The following list is an index of biographies that appear in "History of Waukesha County" by Western Historical Company, Chicago 1880. The entries in the book are presented by township. Some of the sketches that appear in the book, have been merged with the marriages.

If anyone is interested in helping cross reference surnames in these bios, even if only for one or two, I would appreciate it. Email me if you would like to help. E-

ACKLEY: Henry M.		T. of Oconomowoc
ADAMS: Joseph			T. of Summit
ADAMS: Rev. William (D.D.)	T. of Summit
ADDENBROOKE: William		T. of Mukwonago
AIKIN: A. A.			T. of Delafield
AINSWORTH: Silas		T. of Lisbon
ALDEN: Hon. Albert		T. of Delafield
ALLEN: Edwin			T. of Genesee
ANDERSON: James K. 		Waukesha
ANDERSON: Rev. Donald R.	T. of Oconomowoc
ANDREWS: F. S.			T. of Mukwonago
ANDREWS: George W.		T. of Mukwonago
ANDREWS: John			T. of Lisbon
ANDREWS: Laurel G.		T. of Mukwonago
ANDREWS: Milton			T. of Oconomowoc
ANDREWS: Sewall			T. of Mukwonago
ANGELL: Jerry			T. of Eagle
ANNIS: Chauncy L.		T. of Oconomowoc
AUSTERMANN: Henry		T. of Waukesha
AUSTIN: Hiram			T. of Vernon
AYER: Mrs. Sophronia St. Clair	Waukesha
BAASS: Charles			T. of Muskego
BABCOCK: C. H.			T. of Muskego
BACON: Dr. Joshua Edgar		Waukesha
BACON: Winchel D.		Waukesha
BAILEY: James M.		T. of Summit
BAKER: Henry J.			T. of Oconomowoc
BAKER: Samuel W.		Waukesha
BALDWIN: Rev. John S.		T. of Vernon
BANNISTER: C. B.		T. of Eagle
BARBER: George F. H.		Waukesha
BARBER: Silas			Waukesha
BARNARD: Edwin W.		T. of Summit
BARNARD: Mrs. Nancy S.		Waukesha
BARNDT: A. S.			T. of Menomonee
BARNES: Holt			T. of Merton
BARNES: Thomas			T. of Merton
BARNEY: George W.		T. of Waukesha
BARSTOW: Samuel Hall		Waukesha
BARTLETT: Alexander		T. of Oconomowoc
BAU: Henry			T. of Delafield
BAYLEY: Royal L.		T. of Vernon
BEAUMONT: Eph.			T. of Merton
BEEBE: Jacob			Waukesha
BEECHAUDLEY: George		T. of Delafield
BEECHAUDLEY: Thomas		T. of Delafield
BEGG: James			T. of Vernon
BENNETT: E. F.			T. of New Berlin
BENTON: Isaac			T. of Summit
BERGELER: C.G.			Waukesha
BERINGER: J. D.			T. of Menomonee
BETTS: Jonathan			T. of Eagle
BIDWELL: Henry B.		T. of Pewaukee
BIRCHARD: E.B.			T. of Oconomowoc
BIRDSELL: Henry			T. of Oconomowoc
BISCHOFF: Ferdinand		T. of Muskego
BISCHOFF: Frederick		T. of Muskego
BLACKWELL: A.			T. of Waukesha
BLAIR: Wm.			Waukesha
BLAKE: Frederick		T. of Oconomowoc
BLOOD: Ira			T. of Vernon
BLOOR: Thomas			T. of Delafield
BLUHM: Frederick		T. of Muskego
BOLLES: S. T.			T. of Pewaukee
BOLSON: W. H.			T. of Merton
BOND: Joseph			T. of Mukwonago
BOORMAN: Benjamin		Waukesha
BOOTS: E.			T. of Lisbon
BOOTS: Henry			T. of Lisbon
BOVEE: E. L.			T. of Eagle
BOWMAN: Henry			T. of Genesee
BOWRON: Henry			T. of Summit
BOYD: Dr. J.R.			Waukesha
BOYER: Frederick A.		T. of Oconomowoc
BRADLEY: Isaac			T. of Mukwonago
BRADY: M. F.			T. of Eagle
BRAIN: James H.			T. of Pewaukee
BRAIN: Moses Aaron		T. of Pewaukee
BRAKEFIELD: Thomas		T. of Summit
BRATLAY: John			T. of Genesee
BRAY: Robert			T. of Pewaukee
BREESE: Samuel			T. of Pewaukee
Brehm See Hepp
BRIERTON: Peter			T. of Oconomowoc
BRIGHT: Robert			T. of Summit
BRIMMER: Thomas			T. of Mukwonago
BROWN: Curtis B.		T. of Oconomowoc
BROWN: Joseph M.		T. of Oconomowoc
