Clist Family Bible

Contributed by Clerice Fisher
See contributors page I am in the possession of a family Bible record of the Clist family. It says: Robert Clist came from England to the U.S. in 1837. M.A.C. (I assume his wife, Mary Ann Craig) came from Scotland to the U.S. in 1855. Births: George Craig, born Feb. 18, 1856 Robert Clist, born Aug. 26, 1859 Viola Clist. Oct. 21. 1861 Joseph Clist, March 28, 1863 James Clist, May 2, 1867 Ella Clist, Jan. 10, 1870 Robt. Clist Sr.., Jan 21, 1827 Mary A. Clist, Jan 31, 1827 Robert A. Clist, son of Joseph Clist Aug. 11, 1889 Deaths: James Clist, Jan 2, 1895 Mary A. Clist, Sept. 26, 1896 Ellen Clist Arnold, March 27, 1897 Pearl Arnold, Jan. 19, 1897 Robert Clist Sr., Sept. 19, 1902 Robert Clist, Jr., Oct. 16, 1911 Nellie his wife, Oct. 7, 1912 Joseph Clist, Oct. 19, 1923 Viola Clist, Nov. 11, 1934 Grandpa Craig died 1873, age 82 years End of Bible records. My findings: 1860 Census, Waukesha Co., Mukwonago Twp., WI Page 865 Alex Craig 78 yes, farmer born in Scotland Alex Craig Jr., 28, farm laborer, bn in Scotland Wm Craig, 11, bn in Scotland living next door: Robert Clist, 31, farm laborer, bn in England Mary A. Clist, 31, born in Scotland George Clist, 4, born in Scotland Robert Clist, 9/12 born in Wisconsin The 1900 Soundex for WI lists: George Clist, bn July 1876, in WI in Dane Co., Staughton, 4th Street, ED 68, Sheet 8 a boarder with John N. Anderson. Joseph Clist, born March 1863, a carpenter, bn in Wisconsin, living in Dane Co., Madison, E.D. 47, Sheet 24. Mayme Clist, wife, bn March 1868, bn in Ohio. Ella Clist, dau, born June 1892, bn in Wisconsin Robert Clist, son, born Aug. 1889, bn in Wisconsin Lewis Clist , bn Sept, 1884, age 15, bn in WI in Waushara Co., Bloomfield Twp., ED 102, Sheet 10 enumerated with Wm Diedrich, Bro-in-law Mary H. Clist in Dane Co., Black Earth Twp. enumerated with Enoch Wood, step[dau, ED 32, Sheet 2. Robert Clist, bn Jan. 27, in England, in Waukesha Co., Mukwonago Twp. ED 129, Sheet 8 Viola M. Clist, dau, born Oct. 1861, in Wisconsin Charles Arnold, servant., born March 1869, in Wisconsin Katie Rankin, servant, born Oct. 1880, in N.Y. Robert A. Clist, born Aug. 1859, in WI Wolworth Co., Whitewater, Clay St., ED 101, Sheet 1. Nellie J. Clist, wife, bn July 1864, WI John Marshall, brother-in-law, bn Dec. 1861,in WI. William Clist, bn July 1870, WI in Dane Co., Black Earth Town. EFD32, Sheet 2. enumerated with Enoch Wood, step-son. Robert Clist Sr. died Sept. 19, 1902, per Waukesha Co. Death Records, Vol.3. Page 26. An Elizabeth Clist married -- on 21 Feb 1888, per Dane Co. Marriage Records, Vol. 5, Pg 90. Ella May Clist married Charles Wm Arnold on April 3, 1895, in N. Prairie, Waukesha, WI