Milwaukee County Library and Resource Lookups


If you have access to a courthouse, library, archive, genealogical books, cemetery or church records, etc. dealing with Milwaukee County and would be willing to do lookups for others, please email me.

When asking for a lookup, please limit yourself to one or two names. Remember that these people that offer are doing this on their own time. Let's not overburden them or they will no longer enjoy helping. And a big heartfelt "Thank You" goes a long way.

For a list of local libraries and what materials are available See our Library page.

Death And Obituaries

Wood National Cemetery
I am willing to take cemetery photographs at Wood National Cemetery. Please be as specific as you can about names/death dates and locations of stones if you know. A veteran gravesite locator can be found here.

Burials at Wauwatosa Cemetery, Milwaukee, Co., WI
Dawn has recently acquired a book "Burials at Wauwatosa Cemetery, Milwaukee Co., WI" by Elizabeth Doherty Herzfeld, CGRS, published by Heritage Books, Inc. and is willing to do lookups.

History Books

The "History of Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1881"
Chicago: The Western Historical Company, A.T. Andreas, Proprietor. 1881. Reproduction made possible through the Milwaukee County Genealogical Society.
Maxine has agreed to do lookups for us in this book. Maxine's copy is a a two volume set, is a reprint done over 10 years ago. The index has quite a few errors. You can view a copy of the index on this site. Please put Milwaukee County Lookups as the subject of your email.

1885-1898 Milwaukee City Directories
Meghan has graciously offered to do lookups in the 1885-1898 City Directories

Church Records

Holy Sepulcher
Cheryl B. has agreed to do lookups/photos for Holy Sepulcher Cemetery when the weather starts getting warmer again. As time permits, we will be adding photographs of the headstones online.

School Yearbooks

1913 Comet-West Division High School yearbook
This school was also referred to as West Side High School.

Bay View High School Yearbook 1927, 1928, 1929
If you need a look up from these years, please let me know. Only these years are available. Please specify year if known.

Bay View High School
1937 Oracle

Kathy has the 1937 Oracle from which she can do lookups

Milwaukee County Day School Yearbook 1954
If you need a look up from that year, please let me know. Only the year 1954 is available.

Riverside High School

Carol has the Riverside High School Yearbooks from 1940,1941, and 1942. There was no no 1943 probably due to the war. She also has a paper cover plastic spiral thin book of just the graduating classes for Jan 1944 and June 1944 with some pictures of school activites like a war bond rally, sport teams and the school play that year.

St. John's Cathedral 1925
I have available to me the 1925 St. John's Cathedral Yearbook. If you need a look up from that year, please let me know. Only the year 1925 is available.

Solomon Juneau High School 1943
Barbara will do lookups in the book is called "My Senior Year" from Solomon Juneau High School Graduation class. It is dated January 1943. Among the other items she is are: The Juneau Pioneer from January 15, 1943, autographs, information from a reunion with addresses in 1963, some snapshots, Commencement Book, and a few newspaper clippings. If anyone wants informaiton from what Barbara has, please let her know.

South Side High School

Mary has a 1932 yearbook from South Side High that she is willing to do lookups in.

Bay View High School

Kate has yearbooks from 1968, 69 and1970 and would be happy to do lookups.

Washington High School
1932 Scroll (Vol. 18)

If you need a look up from that year, please let Connie know. Only the year 1932 is available.

Washington High School
1940 Scroll

Kathy has the 1940 Scroll from which she can do lookups

Wauwatosa High Yearbooks 1937, 1938 and 1939 Only
Susan is willing to do lookups in Cardinal Pennant Yearbooks-Wauwatosa High. The books are not indexed, so it would be helpful if you gave listed any particular clubs they may have been in Sports? Band? Choir? and what class Frosh? Soph? Junior? Senior?

West Allis High School
1938 Wamago

Kristine has the 1938 Wamago from which she can do lookups

West Division High School 1913 Comet
Tricia has the 1913 Comet from which she can do lookups

Federal and State Censues

Census Lookups
Norma has agreed to do lookups in the census for the years 1850, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930. Please be very specific as to what year and any information you already have for someone. Simply asking her to look for John Browne will not be enough information to find who you are looking for.