BROWN: William			T. of Lisbon
BRYANT: Moses			Waukesha
BUCKNER: John P.		Waukesha
Bugbee See Tyler
BULL: William			T. of Merton
BULLARD: Dexter			Waukesha
BURDEN: John			T. of Eagle
BURG: Joseph			T. of Merton
BURNELL: Henry			T. of Eagle
BURNELL: John			T. of Mukwonago
BURNS: John			T. of Muskego
BURNS: Thomas			T. of Oconomowoc
BURROUGHS: George N.		Waukesha
BURROUGHS: Nelson		Waukesha
BUSH: Michael M.		T. of Oconomowoc
BUSJAEGER: Carl			Waukesha
BUTLER: William			T. of Lisbon
CAIRNCROSS: J. W. (M.D.)	T. of Mukwonago
CAMERON: Duncan			T. of Vernon
CAMP: Rev. Charles W.		Waukeshaha
CAMP: Walter T.			T. of Menomonee
CAMPBELL: Albert		T. of Delafield
Carincross: Hon. George		T. of Lisbon
CARNEY: Patrick H.		Waukesha
CARPENTER: Benjamin		Waukesha
CARPENTER: Joel R.		T. of Oconomowoc
CARRIGAN: John			T. of Muskego
CARROLL: Thomas			T. of Mukwonago
CASPER: Bernard			T. of New Berlin
CHAFFEE: William		T. of Oconomowoc
CHAFIN: Eugene W.		Waukesha
CHAFIN: Wilder C.		T. of Mukwonago
CHANDLER: Walter S.		Waukesha
CHAPIN: Mrs. Mary Ann		T. of Brookfield
CHAPMAN: William		T. of Pewaukee
CHEANEY: Bennett		T. of New Berlin
CHENEY: Harry B.		T. of New Berlin
CHENEY: John			T. of New Berlin
CHESTER: Edwin			Waukesha
Christensen: John B.		T. of Delafield
CHUBB: Osgood P.		T. of Summit
CLAFLIN: Gilbert		T. of Oconomowoc
CLAFLIN: Hiram			T. of Muskego
CLARK: A. M.			T. of Pewaukee
CLARK: Charles L.		T. of Mukwonago
CLASEN: Christ.			T. of Pewaukee
CLASEN: Hon. Henry		T. of Brookfield
CLINTON: O.P.			T. of Pewaukee
CLOYER: Lambert			T. of Eagle
COATS: Thomas			T. of Mukwonago
COGSWELL: Franc P.		T. of Pewaukee
COLE: Rev. A. S. (D.D.)		T. of Summit
COLEMAN: Leonard		Waukesha
COLLINS: Washington W.		T. of Oconomowoc
COMSTOCK: George		T. of Summit
CONROY: Thomas			T. of Muskego
COOK: Alexander			Waukesha
Cook: Emanuel			T. of Pewaukee
Cook: Joseph			T. of Pewaukee
COOK: Samuel			Waukesha
COOLING: Richard		T. of Lisbon
COON: Fred W.			T. of Oconomowoc
COOPER: Joseph			T. of Pewaukee
CORK: Charles			Waukesha
COYLE: Alexander		T. of Oconomowoc
COYLE: William			T. of Oconomowoc
CRAIG: Perry			T. of Vernon
CRANK: William			T. of Eagle
CRAVEN: Richard Jr.		T. of Lisbon
CRAWFORD: J. N.			T. of Mukwonago
CROUCH: R. W.			T. of Merton
CRUICKSHANK: William		Waukesha
CRUMMEY: James M.		T. of Summit
CULVER: Orlando			Waukesha
CURTIS: Samuel G.		Waukesha
DALE: John			T. of Pewaukee
DALE: R. S. (M.D.)		T. of Oconomowoc
DARLING: James			T. of Vernon
DARLING: John			T. of Vernon
DARLING: Thomas			T. of Vernon
DARRAH: Samuel			T. of Merton
DAUGHERTY: Samuel		T. of Lisbon
DAVIDSON: Andrew L.		T. of Lisbon
DAVIS: Asa A.			T. of Waukesha
DECAMP: William			T. of Brookfield
DECHANT: Joseph			T. of Brookfield
DEISSNER: Charles G.		T. of Pewaukee
DENT: James S.			T. of Menomonee
DESOTEL: Louis N.		Waukesha
DIBBLE: Martin Z.		T. of Oconomowoc
DIXON: John			T. of Brookfield
DODGE: Joseph			T. of Genesee
DODGE: Miles E.			T. of Summit
DOUGHERTY: Charles		T. of Muskego
DOUSMAN: Talbot C.		T. of Ottawa
DOYLE: Edward			T. of Muskego
DRAPER: Martin T.		T. of Oconomowoc
DRUMMOND: Ed			T. of Merton
DUNN: Wm.			T. of Lisbon
EALES: Samuel			Waukesha
EASTMAN: Col. Francis A.	Waukesha
EASTMAN: Eli			T. of Merton
