Milwaukee Steamboat and Propeller Lines

Milwaukee County Transportation

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Source: Source: The Saint Marys Falls Canal: Exercises at the Semi-centennial Celebration at at Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan, August 2 and 3, 1905, together with a history of the canal by John H. Goff, and papers relating to the Great Lakes. By Michigan Lake Superior canal semi centennial celebration commission, Charles Moore, John H. Goff; Compiled by Charles Moore, Published 1907.

Milwaukee Shipping Companies 1905

Ellis, Charles H., Managing Owner, Milwaukee, Wis. 
	Care John Schroeder Lumber Co.
	Steamer Hilton 
		Captain, Manning Kilton
		Engineer, Stephen Tessar.

Erickson, Captain James, 471 17th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
	Schooner Lake Forest
		Captain, James Erickson.

Forster, C. F., care Forster Lumber Co., Milwaukee, Wis.
	Steamer J. W. Westcott
		Captain, H. L. Wanwig
		Engineer, Wm. Martin.

Grand Trunk Car Ferry Line, Milwaukee, Wis., 
	E. G. Crosby, Manager.
	Steamer Grand Haven
		Captain. Chas. A. Lyman
		Engineer, Eugene Scott. 

Schlosser, William, Milwaukee, Wis.
	Schooner City of Sheboygan
		Captain, I. Tellefson.
	Schooner Minerva
		Captain, Hans Peterson.
	Schooner Levi Grant
		Captain Nels G. Norem.
	Schooner Wolverine
		Captain, Chas. Hansen. 

Smith, Frank W., Foot Mineral St., Milwaukee, Wis.
	Steamer E. M. Peck
		Captain, A. C. Callam
		Engineer, Harold Stokke.
	Steamer Topeka
		Captain, T. E. Clark
		Engineer, R. S. Mott.
	Steamer Pueblo
		Captain, T. W. Lawler
		Engineer, Wm. Risch.
	Steamer Omaha
		Captain, Frank Brown
		Engineer, R. Elhammer.
	Steamer Mary H. Boyce
		Captain, John D. Wanwig
		Engineer, H. Stedman. 

Vance & Co., David, Managers, Interocean Navigation Co., Milwaukee, Wis.
	Steamer Maryland
		Captain. Timothy Kelly
		Engineer, M. Conley.
	Steamer Manchester
		Captain, Ralph Nutting
		Engineer, Jas. Grant. 

Vance & Co., David, Managers, Milwaukee Steamship Co., Milwaukee, Wis.
	Steamer F. Schlesinger
		Captain, Edw. Brownell
		Engineer, R. Pipkorn. 

Vance & Co., David, Managers, Wisconsin Steamship Co., Milwaukee, Wis.
	Steamer F. L. Vance
		Captain, D. S. Vail
		Engineer, E. Jahn.
	Steamer, R. P. Flower
		Captain, Everest Zwemer
		Engineer, Daniel Darcey. 

Walzcak, Stephen, 812 Greenwood St., Milwaukee, Wis.