Brookfield,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
	2.Black Top Road,oil @ $250.00
	3.Old Net,oil @ $75.00
        1975:15365 Burleigh Rd.,Brookfield,WI 53005[WP&S 1975]
        1976:15365 Burleigh Rd.,Brookfield,WI 53005
	Out of Chaos-Variation #14;watercolor @ $600.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
	Out of Chaos,oil @ $1,000.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
        1977:15365 Burleigh Rd.,Brookfield,WI 53005[WP&S 1977-78]
        1979:Woodland Health Center,18740 Bluemound Rd.,Brookfield,WI 53005[WP&S 1979]

           2000:507 W.Foster,Port Washington,WI 53074[WP&S 2001]
	Plate 2:Still Connected,mixed media 11 Ύ" x 11 Ύ"[Centennial Exhibition]

Anderson,Arthur J.
	8.The Parade Has Passed,watercolor
	6.Summer Yellow Bird,watercolor @ $250.00
        1961:1014 E.Main Street,Stoughton,WI[WP&S Sept.1961]
        1963:1014 E.Main Street,Stoughton,WI[WP&S 1963 Active]
        1964:1014 E.Main Street,Stoughton,WI[WP&S 1964]
        1965:1014 E.Main Street,Stoughton,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
        1966:1014 E.Main Street,Stoughton,WI[WP&S 1966-67]
        1970:1014 E.Main Street.Stoughton,WI 53589[WP&S 1970]
        1972:1014 E.Main Street.Stoughton,WI 53589[WP&S 1972]
        1973:1025 E.Main Street.Stoughton,WI 53589[WP&S 1973]
        1974:1025 E.Main Street,Stoughton,WI 53589[WP&S 1974]
        1975:1025 E.Main Street,Stoughton,WI 53589[WP&S 1975]
        1977:1025 E.Main Street,Stoughton,WI 53589[WP&S 1977-78]


Anderson,Barbara Groffman
      1964:Park Forest,IL
	1.Forgotten Company ;polymer tempera @ NFS
      1965:Park Forest,IL
	2.The Wall; polymer tempera @ NFS[51st Annual]

Anderson,Donald M.
       1948: Centennial
	5. The Storm; watercolor @ $75;6.Negro Girl; drawing @ $75
	1.Prisoner, ink and wash @ $100.00
Milwaukee Art Institute Award of Merit,$50.00 TO:The Prisoner,drawing,by Donald H.Anderson
	2.Winter Pattern,watercolor @ $200.00
	3.The Winter-oil
	140.Guitar Man-watercolor
H.H.West Company Mechandise Certificate:Donald Anderson-Nostalgia-watercolor-$25.00
	46.Mexican Walls-watercolor @ $100.00
Milwaukee Art Institute Award:Donald M.Anderson-Back Stage-oil-$50.00
	80.Backstage-oil & encaustic @ $200.00
	2.Winter Scene No.1,watercolor
	7.The Valley,watercolor @ $150.00
WP&S Award for watercolor,$25.00:7.Donald M.Anderson,The Valley
	6.Fall Day,watercolor @ $150.00
        1961:5750 Elder Place,Madison,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
	4.Landscape,watercolor @ $100.00
$50 La Vera Pohl Award 4 Landscape watercolor Don M Anderson
$100 Western Publishing Company 4 Landscape,watercolor Don M Anderson
	1.Winter Landscape,watercolor @ $100.00
	1.Spring Landscape,watercolor @ $75.00

Anderson,Douglas K
	Untitled;straw,gold foil,cow dung[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
        1994:Anderson,Douglas K & Hilary C,401 Eagle Hghts Mdsn[Ameritech 1994-95]

Anderson,Howard Benjamin[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
         Racine,WI 1903-
         1935:2725 Devon Ave.,Chicago,IL[WP&S 1935]
        [1936:2725 Devon Ave.,Chicago,IL]Anderson,Howard[1936 WP&S catalogue]
         1937:2725 Devon Ave.,Chicago,IL[WP&S 1937][1937 No-Jury show @ Navy Pier]
         1948:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
         1949:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]

         1996:future members/student participants[Past,Present & Future]
	Untitled;watercolor and ink

	8.Omega,oil @ $175.00
        1961:5631 W.Stack Drive,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
        1963:5631 W.Stack Drive,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1963 Active]
        1964:5631 W.Stack Drive,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1964]

Anderson,Miss Madge
        1929:Anderson Madge tchr W Div High sch r134 20th[1929 MCD]
        1935:612 N.20th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1936:Anderson,Madge tchr West Division High Sch r612 N 20th[1936 MCD]
        1937:612 N.20th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

Anderson,Meta Leona
      1931:Sketch Book of Milwaukee:1726 W.Washington St.,Milwaukee,WI (p.147)
      1942:Anderson Meta L. Gifts 1010 S.16th r 1726 W.Washington[1942 MCD]

      1991:933 El Dorado St.,Appleton,WI 54911[WP&S 1991]

Anderson,Ronald Trent
      Madison,WI 1938-
	9.Composition with Earth Children,watercolor @ NFS
	3.Nocturnal Fantasy,watercolor @ $125.00
               4.The Spawn,watercolor @ $125.00
         1964:Park Forest,IL
	2.Fathoms Deep,watercolor @ $175.00
         1965:108 Elm St.,Park Forest,IL[WP&S 1965-66]
         1966:57th St. Art Fair,Chicago,IL
         1967:57th St. Art Fair,Chicago,IL

Anderson, T.William
        1977:2205 Hammock Hill La.,Brookfield,WI 53005[WP&S 1977-78]
        1979:2205 Hammock Hill La.,Brookfield,WI 53005[WP&S 1979]
        1980:2205 Hammock Hill La.,Brookfield,WI 53005[WP&S 1980-81]
        1982:2205 Hammock Hill La.,Brookfield,WI 53005[WP&S 1982]metal sculpture
        1985:2205 Hammock Hill La.,Brookfield,WI 53005[WP&S 1985-86]

Anderson,William J.
         1993:2628 N.Newhall,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1993]$20.00
      	Tree;oil on wood
         1997:[Milwaukee,WI-two Wm J Andersons in Ameritech 1996-97,neither @ N.Newhall]
	Clothes for Flying (ill.);acrylic on burlap [Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
Art Muscle Memorial Award $150.00
	Clothes for Dissolving;acrylic on burlap[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

Andrae,Margaret Orth [Mrs George H Andrae]
        1929:Andrae,George H(Margaret L)v pres Herman Andrae Elect Co r4905 Larkin(WB)[1929 MCD]
        1931:Andrae,George H(Margaret L)v pres Herman Andrae Elect Co 
r4905 N Larkin(WB)[1931 MCD]
        1935:4905 N.Larkin St.,WHITEFISH BAY,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list][Mrs.George][corrected]
        1936:Andrae George H (Margaret L.)v p Herman Andrae Electrical Co h4905 N Larkin(WB)[MCD]
        1937:Andrae George H.(Margaret L)Herman Andre Electrical Co h4905 N Larkin(WB)[1937 MCD]
        1937:4905 N.Larkin St.,WHITEFISH BAY,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing][Mrs.George][corrected]
	5.Cottage by the Road-water color
	6.North Woods Station-water color
        1948: Centennial
	7. Refugees; block print @ $10

       1975:2532 N.Dousman,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1975]
       1977:2532 N.Dousman,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1977-78]
       1989:1421 N.69th St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53213[WP&S 1989]
       1990:1421 N.69th St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53213[WP&S 1990]
       1991:1421 N.69th St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53213[WP&S 1991]
       1996:Andrae,Ralph & Susan M,1421 N 69[Ameritech 1996-97]

Andres,Christa F.-WP&S Southeast Chapter
       1975:1538A N.Franklin Pl.,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1975]
       1977:1538A N.Franklin Pl.,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1977-78]
	Cliff-like Configurations;watercolor[Juried Membership Show]
	Season's Thaw;watercolor[Juried Membership Show]
       1985:2372A N.72nd St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[WP&S 1985-86]paid
       1986:2372A N.72nd St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[WP&S 1986-87]
       1987:2958 N.83rd St.,Milwaukee,WI 53222[WP&S 1987]pro
       1989:2958 N.83rd St.,Milwaukee,WI 53222[WP&S 1989]
       1990:2958 N.83rd St.,Milwaukee,WI 53222[WP&S 1990]
       1991:2958 N.83rd St.,Milwaukee,WI 53222[WP&S 1991]
       1995:2958 N 83rd St.,Milwaukee,WI 53222[WP&S 1995]
       1997:2958 N.83rd St.,Milwaukee,WI 53222[WP&S 1997]pro;painter

Andres,Melvin W.
       1929:Andres,Melvin W v pres treas Andres Stone & Marble Co,r1753 Wilshire(WB)[1929 MCD]
       1931:Andres Melvin W v pres Andres Stone & Marble Co r4707 N Wilshire Rd(WB)[1931MCD]
       1935:4707 Wilshire Road,Whitefish Bay,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
       1936:Andres,Melvin W.(Marien)v pres-sec Andres Stone & Marble Co r4707 N Wilshire(WB)[MCD]
       1937:4707 Wilshire Road,Whitefish Bay,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

Andrew,Mary C.
        1932:6111 W.Wisconsin Ave.,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S  1932 membership]
1.	Still Life-watercolor @ $15[ #131 on A.B.C.list]
        1935:6111 W.Wisconsin Ave.,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 1935 member]Blue.3990
        1936:Andrew,Virginia M clk NW Mut Life Ins Co r6111 W Wisconsin Av(W'tosa)[1936 MCD]

Andrews,Harold W.
       1929;Andrews,Harold W r1000 Orchard[1929 MCD]
       1931:Andrews Harold W student r2500 W Orchard[1931 MCD]
      1932:2500 W.Orchard St.,Milwaukee,WI-WP&S roster 1932[WP&S A.B.C.List]
	[#90 Figure Study @ $40.00;#91 Portrait @ $40.00;#92 Figure Composition @ $40.00;
#93 Court House Square @ $40.00]
       1933:2500  W.Orchard St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$.50][corrected][Hal]
	1.Racine Street Bridge-watercolor[#66b in 1933 entrants list @ $20.00]
      1935:2500 W.Orchard St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list][Hal]
      1936:Andrews,Harold W assembler r2500 W.Orchard[1936 MCD]
      1937:2500 W.Orchard St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

Andrews, John D.
     1948: Centennial
	8.After the Primitive; wood engraving @ $10; 9.Mare and Colt; scratchboard @ $50

Angel,Catherine & Dennis
      1917 Clark St.,Stevens Point,WI 54481[WP&S 1989]entrants

        1989:2957 North Bartlett #31,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1989]entrants
	Roman Boy;pen[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

      1942:Angelski,Jus. R.(Phyllis)barber 2525 N 5th h1945 N Holton[1942 MCD]
Boat Scene--drawing

Annen,Helen Wann (Mrs.Peter J.)[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
        Fairplay,MO 11-23-1901-undated fact sheet @ Milwaukee Public Library
        1932:2321 Rugby Row,Madison,WI[WP&S  5-9-1932 membership]
        1933:723 W.Johnson St.,Madison,WI[WP&S 1933 Entrants list]
	2.Back Yards in Hillington-oil[#575 on 1933 Entrants list @ $60.00]
                 [#573 Makoma Marsh @ N/L;#574 Fishing Docks @ $N/L]
        1934:2321 Rugby Row,Madison,WI[WP&S 1934-5 membership ]
        1935:2321 Rugby Row,Madison,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
	2.Monhegan Landing-oil
	6.Sunny Side Up-oil
	7.Stillwater Bridge-oil[1936 Wisconsin Centennial Art Exhibition]
	9.Little Farm-watercolor
	6.Design for a Mountain-oil
	5.The Yellow Hill-gouache
        1942:Winter Still Life-watercolor
                 Abandoned Quarry--watercolor
	56.Madison Suburbia,watercolor @ $35.00
	77.Quarry in Winter,watercolor @ $45.00
	1.Progress on State Street,watercolor @ $60.00
     1948: Centennial
	10. Colorado Ghost Town; watercolor @ $65

       2000:5817 N.Black Oak Lake Rd.,Land O'Lakes,WI 54540 [WP&S 2001]
	Plate 3:Aprons as Shields,#1,mixed media,61" x 18" x 18"[Centennial Exhibition]

         1932:#528 Blue Hill,N/P;#529 Houses @ Piles,N/P;#530 Certina @ N/P;#531 Zermatt @ N/P;#532 Boats & Shacks @ N/P

Anson,Miss Helen I.
      1929:Anson,Helen I.tchr r3128 State[1929 MCD]
               Anson George H(Cora E)clk First Wis Natl Bank h172 21st [1929 MCD]
      1935:3138 W.State St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member][West 1745]
      1936:Anson,George H(Cora E)auditor First Wis Natl Bank h3138 W.State[1936 MCD]
      1937:3138 W.State St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

Anthony,Helen[see Pisarek]
       1955: Milwaukee,WI
	81.Nude with Birdcage-oil & encaustic @ NFS

Antoine,Marianne W.-WP&S secretary 1995-96
             1993:4167 N.Downer Ave.,Shorewood,WI 53211[WP&S 1993]$20.00
             1995:2733 N.Stowell,Shorewood,WI 53211[WP&S 1995]
	Still Life with Daisy and Lemon[ill.];oil on linen,24"x25" @ $1,650.00
Hang-Up Gallery;$25 Gift Certificate-Still Life with Daisy and Lemon-Marianne Antoine

           1996:Apfel Kevin & Jennifer,2980 E Puetz Rd(Milwaukee)[Ameritech 1996-97]
         current member[Past,Present & Future]
	Irises;watercolor and acrylic

Arcuri,John J.
	3.Still Life-Blue;oil @ NFS[51st annual]

Arenberg,Diane-WP&S Southeast Chapter
       1997:10522 N.Manor Cir,Mequon,WI 53092[WP&S 1997]pro;painter;pastel,acrylic,monotype
       1999:Mequon [Statewide Juried Membership Expo]

	2.After the Shower-watercolor
	3.Beside the Two Trees-watercolor
	4.Hazy Day,New Jersey-watercolor
	5.Summer Day in Wisconsin-watercolor

	82.Circle Out of Tune With Things-oil & encaustic @ $50.00

         1929:Armstrong,Bernard (Gladys)lino opr h2015 Wells[1929 MCD]
                  Armstrong,Cyrus J(Gladys E.)eng h1273 Maryland av[1929 MCD]
         1935:2854 N.Hackett Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Lake.4797W
         1936:Armstrong,Bernard (Gladys) printer Mil Pub Co h1643A N 35th[1936 MCD]
                   Armstrong,Cyrus J (Gladys) eng DepPub Wks h2811 E Locust[1936 MCD]
                   Armstrong,Robt (Gladys) asst sec NW Mut Life Ins Co h3873 N Sherman blvd[MCD]
                   Armstrong Wayne L (Gladys) swtchmn Wis Tel Co r2331 N Booth[1936 MCD]
                  2854: Sullivan Geo D.(Frances R.)slsmn h2854 N Hackett av[1936 MCD]

          2000:2241 Eton Ridge,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 2001]
	Plate 4:Locally Grown,watercolor 22" x 27" award winner[Centennial Exhibition]
Armstrong,Kathy,Locally Grown,plate 4;$100 cash award-WP&S/WAAM

Armstrong,William H.
	3.The Abolutionist,watercoler
          1958:[Madison][Bill H.]
	10.Boothill Donor,oil @ $500.00
Frank Dau Paint Co.$25.00:10.Bill H.Armstrong,Boothill Donor
	7.Red Nest,watercolor @ $150.00
            	8.Winter Weeds,tempera @ $750.00
$100.00 Milwaukee Art Center Award-Bill H.Armstrong 7 Winter Weeds,tempera
	5. Prairie Sky Watcher,oil @ $1,000.00
	5.Apple Pods,watercolor @ $200.00

Arnold,Richard  R.
	3.To Now,oil @ $100.00

Arntson,Amy E
          1987:Wisconsin Artists Biennial
	Cibachrome Diptych;computer cibachrome[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]


Arrieh, Fay
     1948: Centennial
	11. Trees; watercolor @ $100; 12. Alley; oil @ $300;13.White Dress;lithograph @ $50

       1935:New York City,NY[WP&S 1935 mailing list]

Art Guild
       1935:c/o Gordon Borchardt,Sheboygan Public Schools,Sheboygan,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]

Art Students League
       1935:Mr.Joe Iaccolucci,State Teachers College,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]

Art Supply Co.
        1935:N 8th & W Wisconsin Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]


Asawa,Ruth (Ruth Asawa Lanier)
      Norwalk,CA 1926-
	2.Self Portrait,oil @ $25.00
	78.Breadmaking,watercolor @ $20.00
	124.Cat,pencil @ $2.00

Aschenbrenner,Yvonne L
              1993:6705 State Rd.175,Oshkosh,WI 54901[WP&S 1993]$15.00

         1991:6705 State Rd. #175,Oshkosh,WI 54901[WP&S 1991]student member

Aslakson,Sarah-secretary,WP&S South Central Chapter 1997
         1990:4221 Bagley Parkway,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1990]
         1991:4221 Bagley Parkway,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1991]
         1994:Aslakson,David & Sarah,4221 Bagley Pkwy Mdsn[Ameritech 1994-95]
         1995:[4221 Bagley Parkway,Madison,WI 53705]
	Northern Bells;watercolor,25"x 41" @ $1,900.00
         1997:4221 Bagley Parkway,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1997]pro;painter;wc
         1999:Madison,WI[Statewide Juried Membership Expo]

Atkins,Albert Henry
          (died 1951)
       1915:9 Copely Hall,Boston,MA[FALK AIC 1990]
       1916:9 Copely Hall,Boston,MA[FALK AIC 1990]
       1917:9 Copely Hall,Boston,MA[FALK AIC 1990]
       1919:[9 Copely Hall,Boston,MA]
	2.Heroic Head of Lincoln @ $1,500.00
	3.Art Institute Medal
	4.Crouching Nude @ $150.00
	5.Victory Head @ $500.00
	6.Telesis @ $300.00
	7.Lumber Jack @ $300.00
	8.David @ $300.00
	9.Spirit of the Sea @ $300.00…………………….[#216 FALK AIC 1990 p.72]

Atkins,Nellie B.
              	The Sermon on the Mount--oil
         1943:Kenosha,WI[FALK AIC 1990]
	57.The Old Home,watercolor @ $25.00

Atkinson,Tracy,Director,Milwaukee Art Center,War Memorial Bldg.,53202
        1964:Honorary Member[WP&S 1964]
        1965:Honorary Member[WP&S 1965-66]
        1966:Honorary Member[WP&S 1966-67]
        1972:Honorary Member,750 N Lincoln Memorial Dr.,Milwaukee 53202[WP&S 1972]
        1975:Honorary member,750 N.Lincoln Memorial Dr.,Milwaukee 53202[WP&S 1975]

       1975:1849 N.72nd St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53213[WP&S 1975]
       1977:1849 N.72nd St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53213[WP&S 1977-78]
       1979:333 West State St.,Milwaukee,WI 53201[WP&S 1979]
       1980:JOURNAL Square,Milwaukee,WI 53201[WP&S 1980-81]
       1982:333 West State St.,Milwaukee,WI 53201[WP&S 1982]honorary
       1985:333 West State St.,Milwaukee,WI 53201[WP&S 1985-86]honorary
       1986:333 West State St.,Milwaukee,WI 53201[WP&S 1986-87]

Augustine,Sister Mary
          1961:Mt.Mary College[WP&S Sept 1961]
	6.Composition,oil @ $85.00
          1963:Mt.Mary College,Milwaukee 10[WP&S 1963 Prof]
          1964:Mt.Mary College,Milwaukee 10[WP&S 1964]
          1965:Mt.Mary College,Milwaukee 10[WP&S 1965-66]
          1966:Mt. Mary College,Milwaukee 53222[WP&S 1966-67]
          1970:Mt.Mary College,2900 N.Menomonee River Pkwy,Milwaukee 53222[WP&S 1970]
          1972:Mt.Mary College,2900 N.Menomonee River Pkwy,Milwaukee 53222[WP&S 1970]

Aurner,Kathryn Dayton (Mrs.Robert R.)[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
	Iowa City,IA 1898-1991 Madison,WI
         1932:Nakoma,Madison,WI[WP&S 5-9-1932 membership]
         1933:1029 Seminole Hwy,Nakoma,Madison,WI[WP&S 1933 Entrants list]
	3.Farm from the Hill-oil [#373 on WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $100.00]
         1935:1029 Seminole Hwy.,Madison,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing  list]
     	3.Pittsburgh Hillside-oil
        [1936:1029 Seminole Hwy.,Madison,WI]
         	10.Industrial City-black and white
         1937:1029 Seminole Hwy.,Madison,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]
	58.Rising Fog,watercolor @ $30.00
	2.October Corn,oil @ $25.00

        1934:not listed in 1934 MCD
   	1.My Father-sculpture

Babcock,Charles W.
        1929:Babcock,Chas W (Helen G)asst city atty h409 Kenwood blvd[1929 MCD]
        1935:Plankinton Arcade Building,Rm.5178,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1936:Babcock,Chas.W.(Gertrude)asst city atty h1925 E.Kenwood blvd[1936 MCD]
        1937:Plankinton Arcade Building ,Rm.5178,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

Bach,Otto K.
        1935:Director,Grand Rapids Art Gallery,Grand Rapids,MI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1935:Director,Grand Rapids Art Gallery,Grand Rapids,MI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

        1975:3217 N.Marietta Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1975]
        1977:3217 N.Marietta Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1977-78]

         1975:2801 E.Crawford,St.Francis,WI 53207[WP&S 1975]
         1977:2801 E.Crawford,St.Francis,WI 53207[WP&S 1977-78]
         1979:2801 E.Crawford,St.Francis,WI 53207[WP&S 1979]
                 :has not paid dues since 1976;dropped from list 11-1-1979

Backman,Martha H.
         1945:Milwaukee,WI;not listed in 1944-45 MCD
	2.Minnesota Winter,tempera @ $10.00
         1946:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1946
	79.Boat House in the Winter,tempera @ $50.00
     1948: Centennial
	14. Portrait of an Artist; watercolor @ nfs

Bacon Edith Jane
       1879-1970 Evanston,IL
        1913:7321 Princeton Ave.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
        1914:7321 Princeton Ave.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
        1915:7321 Princeton Ave.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
        1917:7321 Princeton Ave.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
        1918:7321 Princeton Ave.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
        1919:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
        1920:Kemper Hall,Kenosha,WI[FALK AIC 1990]
        1921:Kemper Hall,Kenosha,WI[Salon des Refuses  1921,Rothschild & Co.,Chicago,Il]
        1922:577 Park Place,Kenosha,WI[WP&S New Members Elected Nov.1922]
        1923:Kemper Hall,Kenosha,WI[FALK AIC 1990]
        1924:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[Marlor SOA]
        1928:Box 125A,Zion,IL[Chicago No-Jury Society of Artists]
        1930:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
        1931:North Shore Country Day School,Winnetka,IL[CN-JSA]
        1938:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
        1939:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990

         1935:Bacon,Edw A (Lorraine)Office Title Guaranty Bldg h227 E Bradley Rd(FP)[1935 MCD]

        Milwaukee,WI 1896-1986
        [born Milwaukee 9-22-1896-undated bio sheet,Milwaukee Public Library]
	6.A September Day,Delaware Valley-oil
	7.Canal Lock,Uhlerstown-oil
	8.Tinicum Fields,Winter-oil

         1980:6925 N.Barnett Lane,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1980-81]
         1981:6925 N.Barnett Lane,Milwaukee,WI 53217
	The Timeless and the Momentary,14" x 14",etching[Membership Show]
	Winter Sunset,17" x 9",etching[Membership Show]
         1982:6925 N.Barnett Lane,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1982]graphics
         1983:6925 N.Barnett Lane,Milwaukee,WI 53217
	Franziska's Garden,Spring and Summer;etching[Juried Membership Show]
	Summer Solace;etching[Juried Membership Show]
         1985:6925 N.Barnett Lane,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1985-86]paid
         1986:6925 N.Barnett Lane,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1986-87]
         1987:6925 N.Barnett Lane,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1987]pro
	Receptacle II;monopring[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
         1989:W63 N234 Fairfield,Cedarburg,WI 53012[WP&S 1989]
	Discovering the Light;monoprint[Juried Membership Show]
         1990:6925 N.Barnett Lane,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1990]
         1991:9433 N.49th St.,#203,Milwaukee,WI 53223[WP&S 1991]

Baer,Ann-WP&S Southeast Chapter
       1996:Baer,A.L.,2008 52[Ameritech 1996-97]
       1997:2008 N.52nd St.,Milwaukee,WI 53208[WP&S 1997]pro
	Talk Softly and Carry a Big Stick;oil[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

Baerwaldt, Fred
     1948: Centennial
	15. Mystic Rocks; casein @ $25

Baesemann,Margaret Maasen[Mrs.Elmer C][WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual/1935]
      Milwaukee,WI 1907-
     1929:Baesemann,Elmer C slsmn Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co r1765 16th[MCD]
     1934:1005 N.39th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1934-5 membership ]
     1935:1005 N.39th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list][Mrs.E.]
	5.North 40th-watercolor
     1936:Basemann,Margt E. coml.artist Annabel Peterson,r1005 N.39th[1936 MCD]
             :Basemann,Elmer C.(Margt) clk Blatz Brewing Co.,h.1005 N.39th[1936 MCD]
     1937:[1005 N.39th St.,Milwaukee,WI];not listed in 1937 MCD
	7.Northern Wisconsin--watercolor
     1945:1005 N.39th St.,Milwaukee 8,WI[WP&S 1-1945 mailing]
	2.Scandinavian Barn,watercolor @ $45.00
    1961:320 Macomber St.,Chippewa Falls,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
    1963:320 Macomber St.,Chippewa Falls,WI[WP&S 1963 Active]
    1964:320 Macomber St.,Chippewa Falls,WI[WP&S 1964]
    1965:320 Macomber St.,Chippewa Falls,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
    1966:320 Macomber St.,Chippewa Falls,WI[WP&S 1966-67]
    1970:320 Macomber St.,Chippewa Falls,WI[WP&S 1970]
    1972:320 Macomber St.,Chippewa Falls,WI 54729[WP&S 1972]
    1973:320 Macomber St.,Chippewa Falls,WI 54729[WP&S 1973]
    1974:320 Macomber St.,Chippewa Falls,WI 54729[WP&S 1974]
    1975:320 Macomber St.,Chippewa Falls,WI 53729[WP&S 1975]
    1977:320 Macomber St.,Chippewa Falls,WI 53729[WP&S 1977-78]
    1979:320 Macomber St.,Chippewa Falls,WI 53729[WP&S 1979]
    1980:320 Macomber St.,Chippewa Falls,WI 53729[WP&S 1980-81]
    1982:320 Macomber St.,Chippewa Falls,WI 53729[WP&S 1982]watercolor