EBLE: Mrs. Mary A.		T. of Brookfield
EDWARDS: D. L.			T. of Genesee
EDWARDS: Isaac			T. of Pewaukee
EGAR: Rev. John H. (D.D.)	T. of Summit
ELDERKIN: H. R. (M.D.)		T. of Oconomowoc
ELLIOT: Warner P.		Waukesha
ELLIOTT: Adam J.		T. of Pewaukee
ELLIOTT: James			T. of Muskego
ELY: E. E.			T. of Oconomowoc
EMSLIE: James			Waukesha
ENOS: Col. Herbert M.		Waukesha
ENOS: Elihu			Waukesha
ERREDGE: Henry			T. of Oconomowoc
ESTBERG: Claes A.		Waukesha
EVANS: John			T. of New Berlin
EVANS: Lyman			T. of New Berlin
EVENSON: John			T. of Oconomowoc
EVRAND: Edward			Waukesha
FAIRSERVICE: Marshall		T. of Summit
FALLON: John			T. of Oconomowoc
FARR: Willard M.		T. of Waukesha
FAY: George W.			T. of Oconomowoc
FAY: Horace H.			T. of Oconomowoc
FAY: Waterman B.		T. of Oconomowoc
FERGUSON: James			T. of Oconomowoc
FERGUSON: John Jr.		T. of Merton
FERRY: John			T. of Oconomowoc
FIELD: Martin			T. of Mukwonago
FINLEY: Charles			T. of Muskego
FLANAGAN: John			T. of Menomonee
FLANNERY: Edward		Waukesha
FLINTON: Charles H.		T. of Summit
FORRA: John			T. of Oconomowoc
FORSYTH: Peter			T. of Oconomowoc
FOSTER: Samuel			T. of Muskego
FOX: S. A.			T. of Pewaukee
FOX: Samuel			T. of Waukesha
FRAME: A.J.			Waukesha
FRAME: Henry M.			Waukesha
FRAYER: Seymour			T. of Ottawa
FRAZIER: William M.		T. of Mukwonago
FREEDY: Charles			T. of Muskego
FULLER: E. H.			T. of Merton
FULLER: Elon			T. of Pewaukee
FULMER: George W.		T. of Oconomowoc
FULMER: Thomas C.		T. of Oconomowoc
GALE: Isaac			T. of Waukesha
GALLOWAY: Joseph S. 		Waukesha
GASMANN: Carl S.		T. of Oconomowoc
GAUTHIER: J. A.			T. of Pewaukee
GAYNOR: Christopher		T. of Brookfield
GAYNOR: James Sr.		T. of Lisbon
GEBHARDT: John			T. of Brookfield
GELSHER: Michael		T. of Summit
GENTZ: John			T. of Pewaukee
GIBBS: John			Waukesha
GIBBS: Rev. John F.		T. of Summit
GILBERT: A. E.			T. of New Berlin
GILLETT: Joseph A.		T. of Merton
GLEASON: Michael		Waukesha
GlEISSNER: Joseph A. (Sr.& Jr.)	Waukesha
GOFF: Amos			T. of Vernon
GOFF: Peter			T. of New Berlin
GOODWIN: I. D.			T. of Merton
GOSE: Frederick			T. of Eagle
GOSS: Hon. B. F.		T. of Pewaukee
GOVE: Edward C.			Waukesha
GOVE: Elijah			Waukesha
GOVE: Richard L.		Waukesha
GRASER: William			T. of New Berlin
GREGG: Hendrick			T. of Brookfield
GRISWOLD: A. W.			T. of Pewaukee
GRISWOLD: Hon. Milton S.	Waukesha
GRISWOLD: J. A.			T. of Pewaukee
GROOT: Hon. Aaron V.		T. of Brookfield
GRUETT: John			T. of Oconomowoc
GRULKE: Herman			T. of Oconomowoc
GUDGER: John H.			T. of Mukwonago
GUNTHER: Hon. A.		T. of Merton
GURNEY: A. Gifford		T. of Summit
HADFIELD: Abram H.		Waukesha
HADFIELD: Joseph		Waukesha
HAIGHT: Hon. T. W.		Waukesha
HALE: Hiram E.			T. of New Berlin
HALL: Abner B.			T. of Oconomowoc
HALL: J. M.		T. of Merton
HAMLER: William			T. of Oconomowoc
HANNA: Dennis			T. of New Berlin
HARDAKER: Edward		T. of Mukwonago
HARDELL: Abram G.		T. of Summit
HARDELL: W. J.			T. of Summit
HARDING: George			Waukesha
HARDY: James			T. of Mukwonago
HARDY: William H.		T. of Genesee
HARRIS: Archibald		T. of Pewaukee
HARRIS: William R.		T. of Vernon
HART: Charles			T. of Brookfield
HARTMANN: John Christian Frederick	T. of Summit
HARTWELL: Charles M.		T. of Oconomowoc
HARTWELL: Clark S.		Waukesha
