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Family Births, Baptisms, Confirmations, and Marriages

Waukesha County Wisconsin Genealogy


The list is also comprised of part of the county marriage index, church records, newspaper microfilm, other family researchers, and the "History of Waukesha County". It is far from a complete listing of early residents of Waukesha County. As I get more information I add it. Hopefully you can find who you are looking for. Use the site search to locate all the pages that contain your surname.

If you have any Waukesha County Marriages/Births/Baptisms/Confirmations that you would like to add to this page - send me an email and I will be glad to put them online. Please "ONLY" send information of deceased persons.

To facilitate your search the surnames have been cross indexed.

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If i know the source of the information, I have noted it as Source: If no source is available it may have been from an anonymous donor or from one of these sources: Click to see some of the sources used for this compilation.

Key to Abbreviations

b: 	= Date Born
res: 	= Residence
m: 	= Date married
p:	= Parents
wit:	= Witnesses
bap:	= Baptised
sp:	= Sponsors
occ:	= Occupation
d: 	= Date died


Elvin Aitken, farmer, Sec. 31; P.O. Waukesha, was born in Quincy, Ill., Oct. 18, 1848. When he was about six months old, his father, John Aitken, now a resident of Waukesha, removed his family to this country. He married Sarah J. Hadfield, daughter of Joseph Hadfield, of Waukesha. They have two children, a boy and a girl--Harry E. and Jessie. Mr. A. has 200 acres of land and is extensively engaged in farming, and is possessed of much energy and enterprise.


Source: Mukwonago Chief Feb. 12, 1890

We learn that cards are out for the marriage of Miss Carrie M. Brooks, daughter of Seymour Brooks of East Troy, to Dr. J. H. Alexander of this village, the happy event to take place today (Wednesday noon) at the residence of the bride's parents. We extend the usual congratulations.


Source: The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 70 page 254

Daughter of the American Revolution DAR ID # 69719 
Descendant of Sergt. Robert Love, of Rhode Island.

Robert Love
	b: 1730 in Coventry, R. I.
	d: 1809 in Coventry, R. I.
	to: Sarah Blanchard his 3rd wife
Robert Love signed the Test Oath, 1776, and, 1777, served 
as sergeant in the Rhode Island Line.

Child of Robert and Sarah (Blanchard) Love:
	Robert Love, Jr.
	b: 1768
	d: 1836
	m. 1788
	to: Susanna Austin
	b: 1766
	d: 1842

Child of Robert and Susanna (Austin) Love, Jr.:
	Levi Love
	to: Eunice Waldo

Child of Levi and Eunice (Waldo) Love:
	Julius Caesar Love
	to: Hannah Bresse

Child of Julius Caesar and Hannah (Breese) Love:
	Martha Love

Robert Love (1730-1809) signed the Test Oath, 1776, and, 1777, 
served as sergeant in the Rhode Island Line. He was born and died 
in Coventry, R. I. 

Also Nos. 42642, 50037.  


Source: The Pewaukee Breeze March 2, 1906

Is located on the Main Street in Mukwonago-Put Up by S. Andrews in 1842

The first brick house built in Waukesha county stands in Mukwonago. It was put up in 1842 by Sewall Andrews. It is one and one-half story, size 28x36 and facing on the square, constructed of Mukwonago brick and has limestone trimmings and rock foundation, enclosing a basement that is partitioned and floored with brick. The front door hangs in one of the old style fancy carved frames, all made by hand. At the north it is joined by an addition built by Mr. Andrews some years later as an office for himself. He was in the real estate and money loaning business. As a whole it represents a typical early day farmhouse.

Mr. Andrews is one of the platters of the village, those besides him being Martin Field, Ira Blood and Henry Camp, all of whom are deceased.

Mr. Andrews came to Mukwonago in 1836 and acquired considerable of the property in and about the village. Among which were the flour and saw mills which are still in evidence. He died 20 years ago. His widow, who was his second wife, after several years, married a man by the name of Babcock and is still a resident of the village. At present she and her husband are at their winter home in Florida.

This part of Mr. Andrew's estate went to his son, Lorin, of Minneapolis, a broker. He sold it to Jacob Niver of Waukesha who disposed of the property in 1885 to John McNulty, the present owner.


Source: The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 104 page 71

Daughter of the American Revolution DAR ID # 103218 
Descendant of Stephen Wright

Stephen Wright
	b: 1764 in Westford
	d: 1856 in Shelburne, Mass.
	to: Sarah Prescott
Stephen Wright served as drummer at the battle of 
White Plains.

Child of Stephen and Sarah (Prescott) Wright:
	Stephen Wright, Jr.
	d. 1857
	to: Zebiah Richardson

Child of Stephen and Zebiah (Richardson) Wright:
	Emmeline E. Wright
	b: 1810
	d: 1884
	to: Elijah Gove
	b: 1801
	d: 1884

Child of Elijah and Emmeline E. (Wright) Gove:
	Ione Gove
	b. 1838
	Edward Daniels
	b. 1825

Child of Edward and Ione (Gove) Daniels:
	Frances Daniels
Stephen Wright (1764-1856) served as drummer at the battle of 
White Plains. He was born in Westford; died in Shelburne, Mass. 

Also No. 62808.  

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