Milwaukee Street Name Change Cross Reference

Compiled by: Mary P. (see contributors page)
Copyright 2002
Current -
Historical - 1929, 1898, 1878 maps and 1870 City Directory
(* = notes at end of table)
Old Name			Current Name
"A" Street			Ran southwest of and parallel to Fond du Lac 
				Ave between about N. 14th & 16th Streets
"B" Street			Bisected A Street at a right angle
1st Avenue			S. 6th Street
2nd Avenue			S. 7th Street
3rd Avenue			S. 8th Street
4th Avenue			S. 9th Street
5th Avenue			S. 10th Street
6th Avenue			S. 11th Street
7th Avenue			S. 12th Street
8th Avenue			S. 13th Street
9th Avenue			S. 14th Street
10th Avenue			S. 15th Street
11th Avenue			S. 16th Street
12th Avenue			S. 17th Street
13th Avenue			S. 18th Street
14th Avenue			S. 19th Street
15th Avenue			S. 20th Street
16th Avenue			S. 21st Street
17th Avenue			S. 22nd Street
18th Avenue			S. 23rd Street
19th Avenue			S. 24th Street
20th Avenue			S. 25th Street
21st Avenue			S. 26th Street
23rd Avenue			S. 28th Street
24-1/2 Street 
(originally Randell St)		N. 24th Place
24th Avenue			S. 29th Street
26th Avenue			S. 31st Street
27th Avenue			S. 32nd Street
28th Avenue			S. 33rd Street
29th Avenue			S. 34th Street
30th Avenue			S. 35th Street
31st Avenue			S. 36th Street
32nd Avenue			S. 37th Street
33rd Avenue			S.38th Street
Allen	E. 			Becher Street
Alten	W. 			Albany Place
American Avenue 
(originally Bismarck Avenue)	S. 15th Place
(originally Garden Street; 
 note: Clarence Street was 
 renamed Arthur post-1929)	S. Comstock Avenue
Beaubien			W. Garfield Avenue (interim name Elm Street)
Beers				W. Wine Street
Berry Place			E. Land Place (interim name was Highland Pl.)
Beulah Street (Bay View) 
	originally Erie		S. Lake Shore Drive
Biddle				E. Kilbourn Avenue
Bismarck Avenue			S. 15th Place (interim name American Ave)
Bismarck Street			W. Monroe Street
Bottom				W. Harrison Street
Brattle Street			Ran parallel to and 
  				north of Concordia Ave 
  				between N. Pierce and Bremen
Cedar				W. Kilbourn Avenue
Central Avenue			Ran NE from N. 11th to N. 7th Streets, 
				a portion survives as W. Somers Street
Centre Street (Bay View)	S. Austin Street
Chase Street			Ran parallel to and just north of W. Hayes 
				from S. 6th St to S. 3rd St., and from 
				Greeley to Austin in Bay View
Chestnut			W. Juneau Avenue
Chicago Avenue			Chase Avenue
Clarence Street			W. Arthur Street (E. Clarence remains)
Clermont Street			Ran south from W. Clybourn to N. Canal St 
				east of and parallel to N. 13th Street
Cleveland Place			Ran east from S. 1st St between and 
				parallel to Mineral and Washington
Clinton	S. 			1st Street
Cold Spring Avenue		W. McKinley Avenue west from Winnebago St.
College Avenue			Ran parallel to and east of N. 33rd St between 
				Wisconsin Ave and State St
College Place			Ran E-W for 1 block between Greenbush & Hanover 
				(now S. 3rd & 4th Sts.)
Cotton Place			Ran east of and parallel to N. 12th St between 
				Wright and Center
Court Street			Runs 1 block E-W from N. 3rd to N. 4th between/
				parallel to Galena & Cherry 
Cross Street			N. 26th Street between St. Paul and Wisconsin Avenue
Davidson Street			No longer exists; ran east of and parallel to 
				railroad tracks from S. Water to Mineral
Davis Street			Ran parallel to and south of Keefe Ave from N.15th 
				St to Green Bay Ave
Deer Street			E. Otjen Street
Detroit Street			E. St. Paul Avenue
Division Street			E. Juneau Avenue
Division Street (Bay View)	S. Nock Street
Doty Street			Warren Avenue
East Street			Ran east from S. 6th Street south of and parallel 
				to the Kneeland Canal 
Elizabeth Street		W. National Avenue
Elm Street (originally Beers)	W. Garfield Avenue
Erie Street (Bay View)		S. Lake Shore Drive (interim name Beulah)
Folsom Place			E. Locust Street from the Milwaukee River 
				to the lake
Fowler Street			W. St. Paul Avenue
Franklin (west side)		N. 28th Street
Fulton Street			N. 29th Street
Garden Street (1878 map)	S. Comstock Street (interim name Arthur St)
Garden Street (1898 map)	S. 5th Place
Georgia Street			E. Townsend Street
Germania Street			N. Halyard Street
Gifford Street			N. 30th Street
Gilman Street			E. Belleview Place
Glen Avenue			N. Downer Avenue
Grand Avenue			W. Wisconsin Avenue
Green Bay St (changed 
	between 1870-77)	N. 1st Street
Greenbush			S. 4th Street
Gross Street			N. 26th Street
Grove				S. 5th Street
Hanover				S. 3rd Street
Harmon Street			W. Brown Street
Harrison Street			N. Murray Avenue
High Street			N. Oakland Avenue
Highland Place			E. Land Place
Hill Street			Tory Hill
Huron Street			E. Clybourn Street
Huron Street (Bay View)		S. Delaware Street
Hydraulic Avenue		East from Lake Drive to Prospect Drive 
				where St. Mary's Hospital now stands
Island Avenue (originally 
	Short Street)		N. Palmer Street
Janke Place			N. 15th Lane
Jasper Street			Ran north from W. Brown between N. 
