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Prairie Home Municipal Cemetery
Surnames with A

Waukesha Township
Waukesha County Wisconsin Genealogy


This active cemetery is located between Prairie Avenue and West Avenue at Luke Avenue, Waukesha City, Section 10, Waukesha Township.

There are two maps available online. The better one (because it gives more information) is a link off the Prairie Home Cemetery website.

The other site is located as a link from the city website. This site interment dates, but not birth and death dates. From this site you can get the funeral home information and any special notes that may have been made about the burial. The link is here at the bottom of the page:Prairie Home Cemetery City Link.


History on Prairie Home can be found on the first page of the cemetery.

Cemetery Records

There are cemetery records 1841 to date, but there are some earlier burials with no records. There is a chart of the cemetery and records are available to the public for research, Monday-Friday for a fee. The cemetery charges an in person fee for the first half hour of research. For research that takes over a half hour, a total fee is usual. Mail requests will be answered, but you must send a self addressed stamped envelope for your reply. If more than a few names are requested by mail, the fee is required in advance.

Prairie Home Cemetery Contact Information
605 S. Prairie Ave.
Waukesha, Waukesha Co., WI 53186
Phone: 262-524-3540

At the Waukesha County Museum: there are Incomplete records from the cemetery, sections M, N, and K 1836-1949.

Tombstone Photographs

There are some tombstone photos available for some of the stones at the Linking Your Past Gallery. If a photo is available there will be an icon next to the surname. tombstone-3-icon. If you click on the icon you will be taken directly to the cemetery photo page.

Burials and Interments

This is a large cemetery. We have divided the burials alphabetical. This is only a parial listing.

[ A ][ B ][ C ][ D ][ E ][ F ][ G ][ H ][ I ][ J ]
[ K ][ L ][ M ][ N ][ O ][ P ][ Q ]
[ R ][ S ][ T ][ U ][ V ][ W ][ Y ][ Z ]

The numbers in braces {} indicate Elizabeth Lamb's tombstone survey, NOT the plot and grave locations recorded by Prairie Home Cemetery.

Items in brackets [] indicate [Section_Lot_Block_Grave number]The South side of the cemetery has numbered sections; the North sections are lettered.

Once you know the person's name and the section they are buried in, cemetery employees will be able to find the records.

Map of Cemetery. See also the links above for an interactive map.

Burials listed in row order (Section One)

[K_72_2_6E]	Albert L/Infant (age 0-2)/b. Feb. 7, 1931/
			d. Mar. 28, 1931/interment: 28-Mar-1931

[2_1_40_6S]	Minnie B/Gasper Funeral Home/Cremains/interred: June 23, 1944

		Nellie Adami/b. Feb. 8, 1896/d. Jun. 1, 1897/
			Daughter of Jacob Adami and Wilhelmina Siewert/
			no stone
		Wilhelmina E. Siewert/b. Dec. 17, 1861/d. Feb. 23, 1926
			Daughter of Gottlieb Siewert and Wilhelmina Busse/
			Wife of Jacob Adami	

[5_1_166_3N]	Kenneth Raymond/Pederson Funeral Home/interred: January 10, 1997

tombstone-3-icon AFFOLTER:
[2_1_50_1]	George H Affolter/b. May 25, 1894/d. Feb.6, 1921/interred: Feb.9, 1921
[2_1_50_2]	Marguerite V Affolter/b. Jan. 2, 1897/d. Jul. 17, 1986/interred: Jul. 21, 1986
[2_1_50_5]	Edward J Affolter/b. May 13, 1858/d. Sept. 30, 1918/interred: Oct. 4, 1918
[2_1_50_6]	Elizabeth Affolter/d. Feb.9, 1916/interred: Feb.11, 1916
[C_91_1_2]	Harriet Affolter/b. Jul. 21, 1886/d. May 6, 1962/interred: May 10, 1962
[C_91_1_3]	Roy S Affolter/b. Sept. 15, 1883/d. Jul. 27, 1955/interred: Jul. 30, 1955

