Salem Welsh Cemetery
Genesee Township


This active cemetery is located on the west side of Highway 83 at the junction of Highway G, Section 9 Genesee Township. It is opposite Jerusalem Cemetery.


The cemetery was established in 1852. Salem Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Church was established in 1851 after some dissension among members of Jerusalem Church. The church was built in 1853. The congregation was dissolved in 1878 and most of the members went back to Jerusalem Church.

The first Welsh person to die in the area, Ann Roderick in 1842. She was buried on the Thomas Jones "Maesmawr" farm in the Northeast 1/4 of Section 1, Genesee Township. Thomas Jones' son, John, died in 1844 and was also buried on the farm. Both of these burials were later exhumed and reburied in Salem cemetery.

The Jerusalem and Salem Cemeteries, since March 10, 1921, have been under the direction of one cemetery association, first called the Genesee Welsh Cemetery Association. On April 5, 1948, the name was changed to the Wales Cemetery Association.


There are cemetery records 1852-date. There is a chart of the cemetery and records are available for public research by appointment. Mail requests will be answered at no charge.

Wales Cemetery Association
470 South Wales Road (Highway 83)
Wales, WI 53183

At the Waukesha County Museum, there are transcriptions of Tombstones 1842-1938.


This cemetery transcription may actually be for the Jerusalem Church. I am awaiting confirmation from Larry & Linda to find out if these stones were on west side of Hwy 83 or East side.

See also Jerusalem Cemetery.

This is only a partial listing of burials in the cemetery.

OSSW: means on the same stone with

[P]	Willard D./July 27, 1915/d. Nov 2, 2002/OSSW:
[P}     Virginia M/ Dec. 7, 1918/d. July 10, 1988/
		Married Feb 17, 1940

[P]	John J. Baginski/Jul 20-1963/July 8, 1988/
		beloved son and brother/in Gods hands

[P]	C. and Patty /very shiny stone hard to transcribe from photo

[P]	Lyle R./Pop/July 10, 1901/Sept 29, 1991/OSSW:
[P]     Florence K./Nana/Oct 30, 1904/Apr 19, 1998/
		married May 22, 1923

[P]	John S./Father 1889-1967/OSSW:
[P]     Anna Jane/Mother/1900-1993

[P]	Everett (Tony)/1922 (only one date)
[P]     Doris/1923 (only one date)

[P]	Roger L./Nov. 7, 1936/only one date
[P]     Nancy L./Sept 5, 1934/only one date

[P]	Leslie J./1985-1973/OSSW:
[P]     Anna (RICE)/1897-1965

[P]	Orville (Oz) /1932-2000/OSSW:
[P]     Virginia I/1937/Only one date

[P]	Peter J./1919/only one date/OSSW:
[P]     Violet G./1916-2000

[P]	Harvey/Father/Sept 9, 1887/Dec 2, 1976/OSSW:
[P]     Ethel E./MOther/FEb 6, 1894/Mar 9 1971

[P]	Laura/Mother/1878-1930/OSSW:
[P]	Elvira/daughter/1899-19 no date/OSSW:
[P]	Hubert/son/1903-1907/OSSW:
[P]	William/Son/1901-19 no date

[P]	Lowell D./1918 only one date/OSSW:
[P]	June A./1917-1986

[P]	Anna W./Wife of G.O. Crandall/Died Apr. 16, 1874/Aged unreadable
[P]	George O Crandall/Died May 29, 1912 Aged 58 yrs rest unreadable
        Mary Crandall/Born Nov. 4, 1801/Died ?? 8, 1852

[P]	James/Indiana/Civil USNR/World War II/July 30, 1922-
		Oct 9, 1960

[P]	Patricia and unclear/stone too light to make out dates.

[P]	John W./age 12 years 2 mos/OSSW:
[P]	Minnie/1 yr 6 ms/OSSW:
[P]	Jennie W./1 yr 4 ms/OSSW:
[P]	Mary A./1 yr 6 ms.
[P]	Margaret Davies/1802-1858/OSSW:
[P]	Margaret Evans/1829-190? cant read
[P]	Robert/died August 185 hard to read

[P]	John

[P]	William/died 1869/OSSW:
[P]	Thomas/died 1882/OSSW:
[P]	Robert/died 1901/OSSW:
[P]	Sydna/died 1926

[P]	John J./Jan 31, 1903/July 7, 1977/OSSW:
[P]     Glenrose W./July 3, 1906/May 23, 2000