Bailey,Miss Carroll N.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
    1929:Baker Carroll N student r390 Marion[1929 MCD]
             Baker,Royal S(Julia)inspr h390 Marion[1929 MCD]
     1931:Milwaukee Street Numbers Changed in 1931
    1933:4214 N.Oakland Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 Entrants list]
    1933:4214 N.Oakland,Milwaukee[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.50]
	4.Station-oil[#411a WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $25.00]
	[#412a Trees @ $30.00;#413a Landscape @ $25.00]
     1934:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
    1935:4160 N.Maryland Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
    1936:4160 N Maryland Ave.,Smith,Leland M(Edith M.)slsmn[1936 MCD]
    1937:4160 N.Maryland Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

	4.Ritual Figure;clay @ $150.00[51st Annual]

Bain,Harriet Frary
       Kenosha,WI-died 1945
       1891:Kenosha,WI[FALK AIC 1990]
       1892:Kenosha,WI[FALK AIC 1990]
       1894:Kenosha,WI[FALK AIC 1990]
       1896:Kenosha,WI[FALK AIC 1990]
       1897:Kenosha,WI[FALK AIC 1990]
      1899:Kenosha,WI[FALK AIC 1990]
      1921:577 Park Av.,Kenosha,WI[Salon des Refuses  1921,Rothschild & Co.,Chicago][FALK AIC 1990]
      1922:577 Park Place,Kenosha-[WP&S  "New Members Elected Nov. 1922"]
      1923:577 Park Place,Kenosha[C N-JSA][MARLOR SOA]
      1924:577 Park Ave.,Kenosha,WI[CN-JSA '23 & SIA '25]
	1.Still Life @ $50.00
       1925:577 Park Place,Kenosha,WI[WP&S  1925 membership][MARLOR SOA]
       1926:577 Park Place,Kenosha;Geogianna,Florida via Cocoa[WP&S 1926 journal]
       1931:6328 7th Ave.,Kenosha,WI[CN-JSA]
       1934:112 E.10th St.,NYC[Marlor SIA]

        1989:1164 Emerald St.,Apt.2,Madison,WI 53715[WP&S 1989]entrants
	Moon Claw;oil,encaustic[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

Baker,Everett B.
        1929:Baker Everett student r593 Summit av N[1929 MCD]
        1931:not listed in 1931 MCD
        1932:2676 N.Summit Ave.,Milwaukee,WI-WP&S roster 1932[A.B.C.list]
	[#183 Plane Mr.B. @ N/P;#183 (no title)]
         1933:2675 N.Summit,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.50]
	5.Age-oil[#648a WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ NFS]
	[#647a Gwennie @ NFS;#649a Virginia @ NFS]
        1936:vacant[1926 MCD]reverse

       1924:Baker,Helen G.,student r698 Farwell st[1924 MCD]
	2.Narcissus @ $10.00
	3.Still Life @ $10.00
       1925:Baker,Helen-student,r698 Farwell av[1924 MCD]-4 Helen Bakers in MCD
       1927:Who's Who In Music & Art in Mil.:856 Marietta Ave.,p.241

	4.Night's Storied Eyes,oil @ $300.00

       1911:1221 E.57th St.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
       1912:1221 E.57th St.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
       1913:5642 Kimbark Ave.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
       1914:Edgerton,WI/5642 Kimbark Ave.,Chicago,IL
	1.Autumn…………………………………………………….[#13 FALK AIC 1990,p.80]
	2.The Hillside-Wisconsin……………………………………[#12 FALK AIC 1990.p.80]
	3.An October Day
      1915:Edgerton,WI/5642 Kimbark Ave.,Chicago,IL
	5.Threshing…………………………………………………..[#16 FALK AIC 1990,p.80]
	6.Autumn…………………………………………………….[#14 FALK AIC 1990,p.80]
      1916:5642 Kimbark Ave.,Chicago,Il[FALK AIC 1990]
      1917:[Edgerton,WI]/6026 Kenwood Ave.,Chicago,IL
	10.A Summer Holiday @ $100.00
	11.Sunshine and Mist @ N/L[#2 1917-18 Rotary Exhibition @ $50.00]
          1917-18 Rotary Exhibition:#2 sunshine and Mist @ $50.00
       1919:2226 E.70th St.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
      1920:2226 E.70th St.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]

Bakker,Gerhard H.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935][Craftsmen of Wis p99,214]
        Solingen,Germany 1906-1988 Milwaukee,WI[Marlor SIA]
      1929:N/L in 1929 MCD
      1932:3618 N.25th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	2.A Bleak Rain-watercolor @ $50.00[ #442 on A.B.C.list]
               1.Cactus-black and white work @ $2.50 [#443 on A.B.C.list]
	2.Century Plant-black and white work @ $2.50[#444 on A.B.C.list]
     	 Water Color Purchase Prize of $50.00 Donated by a Friend for the Best Work
 in that Medium,to be Presented to the Milwaukee Art Institute:1932:Gerhard H.Bakker
      1933:3618 N.25th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$3.00]
              244 E.15th St.,NYC[Marlor SIA]
	6.Winter Landscape-lino cut[#656a WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $2.00]
	7.Wooden Shoes-lino cut[#658a WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $2.00]
	[#653a R.R.Bridge off Hiway 41 @ $30.00;#654a Stone Quarry Near Lanon @ $30.00;#655a Portrait @ $2.00;
		#657a Mil.River Bridge @ $15.00]
      1934:Bakker,Gerhard H(Hertha)artist Van Dyke Knitting Co h3618a N 25th[1934 MCD]
	2.Old German Street-linoleum cut
	3.Quincy Mine-linoleum cut
      1935:3618 N.25th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
	7.Evening in Colorado City-watercolor
 	8.Pike's Peak[Colo.]-black and white
      1936:Bakker,Gerhard H.(Hertha J.),coml artist,h3618 A  N.25th St.[1936 MCD]
	12.Road to Cripple Creek-oil[1936 Wisconsin Centennial Art Exhibition]
	13.Storm Clouds Over Manitou,Colorado-watercolor
	14.Blue Bird Gold Mine,Colorado-black and white
	15.Garden of the Gods,Colorado-black and white
      1937:Bakker,Gerhard H (Hertha J)instr Layton Sch of Art h1426A N Prospect Av[1937 MCD]
	7.Blue Bird Mine,No.2-water color
                 [Honorable Mentions-drawing]
      1940:Bakker,Gerhard (Heartha)instr Layton school of art h1426a Prospect av[1940 MCD]
	6.Evening on the Desert-watercolor
      1942:Bakker Gerhard (Heartha)instr Layton School of art h1426a N Prospect av[1942 MCD]
               Beached for Repairs-watercolor
               Rainy Day on Lake Superior--watercolor
       1943:[1426A N.Prospect Av.,Milwaukee,WI];MCD not published in 1943
	59.Flood,watercolor @ $30.00
	132.Pulp Hoist,ink @ N/P
	[Milwaukee Art Institute Purchase Prize of $15.00 for a Drawing]
       1944:Bakker,Gerhard(Heartha)tchr Layton Sch of Art h1426 a N Prospect av[1944-45 MCD]
	39.Approaching Storm,watercolor @ $50.00
	63.Village Corner,ink @ $15.00
       1945:1426 A.N. Prospect,Milwaukee 2,WI[WP&S 1-1945 mailing]
	3.Nocturne,watercolor @ $30.00
       1946:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1946
	80.Drying the Nets,watercolor @ $45.00
      1947:Milwaukee,WI;no listing in 1947 MCD
	2.Blue Mood,watercolor @ $50.00
	1.Booth Fisheries,drawing @ $15.00
Incentive Prize:WP&S Award of $15.00 to Gerhard Bakker for the work,
	Booth Fisheries[awarded to members in good standing who have won no other prize]
     1948: Centennial
	16. Blue Mood; watercolor @ $50   17. Lobster Heads; lithograph @ $5
       1949:Bakker Gerhard (Heartha A) instr h2604 E Park pl[1949 MCD]
	5.Fishermen's Dock,watercolor @ $50.00
	6.Height of the Storm,watercolor @ $100.00
MILWAUKEE SENTINEL Prize of $100.00 for a watercolor of outstanding merit which will be donated to a public 
	institution in Wisconsin:Gerhard H.Bakker for Height of the Storm

Balding,Mrs.HENRY  A.[corrected][Maude M.]
        1929:Balding,Henry A(Maude)dist mgr Allis-Chalmers Mfg Co h525 Lake dr[1929 MCD]
        1931:Balding,Henry A(Maude M)dist slsmgr A-C Mfg Co h2535 N Lake dr[1931 MCD]
        1935:2535 N.Lake Drive,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Lake.1209[Harry]
        1936:2535 N Lake Dr .,Balding Henry A[1936 MCD]reverse
                  Balding,Henry A.(Maude M)slsmgr A-C Mfg Co h2605 N Summitt av[1936 MCD]

Baldwin,Guy A.
	1.Horse,steel @ $150.00
	2.Beacon to the Y.B.R.,steel @ $200.00[54th Annual]

       1929:Baldwin Marguerite sten r1385 Downer av[1929 MCD]
       1931:Baldwin,Marguerite investigator Dept of Out-Door Relief r4061 N Downer av[1931 MCD]
       1935:4061 N.Downer Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 member]Edge.3779
       1936:Baldwin,Marguerite investigator Dept of Outdoor Relief r4061 N.Downer Ave.[1936 MCD]

	1.Down on the Valley-oil & encaustic

Balistreri,Luke M.
	1.Inverted Versions V,gouache @ $115.00[56th Exhibition]
	2.Hollyhwood,acrylic @ $375.00[56th Exhibition]
	2.Paiting #3;acrylic @ $325.00[58th Exhibition]
         1975:842 Prospect Ave.,Oshkosh,WI 54901[WP&S 1975]
         1976:842 Prospect Ave.,Oshkosh,WI 54901
	Green Vase;charcoal on paper @ $285.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
         1977:842 Prospect Ave.,Oshkosh,WI 54901[WP&S 1977-78]
         1989:802 Mt.Vernon,Oshkosh,WI 54901[WP&S 1989]entrants
         1993:816 Heather Ln.,Neenah WI 54956[WP&S 1993]$20.00
	High Cliff Park,Wisconsin;pen/ink on paper
	Algoma,Wisconsin;pen,ink,watercolor on paper

Balistrieri,Peter H
        1975:3266 N.Newhall St.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1975]
        1977:3266 N.Newhall St.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1977-78]

       1919:Balistreri Philip artist 346 Jefferson h do[1919 MCD]

Ballan,Mercedes Diana G.[Mrs.Horace V.Ballan]
      1935:926 N.Cass St.,Apt.6,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 membership list]
      1936:Ballan,Horace V(Mercedes D)constr eng h1121 E Pleasant apt 301[1936 MCD]
               Simmons,Gordon H(Anette)eng h926 N Cass apt 6[1936 MCD]
      1937:926 N.Cass St.,Apt.6,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

Ballard,Mrs.Lena[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
      1929:Ballard,Geo W(Lena)genl night formnCMStP&Pry h346 37th [1929 MCD]
      1935:1130 N.37th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 membership list][Housewife]
      1936:Hanke Fred J(Helene R:Lyric Theater)h1130 N.37th[1936 MCD]
      1937:1130 N.37th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

Ballard,Steve-WP&S Northeast Chapter
          1993:915 E.Sunset Ave.,Appleton,WI 54911[WP&S 1993]$15.00
          1995:[915 E.Sunset Ave.,Appleton,WI 54911]
	Sun Lattice;assemblage/wood and electric cord,59" x 54" x 4"
          1997:915 Sunset Drive.,Appleton,WI 54911[WP&S 1997]pro
          1999:Appleton[Statewide Juried Membership Expo]
          2000:915 E.Sunset Drive.Appleton,WI 54911[WP&S 2001]
	Plate 5:A Hand for New York,assemblage 7" x 4" x 13"[Centennial Exhibition]

Balsley,Linda-WP&S Northeast Chapter
           1991:4052 Downer,Shorewood,WI 53211[WP&S 1991]student member
           1993:4052 Downer,Shorewood,WI 53211[WP&S 1993]$15.00
           1997:2095 Lost Dauphin Rd.,De Pere,WI 54115[WP&S 1997]pro

Bandy,Thomas A
       1951:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1951xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	4.Circus Fans Holiday -oil

	9.Formation,oil @ $200.00
$100 Milwaukee Art Center Award Carl Barak 9 Formation,oil
	3.Rambler-Black 64,liquitex,@ $150.00
$400 Gimbels-Schusters 50th Anniversary Award 3.Rambler-Black 64 liquitex Carl Barak
	4.Tree Series-Underbrown,liquitex @ $100.00

         1929:Barbour,Raleigh W (Hazel)pres-sec Wisconsin Sales & Service Co h375 Lake dr[MCD]
         1935:2049 N.Lake Drive,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Lake.5063
         1936:Dyer Geo H(Margt K)mgr Postal Tel-Cable Co,h2049 N.Lake Dr[1936 MCD]

	2.Robert Crab;paste/watercolor,29.5" x 37.25"[Exhibition 63]

Barford,George[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
             1933:1954 S.76th St.,WEST ALLIS ,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$.50][corrected]
	[#97b St.Paul Depot @ $5.00]
             1934:[1954 S.76th St.,West Allis,WI]
	5.Flour Mills-pastel
	7.City Sector-oil
            1935:1954 S.76th St.,West Allis,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member][no phone # listed]
	11.Self-Portrait-black and white
            1936:1947 S.76th St.,West Allis,WI[WP&S 1936 membership]
	16.Soldiers Home-black and white
	17.Nude-black and white
            1940:[West Allis,WI]
	7.New York Bar and Grill-oil
	9.Composition:Moon and Figure-gouche
            1943:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990

Barker,Earl James
         1964:West Allis,WI
	5.Deadly Feuds with Things Invisible,oil @ $1,500.00
$100 Friends of Art Award 5 Deadly Feuds with Things Invisible oil Earl James Barker
	6.The Love,the Wish,the Secret,oil @ $400.00

	3.For Your Mind,mixed media @ $300.00[55th Annual]

Barlament,Kathleen Miller-WP&S Northeast Chapter
          1991:916 Allouez Place,Green Bay,WI 54301[WP&S 1991]associate member
          1997:8872 Lime Kiln Rd.,Little Sturgeon,WI 54235[WP&S 1997]pro

Barnard,PhilipY E A R 
          Pleasantville-none in Wisconsin zipcode directory
           	144.The Sister of a Mr.Moore-sculpture
The Collector's Corner Awarded for Sculpture:PhillipBarnard,The Sister of a Mr.Moore,Sculpture,$25.00

         Manitowoc,WI 1879-1947
                1895:286 Beldon Ave.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
    	  2.Above the Dam
    	  3.Boats in Manitowoc River
              1922:"c/o Milwaukee Art Institute" [WPS New Members Elected Nov 1922]
               1926:528 Clyde Ave.,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S journal 1926]ACTIVE MEMBER
               1929:528 Clyde Ave.,Wauwatosa[BULLETIN April 1929]MEMBER

	2.Apples On the Window Sill,oil @ $75.00
$50 Friends of Art Award 2 Apples on Window Sill,oil Kathleen Barnes

Barnes,Wyman W.
	2.Blue Flow;vinyl,wood @ $550.00[57th Exhibition]S

Barnett,David-Barnett Gallery
         1986:1024 East State St.,Milwaukee,WI 53202[1986-87]

Barnum,Charles Norman
       1931:Barnum,Charles Norton(Margt G)spl service eng Wis Tel Co r8 Watson av(W'tosa)[1931 MCD]
	2. The Tramp-oil
       1932:1071 E.Circle Drive[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	3.Barque at Anchor-black and white work @ $10[#48 on A.B.C.list]
	4.Bermuda Fishing Boat-black and white work @ $10[#47 on A.B.C.list]
	[#45 Deep Laden @ $200.00;#46 Bermuda Courtyard @ $40.00;#49 Studio Corner @ $60.00;
#50 Stone Stairway @ $55.00]
        1933:1071 E.Circle Dr.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of pd. entries:$1.00][corrected:1933 Entrants ]
	[#182a Deep Laden @ $150.00;183a Hill Farm @ $35.00]
       1934:Barnum,Chas N (Marguerite G)coml rep Wis Tel Co h2212 N Lake dr[1934 MCD]
	8.Lowering the Landing Stage-watercolor
	9.Carferry-Port Huron-watercolor
       1935:2212 N.Lake Drive,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
       1936:Edmonds,Wm A(Bernie B)h2212 N Lake dr[1936 MCD][new occupant]
       1937:2212 N.Lake Drive,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

Barnum, Mrs.Marguerite Grossenbach[also see GROSSENBACH,Miss Marguerite]
       1935:2212 N.Lake Drive,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 member]Lake 4221
       1936:Barnum,Chas N.(Marguerite G.)coml rep Wis Tel Co h2804 E Stratford ct[1936 MCD]
       1945:540 N.8th St.,Manitowoc,WI[WP&S 1-1945 mailing]
       1961:1012 W.Wisconsin Ave.,Oconomowoc,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]

Barr,Miss Harriet[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
       1935:3229 N.Shepard Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
       1936:Barr,Harriet M art supvr Whitefish Bay Schools r3205 N Marietta av apt A[1936 MCD]
                3229 N Shepard Ave-vacant[1936 MCD]reverse
       1937:3229 N.Shepard Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

Barrack,John G.
      1935:c/o T.A.Chapman Co.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
      1936:Barrack,John G.(Virginia)coml artist h2141 A N 44th[1936 MCD]
      1937:2141 A.N. 44th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing][Barrach]

       1965:River Falls,WI
	5.God Bless Our Brother;oil,collage @ $500.00[51st Annual]
       1967:River Falls,WI
	3.The First Day; collage @ $350.00[53rd Annual]
	4.What Do You Want to Be?;collage @ $400.00[53rd Annual]

	3.Red and Blue or Green and Orange?;$550.00[57th Exhibition]Y
        1974:2861 N.Prospect Ave.,Milwaukee 53211[WP&S 1974]
        1975:2861 N.Prospect Ave.,Milwaukee 53211[WP&S 1975]
        1977:2861 N.Prospect Ave.,Milwaukee 53211[WP&S 1977-78]

Barron,William F.
       1929:N/L in 1929 MCD
       1933:2619 N.Downer Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.00]
	8.Abandoned Mine-watercolor[#721a WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $35.00]
	[720a Georgia Cotton Patch @ $35.00]
       1935:2619 N.Downer Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
       1936:2619 N.Downer Ave.:Schomer Lichtner,artist;Allen,Russell C.;Grotenrath,Ruth Mrs,artist[MCD]
       1937:714 East Ave.,Cedartown,GA[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

         1929:Barrows,Ellen tchr 21st St Sch r1707 Wisconsin av apt 3[1929 MCD
         1935:2518 N.Lake Drive,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 member]Lake 2434
         1936:Barrows Ellen tchr Center St School r2528 N Lake dr apt 5[1936 MCD]

       1929:Barte,Frank A(Annie H)mech h512 E Bolivar av[1929 MCD]
       1935:512 E.Bolivar Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
       1936:Barte,Annie H(wid Frank A)h512 E.Bolviar av[1936 MCD]
       1937:512 E.Bolivar Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

	3.Whimsical Landscape,oil @ $370.00
$50 Dimensional Products.Inc.Award 3 Whimsical Landscape,oil Sue Bartfield

	3.Portrait of a Frigidaire,1983:mixed media,52 x 47 inches[Exhibition 62]
	3.Cling Peaches & Coffee Pot/Series;oil and pencil,22" x 30"[Exhibition 63]

          1996:Bartkowiak,Arthur W & Mary T,16940 Burleigh Pl[Ameritech 1996-97]
	Confluence;oil on canvas

Bartkowiak,Mary T.
           1993:16940 Burleigh Pl.,Brookfield,WI 53005[WP&S 1993]$20.00	
	October Softness;oil[Past,Present & Future]

Bartlett,Miss Bernice[aka Bartelt-"Americanized"from German spelling]
       1929Bartelt,Arth H(Alice)grain dir h5124 Wisconsin av apt 1[1929 MCD]
       1931:Bartelt,arth H(alice)grain h5220 W Wisconsin av apt 1[1931 MCD]
       1935:5230 W.Wisconsin Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
       1936:5230 W.Wisconsin Ave:Bartelt,Arth H.,apt 1[1936 MCD]reverse
                Bartelt,Arth H.(Alice)h5230 W.Wisconsin av,apt l[1936 MCD]
       1937:5230 W.Wisconsin Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

Bartlett,Frederick Clay
        Chicago,IL 1873-1953 ["especially invited"]
        1898:38 rue Boileau,Paris[FALK AIC 1990]
        1899:32 Schoenfeld Strasse,Munich[FALK AIC 1990]
        1900:1019 Fine Arts Bldg.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
        1901:Fine Arts Bldg,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
        1903:2901 Prairie Ave.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
        1905:2901 Prairie Ave.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990];The Book of Chicagoans 1905,p.46
        1906:2901 Prairie Ave.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
        1907:2901 Prairie Ave.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
        1910:2901 Prairie Ave.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
        1911:2901 Prairie Ave.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990];The Book of Chicagoans 1911,p.41
        1912:2901 Prairie Ave.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
        1913:2901 Prairie Ave.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
        1914:2901 Prairie Ave.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
        1915:2901 Prairie Ave.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
	78.Palazzctio (Nymphenburg)
	79.Grey and Sunlight
	80.Roosevelt Dam-Arizona
	81.Exterior of the Studio
	82.Studio Roof Garden
	83.The Nunnery
	84.Flowing Fountain,Munich
	85.Across the Bay
	86.Spring Blossoms
	87.Chinese Tower,Munich
	88.Yellow Birds
        1916:2901 Prairie Ave.,Chicago,IL>135 E.21st St.,NYC[FALK AIC 1990]
        1917:131 E.66th St.,NYC[Marlor SIA][FALK AIC 1990]
        1917:2901  Prairie Av-The Book of Chicagoans 1917,p.41
        1918:1 West 67th St.,NYC[Marlor SIA]
        1919:2901 Prairie Ave.,CHICAGO,IL[WP&S 1919 member list]-corrected but obsolete address
        1919:1 W.67th St.,NYC[FALK AIC 1990]
        1920:3 E 52nd St.,NYC[FALK AIC 1990]
        1921:Lake Geneva,WI[FALK AIC 1990]/3 E.52nd St.,NYC[Marlor SIA]
        1921:"Frederick Clay Bartlett"[WP&S Members Feb 1921]-rubbed out
        1922:24 W.59th St.,NYC[FALK AIC 1990}>:Fort Lauderdale,FL[Marlor SIA]
        1924:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
        1925:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
        1926:xxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990;The Book of Chicagoans 1926:removed to New York,p.64
        1928:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
        1929:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990

        1929:Bartlett Kathryn aide Soldiers Home;ALSO,Kath(wid Louis)r2718 McKinley blvd[MCD]
        1935:Tower Hotel,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Marq.3972
        1936:Bartlett Kath aide Veterans Administration r Marquette Tower Hotel[1936 MCD]

Barwick,Bernard P.-WP&S South Central Chapter
         1994:Barwick,Bernard P,5004 Tomahawk Trail[Ameritech 1994-95]
         1997:5004 Tomahawk Trail,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1997]associate;sculptor
          1999:Madison [Statewide Juried Membership Expo]

        1989:P.O.Box 33,Sister Bay,WI 54234[WP&S 1989]entrants

Basco,Carl L.
	3.Conflagration under Control assemblage @ $50.00[54th Annual]

Basquin,Kit-WP&S Southeast Chapter
          1995:925 E.Wells St.,apt.225,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1995]
          1997:925 E.Wells St.,apt.225,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1997]pro

Bast,Sandara-WP&S Northeast Chapter
         1997:P.O.Box 1897,Manitowoc,WI 54221[WP&S 1997]associate

Bastian,Rufus A.
            Milwaukee,WI1908-1972 Dumont,NJ
       1929:Bastian Rufus student r780 39th [1929 MCD]
       1933:2450 W Hopkins St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.00][corrected]
	9.Flowers-watercolor[#111b WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $50.00]
	[#110b portrait @ NFS]
       1935:2450 W.Hopkins St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
       1936:Bastian Henry (Nellie)pntr h2450 W Hopkins[1936 MCD]forward & reverse
       1937:2450 W.Hopkins St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]
       1939:245 W.North Ave.,Chicago,IL[Marlor SIA]
       1943:5 W.16th St.,NYC[Marlor SIA]

       1989:2467A North Pierce St.,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1989]entrants

       1929:Bates Harry H(Eva)slsmn Washburn-Crosby Co Inc h1108 Murray[1929 MCD]
       1935:4300 N.Murray Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Edge.3961
       1936:Bates,Guy slsmn r4300 N Murray av(Mrs.Eva Bates)[1936 MCD]& reverse
                Bates Eva M(wid Harry H)sewer Middleton Mfg Co h4300 N Murray av[1936 MCD]

      1935:Glenbeulah,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member][no phone #]
      1937:Glenbeulah,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

       1935:c/o Miss Carol J.Zillman,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]

       1942:[see below]

        1942:Bayer,Helmuth A.(Anita)artist E.F.Smith Co h210 E.Garfield av[1942 MCD]
	"Functional Form-drawing

Bayuzick,Dennis G.-WP&S Southeast Chapter
           1989:4608 5th Ave.,Kenosha,WI 53140[WP&S 1989]entrants
           1993:4608 5th Ave.,Kenosha,WI 53140[WP&S 1993]$20.00
	Mirror,Mirror;oil on canvas
           1997:4608 5th Ave.,Kenosha,WI 53140[WP&S 1997]pro;painter;oil,acrylic
	Budah,Christ and Me;acrylic[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

            1991:1028 South Fifth St.,Milwaukee,WI 53204[WP&S 1991]

           1966:1927 Division St.,Stevens Point,WI[not paid member Oct.1966]

           1989:1318 Grand Ave.,Manitowoc,WI 54220[WP&S 1989]entrants

Beck,Harvey H
        1932:1805 River St.,Merrill,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#251 Carolina Springtime @ N/P;#512 Portrait of Miss Osborne @ NFS]

