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Catholic Churches

Waukesha County Wisconsin Genealogy

Known Catholic Churches

Archdiocese Of Milwaukee - Waukesha Counties
  Address: W284 N404 Cherry Lane, Waukesha 53188
  Phone: (262) 542-4384

Duplainville Catholic Church
  Location: Duplainville
  See: See PEWAUKEE, Ss. Peter and Paul

Good Shepard Catholic Church
  Established: 1957
  Location: Menomonee Falls

Holy Apostles Catholic Church
  Established: 1844  First church St. Valerius built 1855
  Other Names: St. Valerius (name changed to Holy Apostles 1889)
  Address: 16000 W. National Ave., New Berlin  53151
  Cemetery: on the church grounds
  Phone: (262) 786-7330

Queen of Apostles Church
  Address: N35 W23401 Capitol Dr., Pewaukee 53007
  Phone: (262) 691-2454

Roman Catholic Congregation of Delafield
  In existance 1848-1862
  No church built
  Location: Delafield township

St. Agnes Catholic Church
  Established: 1915 after the dissolution of St. Martin's mission at Engleburg
  Address: 12746 W. Cameron, Butler  53007
  Phone: (262) 781-4996
  For additional records see St. Martin, Engleburg

St. Ambrosius Catholic Church (defunct)
  Established: 1851
  Dissolved: 1859
  Location: Elm Grove, Town of Brookfield
  Other Names: Established in 1848 under the patronage of St. Ambrose (Ambrosius).
	The name of the parish was changed 10 years after the 
	foundation to St. Mary’s Parish, the Church of the Visitation 
	of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The parish is very closely associated 
	with the School Sisters of Notre Dame. The parish has sponsored 
	a parish school since the 1850’s. See also St. Mary's

St. Anthony Catholic Church (in operation)
  Established: 1842, 1844 first pastor appointed
  Other Names: Fussville
  Address: N74 W13604 Appleton Ave, Menomonee Falls, 53051
  Cemetery: Appleton Avenue and North Hills Drive

St. Anthony's on the Lake (in operation)
  Established: 1918 Founded as a mission in 1918, as a full-time parish in 1955.
  Other Names: St. Anthony
  Address: W280 N2101 Prospect Av. Pewaukee 53072
  Phone: (262) 691-1173

St. Bridget's Catholic Church
  See St. Joseph's Catholic in Big Bend

St. Bruno's Catholic Church
  Established: 1841  (also report of 1850)
	1871-1955 a mission of St. Mary's Sullivan (Jefferson county)
  Location: Ottawa township in the Weiner area
  Address: 246 W. Ottawa Street, Dousman 53118
  Cemetery: 3 1/2 miles southwest of the church on Highway Z

St. Catherine's Catholic Church (in operation)
  Established: 1847
  Location: Mapleton
  Address: Brown Street, Oconomowoc 53066

St. Charles Catholic Church (in operation)
  Established: 1907 when first church built; a mission
	of St. Mary's Pewaukee until 1916; wooded hilltop site was sold
	to the trustees of the Catholic church in 1863.
  Address: 521 Benson Road, Hartland  53029
  Phone: (262) 367-0800
  See also: St. Mary's Pewaukee

St. Clare's Catholic Church (in operation)
  Established: 1916
  Address: W314 N7462 Highway 83, North Lake 53064
  Cemetery: located on Highway 74 east of North Lake
  Phone: (262) 966-2191

St. Columba Catholic Church
  Location: Lake Five
  See St. John Monches

St. Dominic Catholic Church
  Established: 1854 as a mission of St John the Evangelist in Milwaukee;
  	St. James, Lannon; St Agnes, Butler
	1956 became a parish in its own right
  Location: 18255 W. Capitol Dr., Brookfield  53045
  Cemetery: on Highway K (Lisbon Road) near Marcy Road
  Phone: (262) 781-3480
  Records: prior to 1956 records were recorded in the home parish of the 
	attending parish.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
  Established: 1981
  Address: 12700 W. Howard Av., New Berlin 53151
  Phone: (262) 782-6760

St. James Catholic Church
  Established: 1841, 1848 church was built
  Location: Lannon
  Address: W220 N6588 Town Line Road, Menomonee Falls 53051
  Cemetery: located next to the chapel

St. James Catholic Church
  Established: 1840 first baptism, 1850 a church was built but it blew down
	in a windstorm and then was abandonded; 1896 a building was purchased 
	from the German Reformed congregation.  Served by priests from St Paul, 
	Genesee Depot and St Peter, East Troy 
  Address: 830 Highway NN East, Mukwonago 53149
  Cemetery: burials traditionally in the Catholic cemetery in East Troy
  Phone: (262) 363-7615

St. Jerome's Catholic Church
  Established: 1847-1870 St. Jerome's was a mission of St. Catherine's in Mapleton
	Before 1847 served by travelling priests and missionaries.
	First church built in 1860
  Location: 211 S. Main Street, Oconomowoc 53066
  Cemetery: Concord Road south of the city

