Jones Family Bible

Contributed by Lisa Stansbury


David R. Jones 9/28/1790
Sarah Jones 6/1790
Griffith Roberts 6/1796
Ann Roberts (No Date Given)
Illegible Entry 
Thomas D. Jones 1834
Margaret D. Jones 1834
David W. Jones (son) 6/14/1862/3
Ann Jones (daughter) 1/30/1863/4
Griffith R. Jones (son) 12/4/1871
Sarah Jones (daughter) 11/9/1873

Mary Elizabeth (James) 4/22/1887.  Mary changed the entry to 
1890 because she wanted to appear younger than her husband 
William Henry Stansbury, born 1889.

Sarah H. James - Jan 26, 18--(Younger sister of above Mary)
	Entry - Living Person Private Information
Issue of D.R. & Sarah Jones
Hannah 6/2/1811
Catherine 3/18/1813
Mary 2/4/1815
Evan 7/10/1817
James 12/7/1819
Thomas 4/4/1822
John 3/22/1823
Elizabeth 6/15/1825
Sarah 1827
Margaret 6/8/1829
David 8/14/1831
Thomas D. 11/6/1834
Sarah Lenox of Miner 4/6/1839
Samuel D. James (Husband of Ann Jones, F/O Mary E. and 
	Sarah H. James) 6/19/1862


Thomas D. Jones to Margaret D. (Roberts) Jones by Rev. 
	Owen Hughes 1/17/1862
David W. Jones to Mary Jones by (illegible) 7/1886
Samuel D. Jones to Ann Jones nee James by Rev R.H. Evans 3/31/1885
Griffith Jones to Catherine Evans by Rev William Matthews 10/9/1895


Sarah Jones d/o Thomas D. 10/11/1885
Illegible Entry
David R. Jones 8/19/1863
Sarah w/o David 3/24/1841
Griffith Roberts (No Date Given)
Ann Roberts (No Date Given) 
Margaret Holland (No Date Given)
Margaret D. Jones 2/6/1907
Thomas D. Jones 10/2/1922
David N. Jones 12/22/1930 
Dewitt Jones 1932
Samuel D. James 4/4/1944
Griff R. Jones (No Date Given)
Sarah H. James 6/25/1951