    Milwaukee,WI 1917-
        1936:two Leonard Becks in 1936 MCD,on E Burleigh(Barbara); & W North av[student]
        1940:[Milwaukee,WI];not listed in 1940 MCDxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
        	10.As I Remember--watercolor
        1945:Beck,Leonard coml artist r2355  N 36th[1944-45 MCD]
	3.Inward Out,oil @ $75.00
	4.Lower Seven,watercolor @ $20.00
	1.Within Thought,pastel @ $25.00
        1946:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1946xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	3.Europa and the Bull,oil @ $125.00
        1947:Beck,Leonard coml artist r2355 N 36th [1947 MCD]
	3.My Best,watercolor @ $35.00
        1948:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
        1949:Beck,Leonard coml artist r2355 N 36th[1949 MCD][FALK AIC 1990]
	7.Circus Act,oil @ $200.00
        1950:Milwaukee,WIxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
	5.Nightmare,oil @ $175.00
        1951:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1951xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	141.Remember Me-watercolor
	2.Labyrinth-oil & encaustic
	3.Portrait of the Artist-oil & encaustic
	2.Cuckoo Tree-oil & encaustic
	3.Portrait of K.P.-oil & encaustic
	31.The Miraculous Levitation-casein @ $125.00
	83.Paracosmos-oil & encaustic @ $200.00
	11.Genesis,casein @ $300.00
        1961:[not on Sept 1961 list]
	7.Night Bird,casein @ $250.00

       1920:Beck,Aug C(Elizabeth)Pres Aug C Beck Co
[packing boxes ,hardwood flooring,window frames]h420 Terrace av[1929 MCD]
       1931:Beck,Pauline r 2236 N Terrace av[1931 MCD]
       1931:2236 N.Terrace Ave.[WP&S roster 4-27-1931]
      1932:2236 N.Terrace Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1932 A.B.C.list]
      1935:2236 N.Terrace Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
      1936:Beck,Aug C(Eliz C)pres Aug C Beck Co h2236 N Terrace Ave.[1936 MCD]forward & reverse

	4.Limbo-oil & encaustic

Beck, John Leonard
     1948: Centennial
	18. Lunar Eden; ;oil @ $250

Beck,Wilbert,artlibrarian,Milwaukee Public Library(Honorary)[WP&S 1964]

Becker,Mrs.Charles[Anna Loessin Becker][WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual/1935]
      1929:Becker Carl A(Anna)meats 1429 11th h do [1929 MCD]
      1935:215 W.Ring St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
      1936:Becker Carl A(Anna)meatcutter Bruno P Betzolt h215 Ring[1936 MCD]forward & reverse
      1937:215 W.Ring St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

	10.Balaclaua;oil @ NFS
	8.Anatomist; oil @ $150.00
$600.00 Gimbels Milwaukee Award 8 Anatomist oil David Becker
	6.In My Attic;oil @ $475.00[51st Annual]

Beckius,Mary Ann C.
	4.Crucifixion,welded steel,$250.00
	3.Tribute to Eddie,papier mache @ $250.00[56th Exhibition]

	4.Silver Raining;photograph,16" x 20"[Exhibition 63][ill.]
              5.Raised Joints;photograph,16" x 20"[Exhibition 63][ill.]
$300.00 award Winner William Bedford[#4 and #5]

Bedore,Mrs.Anna Lou Matthews
      Born 1882-               
      1918:6159 Ellis Ave.,Chicago[FALK AIC 1990]
      1938:[Bedore,Ernst J.,r Soldiers Home]
	8.An Apostle of the Soil-oil

Beeker,Mrs Warda
       1911:688 Cass St.,Milwaukee,WI
       WMRF to WB 9-16-1911;9-20-1911
        1912:688 Cass St.,Milwaukee,WI
       WMRF to WB 8-22-1912

	7.The Flight Testing of Pernell Hemlocks Re-built Biplane; oil @ $50.00
$50 La Vera Pohl Award 7 The Flight Testingof Pernell Hemlocks Re-built Biplane oil Gene Beery
 	7.Hallucemogenic Flash Card No.43:It Happened at 10 P.M. July 14,1934 
at Buck Bruck's Dairy Farm; plastic @ $75.00[51st Annual]

Behl, Johann Wolfgang[FALK AIC 1990]
      Berlin,Germany 1918-
     1944:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
     1945:Milwaukee,WIxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
1.The Digger,wood @ $350.00
[Milwaukee Art Institute Prize of $25.00 for sculpture.
To be awarded to the most meritorious work in the exhibition]
2.	Playing Girl,plaster @ $250.00

          1985:2024 Madison St.,Madison,WI 53711[WP&S 1985-86]paid
          1986:2024 Madison St.,Madison,WI 53711[WP&S 1986-87]
          1987:2024 Madison St.,Madison,WI 53711[WP&S 1987]pro

Behncke,Ethel J.
          1935:170 Wisconsin,Oshkosh,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1937:170 Wisconsin,Oshkosh,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Behncke,Nile Juergen
          Oshkosh,WI 1894-1954
           1928:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
           1929:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
         1930:Oshkosh Public Museum,Oshkosh,WI[WP&S April 1930 membership ][FALK AIC 1990]
	4.Birch Trees-watercolor
         1932:Oshkosh Public Museum,Oshkosh,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	3.Fishing Tugs-watercolor @ $30.00[#627 on A.B.C.list]
	[#625.The Bridge @ $30.00;#626 1 O'Clock @ $35.00]
         1933:123 Mt.Vernon St.,Oshkosh,WI
	10.The White Fence-watercolor[#19 WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $25.00]
	[##16 Chorus Girls of the Forest @ $25.00;#17 Red,White and Blue @ $25.00;#18 The Creek @ $25.00;
		#20 The Attic @ $25.00]
           1934:Oshkosh Public Museum,Oshkosh,WI[WP&S 1934-5 membership ]
         1935:Oshkosh Public Museum,Oshkosh,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]["Behnke"]
	9.River Road-water color
	11.Smoke and Steam-watercolor
	In the Morning-watercolor
	Going to the Club Breakfast--watercolor
	60.The Wet Picnic,watercolor @ $35.00
         1945:Oshkosh Public Museum,Oshkosh,WI[WP&S 1-1945 mailing]
     1948: Centennial
	19. The Gate; watercolor @ $75

Behnke,June Alyce
	4.Dejection-oil & encaustic

Behrend,Miss Florence[undated biographical material in WP&S file]
        1929:N/L in 1929 MCD
        1935:1439 W.Lincoln Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1936:Behrend,Herbert A(Edith:Behrend Music Shop)1439 W Lincoln[1936 MCD]
        1937: 1439 W.Lincoln Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

Behrendt, Miss Ida
         1929:not listed  in 1929 MCD
         1932:1133 N.16th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	4.China,Fruit and Flowers-watercolor @ N/P[#11 on A.B.C.list]
	[#12 Roses@ N/P]
         1933:1133 N.16th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.00]
	[#423a Flowers @ N/L,#424a Picture @ N/L]
         1935:1133 N.16th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1936:1133 N 16th St.-vacant[1936 MCD]-reverse
         1937:1133 N.16th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

	9.Mendota 7,oil @ $150.00
	6.Interior Light,oil @ $150.00
	7.Mendota #9,oil @ $200.00

Behrens,Mary Snyder
	4.Two Symphonies,1983;gouache and watercolor on paper,19 x 24 inches[Exhibition 62]

        1989:270 North George,Whitewater,WI 53190[WP&S 1989]entrants

        1942:Beierly Claire sten Miller Brewing Co r3312 N 44th[1942 MCD]
	Cabinet Range-oil

	Expansive Evindence 1980;mixed media on paper, 41 ½ x 28 inches[Exhibition 61][ill.]
        1989:4731 N.Bartlett,Whitefish Bay,WI 53211[WP&S 1989]entrants

Bell,Kendrick H.[see "William Kendrick" below]
         1935:4435 N.Oakland Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Edge.5594 J
	12.Lunch counter-black and white
         1936:2435>4435 N.Oakland,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1936 membership][corrected]
                 Benman,Cecil(Jean)mech h4435 N Oakland av[1936 MCD]
18.Football Player-black and white

         1929:Bell,Marion nurse Mt Sini Hospital[1929 MCD]
         1935:711 W.Wisconsin Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]West 7498W
         1936:711 W Wisconsin Ave aka  711 Caswell Blk [a large office building][1939 MCD]

Bell,William Kendrick[see "Kendrick H"above]
         1935:2435 N.Oakland Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list][skip from 2434 to 2439]

         1932:1330 N.Prospect Ave[College Women's Club].,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	5.Winter Landscape-watercolor @ $50.00[#124 on A.B.C.list]
	5.Provincial Scene-black and white work @ $50.00[#125 on A.B.C.list]
	6.In A Little Town-black and white work @ $50.00[#123 on A.B.C.list]

           1982:4627 W.Hale Place,Milwaukee,WI 53216[WP&S 1982]glass
Untitled;glass[Juried Membership Show]
Pulse Lifeblood and the Essence of Being:glass[Juried Membership Show]

           1982:4627 W.Hale Place,Milwaukee,WI 53216[WP&S 1982]supporting

Beloit College-see Logan Gallery of Art

Belpulsi, Nathalie Bevan
     1948: Centennial
	20.Bird Fantasy; ceramic sculpture @ $100
     Belpulsi, Peter A.
     1948: Centennial
	21. Sea Life; enamel @ $100  22.Pulah; watercolor @ $150

Belz,Meta N.
        1924:Belz,Meta student r638 Astor[1924 MCD]
	4.Recent Snow @ $10.00

Bender,Nikki-WP&S Southeast Chapter
         1996:Bender,N.L. 2330 N 55[Ameritech 1996-97]
         1997:2330 N.55th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[WP&S 1997]supporting

Bendfelt,Aurie Bassett
        1924:Bendfelt Harry A(Aurie)sec-treas Benfelt Ice Cream Co h549 Prospect av[1924 MCD]
	5.Play Days [no price]
	6.The Old Bridge @ $50.00
	7.Still Life @ $25.00
	8.Still Life @ $25.00
	9.Our Wisconsin @ $100.00
        1929:Bendfelt Harry A.(Aurie)sec Wisconsin Creameries Inc h549 Prospect av[1929 MCD]
        1935:3047 N.Murray Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1936:Bendfelt,Aurie J.Mrs. h3047 N Murray av[1936 MCD]
                :Bendfelt,Harry A. r3047 N Murray av[1936 MCD]
                :Bendfelt Orrin B fctywkr Solar Corp r3047 N Murray av[1936 MCD]
        1937:3047 N.Murray Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Benedict,Albert J.-membership WP&S Southeast Chapter 1995-96;1997
           1987:1803 Ellis Ave.,Racine,WI 53402[WP&S 1987]pro
           1989:5030 Kettle Moraine Dr.,Whitewater,WI 53190[WP&S 1989]entrants
	Celestial Light;clay,vinyl,wood[Juried Membership Show]
           1990:5030 Kettle Moraine Dr.,Whitewater,WI 53190[WP&S 1990]
           1991:5030 Kettle Moraine Dr.,Whitewater,WI 53190[WP&S 1991]
           1993:N7827 Kettle Moraine Dr.,Whitewater,WI 53190[WP&S 1993]$15.00
	Learning to Fly;wood and acrylic(ill.)
           1995:N7827 Kettle Moraine Dr.,Whitewater,WI 53190[WP&S 1995]
           1996:N7827 Kettle Moraine Dr.,Whitewater,WI 53190
	You;mixed media[Past,Present & Future]
           1997:N7827 Kettle Moraine Dr.,Whitewater,WI 53190[WP&S 1997]pro;sculptor;mixed media
	Spiritual Evolution (ill.);mixed media[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
Cash award $200.00
          1999:Whitewater[Statewide Juried Membership Expo]

Beni,Joseph J.
	4.Untitled No.1,oil @ $1,000.00[56th Exhibition]
         1975:R.R.1,Glenbuelah,WI 53023[WP&S 1975]
         1976:R.R.1,Glenbuelah,WI 53023
	Untitled #2;oil @ NFS[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
	The Flight of Fancy;oil @ $450.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
         1977:R.R.1,Glenbuelah,WI 53023[WP&S 1977-78]
         1979:R.R.1,Glenbuelah,WI 53023[WP&S 1979]
         1980:R.R.1,Glenbuelah,WI 53023[WP&S 1980-81]
         1982:R.R.1,Glenbuelah,WI 53023[WP&S 1982]painting

          1989:943 Roscoe St.,Green Bay,WI 54304[WP&S 1989]entrants

Bentley,Claude Ronald
      Born 1915[FALK AIC 1990]
	4.Dark Forest,oil

Bentley,Lester W.[FALK AIC 1990]
          Two Rivers,WI 1906-
         1935:25 E.Superior St.,Chicago,IL;h.1912-29th St.,Two Rivers,WI[Who's Who in Am Art 1935]
        1936:Two Rivers,WI:1936 Wisconsin Centennial Art Exhibition:Pink Room
       1938:[Two Rivers,WI][FALK AIC 1990]
	9.Pink Room-oil………………………………………………….[#18 FALK AIC 1990,p.108]
      1942:[Two Rivers,WI]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	Attic Room-oil……………………………………………………[#17 FALK AIC 1990,p.108]
	"The All Clear"-oil
MILWAUKEE JOURNAL Purchase Award $200.00-L.W.Bentley-"The All Clear"
     1948: Centennial
	23. The Old Must Fall; oil @ $500

Bentz,Bruce B.
	4.Orange Piece,polyester resin,fiberglass @ $500.00[54th Annual]
	4.Modular Unites,Capsules,fiberglass @ $500.00[55th Annual]

	8.Blue on Blue,oil @ $150.00
	9.Still Life,oil @ $85.00


        1970:P.O.Box 592,Elm Grove,WI 53122[WP&S 1970]
        1972:P.O.Box 592,Elm Grove,WI 53122[WP&S 1972]

	8.Flaxen Sky; polymer,collage @ $85.00[51st Annual]
	1.Late Afternoon; polymer,collage @ $85.00[52nd Annual]

Berg,Charles H.
	5.The Monster Picnic,assemblage @ $45.00[54th Annual]

       1940:not listed in 1940 MCDxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	12.Chipmunk Coulee Storm-oil
Painting Eligible for MILWAUKEE JOURNAL Purchase Award:
Waldemar Berg-"Chipmunk Coolie Storm"-oil

	98.Cafι Morning,oil
	12.City Night,oil @ $300.00
	10.Amaranth,oil @ $250.00
	11.Night Highway:interchange and Introspect,oil @ $400.00
	5.Marina,oil @ $400.00

Berger, John
        1948: Centennial
	24. Reflection; pen and ink @ $15

        1964:6484 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1964]
        1965:6484 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
        1966:6484 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee 53217[WP&S 1966-67]

       1933:12 W.1st St.,Duluth,MN[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$.50].
	[#181a The Nightingale @ $150.00][A.W.]
       1935:12 W.1st St.,(Duluth,MN)[WP&S 1935 mailing list][A.W.]
       1937:12 W.1st St.Duluth,MN[WP&S 1937 listing]

          1943:Beaver Dam,WI
	121.In Time of War,wood @ $75.00

Bergman,John W.
          1949:Milwaukee,WI;not listed in 1949 MCD
	8.Life Study,ink @ $20.00
Frank H.Bercker Purchase Prize of $50.00 for a drawing of a figure or figured composition:
to John W.Bergman for Life Study,Ink
	9.Negress,ink @ $50.00
         1950:Milwaukee,WI;not listed in 1950 MCD
	6.Life Study #1,pen and ink @ $50.00
         1951:Beaver Dam,WI
	175.Bird & Table-drawing
	5.Landscape Fantasy-oil & encaustic
      	115.A Condition of Circumstance-watercolor
	84.Strange Household-oil & encaustic @ $75.00

       1932:9th & Menominee ,South Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#100 Boxers Head @ NFS]
        1935:9th & Menominee,South Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
       1937:9th & Menominee,South Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing list]

Beringer,Joan [WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
      1929:Beringer Geo H (Johanna)ins 97 E Wisconsin av R303 r292  Stickney av(W'tosa)[1929 MCD]
      1935:8858 Stickney Ave.,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
       1937:8858 Stickney Ave.,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing list]

Berkoff,Miss Blanche
       1929:Berkoff Blanche student r1218  49th[1929 MCD]
       1935:2946 N.49th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
       1936:Berkoff,Harry (Rose)jobber,h2976 N 49th[1936 MCD]
       1937:320 Woodstock Tower,NYC,NY[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]    

Berland, Mrs.Helen
	12.French Bread,oil
	13.Precarious Palace,oil
	13.Passing Fnacy,oil @ $250.00
	11.Architecture,oil @ $350.00
	12.Epic '63,oil @ $400.00
       1961:1916 E.Kensington Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
	10.High Gothic,oil @ $350.00
       1963:1916 E.Kensington Blvd.,Milwaukee[WP&S 1963 Prof]
	6.Skin and Bone,oil @ $300.00
       1964:9490 N.Sleepy Hollow Lane,Bayside,WI 53217[WP&S 1964]
       1965:9490 N.Sleepy Hollow Lane,Bayside,WI 53217[WP&S 1965-66]
       1966:9490 N.Sleepy Hollow Lane,Milwaukee,WI53217[WP&S 1966-67]
       1967:[9490 N.Sleepy Hollow Lane,Milwaukee 53217]
	5.Time and Distance Lend a Special Charm,oil @ $350.00[53rd Annual]
       1970:9490 N.Sleepy Hollow Lane,Milwaukee ,WI 53217[WP&S 1970]
       1972:9490 N.Sleepy Hollow Lane,Milwaukee ,WI 53217[WP&S 1972]
       1973:9490 N.Sleepy Hollow Lane,Milwaukee ,WI 53217[WP&S 1973]
       1974:9490 N.Sleepy Hollow Lane,Milwaukee ,WI 53217[WP&S 1974]
       1975:9490 N.Sleepy Hollow Lane,Milwaukee, WI 53217[WP&S 1975]
       1977:9490 N.Sleepy Hollow Lane,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1977-78]

Berlow,Marjorie E.
	14.Six Lemons,oil @ NFS
         1975:2106 Adams,Madison,WI 53711[WP&S 1975]
         1977:2106 Adams,Madison,WI 53711[WP&S 1977-78]

Berman,Fred J.
      1947:Milwaukee,WI;not listed in 1947 MCDxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
	3.My Room;oil @ $100.00   
Second Prize:The Milwaukee Art Institute Award of $50.00 to Fred Berman for the work My Room 
     1948: Centennial
	25. SeaSCAPE; WATERCOLOR @ $75   26. Still Life With Fish; ;oil @ $250                                                     
      1949:Berman,Fred J student r1803 N 55th[1949 MCD][FALK AIC 1990]
	10.Composition;oil @ NFS
WP&S Incentive Prize of $25.00 for an oil to a member:Fred J Berman for Composition
	11.Store Fronts;oil @ $250.00
      1950:Berman,Fred tchr r1544 E Irving pl[1950 MCD][FALK AIC 1990]
	7.Garage;oil @ NFS
      1951:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1951xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
WP&S Award for Oil Painting:Fred J Berman "Collage"oil,charcoal & pasted paper-$25.00
	6.Still Life;oil
	6.Patterns;oil & encaustic
Milwaukee Art Institute Awards:Fred Berman-Patterns-oil-$50.00
	7.Collage with Word Theater;oil & encaustic…………………………….[#18 FALK AIC 1990]
	5.Composition with John Quincy Adams;oil & encaustic
Milwaukee Art Institute Awards-Fred Berman-Composition with John Qunicy Adams-oil-$50.00
	6.Kite Forms @--;oil & encaustic
Milwaukee Art Institute Awards,$50.00 each-Fred Berman 5.-Structure,oil
	6.White City No.4;oil
	14.George Washington II;coil and collage
	15.Floating City VI;oil
	15.Razed House IV;oil @ NFS
       1961:[Milwaukee,WI]not on 9-1961 roster
	11.Dark Moon 1;oil @ $800.00
	12.Winter Landscape III;oil  @ POR
	7.Winter Landscape IV;oil @ $1,250.00
	9.Man with Glasses;wooden assemblage @ $600.00[51st Annual]
	6.L-A-S Moving Pictures;assemblage @ POR[54th Annual]
	5.John Forrest,London;assemblage @ NFS[56th Exhibition]
       2000:West Bend Art Museum's Early Wisconsin Collections Exhibition[Centennial Exhibition]
	Fred Berman:Untitled,1946;india ink & watercolor wash;gift of Michael Lacktman ;1991-008

Berman,Joy Gross
	7.Pageant Figure-oil & encaustic
	8.Stage-oil & encaustic
WP&S Award for Oil Painting to a member in good standing-Joy Gross Berman-Stage-oil-$25.00

Bern,Florence[WP&S Board of Directors 1981-82]
        1975:2341 W.Green Tree Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53209 [WP&S 1975]
        1976:2341 W.Green Tree Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53209
	Distinctly Diffused;acrylic @ $200.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
	Optically Obscure;acrylic @ $200.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
        1977:2341 W.Green Tree Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53209 [WP&S 1977-78]
        1979:2341 W.Green Tree Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53209 [WP&S 1979]
        1980:2341 W.Green Tree Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53209 [WP&S 1980-81]
        1981:2341 W.Green Tree Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53209
	Escape Route VI,26" x 40",acrylic spray,pencil,pastel @ $300.00[Membership Show]
        1982:2341 W.Green Tree Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53209 [WP&S 1982]painting,drawings
        1983:2341 W.Green Tree Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53209
	Decidedly Decadent;acrylic[Juried Membership Show]
        1985:2341 W.Green Tree Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53209[WP&S 1985-86]paid
        1986:2341 W.Green Tree Rd.,Milwaukee,WI 53029[WP&S 1986-87]
        1987:2341 W.Green Tree Rd.,Glendale,WI 53029[WP&S 1987]pro
	Western Connection;mixed,acrylic[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
        1989:2341 W.Green Tree Rd.,Glendale,WI 53029[WP&S 1989]
        1990:2341 W.Green Tree Rd.,Glendale,WI 53029[WP&S 1990]
        1991:2341 W.Green Tree Rd.,Glendale,WI 53029[WP&S 1991]
        1995:2341 W.Green Tree Rd.,Glendale,WI 53029[WP&S 1995]
        1996:2341 W.Green Tree Rd.,Glendale,WI 53029
	Urban Sunset;pastel[Past,Present & Future]
        1997:2341 W.Green Tree Rd.,Glendale,WI 53029[WP&S 1997]pro;painter;mixed media,drawing

        1979:R #2,Box 475,Markesan,WI 53946[WP&S 1979]
        1980:R #2,Box 475,Markesan,WI 53946[WP&S 1980-81]
            Norma Jean on Vacation at the Pestigo River 1980;acrylic on canvas,60 x 70 inches
			[Exhibition 61][ill.]
$300.00 award
        1985:R #2,Box 475,Markesan,WI 53946[WP&S 1985-86]paid
	6.Wisconsin History Painting:Burned-out State Capitol 1904;
acrylic on canvas,54" x 70"[Exhibition 63]
        1986:R #2,Box 475,Markesan,WI 53946[WP&S 1986-87]
        1987:R #2,Box 475,Markesan,WI 53946[WP&S 1987]pro
        1989:748 Jennifer St.,Madison,WI 53703[WP&S 1989]entrants
	Room of the Sailing Ship;acrylic on canvas[Juried Membership Show]
        1990:748 Jennifer St.,Madison,WI 53703[WP&S 1990]
        1991:748 Jennifer St.,Madison,WI 53703[WP&S 1991]
        1993:748 Jennifer St.,Madison,WI 53703[WP&S]1993$15.00
        1994:Berndt,Randall ,1023 Jenifer Mdsn[Ameritech 1994-95]

Berner,Sally M.-WP&S Northeast Chapter
        1997:180 W.Briar Lane,Green Bay,WI 54301[WP&S 1997]associate
        1999:Green Bay [Statewide Juried Membership Expo]

Bernhardt,Gerald & Lilly
	16.Jan.29,1959,watercolor @ NFS
           1974:2353 N.72nd St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53213[WP&S 1974]
           1975:2353 N.72nd St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53213[WP&S 1975]
           1977:2353 N.72nd St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53213[WP&S 1977-78]
           1979:2353 N.72nd St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53213[WP&S 1979]

        1972:447 Oakdale #3A,Chicago,Il 60657[WP&S 1972]
        1973:987 Bay Shore Dr.,Sister Bay,WI 54234[WP&S 1973]
        1974:987 Bay Shore Dr.,Sister Bay,WI 54234[WP&S 1974]
        1975:987 Bay Shore Dr.,Sister Bay,WI 54234[WP&S 1975]
        1977:987 Bay Shore Dr.,Sister Bay,WI 54234[WP&S 1977-78]
        1979:987 Bay Shore Dr.,Sister Bay,WI 54234[WP&S 1979]
        1980:987 Bay Shore Dr.,Sister Bay,WI 54234[WP&S 1980-81]
        1982:987 Bay Shore Dr.,Sister Bay,WI 54234[WP&S 1982]painting
        1985:447 Oakdale,Chicago,IL 60657[WP&S 1985-86]

      1942:Berns,Raymond T.(Stella M.)mach hd Meckelburg Sash & Door h3342 N 8th[1942 MCD]

     1929:N/L in 1929 MCD
     1936:Berry,Elizabeth r 2743 N.Cramer st[1936 MCD]
     1937:2743 N.Cramer St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

	10.Let Us Play,oil

Berry,Mary Landwehr-see Landwehr-Berry

Beschta,Thomas R.
        1974:865 Harding Ave.,Waukesha,WI 53186-penciled in WP&S 1974

