Muskego Center Cemetery
Also known as Muskego Village Cemetery


Muskego Center Cemetery was established circa 1881. The last burial was in 1920. Muskego Center borders the first burial site in Muskego, that of Amanda Parker.

The land where it was located was first owned by the Schuet family, who operated the Muskego Lake/Resort Hotel from about 1861-1927. They then sold the property to William Boszhardt who made it into the Muskego Beach Amusement Park. The park bordered the cemetery on three sides. In 1944, the amusement park was sold to Charles and Elsa Rose. In 1955, the bodies were relocated to Prairie Hill Cemetery in Waukesha.

In 1968 the park was sold to the Masterson family and renamed Dandeline Park. It was closed in 1977 and put up for development.

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There are no known records. Contact Prairie Home Cemetery Waukesha for reburial information.


Originally Transcribed by Mary Warrell Knight Chapter DAR West Allis before 1955.

Carolina/b. 15 Mar 1810
John/b. 19 Dec 1820/d. 26 Dec 1886/Civil War Veteran

Frederick/b. 15 Sept 1826/d. 3 Feb 1896

Christof age 82 yr
Christina age 77 yr
Wilhelm 1838-1909

G.F./Co. G. 28th Wis Inf/Civil War Marker

Herman/b. 15 Oct. 1853/d. July 1886
Christine/b. 16 Oct. 1822/d. 15 Sept 1890
August/b. 7 Mar 1820/22 Dec 1883

Harry/son of Robert/d. 20 Feb 1889/18 yr

Henry/b. 9 Feb 1807/d. 9 Feb. 1885/age 78 yr
Elizabeth/wife of Henry/d. 8 Dec 1885/age 78yr 8mo 2da

Fred/Co. H. 65th Wis Inf/Civil War Marker

Bertha (Belitz)/b. 2 Apr 1861/d. 17 July 1900

Anne E. b. 22 June 1835/d. 14 Mar 1899
Valentine/b. 7 Jan 1836/d. 6 Sept 1889

Tobias/b. 17 Jan 1811/d. 14 Feb 1893
Edmund/w/Tobias/b. 16 Mar 1809/d. 10 Oct. 1892
Marie/b. 26 April 1851/d. 10 Nov. 1907
Carl/b. 20 Jan. 1848/d. 27 July 1920

Minnie/b. June 1867/d. 15 Apr 1885
Paul/b. 27 May 1871/d. Apr 1888

Anna M./b. 1808/d. 11 May 1881

Albert/son of J.C. &  Carrie/d. 3 Apr 1876 age 3 months
Hattie L.M./daughter of J.C. &  Carrie/d. 24 Aug 1873/4 months
Christian/b. 21 Seot 1809/d. 10 Apr 188-
Mary C./b. 15 Mar 1815/d. 26 Oct. 1888

Frederick/b. Aug 1824/d. Oct 1885
Helene/b. 19 Feb 1824/d. 3 Oct. 1896

Frankie C./b. 24 Mar 1875/d. 28 Dec 1882

Mina Pellman/b. 23 Feb 1847/d. 22 May 1888
Adolph G./22 Aug 1838/d. 10 Feb 1914


More News Articles

Source: Waukesha Daily Freeman | Waukesha, Wisconsin | Thursday, June 09, 1955 | Page 3

Cemetery May Make Way for Amusement Park

'Freeman Staff
MUSKEGO-The old Muskego center-cemetery, slumbering beneath giant elms, may soon be swallowed up in the glitter and lights of the neighboring Muskego Amusement park.  The tiny, weed - choked cemetery reposes, half a century removed from the whining caliope and the roller coaster shouts from the amusement park that surrounds it on three sides.  Traffic along Hy. 24, at its
front door, hurries by unnoticed.

Within the cemetery, the present bows to the past as granite headstones hint of days when Muskego was young and her people worked the grain fields that have been replaced by modern subdivisions.

But the cemetery is loath to give up its secrets. Weather has erased names and dates from the sturdy headstones.  High grass, thistles, and wild flower shroud toppled headstones. Faded American flags mark nameless graves. A metal Civil war star stands half hidden in the grass.

The owner of the amusement park, Charles S. Rose, is now negotiating to add the two-thirds acre of cemetery land to his park for use as a parking lot or picnic
grove.  He has offered to pay the expenses of moving the 43 graves at a cost he estimates at "at least $10,000."

Heirs of those buried in the cemetery are now being contacted for approval of the move, and to determine where they would like the graves transferred. If no relatives can be located, remains would be moved to a cemetery of perpetual care, Rose said.  Such a move requires county court action. The Muskego town board, which took over the cemetery last year, has given its approval to begin court proceedings.

The approval, however, was temporarily laid aside until the town is sure everyone is satisfied, Town Chairman Earl Breurug said.  The town took over the
cemetery after it became over run with weeds, and cleaned it up. The Muskego
Cemetery association, which had previously managed the affairs of the cemetery,
ceased functioning many years ago.

History records that the cemetery land formerly belonged to John C. Schuet, the "King of Muskego" in 1880 politics. Early in 1880, he leased a chunk of land,
166x172 feet, fronting on the Milwaukee and Janesville Plank road (which grew up to be Hy. 24) for the cemetery.

Articles of agreement between Schuet and the "Muskego Centre Cemetery association" (of which Schuet was secretary) are on file in the office of the register of deeds.  Most of the burials in the cemetery took place in the next three decades. Only one burial was found to have occurred as late as 1920.
Nearly all the names on the headstones are of German origin; a few names
are still familiar ones in the Muskego area.