[P]	Elizabeth/wife of Hugh Elias/Dec 2, 1826/
		Dec 5, 1903
[P]	Hannah R./daughter of H & E Elias/born Sept. 12, 1962/
		Died Mar 26, 1886
[P]	William H. Elias/Father/1860-1944/OSSW:
[P]     Mary/his wife/mother/1870-1928

[P]	Elizabeth/wife of Wm Ellis/died May 18, 1872 Aged ?4 years
[P]	William Ellis/Diued March 15, 1979/aged 85 years
[P]	William W. Ellis/1842-1922
[P]	Jane/wife of ??? Ellis/Died July 22, 1879/rest hard to 
		read from stone 

[P]	Elizabeth/wife of Owen Evans/died Dec. 30, 1890/
		aged 62 y 5 m 6d/OSSW:
[P}	Richard J Evans/Died May 17, 1890/aged 23Y 1 M 10D
[P]	Harriet Evans/wife of John D. Evans/died Jan. 2, 1882/
		age hard to read
[P]	Mary (Jarmon)/wife of Tho's T. Evans/died Dec. 28, 1881/
		Aged 76 yrs 4 mos
[P]	Thomas T. Evans/died Sept 28, 1887/aged 82 yrs 6 mos

[P]	Hugh Griffith/son of O. & M Griffth/underground
[P]	Jane Mildred Griffith/1898-1911
[P]	Rev. Hugh C. Griffith/1868-1938

[P]	Arvin/July 6, 1920/one date
[P]     Elaine/Aug 14, 1923/Oct. 19,2002/married Dec 17, 1959

[P]	Anna/Daughter/1883-1904
[P]	Mary B. Hansen/Mother/1863-1936

[P]	Chester A./Sept 13, 1902/June 6, 2002/OSSW:
[P]     Elinore/Nov. 22, 1910/only one date

[P]	Barbara E. Heblinger/Mother/Dec 28, 1931-Oct. 13, 1952
[P]	Peter Herman/Inf. son of S. & B. Heblinger/Jan. 13-Feb 17, 1952

[P]	Gerald V. Jr./Aug 13, 1947-Jul 31, 1985/husband of Christine
[P]	Kristine A. Hekkers/1947-1997/Loving wife of Gerald/loving mother
		of Michelle and Heath


[P]	Frank P./Father Nov. 23, 1905/Apr 9, 1988/OSSW:
[P]     Mildred B./Mother/Aug 4, 1908/July 6, 1994

[P]	Irving R./May 20, 1925/only one date/OSSW:
[P]     Elizabeth A./Sept 1, 1925/Feb 21, 1990/married Sept 12, 1945

[P]	John G. Henry/Sn US Navy/Nov. 27, 1931/Aug 8, 1986

[P]	Oramel W./1890-1973/OSSW:
[P]     Esther M. 1888-1982

[P]	Michelle Trish Hochschild/nee HEKKERS/1966-1995/Loving mother of
		Johnny & Falon/beloved wife of Jon
[P]	John W./illegible

[P]	Elmer R./1918-1983/OSSW:
[P]     Darleen E. 1932-2003/Married Apr 15, 1951

[P]	David H./1860-1922
[P]	George W./1860-1954/OSSW:
[P]     Hannah E/1865-1953
[P]     Jane/wife of Wm Hughes/Born in Wales/May 21, 1816/
		Died illegible/OSSW:
[P]	Jane E./daughter of Wm. H. & J. Hughes/born in Wales/Aug. 2, 1854/
		Died June 16, 1881/OSSW:
[P]     Wm. H. Hughes/Born in Wales Jan 6, 1815/Died Apr 1rest illegible.
[P]	Margaret Hughes/Mother/1819-1899
[P]     John Hughes/hard to read off photo
[P]	David J. Hughes/1810-1872/OSSW:
[P]     Elizabeth (PUGH)/his wife/1812-1896
[P] 	William Hughes/In Loving Memory/died hard to read off photo

[P]	David Humphrey/1841-1896

[P]	Elizabeth/Dau of John D. and Mary James/died Aug 22, 1877/
		aged 20yrs rest hard to read
[P]	Mary James/Died ???? ??? 18?? hard to read off photo
[P]	Ann D. James/1865-1953/Mother
[P]	Sara H. James/1890-1951
[P]	Thomas E. James/1863-1940

[P]	Daniel W. Jarmon/May 1, 1870-May 5, 1910
[P]	Ann/died Aug 25, 1906 age 78 yrs 9 mos
[P]	Richard H. Jarmon/hard to read from photo
[P]	Daniel Jarmon/died Aug 30, 186?/undergrass
[P]	John Jarmon/died Feb 16, 1873
[P]	Richard Jarmon/hard to read photo

