Source: 1857-58 Milwaukee City Directory
Erving, Burdick & Co. 205 and 207 East Water Street
The following is an abstract of the Banking Law of Wisconsin: -

Every Bank must transfer in trust to the State Treasurer, United States stocks, or any State stocks, on which full interests at not less than six per cent. is annually paid, and estimated at their average value for the previous six months in New York City, equal to the amount of bills intended to be put in circulation, but the Comptroller is not bound to receive them unless he considers them safe.

The law further provides that the Bonds of any Rail Road Co., in this State, which have forty miles or more in operation, bearing a rate of seven per cent. per annum, interest payable semi-annually, and secured by a deed of trust upon such road, may be received in lieu of Public Stocks; but in such case bills shall be issued for not more than one-half the amount of such bonds.

And as additional security to bill holders, it is provided that before circulating any notes, bonds shall be given by the directors and stock-holders of the bank, secured to the satisfaction of the Comptroller, to the amount of one-fourth the bills issued.

Each bill must have on its face the words, “Secured by pledge of public stocks,” (or of Railroad bonds,) and be countersigned by the Bank Comptroller.

Bank of Milwaukee

Capital $200,000
SE corner Huron and East Water
Directors – John Bradford
J. S. Rockwell
John H. Van Dyke
J. Warner
S. S. Daggett
T. R. B. Eldridge
C. D. Nash

C. C. Nash, President
T. R. B. Eldridge, Cashier
W. G. Fitch, Teller
C. J. Burnell, Book Keeper

Farmers and Millers Bank

Capital, $500,000
Wisconsin, second door from East Water

Directors – E. D. Holton
A. W. Pierce
A. Finch, Jr.
E. H. Brodhead
Wm. A. Prentiss
George Dyer
Daniel Newhall
Anson Eldred
John Nazro
E. D. Holton, President
John Nazro, Vice President
H. H. Camp, Cashier
S. N. Willard, Ass’t. Cashier
J. R. Lockwood, Teller
W. F. Norton, Book Keeper

Globe Bank

Capital, $100,000
Albany Building

Directors – A. Finch, Jr.
Anson Eldred
Eliphalet Cramer
Wm. P. Lynde
E. H. Brodhead
George H. Walker
C. D. Cook
A.Finch, Jr., President
W. R. Freeman, Cashier

Juneau Bank

Capital, $250,000
NW corner East Water and Wisconsin
Directors – James B. Cross
Harvey Birchard
James Ludington
Peter Martineau
Brown H. Goodrich
George D. Dousman
Clarke Shepardson
Guido Pfister
Sidney L. Rood
J. B. Cross, President
Samuel B. Scott, Cashier

Marine Bank

Capital, $50,000
216 East Water
Directors – G. H. Hazellor
M. B. Medberry
E. H. Hazellor
Cicero Comstock
J. H. Hoover
J. H. Hoover, President
J. H. Skidmore, Cashier
E. H. Walradt, Book Keeper

The People’s Bank

Capital, $100,000
227 East Water
Directors – Herman Haertel
Conda R. Alton
E. B. Greenleaf
Herman Schwarting
Augustus Greulich
H. L. Palmer
Ferdinand Keuhn
Herman Haertel, President
H. L. Palmer, Vice President
E. B. Greenleaf, Cashier
H. A. Meyer, Jr., Teller
H. A. Leublien, Book Keeper

Second Ward Bank

Capital, $25,000
10 Chestnut

A. C. Wilmanns, President
John Bertschy, Vice President
W. H. Jacobs, Cashier
Frederick Williams, Teller

State Bank of Wisconsin

Capital, $500,000
NE corner of East Water and Michigan

J. G. Inbusch, President
M. S. Scott, Cashier
T. L. Baker, Teller

Wisconsin Marine and Fire Ins. Co. Bank

Capital, $100,000
Albany Building

Alexander Mitchell, President
David Ferguson, Cashier
Horace S. Weeks, Teller
Chas. H. Larkin, Ass’t. Teller
Wm. B. Miller and John Johnston, Book Keepers
James A. Pirie, Discount and Collection Clerk

Exchange Bankers and Brokers

Bridge Brothers
State Bank Building

Townsend, Bean and Burlock
205 East Water Street

Marshall & Ilsley
127 East Water Street

Wilmanns, Jacobs & Co.
204 East Water Street

Reeve & Roe
210 East Water Street

Insurance Companies

Commericial Insurance Co.

