Patron Directory 1915

Below is a list of patrons listed in the directory of the Plat book of Washington and Ozaukee counties, Wisconsin: compiled from county records and actual surveys. Created by Northwest Publishing Co., Des Moines, Iowa, 1915. It is not a list of all the names listed in the plat map.
Original is online at the Library of Congress Geography and Map Division Washington, D.C.; Digital Id:; Library of Congress Control Number: 2011594849


NameOccupationPost OfficeSection
Blank, John Jr.FarmerWest Bend1
Burelbach, Rev. Peter J.Rector of St. Lawrence ChurchSchleisingerville34
Gabriels, Rev. Leo FRector of St. Peter's and St. Paul's ChurchAllenton6
Kirch, H.J.Harness Maker and RepairerAllenton15
Kreilkamp, J.H.Proprietor of Central Hotel, Commercial Mens' Headquarters, Steam Heat, Electric Lights, First Class Livery in ConnectionAllenton16
Langenecker, JohnFarmerAllenton8
Lauer, Rev. A.J.Rector of St. Anton ChurchAllenton3
Mueller, P.J.Proprietor of The Old Home Saloon, Fine Wines, Liquors and CigarsAllenton16
Mueller, Joseph P.Dealer in Wines, Liquors and Cigars, Commercial Mens' Headquarters, Owner of Fullblood Percheron Stallion No. 40Schleisingerville34
Myer , JacobPractical Horse Shoer, General Blacksmith, Wagon Shop in ConnectionAllenton16
Oelhafen, JohnPropietor of Clover Lawn FarmSchleisingerville36
Ritger, PeterCattle Buyer, Farmer and Stock RaiserAllenton15
Schmidt, SebastianGerman FarmerAllenton15
Schmidt, JohnFarmerAllenton11
Schmidt, N.FarmerAllenton11
Wolf, JacobFarmer and Township ChairmanAllenton8


NameOccupationPost OfficeSection
Abel, JohnFarmerWest Bend9
Albright , BrothersFarmersBarton36
Biersack, JosephFarmerKewaskum34
Leienberger, PeterFarmerBarton1
Leienberger, WilliamFarmerBarton1
Mueller, FrankFarmerBarton25
Schloemer, Herman C. F.Farmer and Township ClerkWest Bend10
Techtman, CharlesFarmerKewaskum27


NameOccupationPost OfficeSection
Buth, EdwardFarmer and Stock RaiserHartford2
Courtney, WilliamFarmer and Stock RaiserHartford28
Foelske, EdwardFarmer and Stock RaiserHartford2
Meier, JohnFarmer and Stock RaiserHartford15
Mittlestadt, MikeFarmer and Stock RaiserHartford10
Piek, Joseph EFarmer and Stock RaiserHartford14
Roemer, AustinFarmer and Stock RaiserHartford11
Ruffing and Rehm, FarmersHartford13
Tesch, Charles F.Farmer and Stock RaiserHartford3
Gutman , Rev. Kilian Hartford14


NameOccupationPost OfficeSection
Erler, FrankFarmer and DairymanBarton27
Fraunenheim, WalterFarmer and DairymanRandom Lake2
Gerner, Edward W.Farmer and Dairyman, Breeder of Registered Shorthorn Cattle and Jersey SwineBarton26
Gruhle, W.H.Farmer and Dairyman, Breeder of Purebread Holstein Cattle, for sale at all timesBarton22
Hagner, CharlesFarmer and DairymanBarton21
Johnson, CharlesFarmer and DairymanBarton20
Makowski, JohnFarmer and DairymanBarton27
Schwinn, MichaelFarmer and DairymanBarton34
Thull, Math.Farmer and DairymanBarton19
Thull, JohnFarmer and DairymanBarton19
Weinreich, CharlesFarmer and DairymanFredonia23
Wiedmeyer, Frank J.Farmer and DairymanBarton8
Wittig , E.W.Notary Public, Dealer in Wines, Liquors and CigarsBarton23