[A_8_2_1]		Mary J/interment: 1-Dec-1916	
[A_8_2_2]		Alvin/interment: October 21, 1867	
[A_8_2_3]		Thomas/interment: 17-Jun-1909	
[A_8_2_5]		Annie/	Erling Larsen Funeral Home/interment: 3-Apr-1950	
[A_8_2_6]		Edmund H/Lyle-Tuschen Funeral Home/interment: 26-Jun-1937	
[M_138_2_5]	Mrs/interment: 22-Apr-1907	
[M_138_2_6]	Andrew/interment: 23-Jun-1906	
[M_14_1_4]	Andrew/no dates  	
[M_14_1_5]	Jane/Birthday and Date unknown  	
[M_140_1_1]	Robert E/Rudolph Funeral Home/interment: 12-Aug-1976	
[M_140_1_2]	Chas/	Lyle-Tuschen Funeral Home/interment: 21-Mar-1934	
[M_140_1_6]	Carrie Y/Infant of Chas/Infant (age 0-2)/interment: 21-May-1902	
[M_175_2_1]	Ann E/interment: 7-Nov-1972	
[M_175_2_2]	Walter J/interment: 17-Sep-1957	
[M_175_2_3]	Roy P/interment: December 3, 1878	
[M_175_2_4]	Lottie/interment: March 6, 1894	
[M_175_2_5]	James/interment: 20-Jun-1908	
[M_175_2_6]	Margurite/Gaspar Funeral Home/interment: 11-Jan-1923	
[M_175_2_7]	Margurite/Infant of W.J./Infant (age 0-2)/interment: 13-Jul-1944	
[M_38_2_1]	Mrs/Birthday and Date unknown/interment: March 8, 1895	
[M_38_2_2]	John/interment: February17, 1895	
[M_38_2_4]	Helen/interment: August 23, 1857	
[M_38_2_5]	Jane/no dates
[M_38_2_6]	Albert/Infant (age 0-2)/interment: July 5, 1849	
[N_37_1_3]	John G/Birthday and date unknown/interment: November 8, 1884	
[N_90_1_1]	Roy E/b. 1882/d. 1976/Cesarz-Zinnecker Funeral Service/
			interment: 1-Nov-1976	
[N_90_1_3]	Bertie H/no dates  	
[N_90_1_4]	Harry E./b. Oct. 4, 1877/d. Aug. 1, 1956/occupation: film producer
		(see marriage and family section)/Gaspar Funeral Home/
			interment: 3-Aug-1956	
[N_90_1_5]	Elvin/interment: 5-Aug-1908	
[N_90_1_6]	Sarah/Gaspar Funeral Home/interment: 6-Mar-1929	

		Ida May (Daubner) Thurwachter Allen/b. Sep. 10, 1864 Brookfield/d. Jan. 18, 		
			1958/daughter of George H. and Frances (Woodcock) Daubner/wife of 
			John Henry Thurwachter and Marion M. Allen

[K_105_1_1]	Raymond S/Gaspar Funeral Home/interred: April 24, 1923

		Hattie/d. March 12, 1910/wife of Andy Anderson

[K_23_1_2]	Thomas/interred: July 11, 1853

[LSM_North_D_41]  Mary/Schmidt-Bartelt/interred: October 31, 2006

[D_28_2_1]	Richard Walter/Schmidt-Bartelt/Cremains/interred: August 22, 2003
			Wife will have a full size burial in this grave in the future

{1-14-9}		Albert E./1857-1922
{1-14-10}		Hannah/1870-1956

		Samson Sing/b. Apr. 25, 1948/d. Aug. 24, 2000 	

[GOPN_North_D_45]  Raymond Edward/Schmidt-Bartelt Van Valin Funeral Home/
			interred: June 26, 1997

[9_1_568_3]	Howard F/Cesarz-Zinnecker Funeral ServicePhoenix/
			interred: 18-Mar-1993