St. Joan of Arc
  Established: Incorporated circa 1920, 1923 first church built;
	Mission of St. Catherine's until about 1945
  Location: Town of Oconomowoc
  Address: 777 W. Wisconsin Avenue Okauchee 53069
  Cemetery: part of the old Town of Oconomowoc cemetery, on Highway K, north of
	Highway P
  Phone: (262) 646-8078

St. John's Catholic Church
  Established: circa 1843
  Location: Monches Town of Merton
  Address: W302 N9583 O'Neil Road, Hartland 53029
  Records: Irish. Records include Lake Five, St. Columba. Original records 
	are retained by the Archdiocesan Archives.

St. John Neumann Catholic Church
  Established: 1981
  Address: 2400 State Road 59, Waukesha 53151
  Phone: (262) 549-0223

St. John Vianney Catholic Church
  Established: 1956
  Address: 1755 N. Calhoun Rd., Brookfield 53045
  Phone: (262) 796-3940

St. Joseph's Catholic Church
  Established: 1872 as St. Bridget's at Lake Denoon
  Address: S89 W22650 Milwaukee Av., Big Bend  53103
  Phone: (262) 662-2832
  See also: St. Joseph Muskego

St. Joseph's Catholic Church
  Established: 1842
  Address: 818 North East Avenue, Waukesha 53151
  Cemetery: near the junction of East Broadway and Highway A
  Phone:  (262) 542-2589

St. Joseph Catholic Church
  Established: 1875-1887
  Location: Muskego
  Records for this parish may be found at St. Mary Hales Corners. This church 
	was destroyed by fire in 1887.

St. Luke Catholic Church
  Established: 1956
  Location: Brookfield

St. Martin Catholic Church
  Location: Engleburg (Fussville, West Granville)

St. Mary's Catholic Church
  Established: 1848 as St. Ambrosius; 1850 a church was built
  Other names: St. Ambrosius
 	1859 changed to Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  Address: 13000 Juneau Blvd. Elm Grove  53122
  Cemetery: on the church grounds
  Phone: (262) 782-7057
  See also St. Ambrose (Ambrosius)

St. Mary's Catholic Church
  Established: 1904
  Other names: St. James until 1906
  Location: N89 W18297 Cleveland Ave, Menomonee Falls 53051
  Cemetery: Highway 74, east of the city

St. Mary's Catholic Church
  Established: 1858 as a mission of St. Joseph's in Waukesha
  Location: Pewaukee (also known as Duplainville)
  Address: 449 W. Wisconsin Ave., Pewaukee 53072
  Records: Contain some records of SS Peter & Paul, Pewaukee, 
	St. Charles, Hartland.
  Cemetery: located in the churchyard

St. Mary Catholic Church
  Established: 1950
  Address: 225 South Hartwell Avenue, Waukesha 53186
  Phone: (262) 547-6555

St. Paul Catholic Church
  Established: 1861 as a mission of St. Joseph's in Waukesha until 
	1870 when it transferred to the charge of St. Theresa's in Eagle,
	and then to St. James in Mukwonago from 1918-1952
  Location: Town of Genesee
  Address: Highway 83 & D, Genesee Depot  53127
  Phone: (262) 968-3865
  Cemetery: Highway DE west of Highway GD
  Additional records found at St. Theresa, Eagle, and St. James Mukwonago

St. Peter & Paul
  Established: 1848. was a mission of St. Francis in Milwaukee; St. Anthony's, 
	Menomonee Falls; St. Mary's, Waukesha; St. Mary's, Pewaukee
	Became a parish in its own right in 1968  
  Address: W225 N3131 Duplainville Road Pewaukee 53072
  Cemetery: next to the old church at Duplainville Highway 164

St. Phillips Catholic Church
  Address: W270 S1353 Merrill Hills Road, Waukesha 53151
  Phone:  (262) 537-2820

St. Pius V Roman Catholic Chapel
  Address: 425 Grand Av., Mukwonago 53149
  Phone: (262) 363-4650

St. Theresa Catholic Church
  Established: circa 1852; 1883 incorporated
  Address: 136 Waukesha Road, Eagle 52119
  Cemetery: Early burials in the old St. Theresa cemetery on Highway 59 just
	west of Eagle. Present burials are in the Oak Cemtery on Highway 67
	south of the village.
  Records: Early records destroyed by fire.

St. Valerius Catholic Church
  See Holy Apostles, New Berlin  

St. William Catholic Church
  Established: 1957
  Address: 440 North Moreland Boulevard, Waukesha 53188
  Phone: (262) 547-2763

Sussex Catholic Church
  Location: Sussex
  See also St. James Menomonee Falls

Templeton Catholic Church
  Location: Templeton
  See also St. James Menomonee Falls

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