Wisconsin Civil War Casualties

Civil War Casualties listed in the Waukesha Freeman originally gathered by Sue Kopec. Additional information added

d: at the Battle of Pittsburgh Landing
unit: unknown
edition: April 29, 1862

p: son of Elder
d: where his regiment was camped
unit: unknown
edition: Kenosha Edition Dec. 10, 1861

BEAN: Col. Sidney A.
formerly of Waukesha
d: 29 May, 1863 in Port Nelson, La.
unit: 4th WI Regiment
edition: June 16, 1863

BEAN: Walker L.
d: at Columbus, Ky
unit: 28th WI Inf.
edition: Sept 1, 1863

BISHOP, Charles Wayland
p: son of Charles and Lucena
d: at Portsmouth, Va.
unit: unknown
edition: Aug 23, 1864

d: at Pine Bluff, Ark 
unit: unknown
edition: November 8, 1864

BROWN: Birney
p: son of Thomas Brown
d: 10 June 1863, in Helena, Ark. field hospital
unit: 13th Div 1st Brigade
edition: July 7, 1863

d: at Waukesha on Sept 25, 1863
unit: 28th Regt Wis Co., A
edition: Sept 29, 1863

COLE: Chas
d: Williamsburg
unit: unknown
edition: Aug 12, 1862

CRAIN: Major Josiah W.
d: April 6, 1862 at the Battle of Pittsburg Landing 
unit: unknown
edition: April 29, 1862 and Jan. 13, 1863

DENT: John T.
d: at Atlanta, Ga
edition: Oct. 4, 1864

DODGE: Elbridge
former resident of Richland
p: Joseph Dodge of Genesee
unit: 25th Regt Co. B Wis Vol.
d: May 13 in Columbus, KY field hospital
edition: May 29, 1863

p: Alex Donaldson (brother of Wm)
unit: 28th Reg. Wis.
edition: July 7, 1863

p: Alex Donaldson
d: May 28, 1863 in Downieville, Cal.
edition: July 7, 1863

unit: 1st Wis Cavalry Co. H
d: 29 April, 1863 at the Battle of Bloomfield, Missouri
buried: in Bloomfield
edition: June 2, 1863

p: A. Harrison
unit: 28th Regt. Co. A Wis.
d: Memphis, Tn
edition: 29 Sept 1863

HENRY: Joseph
p: Jacob Henry
d: Pine Bluff, AK
edition: Aug 30, 1864

GUTHRIE: David Tillyer
p: William and Sarah
unit: 1st Regt. Co. D Wis. Vol.
d: Oct. 6, 1863

JOHNSON: Sergt Thomas J.
unit: 28th Regt. Co. G. Wis Vol.
d: May 25, 1863 in Helena, Ark.
edition: June 9, 1863

d: at post hospital in Brazos Santiago, Tx
edition: July 11, 1865

KERR: Corporal P.F.
formerly of Waukesha
unit: 28th Regt. Co. G. Wis. Vol.
d: on the Yazoo Expedition
edition: June 30, 1863

KETCHUM: Richard D.
d: at Strawberry Pt. in Iowa
edition: Mar 4, 1862

d: July 4, 1863 in Battle of Helena, Ark.
edition: July 21, 1863

MUDGET: William H.
d: at Columbus Ky
edition: June 14, 1864

PECK: Allen P.
p: Hazel Peck and Eliza
unit: 28th Regt Co. G. Wis.
d: Aug. 28 at Duvall's Bluff, Ark.
edition: Sept 29, 1863

PLYMPTON: Francis W.
d: Aug. 29, 1863 at Duvall's bluff, Ark.
edition: Nov. 3, 1863

PUTNEY: Royal M.M.
d: at Chattanooga, Tn.
edition: Feb 9, 1864

formerly of Genesee
d: at Memphis, Tn field hospital
edition: May 5, 1863.

STEEN: Corp Ephraim
formerly of Vernon
p: William and Mary
d: April 30 at Benton Barrocks, St. Louis
edition: May 19, 1863

SWAN: William W.
d: at Memphis Tn
edition: Jan 12, 1864

THOMSON: Warren D.
age: 18
d: 28 Nov 1862 at Acquia, near Virginia, in camp hospital
unit: Co. F 5th Regt Vol 
edition: Dec. 16, 1862

VETTER: John Casper
d: at Chancellorsville, Va
edition: Aug 11, 1863

p: son of Baily Webster
d: died at the Battle of Perryville Ky in Kentucky Hospital
edition: Jan 6, 1863R


Source: Waukesha Freeman, The | Waukesha, Wisconsin | Thursday, May 30, 1895

Nearly Complete List of All Soldiers Buried in Waukesha County Cemeteries.

