Stone Bank Cemetery
Waukesha County Wisconsin


Stone Bank Presbyterian Church as organized on April 15, 1852 by a group of Scottish families as the Presbyterian Church of Newberg.


This active cemetery was established in 1847. In 1858 the first church was built on land donated by John Ferguson, who had also donated the land for the cemetery in 1847. The church became known as Stone Bank about 1860.

North Lake Presbyterian Church as formed about 1903 as a mission of Stone Bank Church. In 1961 the two churches merges as the Kettle Moraine United Presbyterian Church. A new church was built in 1972.


The records 1890s-date consist of a card for each grave lot and a map of the cemetery. The meetings books of the cemetery corporation are 1920s-date. Records are available for public research. But please call first for an appointment. Mail and Phone requests will be answered at no charge.
Stone Bank Cemetery Corporation
N4302 Lakeland
Nashotah, WI 53058

At the Waukesha County Museum there are transcriptions from Tombstones and the Cemetery records, 1847-1939. The records contain lot, grave number and a partial lot owner's list.


A few photos have been taken of stones in this cemetery by Linda & Larry Kopet. Click on the surname to see the photographs available. This is only a partial listing of burials in the cemetery.


Elizabeth Alderman

Leona Ward Anderson


Chauncy Barnhart

Clara Barnhart

Clarence Barnhart

Edith Barnhart

Edward Barnhart

Ivy Barnhart

Jane E. Barnhart

Silas Barnhart

William Barnhart

H.M. Bentley

Edna W. Berklund

Walter P. Berklund

John A. Bertelson

John A. and Grace B Bertelson

Amelia Black

James Black

Margaret Black

George F. Booth

Joseph Booth

Magdalene Booth

Kristopher A. Johnson & Priscilla Egbert Bradley

Brooks Family

John James and Agnes Burr


Cecelia E. Carr

Anne B. Cassidy

John and Erma Chowhan

John C. and Anna M. Christopherson

Leone Christopherson

John Frederick Costigan, Jr.

Michael Patrick Costigan

Edward D. and Edna O Counsell

Sarah E. and Edith M Counsell


Emma C. Darrah

John F. Darrah

Margaret Darrah

Samuel Darrah

Day Family

Abner and Elizabeth Dayton

Edw. and Susan Drummand

Rev. William and Martha Drummand


Adam Fargusson

Alexander Fergusson

John and Euphemia Fergusson

Margaret Fergusson

Alfred and Eva Findley

Eddie Foster

William and Mary Foster

Anne Fraase

Friend Family

John Marshall and Ann Friend

Sarah Anne Friend

Chester J. & Frances G. Fulmer


Alice Hansen

Charles A. Hansen

John Hansen

Katherine Hansen

Viola Hansen

Walter Hansen

Amanda Hanson

Charles Hanson

Nellie Hanson

Chancey D. and Rosa E. Hatch

Alice M. Hays

Auberta Hays

Adam and Ann Holt

Edmund and Mary Holt

Holt Family

Harry Holt

Harvey E. and Inez Lean Holt

Joseph Holt

William J. and Erna R. Hyink


Christian Jenson

Margaret Jenson

Jillson and Tweeden Family

Carl F. and Caroline S Joecks

Alma Johannes

Ferdinand Johannes

Anna K. Johnson

Cora L. Johnson

George E. Johnson

Georgia Lee Johnson

Henry Johnson

Jennie Johnson

Lillian Johnson

Lucille L. Johnson

Nels M. Johnson

Peter L. and Elsie M. Johnson

Shirley Yvonne Johnson

Soren and Anna Johnson

Russell A. Jorgensen

Eleanor Jorgenson

William Jorgenson


Arthur and Selma Koegel

Kopperud Family

Harold Kopperud & Family


Peter and Maria Larkey

William and Catherine Larkey

Christian O. and Anna Larsen

Alice M. Larson

Charles C. Larson

Chester A. Larson

Clara J. Larson

Edward Larson

Larson Family

Percy Larson

Peter and Matilda Larson

Talbert Larson

Robert and Viola B. Linder

Alfred E. and Esther L. Loew

Betty Lord

Charles Lord

John Lord

Mary A. Lord

Andrew P. and Anna A. Lund

Delia Lund

Frank A. and Elsie A. Lund

Luella L. Lund

Martin P.W. Lund

Myrtle M. Lund

Viola P. Lund


Christopher Stephen Starke Maas

John T. Manix

Frank Martin

Alice Mason

David and Betty Mason

Esther Ann Mason


Jacob Mason

Richard Mason

Richard J. and Sarah A. Mason

William A. Mason

McCollough and Peterson Family

Eulalia Meindle and Helen Means

Ezra Miles,

James and Mary Miles,

James R. and Phoebe P. Miles

John Miles

Leah Ann Miles

Leah Miles

Lone Miles

Milton Miles

Thomas Miles

William Miles

Stanley G. Monsted

Thomas O. Monsted

Addie Munger