HARTWELL: Moses S.		Waukesha
HASKINS: William		T. of Pewaukee
HASLAGE: William		Waukesha
HASTINGS: David			T. of Oconomowoc
HASTINGS: Horace		T. of Oconomowoc
HASTINGS: J. Smith		T. of Oconomowoc
HATHAWAY: Orville		T. of Oconomowoc
HATHAWAY: Rufus C. 		T. of Oconomowoc
HAWKINS: W. S.			Waukesha
HAWLEY: Hon. Charles S.		Waukesha
HAY: James			T. of Vernon
HAYNES: Thomas			Waukesha
HEATH: Dr. A. Hawley		Waukesha
HELGESEN: Martin		T. of Eagle
HENDERSON: George		T. of Mukwonago
HENDRICKSON: A. D.		Waukesha
HEPP & BREHM			Waukesha
HEWITT: M. R.			T. of Pewaukee
HEXT: Stephen			T. of Pewaukee
HIBBARD: D. O.			T. of Oconomowoc
HILDAHL: Magnus			T. of Oconomowoc
HILDRETH: H. C.			T. of Summit
HILL: Charles			T. of Eagle
HILL: Mrs. Kate B.		Waukesha
HILL: William			T. of Mukwonago
HILLE: John			T. of Waukesha
HINE: George A.			T. of Waukesha
HINKLEY: A. R.			T. of Eagle
HINKLEY: B.R.			T. of Summit
HINKLEY: Edward P.		T. of Eagle
HITCHCOCK: James C.		T. of Oconomowoc
HODGSON: Hon. M. S.		T. of Pewaukee
HODGSON: John			T. of Pewaukee
HODGSON: Thomas			T. of Pewaukee
HOFFMAN: Peter			T. of Merton
HOLBROOK: William C.		Waukesha
HOLBROOK: William D.		Waukesha
HOLLISTER: Hollis		T. of Vernon
HOLZ: William			T. of Muskego
HOOD: John			T. of Genesee
HOPKINS J.F. (M.D.)		T. of Oconomowoc
HORN: Solomon			T. of Pewaukee
HORNE: William			T. of Genesee
HORNING: Charles		Waukesha
HOUSER: Anthony			T. of Oconomowoc
HOWARD: George G.		T. of Mukwonago
HOWELL: Capt. Daniel		Waukesha
HOWIE: Thomas			T. of Vernon
HOWITT: John			Waukesha
HOWITT: Matthew			T. of Mukwonago
HUBBARD: Charles M.		T. of Oconomowoc
HUBNER: Ferdnand		T. of Oconomowoc
HUGHES: H. S.			Waukesha
HUNGERFORD: Orrin		T. of Oconomowoc
HUNKINS: Hazen H.		Waukesha
HUNKINS: Henry			T. of Vernon
HUNKINS: Robert		Waukesha
HUNT: Franklin			T. of Eagle
HURLBUT: Edwin			T. of Oconomowoc
HYLAND: James			T. of Brookfield
ICKE: John F.			Waukesha
INGERSOLL: John L.		T. of New Berlin
IRVING: Walter			T. of Mukwonago
HALL: J. M.			T. of Merton
JACOBS: Alfred			T. of Genesee
JACOBSON: Jacob L.		T. of Merton
JACQUES: W. M.			T. of Delafield
JAMES: Charles			T. of Pewaukee
JAMES: Samuel D.		Waukesha
JAMESON: Reuben M.		Waukesha
JANSSEN: A. F.			T. of Brookfield
JEFFERY: William		T. of Lisbon
JEFFREY: John			T. of Lisbon
JENKINS: E. W.			T. of Pewaukee
JENSEN: Gilbern			T. of Oconomowoc
Jesse: J. August		T. of Pewaukee
JEWETT: J. Ernest		Waukesha
JOHNSON: Joseph			T. of Delafield
JOHNSTON: William		T. of Genesee
JONES: David			T. of Genesee
JONES: H. G.			T. of Oconomowoc
JONES: Jeffrey L.		T. of Merton
JONES: Morgan			T. of Genesee
JONES: Richard			T. of Genesee
JONES: Thomas D.		T. of Genesee
JONES: Thomas E.		T. of Ottawa
JONES: William M.		T. of Oconomowoc
JONES: William			T. of Pewaukee
KEATING: Michael		T. of Menomonee
KEELER: Peter			T. of Menomonee
KELLIHER: M.M.			Waukesha
KELLOGG: E.S.			T. of Mukwonago
KELLOGG: Lyman			T. of Oconomowoc
KELLY: John			T. of Merton
KEMPER: Rev. Lewis A. (D.D.)	T. of Summit
KENDELL: John			T. of Pewaukee
KENDRICKS: Dr. A.		Waukesha
KENT: D. W.			Waukesha
KERN: Abraham			T. of New Berlin
KERN: George L.			T. of Oconomowoc
KERN: Jacob			T. of New Berlin
KETCHUM: S. W.			T. of Pewaukee