[P]	Vern W./1945-1985

[P]	Robert/1854-1926/Father/OSSW:
[P]	Catherine/1860-1943/mother/OSSW:
[P]	David L./1881-1953
[P]	Walter C./1883-1960/OSSW:
[P]	Sarah B /1890-1963

[P]	J.B./son of J & A Jerman/died Dec hard to read photo
[P]	Margretta/daughter of J. & A. Jerman/Died Sept 12, 1857

[P]	Thomas O. Jones/Feb 7, 1833-Feb 25, 1910/OSSW:
[P]	Rebecca Jones/July 28, 1833/Aug 17, 1903
[P]	Edward Jones/July 20, 1870/aged 18 Yrs
[P]	David C. Jones/1849-1929
[P]	Hugh/ son of ? & C. Jones/Died ??r, 12, 1866/aged 33 yrs
[P]	Phineas T. Jones/son of J. E. and ? Jones/rest hard to read off photo
[P]	John T. Jones/Mar 9, 1897/aged 78 yrs 6 ms
[P]	Wife of W. C. Jones/ died Oct. 16, 1880
[P]	Owen R. Jones/18??-1933/OSSW:
[P]	Jeannie E. Jones/ 1866-1957
[P]	John Jones/1848-1941
[P]	Katherine/wife of John E. Jones/1853-1915
[P]	Mary T./wife of John Jones/died Aug 6, 185? aged 24 years
[P]	Grace Jones/1846-1888
[P]	Our Little Margarete/daughter of ?? & A. Jones/died May 4, 1863
[P]	C.R. Jones/1801-1895/OSSW:
[P]	Elizabeth/wife of C.R. Jones/1808-1896
[P]	David O. Jones/rest hard to read off photo
[P]	Mary C./wife/1860-1890/OSSW:
[P]	David E./1858-1926
[P]	Harriet Jones/Grandma/Born May 16, 1815/Died Aug 12, 1907
[P]	Hugh E. Jones/hard to read off photo
[P]	Elizabeth/wife of J.B. Jones/1817-1909/OSSW:
[P]	John B. Jones/1815-1898
[P]	Johnnie S. Jones/cannot read off photo
[P]	Elizabeth/daughter of J.B. and E Jones/Died Feb. 28, 1880/
		Aged 24 yrs 2 ms 18 Ds
[P]	Maggie Jones/1878-1934
[P]	On P. Jones Oct 25, 1875
[P]	Phineas Jones/can't read photo
[P]	Thos A. Jones/cannot read photo
	Susanna/d. April 26, 1945

[P]	David E./April 18, 1882/Feb 4, 1970
[P]	Anna May Kennedy/no dates on stone

[P]	Scott/We Will Love You Forever/1970-1987

[P]	Charles W./????-1962/OSSW:
[P]	Emma/his wife/1877-1965

[P]	Inga M./1868-1915/OSSW:
[P]	Harry F./1868-1955

[P]	Colonel Rex W. Minckler/1896-1981
[P]	Jane W. Minckler/1896-1982

[P]	Domnic Molinar/Sept 29, 1886-Sept 13, 1931

[P]	Margret Morgans/1831-1857

[P]	Gladys M./1895-1982/OSSW:
[P]	William H./1891-1970
[P]	Frances H./1929-1968/OSSW:
[P]	Milton W./1928 only one date/married May 18, 1951
[P]	Stephen W./died ??? 3, 1866 rest hard to read

[P]	Anne/wife of Edward Muckleston/born in Demby Shire N.W./
		May 1, 1810/died Apr 7, 1877
[P]	Edward Muckleston/born Sept 18, 1802/died Oct 21, 1884
[P]	Alice Muckleston/born June 20, 1842/died Apr 16, 1884

[P]	John C. Owens/Sept 22, 1924/Mar 31 1981
[P]	David William Owens/LTJG US Navy World War II/Aug 27, 1920-
		Apr 20, 1996/Silver Star
[P]	William Owens/May 5, 1835/Oct 1, 1907/OSSW:
[P]	Margaret/his wife/Dec 9, 1834/Oct 20, 1909/OSSW:
[P]	Mary Owens/July 11, 1863-June 17, 1881
[P]	John Owens/Died Oct. 26, 1872
[P]	Margaret/Wife of John Owens/rest illegible.
[P]	William B. Owens/May 13, 1879/May 29, 1959

