Research Assistance

This page was put together to help you with your research. 

Lookup Volunteers

The following people have graciously agreed to do lookups for Washington County, Wisconsin. When asking for a lookup, please limit yourself to one or two names. Remember that the people that offer are doing this on their own time.(and are not getting paid for it). Let's not overburden them or they will no longer enjoy helping. And a big heartfelt "Thank You" goes a long way.

If you have access to a courthouse, library, archive, genealogical books, etc. dealing with Washington County and would be willing to do lookups for others, please email me using the contact form.

Our Gracious Volunteers

Bob Miller will look up old and new place names in Washington County from the "Gazetteer of the Communities, Churches & Cemeteries of Washington County, WI 1840-2001" (including major lakes). This book is also available from the Washington County Historical Society ($20.00).

Eileen Parris will do look ups in Nicolas Gonner's ' Luxembourgers in the New World'. Volume 1 & 2.

Eileen Parris will look up on an indexed 1910 WI Federal Census CD. Can do searches by head of household surname or county.

Mary Saggio will do lookups in the 1850 census for the Town of Addison and the Town of Wayne. She will also do lookups in the book "Town of Granville Irish & St. Michael's Cemetery", which simply lists the Irish families in the area and also contains a transcription of the St. Michael's Cemetery.

Neal Degner has done extensive research into Washington County families. Families include Degner, Hembel, Seyfert, Jecklin, Pilger, Buechner, Wiesner, Klumb, and Faber. He also has access to the church records for the parishes of Zion Baptist Church and the German Methodist Episcopal Church in the Town of Wayne. These churches no longer exist. Also, Neal has the Carl Quigley book from 1922, Friestadt and the Lutheran Immigration which lists a lot of early families here and where they came from.

Debra will do lookups for courthouse records, (birth, death, and marriages). Please put "Washington County lookup" as the subject. She will also do lookups for cemetery inscriptions for the nine cemeteries in the Township of Kewaskum: Buffalo Synod, Holy Trinity (old and new), Lutheran, Memorial Park, Peace Church, St. Bridget, St. Lucas, St. Michael's, and Van Vechton.

Paula will do census lookups for 1870 and 1880. Please put "Washington County" and the year of the census in the subject line of your request.

Paula will do lookups in the book "Looking Back", a picture book for the Town of Newburg. "Looking Back" contains pictures of old settlers, and also of church and public school classes in Newburg.

Paula also has a family tree for the Schwinn and Redlinger family of Newburg and Trenton.

Roberta will do lookups in the church records from St. John Catholic Church in Monches (1845-present). The early records are in Latin and some are from St. Columba Catholic Church in Lake Five.

Stephen Gruber has a 27,000 name database covering the families GRUBER / YOGERST / JACKLIN / RIESCH / SCHULZ. He is willing to look ups of an individual for anyone researching these names. Please give a first and last name and if possible a date.

Janice Lamers will do lookups in the "1881 History of Washington and Ozaukee County," which contains an extensive section of biographical sketches, and also a list of county pioneers with their date of settlement and place of birth. Many of these list specific town names in Europe.

Janice is also willing to lookups in the books "Township of Addison, 1846-1976," and "Winding Through the Town of Wayne, 1848-1998.

Professional Researchers

Linking Your Past Research Service by Ellen Rohr has been doing research for people for a number of years. If you need help with a brick wall or would like help with your research, please contact her through me website using the link above.

WisconsinAncestors by John von Haden has been doing research in Washington County for a number of years.  On his site he has available pedigrees and family group sheets that can be ordered.  Please be sure to check out his site if you have Washington County Ancestors.