KIDDER: A.J.			T. of Summit
KIER: Thourald			T. of Oconomowoc
KILBOURN: Byron H. (M.D.)	T. of Merton
KILLIPS: William		T. of New Berlin
KILPATRICK: W. J.		T. of New Berlin
KIMBALL: Ira			Waukesha
KIMBALL: Jacob H.		Waukesha
KIMBALL: John			T. of Oconomowoc
KIMBALL: Nancy H.		Waukesha
KIMBALL: Russell N.		Waukesha
KING: Edward W.			T. of Waukesha
KING: James			T. of Waukesha
KINNE: George			T. of Oconomowoc
KINZIE: Robert			Waukesha
KLEUSKE: Rev. Frank F.		T. of Oconomowoc
KORN: Henry			T. of New Berlin
KORN: Jacob			T. of New Berlin
KRAUSE: John F.			T. of Merton
KUNZ: Will E.			T. of Delafield
KURTZE: Herman			T. of Muskego
LABAIR: Anthony Jr.		T. of Pewaukee
LAIN: Isaac			Waukesha
LANGMIRE: William		T. of Pewaukee
LANNON: Thomas			T. of Muskego
LARSON: Nels			T. of Oconomowoc
LAU: Peter			Waukesha
LAWRENCE: Capt. George		T. of Waukesha
LEADLEY: William		T. of Lisbon
LEAVITT: Samuel C.		T. of Summit
LEFEVRE: William		T. of Eagle-->
LEGLER: John F.C.		Waukesha
LEROY: William Jr.		T. of Delafield
LESLIE: Rev. Robert		Waukesha
LEUTHSTROM: C. A.		T. of Merton
LINGER: Christian		T. of Oconomowoc
LINS: Edmund			T. of Eagle
LINS: J. A.			T. of Eagle
LOBDELL: Miles C.		T. of Mukwonago
LOIBL: Wolfgang			T. of Eagle-->
LOOMIS: Rev. Theron		T. of Menomonee
LORENZ: John			T. of Oconomowoc
LORLEBERG: Hugo			T. of Oconomowoc
LOUGHNEY: Anthony		T. of Muskego
LOVE: George A.			T. of Waukesha
LOWRY: William			T. of Waukesha
LUCK: James			T. of Oconomowoc
LUDINGTON: George A.		T. of Oconomowoc
LUDINGTON: Henry		T. of Oconomowoc
LUGG: Rev. Samuel		Waukesha
LUKE: Henry A.			T. of New Berlin
LUTTER: Frank			T. of Brookfield
LYKE: Hiriam F.			T. of Oconomowoc
LYONS: Frederick R.		T. of Waukesha
LYONS: M.			T. of Pewaukee
MACHUS: Gustav			T. of Oconomowoc
MADDEN: John			T. of Pewaukee
MADOLE: Alexander		T. of Oconomowoc
MANN: Curtis			T. of Summit
MANN: James			T. of Waukesha
MANNERING: George W.		T. of Pewaukee
MARSHALL: A. G.			T. of Pewaukee
MARTIN: Leonard			T. of Vernon
MARTIN: Thomas C.		Waukesha
MASON: David			T. of Merton
MASON: Jacob			T. of Merton
MATHEWSON: Alexander		T. of Mukwonago
MAULE: Duncan			T. of Ottawa
MAYNARD: Nathan F.		T. of Pewaukee
MCARTHUR: William		T. of Mukwonago
MCBEAN: Frank			T. of Pewaukee
MCCABE: Andrew			T. of Eagle-->
MCCARTY: Hon. Thomas		T. of Menomonee
MCRAE: John			T. of Merton
MCDONALD: John D.		T. of Summit
McDonald: William		T. of Lisbon
MCDONOUGH: James		T. of Muskego
MCDOWELL: Henry C.		T. of Summit
MCENENY: James			T. of Muskego
MCGEEN: Thomas			Waukesha
MCKENZIE: John A.		T. of Vernon
MCKENZIE: Peter			T. of Vernon
MCMAHON: Rev. Father Hugh	T. of Oconomowoc
MCMUNNIGAL: Edward		T. of Menomonee
MCNAUGHTON: Findley		T. of Vernon
MCNAUGHTON: John		T. of Waukesha
MCRAE: John			T. of Merton
MCSHANE: John			T. of Muskego
MCVICAR: George			T. of Waukesha
MERICKLE: Levi P.		T. of Summit
MILLER: D. McL. (M.D.)		T. of Oconomowoc
MITCHELL: John			T. of Merton
MITCHELL: Peter J. 		T. of Brookfield
MOLSTER: J. C.			T. of Merton
MONAGHAN: Rev. Father Michael	T. of Oconomowoc
MONTEITH: Fred W.		Waukesha
MOORE: Dr. V.L.			Waukesha
MORRIS: David			T. of Genesee
MORRIS: Elisha			T. of Summit
MORRIS: J. T.			T. of Vernon
MORRISON: Cyrenus		T. of Oconomowoc
