First Congregational Church

Location: Hartford

Source: Washington County, Wisconsin : past and present; by Quickert, Carl, ed Publisher Chicago, copyright 1912 : S.J. Clarke Publishing Co.

The First Congregational Church was organized December 19, 1847, by Rev. Nonnan Miller of Lisbon, Waukesha County, Wis., with ten members. They were : Cyrus Bissell, Amanda Bissell, Lewis B.Stowe, Laura W. Stowe, Fidelia F. Musgrove, Russell S. Kneeland, Electa Kneeland, William R. Coates, George C. Williams, and Mary A. Williams. In 1853 the church— a frame structure 32x50 feet — was built. The church, was rebuilt in 1874. It is now a brick-cased edifice with noble lines and a fine Renaissance tower. The present pastor is Rev. J. S. Davis.