Milwaukee Railroads

Travellers' Directory Milwaukee County Transportation

See also Railroads as published in the History of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The Western Historical Company, Chicago; A.T. Andreas Proprietor, 1881, pg. 1529

The following is transcribed from the 1857-58 Milwaukee City Directory Erving, Burdick & Co. 205 and 207 East Water Street


Trains				Leave			Arrive
Lake Shore			8:45AM, 3:00PM	2:00PM, 8:10PM
Mil. & Miss., day ex.		12:00M		6:00PM
Night Express			11:00PM		3:15AM	
Accomodation			7:30AM		11:30AM
Mil. & Wat.			2:45PM		10:50AM
LaC. & Milwaukee		7:00AM, 3:20PM	11:25AM, 7:45PM
Mil. & Horicon			7:00AM, 3:20PM	11:25AM, 7:45PM

Milwaukee & Mississippi Rail Road

Directors – 	E. H. Brodhead
		Erastus B. Woolcott
		Anson Eldred
		Edward D. Holton
		Geo. H. Walker
		Asahel Finch
		Hans Crocker, Milwaukee
		Edmund D. Clinton, Waukesha
		Brooks Dunwiddie, Monroe
		Joseph Goodrich, Milton
		E. L. Dimmock, Janesville
		John Catlin
		F. G. Tibbitts, Madison
		Nelson Dewey, Lancaster
		H. L. Dousman
		E. W. Pelton, Prairie du Chien
		John C. Wright, Schenectady, N.Y.
Officers – 
E. H. Brodhead, President
Geo. H. Walker, Vice President
Wm. Jervis, Superintendent
S. S. Merrill, Assistant Superintendent
William Taintor, Secretary
Anson Eldred, Treasurer
John J. Hill, Register

General Ticket Agent – Samuel K. Platt
General Freight Agent – Edward P. Bacon

Conductors of Passenger 
		Trains – Daniel A. Olin
			 E. C. Brown
			 Geo. Church
			 O. Z. Olm
			 Emery J. Sweet
			 L. B. Rock
			 George S. Reddington
			 Charles Robinson
			 George E. Price
Depot, corner Second and Menomonee Streets

Milwaukee and Chicago Rail Road

Directors – 	C. K. Watkins
		C. B. Hall
		John T. Moody
		E. Button, Milwaukee
		John V. Ayer, Kenosha
		E. F. Bishop
		John W. Stewart, Bridgeport, Ct.
		C. E. Scofield, New York
		H. B. Herton, Lyons, Iowa
Officers – 
C. K. Watkins, President
John V. Ayer, Vice President
C. E. Scofield, Treasurer
A. G. Leland, Secretary
C. B. Hall, Superintendent
A. V. H. Carpenter, Supt’s Clerk
John T. Moody, Freight Agent Milwaukee Station
C. P. Leland, Ticket Agent
Conductors – 	L. B. Perrin
		W. G. Dennison
Depot, corner Florida and Barclay Streets.

LaCrosse and Milwaukee Rail Road

This road is divided into five divisions as follows:
Eastern Division – Extends from Milwaukee, by way of 
		   Schleisingerville, to Portage City, 95 miles.

Western Division – Extends from Portage City to LaCrosse, 
		   about 101 miles.

North-western Division – Extends from Portage City to the 
		    St. Croix, estimated at 228 miles.

Watertown Division – Extends from the Junction, by way of 
		     Watertown, to intersection of East Division, 
		     estimated at 71 miles.

Portage Division – Extends from Madison to Portage City, 
		   estimated at 40 miles.

Directors –     Byron Kilbourn
		Samuel Brown
		Stephen H. Allen
		Charles E. Jenkins
		Edwin H. Goodrich
		Moses M. Strong
		Garrett Vliet
		Benj. F. Hopkins
		Moses Kneeland
		Hugh McFarlane
		Jackson Hadley
		D. D. Cameron
		Henry L. Palmer
Officers – 
Byron Kilbourn, President
E. H. Goodrich, Vice President and Superintendent
Walter Kittredge, Deputy Superintendent
Jackson Hadley, Secretary
W. L. Hinsdale, Treasurer
R. D. Jennings, General Freight Agent
J. M. Kimball, General Ticket Agent
L. Everingham, Freight Agent

Passenger Conductors –  Q. C. Olin
			E. Bridgeman
			Elisha Lathrop
Depot, corner Chestnut and Third Streets.

Watertown Division – 
		D. C. Freeman, Division Superintendent
		H. K. Grant, Freight Agent

Passenger Conductors –  J. W. Crippen
			Clark Lathrop

Passenger Depot, corner Second and Menomonee Streets.

Milwaukee & Horicon Rail Road

Directors – 	J. B. Smith
		Jesper Vliet
		D. H. Richards
		Garrett Vliet
		J. Bowen
		J. F. Hezlitt
		A. Warren, Jr.
Officers – 
J. B. Smith, President
D. H. Richards, Treasurer
L. N. Mason, Secretary
J. Vliet, Chief Engineer and Superintendent
R. Smith, General Passenger Agent
J. P. Wood, General Freight Agent
S. F. Greeley, Conductor passenger train
William E. Howard, Resident Engineer and Assistant Superintendent. 

Depot, corner Chestnut and Third Streets.

Milwaukee & Beloit Rail Road

Directors – 	William J. Whaling
		Horatio Hill
		M. B. Medbery
		G. D. Dousman
		Lester Sexton, Milwaukee
		S. Andrews, Mukwonago
		E. Elderkin, Elkhorn
		E. S. Durrie, Delevan
		T. Morrer, East Troy
Officers – 
Horatio Hill, President
T. Morrer, Vice President
M. B. Medbery, Treasurer
D. C. Shepard, Chief Engineer
A. O. Babcock, Secretary
R. H. Hewitt, Assistant Secretary

Executive Committee – 	Horatio Hill
			T. Morrer
			William J. Whaling
			Lester Sexton
			M. B. Medbery
Finance Committee – 	Horatio Hill
			M. B. Medbery
			G. D. Dousman

Fox River Valley Rail Road

Directors – 		James Kneeland
			William P. Young
			Jonathan Taylor
			August Greulich
			S. S. Conover
			Alexander Mitchell, Milwaukee
			Philo Belden
			R. E. Ela
			M. L. Ayres, Rochester
			Peter Forbes
			J. H. Conkey, Burlington
			Palmer Gardiner, Walworth Co.
			William McConnell, Richmond, Ill.
Officers – 
James Kneeland, President
William P. Young, Vice President
S. S. Conover, Treasurer
Charles H. Miller, Secretary
Executive Committee – 	James Kneeland
			William P. Young
			J. Taylor
			S. S. Conover
			Philo Belden
			M. L. Ayres

The Fox River Valley Rail Road will occupy the same line as Beloit & Milwaukee Rail Road, for the first twelve miles out of the city; it will then pass through the villages of Waterford, Rochester and Burlington. At the latter town, it will cross the Racine & Mississippi Rail Road; from this point, south to the State Line, where it will connect with the Illinois Fox River Road, by an arrangement already entered into, and to which point that Road is already completed and running. The distance from Milwaukee to the State Line is 43 miles.

Milwaukee & Superior Rail Road Co,

Also Milwaukee & Fond Du Lac 
Air Line Rail Road Co. – 
Office, No. 217 East Water Street

Officers –
C. R. Alton, President
H. Haertel, Vice President
D. P. Hull, Treasurer
H. W. Janes, Secretary
Joshua Starks, Attorney