MOUNT: Charles			T. of Delafield
MOWRY: Leverett N.		Waukesha
MULLIGAN: Dennis D.		Waukesha
MUNTZ: George			T. of Pewaukee
MURPHY: James			T. of New Berlin
MURREY: P. D.			T. of Pewaukee
NASH: Richard			T. of Oconomowoc
NEEDHAM: E. G.			T. of New Berlin
NEHS: Edward L.			T. of Menomonee
NEHS: J. B.			T. of Menomonee
NELSON: John J.			Waukesha
NELSON: Annis			T. of Summit
NELSON: James			T. of Genesee
NEWHALL: Daniel			T. of Waukesha
NICKELL: Addison C.		Waukesha
NICKELL: Wm. A.			T. of Waukesha
Niver: Christopher		T. of Mukwonago
NOBLE: James B.			T. of Brookfield
OLIN: Chauncy C.		Waukesha
OLIVER: John			T. of Genesee
OLSON: George W.		T. of Oconomowoc
OLSON: Ole			T. of Oconomowoc
OLSON: Ole			T. of Oconomowoc
PALIN: John E.			T. of Merton
PALMER: Thomas J.		T. of Menomonee
PARK: John W.			T. of Vernon
PARKER: Capt. Thomas L.		T. of Summit
PARKER: John			T. of Pewaukee
PARKS: Francis G.		T. of Eagle
PARSONS: Alexander		T. of Pewaukee
PARSONS: E.D.			T. of Oconomowoc
PARSONS: Jonathan		T. of Eagle
PARSONS: William S.		T. of New Berlin
PATTERSON: O. J.		T. of Brookfield
PAUL: John H.			T. of Genesee
PAYNE: F. M.			T. of Mukwonago
PEARDON: Dr. Phillip		Waukesha
Pearl: Hon. Elisha		T. of Lisbon
PECK: Hazen			T. of Muskego
PECK: Henry M.			T. of Muskego
PEFFER: George P.		T. of Pewaukee
PELLMANN: C. L.			T. of Muskego
PERKINS: A. E.			T. of Mukwonago
PERRY: Mrs. Elizabeth A.	Waukesha
PETERS: Henry M.		T. of Oconomowoc
PETERSON: Halver		T. of Oconomowoc
PHILBROOK: Orrin G.		T. of Brookfield
PHILLER: Dr. Hugo		Waukesha
PHILLIPS: E. E.			T. of Brookfield
PHILLIPS: Eugene		T. of Brookfield
PHILLIPS: Henry			T. of Lisbon
PHILLIPS: Monroe		T. of Brookfield
PIERCE: A. H.			T. of Vernon
PITTMAN: T. W.			T. of Eagle
PLATNER: A.			T. of Mukwonago
PLATNER: John			T. of Mukwonago
POLER: A. J.			T. of Lisbon
PORTER: Allen			T. of Vernon
PORTER: Capt. William		Waukesha
PORTER: Edward			Waukesha
PORTER: George W.		T. of Vernon
PORTER: John			Waukesha
PORTER: Capt. William		Waukesha
POWERS: Thomas D. (M.D.)	T. of Mukwonago
PRATT: George C.		Waukesha
PRENTICE: Herman V.		T. of Genesee
PRICE: Mrs. Nancy N.		Waukesha
PROCTOR: James			T. of Genesee
PROSUS: Hiram			T. of Oconomowoc
PUNCH: James J.			T. of New Berlin
PUTMAN: Prucius			T. of Vernon
PUTNAM: Amos			T. of Vernon
PUTNEY: Capt. Foskett Maynard	Waukesha
PUTNEY: Col Frank Howell	Waukesha
PUTNEY: Henry O.		T. of Pewaukee
PUTNEY: S. G. M.		T. of Brookfield
QUINLAN: Thomas			T. of Pewaukee
RADCLIFFE: Edward A.		T. of Oconomowoc
REA: David			T. of Vernon
REA: Thomas			T. of Merton
REDFORD: Thomas S.		T. of Lisbon
REED: Prof. George H.		Waukesha
REES: Thomas			T. of Genesee
REGAN: J. N. (M.D.)		T. of Oconomowoc
REGULA: Jacob			T. of Summit
REID: William			T. of Ottawa
REMINGTON: John			T. of Genesee
RICE: Hon. John A.		T. of Merton
RICHMOND: Thompson		T. of Lisbon
RIFORD: E.			T. of Pewaukee
RISING: Benjamin		T. of Summit
ROBERTS: George			T. of Pewaukee
ROBERTS: John D.		Waukesha
RODGER: Archibald		T. of Lisbon
ROSENBERG: Henry		T. of Muskego
ROSS: John			T. of Pewaukee
ROWE: R. S.			T. of Menomonee
ROWELL: Ira B.			T. of Menomonee
ROWELL: Ira			T. of Lisbon
ROWELL: Walden			T. of Merton
RUSSELL: Gideon			T. of Merton