Following is a partial list of the soldier dead buried in Waukesha county. It is not complete, some cemeteries not being represented at all. An absolutely correct list can probably never be secured as not all  graves are marked or remembered:

John P.Carney, 28th Wis.
Henry Hepp, 39th.  ???
John Dowaes. 28th.
John Conners.
Jerry McCarty, 13th.
Frank Jokish.

Francis Churchill, 28th.
Lieut. George Blackwell, 39th.
Wm. K. Mead. 1st.
Edwin H. Cook, 28th.
Chas B. Gill, 28th.
Philip H Clark, 3d Cav.
Byron Canfield.
I. R. Ensign, 5th.
Col. C. C. White. 28th.
John Lockwood, 47th.
Capt C. B. Slawson, 28th.
Benjamin Carpenter, Blake's Milwaukee.
Major J.W. Crane, 18th.
Lieut. W.L. Bean, 28th.
H.H. Messenger, 5th
Benjamin Howard, 28th.
Jacob Bonart, New York Regt.
C. A. Sellers. 1st Cav.
Lieut. David Turner, 28th.
Charles Wagenknecht, 1st.
Col. Sidney A. Bean, 4th.
Louis W. Benson, 42d.
Richard W. Welch, 5th.
John Hille.
Mr. Staples, 24th.
Wm. W. Ayer.
George W. Babcock, 39th.
J.M. Hubbard, 28th.
Capt. Andrew J. Bennet, 5th.
William Weatherly, 28th.
Luke Chapleau, 5th.
J.E. Hinton, 2d.
Lucius Bowers, Co H. 28th.
George Vick, 28th.
Bernard R. Griflin, Co. G. 28th.
Walter E. Dewing, Co. A. 10th.
James Q. Watson, Co. G. 28th.
Wm. H. Lewis, 5th C.S. Art.
Elroy S. Howe. Co. R. 16th N.H.
Norman McBeath, Co. e. 4th Cav.
J.W. Hill. Co. H. 1st Cav.
Carl Busjaeger, Co. D. 48th.
Capt. David Howell, Co. G 12th.
Capt. Elisha Enos, Co. d. 28th.
George Jones, C. H, 19th.
Paul H. Wheeler, Co. a. 12th.
Peter Geoghegan, Co. B, 4th Minn.
S.E. Orvis, 5th.

Thomas Audiss, 1st Wis. Cav., died in Ottawa, 1863
J. B. Smith, 24th Wis. Inf., Co. D. Died at Oshkosh May 22, 1894
Otis H. Thayer, Co.Co. D, 1st Wis. Inf., died in Palmyra, 1895

Lieut. James E. Williams, Co. A, 4th Wis. Cavalry, Killed near Baton Rouge March 8, 1861
John D. Comstock 1st Wis. Cavalry, came home to die in 1862
Lieut. Marshal K. Leavitt, 1st Wis Heavy Artillery, died April 9, 1865, of a wound received at Petersburg.
George B. Boundey, 1st Wis. Cavalry, Died April 19, 1862
Godfrey Gropp, 24th Wis, Died February 21, 1875

There are also tablets inscribed to the memory of some who rest in souther soil as follows:
Lieut. Robert J. Nichols, on the staff of Gen. John C. Starkweather, killed Sept. 11, 1868.
Cyrus O. Howard, 3d Wis Cav. buried at Cathage, Mo. Dec. 22, 1863.
Chancey G. Kimball died at Helena, Ark., Aug. 28, 1862.
Chase B. Kimball 1st Wis. Cav., died at Bronton, Mo. Dec. 13, 1862.

Richard R. Griffing, Co. G. 28th Wis., died in Pewaukee, Sept. 27, 1888.
Clement Brain, Co. G. 28th Wis., died in St. Louis, Mo., July 29, 1893.
Isaac hemmings belonged to an Illinois regiment, died at nashville, Tenn., June 21, 1864.
John Smith, Co. g. 28th Wis. Vol., died in Pewaukee, Oct. 1, 1889.
Simeon Culver, Co. b 52d Wis. Vol., died in Pewaukee, Nov. 6, 1874.
Capt. B.F. Goss, 9th Kansas Cav. Vol., died in Pewaukee, July 6, 1898.
William R. Rowe, Co. B. 87th Ohio, died in Pewaukee, Feb. 22, 1868.
Samuel Roberts, 28th New York, Zonaves, died in Pewaukee in 1881.
Giles Storms, Co.g. 1st Wis., died in Pewaukee June 21, 1862.
James Evans enlisted in the 100-day men, died in barracks in Milwaukee.
Birney Brown, Co. G. 28th Wis., died and was buried July 1863, in Helena, Ark.
Jerome McKinstry, Co. G. 28th Wis. was killed and buried in Helena, Ark.
Capt. George West enlisted in Hartford, Wis, in Co. E. 10th Wis.  Capt. West was killed in the battle of Chicamagua, was reported missing and only recently have the friends learned of his death.