[P]	Russell S./July 12, 1957/May 3, 1991

[P]	Eliz'th/died 1877
[P]	Aunty Eliza Parry/1854-1948
[P]	Richard Parry/d. 1883


[P]	Raymond/hard to read stone photo

[P]	Harry J. Pik/Husband and Father/Nov. 23, 1924/
		May 11, 1985/father of Greg, Kathy, Sandi, Warren, Phil

[P]	Mary E. (Parry)/ Wife of W.L. Powell/July 29, 1860/
		Sept 10, 1891/OSSW:
[P]	Walter N./Sept 6, 1891/Oct. 5, 1891/OSSW:
[P]	Mary E./Sept 6, 1891/Oct. 6, 1891
[P]	John J. Powell/Died Sept 28, 1878/aged 20 yrs 5 ms 11 ds
[P]	James W. Powell/Feb 8 1828/Apr 8, 1898/OSSW:
[P]	Maria A. Powell/May 17, 1853/Oct 4, 1923
[P]	Hannah (DODD)/wife of James W. Powell/May 17, 1830/Nov 8, 1893

[P]	Catharine/wife of Wm Price/died Feb. 8, 1875 age 18 yrs
[P]	Wm Price Sr./Born Mar 28, 1818/died May 8, 1906
[P]	Rees Oruce.1861-1929

[P]	David H. Pugh/1848-1903/OSSW:
[P]	William Pugh/1851-1914
[P]	Sarah/daughter of R & M. Pugh/June 19, 1850/Aug 7, 1930/OSSW:
[P]	Lewis Pugh/1854-1927
[P]	David Pugh/1824-1901/OSSW:
[P]	Margaret, his wife, 1818-1859/OSSW:
[P]	Mary Pugh/185?-1879/OSSW:
[P]	Willie Pugh/born 18?5 age 1 month/OSSW:
[P]	Mamie Johnson/1838-1890

[P]	Henry O./Feb 17, 1916/May 2, 1997/OSSW:
[P]	Fay V./Mar 15, 1916 only one date

[P]	Daniel Rees/father/1879-1946
[P]	Melvin Rees/son/1900-1976
[P]	Harriet Rees/Mother/1875-1948

[P]	Griffith/son of R & M Rice/died at Memphis Tennesee/
		Mar 19, 1863/Co. K 28 regiment (Private Griffith T./
		son of Roderic and Mary Rice/died of disease)
[P]	James W. Rice/
Rice, Catherine
Rice, Griffith
Rice, Hannah G.
Rice, James W. and Lydia M.
Rice, Jane
Rice, Roderick and Mary
Roberts, Alice M.
Roberts, Arthur
Roberts, Bertha
Roberts, Eddie and Newton
Roberts, Evan
Roberts, Griffith J.
Roberts, Hugh E. and Elvira A.
Roberts, Jane
Roberts, Laura
Roberts, Laura J.
Roberts, Margaret
Roberts, Owen and Elizabeth
Roberts, Rev. Hugh
Roberts, Robert
Roberts, Ruth M.
Roberts, unclear
Roepcke, Harold C. and Adeline
Rowlands, John D.
Rowlands, Owen and Ann
Rowlands, Violet
Rowlands, William A.
Sanchez, John H. and Barbara W
Schiffer, Harriet
Schiffer, Harry
Schiffer, Lorenz
Schneeberg, Tracy S.
Schneeberg, William F.
Severson, Richard W.
Sherman, Paul R. and Mary E.
Southcott, James E. Sr.
Spleas, George A. and Mary Ann
Spleas, James R.
Stansbury, Mary James
Swancoat, Eleanor
Swancoat, Margaret
Thomas, Dorothy Ivens
Thomas, Edward J. and Ellen L.
Thomas, Eliza Ann
Thomas, Elizabeth
Thomas, Harriet M.
Thomas, John E. and Jessie N.
Thomas, Margaret
Thomas, Owen
Thomas, Richard and Winnefred
Thomas, Richard E.
Thomas, Thomas J.
Thomas (Porthamel), Besnell
Thomas (Porthamel), David
Thomas (Porthamel), Thomas J.
Thurber, Myra
Tuttle, Floyd and unclear
Wallace, Geraldine M. (Jeri)
Whetter, F. Clark
Whetter, Kathryn Williams
Williams, Ann
Williams, Barbara J.
Williams, Chester D.
Williams, Enola M.
Williams, Erwen O.
Williams, H.H. and Ellenor
Williams, Jane
Williams, John
Williams, John M.
Williams, John M. and family
Williams, Margret
Williams, Morgan D. and Jane
Williams, Philip L.
Williams, Price and family
Williams, Rodney and Lucille
Williams, W.W.