Milwaukee Courts

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The Superior Court

This court was created by a legislative act in 1887 to take over civil actions formerly under the jurisdiction of the county court.  An additional judge was authorized by law in 1891.

The following is a list of judges who have presided over these courts:

Branch 1
George H. Noyes-elected April, 1887; resigned 1890
Frank L. Gilson-1890-1892 (appointed by Gov. Hoard; died June 14)
John C. Ludwig-1892-1906 (appointed by Gov. Peck; office abolished January, 1906)

Branch 2
Robert N. Austin-elected April, 1891; term ended in 1897
George E. sutherland-1897-1899 (died September 12, 1899)
Orin (Orren) T. Williams-1899-1903 (appointed by Geo. Scofield, September 19, 1899; office abolished May, 1903

The Circuit Court

Second circuit court was established by the constitution of the state of Wisconsin by article of section 5 covering four counties including Milwaukee County.  The following judges presided.

Levi Hubbell-1848-1856 (resigned)
Alex W. Randall-1856-1857 (appointed by Gov. Bashford)
Arthur McArthur-1858-1869 (listed in 1911 and 1913 Blue Books as 1856-1869)
Jason Downer-(?)p1869 (listed in 1911 and 1913 Blue Books, but no history mentiones him)
David W. Small-1870-1881 (listed in 1911 and 1913 Blue Books as 1869-1880)
Chas a. Hamilton-1882-1887 (listed in 1911 and 1913 Blue Books as 1880-88)
Daniel H. Johnson-1888-1900 (died June 15, 1900)
Eugene S. Elliott-1900-1902 (died January 2, 1902)
Lawrence W. Halsey-1900 (appointed July 28, 1900, to succeed Daniel H. Johnson
Warren d. Tarrant-1902 (appointed January 15, 1902 to succeed Eugene S. Elliott)
Orin (also spelled Orren) T. Williams-1906 (Blue Book lists his term as beginning 1904)

1905 Wisconsin Session Laws first one to list branches for the second judicial circuit

Branch 1
Lawrence W. Halsey-1900-1923
Otto H. Breidenbach-1924-?

Branch 2
Warren D. Tarrant- 1902-191? (1911 Blue Book gives his term as ending January, 1908)
Oscar M. Fritz-(191?- (1913 Blue book gives his term as beginning January, 19080; became Justice of the Supreme Court in 1929
D.W. Sullivan-1930-?

Branch 3
Orin (Orren) T. Williams-May, 1903 or Jan. 1904-1915
John J. Gregory-1916-1939 (died Nov. 29, 1939)
Toland J. Stein-1940-46 (appointed by Gov. Julius Heil, January 1940, and elected thereafter)

Branch 4
J. C. Ludwig-1906-1916 (died Sept. 3, 1916) (Milwuakee Co. Manual lists office vacant in 1917
Walter Schinz-1917 or 1918-?

Branch 5
W.J. Turner-1908-1920
Gustave G. Gehrz-1921-?  1954-56. Still living as of 1956.

Branch 6
F.C. Eschweiler-1910-1916 (elected Justice of Supreme Court in 1916 where he served until his death in 1920)
E.T. Fairchild-1917-1928
John Cashmir Kleczka- 1929-?  (b.May 6, 1885/d.1959)
        Republican. Member of Wisconsin state senate 1909-11;
        delegate to Republican National Convention from Wisconsin, 1912;
        U.S. Representative from Wisconsin 4th District, 1919-23;
        state court judge in Wisconsin, 1930.
        Died April 21, 1959. Interment at St. Adalbert's Cemetery

Branch 7
August E. Braun-1926-?

Branch 8
Charles L. Aarons-1926-?

Branch 9
Richard J. Hennessey-July, 1934-1937 (died Feb. 3, 1937)
William F. Shaughnessy-1937-? (elected April 6, 1937)
        Circuit judge in Wisconsin 2nd Circuit, 1954-56. Still living as of 1956.