Henry Ainsworth died South.  Monument erected here.
William Hurten, Co. H. 28th Wis., died in Merton 1886.
Jeremiah Noon, Co. F. 28th Wis., died in Merton during the war.
Samuel Smith, Co. ? 13th wis., died in Merton 1865.
John Roberts died in the South.
Oswen Perry died in Merton.
Mr. Eastman died in Merton.

William Miller, Co. E 19th Wis. Inf., died at Muskego march 1891, age 50 years.
Samuel Beardsley. Co. G 28th Wis. Inf., died at East Troy, Wis., May, 1886, age 68 years.
George Gross died at Madison April, 1865, age 33 years.
Romanta Peck. Co. D 1st Wis. Inf., died November 30, 1861, age 20 years.
Robert Elliot, Co. A 66th Ill. W. S. S., died at Muskego November, 1879.
Mathew Elliott. Co. E 19th Wis. Inf., died at Muskego August, 1884, age 54 years.
James Burthrong. Co. C 48th Wis. Inf., died at Muskego March, 1869, age 45, years.
Benjamin Platt, Co. A 66th Ill, Western Sharp Shooters, died at Big Bend, Wis., March, 1884, age 58 years.
James Young. Co. C 18th Wis. Inf.. died at Muskego October, 1888, age 69 years.

Frederick Lohmann, Co. H. 35th, died at Muskego, Dec. 13, 1886.
John Bade, Co. C 16th Wis., died at Muskego Dec. 26. 1886.
Wm. Tess, Co. F 48th Wis., buried at Tess Corners.

P. V. Bovee, Co. I 16th Wis., died Nov. 21, 1873, age 73 years.
Henry Brewin, 1st Wis. Cav., died Sept. 12, 1865, age 22 years.
Wm. Harrison, 1st Wis. Cav., died Sept. 2, 1865. age 32 years.
John W. Hubbard, Co. B 1st Wis. Heavy Artillery, died in 1878, age 37 years.
Wm. L. Henry, Co. E 46th Wis., died January 1892, age 46 years.
John Fink. Co. B 17th Wis., died May 1894, age 68 years.
Henry James, Co. D 3d Wis. Cav., died July 7, 1873, age 39 years.
John D. Logan. Co. I, 13th Wis., died Dec. 2, 1879, age 35 years.
Oliver Gibson. In the war of 1812, died Sept. 24, 1879, age 92 years.
Charles Gale,  7th Wis. Battery, died Dec. /, 1892, age 44 years.
James Sutphen.
Jacob Von Remden. Co. B 7th Wis., died 1863, age 50 years.
Charles Lins, Co. G Benton Hussars, Mo. Cav., died April, 1872, age 44 years.
David Arnold.

James N. Caldwell Co., F. 28th Wis. Inf. died at Little Rock, Ark., Dec. 31, 1864.
Cassins M. Caldwell, Co. F. Wis. Inf., died at helena, Ark., Feb. 27, 1863.
Wallace W. allen, Co. G. 36th Wis., Inf., died at Hartland, Sept. 27th, 1867.
Chas. W. Frisbie, Co. a. 28th Wis Inf., died at Milwaukee, Jan. 16, 1890.
Benjamin P. Ordway, Jr. Co. d. 7th Wis, Inf., died at Frederick City, Md., Oct. 4, 1862.

Capt. Wm. N. Hoyt., Co. I Wis. Cav., resigned and appointed Assistent Surgeon of 21st Inf.
Joseph Wile, 3d Inf.
Hart Haylett, Co. a. 28th Wis.

Christopher Schuck, Co. A. 21st Wis.
Nelson Rowe, Co. I, 1st Wis. Cav.
A.M. Nehf.