Bessey,Edith[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
      1935:1130 Parker,Detroit,MI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
      1937:1130 Parker,Detroit,MI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Betz,Kate A.-WP&S Southeast Chapter
	6.Highway WG 32,acrylic,charcoal @ $100.00[53rd Annual]
         1968:Milwaukee,WI[Kate A.]
	7.Jct.88 with 94 and Left Turn Signal,acrylic,charcoal,tempera @ $150.00[54th Annual]
         1969:Milwaukee,WI[Kathe A.]
	5.15A-Y03D,acrylic,mixed media @ $120.00[55th Annual]
	6.JG-20,acrylic,mixed media @ $120.00[55th Annual]
         1971:Milwaukee,WI[Kathe A.]
	6.Zippers No. 8,vinyl,mixed @ $100.00[56th Exhibition]
         1973:2178 N.57th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53208[Kathy]
         1974:2178 N.57th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53208[Kathy]
         1975:2178 N.57th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53208[Kathy]
         1977:2178 N.57th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53208[Kathy]
         1981:Milwaukee,WI[Kathe in catalogue]
	Rock Series 6 Highway Landscape,22" x 30",mixed @ $350.00[Membership Show]
WP&S $50 honorable mention
         1982:5627 W.Roosevelt Drive,Milwaukee,WI 53216[WP&S 1982][Kathe]painting
         1983:[Milwaukee,WI][Kathe in catalogue]
	Sante Fe Crossing;mixed media[Juried Membership Show]
	Rock Series #24;mixed media[Juried Membership Show]
         1985:3622 E.Whitaker Ct.,Milwaukee,WI 53207[WP&S 1985-86]"Whitaker Ave."
	7.Magnolia Marble II;watercolor,22" x 30"[Exhibition 63]
         1986:5627 W.Roosevelt Drive,Milwaukee,WI 53216[WP&S 1986-87][Kathe]
         1987:4420 Menominee River Pkwy.,Wauwatosa,WI 53225[WP&S 1987]pro
	Weed Fields,Menomonee River Pkwy[watercolor]Wisconsin Artists Biennial
         1989:4420 Menominee River Pkwy.,Wauwatosa,WI 53225[WP&S 1989]Kathe;entrants
	Exit Glacier Ice Structures;watercolor[Juried Membership Show]
              	Portage Glacier,Floating Icebergs;watercolor,ink[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
         1990:4420 Menominee River Pkwy.,Wauwatosa,WI 53225[WP&S 1990]Kathe
         1991:4420 Menominee River Pkwy.,Wauwatosa,WI 53225[WP&S 1991]Kathe
         1995:4420 Menominee River Pkwy.,Wauwatosa,WI 53225[WP&S 1995]Kathe
         1997:4420 Menominee River Pkwy.,Wauwatosa,WI 53225[WP&S 1997]Kathe/Menomonee;pro

       1908:Biddle St.,Milwaukee,WI
        WMRF to WB 3-21-1908;3-26-1908

Beverung,Emma H.[corrected]
       1929:Beverung,Emma  H instr Girls Trades Sch r549 Stowell av apt 6[1929 MCD]
       1931:Beverung,Emma H tchr Girls' Trade Sch h709 E Juneau av apt 608[1931 MCD]
       1935:709 E.Juneau Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Daly 4665["Bevering" ]
       1936:709 E Juneau Ave.,Blackstone Apts;#608 Beverung Emma H[1936 MCD]
                Beverung Emma H tchr Girls Trade & Tech High School h709 E Juneau apt 608[1936 MCD]

Beyer,Miss Amy
      1929 Beyer Amy L tchr Sch of Women's Work h1789 Humboldt av[1929 MCD]
      1931:Beyer,Amy L tchr Sch of Women's Work r3917 N Humboldt av[1931 MCD]
      1935:3917 N.Humboldt Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
      1936:Beyer,Amy L.tchr West Division High Sch r3917 N.Humboldt[1936 MCD]
      1937:3917 N.Humboldt ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Beyer, Mrs.Cath. J.
      1929:N/L in 1929 MCD
      1935:4771 N.Bartlett Dr..,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list][corrected]
      1936:4771 N Bartlett Dr.(WB)Beyer Cath Mrs[1936 MCD]& reverse
      1937:4771 N.Bartlett Dr.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing][corrected]

Bialcik,Roger J.
	2.Bird; concrete,wood @ $200.00[52nd Annual]

    St.Niklaus,Solothurn ,Switzerland 1850-1930 Milwaukee,WI
         1902: (3rd exhibit.)82 Michigan St.,Milwaukee,WI[FALK AIC 1990]
	2.Welland Wetterhorn,Switzerland
         1902: (4th exhibit)82 Michigan St.,3rd Floor,Milwaukee,WI
	1.Sernf Valley(Switzerland)
	2.Alpine Pasture(Sernf Valley,Switzerland)
        2000:West Bend Art Museum's Early Wisconsin Collections Exhibition[Centennial Exhibition]
	Franz Biberstein,Untitled,1909;oil on board;Gift of Louise Edna Goeden,1993-002
               Franz Biberstein,Viewof Mt.Sir Donald in the Selkirks,British Columbia,1905;
oil on board;1997-026

         1946:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1946
	81.Shell,watercolor @ $25.00

Biehn,Irving Lew
     Milwaukee,WI 1900-1969 Milwaukee,WI
      1921:Biehn,Irving,student r614 27th[1921 MCD]
     	  4.End of the Trail
     	  5.Rural Pasture
      1929:Biehn,Irving L(Adeline)coml artist 2041 ½ 28th h do[1929 MCD]
      1932:4441 N.25th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#427 Winter Evening @ $65.00;#416 Winter @ $50.00]
       1933:4545 N.24th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:N/L]
	[82a Mission Dolores @ $85.00;#83b Oil Painting @ $75.00]
      1935:4545 N.24th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
      1936:Biehn,Irving L(Adeline)coml artist h4545 N 24th[1936 MCD]
      1937:4545 N.24th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]
      1946: Milwaukee;MCD not published in 1946
	4.Starting Today,oil @ $100.00

Bielefeld,Otto F.[WP&S Biographical Data 22nd Annual Exhibition 1935]
       Milwaukee,WI 1907-                    
       1929:Bielefeld Otto F.student r938 12th [1929 MCD]
       1933:2522 N.12th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.50]
	[#463a Aqua tint @ $1.00;#461a Acqua tint @ $1.00;#462a Aqua tint @ $1.00]
       1934:Bielefeld,Otto F artist r2522 N 12th [1934 MCD]
	10.Study in Black and White-charcoal
	11.Next On-oil
      1935:2522 N.12th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
      1936:Bielefeld,Otto F.,artist,r.2522 N 12th[1936 MCD]
	19.North Prairie-oil
        1936 Wisconsin Centennial Art Exhibition:Head of Girl
       1937:2522 N.12th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]
       1938:Bielefeld Otto F Artist r2522 N 12th [1938 MCD][FALK AIC 1990]
	11.Ash Men-oil
	12.Milk Man-watercolor
	13.Breakwater Builders-tempera

Bielmeier,Sonia Haug
	12.Landscape No.4,oil @ $180.00

Biersach,John-WP&S Southeast Chapter
       1996:[Big Bend,WI]Biersach,Michael W225 S9505 Hy 164 Vernon[Ameritech 1996-97]
	For It Is Written(ill.);construction-award winner[Past,Present & Future]
       1997:W225 S9505 Big Bend Dr.,Big Bend,WI 53103[WP&S 1997]pro

Biesel, Fred/Chicago
     1948: Centennial
	27. The Day Lily; oil @ $275

Billingsley,Carl R.
        1979:3328 S.New York Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53207[WP&S 1979]
        1980:3328 S.New York Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53207[WP&S 1980-81]
	Occum's Razor,1980;wood and slate,63 x 84 x 34 inches[Exhibition 61][ill.]

Bilstad,Rollin E.
	193.Dimensional Profile-sculpture

Birckhead,Mary Cleveland,WP&S membership,Central Chapter
           1993:6850 Bambi Lane,Wisconsin Rapids,WI 54494[WP&S 1993]$15.00
           1997:6850 Bambi Lane,Wisconsin Rapids,WI 54484;pro;painter;mixed media,paper,felt

Birkholz,Adrienne,WP&S secretary,Central Chapter
          1997:4720 Brookshire Ct.,Wisconsin Rapids,WI 54494[WP&S 1997]pro;wc painter

Biselx,Bruce F.
	7.Chevrolet,acrylic @ $100.00[56th Exhibition]
	4.Trailer Park;acrylic @ $200.00[57th Exhibition]S

Bissonette,Lisa A.-WP&S Southeast Chapter
          1993:1323 N.120th St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53226[WP&S 1993]$20.00
          1996:1323 N.120th St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53226
	Bloom'n Iris;acrylic[Past,Present & Future]
          1996:Bissonette,Norbert J atty res 1323 N 120[Ameritech 1996-97]
          1997:1323 N.120th St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53226[WP&S 1997]pro

Bitker,Elizabeth Worden [possibly Mrs Bruno Voltaire Bitker-Gregory III p270-1]
       1946:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1946xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	82.[no title],watercolor @ $25.00
        1948:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990

	5.Evening Portal Mask,1983;mixed media,108 x 72 inches[Exhibition 62][ill.]
$500.00 award
        1987: Milwaukee,WI
	Some Houses Just Crack;mixed media[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

Bitticks,Ron & Jill Sebastian
       1979:820 E.Wright St.,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1979]
       1980:820 E.Wright St.,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1981-82]

         1943:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1943Who's Who in American Art
	61.At Night,watercolor @ $50.00
        1947:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
        1948: Centennial
	28. This Fair Land; watercolor @ $150
        1949:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
         1950:Bjelajac,Anna(wid Stozen)tavern 3006 W Canal h do[1950 MCD]
   Bjalajac,Tifun(Ljuba)emp Schlitz h811 S 1st[1950 MCD]
	8.The Ri ver,watercolor @ $200.00
	9.Two Visions,oil @ $500.00
Milwaukee Art Institute Medal of Honor
Milwaukee Art Institute Award of Merit,$50.00
Mrs.William H.Harshall $25.00.Special Award of Merit
TO:Two Visions,oil,by Nikola Bjelajac

Bjerke,Carol-WP&S South Central Chapter
      1994:Bjerke,Carol C & E.Leroy,4139 Cherokee Dr Mdsn[Ameritech 1994-95]
      1997:4139 Cherokee Drive,Madison,WI 53711[WP&S 1997]pro;painter;photo

       1993:732 E.Dayton St.,No.2,Madison,WI 53703[WP&S 1993]$20.00
       1994:Bjorklund,Chris & Monica,732 E.Dayton Mdsn[Ameritech 1994-95]

        1933:Bayfield,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$2.00]
	[#487a The Last Ooad @ $75.00;488a Wisconsin Hills @ $75.00;#489a Moonlight on the Bay @ $150.00;
		#490a A Summer Landscape @ $175.00]
        1935:Bayfield,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1937:Bayfield,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]
	10.Watering Place-oil

Black,James M.
      1948: Centennial
	29. Fourth Street Bridge; oil @ $50
	7.Merry Go Round-oil
	85.Horse Latitudes-oil & encaustic @ $150.00
Milwaukee Art Institute Award:James M.Black-Embarkation-enamel-$50.00
	86.Embarkation-oil & encaustic @ $250.00
	8.Conquistador,ceramic sculpture
	9.Burghers of Calais,enamel

Blankschien,Albert  W.-WP&S Southeast Chapter
           1968:West Allis,WI[Al.W.]
	8.S4015,steel,light @ $1,500.00[54th Annual][ill.]
$100 Friends of Art of the Milwaukee Art Center
	7.B-32,plexiglass @ $400.00[55th Annual]
	8.BC-35,plexiglass @ $900.00[55th Annual][ill.]
$50 Mr. and Mrs.William Law;$50 Lavera Pohl Award
	8.Prototype 138,plastic,electronics @ $500.00[56th Exhibition]
	5.Prototype 3-32;plastic-electronic @ $499.50[57th Exhibition]Y
	Shades of Neon,1  1980;neon,30 x 18 x 4 inches[Exhibition 61][ill.]
           1987:3205 N.Bremen,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1987]pro
           1989:3205 N.Bremen,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1989]
	Dancing Antelope;neon[Juried Membership Show]
           1990:3205 N.Bremen,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1990]
           1991:3205 N.Bremen,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1991]
           1995:3205 N.Bremen,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1995]
           1997:3205 N.Bremen,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1997]pro

Bleck,Marie[Mitzl Bleck][Mrs Roy E.Naef][WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
       Oshkosh,WI 1911-1988[FALK WWW 1999,p.346]
       1929Naef Roy E(Marie)bench hd h2514 Kilbourn av[1929 MCD]
       1931:Naef Roy E (Mary)mech h2518 W Kilbourn av[1931 MCD]
       1934:Naef Roy E.(Marie)asmblr h2518 W Kilbourn av[1934 MCD]
	12.Russian Dancers-oil
       1935:2518 W.Kilbourn Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
       1936:Kilbourn W 2518:Naef,Roy E.[1936 MCD]reverse
                Naef,Roy(Marie)mech h2518 W.Kilbourn Ave[1936 MCD]
       1937:2518 W.Kilbourn Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]
       1938:Naef,Roy E.(Marie)mech 2518 W Kilbourn av [1938 MCD]
14.Log Decks,Mercer-oil[Mitzie Bleck]
MILWAUKEE JOURNAL Purchase Prize-$200.00:Mitzie Bleck-Log Decks,Mercer,oil
      1940:Naef,Roy E(Marie)furn rms 2518 W Kilbourn av h do[1940 MCD]
	13.Hauling Wood,North Country-oil
              14.Mushroom Pickers-oil
       1942:Naef Marie (wid Roy E)h2518 W Kilbourn av[1942 MCD]
	Cutting Wood,North Country--oil

       1940:not listed in 1940 MCDxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
15.Silo Filling--oil.

	13.Mother and Child,terra-cotta @ $100.00
         1963:1661 E.Astor St.,Milwaukee 2[WP&S 1963 Prof]
         1964:1661 N.Astor St.,Milwaukee,WI53202[WP&S mailing secretary]

	Untitled Landscape,nd;stone and wood,23 x 19 x 12 inches[Exhibition 62]

Bloedel,Florence-WP&S Southeast Chapter
     1985:W264 S964 Mapleway North,Waukesha,WI 53188[WP&S 1985-86]supporting paid
     1986:W264 S964 Mapleway North,Waukesha,WI 53188[WP&S 1986-87]
     1989:W264 S964 Mapleway North,Waukesha,WI 53188[WP&S 1989]
	Flora;marble[Juried Membership Show]
     1990:W264 S964 Mapleway North,Waukesha,WI 53188[WP&S 1990]
     1991:W264 S964 Mapleway North,Waukesha,WI 53188[WP&S 1991]
     1995:W264 S964 Mapleway North,Waukesha,WI 53188[WP&S 1995]
     1996:Bloedel,Elfred & Florence,W264 S964 Mapleway North,Waukesha,WI [Ameritech 1996-97]
	Purity;marble[Past,Present & Future]
     1997:W264 S964 Mapleway North,Waukesha,WI 53188[WP&S 1997]pro;sculptor;mixed media

Bloom,William J.
	17.Companions,oil @ $175.00
	Winged Jewels,12" x 16",oil @ $5,500.00[Membership Show]
         1982:Rt.5,Box 451-H,Burlington,WI 53105[WP&S 1982]painting

Bloom,Mrs William
         1982:Rt.5,Box 451-H,Burlington,WI 53105[WP&S 1982]supporting

	Out;photo halftones[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

Bode,Marian Ruth
       1936:Bode,Marian student r3936 N.Maryland av[1936 MCD]
       1937:Bode,Marian R designer r3936 N Maryland av[1937 MCD]
	11.Milwaukee Scene-water color
       1938:Bode Marian R art designer r3936 N Maryland av[1938 MCD]
	15.Scarlett Farm-watercolor
	16.Sailboats on the River-watercolor
       1940:Bode Marian,designer r3936 N Maryland av[1940 MCD]
	16.The Six Characters--oil
       1946:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1946xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	83.Mission Valley,watercolor @ NFS
     1948: Centennial
	30. River; watercolor @ $25
       1951:Milwaukee,WI[Marion];MCD not published in 1951xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	143.Dock of Macatawa-watercolor
	47.Boats in Dock-watercolor @ $100.00
	10.Sunday Races,Macatawa,watercolor
        1973:168 Mariner St.,Buffalo,NY 14201[WP&S 1973]
        1974:168 Mariner St.,Buffalo,NY 14201[WP&S 1974]
        1975:168 Mariner St.,Buffalo,NY 14201[WP&S 1975]
        1977:168 Mariner St.,Buffalo,NY 14201[WP&S 1977-78]

       1929:Bodelson E.P.RM,Remedial Gymnastics…r River rd Fox Point[1929]
       1935:402 Wells Bldg.,E.Wisconsin Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
       1936:Bodelson,E.P.  RM,Remedial Gymnastics and massage,402-406 Wells Bldg
        	324 E.Wisconsin av.-r River rd River Hills[1936 MCD]Edge 7652-J
      1937:402 Wells Bldg.,E Wisconsin Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Bodemer, Jr.,Edwin H.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
        1929 Bodemer Edwin coml artist r1156 21st (with family)[1929 MCD]
        1932:Appleton,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#21 By Courtenay's Mill @ N/P;#22 Persistent Summer Creeps While Autumn Sleeps,@ N/P;
#24 Prose Becoming Poetic @ N/P;#25 A Man's Picture @ N/P]
         1935:2872 N.21st St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]["Edward"]
         1936:Bodemer,Edwin H.(Lydia)clk John Pritzlaff Hdw Co……...…. h2872 N.21st[1936 MCD]
                  Bodemer,Edwin H Jr.coml artist………………………………. r2872 N.21st [1936 MCD]
                  Bodemer,Ottmar student……………………………………….. r2872 N 21st [1936 MCD]
         1937:2872 N.21st.St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

          1935:Box 328 River Road Station F.Route #9,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 member]Edge 7623R1
Bodine,Claudia Gorecki
          1991:2228 East Woodstock Place,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1991]
          1996:Bodine,Robt & Claudia,2228 E.Woodstock Pl[Ameritek 1996-97]

Boehlnen,Judy Byrnes
          1975:1653 N.Prospect,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1975]
          1977:1653 N.Prospect,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1977-78]

Boerner,Edward A.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
      Cedarburg,WI 1902-1981 Milwaukee,WI WP&S President 1947-1955
       1929:Boerner,EdwA tchr Bay View High Sch r894 Island av[1929 MCD]
       1931:Boerner,Edward A.(Cleo)tchr Bay View High Sch h2914 N.Cramer[1931 MCD]
	5.Fish Shanties-oil	
	6.Bachelors House-oil
       1932:2914 N.Cramer St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#68 Warm November @ $50.00;#69 Portrait Study @ $50.00;#71 October @ $50.00;#72 Clay Bank @ $50.00]
       1933:2914 N.Cramer St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$2.00]
	11.Portrait-oil[#727a WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $$50.00]
	[#724a Warm Nov.Cedarburg @ $50.00;#725a Still Life @ $50.00;#726a Still Life with Mask @ $60.00]
       1934:Boerner Edw A (Cleo B.)tchr Bay View High Sch h2914 N Cramer[1934 MCD]
	13.Trading Post,South Dakota-oil
       1935:2914 N.Cramer St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
	13.Red Elevator-Cedarburg-watercolor
       1936:Boerner,Edw A.(Cleo)tchr Bay View High School h2914 N Cramer[1936 MCD]
            Milwaukee Art Institute 3rd Honorable Mention:
	Edward A.Boerner -"Figure"-No.178
       1937:Boerner,Edward A (Cleo B)tchr Bay View High Sch h2914 N Cramer[1937 MCD]
       1938:Boerner,Edw A (Cleo B)tchr Bay View Hi Sch h2914 N Cramer[1938 MCD]
	17.Lacquered Figure-sculpture
       1940:Boerner,Edw A.(Cleo A)tchr Casimir Polaski Hi sch h2967 N.Fredk av[1940 MCD]
               Going Home-watercolor
       1942:[North Frederick Ave.,Milwaukee,WI]FALK AIC 1990
       1943:[North Frederick Ave.,Milwaukee,WI]
	62. No More Fishing,watercolor @ $50.00
       1945:2963 N.Frederich,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1-1945 mailing]
	5.Hill Country,watercolor @ $35.00
     1948: Centennial
	31. Mrs. Kane's Place No.5; watercolor @ $75
       1959:[2963 N.Frederick Ave.,Milwaukee,WI]
	18.Figure in Elm,wood @ $650.00
WP&S Award for Sculpture,$25.00:18.Edward A.Boerner,Figure in Elm
      1961:2963 N.Frederick Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
       1963:2963 N.Frederick Ave.,Milwaukee 11,WI[WP&S 1963 Prof]
       1964:2963 N.Frederick Ave.,Milwaukee 11,WI[WP&S 1964]
	8.Owl,limestone @ $500.00
       1965:2963 N.Frederick Ave.,Milwaukee 11,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
       1966:2963 N.Frederick Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1966-67]
       1970:2963 N.Frederick Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1970]
       1972:2963 N.Frederick Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1972]
       1973:2963 N.Frederick Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1973][Edward & Cleo]
       1974:2963 N.Frederick Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1974][Edward & Cleo]
       1975:2963 N.Frederick Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1975][Edward & Cleo]life
       1976:2963 N.Frederick Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211
	Sickle,watercolor @ $125.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
	Birch Tree in Spring;watercolor @ $150.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
       1977:2963 N.Frederick Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1977-78][E&C]life
       1979:2963 N.Frederick Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1979][E&C]life
       1980:2963 N.Frederick Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1980-81][Ed.Sr.]life

     1913:Rotary Exhibit:1.Winter Landscape @ N/L;2.Open Water @ N/L

	6.Sweet Summers Night Day Dream;clay @ $40.00[57th Exhibition]S

Boettcher,Clarence[20th c. FALK WWW 1999]
      1914:Boettcher,Clarence H.,designer 300,210 Syc.,h.3519 Clarke L.[1914 MCD]
	4.At Early Dawn
	6.Autumn (Mural Panel)
      1915:Clarence H.,artist h3519 Clarke[1915 MCD]
      1917:Boettcher,Clarence,3519 Clark St.[1917 MCD-quoting PCM]
      1919:3519 Clarke St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1919 membership]
      1920:Boettcher,Clarence H.,designer r3519 Clarke[1920 MCD]
      1920:3519 Clarke St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S  Feb 1921 membership]
    	 1.The Lake
      1921:3519 Clarke St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Feb.1921 membership]
        1922:3519 Clarke St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S November 16,1922membership]
        1924:"3519 Clarke  St">1513 Burleigh St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1924 membership]
        1929:Boettcher,Clarence H(Irma)designer Enterprise Art Glass Works h1513 Burleigh[MCD]
        1936:Boettcher,Clarence H(Irma)designer Enterprise Art Glass Works h3324 N 16th[1936 MCD]

           1989:1224 W.Mitchell,Milwaukee,WI 54204[WP&S 1989]entrants
           1990:1224 W.Mitchell,Milwaukee,WI 54204[WP&S 1990]
           1991:1224 W.Mitchell,Milwaukee,WI 54204[WP&S 1991]
           1996:Bogart,Taffnie  1347 N 4[Ameritech 1996-97]

         Born 1914-  [FALK AIC 1990]
        1948: Centennial
	32. Barn Fire; casein @ $600   33.Spring Fever; oil @ nfs
        1949:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
	10.Attack,oil @ $225.00
	11.The Song,oil @ $250.00
Milwaukee Art Institute Award of Merit,$50.00:TO:The Song,oil,by Franklin Boggs
	8.Flying Red Harrows-oil

Boggs, Mary Ross
     1948: Centennial
	34. Ice Jam; oil @ $200

	19.Sanjak,oil @ $125.00
	13.Composition 1,oil @ $100.00

Bogust, Sylvia
     1948: Centennial
	35. Wisconsin Snowstorm, '47; pastel @ $25

Bohlman, Florence
     1948: Centennial
	36. Wisconsin Lumbering, 1890; monotype @ $25  37. Edge of Town; watercolor @ $25

Bohn,Clarence E.
         1951:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1951xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	144.3rd Ward Mission-watercolor
	116.Edge of Town-watercolor
WP&S Award for watercolor-to a member in good standing-
Clarence Bohn-Edge of Town-watercolor-$25.00
	98.The Quarry-watercolor
WP&S Award for Watercolor-to a member in good standing-Clarence E.Bohn-The Quarry-wc-$25.00
	99.Lake Michigan-watercolor
	48.Milwaukee-watercolor @ $100.00
         1961:"4281 N.Teutonia Ave">RR1 Box 35 Pt.Washington,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
         1963:RR1,Box 35,Port Washington,WI[WP&S 1963 Active]
	8.Avanta,oilnenamel,casein @ $250.00
         1964:RR 1,Box 35,Port Washington,WI[WP&S 1964]
         1966:RR 1,Box 35,Port Washington,WI[WP&S 1966-67]
         1970:RR 1,Box 35,Port Washington,WI 53074[WP&S 1970]
        [1971:RR 1,Box 33,Port Washington,WI 53074-upgraded to 1972]
         1972:E Norport Dr.,Port Washington,WI 53074[WP&S 1972]
         1973:RR1 Box 35,Port Washington,WI 53074[WP&S 1973]
         1974:RR1,Box 35,Port Washington,WI 53074[WP&S 1974]
         1975:RR1,Box 35,Port Washington,WI 53074[WP&S 1975]
         1977:RR1,Box 35,Port Washington,WI 53074[WP&S 1977-78]

Bohne, William
        1966:West De Pere,WI
	3.Humpty Dumpty; wood,plaster @ $350.00[52nd Annual]
	4.Miss Muffet; wood,plaster @ $350.00[52nd Annual][
        1967:West De Pere,WI[de Pere]
	7.Pedestrian Device; wood,metal @ $675.00[53rd Annual]
        1968:West DePere,WI
	9.Soft Hewn/Nouveau Rustic; wood,vinyl @ $500.00[54th Annual]

     Chicago,IL 1907-1992 Madison,WI
         1934:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[Marlor SOA]
         1935:2406 North Clark St.,Chicago,IL[Who's Who in American Art,1935]
         1941:25 E.Washington,Chicago,IL[Who's Who in Chicago 1941]
         1945:4828 Dorchester,Chicago,IL[Who's Who in Chicago 1945]
	9.Frame Houses-oil
         1964:Artist in Residence,University of Wisconsin,Madison,WI[honorary][WP&S 1964]
         1965:Artist in Residence,University of Wisconsin,Madison,WI[honorary][WP&S 1965-66]
         1966:Artist in Residence,University of Wisconsin,Madison,WI[honorary][WP&S 1966-67]
         1972:Artist in Residence,University of Wisconsin,Madison,WI[honorary][WP&S 1972]
         1975:Art Department,University of Wisconsin,Madison,WI 53706[WP&S 1975]
         1977:Art Department,University of Wisconsin,Madison,WI 53706[WP&S 1977-78]
         1979:4811 Tonyawatha Trail,Madison,WI 53716[WP&S 1979]honorary
         1980:4811 Tonyawatha Trail,Madison,WI 53716[WP&S 1980-81]
         1982:4811 Tonyawatha Trail,Madison,WI 53716[WP&S 1982]honorary
         1985:4811 Tonyawatha Trail,Madison,WI 53716[WP&S 1985-86]honorary
         1986:4811 Tonyawatha Trail,Madison,WI 53716[WP&S 1986-87]

