La Belle Cemetery
Oconomowoc Township
Waukesha County Wisconsin

Tombstone Photographs

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This active cemetery is located in the city of Oconomowoc just northeast of East Wisconsin Avenue(Highway 16). It is bounded by Lapham Street on the east, extending north to about east Juneau Avenue. It is also running along the easter shore of the southern end of Fowler Lake to the city park which borders it on the south. Take North Oakwood Avenue to the East Grove Street entrance, Section 33, Oconomowoc Township.

History of LaBelle Cemetery

The original cemetery was established May 15, 1851 by the Oconomowoc Cemetery Association. This first cemetery, called Oconomowoc Cemetery was along Walnut Street between Wisconsin Avenue and the Norwegian Bridge in what is now a residential and commercial area. Burials were made there until 1864, when it was decided that a larger area would be required for the cemetery. A new site was selected and named La Belle Cemetery. All of the owners of lots in Oconomowoc Cemetery were given lots in the new cemetery in exchange and the bodies were relocated to La Belle Cemetery. The old cemetery was sold in January, 1865.


There are cemetery records 1851-date, including the reburials from the Oconomowoc Cemetery. There is a chart of the cemetery. The records are not available for public research. The Oconomowoc Cemetery Association will answer mail requests. Currently there is no charge. Contact:
Oconomowoc Cemetery Association
P.O. Box 432
Oconomowoc, WI 53066

At the Waukesha County Museum there are transcriptions of tombstones 1844-1954 Sections A-H, I(blocks 1 and 2 only), J-L. There are transcriptions of the stones as well as additional information from the records and notes on unmarked graves in sections A-D.


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These photos were generously taken and contributed to these pages by 
Larry & Linda Kopet!

La Belle Cemetery

Willie/Bessie Alex

Simon/Anne Aslackson

Kathryn Athas

Steve Athas

James Bartlett

Fred Blankenhagen

Gustavue L Brown

Fredrick Brunn

Meriva M Butterfield Carpenter

Arthur B Clasen

Frances Clasen

Joseph F Clasen

John A/Mary E Cook

Albert R Dainton

Caroline Dainton

Jacob Dainton

James Darrow

Meta Darrow

James J Dunbar

James J Dunbar

Louise A Dunbar

Elvira/Leander J Eastman

Alice Esohen

Ruth M Fay

George D Hartig

Daniel C/Mariah M/Julia A/Lyman J Hatch

William Hintz

Albert/H.Mac/Rosamond B Hurd

Nels/Ellen Sorenson Isaacson

Perrie A Isaacson

James F Jer_s

Emma Johnson

Matilda Klechke

Arnold F Koloske

Edwin Clarence Koloske

Edwin E Koloske
Albert C/Edna H Sigrist

Tracy Lynn Koloske

William L/Alma A Kosloske

Ernest Krause

Ann P Lester

Emil/Sophia L/Edna E Leitzke

Gertrude Lierk

John Lierk

Liessette Lierk

Julius G Lyke

Peter/Jannette/Peter D McInroy

Harriet Moore

Nora Newton

Edward OBrien

Charles Oestreich

John Olds

Alice Otto

Gottlieb Otto

Margaret I Pennock

Jane Perkins/Catherine E DePuy

George J Prichard

Herman/Emilie Schellin

Bertha Schuehle

Catherine Schuehle

Charles F Schuehle

Dorothy Schuehle

F.George Schuehle

Gustav Schuehle

Mathilda E Schuehle

Marie W Schuehle

Paul A Schuehle

Sophia Schuehle

Newton C/Laura O Secor

Lucinda M Sheldon

John/Augusta Steinhafel

Oscar A Tanburg

Emilga/George E.G. Tessman

Albert B Thompson

Dennis R Thompson

Herbert/Hertha Timmel

Peter Vankanel

Charles C Wetterhall

Jay M Whitney

Augusta Wilke

Caroline Wood

Anna A Ziervogel

Benjamin W Ziervogel

Walter Ziervogel

Chloe [Athas] Zwickey