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Northview Cemetery

Waukesha County Farm and Hospital Cemetry
Also Known as Pauper's Cemetery, Poor House Cemetery
Information generously contributed by Bonny Fritz
Pewaukee Township
Waukesha County Wisconsin Genealogy


Northview Cemetery is just north of Northview Home, Waukesha. Northview Home is just a little east of the northwest corner of Highway T and Northview Road, Section 28, Pewaukee Township.


This inactive cemetery was established between September, 1904 and June 1905, when 75 burials from the old Waukesha County Poor House in Vernon were relocated to this site. These reburials were reported to have been in the northwest corner of the new cemetery. The cemetery apparently had two separate sections, sometimes referred to in the death records at the Register of Deeds office as the Waukesha County Poor Farm Cemetery or the Waukesha County Home Cemetery or the Waukesha County Insane Asylum Cemetery. The cemetery was sometimes used by the Waukesha County Coroner to bury unknown and unclaimed bodies. The last known burial was in 1951. Today the cemetery is referred to as the Northview Home Cemetery.


All known early records books for the cemetery, previously held by Northview Home, have been transferred to the Waukesha County Museum. Northview Home, later called Linden Grove, is located at N1 W25042 Northview Road, Waukesha, WI 53188.

At the Waukesha County Museum there are M-841 County Records, Waukesha County Asylum for Chronic Insane and County Home. Cemetery Records 1881-1923, 1942, 1951. Transcript available. The first 75 burials listed in this register had numbered tombstones and were moved in 1904-1905 from the Vernon cemetery. Aslo, "Study of Northview Cemetery," Donald J. Eggum, Waukesha County Coroner, October 17, 1984. This includes a list of burials, 1883-1936. "Historical & Site Investigation of Northview Home Cemetery, Waukesha County, Wisconsin, "Foth & Van Dyke of Milwaukee, Inc., December 1983. This includes a list of burials 1881-1951. A plat of the cemetery is also available. See Vernon Cemeteries, Waukesha County Poor House Cemetery for further information.