Capt. Jeremiah Noon, Co. F. 28th Wis Vol. Inf. died August 10, 1863, at his home in Lisbon.
Sergt. George W. Higgins, Co. F. 28th Wis.Vol Inf., died Dec. 12, 1892, at his home in M?????? F>>>, Minn.
Sergt. alexander Badgers, Co., F. 28th Wis. Vol Inf. died Oct. 27, 1890 at Milwaukee.
George Howitt, Co. f. 33d Missour Vol. Inf. died march 1, 1863, while coming home.
William Hufton, Co. H., 28th Wis. Vol. Inf., died at Merton Dec. 8, 1884.
Samuel Smith, Co. I 14th Wis. Vol. Inf. died Dec. 29, 1865.
A.T. Carpenter, Co. F, 28th Wis. Vol. Inf. died May 5, 1862, at Memphis, Tenn.
Henry N. Ainsworth, Co. F. 1st Wis. Cav., died Dec. 16, 1865, at Chicago, Ill.
Daniel J. Weaver, 39th Wis. Vol. Inf., died Jan. 28, 1894, at his home in Merton.
George f. Venables, 2d New York Vol., Inf. died June 16, 1882, at Sussex.
Samuel Smith, Co. C. 36th Wis Vol. Inf., died May 25, 1864, at Madison.
George w. Mannering, New York Battery, died April 17, 1891, at his home in Pewaukee.
John Roberts.
Henry Higgins.

John Taylor, Co. d., 24th Wis., died at Wauwatosa, soon after the war closed.
Maurice Z. Corbett, Co. F., 5th Wis. Inf. died int he town of Pewaukee, Oct. 3, 1869.
George regg, 24th Wis., was killed at Stone River, Dec. 31, 1862.
Joseph H. Wright, 7th Wis., Bat., died in Brookfield, Jan. 20, 1865.
Alanson Hatch, died in Brookfield, March 18, 1865.
Christian Schauer, 48th Wis., died in Brookfield in 1878.
Byron Rowe, 24th Wis., died in Brookfield
Horace P. Brownell, 43rd Wis., died in the town of Pewaukee in 1887.
S.A. Philbrook, U.S.Navy, died in Pwaukee in 1898.
Nathan hatch, a soldier of the Revolution, died in Brookfield, Nov. 10, 1847, age 90 years.

H.E.L. Baker
Abram Pulse.
Griffith T. Rice, 28th Wis. Inf. died at Memphis, Tenn., age 20 years.

MUKWONAGO [Oak Knoll Cemetery]
Leonidas Baldwin, 1st Wis., Cav. died in Kenosha Dec. 7, 1861.
Augustus Cohen (colored), born a slave, joined the Union Army in Georgia, came north at the close of the war with Capt. J. M. Randall, died Jan. 17, 1873.
Wm. F. Freeman, 28th Vol. Inf. died in Memphis, Tenn., Oct. 25, 1863.
Rufus Graves.
James A. Hudson, 3d Wis Cav. died Sept. 14, 1873.
Dr. T.D. Powers died 1891.
John Stickles, 13th Wis. Vol. Inf. died April 3, 1863.
Chas. B. Watkins, 28th Wis. Vol. Inf., died August 21, 1864.
Corporal Augustus J. Yowmans, 39th Wis. Vol. Inf. died Oct. 1, 1864.

James Beggs, Jr. 5th Wis., died at Vernon May 20, 1874, age 35 years, buried in U.P. Cemetery.
Alexander Cameron, 28th Wis., died at Sioux City, Ia., May 4, 1878, age 37 years, buried in U.P. cemetery.
Malcom McTaggart Co. H. 28th Wis., died at Waukesha March 31, 1868, age 22 years in Covenanter cemetery.
Archibald McNaughton, 28th Wis., died at Wauwatosa, November, 1884, buried in Covenanter cemetery
Hiram Austin, Co. D. 3d Wis Cav., died at Vernon Dec. 19, 1884, buried in Vernon cemetery.

Henry Vreeland, Co. F, 5th Wis., died at Prospect, June 1, 1879.
Capt. L.J. Shaw of the 3d Wis. Cav. died at San Pedro, Cal., in 1894.

The list of dead in Oconomowoc cemetery may be found in the article on Henry Bertram Post.

Additional Burials

Additional burials since the above article was written.

Laurel C G Andrews - d. Apr 14, 1905, Corporal Co F, 28th Wis Infantry
William H Brimmer - d. June 27, 1901, Co D, 3rd Wis Calvary
Samuel G Foat - d. Oct 12, 1910, Co C, Wis Vol
Charles A Gillard - d. 1907, Civil War marker
Thomas Martin, Co I, 48th Wis Vol
Henry C Goetsch - d. Dec 10, 1927, Sgt 388 Bat, T/C, USA, died in Veterans Hospital (probably a WWI veteran)
Jacob Kline - d. July 11, 1907, Co A, 1st Wis Cavalry

George Klock-5th Wis Inf, and 39th WI Inf.