Boller,Jane W.-WP&S Southeast Chapter
        1989:1566 E.Blackthrone Pl.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1989]entrants
        1990:1566 E.Blackthrone Pl.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1990]
        1991:1566 E.Blackthorne Pl.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1991]
        1995:1566 E.Blackthorne Pl.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1995]
        1996:Boller,Bruce R,1566 E Blackthorne Pl[Ameritech 1996-97]
        1997:1566 E.Blackthorne Pl.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1997]pro;painter;pastels

Bolmes,Henry G.
       1936:Bolmes,Ethel M.,Mrs ………………………..………….h1549 N 24th pl[1936 MCD]
                Bolmes,Henry lab……………………………….……… r1549 N 24th pl[1936 MCD]
                Bolmes,John furn fnshr……………………….………… r1549 N 24th pl[1936 MCD]
       1937:Bolmes,Henry G artist r1549 N 24th pl[1937 MCD]
       1937:1549 N.24th Pl.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]
	13. No.1-sculpture
       1938:not listed in 1938 MCDxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
       1940:Bolmes,Henry G.,sculptor 312 W State h do[1940 MCD]
	18.Triumph of Spirit-sculpture

	The Soloist,oil @ $100.00
	14.Portrait C,oil @ $100.00

Bonifay,William R.
	9.8th St. Jungle-oil & encaustic
	12.Gothic Suite No.2,oil

	8.Otherscape,oil @ $200.00[53rd Annual]

Bontempo,Joan-board member at large,WP&S Southeast Chapter 1997
         1995:2917 N Cramer St,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1995][Bentempo]
         1996:[Milwaukee,WI;no Bontempos on Cramer in Ameritech 1996-97]
	Can't Stop Now;mixed media[Past,Present & Future]
	Angel;ceramics [Past,Present & Future]
	Untitled Figure;ceramics [Past,Present & Future]
         1997:2917 N.Cramer St.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1997]prof;painter,sculptor;mixed media,photo
	Muses;clay[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
	Tenement;clay[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

        1977:4542 N.Morris,Shorewood,WI 53211[WP&S 1977-78]

Booth,John  Sanderson..[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
     Born April 9,1909
        1929:Booth,Jessie H(wid J.Henry)h331 Cambridge av[1929 MCD]
       1931:History of Milwaukee Wisconsin by Joh G.Gregory[S.J.Clark,Chicago]III,pp662-5
       1932:1913 N.Cambridge Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list][John S.]
	[#410 Portrait @ N/L;#411 Cyclamen @ N/P;#412 Flower Study @ N/P]
       1933:1913 N.Cambridge Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.50][John]
	12.Street Scene-oil  [J.S.][#548a WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $35.00]
	[#547a Village Scene @ $25.00;#549a Circus @ $40.00]
       1935:1913 N.Cambridge Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list][John L.]
	15.Landscape-watercolor				        [John S.]
       1936:Booth,Jessie H(wid J.Henry)……………………. h 1913 N.Cambridge av[1936 MCD]
	:Booth,John H………………………………………r1936 N Cambridge av[1936 MCD]
	:Booth,Mary D……………………………………..r1936 N Cambridge av[1936 MCD]
       1937:1913 N.Cambridge Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]  [John S]                                                                                              

        1935:2013 Madison St.,Madison,WI[WP&S 1935 member][no phone #]

	5.Interior; oil @ $200.00[52nd Annual][ill.]
$100 Mr and Mrs Elmer Winter,Milwaukee Todd Boppel,Menomonie 5 Interior,oil
         1979:1414 Tainter St.,Menomonie,WI 54751[WP&S 1979]
         1980:1414 Tainter St.,Menomonie,WI 54751[WP&S 1980-81]

Borchardt,Gordon M.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhib/1935]
       Milwaukee,WI 1905-
       1933:1821 S.8th St.,Sheboygan,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:["1.50">$3.00]
	13.Docks at Becher St.-watercolor[#45b WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $25.00]
	[#46b Junk Pile @ $15.00;$47b Lake Front,Milwaukee @ $25.00]
       1934:Sheboygan Public School,Sheboygan,WI[WP&S 1934-5 membership ]
	14.St.Paul Avenue-watercolor
	15.Sunday Afternoon-watercolor
      1935:Sheboygan Public School,Sheboygan,WI
[WP&S 1935 mailing list][not in 1935 quest.][FALK AIC 1990]
	18.Sheboygan Falls-watercolor
	19.Oostburg Junk Pile-watercolor
	20.Sheboygan Falls-black and white
      1936:Borchardt,Gordon(Marie),tchr.,h.3332 A  N 3rd[1936 MCD]
	22.Old Boat Slip,Kingston,N.Y.-oil………………………………………[#27 FALK AIC 1990]
	23.Kingston Street-oil [1936 Wisconsin Centennial Art Exhibition]
	24.Glasco Church-watercolor
	25.Barge Canal--watercolor
      1937:[3332 A  N 3rd St.,Milwaukee,WI];not listed in 1937 MCD
	14. N.Y.Skyline-water color
      1938:[3332A N 3rd St.,Milwaukee,WI];not listed in 1938 MCD
      1940:Borchardt,M.Gordon (Marie)tchr Bd of Educ h3332a N.3d[1940 MCD]
               19.Ellison Bay--watercolor
      1943:[3332A N 3rd St.,Milwaukee,WI];MCD not published in 1943
	63.Ellison Bay,watercolor @ $15.00
      1945:3332 N.3rd St.,Milwaukee 12,WI[WP&S 1-1945 mailing]
     1948: Centennial
	38. Milwaukee Skyline; watercolor @ $50

Borchardt,Marie Senf[Mrs.Gordon][WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
        1933:1821 S.8th St.,Shebyogan,WI
	14.Still Life-watercolor[#49b WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $15.00]
	15.Building,Sheboygan-watercolor[#50b WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $15.00
		[#48b Fctories from Resevoir Park @ $25.00]
        1935:Polk Court,Sheboygan,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
	16.Still Life-watercolor
	17.East River,N.Y.--watercolor
        1936:3332 N.3rd St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1936 membership]
        1937:[3332 A N 3rd St.,Milwaukee,WI];not listed in 1937 MCD
	15.River Barge-water color
        1938:[3332A N 3rd St.,Milwaukee,WI];not listed in 1938 MCD
	21.Campus Fountain-watercolor
        1940:[Milwaukee,WI];see above
              20.  Ripe Grain-watercolor
        1942:[Milwaukee];not listed in 1942 MCD
	Lake Shore-watercolor

Borheygi,Stephen[Honorary ]
        1964:2515 N.Terrace Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1964]
        1965:2515 N.Terrace Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
        1966:2515 N.Terrace Ave.,Milwaukee,53211[WP&S 1966-67]

        1951:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1951xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

	14.Composition,oil @ $150.00
	15.Apotheosis to Love #1,oil @ $200.00
               16.Apotheosis to Love #2,oil @ $200.00

           Milwaukee,WI 1922-
             1943:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1943xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	2.Work-bound-tempera @ N/P
             1948:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
             1950:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
             1951:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1951xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	145.Black Rock-watercolor
	100.White Bridge-watercolor
	13.View of Saskatoon,watercolor

Bosh,Josephine R.
         1935:1721 N.Richmond St.,Appleton,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list][Bosh]
         1937:1721 N.Richmond St.,Appleton,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing] [Bosch]

Bossert,Miss J.Charlotte
          1929:Bossert,J Charlotte r950 Shepard av[1929 MCD]
          1935:3342 N.Shepard Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Edge.1718
          1936:Bossert, J.Charlotte,………………….……….3342 N.Shepard av [1936 MCD]
                   Bossert,  O.Henry,…………………………….3342 N.Shepard av [1936 MCD]
          1937:3342 N.Shepard Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

	7.Wallhanger;mixed @ $125.00[57th Exhibition]YSH

         1979:2642 E.Shorewood Blvd.,Shorewood,WI 53211[WP&S 1979]
         1980:2642 E.Shorewood Blvd.,Shorewood,WI 53211[WP&S 1980-81]

Boundey,Burton S[hepard]
       Oconomowoc,WI 1879-1962 Monterey,CA
        1917-18 Rotary Exhibition[#6 Autumn Harmony @ $75.00;#7.The Harvest's Gold @ $75.00]
	1.The Ice Raft
	2.Oconomowoc,From the Bay
	3.Evening,Oconomowoc River
	4.The Swimming Hole
	5.Carp Fishers,Lac La Belle
	6.Silver Lake
	7.Melting Snow
        	3.Ocomonowoc River
            10.Arroyo Santa Anita

        1933:710 E.Mason St.[Medina Apts.],Milwaukee,WI
	16.Still Life-watercolor[#741a WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $$15.00]
		[#740a Camp @ $15.00;#742a Plants @ $15.00]
        1936:not listed in 1936 MCD
        1938:not listed in 1938 MCD

	10.Orange Painting;acrylic @ $900.00[57th Exhibition]SY

	White Chair;plywood[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

Bowitz,John F.
	9.Untitled,bronze,sawdust @ $200.00[56th Exhibition]

         1987:Boyceville,WI 54725
	Reclamation;acrylic[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
          1989:Rt.1,Box 209,Boyceville,WI 54725[WP&S 1989]entrants
	Spirit Shelter;acrylic on paper[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

          1989:Rt.1,Box 209,Boyceville,WI 54725[WP&S 1989]entrants

Bowman,Russell,chief curator,Milwaukee Art Museum
          1982:750 N.Lincoln Memorial Drive,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1982]honorary
          1985:750 N.Lincoln Memorial Drive,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1985-86]honorary
          1986:750 N.Lincoln Memorial Drive,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1986-87]

          2000:Boyanovsky,Gayle,5080 S Nicholson Av,Cdhy[Ameritech 2000-01]
	Plate 6:The Lake,oil,30" x 36"[Centennial Exhibition]


Boyd,Emily A.
          1942:not listed in 1942 MCDxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	Lake View-oil

Boyd,William B.--honorary
          1980:Wingspread Foundation,Racine,WI 53404[WP&S 1980-81]
          1982:Wingspread Foundation,Racine,WI 53404[WP&S 1982]

	3.Sawing Wood at the Landing-oil @ $75.00

          1989:426 East Fremont Pl.,Milwaukee,WI 53207[WP&S 1989]entrants

Boynton,Ray G.
         1936:Boynton,Katheryn student r2102 N 51st[1936 MCD]
                  Boynton,Ray G.,student r2102 N 51st[1936 MCD]
                  2102:Kutzner,Lottie M[1936 MCD]-reverse
                  Kutzner Lottie m tchr Albert E Kagel Sch
	27.Figure in Spruce--sculpture
         1937:2102 N.51st St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

Boysen,Bill H.
	10.Anatomy Lesson #3;painted ceramic @ $500.00[51st Annual]

          1989:2718 N.41st St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[WP&S 1989]entrants

Bradley,Dorothy M.
	21.Spring Fantasy,watercolor @ $55.00
	13.North Country,watercolor @ $65.00
	17.Broken Orchard,watercolor @ NFS
	18.Inlet on the sea,watercolor @ $75.00
	10.Pool,acrylic @ $400.00[56th Exhibition]
	8.Band of Gold;acrylic @ $300.00[57th Exhibition]Y
	9.Trip Spring;acrylic @ $300.00[57th Exhibition]YSH
         1979:2565 N.Downer Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1979] honorary

Bradley,Georgia Louisia
         1924:Bradley,Georgia tchr r J.451 Kenwood blvd[1924 MCD]
	10.The Blizzard @ $15.00

Bradley,Mr & Mrs.Harry L.[ Honorary]
         1964:2145 W.Brown Deer Rd.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S  1964]
         1965:2145 W.Brown Deer Rd.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
         1966:2145 W.Brown Deer Rd.,Milwaukee 53217[WP&S 1966-67]
         1975:2145 W.Brown Deer Rd.,Milwaukee 53217[WP&S 1975] Mrs.Harry L.
         1977:2145 W.Brown Deer Rd.,Milwaukee 53217[WP&S 1977-78]Mrs.Harry L.

Bradley,Joseph Crane
         Woods Hole,MA 1919-
	84.California Scrub,watercolor @ $50.00
	4.The Big Ones Push the Little Ones in the Mud,gouache @ $60.00
First Prize:The Milwaukee Art Institute Purchase Prize of $50.00
 to Joseph Bradley for the work,The Big Ones Push the Little Ones in the Mud
     1948: Centennial
	39.Boy Sliding in a Schoolyard; wax @ $200

               1989:711 N.Baird St.,Green Bay,WI 54301[WP&S 1989]entrants
               1991:303 South Van Buren St.,Green Bay 54301[WP&S 1991]

	Cote D'Azure;oil on canvas[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

	9.Landscape,polymer @ $300.00[53rd Annual]

Brand,Mrs Lily G
	WMRF to LGB 11-7-1905;11-26-1905
           1906:Brand Lilly G Fred M h222 Ogden av[1906 MCD]
	WMRF to LGB 6-5-1906
           1907:222 Ogden Ave.,Milwaukee,WI
	WMRF to LGB 2-1-1907;3-22-1907;3-25-1907;5-15-1907
           1909:222 Ogden Ave.,Milwaukee,WI
            	WMRF to LGB 6-8-1909;6-10-1909;6-21-1909
           1910:822 Ogden Ave.,Milwaukee,WI
          	WMRF to LGB 6-1-1910
           1911:356 Broadway,Milwaukee,WI
	WMRF to LGB 6-8-1911[Mrs.Lily G.]
           1912:222 Ogden Ave.,Milwaukee,WI
	WMRF to LGB 6-11-1912

Brandt, Michael J.
     1948: Centennial
	40. Still Life No. 2; oil @ $150

	9.Bonjour,Monet,oil @ $100.00

         1929:Brant Ellis G(Abbie:Brant & Nielson)h1443 42nd [1929 MCD]
         1935:1218 W.Pierce St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1936:Brant & Nielsen Inc,Ellis G Brant pres,Wm Mickle v pres,
Mrs Abbie C Brant sec-treas pntr………………….…r1218 W.Pierce[1936 MCD]
                  Brant,Ellis G(Abbie C)pres Brant & Nielsen Inc r N89th & W Blue Mound rd[1936 MCD]
         1937:1218 W.Pierce St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]
         1943:Milwaukee,WI[MCD not published in 1943]
 	4.Sister Bay Harbor,oil @ $200.00

Brasz,Arnold Franz
     Polk Co.,WI 1888-1966 Glendale,CA
        8.The River
	11a.A County Fair @ $500.00[#3 1917-18 Rotary Exhibition @ $500.00]
     1919:189 Main St.,Oshkosh,WI[WP&S 1919 membership]
     1921:189 Main St.,Oshkosh WI[ WP&S  Feb.1921membership]
        6.Little Bridges
        7.Old Women
	["First Honorable Mention to A.Franz Brasz for "Old Women"]
        8.The Bench
        9.Autumn Woods
        1.The Pool

	15.Still Life in sand,mixed @ $250.00
$250 Milwaukee Athletic Club 15 Still Life in Sand,mixed Laura Bratt

Braun,Martin J
       1940:Braun,Martin J.,student,r2921 N Murray av[1940 MCD]
	21.Indian Maid-sculpture

Braun,Terry Elizabeth Goeckler
	Untitled #1;cattle marker,nupastel,charcoal[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
           1991:810 B.Eagle Heights,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1991]
           1994:Braun,Todd & Terry,3156 Muir Field Rd Mdsn[Ameritech 1994-95]

Braverman, Leona
1948: Centennial
	41. Musician; mahogany @ $150

	8.Eternal Tension-oil & encaustic

	17.Smelt Fishing,oil

Bresler-F.H.Bresler Co
     Bresler,Frank H
      Manitowoc WI 1866-1931 Milwaukee,WI
          1905:423 Milwaukee St.,Milwaukee,WI
	WMRF to FHB 9-1-1905
	WMRF to FHB 9-12-1908;9-16-1908

       1975:3468 N.Oakland,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1975]
       1977:3468 N.Oakland,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1977-78]

Bretz,Mrs.Edw. F.(Hertha L.)
          1929Bretz Edw F(Hertha L:E.F.Bretz & Co)h540 Lake dr apt 2[1929 MCD]
          1935:2564 N.Lake Drive,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1936:Bretz Edw F(Hertha L: E.F.Bretz & Co) h 2564 N.Lake dr apt 2][1936 MCD]
          1937:2564 N.Lake Drive,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

        1990:RR1,Box 1230,Soldiers Grove,WI 54655[WP&S 1990]Gorve
        1991:RR1,Box 1230,Soldiers Grove,WI 54655[WP&S 1991]Gorve

Brewster,Margaret-WP&S Northeast Chapter
	Morning Sunshine;watercolor[Past,Present & Future]
          1997:400 W.Division St.,Kaukauna,WI 54130[WP&S 1997]--associate

Briant,Harriet[see Bryant,Harriet]
         1935:Handicrafters,Waupun,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]

	7.Kitchen Sink,1983;mixed media,19 x 9 x 3 Ύ inches[Exhibition 62]

Briggs,Inez Spring
           1933:634 S.Main St.,Janesville,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$2.50][Inez]
	[#482a Seasons First @ $25.00;#483a Pussy Willows @ $25.00;#484a Tenny Park @ NFS;
		#485a Jarchow Lumber Dabin @ NFS;#486a Mary Etta Pickens @ NFS]
           1935:634 S.Main St.,Janesville,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list][corrected]
           1937:634 S.Main St.,Janesville,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Briggs,Joseph W.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
          1929 Jos W(Agnes R)ins 114 Wisconsin av R414 h418 Edgewood av[1929 MCD]
          1932.3518 N.Frederick Ave.,SHOREWOOD,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list][corrected]
		[#29 Harbor @ $50.00;#30 Space @ Color @ $40.00;#31 Circle-Circle Creation @ $75.00;
#32 Barnyard @ $25.00;#99 1930-1931 @ $25.00;#99]
         1933:3518 N.Frederick Ave.,SHOREWOOD,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$2.50]
	[#677a Morning Light @ $25.00;#678a Ye Gots,We Pray(Mural) @ $100.00;#680a Memories0Sketch @ $25.00;
		#681a Spring,Rebirth (Mural) @ $100.00]
         1935:3518 N.Frederick Ave.,SHOREWOOD,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1936:Joseph W(Agnes R.) Life Insurance Agent,Title Guaranty Bldg,h3518 N Frederick av[MCD]
         1937:3518 N.Frederick Ave.,SHOREWOOD,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]
     1948: Centennial
	42. Matins; watercolor @ $45

Brink,Wolfgang & Barbara
         1975:2409 N.44th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[WP&S 1975]
         1976:2409 N.44th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[Brinck]
	Pickeral #1;photography @ $50.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
	Pickeral #2;photography @ $50.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
         1977:2409 N.44th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53210[WP&S 1977-78]

Brink-Rossato,Guido-WP&S Southeast Chapter-WP&S President 1978
         Duesseldorf 1913-
"In writing the introduction[to Craftsmen in Wisconsin]I was assisted by Guido Brink,artist and lately sculptor,who came from Dusseldorf Germany,to work in stained glass for his uncle in New York City and for many eyars has taught painting at Layton Art School in Milwaukee.We had long disucssions about the definition of craftsmanship in relation to folk art,sculpture,pure art.-Bertha K.Whyte,p 4 ibid]
             1956:teacher,Layton School of Art,Milwaukee,WI
	14.Structure with Red Signal,oil
             1958:teacher,Layton School of Art,Milwaukee,WI
             1959:teacher,Layton School of Art,Milwaukee,WI
	22.Crown of Thorns,oil @ NFS
            1972:2827 N.Farwell Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1972]
            1973:2827 N.Farwell Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1973]
            1974:2827 N.Farwell Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1974]
            1975:2827 N.Farwell Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1975]
            1977:2827 N.Farwell Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1977-78]
            1979:2827 N.Farwell Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1979]life
            1980:2827 N.Farwell Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1980-81]
            1982:2827 N.Farwell Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1982]life
            1985:2827 N.Farwell Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1985-86]life
            1986:2827 N.Farwell Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1986-87]
            1989:2827 N.Farwell Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1989]
            1990:2827 N.Farwell Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1990]
            1991:2827 N.Farwell Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1991]life
            1995:2827 N.Farwell Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1995]sculpture
            1996:Brink,Guido P.,2827 N Farwell Av[Ameritech 1996-97]
            1997:2827 N.Farwell Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1997]life
            2000:Brink,Guido P.,2827 N Farwell Av[Ameritech 2000-01][Centennial Exhibition]
	Plate L1:Jacob Wrestling with the Angel;acrylic on canvas;36" x 48"

Brite,Jane c/o Milwaukee Art Center Cudahy Gallery[asst. curator]
         1979:750 N.Lincoln Memorial Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1979]code S
         1980:750 N.Lincoln Memorial Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1980-81]
         1982:750 N.Lincoln Memorial Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1982]supporting
         1985:750 N.Lincoln Memorial Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1985-86]hon;curator
         1997:1610 N.Prospect Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1997]life
         2000:Brite,Jane ,1610 N Prospect Av.[Ameritech 2000-01][Centennial Exhibition]
	"Lifetime Members Not Included in Exhibition:Brite,Jane;Moynihan,Helen"

Broad,David S.
	32.Man with Pigeons-casein @ $300.00
	33.Paris-casein @ NFS

            1929 Brock Jos J emp Eagles Club r3709 Mt Vernon av[1929 MCD]
            1936:Brock,Jos J(Henriette E)family visitor Dept of Out-Door Relief
h2431 W.Capitol dr apt 206[1936 MCD]
            1937:2431 W.Capitol Drive,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

Brockman, Doris C.
     1948: Centennial
	43. Interlude; oil @ $150

Broenen,John P.
	8.Heads;oil on paint rags,63" x 70"[Exhibition 63][ill.]
	9.Musical Chairs;oil on canvas,108" x 92"[Exhibition 63][ill.]
$500.00 award winner John Broenen[#8 and #9]
          1993:3775 C.Yukon Rd.,Brookfield,WI 53045[WP&S 1993]$20.00
          1996:Nang & John,3775-C Yukon Rd[Ameritech 1996-97]

	11.Untitled (2 ft.6in.x 10 ft.),acrylic @ $500.00[56th Exhibition]

         1989:1950 North 2nd St.,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1989]entrants
         1990:1950 North 2nd St.,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1990]
         1991:1950 North 2nd St.,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1991]

Brooks,Mrs.Dudley C.[Carol Williams Brooks]WP&S Bio data 22nd Annual/1935]
             1929:N/L in 1929 MCD
             1935:2230 N.64th St.,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
             1936:Brooks,Dudley(Carol)instr U of W Extension Div h2662 N.71st[1936 MCD]
             1937:2230 N.64th St.,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]
	16.Reflections in blue-water color
              1942:Brooks,Dudley C.(Carol)instr Univ of Wis Extension Div
 r1125 Glenview av W'tosa[1942 MCD]
	Dawn Over Cuernavaca--tempera
             1945:1125 Glenview,Wauwatosa,13,WI[WP&S 1-1945 mailing]

         1982:5170 Enchanted Valley Rd.,Cross Plains,WI 53528[WP&S 1982]paintings,sculpture

      [1971:"address unknown"-upgraded to 1972]
       1972:3568 N.Oakland,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1972]
       1973:3568 N.Oakland,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1973]
       1974:3568 N.Oakland,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1974]

	9.Anticipation-oil & encaustic

Brown,Clinton Allen
	11.Raising of the Soul;bronze @ $200.00[51st Annual]

Brown,Dorothy Woodbridge
     "…The low wooden shop where I first knew them was a few doors away from Thatcher's Drug Store on the corner of 
     Farwell and Ogden Avenues(and a regular institution and first aid center for removing cinders from the eyes.)Across was 
     Abbot Row,about which many stories have been written.It was a cooperative of ten connected houses where many 
     prominent Milwaukees have lived:the John Cudahys(he was ambassador to Poland and Belgium),the Samuel Butlers
     (long head of the Art Institute),the William D.Van Dyke Juniors,the William A.Norrises,the Edmund Sheas,the Richard 
     Jones,the Rudy Matthews,the Henry Reusses(he is member of the U.S.House of Representatives),the Heber Stouts,the 
     Donald Slichters,the Serge Troubetzkoys,Irving Mantey and Miss Dorothy Brown.[Craftsmen of Wisconsin,p.23;note that 
     the author,Bertha Kitchell Whyte,neglects to mention that she resided at 1041 E.Ogden-see below]
        1929:Brown Dorothy r283 Ogden av[1929 MCD]
        1935:1019 E.Ogden Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 membership]Daly 6382
        1936:Brown,Dorothy W.,h1019 E Ogden St.[1936 MCD]
	28.Peanut Wagon--watercolor
        1937:Brown,Dorothy W student h 2611 N Lake Dr.[1937 MCD]
	18.To Michigan Street-water color
        1938:Brown,Dorothy W artist h2611 N Lake dr[1938 MCD]
	25.Up the Hill by Pleasant Street-watercolor
         1940:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
        1941:2611 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee,WI[Marlor SIA][FALK AIC 1990]
        1942:2611 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee,WI[Marlor SIA]
        1944:2611 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee,WI[Marlor SIA]
        1945:2611 North Lake Dr.,Milwaukee 11,WI[WP&S 1-1945 mailing]
	6.Outdoor Aerialists,watercolor @ $25.00
        1946:[2611 North Lake Dr.,Milwaukee,WI]
	5.Capt.A.J.Vogel of Radar,oil @ NFS
       1961:"2611 N.Lake Drive,Milwaukee,WI"[WP&S Sept 1961]

       1946:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1946
	85.Street Car Bends the Corner Round,watercolor @ $15.00

Brown,Laone[Mrs Roland E.Brown][WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exposition/1935]
          1935:518 E.Walnut,Green Bay,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list][Laeone m/l][Laone cat.]
	21.At the Window--oil
          1937:518 E.Walnut,Green Bay,WI[WP&S 1837 mailing]   [Leone]       