RYALL: Thomas			Waukesha
SALTER: Thomas			T. of Oconomowoc
SANBORN: M. L.			T. of Waukesha
SARGEANT: H. F.			T. of Vernon
SAVAGE: H. R.			T. of Lisbon
SCHAFFER: Joseph		T. of Pewaukee
SCHIMMELPFENNIG: August F.	T. of Oconomowoc
SCHLAFER: Jacob L.		T. of Menomonee
SCHLEY: August			Waukesha
SCHMIDT: John			T. of Muskego
SCHRAUDENBACH: Francis		T. of Merton
SCHUET: John C.			T. of Muskego
SCHUTTLER: Henry		T. of Oconomowoc
SCHWALBACH: George		T. of Merton
SCHWARGER: Ernest		T. of Summit
SCOTT: Joseph			T. of Oconomowoc
SEABOLD: J. E.			T. of Menomonee
SEDGWICK: Richard		T. of Merton
SEHRT: Conrad			Waukesha
SHARP: James V.			T. of Eagle
SHEARS: Col. Henry		T. of Merton
SHEARSMITH: Frederick		T. of Summit
SHELDON: Charles: B.		T. of Oconomowoc
SHEPARD: Sidney F.		T. of Summit
SHERMAN: Enoch			T. of Eagle
SHERMAN: James Watson		Waukesha
SHIELDS: Andrew			T. of Merton
SHIELDS: Michael		T. of Merton
SHIELDS: Thomas			T. of Pewaukee
SILVERNALE: Conrad P.		Waukesha
SIMONS: Amund			T. of Oconomowoc
SLEEP: William H.		Waukesha
SMALL: Hon. David W.		T. of Oconomowoc
SMALL: Hon. William		T. of Lisbon
SMART: David			T. of Mukwonago
SMART: Isaac			Waukesha
SMITH: Amos			T. of Pewaukee
SMITH: C. P.			T. of Pewaukee
SMITH: Chester M.		T. of Oconomowoc
SMITH: D. B.			T. of Oconomowoc
SMITH: Dr. Jehiel		Waukesha
SMITH: Horace			T. of Genesee
SMITH: Isaac B.			T. of Pewaukee
SMITH: Jeremiah			T. of Lisbon
SMITH: Jesse			T. of Vernon
SMITH: William H.		T. of Merton
SNOVER: Hon. John C.		Waukesha
SNYDER: Andrew Jr.		T. of New Berlin
SNYDER: Andrew Sr.		T. of New Berlin
SNYDER: George			T. of Oconomowoc
SNYDER: Mathias L.		Waukesha
SPAULDING: Warren		T. of Oconomowoc
SPEAR: Fayette M.		T. of Oconomowoc
SPENCE: Thomas			Waukesha
SPERBER: John			Waukesha
SPERLE: George			Waukesha
SPILLMAN: Nils			T. of Delafield
SPRAGUE: Joseph			T. of Eagle
SPRAGUE: Romeo			T. of Mukwonago
SPRAGUE: Willett		T. of Oconomowoc
St. Clair See Ayer
STALLMAN: Arnold		T. of Muskego
STAPS: F. A.			T. of Delafield
STEEL: Thomas			T. of Genesee
STEELE: George W.		T. of Pewaukee
STEELE: Willis S.		T. of Pewaukee
STEPHENS: John			Waukesha
STEPHENS: Nicholas		T. of New Berlin
STEWART BROS.			T. of Genesee
STEWART: David			T. of Genesee-->
STICKNEY: J. H.			T. of Vernon
STOCKMAN: Charles B.		T. of Mukwonago
STOCKMAN: J. M.			T. of Mukwonago
STOHMANN: Henry			T. of Summit
STONE: Capt. E. S. 		T. of Summit
STONE: James			T. of Lisbon
STORY: John P.			Waukesha
STRATTON: Isaac C.		T. of Oconomowoc
STREET: Richard			Waukesha
STROHN: Charles J.		T. of Oconomowoc
STUART: Thomas M.		T. of Oconomowoc
STUBBS: Joseph			T. of Genesee
STURTEVANT: Cephas L.		T. of Oconomowoc
SUGDEN: Thomas			T. of Genesee
SUMNER: Daniel H.		Waukesha
SUTHERLAN: J. H.		T. of Lisbon
SWALLOW: Henry			T. of Merton
SWAN: Wm. E.			T. of Mukwonago
SWARTZ: Peter M.		T. of New Berlin
TAYLOR: E. T.			T. of Mukwonago
TAYLOR: Stephen			T. of Oconomowoc
TAYLOR: William			T. of Pewaukee
THILL: Rev. Father Dominic F.	Waukesha
THOMAS: Ebenezer		T. of Eagle
THOMAS: Edwin B.		T. of Vernon
THOMAS: Hon. William H.		T. of Pewaukee
THOMPSON: Charles		T. of Oconomowoc
THOMPSON: Dennis R.		T. of Oconomowoc
THOMPSON: Smith			T. of Lisbon
THOMPSON: William		T. of Oconomowoc