Cemetery X
John J. Schaefer, 35th Wis. Vol. d. 1898
Michael Schaefer, 36th Wis Vol. Co. A/Private/d. 1862 (in Helena)


Departed Soldiers Honored

Source: Waukesha Freeman, The | Waukesha, Wisconsin | Thursday, January 01, 1903 | Page 1

A Grateful Government Supplies Monument to Mark Their Last Resting Place.

Recently a consignment of 19 monuments, such as our government supplies for every deceased soldier, were received here and will be placed at the graves of those not previously supplied. The names of those whose graves in this county are supplied by this latest consignment are as follows:

At Prairie Home Cemetery, Waukesha.

Elihu E. Enos, Capt. Co. G., 28th Wis. Inf., died Nov. 13, 1892.

H. J. Crawford, Priv., Co. 1 1st Wis. Cav., died Sept. 11, 1899.

Jacob Kipper, Priv., Co. E, 19th Wis. Inf., died Nov. 11, 1901.

Peter Stusse, Priv., Co. K, 9th Wis. Inf, died Dec. 1898.

Peter Vogt, Priv., Co. H, 28th Wis. Inf., died Aug. 25, 1896.

Peter S. Everett, drummer, Co. B, 1 Pa. Inf., died Feb. 5, 1899.

George Sevingnau, Priv., Co. F, Wis. Inf., died June 29, 1899.

George Hartman, Priv., Co. I, 27th Wis. Inf., Feb. 6, 1899.

Issac Sharps, Priv., Co. C, 189th Wis. Inf., died May 6, 1899

Hiram F. Chamberlain, Priv., 17th Wis Inf.. died Feb. 23, 1899.

Christian Knoepfel, Priv., 17th Wis. Inf., died May 8, 1901.

J. Q. Watson, Sergt, Co. G, 28th Wis. Inf., died June 25, 1891. [James Q. Watson]

Thomas Radcliffe, Sergt., Co. B, 51st Wis. Inf., died July 15, 1891.

Harry Cox, Sergt., Co. A, 35th, Wis. Inf., Aug. 21, 1901.

At Brookfield.
John J. Shaffer, Priv., Co. C, 35th Wis. Inf., died May 30, 1898.

I. L White, Priv., Co. B, 24th Wis., Inf. died Nov. 4. 1899.

Peleg Swan, Priv., Co. A, 28th Wis. Inf., died June 21, 1901.

At Prospect.

James Murphy, Co. F, 3d Wis. Cav., died Oct. 2, 1898.

At Pewaukee.

H. B. Clinton, Sergt., Co. B, 1st Wis. Cav., died May 15, 1870.

Those who were designated to take charge of these momuments are as follows. At Waukesha, J. K. Smith; at Pewaukee, O. P. Clinton; at Brookfield, Lauren Barker; at Prospect, Louis Blessinger.


Source: Waukesha Freeman, The | Waukesha, Wisconsin | Thursday, October 15, 1903 | Page 1

Marbles to Mark Soldiers' Graves furnished by Government

George Wheeler, special government agent, has received sixteen marble headstones from the war department to be placed over the graves of veterans buried in Waukesha and vicinity.  The names and regiments of the veterans for which headstones have received, are as follows:

Martin H. Kramer, Third regulars

Welcome Henry, First Wisconsin Heavy Artillery. [Prairie Home Cemetery]

Charles Brown, Eleventh United States Colored troops

Orlando Culver, Fifth Wisconsin

John Gibet, First Michigan Light artillery

R.M. Wiggington, Twenty-second Wisconsin

William Webb, Twenty-eighth Wisconsin

George J. Vanderpool, Twenty-eighth Wisconsin [Prairie Home Cemetery]

John J. Valentine, Seventeenth United States Colored troops [Prairie Home Cemetery]

Milo B. Roberts, Fourth Massachusetts

John Gray, First Wisconsin

Samuel G. Curtis, Sixty-eighth New York National Guards

Henry Brothers, one hundred and twelfth Illinois

Frank Booth, First Wisconsin

Michael Daily, Twenty-fourth Wisconsin

Mr. Wheeler has also received a headstone for a grave of Henry Welscheit's father.  The headstone arrived Saturday and will be set up at once.  The graves of all veterans buried in the vicinity are now marked with the exceptions of those who have died within a few weeks.