Brown,Larry K
          1971:Stevens Point,WI
	12.Truck-Street-Sign System,acrylic @ $500.00   [56th Exhibition][ill.]
$500 award[unspecified]             
          1973:Stevens Point,WI
	11.It's with what Mr.Charlie has;latex,mixed @ $175.00[57th Exhibition]YSH
	12.Untitled;latex,mixed @ $75.00[57th Exhibition]YH                                                      
          1973:Stevens Point,WI
	3.Untitled;latex,mixed media @ $200.00[58th Exhibition]

         1937:Brown,Stanley C displaymn Ed Schuster & Co r3045 S 37th[1937 MCD]
	19.Sarah Lennox-sculpture
         1938:Brown,Stanley C.(Mildred)window trmr Schuster's h410 N 42d[1938 MCD]
	26.Portrait of a Student as a Young Man--sculpture

Brown,Mrs.Theo T
         1935:Director Nevielle Public Museum,Green Bay,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1937:Director Nevielle Public Museum,Green Bay,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

         1935:605 S.Grand Ave.,Waukesha,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member][no phone #]

	10.Attention Shoppers;riveted steel,35" x 18" x 30"[Exhibition 63][ill.]
$500 award Winner Cris Bruch,Madison,Attention Shopppers

        1989:9568 Cty.SS,Amherst Jct.,WI 54407[WP&S 1989]entrants

Bruening,Anna K.
        1946:Milwaukee,WI[MCD not published in 1946]
	86.Flowers,watercolor @ N/P
	125.Dark Cloud Effect,ink wash @ N/P

Bruhn,Marion Scheffler
	14.The Bird Seller,oil @ $100.00
	15.The Horse That Won at Hialeah,oil @ $75.00

          1991:9361 Union Valley Rd.,Black Earth,WI 53515[WP&S 1991]associate member

	10.Electric Madonna,acrylic @ $175.00[53rd Annual][ill.]
$100 Dimensional Products,Inc.
	13.Camaieu;dye on canvas @ $675.00[57th Exhibition]YH
	4.Four Thousand Years at the Rodeo;wc @ $450.00[58th Exhibition]

Brumder,Holly H.
         1985:[no address-Milwaukee,WI][WP&S 1985-86]paid

Brunkow,Arthur H.
      1929:Brunkow,Arthur  H(Adelia M)Asst Trust Officer,First WI Trust Co
		h1265 Maryland av[1929 MCD]
       1935:735 N.Water St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
       1936:Brunkow,Arthur H.(Adelia M) Asst Trust Officer,First Wisconsin Trust Co
		h3909 N Maryland av (Shorewood)[1936 MCD]
       1937:735 N.Water St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing list]

Brunt,Louis A.
       1929:Brunt Louis (Florence)slsmn  h2609 Medford  av[1929 MCD]
       1931:Sketch Book of Milwaukee:2611 W.Medford Av[p.150][Louis C.]
       1935:2611 W.Medford Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
       1936:Brunt,Louis A…………………………………r2611 W.Medford av[1936 MCD]
                 Brunt,Louis C (Florence)slsmn……………….h2611 W.Medford av[1936 MCD]
       1937:2611 W.Medford Ave.,Milwaukee,WI

Bryant,Harriet[also Briant,Harriet]
       1937:Handicrafters,Waupun,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

Brzenk,Joseph-mid 20th c FALK WWW 1999
	11.Still Life-oil
           1928:Florence B.Fawsett Prize of $100.00 for the best Flower Painting;1928 Joseph Brzenk
           1928:MILWAUKEE JOURNAL Purchase Prize of $200.00 For a Painting to be
 Presented to the Public Schools of Milwaukee:1928 Joseph Brzenk

	87.Beach Scene-oil & encaustic @ $100.00

          1943:Milwaukee,WI[MCD not published in 1943]
	5.Flowers and Wisdom,oil @ $75.00
              64.The Country House,watercolor @ $25.00
	133.In the Studio,pastel @ $35.00
           1945:Buchholz,June L bkpr Wadhams Div 
Sonoco-Vacuum Oil Co r827 S 38th[1944-5 MCD][FALK AIC 1990]
	4.The Negress,oil @ $250.00
	2.Night and Bats,pastel @ $65.00
          1948: Centennial
	44. South Shore Harbor; pastel @ $35

Buck,Miss Rowena Lee
         1933:730 Parker Ave.,Beloit,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:N/L]
	[589a Anchor of Ice,Rock River @ $20.00;#560a On Pleasure Bent @ $25.00]
         1935:730 Parker Ave.,Beloit,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1937:730 Parker Ave.,Beloit,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

      1914:Edgerton,WI/1226 E 56th St.,Chicago,IL
	9.Wisconsin Hills
	10.Before the Threshing
	11.Lake Michigan
	9.The Changing Year……………………………………………….[#46 FALK AIC 1990,p.165]
	10.The End of the Village…………………………………………..[#35 FALK AIC 1990,p.165]
	12.The Halleck Place @ $75.00 [#4 1917-18 Rotary Exhibition @ $75.00]
	13.Main Street,Oldtown @ $50.00 …………………………………[#48 FALK AIC 1990,p.165]
                                                                   [#5 1917-18 Rotary Exhibition @ $50.00]
       1977:1130 E.Groham St.,Madison,WI 53703[WP&S 1977-78]
       1985:see TETZNER-Budnik,Sheryl

          1938:not listed in 1938 MCD
	27.Yachtsman's Paradise-watercolor
	28."6:00 A.M."-watercolor

	16.Untitled,oil @ $150.00
$100 Milwaukee Art Center Award 16 Untitled oil Carol Buettner
	17.Separation,oil @ $150.00

[Buey?][Guey??]Mr Elmer
      	1900:419 Broadway,Milwaukee,WIxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	WMRF to -11-27-1900

Buffmire, Mr. A.H.
           1932:Oconomowoc WI[WP&S  5-9-1932 membership]
	6.Rag Doll-watercolor @ $30 [A.B.C.list]

Buffmire,Frank E.
           1932:Oconomowoc,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	7.Fags-watercolor @ $25.00[#38 on A.B.C.list]
	[#34 Flowage @ $25.00;#35 North Camp @ $20.00;#36 Hoss Wrangler @ $10.00;#37 Spring @ $15.00]
            	22.Return of the Hero-watercolor
Layton School of Art Award-Frank E.Buffmire-"Return of the Hero"--watercolor
	Church Street-watercolor
	40.Loading the Boat,watercolor @ $30.00

	10.Still Life with Paper Flowers,oil @ $350.00

Buley-Wirth,Lois-see WIRTH,Lois

	Untitled 1980:charcoal,pastel and conte on paper,38 x 50 inches[Exhibition 61][ill.]

         1940:not listed in 1940 MCDxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bunch,Paula M.-WP&S South Central Chapter
         1989:2456 Springrose Circle,Verona,WI 53593[WP&S 1989]
         1990:2456 Springrose Circle,Verona,WI 53593[WP&S 1990]
         1991:2456 Springrose Circle,Verona,WI 53593[WP&S 1991]
         1994:Bunch,Michael & Paula ,2456 Spring Rose Cir Vrna[Ameritech 1994-95]
         1997:N1553 Fjord Road,Prairie du Sac,WI 53578[WP&S 1997]pro;painter;monoprints

Bunde,Lloyd J.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exposition/1935]
           1935:915 63rd St.,Kenosha,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
           1937:915 63rd St.,Kenosha,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

         1985:W264 S7285 Kings Peak,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1985-86]

Burke,Mrs.Ralph H.
       1929:Burke Ralph H(Eleanor) mach h890 Island av[1929 MCD]
        1935:2434 N.Palmer St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 member]Lo.7558[vacant in 1936 MCD reverse]
        1936:Burke,Ralph H.(Eleanor W.)slsmn Peter J.Soulen r4830 N.Bartlett av[1936 MCD]

         1989:9551 West Hadley,Milwaukee,WI 53222[WP&S 1989]entrants
	The World in Retrograde #3;mixed media[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

Burkee, Omar
     1948: Centennial
	45. Winter in Norway; watercolor @ $50

	10.Man in Church;oil
	146.Mandolin; watercolor
	10.Rain Storm; oil & encaustic
	77.Silent Brother; casein
Milwaukee Art Institute Awards:Bob Burkert-Silent Brother-casein-$50.00
  	101.Still Life with Red Table; watercolor
	88.Roman Night; oil & encaustic @ $125.00
	15.Paleolithic; oil and glaze
	19.Carneceria; oil
	20.Study of the Mime,Marceau; oil
	24.Folk Singer; oil @ $450.00
	18.Still Life With Blue Notes; oil @ NFS
	19.Still Life with Visitors; oil glaze @ $700.00
$700 S.C.Johnson & Son,Inc.,Racine 19 Still Life with Visitors,oil Robert Burkert
	12.A Bed; oil,charcoal @ $950.00[51st Annual][Robert]
	13.Highwayscape; oil @ $1,400.00[53rd Annual][ill.]
$50 Northern Gases & Supplies Co.,Inc.
          1975:non member[pencil notation]

Burkert,Nancy Ekholm
	21.Generation; oil
	22.Summer Idyll; watercolor
	23.Equinox; ink & watercolor @ $250.00
	16.The Farmer's Market; ink,watercolor,pencil,brush @ $400.00
$50.00 Seidel-Bressler Award Nancy Ekholm Burkert 16 The Farmer's market,ink,wc,pencil,brush
	11.At Rest on the Expressway; brush,inks @ NFS[53rd Annual]
	12.Rhythms and Fog,Nauset Beach; brush,inks @ NFS[53rd Annual][ill.]
$50 Tri-County Art Association

	Indiana Ice House;clay[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

Burkhardt,Barbara J.-WP&S Northeast Chapter
       1997:223 N.Broadway #112,De Pere,WI 54115[WP&S 1997]associate;photography,printmaking

Burkhardt,Dianne E.-WP&S Southeast Chapter
           1991:4836 N.Bartlett,Whitefish Bay,WI 53217[WP&S 1991]student member
           1993:4836 N.Bartlett,Whitefish Bay,WI 53217[WP&S 1993]$15.00
           1995:3449 N.Frederick,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1995]painting
           1996:does not appear in Ameritek 1996-97
           1997:3449 N.Frederick,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1997]pro;painter

Burmeister,Alyce M.
24.Paris at the Window,oil
	25.Still Life with Bottles,oil

Burnham, Carol-Lou
1948: Centennial
	46. Stalled; watercolor @ $75

Burnham,Steven A.
          1993:2520 N.Lake Dr.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1993]$20.00

Burns,George  T.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exposition/1935]
          1921:Burns George T student r672 Penn av[1929 MCD]
          1935.3156 S.Pennsylvania Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Sheri.4533
          1936:Burns,Geo.T lab r3156 S.Penn av.[1936 MCD]
          1937:3156 S.Pennsylvania Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]
	20.Attic Bedroom-oil
	21.Putting up the Stove-drawing
          1938:Burns Geo T (Melvada)tchr Cass St Rotary Sch h1023 N Van Buren apt 26[1938 MCD]
	29.Chase St. Bridge-oil
	30.Chase St. Bridge-drawing
          1940:Burns,Geo T.instr Riverside High Sch r770 N Marshall [1940 MCD]
	24. Filtration Plant-oil
	25.Construction Job--watercolor
          1945:Burns,Geo T.(Melvada S)tchr Riverside Hi Sch r770 N Marshall[1944-5 MCD]
	3.From Lincoln Memorial Bridge,pen and ink,@ $15.00
	126.East Wisconsin Avenue,from Michigan Street,pen and ink @ $15.00
	25.Life Everlasting,watercolor @ $100.00
	17.Quarry at Noon,watercolor @ $35.00
         1961:6822 N.Crestwood,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
         1963:6822 N.Crestwood Dr.,Milwaukee 9[WP&S 1963 Active]
         1964:6822 N.Crestwood Dr.,Milwaukee 53209[WP&S 1964]
         1965:6822 N.Crestwood Dr.,Milwaukee 53209[WP&S 1965-66]
         1966:6822 N.Crestwood Dr.,Milwaukee 53209[WP&S 1966-67]
         1970:6822 N.Crestwood Dr.,Milwaukee 53209[WP&S 1970]
         1972:6822 N.Crestwood Dr.,Milwaukee 53209[WP&S 1972]
         1973:6822 N.Crestwood Dr.,Milwaukee 53209[WP&S 1973]
         1974:6822 N.Crestwood Dr.,Milwaukee 53209[WP&S 1974]
         1975:6822 N.Crestwood Dr.,Milwaukee 53209[WP&S 1975]
         1976:6822 N.Crestwood Dr.,Milwaukee 53209
	Empty World;watercolor @ NFS[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
	Beach Below Schlitz Audubon Center;wc @ $300.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
         1977:6822 N.Crestwood Dr.,Milwaukee 53209[WP&S 1977-78]
         1979:6822 N.Crestwood Dr.,Milwaukee 53209[WP&S 1979]

Burns,Howard Orlan
           1929:N/L in 1929 MCD
           1935:2678 N.Buffum St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
           1936:Burns,Howard artist Morrison Adv Agency Inc r529 E Clarke[1936 MCD]
           1937:1029 E.Pleasant,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

	Dream No.1;cast iron[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
           1989:602 Clemons,Madison,WI 53704[WP&S 1989]entrants
           1990:602 Clemons,Madison,WI 53704[WP&S 1990]
           1991:602 Clemons,Madison,WI 53704[WP&S 1991]
           1994:Burns,Michael A.,602 Clemons Av Mdsn[Ameritek 1994-95]

Burr,Miss Charlotte L.
            1935:Sec.Art League of Beloit,Beloit College,Beloit,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
            1937:Sec.Art League of Beloit,Beloit College,Beloit,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Burr,Dorothy W.
	19.Conflict,oil @ $250.00
	20.Still Life with Potatoes,oil @ $200.00

Burroughs,Charles W.
            1929:N/L in 1929 MCD
            1935:2928 N.Frederick Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
            1936:Burroughs,Chas W clk NW Mut Life Ins Co r2928 N Frederick av[1936 MCD]
            1937:2928 N.Frederick Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Busalacchi,Gaetono[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
            1887-1967[FALK AIC 1990]
             1913:Bussalacchi,G.,1913 Rotary Exhibition:#3 Landscape,Italy @ $125.00;#4.Landscape @ $125.00
             1914:Busalacchi,Gaetono,artist 67,111 Mason,h.303 Jackson[1914 MCD]
	12.Portrait of S. Bellante(loaned by S.Bellante)
	13.Portrait of M.C.Greene
	14.Etruscan Landscape
	15.River of Veareggio
            1915:Busalaccki,Gaetano artist 67,111 Mason,h.303 Jackson[1915 MCD]
	11.Mr.Conroy's Portrait
	12.Mr.E,Papa's Portrait
	13.Mrs.J's Portrait
	14.Cascina @ $400.00
	15.South Shore Beach @ N/L
	16.Portrait of Miss Shipper @ N/L
	17.Portrait of Mrs.Pollworth @ N/L
            1919:Busalacchi,Gaetano elev opr r301 Van Buren[1919 MCD][  WP&S 1919 membership ]
	7.Portrait of My Father
	8.Stone Quarry
            1921:["Gaetono Busalacchi"][WP&S  Feb.1921 membership]
            1927:Who's Who in Art & Music:922 Oakland Ave.,p.241
            1929: N/L in 1929 MCD
            1935:511 E.Clybourn St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
            1935:3308 N.Oakland Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 data sheet]
            1936:Busalacchi,Gaetano artist r3308 N.Oakland av[1936 MCD]
            1937:3308 N.Oakland Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]
            1996:[Past,Present & Future]
Gaetano Busalacchi,Central Park 1923;oil on canvas;lent by Dr and Mrs John E.Cordes

Buscemi,Angelo S.
	10.No Title,assemblage @ NFS[54th Annual]

Bushey,Eugene E.
	11.Trio-oil & encaustic
            1955:West Allis,WI
	89.Backyard-oil & ecnaustic @ $170.00
            1961:4108 N.81st St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
	21.Structures,oil @ $100.00 
$250 MILWAUKEE JOURNAL Purchase Award painting to be presented to Milwaukee Public Schools
21 Structures oil Eugene Bushey
	20.stairs,oil & wax @ $200.00
            1963:4108 N.81st.,Milwaukee 22,WI[WP&S 1963] Prof
            1964:4108 N 81st.,Milwaukee 22,WI[WP&S 1964]
            1965:4108 N.81st.,Milwaukee 22,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
            1966:4108 N.81st.,Milwaukee 53222[WP&S 1966-67]Exhtb.Ch.

Buss,Alan P.
         1975:W64 N713A Washington Ave.,Cedarburg,WI 53012[WP&S 1975]
         1977:W64 N713A Washington Ave.,Cedarburg,WI 53012[WP&S 1977-78]

Bussiere,Louise[WP&S Board of Directors 1981-82]
         1975:7011 W.Forest Home,Greenfield,WI 53220[WP&S 1975]
         1976:7011 W.Forest Home,Greenfield,WI 53220
	Beyond Destiny's Courtyard;watercolor,ink @ $400.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
         1977:7011 W.Forest Home,Greenfield,WI 53220[W&S 1977-78]
         1980:4700 W.Grange Ave.,Greenfield,WI 53220[WP&S 1980-81]
         1981:4700 W.Grange Ave.,Greenfield,WI 53220
	Reluctant Sisters of the Rose,24" x 30",watercolor @ $475[Membership Show]
               Final Journey with a Blue Horse,22" x 28",watercolor @ $450.00[Membership Show]
         1982:4700 W.Grange Ave.,Greenfield,WI 53220[WP&S 1982]watercolor,stone litho
         1985:2616 N.Frederick Ave.,Apt 214[City Unknown][WP&S  1985-86]
         1987:235 S.77th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53214-1404[WP&S 1987]pro
         1989:1437 E.Brady #205,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1989]
         1990:1437 E.Brady #205,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1990]
         1991:1218 W.Pippin Ct.107N,Mequon,WI 53092[WP&S 1991]

       1982:1502 W.Edgerton Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53221[WP&S 1982]prints
       1985:see FURNESS,Christine Buth

Butler,Charlotte-WP&S Northeast Chapter
       1989:88 Cherry Court,Appleton,WI 54915[WP&S 1989]entrants
       1991:88 Cherry Court,Appleton,WI 54915[WP&S 1991]associate member
       1997:88 Cherry Street.,Appleton,WI 54915[WP&S 1997]associate

Butler,Metje C
          2000:2115 E.Mifflin st.,Madison,WI 53704[WP&S 2001]
	Plate 7:The Lady of the House is In,photography,15" x 18"[Centennial Exhibition]

Butor,Mel F.
	14.Heat Reversed,acrylic @ $1,000.00[53rd Annual]
	11.Metallic Undulations,wood,webbing,acrylic @ $550.00[54th Annual]
	12.Optic Square,wood,webbing acrylic @ $400.00[54th Annual]
	13.1/5 Reflections Y.O.Y. to V,1/5 silkscreen,polyester @ $2,500.00[56th Exhibition]

            1935:Sec.-Treas.Madison Art Association c/o Wisconsin Union,Madison,WI
[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
            1937:Wisconsin Union,Madison,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

Buxbaum,Eleanor[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exposition/1935]
            1929:Buxbaum Eleanor tchr r 1016 Downer av[1929 MCD]
            1935:4024 N.Downer Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
            1936:Buxbaum,Elenor tchr Lee Sch r4024 N Downer av[1936 MCD]
            1937:4024 N.Downer Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Buxton,William C.
	27.Seasonal Change,oil
	26.Terrain,oil @ $85.00
            1989:321 Idaho St.,Oshkosh,WI 54901[WP&S 1989]entrants

Byers,Jeffrey H.
	9.Untitled,wood,paper @ $600.00[55th Annual]

Byng,Dennis E.
	12.Bar and Cafι,oil @ $100.00
	12.The Bird and The Scarecrow-oil
	12.Northern Lights-oil & encaustic

	16.Interior with Apparitiongouache
	17.Troubled Man;oil
	29.The Beach;oil
	27.A Meeting;oil @ $300.00
	18.Route II;oil @ $300.00
	22.A Walk;oil @ $250.00
	11.Train Station;oil @ $400.00
             	13.Philadelphia,Miss.;oil @ $500.00[51st Annual]
          1980:5905 Hammersly Rd.,Madison,WI 53711[WP&S 1980-81]

          1989:7070 Eagle Hts.,Madison,WI 53705[WP&S 1989]entrants
	House;paper,mixed media[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

         1964:West DePere,WI
	9.The Source,oil @ $500.00
         1989:Art Dept.,St.Norbert College,De Pere,WI 54115[WP&S 1989]entrants

Cahill,Nancy E.
         1975:1701 E.Newton Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1975]
         1977:1701 E.Newton Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1977-78]

Cain, Ned M.
         1999:De Pere [Statewide Juried Membership Expo]

Caldwell Ris-see RIS,Theron Caldwell

         1975:#204 N11785 Goldendale Rd.,Germantown,WI 53022[WP&S 1975]

             1951:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1951
	13.Still Life -oil

Cameron,Elizabeth J.
           1987:4157 Sheridan Rd.,Racine,WI 53403:3818[WP&S 1987]pro

Cameron,Mary Higbee
	23.Manila Bay,tempera @ NFS

         1989:3008 A.North Pierce,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1989]entrants
	Every good boy does fine;pastel,charcoal,graphite[Juried Membership Show]
	Romulus and Remus[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
	The boy who loved islands;pastel,graphite,charcoal 37"x48 ½"[ill.][Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
$500.00 Award
         1990:816 East Clarke #3,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1990]
         1991:816 East Clarke #3,Milwaukee,WI 53212[WP&S 1991]
         1993:3139 A N.Fratney,Milwaukee,WI 53212-3084[WP&S 1993]$15.00
         1996:3139-A N Fratney[Ameritech 1996-97]

Camp,Helena L. 
            1914:Camp,Helena L. Miss,h.78 Prospect Av.[1914 MCD]
            1915:Camp,Arthur K.78 Prospect av.[1915 MCD]
	14.A Bit of Venice
            1919:Camp,Helena L r.78 Prospect av[1919 MCD]
	11.The Valley
	12.On the Bach
           1921:37 Madison Ave,NYC[MARLOR SIA]

Campagna,Lois R.
        1985:S88 W23185 Wynn Drive,Big Bend,WI 53103[WP&S 1985-86]paid
        1986:S88 W23185 Wynn Drive,Big Bend,WI 53103[WP&S 1985-86]
        1987:S88 W23185 Wynn Drive,Big Bend,WI 53103[WP&S 1987]pro
        1989:see GEIGER-Campagna,Lois R.

Campbell,James D.
	13.Structure with Two Domes,cool light,mirror,formica,chrome,plexiglas @ $600.00[54th Annual]
	10.Nesse Kabob,mixed media,neon @ $1,500.00[55th Annual]

            1991:550 Spinnaker Lane,Green Bay,WI 54302[WP&S 1991]

Campeau,Carolyn E.-WP&S South Central Chapter
          1994:Campeau,C 112 W Lakeside Mdsn[Ameritech 1994-95]
          1997:4921 Woodburn Dr.,Madison,WI 53711[WP&S 1997]pro;painter;monotypes

         1975:552 N.Powers St.,Port Washington,WI 53074[WP&S 1975]"Powers At."]
         1977:525 N.Powers St.,Port Washington,WI 53074[WP&S 1977-78]

Canfield-Bywaters,Diane-WP&S Central Chapter
          1993:1557 Church St.,Stevens Point,WI 54481[WP&S 1993]$20.00
	Road Behind the San Juan Bingo Building;oil on panel
          1997:1557 Church St.,Stevens Point,WI 54481[WP&S 1997]pro;painter

Cannizzaro,Joseph[see Ameritech 1994-95]
          1993:536 State St.#6,Madison,WI 53703[WP&S 1993]$20.00
	Curtain Call;lithograph

Carilli,Catherine V.
	Angels Above It All;oil on canvas[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

Carley,Michal A.
        1986:2540 North Lake Drive,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1986-87]
        1987:2540 North Lake Drive,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1987]pro
	How To Diaper Your Baby;cyanotype & computer[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
	Obsessions;cyanotype & photog.[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
$100 award winner Michal Carley Bosessions Cyanotype and computer,31" x 34"
        1989:2540 North Lake Drive,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1989]
        1990:2540 North Lake Drive,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1990]

Carlson,Jr.,Albin V.,[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exposition/1935]
          1929:Carlson Albin V(Tillie)Hammerman h157 Logan[1929 MCD]
          1935:2945 S.Logan Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1936:Carlson Albin V (Tillie M)lab h2945 S.Logan[1936 MCD]
          1937:Carlson,Albin V(Tillie M)Hammermn h2945 S Logan av[1937 MCD]
          1937:2945 S.Logan Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

	6.Gallinaceous; watercolor @ $100.00[52nd Annual]

         1951:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1951xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	14.Wall Patterns-oil
Milwaukee Art Institute Awards of Merit:Harold Carlson "Wall Patterns" oil & encaustic $50.00
	13.Head-oil & encaustic
Milwaukee Art Institute Awards-Harold Carlson-Head-Encaustic-$50.00
	10.Gypsy-oil & encaustic
WP&S Purchase Prize to a member in good standing-Harold Carlson-Gypsy-encaustic-$100.00
	11.Cockerel-oil & encaustic
	90.Specialists-oil & encaustic @ $300.00
	30.Addison Road,encaustic
	28.English Kitchen,wax @ $150.00
          1991:2439 S.Oneida,Appleton,WI 54915[WP&S 1991]

Carlson, Stuart
            1980:West Bend,WI
	Mare Box 1979;mixed media,17 x 16 ½ x 2 ½ inches[Exhibition 61][ill.]
$300.00 award

Carnduff,Dagmar Tomaszewski
	8.First Impressions,1983;oil and charcoal on raw canvas,64 x 57 inches[Exhibition 62]

Carpenter,Mrs.Everett N
         1929:Carpenter Everett N (Anna T)sec-treas Carpenter Bros r537 Prospect av[1929 MCD]
          1935:2527 N.Prospect Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1935:3473 N.Murray Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 membership]Edge.8737
          1936:Carpenter Everett N(Anna) sec-treas Carpenter Bros Inc h325 E Acacia rd(FP)MCD
          1937:2527 N.Prospect Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

Carpenter, Frederick L.
          1948: Centennial
	47. Woodman; tempera @ $50  48. Mural Sketch; drawing @ $60
Carpenter,Mrs Paul D
	1909:485 Wyoming Pl.,Milwaukee,WI
	WMRF to PDC 5-6-1909;6-2-1909

Carr,Anna M.
           1935:2977 N.Stowell Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Lake.2592W
           1936:Carr,Anna M tchr Mil State Teachers College r 3059 N Maryland av apt 1[1936 MCD]