		George S/d. Aug. 10, 1936

[C_33_2_5]	Hazel M Atkinson/b. Jan. 3, 1898/d. May 23, 1976/buried: May 26, 1976
[C_33_2_6]	Leslie M Atkinson/b. Aug 27, 1897/d. Oct. 12, 1963/buried: Oct. 15, 1963
[E_34_1_1]	Hannah Atkinson/b. Jan. 23, 1836/d. Nov. 15, 1916/buried: Nov. 18, 1916
[E_34_1_2]	Thorp Atkinson/b. Nov. 21, 1836/d. Jan. 7, 1910
[E_34_1_3]	Geo S Atkinson/b. Aug. 21, 1878/d. Aug. 10, 1936/buried: Aug. 12, 1936/
			Son of Thorpe & Hannah Atkinson
[E_34_1_4]	Minnie R Atkinson/b. July 17, 1885/d. June 9, 1969/buried: June 13, 1969
[E_34_1_5]	Elvin G Atkinson/b. Feb. 15, 1921/d. Nov. 14, 2007 Brookfield/buried: Nov. 19, 2007
[E_34_1_6]	Ellen Atkinson/b. Dec. 8, 1921/d. Oct. 4, 1995/buried: Oct. 7, 1995
[G_78_1_1]	John H. Atkinson/b. May 1, 1874/d. May 24, 1947/buried: May 27, 1947
[G_78_1_2]	May M Atkinson/b. April 25, 1875/d. May 15, 1965/buried: May 18, 1965
[N_117_1_2]	Charles M Atkinson/b. Jan. 2, 1888/d. May 22, 1965/buried: May 25, 1965
[O_79_1_1]	Nellie Atkinson/b. Nov. 4, 1875/d. Sept. 3, 1959/buried: Nov. 8, 1959 (per cemetery website)

[11_1_97_1]	Grace/b. Oct. 14, 1902/d. Oct. 21, 1993/interred: Oct. 23, 1993
[11_1_97_2]	Earl L/b. Dec. 19, 1900/d. Mar. 5, 1989/interred: Mar 8, 1989
[3_1_173_3]	Myrtle G/b. Aug 10, 1885/d. Dec 12, 1968/interred: Dec 16, 1968
[E_29_2_1]	Ida/b. Apr 27, 1875/d. Jul. 29, 1947/interred: Aug 1, 1947/wife of George
[E_54_1_1]	Leona M/b. Oct. 17, 1912/d. Oct. 26, 1912/infant of Elmer
[E_54_1_5]	Mary C./b. Dec 30, 1863/d. Dec 5, 1917/interred: Dec 7, 1917
[I_20_1_2]		Lydia/b. Apr 19, 1837/d. Jun 7, 1919/interred: Jun 9, 1919
[I_20_1_2]		Ida Foltz/b. Jan 1, 1873/d. Apr 23, 1901/interred: Apr 26, 1901
[I_20_1_5]		Gustavus O/b. Jan 1, 1839/d. Feb 1, 1935/interred: Feb 7, 1935
[I_28_2_1]		Guy/b. Feb 27, 1880/d. Mar 22, 1907/interred: Mar 24, 1907
[I_28_2_2]		Susan D/b. Jun 13, 1855/d. Apr 13, 1909/interred: Apr 15, 1909
[I_28_2_3]		Alton/b. Aug 26, 1852/d. Nov 6, 1922/interred: Nov 9, 1922
[K_23_1_1]	Mrs/d/ May 12, 1902/interred: May 15, 1902
[M_22_2_4]	Madge/b. Oct 9, 1886/d. Nov 13, 1933/interred: Nov 16, 1933
[M_26_2_1]	Ann/b. Jan 1, 1784/d. Sept 14, 1849/interred: Sept 14, 1849
[M_26_2_2]	John/b. Jan 1, 1784/d. Mar 30, 1855/interred: Mar 30, 1855

tombstone-3-icon AVERILL:
[C_96_2_2]	Irene M Averill/b. Oct. 2, 1902/d. Dec. Aug. 1991/interred: Dec. 12, 1991
[C_96_2_3]	Emery J Averill/b. Jul. 11, 1902/d. Apr. 26, 1988/interred: Apr. 29, 1988

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