Capital, $200,000
State Bank Building
Directors – Wm. J. Whaling
E. Cramer
J. A. Dutcher
Lester Sexton
R. P. Elmore
G. Bremer
S. T. Hooker
J. G. Inbusch
J. J. Tallmadge
C. T. Bradley
T. W. Goodrich
O. E. Britt
M. B. Medbery
J. A. Mahler
E. B. Dickerman
D. O. Dickinson
Max. Mack
H. H. Harrison
J. A. Hoover
J. T. Bradford
E. Sanderson
E. Button
Horatio Hill
W. B. Hibbard
D. Newhall
J. H. Cordes
L. H. Kellogg
J. Plankinton
J. W. Haskin
George C. Drew

William Whaling, President
J. G. Inbusch, Vice President
James B. Kellogg, Secretary
M. S. Scott, Treasurer
L. H. Lane, Marine Inspector

Merchants’ and Traders’ Insurance Co.

Capital, $100,000
Phoenix Building

Directors – Sidney L. Rood
Edward D. Holton
Leonard Kennedy
Hiram Mabbett
Chester Steele
George Le Fevre
Benj. Bagnall
Melville S. Nichols
Anthony G. Van Schaick

Sidney L. Rood, President
Melville S. Nichols, Vice President
E. E. Bowns, Secretary
Edward D. Holton, Treasurer
Horace Belden, General Agent

Merchants’ Mutual Insurance Co.

Corner East Water and Detroit Street
Chartered in 1847.

Trustees – L. W. Weeks
C. D. Cook
Harrison Ludington
Lester Sexton
Geo. D. Dousman
Chas. H. Wheeler
Clarence Shepard
E. H. Goodrich
E. P. Allis
John Nazro
John Bradford
H. H. Harrison
L. J. Higby
Lyndsey Ward
Daniel Newhall
G. D. Norris
Frederick Layton
G. P. Hewitt
John W. Medbery
Wm. B. Hibbard
L. W. Weeks, President
Lester Sexton, Vice President
P. W. Burrows, Secretary
David Ferguson, Treasurer
Capt. John Merrill, Marine Inspector

Milwaukee City Insurance Co.

Capital, $100,000
Newhall House, Michigan Street

Directors – H. L. Palmer
E. Townsend
J. W. Pixley
J. A. Hoover
Victor Schutte
C. D. Davis
S. S. Conover
J. Humphrey
J. H. Cordes
Fred. B. Miles
H. Schwarting
H. Ehlebracht
D. A. J. Upham
A. Bade
George Dyer
Edwin Townsend, President
Wm. Henry Holland, Secretary
H. L. Palmer, Attorney

Milwaukee Mechanics’ Mutual Insurance Co.

Preusser’s Block
Chartered in 1852.

Directors – Francis Trenkamp
C. Preusser
M. Stein
F. Keuhn
I. Oberman
C. Mayer
H. C. Heide
H. Haertel
J. Neustadtl
Chas. Preusser, President
C. H. Muller, Secretary
H. Haertel, Treasurer
J. C. Dick, General Agent

Milwaukee Mutual Fire Insurance Co.

Capital, $100,000
Nos. 2 and 4 Martin’s Block

Directors – E. D. Holton
E. Cramer
A. Grenlich
H. L. Palmer
G. Barry
E. B. Dickerman
S. S. Daggett
J. B. Martin
J. B. Smith
S. S. Daggett, President
P. B. Hill, Secretary
F. M. Wallace, General Agent
M. L. Skinner, Local Agent

United States Marine and Fire Insurance Co.

Capital $100,000
No. 2 Martin’s Block

Directors – J. A. Helfenstein
E. Sanderson
Moses Kneeland
S. S. Daggett
G. D. Dousman
H. L. Palmer
E. Townsend, Milwaukee
Samuel Hale, Kenosha
D.O. Dickinson, Waukegan
J. A. Helfenstein, President
G. D. Dousman, Vice President
S. C. West, Secretary
H. Haertel, Treasurer
H. L. Palmer, Attorney
W. T. Palmer, General Agent

Wisconsin Home Insurance Co.

No. 1 Kneeland’s Block

Directors – Edwin Palmer
Stoddard H. Martin
Samuel Bishop
Byron Paine
A. B. Van Cott
Charles Cain
J. T. Hayden
George F. Borngesser
E. W. Carpenter
Edwin Palmer, President
Samuel Bishop, Vice President
E. W. Carpenter, Secretary
J. T. Hayden, Treasurer
Samuel Bishop Attorney

Phoenix Insurance and Banking Co.

Capital, $100,000
Newhall House, corner of Main and Michigan

Directors – C. C. Barnes
Wm. Strickland
W. L. Bean
T.C. Dousman
L. H. Kellogg
J. Ristine
M. S. Scott
F. Tibbetts
M. Newton
Lester Sexton
Wm. A. Barstow
O. Alexander
Daniel Newhall
L.A. Mann
E. B. Birchard
Beriah Brown
Wm. Chappell
D. McDonald
F. C. Lee
Andrew Proudfit
Henry Totten
C. C. Barnes, President
O. Alexander, Vice President
W. L. Bean, Treasurer
D. McDonald, Secretary
Henry Totten, General Agent