Carstensen.Jens T.-WP&S South Central Chapter
            1990:4713 Tonyawatha Trail,Madison,WI 53716[WP&S 1990]
            1991:4713 Tonyawatha Trail,Madison,WI 53716[WP&S 1991]
            1993:4713 Tonyawatha Trail,Monona,WI 53716[WP&S 1993]$15.00
	V-8 and Wine;oil
            1997:4713 Tonyawatha Trail,Madison,WI 53716[WP&S 1997]pro;painter,acrylic,wc

Caruso,Laura J.
           1993:1113 Elizabeth St.,Madison,WI 53703[WP&S 1993]$20.00
	Pierced;silver gelatin print

Cary,Julia Metcalf
           1915:not listed in 1915 MCDxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	15.White Roses

Cary,William[honorary member]
           1964:5328 N.Kent,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1964]
           1965:5328 N.Kent,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
           1966:5328 N.Kent,Milwaukee 53217[WP&S 1966-67]
           1975:5328 N.Kent,Milwaukee,53217[WP&S 1975]
           1977:5328 N.Kent,Milwaukee,53217[WP&S 1977-78]
           1979:5328 N.Kent,Milwaukee,53217[WP&S 1979]
           1980:5328 N.Kent,Milwaukee,53217[WP&S 1980-81]
           1982:8025 Portland Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53213[WP&S 1982]
           1985:8025 Portland Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53213[WP&S 1985-86]
           1986:8025 Portland Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53213[WP&S 1986-86]

Case,Alice King
           1989:200 River Drive,Appleton,WI 54915[WP&S 1989]entrants
           1993:121 E.Water St.,Apt.122,Appleton,WI 54911-5775[WP&S 1993]$20.00

Casper,Edward F.
	P.T.;photography @ NFS[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
	Show of Strength;photograph @ $100.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
         1977:1260 N.Prospect,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1977-78]

         1932:6175 N.Winchester Ave.,Chicago,IL[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#311 Still Life @ $75.00]
         1933:546 N.15th St.[Stewart Apt.Hotel],Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 Entrants list]
	17.Still Life-oil[#408a WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $50.00]
	[#407a Poppies @ $75.00]
           1936:N/L in 1936 MCD

         1933:546 N.15th St[Stewart Apt.Hotel].,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.00]

         1929:Casselman Wm F (Mary B)pntr 367 Herman h do[1929 MCD]
         1935:2725 S.Herman St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Sheri.2151
         1936:Casselman Wm F(Mary B)pntr 2725 S  Herman h do[1936 MCD]

       {   1929:Cassidy Paul r437 40th apt 25 [1929 MCD]}
         1935:953 N.10th St.[Adelin Hotel Apts],Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
       {  1936:Cassidy Paul H instr Vocational Sch h3414 N 45th[1936 MCD]}
         1937:953 N.10th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Cassidy,Robert W.
	12.East Adams Street,oil @ NFS
	10.Milwaukee River Landscape;oil @ NFS
         1965:4245 N.26th St.,Milwaukee 9,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
	14.View of Milwaukee;oil @ $500.00[51st annual]
         1966:291 E.Gauer Circle,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1966-67]

Castagnozzi,Jodi-WP&S Southeast Chapter
         1996:Castagnozzi,Jodi,3053 N Shepard Av[Ameritek 1996-97]
         1997:3053 N.Shepard ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1997]pro;painter;drawing,oil,etching

Casterton,Eda Nemoede
     Brillion,WI 1887-
  1912:918 Fine Arts Bldg.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
  1913:1907 W.Adams St.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
          1915:1028 Fine Arts Bldg.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
	16.Baby Peek
	17.Miss Virginia Newcomb
          1916:1028 Fine Arts Bldg.,Chicago,Il[FALK AIC 1990]
          1917:1028 Fine Arts Bldg.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
	18.Miniature @ N/L
          1918:1028 Fine Arts Bldg.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
          1919:1039 Fine Arts Bldg.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
          1920:1039 Fine Arts Bldg.,Chicago,Il[FALK AIC 1990]
          1921:1039 Fine Arts Bldg.,Chicago,IL[FALK AIC 1990]
          1924:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
          1925:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
          1926:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
          1927:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
          1928:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990

         1929:Castleton Robt J(Gladys )artist r1159 46th [1929 MCD]
         1935:1402 E.Kensington Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1936:Castleton Robt J (Gladys M)artist Mil Wire Frame Co h1402 E Kensington blvd[MCD]
         1937:1402 E.Kensington Blvd.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

	11.God !, oil @ $300.00
$50 Mrs.William D.Vogel Award 11.God ! oil Norman Catalano

Catlin,Mrs Charles
	1900:343 Farwell,Milwaukee,WI
	WMRF to CC 9-28-1900;12-19-1900
 	1906:343 Farwell Ave.,Milwaukee,WI
	WMRF to CC 6-29-1906

         1935:322 S.Court St.,Appleton,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1937:322 S.Court St.,Appleton,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

          1965:409 Bel Aire Dr.,Thiensville,WI[WP&S 1965-66]
          1966:409 Bel Aire Dr.,Thiensville,WI[not paid member Oct 1966]
          1967:[409 Bel Aire Dr.,Thiensville,WI]
	15.Mummer,oil,enamel @ $85.00[53rd Annual]
          1970:409 Belaire Dr.,Thiensville 53092[WP&S 1970]
          1972:409 Belaire Dr.,Thiensville 53092[WP&S 1972]

Cauley,Sister Karlynn A.[SDS]
        1982:4311 N.100th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53222[WP&S 1982]paintings/Karlyn
        1983:4311 N.100th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53222
	9.Sister Niceta,SDS,1983;silver print,18 x 14 inches[Exhibition 62]
        1985:4311 N.100th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53222[WP&S 1985-86]Sister Karlynn A/paid
        1986:4311 N.110th St.,Milwaukee,WI 53222[WP&S 1986-87]

         1977:W204 N11785 Goldendale,Germantown,WI 53022[WP&S 1977-78]
Cecelia,Sister Mary
        1932:Mercy Convent[WP&S A.B.C.list]
         [#178 Chrysanthemums @ N/L;#179 Captain Donavan @ N/L]

        1977:Naval Hospital,Quantico,VA 22134[WP&S 1977-78]

        1985:2201 N.Cambridge Ave. #106,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1985-86]paid
        1986:2201 N.Cambridge Ave. #106,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1986-87]
        1987:2201 N.Cambridge Ave. #106,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1987]pro

	16.Comb Cloud II,watercolor @ $150.00[53rd Annual]

         1975:1717 16th Ave.,Grafton,WI 53024[WP&S 1975]
         1977:1717 16th Ave.,Grafton,WI 53024[WP&S 1977-78]

Chamberlin,Miss Emma L.
          1933:749 Park Ave.,Beloit,WI[WP&S 1933 Entrants list]
	[#553a Petunias @ $35.00;#554a Mischievous Child @ $100.00;#555a Dahlias @ $50.00]
          1935:749 Park Ave.,Beloit,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
          1937:749 Park Ave.,Beloit,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

         1933:749 Parke Ave.,Beloit,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.50]

           1943:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1943
	122.Football Player,ceramic @ $25.00

	15.The Sewing Room;acrylic @ $65.00[51st Annual]

Chapman,Miss Alice G[Gregory III,pp.62-67]
 	1903:573 Cass St.,Milwaukee,WI
	WMRF to AGC 5-27-1903;12-14-1903;12-24-1903
	1905:578 Cass St.,Milwaukee,WI
	WMRF to AGC 5-27-1905vz Howard Pyle;6-9-1905;7-10-1905;7-18-1905[Pyle lecture]
	1907:578 Cass St.,Milwaukee,WI
	WMRF to AGC 1-22-1907
	1909:Cass St.,Milwaukee,WI
	WMRF to AGC 4-3-1909
	1910:Cass St.,Milwaukee,WI
	WMRF to AGC 2-17-1910
              1929:Chapman,,Alice G.h578 Cass[1929 MCD]

      1974:2435 N.Cramer St.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1974]
      1975:2435 N.Cramer St.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1975]
      1977:2435 N.Cramer St.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1977-78]

Chapman-Winter,Becky-see WINTER,Becky Chapman

          1985:Stevens Point,WI
	11.Culture Shock #1;woodblock print,2' x 4'[Exhibition 63]

Charles,Clayton H.
	31.Standing Figure-sculpture
          1948: Centennial
	49. Becker's Orchard; gouache @ $75
          1949:Beloit,WI[FALK AIC 1990]
	12.The Invalid,gouache @ $75.00
              80.Paul Bunyan,plaster @ $250.00
The Milwaukee Art Institute Medal of Honor for the most outstanding work in any medium:
to Clayton H Charles for Paul Bunyan,sculpture
The Milwaukee art Institute Awards of $50.00 each for the six most outstanding works in anyh medium 
to Clayton H Charkes for Paun Bunyan
City of Milwaukee Prize of $350.00 for a work of outstanding merit which will be donated to a
 public institution in Milwaukee by the Art Commission.To:Clayton Charles for Paul Bunyan
           1950:Beloit,WI[FALK AIC 1990]
	13.Mythical Place,oil @ $250.00
	14.The Installation,oil @ $250.00
	15.By-Products of a Civilization-oil

Chase Jessie Dora Kalmbach (Mrs.Wilfred)[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exposition/1935]
     Baileys Harbor,WI 1879-1970
    --born Baileys Harbor 11-22-1879-undated bio sheet,Milwaukee Public Library
	18. In the Park
	19.Lake Mendota
	19.The Pine Wood @ N/L[#8 1917-18 Rotary Exhibition @ $75.00]
              1919:Madison,WI[ WP&S 1919 member]
	14.Indian Summer
	15.My Garden
      	   5.Lawrence's Hill
              1921:[sticker covers city][WP&S typed roster "Exhibitors 1921"]
  	   11.The Lonely Shore
 	   12.Morning on the Dock
   13.Fishing Boats
                 14.The Tug
                 15.The White Boat
            1922:2009 Adams St.,Madison,WI[ WP&S  November 16,1922 membership]
            1923:[2009 Adams St.,Madison,WI]
                 2.A Green Hill
                 3.A Garden
            1924:2009 Adams St.,Madison,WI[WP&S  1924 membership]
	  11.Summer Skies @ $50.00
            1925:2009 Adams St.,Madison,WI[WP&S  1925 membership]
	12.The House Behind the Willows-oil
	13.Where the Old Bridge Stood-oil
            1926:2009 Adams St.,Madison,WI [WP&S journal 1926]ACTIVE MEMBER
            1929:2009 Adams St.,Madison,WI[BULLETIN April 1929]MEMBER
1.	After the Storm-oil [JOURNAL Gallery]
            1930:2009 Adams St.,Madison,WI[WP&S April 1930 membership list]
            1931:[2009 Adams St.,Madison,WI]
	7.Sturgeon Bay Shore-oil
	8.Little Harbor Point-oil
            1935:2009 Adams St.,Madison,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
	23.Wisconsin River-oil
            1936:[2009 Adams St.,Madison,WI]
	33.The Island--oil
            1937:2209 Adams St.,Madison,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Chase,Paul K.
	14.Phantasmagoria,watercolor @ $200.00[56th Exhibition]

Chase, Miss Rebecca Mary
           1925:Chase,Rebecca tchr Washington High Sch h685 Fredk av[1925 MCD]
	14.Factories -watercolor
           1927:Who's Who in Art & Music-569 Cramer St.,Milwaukee,p.242
           1929:Cramer Rebecca tchr Washington High School r619 ½ Cramer[1936 MCD]
           1932:2719 N.Cramer St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#451 Sherman Park @ $50.00;#452 Cedarburg @ $50.00]
           1935:2719 N.Cramer St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
           1936:Chase,Rebecca h1812 E.Belleview pl apt 25[1936 MCD]
                    McDonaugh Eug S.(Marie W)asst prof Marquette Univ h2719 N Cramer[1936 MCD]
           1937:2719 N.Cramer St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

         1986:3224 E.Hampshire,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1986-87]
         1987:3224 E.Hampshire,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1987]pro
         1989:3224 E.Hampshire,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1989]
         1990:3224 E.Hampshire,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1990]
         1991:3224 E.Hampshire,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1991]
         1996:Checota,Jos W,3224 E.Hampshire[Ameritech 1996-97]

Cheek,Franklin D.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exposition/1935]
        1929:Cheek Franklin D student r1898 26th  (& family) [1929 MCD]
        1933:4142 N.26th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.00]
	18.Roofs-oil[#95b WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $50.00]
		[996b Street Scene @ $10.00]
        1934:Cheek,Franklin artist boston Store r4142 N 26th[1934 MCD]
	17.Between Rounds-oil
        1935:4142 N.26th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
	24.Roasting Corn..black and white
        1936:Cheek,Franklin D coml artist  r4142 N 26th [1936 MCD]
        1937:4142 N.26th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]
        1938:Cheek,Franklin D(Elda J)coml artist h3336 N 23d[1938 MCD]
	32.Golden Gloves-watercolor
	33.Fire Boats-watercolor
       1942:Cheek,Franklin D(Elda I.)coml artist h3742 N 23d[1942 MCD]
                Cheek,Franklin D (Elda)coml artist h2507 N 57th[1942 MCD]
	Church on Holy Hill--oil
        1945:3742 N.23rd St.,Milwaukee 6,WI[WP&S 1-1945 mailing]
        1947:Cheek,Franklin D (Elda)artist Frank H.Berker h3742 N 23d.[1947 MCD
	4.Behind the Scenes,oil @ $250.00
     1948: Centennial
	50.Lunch Time; casein @ $300

Cheek,James A.
         1951:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1951

Cheek,William F.W.
        1935:Route #1,Sturgeon Bay,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1937:Route #1,Sturgeon Bay,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

      1932:1545 S.81st St.,West Allis,WI.[WP&S A.B.C.list]
              [#97 Mount Vernon @ $200.00;#98 The Thorn Apple Tree @ $50.00;#430 Cows by Pool @ $25.00]

Cheeseman Mrs. Nina
        1929:N/L in 1929 MCD
        1932:3556 N.38th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
           [#301 Still Life with Pheasant @ $50.00;#302 Late Summer Flowers @ $50.00;#303 Fishing Shacks @ $25.00;
#304 Portrait @ $50.00]
        1933:5556 N.38th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$1.00]
	[#112b Portrait-Dorothy @ NFS;#113b Hopi Boy @ $10.00]
        1935:5556 N.38th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1936:5556 Hoegel Paul(Minnie)janitor h5556 N 38th [1936 MCD]
        1937:5556 N.38th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Chenoweth, Charlotte Jeffery
     1948: Centennial
	51. Portrait-Girl With Flower; copper engraving @ $25

Chermak,Roger[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exposition/1935]
        1929:Chermak,Roger J(Helen M)drftsmn h1537 Newhall[1929 MCD]
        1935:4317 N.Newhall St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1936:Chermak,Roger J(Helen) artist h4317 N Newhall[1936 MCD]
        1937:4317 N.Newhall St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

	12.Resting Beast,lead @ $80.00

       1935:6616 W.Blue Mound Rd.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
       1936: Koch, Benno F.(Josephine)phys Veterans Adm h6616 W Blue Mound rd[1936 MCD]
       1937:6616 W.Blue Mound Rd.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Chicago:The Art Institute of Chicago
        1935:Robert harshe,Chicago,IL[WP&S 1935]

Choinska,Marion Stenz[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exposition/1935]
        1935:424 N.Pickney,Madison,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
	25.Cemetery Road-oil
        1936:[424 N.Pickney,Madison,WI]
          Milwaukee Art Institute:3rd Honorable Mention:
	Marion Choinska-"Pigtail and Rose Color" No 304[not otherwise listed in catalogue]
        1937:424 N.Pickney,Madison,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Christ,Andrew F.
	16.Eternal Flame;oil @ POR[51st Annual]

Christell,Valerie J.- public relations,newsletterWP&S Southeast Chapter 1995-96;pub.chair 1997
                   --WP&S President 1984-5
	Intersection,22" x 30",pastel[Membership Show
	Thru Fernwood,22" x 30",pastel
WP&S $50 Honorable Mention
         1982:2525 E.Ohio,Milwaukee,WI 53207[WP&S 1982]paintings
         1983:2525 E.Ohio,Milwaukee,WI 53207
	C Breeze;pastel[Juried Membership Show]
	Forest Strokes;pastel[Juried Membership Show]
	10.Revenge For A Hot One,1983;pastel,45 x 31 inches[Exhibition 63]
	11.Strung Out and Long,1983;pastel,45 x 31 inches[Exhibition 63]
         1985:2525 E.Ohio,Milwaukee,WI 53207[WP&S 1985-86]paid
         1986:[no address]                                     [WP&S 1986-87]
         1987:3115 S.Superior,Milwaukee,WI 53207[WP&S 1987]pro
         1989:3115 S.Superior,Milwaukee,WI 53207[WP&S 1989]entrants 
	They Were Not Healers;pastel[Juried Membership Show]
         1990:3115 S.Superior,Milwaukee,WI 53207[WP&S 1990]
         1991:3115 S.Superior,Milwaukee,WI 53207[WP&S 1991]
         1993:3115 S.Superior,Milwaukee,WI 53207[WP&S 1993]$15.00
         1995:3115 S.Superior,Milwaukee,WI 53207[WP&S 1995]painting,drawing
         1996:Christell,Valerie 3115 S.Superior[Ameritech 1996-97]
	Birth of Self;watercolor crayon[Past,Present & Future]
         1997:3115 S.Superior,Milwaukee,WI 53207[WP&S 1997]pro;painter;drawing

        1935:1150 Winneconnie Ave.,Neenah,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1937:1150 Winneconnie Ave.,Neenah,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Christensen,Esther M.
          Milwaukee,WI 1895-     [FALK AIC 1990]
      1914:Milwaukee,WI[unsure of address]
	18.Study in Still Life
      1924:Christensen,Esther C tchr Grant Sch r904 Scott[1924 MCD]
	12.Vaudeville @ N/P
	13.Flappers @ N/P
	14.Burlesque @ N/P
	[Honorable Mention to Esther M.Christensen for group,pen and ink drawings]
     1925:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
     1928:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
     1929:13515 Shaker Blvd.,Cleveland Ohio[BULLETIN April 1929]MEMBER

Christy,Sam P.
	12.Peace-oil & encaustic
	13.Travel-oil & encaustic
	31.Village No.2,lacquer

	Break II;silver aluminum[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
	Mars;silver copper[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

      1946:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1946xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	87.Quidi Vidi,Newfoundland,watercolor @ $35.00
     1948: Centennial
	52. Corner Tavern; oil @ $200  53. Seated Woman;drawing @ $10
      1951:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not publshed in 1951xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	115.Glass Eyes-casein
	147.Clearing Up-watercolor

	12.In the Middle,1983;wire,latex and cheese cloth,21 x 12 x 36 inches[Exhibition 62]

          1951:Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1951xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	16.Nostalgia of an Anthropologist-oil
Milwaukee Art Institute Awards of Merit:Ralph Cieslik "Nostalgia of an Anthropologist"-oil-$50.00
	148.Civic Pride Demands a Vote-watercolor
	14.Still Life with Fish-oil & encaustic
	15.Group of 4 Figures-oil & encaustic
	14.Loneliness-oil & encaustic
	19.Atavistic Bird,oil
          1961:3436 S.12th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Sept 1961]
          1963:3436 S.12th St.,Milwaukee 15,WI[WP&S 1963 Prof]
          1964:3436 S.12th St.,Milwaukee 15,WI[WP&S 1964]
          1966:6271 Thorncrest Dr.,Greendale,WI 53129[WP&S 1966-67]Newsletter
	17.Flight of Gemini,polymer @ $450.00[53rd Annual]

Cinatl,Jr., Ludwig John 
         1929 Cinati,Ludwig (Tillie)shtmtlwkr  1112 10th h do [1929 MCD]
         1936:Cinatl,Ludwig jr (Margt E.)instr.r2963 N 2d[1936 MCD]
	31.Strike  Tragedy-oil…………………………………………….[#49 FALK AIC 1990]
         1937:Cinatl,Jr.,Ludwig (Margt)artist h2410 N Richards[1937 MCD]
	23.Drinking Tragedy-monotype
                 [Honorable Mentions-drawing]
        1938:Cinati Ludwig (Margt)art wkr h1709 S 3d[1938 MCD]
	34.Sunday Afternoon-oil
     1948: Centennial
	54. Tenement Design; scratch board @ $25

	20.Late Harvest,oil
MILWAUKEE SENTINEL Award,$25.00-Andrew Clark,20.Late Harvest,oil
	29.Winter Landscape,oil @ $225.00
	19.November,oil @ $175.00

Clark,Joe-WP&S Chair,Central Chapter 1997
          1997:1611 4th St.,Port Edwards,WI 54469-supporting;sculptor;pottery,clay

Claxton,Wayne Le Mere
         1932:Ferry Groves,Nakoma,Madison,WI[WP&S  5-9-1932 membership][Claxton,Wayne]
         1933:Art Dept.,U of Wis[Claxton,Mayne Le Mere-exh. cat.][Claxton,Wayne LeMere-entrants list]
	19.Norwegian Hayfield-oil[#576 WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $175.00]
	[577 Harbour at Skagen,Denmark @ $200.00;#578 Midnight Light @ $200.00;#579 Sunflowers @ $100.00]
         1935:Art Dept.University of Wisconsin,Madison,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list][Claton,Wayne L.]
         1937:Art Dept.University of Wisconsin,Madison,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing] [Claxton,Wayne L]                                                                                                    

Clemens,Paul Lewis[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exposition/1935] [see below]
        Superior,WI 1911-
        1934:Clemens,Paul L jr(Ruth M)artist h1915 N Prospect av apt 30[1934 MCD]
	18.Girl Reading-oil
	19.Reclining Girl-pastel
       1935:1915 N.Prospect Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
	26.Lady in Green-oil
	27.Girl in Bonnet-black and white
       1936:Clemens,Paul L.(Ruth M.) artist,820 Ogden av Apt 4.[1936 MCD][FALK AIC 1990]
	34.In the Barn-oil
	35.Portrait of Donnie Crawford-oil
	36.House at Spring Green-watercolor
Anonymous $25.00 watercolor purchase prize,to be presented to Public Schools9Selected by School art Committee) 
	Paul Clemens-"House at Spring Green" No 476
	37.Night at Circus-watercolor
Anonymous $25.00:2nd Honorable Mention for watercolor:Paul Clemens-"Night at Circus" No.480
	38.Nightclub-black and white
                1936 Wisconsin Centennial Art Exhibition:Dr.L.E.W.
        1937:Clemens,Paul L(Ruth) artist h924 E Knapp[1937 MCD][FALK AIC 1990]
	25.Ruth with Fan-oil
                [MILWAUKEE JOURNAL Purchase Prize of $100.00]
                [Milwaukee Art Institute Silver Medal Award]
             26.After the Bath-pastel
             27.A Delicate Issue-watercolor
       1938:Clemens,Paul L (Ruth)artist 110 E Wisconsin av R1403 h924 E Knapp[1938 MCD]
	36.Portrait Composition-oil
         1939:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
       1940:not listed in 1940 MCDxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
	26.Summer Flowers-oil
         1941:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
       1945:Los Angeles,CAxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[FALK AIC 1990]
        1948: Centennial
	55. Maria Ouspenskaya; oil @ $1500

Clemens,Mrs.Ruth [see above][FALK AIC 1990]
       1935:[no street ,no city][WP&S 1935 mailing list](see above)
       1936:Clemens Paul L(Ruth)artist h820 E Ogden av apt 4[1936 MCD]
       1940:not listed in 1940xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
	27.Kneeling Figure-sculpture

         1989:505 East Johnson,Madison,WI 53203[WP&S 1989]entrants
	Elizabeth:Nemesis;pencil 76"x 32"[ill.][Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
$300.00 award

         1989:3613 Sherman Rd.,Jackson,WI 53037[WP&S 1989]entrants

Coan,Miss Polly
        1945:772 N.Jefferson St.,Milwaukee 2,WI[WP&S 1-1945 mailing]

Coate,David Orlando
     1921:Coate,Fred M(Sarah)timer h410 Harman[1921 MCD]
16.Cherry Blossom Farm
17.An Old Farm

Coats,Marvin S.
	14.Tie down zip-Gap;concrete,steel,wood,plastic @ $750.00[57th Exhibition]YH

Coburn,Jean P. Miner[FALK AIC 1990]
	109.Portrait Sketch [sculpture]
	110.Prof.Blaisdell of Beloit[sculpture]
	111."A Little Maid I Know"[sculpture]

Cody,Robert W.
	30.Archaic City,oil @ $200.00

Cody,William Robert
	49.Still Life on Table -watercolor @ NFS
	91.Big Wall-oil & encaustic @ $150.00

Coffey,Dennis A.
         1989:212 E.Mineral St.,Milwaukee,WI 53204[WP&S 1989]entrants
         1993:212 E.Mineral St.,Milwaukee,WI 53204[WP&S 1993]$20.00

Coffey,Marion K.-WP&S Southeast Chapter
        1977:1015 Churchill Lane,Milwaukee,WI 53217[WP&S 1977-78]
        1979:4626 N.Lake Drive,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1979]
        1980:4626 N.Lake Drive,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1980-81]
        1981:4626 N.Lake Drive,Milwaukee,WI 53211
	Madeline Island,14" x 16",oil @ $180.00[Membership Show]
	Sight Seeing on the Milwaukee River,30" x 42",oil @ $245.00[Membership Show]
        1982:4626 N.Lake Drive,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1982]paintings
        1985:4626 N.Lake Drive,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1985-86]paid
        1986:4626 N.Lake Drive,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1986-87]
        1987:4626 N.Lake Drive,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1987]pro
        1989:4626 N.Lake Drive,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1989]
        1990:4626 N.Lake Drive,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1990]
        1991:4626 N.Lake Drive,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1991]
        1993:4626 N.Lake Drive,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1993]$15.00
        1995:4626 N.Lake Drive,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1995]painting,drawing
        1997:4626 N.Lake Drive,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1997]pro/Marion

          1986:324 North Water,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1986-87]

	15.Untitled XXX,steel @ $750.00[56th Exhibition]

