Milwaukee County/City Officers And Officials

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1848 Officers Of The City Of Milwaukee

from Directory of the City of Milwaukee
published by Rufus King

Mayor: 			Byron Kilbourn
Attorney:		Chas A. Tuttle
Marshal:		Timothy O'Brien
Treasurer:		Chas. Geisberg
Clerk:			D. C. Bancroft
Police Justice:		Clinton Walworth

First Ward:		Nelson Ludington, Alanson, Sweet, Fred'ck Arnold
Second Ward:		Augustus Greulich, Egert Moseley, L.A. Lapham
Third Ward:		Richard, Murphy, B.H.Edgerton, James Bray
Fourth Ward:		Argalus W. Starks, J.S. Pardee, Ima E. Goodall
Fifth Ward:		Richard M. Sweet, Chapman Yates, Edwin DeWolf

Finance and Accounts:	Messrs. Edgerton, Pardee, Ludington
Judiciary:		Messrs. Lapham, DeWolf, Edgerton
Schools:		Messrs. Greulich, Ludington, Yates
Alms-House:		Messrs. Starks, Sweet, Murphy, Arnold, Greulich
Police:			Messrs. Murphy, Goodall, Arnold
Fire Department:	Messrs. Goodall, Bray, A. Sweet
Printing:		Messrs. A. Sweet, Starks, Moseley
License:		Messrs. Moseley, Bray, Yates
Bridges:		Messrs. Sweet, Pardee, Edgerton, Lapham, Arnold
City Supervisor:	Mr. J.B. Vliet

First Ward:		James Nugent, Mathias Stein(?), Hiram Smith
Second Ward:		Merrick Murphy, David Knab, Charles Best
Third Ward:		Andrew McCormick, Joseph Cordes, Henry Gallighan
Fourth Ward:		Benjamin Bagnall, John Fishback, Joseph L. Sherman
Fifth Ward:		Francis Neikirk, Amos Loomis, Henry Shaw

First WArd:		William Arnold
Second Ward:		Joachim F. Luke
Third Ward:		John Ryan
Fourth Ward:		Levi Grant
Fifth Ward:		Francis Harmeyer

First Ward:		Clinton Walworth
Second Ward:		T.D. Butler
Third Ward: 		John L. Dorian
Fourth Ward:		Haven Powers
Fifth Ward:		Jerimiah B. Zander

First Ward:		Andrew Lienhart
Second Ward: 		Richard Short
Third Ward: 		Patrick Guerin
Fourth Ward: 		John Mitchell
Fifth Ward: 		Warren Perigo

First Ward:		Francis Randall, James Johnson, Charles Winkler
Second Ward: 		L.A. Lapham, Richard Houghton, Francis Heubachman
Third Ward: 		Rufus King, Paraclete Potter, Edward Hussey
Fourth Ward: 		H. G. Abbey, Sidney L. Rood, E.D. Holton
Fifth Ward: 		James Buck, C. M. Shumway, Osgood PUtnam
President:		Sidney L. Rood
Secretary:		H. G. Abbey

1854 Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors

First Ward:		G.S. Mallory
Second Ward: 		R. Houghton
Third Ward: 		J. Coughlin
Fourth Ward: 		A.L. Kane
Fifth Ward: 		A. Mitchell
Town of Wauwatosa:	T. Tobin
Town of Granville:	J.F. Brandt
Town of Milwaukee:	H. Fowler
Town of Lake:		A. Douglas
Town of Greenfield:	F. Ward
Town of Oak Creek:	A. Koch
Town of Franklin:	J. Riordan
Chairman:		George S. Mallory
Clerk: 			Albert Bade

Standing committees:
On the Treasury:		Messrs. Kane, Koch, and Douglas
On the Clerk's office:		Tobin, Houghton, and Mitchell
On Public Buildings:		Kane, Houghton, and Koch
On Claims and Accounts:		Fowler, Tobin, and Riordan
On Justices and Constables:	Brandt, Ward, and Mitchell
On Roads and Bridges:		Koch, Fowler, and Riordan
On Assessment and Equalization:	Mitchell, Brandt, Douglas, Fowler,
					Loch, and Riordan
On Supply for Public Officers:	Houghton, Coughlin, Tobin
Register for the Clerk of court offices:	Koch, Tobin, Ward
On Superintendent of Poor:	Kane, Douglas, and Coughlin

1856 Milwaukee City Officers

Source: Charter & Ordinances of the City of Milwaukee
with the Constitution of the United States and Acts
of Legislature, relating to the city, including a list
of officers, and the rules and regulations of the common

Published by order of the Common Council
December 5, 1856

Mayor: 			James B. Cross
President of the Board	Jackson Hadley
Clerk			Robert Whitehead
Deputy Clerk		John A. Seger
Treasurer		Herman Schwarting
Comptroller		John B. Edwards
City Attorney		Wilson Graham
Marshall		Charles C. Meyer
City Printers		J.R. Sharpstein
			Schoeffler & Wendt
Police Justice		Clinton Walworth
Chief of Police		William Beck
City Engineer		William S. Trowbridge
Inspector of Wood 
	and Hay		Ernst F. Herzberg
Sealer of Weights
	and Measures	Jesse M. Van Slyck
Superintendent of
	Bridges		Patrick Markey

