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Genjournalz - Ziemer, Bradee/Brade/Brede, Sommer/Sommers, Thies, Hintz/Hintze,
Wandschneider, Bartelt, Mueller, Mittelsteadt, Giencke

Legacy: A Family History - family came to Milwaukee from different parts of Germany & Ireland.

Milwaukee Genealogy and More - This site contains information on the following surnames: Gaffney, Milwaukee, WI, New Berlin, WI Goggin, Milwaukee, WI Nolan, Milwaukee, WI Sponholz, Milwaukee, WI Kloehn, Milwaukee, WI Sullivan, Milwaukee, WI; Butte, MT; Adrigole, Cork, Ireland Wachal, Milwaukee, WI

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William Barrett (ca. 1823 -1863) m. Ann Quinn (1822-1902)

Barmann family in Milwaukee

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Ott families of Wisconsin and Godas, Bavaria

Ponto family from Cudahy

Schulteis families of Wisconsin and Rheinbach, Rhineland

The Siegl/Siegel families of Wisconsin and Vollmau, Bohemia

The Sieben Family Of New Orleans with Origins in Milwaukee

Wolf families of Wisconsin and Auweiler, Jankerdorf, and Widdersdorf Germany Although the primary information relates to Washington County, Wisconsin, there are many Milwaukee connections.

The Zavelsky Family of Glukhov

Green Is The Valley, Blue Are The Hills I read with some interest the account of the Lady Elgin Disaster and especially took note of some of the names of the victims that had perished. Those names being Mary Crehan and Stephen Cuddehea and son. I find those names to be quite interesting in view of the book that I have written and titled, Green Is The Valley, Blue Are The Hills," in that the names Crehan and Cuddihy are mentioned in my book. That being the case, I would like to invite you and any other members of your organization to read my book. It is posted on the World Wide Web and it is "free of charge."

The book is the "story" of my search for my Irish and Pennsylvania Dutch roots and the emotional impact that each of my discoveries had upon me. While my search is centered around the family names (Crane, Crean, Crehan), (Shea), (Cuddihy, Cuddy, Cudahy) and (March, Mertz, Marz), I have included sources for genealogical information that are mentioned during the course of the telling of my story that others may find useful. The book also provides insight into the history of the coal-mining industry during the early Industrial Age and especially as it applied to my family within the State of Illinois. In addition to this information, I have enclosed photos and poems that are of my own making that I hope the reader will find of interest. I hope that my book will stand as a testimony to the strength of the human spirit in the face of difficulties. Finally, I sincerely hope that people, wherever they may be, will enjoy reading my book and that they will find something of value for themselves within its pages. The only request that I make in return is that people honor my copyright by giving me credit where credit is due whether through quoting or copying from my text. Tom Crane