Unknown Man/Unknown-1910
Unknown Man/Unknown-1910
Unknown Man/Unknown-1910
Dewer, Edward/1851-1911
Bradley, Henry/1840-1911
Mitchell, Wm./1824-1911
Hinkey, August/1826-1911
Schaar, Catherine/1848-1911
Phillips, Thomas/1832-1911
Keuglia, Marion/1830-1911
Gillespie, Dennis/Unknown-1911
Plate, John/1840-1911
Richardson, L.L./1824-1911
Beebe, Melvin/1825-1911
Tropp, John/1837-1911
Schultz, Henry/1858-1911
Davis, Jos./Unknown-1911
Hayden, Alex/1820-1911
Hoeing, Frank/1852-1911
Donaldson, Jos./1851-1911
Engeman, Henry/1823-1911
Christenson, Hans/1833-1911
Berger, Nick/1880-1911
Nelson, Johanna/Unknown-1911
Tynier, John/1829-1911
Unknown Man/Unknown-1911
Unknown Man/Unknown-1911
Lavine, Arthur/1894-1912
Kavanaugh, James/1848-1912
Bradley, Geo./Unknown-1912
Hendrickson, Harry/1894-1912
Malarkey, Patrick/1867-1912
Unknown Child/Unknown-1912
Burcherdt, Andrew/Unknown-1912
Bright, John/1843-1912
Block, August/1833-1912
Kennedy, Daniel/1834-1912
Bowman, Albert/Unknown-1912
Vairnis, Ignatz/1884-1913
Glodasis, Arthur/1895-1913
Tenka, Herman/1883-1913
Tillie, Augusta/1829-1913
Vander Bloeman, Leonard/1875-1913
Walch, Frank/1863-1913
Klees, Adolph/1888-1913
Haberstand, Ola M./1886-1913
Losn, Fred/1822-1913
Finneman, Leopoldt/Unknown-1913
Peters, Henry/1852-1913
Unknown Man/Unknown-1913
Unknown Man/Unknown-1913
Bucholtz, Wm. F./1860-1914
Kremer, Abraham/Unknown-1914
Manusky, Peter/1844-1914
Favier, John/1872-1915
Van Staub, John/Unknown-1915
Bergens, Anton/1882-1916
Jiocominie, Josephine/1868-1916
Podolischoff, Peter/1882-1916
Yager, Ella/1868-1916
Smith, Frank/1846-1916
Groth, Frank/1846-1916
Metcalf, Henry/Unknown-1916
Carroll, Elizabeth/1836-1916
Anderson, Lunk/Unknown-1916
Phister, Mary/1870-1916
Maney, Mary A./Unknown-1916
Vick, Van/Unknown-1916
Johnson, Swan/1880-1916
Roberts, Thomas/1853-1916
Beland, Alphonso/1869-1917
Schendel, Julius/Unknown-1917
Anderson, Hans/1832-1917
Weidmer, Mathias/1839-1917
Anderson, John/1841-1917
Van Vondern, Wm./1885-1917
Ickie, John E./1871-1917
Brisco, Saphrona/1869-1917
Astipenski, Mick/1897-1917
Weisberg, Begota/1839-1917
Young, Mary/Unknown-1917
Hofer, Rosa/1844-1917
Weber, John/1829-1917
Schrader, Julius/1852-1917
Schornfelk, Johannah/1845-1917
Walsch, Mary/1849-1917
Stevens, Lizzie/1887-1917
Yalacy, Louis/Unknown-1917
Hofer, Joe/1841-1917
Daze, Julius/1879-1917
Gansey, John/1884-1917
Mickavica, Chas./1878-1917
Andars, Mathilda/1887-1918
Ladensak, Katherine/Unknown-1918
Grandberry, Henry/1851-1918
Herman, Sam/1884-1918
Hanson, Paul/1853-1918
Haring, Jacob/1862-1918
Moran, Joe/1841-1918
Clemons, Elizabeth/1848-1918
Putnam, Warren/Unknown-1918
Sorenson, Engel/1843-1918
Canale, Rantala/1885-1918
Halbertstadt, Henry/Unknown-1918
Krueber, Albert/1849-1919
Weigert, Fred/Unknown-1919
Looker, Horatio/1847-1919
Pucci, Tony/Unknown-1919
Abett, Louis/Unknown-1919
Gilbertson, Matt/1852-1919
Brassard, Jos./1840-1920
Beeski, Jos./1888-1920
Raymark, Peter/1857-1920
Linkomers, Laurie/1902-1920
Norman, Vincent/Unknown-1920
Emmett, Mary/1835-1920
Adams, Theador/Unknown-1920
Steward, Archie/1855-1920
Obsadney, John/1885-1920
McCoy, John/1853-1920
Ohlesen, Rudolph/Unknown-1921
Bretson, Edward/1879-1921
Radtke, Oswald/Unknown-1921
Herzog, Edward/1873-1921
King, Sylvia/1876-1921
Maki, Matthew/1886-1921
Johnson, Nels/1885-1921
Hill, James/1851-1921
Jauca, Maria/1881-1921
Brenermehl, August/1853-1921
Johnson, Andrew/Unknown-1921
Selander, Erick/Unknown-1921
Satrouitz, Andrew/1891-1922
Meseek, John/1887-1923
Martin, Nick/1822-1923
Peterson, Chas./1886-1923
Chappell, Floyd/1906-1923
Starke, Anton/1849-1925
Rankin, Wm./1850-1926
Dyziomba, Godfried/1861-1926
Syland, Silbet/1862-1927
Dean, Tony/1906-1927
Goodreau, Theothil/1858-1928
Peterson, Peter/1901-1928
Detgner, Ludwig/1883-1928
Affeneer, James/Unknown-1928
Carlson, Frank/1881-1929
Kourger, Christ/1891-1931
Appleman, Annie/1856-1932
Meilke, Julius/1874-1932
Stribbow, Caroline/1842-1932
Goodman, Geo./1914-1933
Robinson, Bridget/1868-1933
Burdnick, Mike/1891-1936
Raggion, Ida/1884-1941
Hopkins, John/Unknown-1941
Shaw, John D./1880-1942
Back, Geo./Unknown-1942
Greene, Bobby Lewis/Infant-1951

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