Board of Alderman
First Ward		J. Hadley
			C. Baast
			L. Marnell
Second Ward		J.A. Hoover
			Aug. Greulich
			J.C. Dick
Third Ward		Tim O'Brien
			Jno. Shortell
			M. Delaney
Fourth Ward		A.H. Johnson
			Jno. Plankinton
			J. Taylor
Fifth Ward		H. Milman
			J.H. Cordes
			J. Humphrey
Sixth Ward		H. Haertel
			Ferd. Kuehn
			John Klein
Seventh Ward		G.S. Mallory
			Edward Button
			F.J. Jung

Standing Committees:
Finance			Haertel, Mallory and Kuehn
Judiciary		Mallory, Hadley and Taylor
Police			Shortell, Klein and Dick
Fire Department		Hoover, O'Brien and Humphrey
Schools			Hadley, Mallory and Grenlich
Printing		Grenlich, Kuehn and Marnell
Harbor			Hadley, Haertel, Mallory, Taylor,
			O'Brien, Humphrey and Hoover
License			Milman, Baast and Delaney
Bridges			Taylor, Hadley, Kuehn, Hoover,
			O'Brien, Button and Humphrey
Gas Light		Jung, Hoover, Plankinton, Delaney,
			Hadley, Cordes and Haertel
Old Tax			Kuehn, Johnston, Cordes, Baast, 
			O'Brien, Dick and Jung
Rail Road		Hadley, Gruelich, Shortell, Taylor,
			Cordes, Haertel and Button

School Commissioners
President		Jackson Hadley
Secretary		R. Whitehead
First Ward		J. Hadley, L. Marnell, Silas, Chapman
Second Ward		I.A. Lapham, James Flynn, C.J. Kern
Third Ward		E. O'Neil, John Horan, Jno. S. Mitchell
Fourth Ward		S.C. Elmore, J. A. Seger, J. Taylor
Fifth Ward		Andrew Mitchell, E. DeWolf, C.A. Larkin
Sixth Ward		C. E. Jenkins, Ben. Church, Ferd. Kuehn
Seventh Ward		James Johnson

Commissioners of Survey
I.A. Lapham
S.B. Grant
E. Eldred
A. Mitchell
I.E. Goodall
Otis B. Hopkins

Ward Officers

First Ward		Stephen Hoff
Second Ward		J. Kluppak
Third Ward		John D. Dolan
Fourth Ward		A. Ely
Fifth Ward		F. Conrad
Sixth Ward		Adam Hein
Seventh Ward		C.R. Austin

Justices of the Peace
First Ward		none listed
Second Ward		C.F. Bode
Third Ward		Wm. Holland
Fourth Ward		R.N. Austin
Fifth Ward		O. Parsons
Sixth Ward		R. N. Messenger
Seventh Ward		Albert Smith

First Ward		John Scheffel
Second Ward		Charles Neuman
Third Ward		John H. Ryan
Fourth Ward		H.M. Beecroft
Fifth Ward		Aug. Meyer
Sixth Ward		George Fisher
Seventh Ward		G. Luther

Rail Road Commissioners
First Ward		B. Skidmore
Second Ward		George Albert
Third Ward		Thos. Eviston
Fourth Ward		John A. Seger
Fifth Ward		C. H. Larkin
Sixth Ward		Adam Poertner
Seventh Ward		John Jennings

Fire Department
Chief Engineer		John C. Goodrich
First Ass't Engineer	John Lowther
Second Ass't Engineer	Henry Vehrkins
Thirs Ass't Engineer	N.B. Brooks

1857-58 Milwaukee City Directory

Erving, Burdick & Co.		205 and 207 East Water Street


Byron PAINE, County Judge and Judge of Probate Court
Matthew KEENAN, Clerk of the Court
H. L. PAGE, Sheriff
William BECK, Under Sheriff
Robert WASON, Jr., Deputy Sheriff and Jailor
Whitney FRENCH, Deputy Sheriff and Assistant Jailor
John MITCHELL, Deputy Sheriff
Henry HILLMANTAL, Deputy Sheriff
Augustus MAYER, Deputy Sheriff
John SHORTEL, Deputy Sheriff
A. E. PAGE, Deputy Sheriff

A. BADE, Register of Deeds
Samuel WAEGLIE, Deputy Register of Deeds
G. M. FITZGERALD, Treasurer
Charles P. EVERTS, Deputy Treasurer
C. F. KASTEN, Clerk Board of Supervisors
Henry GOSH, Deputy Clerk Board of Supervisors
John GREGORY, Surveyor
Robert WASON, Jr., Coroner
Henry FOWLER, Superintendent of the Poor
Henry SUPPUS, Superintendent of the Poor


1st Ward	Jackson HADLEY
3rd Ward	A. M. CORNISH
4th Ward	J. TAYLOR
5th Ward	F. CONRAD
6th Ward	Joseph WALTERS
7th Ward	W. A. PRENTISS

P. J. SHUMWAY, Wauwatosa
Solomon C. ENOS, Granville
Charles HAUF, Milwaukee
Andrew DOUGLASS, Lake
Patrick WALSH, Greenfield
N. HOWES, Oak Creek
Andrew SULLIVAN, Franklin
C. F. KASTEN, clerk

Milwaukee Residents involved in State Government

Abram D. SMITH, Milwaukee, Associate Justice
Abram D. SMITH, Milwaukee, Reporter

D. A. OLIN, Milwaukee
Aid to the Commander-in-Chief

E. L. BUTTRICK, Milwaukee, Judge Advocate General