The words "Mutter" and "Vater" are carved into several of the headstones. The
German abbreviations "Geb." and "Gest." replace "born" and "died."  There are the sturdy graves of the Schuets—John's father, Christian, who died in 1882, and his mother, Mary, who died six years later. Records show that two of John's children who died in infancy are also buried in the cemetery, although neither John nor his wife were.

In the spacious Ockler plot, there is Tobias, 1811-1893, and his wife, Edmunde,
1809-1892; and Carl and Marie, both born midway through the 19th century, and both of whom lived to see the beginnings of the 20th.  

In good condition is the gravestone of Friedrich and Helene Sonderman, born the
same year, 1824, and who died in the mid '90s only a year apart.

And there are other names —Gross, Wollmann, Caesar, Lumpe, Bishoff, Schmitt, Peters and Lohman, many of them with epitaphs written in their native German. Other tombstones have been so weathered that it is difficult to decifer the names. A few headstones that have, toppled over have been laid against the base of the cemetery's trees. Some, while still standing, lean at precarious angles. Only the stone corner markers of lots remain in several instances.

The cemetery is a nuisance to the community," Rose said.

Source: Waukesha Daily Freeman | Waukesha, Wisconsin | Tuesday, September 27, 1955 | Page 16

County Court—Waukesha County
ALVIN SCHUET (sometimes written ALVIN H. SCHUET) and CLARA SCHUET. his wife; FRANK SCHUET (sometimes written FRANK A. SCHUET) a single man;
MUSKEGO CENTRE CEMETERY ASSOCIATION, a Wisconsin Cemetery Association; all unknown members of Muskego Centre Cemetery Association;
JOHN DRUSE and --- DRUSE, his wife;
HERMAN KURTZE and --- KURTZE, his wife;
EDWARD KUBTZE and --- KURTZE, his wife,
CARL OCKLER and --- OCKLER, his wife;
ADAM MUEHLE and --- MUEHLE, his wife;
GEORGE MUEHLE and ---MUEHLE. his wife,
HENRY MUEHLE and --- MUEHLE, his wie:
ADOLPH WOLLMAN and --- WOLLMAN, his wife;
JOHN SCHMIDT and --- SCHMIDT, his wife,
AUGUST WALTER and --- WALTER, his wife;
and all of the unknown heirs or legal representatives of said named defendants and any person claiming any interest in the real estate hereinafter described in the attached Notice of Object of Action,


YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED to appear within twenty (20) days after serivce of this summons upon you, exclusive of the day of service, and defend the above entitled action in the Court aforesaid: add in case of your failure so to do. judgment will be rendered against you according to the demand of the complaint, the original of which is on file with the Clerk of the above named Court.

TAKE NOTICE that the object of this action is to have declaied canceled and of no further effect a certain lease of the following described premises:
A piece or parcel of land situated in the South Half of Section No. Nine (S). Town five (5) North of Range No. twenty (20) East, commencing at the middle of Milwaukee and Janesville Plank Road in Southwest corner of the School House lot No. 2; thence running North about one hundred and seventy-two feet; thence West about one hundred and sixty-six feet; thence south about one hundred and seventy-two feet; thence East in the middle of Plank Road one hundred and
sixty-six feet to the place of beginning.

by John C. Schuet to Muskego Centre Cemetery Association, and recorded
in the Office of the Register of Deeds in and for Waukesha County, Wisconsin on the 4th day of January, 1882, in Volume 59 of Deeds on page 155, Document No. 46888; and that fee title be established in plaintiffs, free and clear of any claim, lien or right by virtue of said lease or otherwise.
Richard S. Hippenmeyer
720 Clinton Street
Waukesha. Wisconsin
Attorney for Plaintiffs
Sept. 27 Oct 4, 11

Legal Notices
County Court—Waukesha County

The Matter of the Petition of CHARLES S. ROSE. and others, for an order of the court authorizing the removal of bodies presently buried in the property formerly leased by MUSKEGO CENTRE CEMETERY ASSOCIATION, Muskego. Wisconsin, and
for the suitable reinterment thereof the following deceased, persons:
John and Caroline Bade;
Freidrich, Wilhelmlna and Fred Belitz;
Christof and Christina Bishoff;
George F. Bowers;
Bradie, Child of Geo. Bradie;
August, Christine and Herman Ceaser;
Elizabeta, and Henry Gross;
Antoinette Krueger;
H. Kurtze;
C. Leiske:
Frederick Lohmann;
Valentine and Anna E. Lumpe:
Walter J. L. Moller, son H. & L. Moller;
Tobias. Edmunde, Carl, Marie and Hattie Ockler:
Dorothea Peters:
Paul and Minnie Priegel;
Anna M. Priester;
Christian, Mary, Albert, son of J. C. Carrie Schuet,
and Hattie L. M. Schuet;
Friedrich and Helene Sonderman;
John W. Stockman:
Frankle Wollman:
Adolph G. and Mina (Pellman) Wollmer

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a hearing will be held before the County Court at the County Court Room in the Court House in the City of Waukesha, Wisconsin, on the 16th day of November, 1955, at 10:00 o'clock A.M., or as soon thereafter as the matter can be heard on the petition of Charles S. Rose and others for an order of the Court authorizeing the removal of the bodies of the above named deceased personas and providing for their suitable reinterment at the expense of the petitioner, Charles S. Rose.  Dates this 23rd day of September., 1955.
By the Court
William E. Gramling
County Judge
Richard S. Hlppenmeyer
720 Clinton Street
Waukesha. Wisconsin
Attorney lor Petitioner
Sept. 27 Oct. 4. 11