Cohn,Walter[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exposition/1935]
     1929:Cohn,Walter  artist 216 W Water R410 r536 Lake[1929 MCD]
     1931:Sketch Book of Milwaukee:740 N.Plankinton Av.[p.154]
     1932:740 N.Plankinton Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	8.Venezuela Sea Port Town-watercolor @ N/P[#75 on A.B.C.list]
	[#76 A Street in San Juan @ N/P;#77 Edge of the Village @ N/P;#78 Port Washington Boats @ N/P;
#79 Jones Island Shacks @ N/P]
     1935:740 N.Plankinton Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
     1936:Cohn,Walter coml artist r 2550 N Lake dr apt A[1936 MCD]
     1937:740 N.Plankinton Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Colarusso,Alfred J.
	21.Girl in Red Chair,oil

	Cycles;acrylic on canvas[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
           1989:106 S. Hancock #102,Madison,WI 53702[WP&S 1989]entrants
           1993:110 S.Hancock,No.1,Madison,WI 53703[WP&S 1993]$20.00

       1982:2731 N.Downer Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53211 supporting
       1985:2329 E. Belleview Place,Apt E.,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1985-86]

Cole,Mrs.Lillian N
      1961:3401 Central Ave.,N.E.,Apt.6,Minneapolis,MN[WP&S Sept 1961]
      1963:P.O.Box 988,Milw 1,WI[WP&S 1963 Active]
      1964:B-4,Fair Oaks Apts.,2421 Third Ave.,Minneapolis,MN[WP&S 1964]
      1965:B-4,Fair Oaks Apts.,2421 Third Ave.,Minneapolis,MN[WP&S 1965-66]
      1966:B-4,Fair Oaks Apts.,2421 Third Ave. S.,Minneapolis,MN 55404[WP&S 1966-67]
      1970:Buckingham #30,249 E.S.Temple,Salt Lake City,Utah 84111[WP&S 1970]
      1972:Buckingham #30,249 E.S.Temple,Salt Lake City,Utah 84111[WP&S 1972]
      1973:Buckingham #30,249 E.S.Temple,Salt Lake City,Utah 84111[WP&S 1973]
      1974:249 E.S.Temple,Salt Lake City,UT 84111[WP&S 1974]
      1975:249 E.S.Temple,Salt Lake City,UT 84111[WP&S 1975]
      1977:P.O.Box 226,Brainerd,MN 56401[WP&S 1977-78]
      1979:249 East South Temple,Salt Lake City,Utah 84111[WP&S 1979]code S

      1929:Cole Wm(La Verne) r236 E Wells[1929 MCD]
      1936:Cole Wm C (LaVerne)coml artist h923 N 14th  apt 105[1936 MCD]
      1937:1324 W.Kilbourn,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]

     1933:2921 N.40th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 Entrants list]
	[114b The First Thaw @ $25.00;#563a Mid Summer @ N/L;#564a Sunset @ $10.00]
     1936:Coleman,Holland(Blanch)eng US Forest Service h2921 N 40th[MCD 1936]

Coleman,Bruce A.
          1993:2183 N.51st St.,Milwaukee,WI 53208[WP&S 1993]$20.00

	15.Beach City,oil @ $250.00
	16.Bean Field,oil @ $250.00
	149.Naked Dance-watercolor
              177.Shoveling the Walk-drawing
	16.Cathedral-oil & encaustic
	17.The Spring Bonnet-oil & encaustic
	50.Pueblo-watercolor @ $100.00
	31.Colony,oil @ $300.00
	20.Winter Caught,oil @ $300.00
$100.00 Milwaukee Art Center Award Warrington Colescott 20 Winter Caught,oil
	21.Edwardian,oil @ $350.00
	22.The Miracle,oil @ $700.00
         1963:2828 Waunone Way,Madison 5,Wi[WP&S 1963 Prof]
	13.Portrait,oil @ $700.00
         1971:Blue Mounds,WI
	16.Red Alert at Disneyland,watercolor @ $250.00[56th Exhibition]
	13.Washington Video:Filibuster,1982;mixed media on paper,30 x 40 inches[Exhibition 62]

	Medusa;oil on paper[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]
           1990:309 State St #B,Madison,WI 53703[WP&S 1990]
           1991:312 N.Ingersoll #2,Madison,WI 53703[WP&S 1991]

Collins,Dell C.
	92.Fantasy-oil & encaustic @ $30.00

Collins,Earl L.
	133.Tactile,Visual Being-sculpture
	22.The River,oil

Collins,Mrs.Harry J.
       1929:Collins,Harry J(Dell)v pres-cash Sherman Park State Bank h631 Cramer[1929 MCD]
       1935:2737 N.Cramer St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Lake.2734.
       1936:Collins Harry J(Della C)teller First Wis Natl Bank h2737 N Cramer[1937 MCD]

Colnik,Cyril[Gregory IV,pp102-4][Craftsmen in Wisconsin pp.138-149]
       Triebein,Styria,Austria 1871-
         1929:Colnik Cyril(Marie)prop The Ornamental Iron Shop h5000 Wisconsin av apt 4[MCD]
         1935:5104 W.Wisconsin Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 member]Blue.6631
         1936:Colnik Cyril (Marie C:Ornamental Iron Shop The)h5104 W Wisconsin av apt 4[MCD]

Colnik,Gretchen[daughter of Cyril and Marie][Gregory IV,pp.102-4]
    Milwaukee,WI 1906-
        1929:Colnik,Gretchen r5000 Wisconsin av apt 4[1929 MCD]
        1935:5104 W.Wisconsin Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]Blue.6631
        1936:Colnik Gretchen r5104 W Wisconsin av apt 4[1936 MCD]

Colt,Arthur Nicholson[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exhibition/1935]
	15.Rasmus B.Anderson-oil
       1926:1007 Van Buren St.,Madison,WI[WP&S journal 1926]ACTIVE MEMBER
      1927:Milwaukee Art Institute Medal and $100.00 For Painting:
1927 Arthur Nicholson Colt (medal and $100.00)
       1929:404 N.Canott St.,Madison,WI[BULLETIN April 1929]MEMBER
       1930:1007 Van Buren St.,Madison,WI[WP&S April 1930 membership list]
	9.A Head Study-oil
      1932:1831 Rowley Ave.,Madison,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#592 Miss Ethel Rockwell @ $550.00;#593 Sunlight and Water @ $200.00]
      1935:The Colt School of Art,22 N.Carroll St.,Madison,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
	28.Portrait Patterns-oil…………………………………………[#40 FALK AIC 1990,p.222]
        1936:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFALK AIC 1990
      1937:The Colt School of Art,22 N.Carroll St.,Madison,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing][Arthur]
      1948: Centennial
	56. Failing Visiion; oil @ $1000
      2000:West Bend Art Museum's Early Wisconsin Collections Exhibition[Centennial Exhibition]
       Arthur N.Colt,Wisconsin Farm Scene with Animals,n/d,oil on canvas board;1990.001

Colt,John Nicholson
      Madison,WI 1925-
      1951:Richland Center,WI[John]
	17.The Blue Vase;oil
	15.The Tattooed Man;oil & encaustic
	93.Arrangement with Marrows;oil & encaustic @ NFS
Milwaukee Art Institute Awards-John N Colt-arrangement with Marrows-oil-$50.00
	94.Hibernaculum;oil & encaustic @ $200.00
Milwaukee Art Institute Awards,$50.00 each-John N.Colt,22.Salvage,oil
	23.Woods Marker;oil
	23.Little Island;oil
	33.Orange Marrow;oil
	32.Cove;oil @ $500.00
Gimbels Milwaukee Award,$1000.00 and Milwaukee art Center Medal of Honor:32.John N.Colt,Cove
	24.By Rain;oil @ $500.00
$50 Kehlert paint & Wallpaper Studio Award 24 By Rain,oil John N Colt
	25.Soft Dark;oil @ $550.00
	23.Dark Sand;oil @ $450.00
	24.Plum Deep;oil @ $850.00
$50 Dimensional Products,Inc Award 24 Plum Deep,oil John Colt
	14.Bone and Fur;oil @ $600.00
	13.Thistle Down;acrylic polymer @ $600.00
	17.Plot;acrylic,polymer @ $500.00[51st Annual]
	18.King's Crown;acrylic,polymer @ $750.00[51st Annual]
$600 Gimbels-Schusters John N.Colt Milwaukee 18 King's Cown,acrylic polymer
	14.Jamoca Royal;acrylic @ $1,000.00[54th Annual]
	17.Attention at sunset;acrylic @ POR[56th Exhibition]
$600.00 Award for #5,#6 & #7
	5.Plan for the British Soldiers;acrylic @ $800.00[58th Exhibition][ill.]
	6.Beyond the Flyhwire;acrylic @ $800.00[58th Exhibition]
	7.Mandrake Plot;acrylic @ $800.00[58th Exhibition]

	34.Madison Y.M.C.A.,watercolor

Conant,Howard Sommers
	Beloit,WI 1921-
           1943:Milwaukee,WI[MCD not published in 1943]
	6.Branding-oil @ $100.00
               65.Fishing Shacks,Sister Bay,watercolor @ $10.00
           1945:Hartland,WI[Lt.Howard S.]
	5.Marjorie,oil @ $100.00
	6.Winterlude,oil @ $75.00
 	5.Reflections,oil @ $100.00
              6.Departure at Midnight,oil @ $100.00
        1948: Centennial
	57. Mary Ellen;oil @ nfs
	2.Painting-oil [BY INVITATION]

            1935:1275 S.Monroe St.,Green Bay,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
            1937:1275 S.Monroe St.,Green Bay,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Conant,Miss Marion E.M.
            1933:8041 Warren Ave.,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries $.50]
	[#687a Eleanor @ N/L]
            1935:8041 Warren Ave.,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
            1937:8041 Warren Ave.,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

            1935:8041 Warren Ave.,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
            1937:8041 Warren Ave.,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Conde,Ted M.
            2000:5303 W.Keefe Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53216 [2001 WP&S]
	Plate 8:Thalamic Flare 2000,oil on canvas 36" x 24"[Centennial Exhibition]

            1951: Milwaukee,WI;MCD not published in 1951
           	18.Washday at the Circus-oil
	18.Meditating-oil & encaustic
	16.Clown in Ruffle Collar-oil & encaustic

       1979:510 Linden Ave.,Marshfield,WI 54449[WP&S 1979]

       1980:7520 Halverson Rd c/o General Delivery,Three Lakes,WI 54562[WP&S 1980-81]

          1945:Connelly,Jack D r803 E Wells apt 44[1944-45 MCD]
	6.Seventeen,oil @ $75.00
	7.Clinton Street Snowfall,watercolor @ $25.00
	4.Tomorrow Morning Let It Rain,charcoal and wash @ $15.00

Conway,Sister Rose Marie
         1975:3015 W.Michigan,Milwaukee,WI 53208[WP&S 1975]
         1976:3015 W.Michigan,Milwaukee,WI 53209
	Playground of My Mind;intaglio @ $58.00[Non-Juried Membership  Exhibition]
	Bratfest;intaglio @ $47.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
         1977:3015 W.Michigan,Milwaukee,WI 53208[WP&S 1977-78]
         1977:3015 W.Michigan,Milwaukee,WI 53208[WP&S 1979]
                 :has not paid dues since 1976;dropped from list 11-1-1979

Cook,Charles W
	1908:Box C13,Waupun,WI
	WMRF to CWW 8-31-1908

       1930:Florence B.Fawsett Prize of $100.00 For the Best Flower Painting:1930 Hazelle Cook
       1931:729 N.11th  St.[La Salle Hotel],Milwaukee,WI[WP&S roster 4-27-1931]
	12.Cotton Pickers-oil
      1932:729 N.11th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	9.Flowers-oil @ $50.00[#651 on A.B.C.list]
	10.Plantation Shacks-oil @ $75.00 [#653 on A.B.C.list]
	[#652 Spanish Court ,New Orleans @ $75.00;#654 Gladiolas @ $75.00;#655 Still Life @ $50.00]
      1933:729 N.11th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 Entrants list]
	20.Down South-oil[#31 WP&S Entrants list @ $75.00]
	[#32 Carnival @ $150.00;#33 Water Circus @ $5.00;#34 Red Arrow Park @ $250.00;#35 Cassaberry @ $75.00]

Cook,Ruth Rawson[Mrs. William H.Cabal]
       South Milwaukee,WI January 22,1903/9-1982 Provincetown, MA; killed by a drunk driver
      1924:not listed in 1924 MCDxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
	15.Sketching @ $15.00
	16.Composition No. 2 @ $40.00

        1989:1856 B North Warren Ave.,Milwaukee,WI 53202[WP&S 1989]entrants

        1980:1145 W.Sunset Drive,Waukesha,WI 53186[WP&S 1980-81]
        1981:see SELLE,Stephanie Copoulos

Copp,Miss Gertrude Mae
      Lawrence,MA 1874-
     1925:Copp,Gertrude M.,instr Girls'Trade Sch h9,2408 Wells[1925 MCD]
	16.The Moorings-watercolor
     1927:Who's Who in Art & Music-res 2408 Wells St.,Milwaukee,WI,p.242
     1929:Copp Gertrude M instr Girls Trades Sch h2408 Wells apt 9[1929 MCD]
     1935:2414 W.Wells St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 membership]West 6451M
     1936:Copp,Gertrude M tchr Girls Trade & Tech High Sch r2414 W Wells apt 7[1936 MCD]
     1937:2414 W.Wells St.,Milwaukee,Wi[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Cornog,Robert A.-WP&S Southeast Chapter
        1997:7021 3rd Ave.,Kenosha,WI 53143[WP&S 1997]pro

	26.Bird of Prey,steel @ $300.00

Corrigan,Donald T.
	15.Untitled,aluminum @ $325.00[54th Annual]

        1989:207 E.Irving Ave.,#106,Oshkosh,WI 54901[WP&S 1989]entrants

        1989:207 E.Irving Ave.,#106,Oshkosh,WI 54901[WP&S 1989]entrants

	16.Ellsworth,acrylic @ $300.00[54th Annual]

Cote,Raymond E.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exposition/1935]
        1929:not listed in 1929 MCD
        1932:3022 W.Pierce St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S A.B.C.list]
	[#315 North Shore @ $150.00;#316 Western Wisconsin @ $125.00;#317 Summer Stream @ $150.00;
]#316 Rotting Piling @ $75.00
         1933:Boys Tech,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$2.00]
                 :3110 W.Pierce St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 Entrants list]
	21.Nature's Barrier-oil[#669a WP&S 1933 Entrants list @ $300.00]
		[#670a Boston Harbor @ $75.00;#671a Old bridge @ $100.00;#672a Midsommer @ $150.00]
         1934:Cote,Raymond E.(Beulah M)instr Boys'Tech High sch h3117 W Pierce[1934 MCD]
	20.Limestone Quarry-drawing
         1935:3110 N.Pierce St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1936:Cote Raymond E(Beulah M)instr Boys Technical High Sch h3117 Pierce[1936 MCD]
         1937:Cote,Raymond E(Beulah M)instr Boys Tech High Sch h5543 W Philipp[1937 MCD]
         1937:3110 N.Pierce St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 3-1937][Cotte]
	28.Lime Sheds-drawing
         1938:Cote,Raymond E.(Beulah M.)instr Boys Tech Hi Sch h5543 W Philippi[1938 MCD]
	38.Milwaukee River-watercolor
          1940:Cote,Raymond E.(Beulah M.)instru Boys Tech Hi Sch h5543 W.Philippi[1940 MCD]
	28.More Boats-watercolor

Cotter,William Day
	102.Spastic Transfusion No.2--watercolor

        1929:Cotton Gertrude E tchr  r488 31st av[1929 MCD]
        1935:1260 S.36th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1936:Cotton Gertrude E tchr Peckham Jr High Sch r1260 S 36th[1936 MCD]
        1937:1260 S.36th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Couch, Miss Helen C.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exposition/1935]
         1935:1400 S.60th St.,West Allis,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list][H.C.]
	30.Jones Island-black and white
	31.House and Trees-black and white
         1936:1400 S. 60th St.,West Allis,WI[WP&S 1936 membership]
	40.Spring-black and white
         1937:not listed in 1937 MCD
	29.River Boats-water color
	30.River Tug-water color
         1945:1400 S.60th St.,Milwaukee 14,WI[WP&S 1-1945 mailing]

Coupal,Marcelle B. [WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exposition/1935]
         1929 :Coupal family @ 145 Estes[1929 MCD]
         1935:1817 E.Estes.St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1936:Coupal,Marcelle M artist r1817 E Estes[1936 MCD]
         1937:1817 E.Estes St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Courtenay,Leonora Booth
         1937:Courtenay,Leonora Booth Mrs art director Hoffman & York rRD 5,West Bend[1937 MCD]
	31.Landscape-water color

Cox,Doris E.[WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exposition/1935]
        Oshkosh,WI 1904-
        1933:1502 N.St.Charles,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$2.50]
	22.Contrasts-watercolor[#492a WP&S Entrants list @ $40.00]
		[#4b Ships @ $40.00;#491a Bohemian Woman @ $25.00;#493a From the Yacht Club @ $40.00;
			#494a Trees @ $40.00]
        1935:Wauwatosa Jr.High School,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1935:2421 W.Wells St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 associate member]West 6451
	32.Brewery District-watercolor
        1936:Cox Doris art tchr r2336 W Wisconsin av apt B[1936 MCD]
        1937:Cox,Doris E tchr Rufus King High Sch r2335 W Wisconsin Av apt B[1937 MCD]
        1937:Wauwatosa Jr.High School,Wauwatosa,WI[WP&S 3-1937 mailing]
	32.Reserved,Artists Only-water color
	33.Shady New York-drawing

Craig,Joyce K-WP&S Central Chapter
            1997:1260 2nd Ave. S,Wisconsin Rapids,WI 54495;associate;painter

Craig,Miss Rozella
         1935:3035 W.Wisconsin Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
         1936:Craig,Rrozella tchr Lincoln High Sch r3035 W Wisconsin av apt 102[1936 MCD]
         1937:3035 W.Wisconsin Ave.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

Cramer,Richard C.
	36.Paul-Spurs II,oil

Crandall,Mary Louise
	17.Boy and Birds,oil @ NFS

Crane,Leo H.,D.D.S.
         1931:Sketch Book of Milwaukee,office 205 E.Wisconsin av.,p.17
         1936:Crane Leo H (Olive)pres Certified Dental Laboratories h4455 N Oakland av apt 202[MCD]
         1937:Crane,Leo H(Certified Denal laboratories)r1905 N Prospect ave[1937 MCD]
	34. Wally-sculpture

	I Used to Dance #21;clay,7" x 19" x 12" @ $800.00

Crawford,Nancy-WP&S Southeast Chapter
               1991:1902 North 51st St.,Milwaukee,WI 53208[WP&S 1991]
               1993:1902 North 51st St.,Milwaukee,WI 53208[WP&S 1993]$15.00
               1995:1902 North 51st St.,Milwaukee,WI 53208[WP&S 1995]
mixed media paintings;hand painted furniture
               1996:Crawford,Nancy C.,1902 N 51[Ameritek 1996-97]
               1997:1902 North 51st St.,Milwaukee,WI 53208[WP&S 1997]pro

         1975:11325 W.Center,Wauwatosa,WI 53222[WP&S 1975]
         1977:11325 W.Center,Wauwatosa,WI 53222[WP&S 1977-78]

Cress,Sandra-WP&S Central Chapter
            1996:[Eau Claire,WI]
	Edge of Infinity;watercolor,acrylic[Past,Present & Future]
            1997:901 Indian Hills Dr.,Eau Claire,WI 54703;pro;various media
	Confluence;acrylic and pastel[Wisconsin Artists Biennial]

	27.Nostalgic Landscape,pastel @ $25.00

Cressy, Mrs.Susan K.
	/died Wisconsin 1942
    1902:7 Bradley Bldg.,Milwaukee,WI
	WMRF to SKC 9-10-1902:Layton wants a man as curator for his gallery
     1914: Susan K.,artist.,h.222 18th [1914 MCD]
	19.The Dunes
	20.Spring Days
	22.A Rosy Morning
     1917:Cressy,Susan K artist h222 18th [1917 MCD]
	20.Costume @ N/L [#9 1917-18 Rotary Exhibition @ $100.00]
	21.Study @ N/L
     1919:222 18th St.,Milwaukee,WI[ WP&S 1919 membership]
     1920:222 18th St.,Milwaukee,WI[ WP&S 1920 membership]
     1921:Cressy,Susan K artist 222 18th r do[1921 MCD]
     1921:222 18th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S Feb 1921 membership]
           18.Sunny Day
           19.Girl with Green Hat
	[The Clara Snyder Memorial Prize to Susan Cressy for "Girl in the Green Hat"]
     1922:222 18th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S  November 16,1922 membership]
     1923:Cressy,Susan K.(wid.Geo.Wm.),artist r222 18th[1923 MCD]
         6.Long Island Moonlight
     1925:222 18th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1925 membership]
     1929:Nichols Louis (Charlotte)janitor h222 18th [1929 MCD]
     2000:West Bend Art Museum's Early Wisconsin Collections Exhibition[Centennial Exhibition]
       Susan Cressy,Light House on North Avenue,N/D;oil on board;1990-004

        1986:2214 N.64th St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53213[WP&S 1986-87]
        1987:2214 N.64th St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53213[WP&S 1987]pro

     1929:N/L in 1929 MCD
     1933:1540 N.54th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1933 list of paid entries:$2.50]
     1936: 1540 skips from  1538 to 1544 [1936 MCD]reverse

Croneis, Miss Chris
	61.Buffalo,Bedford Limestone @ NFS
Mrs.Charles Zadok $25.00 award for sculpture:TO Buffalo,by Miss Chris Croneis

Crook,Margot Kay-WP&S Northeast Chapter
	Sunset Mirror;pastel/pastel pencil,29" x 36 ½" @ $450.00
	Willow Creek Oxbow;pastel[Past,Present & Future]
          1997:807 Giese St.,Hortonville,WI 54944[WP&S 1997]associate

Crooks,Rita-WP&S Central Chapter
              1991:1011 Bird St.,Wausau,WI 54401[WP&S 1991]
              1997:1011 Bird St.,Wausau,WI 54403;pro;painter,wc

        2000:120 W.Ottawa Ave.,Dousman,WI 53118[2001 WP&S]
	Plate 10:Untitled;earth,book,beeswax and steel,13" x 9 ½" x 2"[Centennial Exhibition]
Cropper,Amy,untitled,plate 10;$100 cash award-WP&S/WAAM

Cropper,Miss Lulu
        1929:Cropper Lulu instr N Div  High Sch r947 12th [1929 MCD]
        1935:2533 N.12th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 mailing list]
        1936:Cropper,Lulu instr North Division High Sch h2533 N 12th [1936 MCD]
        1937:2533 N.12th St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1937 mailing]

           1991:618 E.Briar Lane,Green Bay,WI 54301[WP&S 1991]

Cross,James Saul
           1991:548 N.119th St.,Wauwatosa,WI 53226[WP&S 1991]

         1989:Rt.3,Box 265B,Osseo,WI 54758[WP&S 1989]entrants

       1989:2583 N.Murray #8,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1989]entrants

Crowley,Virginia-see ODYS,Virginia Crowley
        1963:4965 N.Idlewild Ave.,Milwaukee 17,WI[WP&S 1963]active
        1964:Meadow Ln.,Cedarburg,WI 53012[WP&S 1964]
        1965:Meadow Ln.,Cedarburg,WI 53012[WP&S 1965-66]
        1966:1030 Meadow Road,Cedarburg,WI 53012[WP&S 1966-67]
        1970:1030 Meadow Road,Cedarburg,WI 53012[WP&S 1970]
        1972:1030 Meadow Road,Cedarburg,WI 53012[WP&S 1972]
        1973:1030 Meadow Road,Cedarburg WI 53012[WP&S 1973]
        1974:1030 Meadow Road,Cedarburg WI 53012[WP&S 1974]
        1975:1030 Meadow Road,Cedarburg,WI 53012[WP&S 1975]
        1976:1030 Meadow Road,Cedarburg,WI 53012[Odya Crawley]
	Blue Fantasy;watercolor @ $75.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
	Flower Patterns;acrylic-collage @ NFS[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
        1977:1030 Meadow Road,Cedarburg,WI 53012[WP&S 1977-78]

Culligan,Judy-WP&S Northeast Chapter
        1997:1100 N.Leminwah St.,Appleton,WI 54911[WP&S 1997]associate;sculptor,welded sculptor

Cumming,Robert H.
          1968:Milwaukee,WI[Robert H.]
	17.Vanilla Frieze,masonite,plexiglas @ $250.00[54th Annual][ill.]
$100 Mr.and Mrs.Elmer Winter Award
	18.Studded Field,metal,plexiglas @ $400.00[54th Annual]
         1969:Milwaukee,WI[Robert A.]
	11.No Title-1,wood,rope,steel @ $200.00[55th Annual]
	12.No Title-2,wood,rope,steel @ $200.00[55th Annual]
	18.Several Hundred Alternatives,ink on paper @ 25 c[ents] each[56th Exhibition]

Cummings,Brad C.

	15.#26 of 50;acrylic @ NFS[57th Exhibition]YS

Curry, John Steuart
     1948: Centennial
	58. Death of Beauty; oil @ $2000

Curtain,Miss Eleanor F
 	1911:464 Mrshall St.,Milwaukee,WI
	WMRF to EFC 10-3-1911

        1929:Curtis Herbert C  elec eng r791 Murray av [1929 MCD]
        1935:5056 N.Larkin St.,Milwaukee,WI[WP&S 1935 member]Edge.4593
        1936:Curtis Herbert C(Genevieve)pres Curtis Development & Mfg Co h5056 N.Larkin(WB)MCD

Curtis,Robert-WP&S President 1979
       1975:3307 N.Newhall,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1975]
       1976:3307 N.Newhall,Milwaukee,WI 53211
	Mesconsing;stone and steel @ $1,500.00[Non-Juried Membership Exhibition]
       1977:3307 N.Newhall,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1977-78]
       1979:3307 N.Newhall,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1979]
       1980:3307 N.Newhall,Milwaukee,WI 53211[WP&S 1980-81]

Cutcheon,Miss Frederika Ritter [WP&S Biographical data 22nd Annual Exposition/1935]
Born 1904-
    1932:1725 Chadbourne Ave.,Madison[WP&S A.B.C.list]["Frederica R."]
    1932:"1725 Chadbourne Ave.">23 N.Pickney,Madison,WI[WP&S roster 5-9-1932]
    [#252 Yacht Races @ $25.00;#253 Anchorage @ $25.00;#254 Speed Boat @ $25.00;#255 Farmyard in August @ $50.00
#256 Condemned @ $50.00]
    1933:1725 Chadbourne Ave.,Madison