Delafield Cemetery
City of Delafield, Delafield Township, Waukesha County, Wisconsin


This cemetery is located on the east side of Genesee Street at the corner of Stocks Drive City of Delafield, Section 20 Delafied Township.


It is an active cemetery established around 1851. It was first known as the Village of Delafield Cemetery.


There are Cemetery Records 1851-date. Only a chart of the cemetery and information on burial dates are available. No other records were kept. The records are open to the public for research. Please call for an appointment. Mail requests will be answered at no charge. Contact:
City of Delafield Cemetery
P.O. 162
Delafield, WI 53018

At the Waukesha County Museum there are transcriptions of tombstones 1850-1936.


A few photos have been taken of stones in this cemetery by Linda & Larry Kopet.


Archibald And Claris Anderson

Louis T. Anderson

Oscar And Marie Anderson

Andrae Family


Charles A. And Sophia Badinger

Miles Barler

Edith S. Bartlett

Lawrence Bartlett

Ida Siefert Bartz

Arthur A. Berg

M. Berg

Mary Berg

Paul Berg

Eliza L. Berkholtz

Ethel Berkholtz

Luella May Berkholtz

Paul W. Berkholtz

William F. Berkholtz

Delva J. Butts Blanchard

Susan Elisabeth Bliffert

Alice Butler

Ida E. Butler

Ira W.H. And Hazel A. Butler

Juanita Butler

Lawrence Butler

Mabel F. Butler

Patricia Butler

Theodore Butler

Theodore I. Butler

Wells And Ida Butler


Dr. Julian Hale Calkins

Hiram Campbell

Margaret Lugviel Campbell

Sophia Cordry

Marion Williams Craig


Gordon W. And Lucille W. Davy

Lottie H. Davy

Roger Davy

William H. Davy

Mariette And Daughter Decker

Justina Dittrich

Frederick Dopkins

Louisa J. Hyde Dopkins


Catharine Edwards

John Edwards

John R. Edwards

Margaret Edwards

Sarah K. Edwards


Mary A. Noble Fater

Christana Frisbie


Elijah M. Halladay

John B. Hanson

Peter Hanson

Ann Whipple Hewit

Benita Lord Hill

Kenneth E. Hoeft

David Hughes

John E. Hughes

Laura L. Hughes

Vesta Hughes

Eva Jane Humphrey

Evan Humphreys

Mary E. Humphreys

Harry And Marie Hupfer

Hyde Family J

Charles S. Jacques

Elizabeth V. Jacques

William M. Jacques

Charles Janson

Fred Johnson

Gertrude Johnson

Janet D. Johnson

Joe B. Johnson


Margaret Ann Kilmer

Evelyn J. Kravanger

Ronald J. Krempesky


Martha Lee

Buth Lemke

Christian And Margaret Lugviel


Paul A. Majeskie

Dominic Al Manola

John McNaughton

Wm. McNaughton

Robert W. And Rosemary Mehring

Janet L. Melter

George Fitz Morris

Rose S. Munson

Ophia Lord Murphy

Samuel Howell Murphy


Dr. Charles M. Nichols

Fred F. Noble


Joe Opitz


Alexander Patterson

Jane D. Patterson

Mary E. Patterson

Dorthy Peters

George L. Peters

Lewis A. Peters

Minna Peters

Otto F. Peters

William Peters

Alexander M. Powers

Ryan Prodoehl


Martha E. Rees

Anna Strachota Rehwinkel

William And Caroline Reinhardt


Cindy Lee Blanchard Saal

Lester F. And Alice M. Saeger

Augusta Schroeder

Anna Schwartz

Carl F. Schwartz

Emil Schwartz

Johannes Alfred Schwartz

Johannes Carl Schwartz

Lydia Schwartz

Rudy F. Shaw

Andrew Sorrenson

Thomas D. Stocks

Elizabeth Strachota

John Strachota


Fred M. Thayer

Oscar B. Thayer

A. Mary Timm

Emil J. Timm

Emil J. Timm
Gustav Timm


Wm. H. Vanpatten


Mehitabes Wells

Morris Wells

William Wells

Henry Wing

Annie E. Wortman

Corinne C. Wortman

William W. Wynne


George C. Zastrow

Henry Zastrow