Milwaukee County Post Offices And Postmasters

Milwaukee Post Office

Source: 1857-58 Milwaukee City Directory Erving, Burdick & Co. 205 and 207 East Water Street

J. R. Sharpstein, Post Master
James B. Dunlap, Chief Clerk
Clerks     Charles C. Chamberlain
	    Thos. Beecher
	    Franz Baggeler
	    J. O. Myers
	    George F. Hepburn
	    Daniel W. Fowler
	    Henry Stocks
	    John Rice
	    Ferdinand Levy
Mail Route Agents  Peter Lynch, Watertown Div. LC. & M. R.R.; 
M. Fitzgerald, Charles Holzhauer, LC. & M. R.R.;
J. Brickley, W. K. Wilson, George T. Clark, M. & M. R.R.; 
R. Church, J. R. Hobbs, C. & M. R.R.

Rates Of Postage Domestic And Inland

Letters not exceeding oz. within 3,000 miles, 3 cts. pre-paid, in all cases; California and Oregon, 10 cts. If conveyed wholly or partly by sea, and to and from a foreign country, 10 cents within and 20 cents over 2,500 miles, unless otherwise fixed by treaty, &c. Every additional oz. or fraction, carries an additional postage. Letters dropped for delivery at the same post office, 1 cent. Advertised letters, 1 cent and postage. Penny post delivery to and from post office, 1 or 2 cents.

Newspapers, periodicals, unsealed circulars, or other articles of printed matter, (except books), when sent to any part of the United States, and weighing not over 3 oz. I cent, and for every additional oz. or part thereof, 1 ct. If within the State and not weighing over 1 oz. If within the State and not weighing over 1 oz. cent.

Small newspapers published monthly or oftener, and pamphlets not containing more than sixteen octave pages, when sent in single packages to one address, and prepaid by postage stamps, weighing at least 8 oz. 4 cents, and cent for each additiona l oz. or part thereof; if weighing less than 8 oz. it must be rated singly.

Books bound or unbound, not weighing over 4 lbs. for any distance under 3,000 miles, 1 cent per oz.; over that distance, 2 cents per oz.

The above must all be pre-paid.

Quarterly rates of postage, when paid in advance, on Newspapers and Periodicals sent from the office of publication to actual subscribers:

Weekly Newspapers (one copy only) sent to actual Subscribers within the County where printed and published free

Newspapers and Periodicals, not exceeding 1 oz. in weight, when circulated in the State where published

Daily			.22 .
Six times/week		.19  
Triweekly		.09  
Semiweekly		.06  
Weekly			.03  
Semimonthly		.01  
Monthly			.03  .04 

Newspapers and Periodicals of the weight of 3 oz. 
and under, sent to any part of the United States  
Daily			.45  
Six times/week		.39 
Triweekly		.19  
Semiweekly		.13 
Weekly			.06  
Semimonthly		.03 
Monthly			.01  

Over 3 and not over 4 oz.  
Daily			.91 
Six times/week		.78 
Triweekly		.39 
Semiweekly		.26 
Weekly			.13
Semimonthly		.06 
Monthly			.03 

Over 4 and not over 5 oz. 
Daily			1.36  
Six times/week		1.17 
Triweekly		.58  
Semiweekly		.39 
Weekly			.19  
Semimonthly		.09 
Monthly			.04  .

Over 5 and not over 6 oz. 
Daily			1.82 
Six times/week		1.56
Triweekly		.78
Semiweekly		.52
Weekly			.26
Semimonthly		.12
Monthly			.06

Over 6 and not over 7 oz.-
Daily			2.27 
Six times/week		1.95
Triweekly		.97 
Semiweekly		.65
Weekly			.32 
Semimonthly		.15
Monthly			.07 

Over 7 and not over 8 oz.-
Daily			2.73
Six times/week		2.34
Triweekly		1.17
Semiweekly		.78
Weekly			.39
Semimonthly		.18
Monthly			.09

For each additional ounce same progressive rate. Exchanges free. Quarterly payments may be made either at the mailing office or at the office of delivery. When made at the mailing office, satisfactory evidence of such payment must be exhibited to the postmaster at the office of delivery.

FOREIGN POSTAGE. By Treaty. Letters from Oregon and California to Great Britain and Ireland, 59 cts.; from any other part of the United States to Great Britain and Ireland, 24 cts. on letters not exceeding oz.; double postage if more than oz. and two additional postages for each additional oz. Letters ( oz.) to Havana, 12 cts. pre-paid; to Chagres, 20 cts., to Panama, 30 cts. pre-paid. Letters to South America, the Pacific, and Sandwich Islands, must be pre-paid, as above to Panama. Letters to the German States, and countries East and South of them, (via Bremen), 24 cts. in addition to our inland postage, by the American Steamers; to be pre-paid on all letters addressed to Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Cronstadt, St. Petersburg, Switzerland, Austria, Baden, Bavaria, Constantinople, Greece, Alexandria, Cairo, and the eastern towns of Italy.

Newspapers to Great Britain, 4cts., half of which is paid in each country; to Bremen, 3 cts. besides inland postage, pre-paid; to Cuba, 4 cts. pre-paid; to British Provinces, 1 cts. pre-paid; to Chagres, Panama, and South American ports on the Pacific, 4 cts. pre-paid.

Periodicals and pamphlets to Great Britain, 2 cts. in each country, if they do not exceed 2 oz.

Milwaukee Post Offices - 1886

Bay View
Good Hope
Granville Centre
Hale's Corners
Howard's Prairie
Milwaukee (ch)
  North West, cor. 12th and Walnut Sts.
  South Side, cor. National Avenue and Grove St.
  North Side, cor. Lee and 3d Sts.
National Home
New Coeln
Northern Junction
North Greenfield
Oak Creek
Root Creek
St. Francis
Saint Martin's
Silver Spring
Ten Mile
West Granville

Bay View, Milwaukee, North West station, South Side station, National Home were identified as Money Order offices. Bay View, Milwaukee, North West station and South Side station were further identified as International Money Order offices.

Milwaukee Post Office- 1939

R - boxes on rural routes emanating therefrom
P - post-office boxes at offices not having city letter-carrier service
S - boxes on star routes emanating therefrom

Carrollville - P113
Cudahy - R680
Granville - P55
Hales Corners - R785 P97
Milwaukee (ch) - R7517
Oakwood - P22
Saint Francis - P210
South Milwaukee - R350
(Upper Third Street)
West Allis
Wood - P146