NameOccupationPost OfficeSection
Baertlein, JohnFarmer and DairymanS. Germantown20
Bast, Jacob B.Farmer and DairymanRockfield11
Bast, Paul J.Proprietor of "Prospect Farm," Pure Bred Holstein Fresian Cattle Bred and for SaleRockfield10
Bast, Christ Sr.Farmer and Stock RaiserS. Germantown3
Bezold, FrankFarmer and DairymanRockfield30
Braun, GroverFarmer and DairymanS. Germantown23
Braun, John A.Farmer and DairymanS. Germantown20
Dhein, Henry Farmer and DairymanRockfield8
Dhein, Johnof Dhein Bros, Farmer and DairymanRockfield8
Felsing, WilliamFarmer and DairymanRockfield19
Gettelman, Ira R.Breeder of Holstein-Fresian Cattle, S. D. White Orpingtons, Seed GrowerS. Germantown27
Gettelman, EdwardFarmer and DairymanS. Germantown27
Gettelman, Henry Proprietor Dheinsville Dairy FarmRockfield17
Gierach, OttoButter MakerThiensville13
Gronemeyer, AdolphFarmer and DairymanRockfield8
Hafemeister, GustFarmer and DairymanRockfield11
Hansen, JacobFarmer and DairymanS. Germantown17
Hayes, WilliamFarmer and Dairyman, also Agent for Farm InsuranceS. Germantown21
Henschel, HermanFarmer and DairymanS. Germantown26
Horning, John A.Farmer and DairymanRockfield4
Klein, W.J.Farmer and Dairyman, also Town ClerkS. Germantown26
Klumb, Charles P.Farmer and DairymanRockfield10
Konrad, Jacob B.Farmer and DairymanRockfield11
Leicht, Jacob Jr.Farmer and DairymanS. Germantown25
Maas, RobertFarmer and DairymanS. Germantown36
Roeber, William A.Town Assesor, Farmer, Dairyman and ThresherS. Germantown26
Salter, FrankTownship Chairman, Farmer and DairymanS. Germantown32
Schneider, William G.Township Supervisor, Farmer and DairymanS. Germantown27
Seefeld, HermanFarmer and DairymanS. Germantown23
Wagenknecht, Philip Jr.Farmer and DairymanS. Germantown14
Weller, WilliamFarmer and DairymanS. Germantown7
Wetterau, WilliamFarmer and DairymanS. Germantown18
Wurm, Rev. Joseph H. Priest, St. Boniface Catholic ChurchRichfield20


NameOccupationPost OfficeSection
Eissner, JohnFarmer and DairymanSchleisingerville25
Eifert, G.C.Farmer and Breeder of Registered Holstein Fresian CattleHartford6
Frey, John H.Farmer and StockmanHartford14
Gutschenritter, GeorgeFarmer and Breeder of Holstein Fressian CattleHartford6
Juergens, H., and SonProprietor of Maple Leaf Dairy FarmHartford28
Krebs, AdrianFarmer and Stock RaiserSchleisingerville1
Lambrecht, A.H.Farmer and Stock Raiser, Proprietor of Oak Hill DairyHartford19
Lepein, HermanFarmer and DairymanHartford30
Monroe, D.D.FarmersHartford28
Multhauf, John and MaryGeneral FarmersHartford34
Quandt, OttoFarmer and Stock RaiserHartford17
Quandt, William F.Farmer and Stock RaiserHartford8
Rausch, WilliamFarmerHartford20
Schauer, J.A.Farmer and Stock RaiserHartford8
Stewart, Charles D.AuthorHartford26
Thorn, H.Farmer and Stock RaiserHartford16
Troeller, Farmer and Stock Breader of good grade of Holstein Fresian CattleHartford6


NameOccupationPost OfficeSection
Groth, HermanFarmerJackson7
Koepke, H.F.FarmerJackson16
Salter, T.W.FarmerJackson2
Scheunemann, EdwardFarmerJackson29
Volkmann, OttoFarmerJackson20
Wolfgram, AugustFarmerCedarburg13
Ziegler, ArthurFarmerJackson7


NameOccupationPost OfficeSection
Backhaus, LouisFarmer and Town ClerkKewaskum11
Backhaus, CharlesFarmer and Breeder of Registered Holstein-Fresian CattleKewaskum4
Backhaus, Emil C.Farmer and Breeder of Draft HorsesKewaskum9
Beyer, Joseph F.Priest of St. Michael's Church at St. MichaelsKewaskum13
Fellenz, Gerhard N.Farmer and Member of the Township BoardKewaskum19
Muckerheide, W.H.FarmerKewaskum7
Pflum, Sebastian P.FarmerKewaskum16
Quandt, WilliamFarmer and Breeder of Registered Holstein-Fresian CattleKewaskum10
Rheingans, NicholasFarmerKewaskum6
Schaefer, AugustFarmer and Township AssessorKewaskum22
Stahler, JohnFarmerKewaskum22
Van Epps, FrankFarmer and Township SupervisorKewaskum17
Westerman, CharlesFarmerKewaskum7