TICHENOR: Orson			T. of Waukesha
TICHENOR: Vernon		Waukesha
TOPPING: D. P.			T. of Lisbon
TOWNSEND: Copeland		T. of Oconomowoc
TROW: Thomas			T. of Eagle
TURNER: William S.		T. of Waukesha
TYLER & BUGBEE			Waukesha
ULRICH: W.			Waukesha
VAN BRUNT: G. W. 		T. of Summit
VANBUREN: John			T. of Vernon
VANBUREN: Peter			T. of Vernon
VANDERPOOL: A. C.		T. of Vernon
VANDERPOOL: George J.		T. of Vernon
VANDEWALKER: Solomon		T. of Muskego
VANDYCK: A. E.			T. of Merton
VILAS: George			T. of Oconomowoc
VROMAN: Charles			T. of Oconomowoc
VROMAN: Stephen			T. of Oconomowoc
WAGNER: John			T. of Waukesha
WAITE: Russel			T. of Pewaukee
WALKER: Richard			Waukesha
WALSH: James			T. of Merton
WALSH: John			T. of Merton
WALTON: Nathaniel		Waukesha
WAMBOLD: Elias			Waukesha
WAMBOLD: Harvey			T. of Eagle
WARDROBE: Dr. Jay T.		Waukesha
WARFIELD: Harmon	T. of Vernon
WARNER: Daniel W.		T. of Delafield
WARREN: Hon. Stephen		T. of Delafield
WASHBURN: Hon. William Henry	T. of Pewaukee
WASHBURN: William K.		T. of Oconomowoc
WATERMAN: Rev. James H.		T. of Pewaukee
WATKINS: Geo. H.		T. of Summit
WATSON: John			T. of Lisbon
WATSON: Rev. Thomas G.		Waukesha
Weaver: A. S.			T. of Lisbon
WEAVER: Allison M.	T. of Lisbon
WEAVER: Hon. James		T. of Lisbon
WEAVER: Hon. Richard		T. of Lisbon
WEAVER: Hon. Thomas		T. of Lisbon
WEAVER: James T.		T. of Lisbon
WEAVER: Richmond T.		T. of Lisbon
WEAVER: Stephen			T. of Pewaukee
WEAVER: William 2d		T. of Lisbon
WEAVER: William Jr.		T. of Lisbon
WEBER: Stephen			Waukesha
WEEKS: Dr. L. W.		T. of Summit
WEIL: Adolph			T. of Merton
WEINER: Henry			T. of Ottawa-->
WEITEN: Nicholas		Waukesha
WELCH: Almon			T. of Vernon
WELCH: Henry R.			T. of Muskego
WELCH: J. A.			T. of Oconomowoc
WEST: William			T. of Mukwonago
WELTNER: Jacob			T. of Oconomowoc
WENTWORTH: William		T. of Oconomowoc
WHALEN: Edward			T. of Oconomowoc
WHIPP: Edward			T. of Merton
WHITE: J. Marcellus		T. of Waukesha
WHITE: Joseph			T. of Pewaukee
WHITING: John			Waukesha
WHITMORE: George		T. of Mukwonago
WILBUR: O.H.			T. of Oconomowoc
WILDISH: Charles		T. of Menomonee
WILDISH: James			T. of Pewaukee
WILHELMSEN: Ole			T. of Oconomowoc
WILKE: William			T. of Oconomowoc
WILKINS: Asa			T. of Vernon
WILKINS: J. W.			T. of Pewaukee
Wilkinson: Robert		T. of Mukwonago
WILLIAM: David P.		T. of Ottawa
WILLIAMS: Daniel		T. of Summit
WILLIAMS: George W.		T. of Oconomowoc
WILLIAMS: J. W.			T. of Waukesha
WILLIAMS: John			T. of Summit
Williams: Louise C.		T. of Oconomowoc
WILLIAMS: Robert		T. of Summit
WILLIAMS: W. J. D.		T. of Ottawa
WILLIS: A. W.			T. of Oconomowoc
WILSON: Marshall		T. of Pewaukee
WINDOW: A. J.			T. of Pewaukee
WINDOW: Rev. W. H.		T. of Pewaukee
WINTON: T. S.			T. of New Berlin
WOLLMAN: Charles		T. of Muskego
WOLLMAN: Francis		T. of Muskego
WOLLMER: Adolph			T. of Muskego
WOOD: Charles W.		T. of Oconomowoc-->
WOOD: Edwin			Waukesha
WOOD: Frank A.			T. of Mukwonago
WOOD: Wright			T. of Pewaukee
WORTH: S. L.			T. of Merton
WORTHINGTON: Theodore		T. of Oconomowoc
WRIGHT: John			T. of Waukesha
WRIGHT: William L.		T. of Waukesha
YOUELLS: P. T.			T. of Delafield
YOUMANS: H. A.			T. of Mukwonago
YOUMANS: H. M.			Waukesha
YOUNG: William H.		T. of Oconomowoc
ZIMMERMAN: Henry		T. of Oconomowoc