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1850 Federal Mortality Schedule

Towns of Muskego, Mukwonago, and Vernon
Waukesha County Wisconsin


This is a partial transcription of the 1850 Mortality Schedule for the Towns of Muskego, Mukwonago and Vernon Waukesha County, Wisconsin. Included in the 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 U.S. censuses were mortality schedules that asked questions regarding those who died in the twelve months prior to the enumeration.

The schedule lists:
* the deceased name
* sex, age
* color
* whether widowed or not
* place of birth
* month of death
* occupation
* cause of death.


ANSLIN, Anna - married55FNYNov-consumption
CASEY, Lucinda7/12FWisJan-croup
CULITON, Thomas1MWisSept-croup
CUTTER, L.J.W.1MWisSept-croup
CUTTER, David - widower84MUnkAprnonedropsy
EVANSON, Engebor - married37FNorwAug-cholera
GAMBERSON, Ole1MWisAug-consumption
GAMBERSON, Reer - married?MNorwAugfarmercholera
GUMBERSON, Casta - married32FNorwAug-cholera
GUMBERSON, Osa1FWisAug-cholera
HARDY, Sarah - married63FEnglMay-unknown
McNORTON, Mary42FScotlJuly-infl of bowels
NEICHERSON, Tora10MNorwAug-cholera
NICKERSON, Ole16MNorwAuglaborercholera
NOONER, Elizabeth3FWisAug-croup
NOONER, Peter3MWisSept-croup
OSTENSON, Ole19MNorwAug-cholera
OLESON, Ole4MWisJan-fever
OLSON, Margaret - married45FNorwAug-cholera
PETERSON, John - widower34MNorwAugfarmercholera
PETERSON, Helgar - married49FNorwAug-cholera
PLUMB, Elizabeth - married68FNYFeb-infl. of lungs
SQUIRES, Alfred22MVTAugPhysiciancholera
STEINSON, Ole30MNorwAuglaborercholera
SULIVAN, Danl.1/12MVTDec-scalled
UNKNOWN - married30FNorwAug-unknown
VANDERPOOL, Charles3MWisApr-croup
WILLIAMS, Alfred1/12MWisJune-croup

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