				13th St and N. 14th St
Johnson				E. Highland Avenue
Juneau Street			E. Corcoran Avenue
Keene				E. Curtis Place
Kenesaw Street (Bay View)	S. Woodward Street
Kilbourn Avenue			W. Medford Street
Lake Street			W. Pittsburgh Avenue
Lake Street (Bay View)			S. Iron Street
Lake Street (from E. Wells 
	to E. Juneau)		N. Prospect Avenue
Lee Street*			Meinecke Avenue
Louis Avenue			Ran north from North Avenue, parallel to 
				and between N. 12th and N. 13th Streets
Ludington			N. 25th Street
Maiden Lane			N. 11th Lane
Main Street			N. Broadway
Martin				E. State Street
Menomonee Street (east side)	E. Menomonee Street
Menomonee Street (west side)	"From Prairie du Chien Rwy grounds sw 
				south of the Rwy" (per 1870 City Directory)
Michigan Street (Bay View)	S. Wentworth Street
Midland Avenue			S. 9th Place
Mill Street			See Central Avenue
Morton Place			W. Randolph Street
Neenah				Ran SW from N. 14th St crossing 
				Fond du Lac Ave
Noble Street			Ran south from W. Burnham to Wine Street
Oneida				E. Wells Street
Oregon (east side)		Ran east from S. Erie Street to the 
				lake, next street south of Polk
Oregon (west side)		W. Oregon Street
Palmer Street			Ran NW from Greves to Mt. Vernon
Park Avenue			N. Wahl Avenue
Park Lane			Ran south from W. Brown to N. Halyard St.
Park Place (E. Park Place)	E. Park Place
Park Place (W. Park Place)	W. Bruce Street
Pier				Ran east from S. Erie Street to the 
				lake, two streets south of Polk
Pine Street			W. Chambers Street
Plymouth			Rev. Cecil A. Fisher
Poplar				W. McKinley Avenue east from N. 8th Street
Prairie				W. Highland Avenue
Pratt				W. Legion Street
Queen Ann Place			At about current N. 28th Place but from Wisconsin to Juneau
Racine Street			N. Humboldt Avenue
Railroad Street			W. Greenfield Avenue
Randell Street			N. 24th Place (interim name 24-1/2th Street)
Reed				S. 2nd Street
Reynolds Street (Bay View)	S. Lenox Street
River Street			N. Edison Street
Sherman Street			Vine Street east of N. 7th Street
Short Street			N. Palmer (interim name Island Avenue)
Smith				W. Hayes Street (E. Smith remains)
Sobieski			Arlington Avenue north of Brady Street
South Bay Street		E. Bay Street
South Water - only portion 
	running E-W		W. Seebooth Street
Summer Street			N. 12th Lane
Summit Place			E. Webster Place
Sycamore			W. Michigan
Tamarack			W. State Street
Tomah (near Walnut & Fond 
	du Lac)			Ran parallel to and SW of Fond du Lac Ave 
				from N. 14th St to N. 16th St
Union Avenue (Bay View)		E. Meredith
Union Street (an east-west 
		street)		W. Elgin Lane
Union Street (runs diagonally)	S. Union Street
Volkman Place			Ran parallel to and west of N. Richards St 
				from Burleigh to Concordia
Wahl Avenue (N. Wahl Avenue)	N. Wahl Avenue
Wahl Street			W. Cleveland Avenue
Wall Street 			Between/parallel to Palmer & Richards 
				from North Ave to Center St
Walton Street			N. 24th Place
Washington Avenue		N. and S. 27th Street
Washington Place		W. Hazleton Court
Water (E. Water)		N. Water Street
Water (S. Water)		S. Water Street
Water (W. Water)		N. Plankinton Avenue
Watertown Plank Road		Eastern most part was current 
				W. Richardson Place
Western Avenue			S. 35th Street
Western Avenue			N. 35th Street
Wilcox Street (Bay View)	Ran from South Bay St NW 
				to railroad tracks
Willow Place			Ran east of and parallel to N. 
				12th St between Center and Locust
Willow Street			W. Hadley Street
Wine				Ran parallel and south of Burnham from 
				railroad tracks west towards S. 1st Street
Wine Street			Ran east from N. 14th St to Halyard St.
Wisconsin Avenue		E. Wisconsin Avenue----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Jones Island Streets (from 1898 map)
E-W Streets - Harbor Street (nearest the lake) and Mah-Nawauk (west of 
	Harbor, at about current Carferry)
N-S Streets (starting at north end) - Rose, Nauvoo, Cooper, Lynn, 
	Henry, AlbertSouth of City Limits in 1929
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Streets E-W in the area bounded by E. Oklahoma, 
	S. Howell and Chase Avenues. Bits of these streets survive as 
	E. Dewey, E. Manitoba and E. Gauer.