NameOccupationPost OfficeSection
Bohn, PeterFarmer and DairymanJackson1
Bruecker, W.B.Catholic PriestSchleisingerville10
Karius, AndrewFarmerWest Bend4
Koester, John B.Farmer and DairymanJackson1
Loos, Martin Farmer and Stock RaiserSchleisingerville9
Merten, NicFarmer and Stock RaiserSchleisingerville16
Schmidt, JacobFarmer, Dairyman and Stock RaiserRichfield27


NameOccupationPost OfficeSection
Becker, Peter Jr.Farmer and DairymanRichfield12
Friess, NicFarmer and DairymanHubertus20
Friess, Nic J.Farmer and DairymanHubertus17
Gruen, GustFarmer and Dairyman, Grower of Pure SeedRichfield4
Heisdorf, John C.R.R. Agent at Ruby Junction for C.M. and St. Paul, and Soo Line, also Farmer and DairymanRichfield2
Hoefs, HenryFarmer and DairymanColgate26
Kessel, JacobFarmer, Stock Raiser and DairymanRichfield2
Kiley, JamesFarmerColgate32
Kollenbroich, JohnFarmer and Stock RaiserHubertus15
Laubenheimer, HenryFarmer and Stock RaiserRichfield12
Schulteis, Herman J.Farmer and DairymanRichfield3
Stephan, Edward P.FarmerHubertus19
Stuettgen, Math.FarmerHubertus23
Wolf, Peter C.Farmer and DairymanColgate26


NameOccupationPost OfficeSection
Esselmann, BernardFarmerWest Bend3
Fechter, MartinFarmer and Township SupervisorWest Bend12
Fechter, AugustFarmerWest Bend25
Gengler, NickFarmerWest Bend10
Goeden, JohnFarmerWest Bend10
Hamlyn, Winsor W.FarmerWest Bend17
Korneli, JohnFarmerWest Bend11
Nowock, AntonFarmerWest Bend21
Renard, HenryDairy FarmerWest Bend31
Schacht, AugustFarmerWest Bend18
Schlegel, HenryDairy FarmerWest Bend11
Schroeder, W.F.Farmer and Breeder of Registered Holstein-Fresian CattleWest Bend31
Schloemer, AdolphFarmer and Breeder of Registered Holstein-Fresian CattleWest Bend31


NameOccupationPost OfficeSection
Karol, Joseph Jr.Manufacturer and Dealer in Brick and American CheeseKewaskum12
Lemense, FrankManufacturer of First Class American CheeseCampellsport11
Mertz, CharlesPropietor of Wayne Center Farm. Breeder of Holstein Cattle and Brahma ChickensKewaskum21
Wietor, Frank P.Dealer in Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Dance Hall in ConnectionKewaskum14


NameOccupationPost OfficeSection
Bastian, GeorgeFarmer and Township ClerkWest Bend16
Bauer, FrankFarmerWest Bend26
Bauer, StephenFarmerWest Bend23
Eder, FrankFarmerWest Bend24
Klette, JacobFarmerWest Bend30
Lorenz, HenryFarmerWest Bend36
Peters, Gerhard J.FarmerWest Bend22
Peters, John J.Farmer and Township SupervisorWest Bend22
Peters, John N.Farmer and Chairman Township Board of SupervisorsWest Bend29
Quaas, HermanFarmerWest Bend27
Schemenauer, JohnFarmerWest Bend30
Schloemer, EdwardFarmerWest Bend36
Schroeder, C.A. and SonsFarmers. Breeders of Choice Holstein-Fresian Cattle and Berkshire Pigs. Vistors met at Depot. Officially tested cowsWest Bend25
Schultz, AlbertFarmerWest Bend23
Schroeder, RobertWest Bend25
Weber, Mathew N.FarmerWest Bend18
Weinert, WilliamFarmerWest Bend24
Wilke, L.D.Farmer and Breeder of Poled Durham Cattle, Oxforddown Sheep and Chester White SwineWest Bend24
Wittemann FrankFarmer West Bend27