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Source: The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 55 page 251

Daughter of the American Revolution DAR ID # 54581 

Born in Oconomowoc, Wis. 

Wife of Lester F. Martin. 

Descendant of Benjamin Medbury. 

Daughter of Chauncey Joseph Medbury and Eunice Eastman, his wife. 

Granddaughter of Abner Medbury, Jr., and Alma C. Bartlet, his wife. 

Gr-granddaughter of Abner Medbury and Rhoda Blackmer, his wife. 

Gr-gr-granddaughter of Nathan Medbury and Rhoda Harris, his wife. 

Gr-gr-gr-granddaughter of Benjamin Medbury and Sarah ?, his wife. 

Benjamin Medbury (1718-95) responded to the Rhode Island Alarm. He was 
born and died in Smithfield, R. I. 

Also Nos. 44810, 49804.  


Source: The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 157 page 153

Daughter of the American Revolution DAR ID # 156491 

Born in Oconomowoc, Wis.
Wife of LeRoy McCann. 

Descendant of Thomas Brown, as follows: 
1. Henry L. Douglass (b. 1850) m. 1882 Carrie Brown (b. 1856). 
2. Byron Brown (1827-1903) m. 1855 Amelia Taylor (1837-93). 
3. Joseph Brown m. Sallie Drown. 
4. Thomas Brown m. 1776 Caty Cooper. 

Thomas Brown (1754-1848) served as private in Capt. Samuel 
Prentice's company of Stonington, 1775, in the first call for 
troops. He was born in Stonington, Conn.; died in Hudson, Mich. 

Also No. 99002.  


Sources: Alice: The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 163 page 150
Diana: The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 163 page 150

Alice: Daughter of the American Revolution DAR ID # 162498
Diana: Daughter of the American Revolution DAR ID # 162499 

Born in Waukesha County, Wis.
Alice Wife of Hector C. McRae.
Dianea wife of William Preston Swift

Descendants of Thomas Wiltsee and of Russell Greene

Thomas Wiltsee
	b: 1745 in Fishkill, N. Y.
	d: 1826 in Shaftsbury, Vt.
	m. 1769 
	to: Elizabeth Cary
	b. 1750
Thomas Wiltsee served as private in the 8th regiment, 
Albany County, New York militia under Col. Robert Van 

Child of Thomas and Elizabeth (Cary) Wiltsee:
	Jeremiah Wiltsee
	b. 1782
	m. 1811
	Sarah Greene (see Sarah Greene's family below)
	b. 1791

Child of Jeremiah and Sarah (Greene) Wiltsee:
	Cadwallader J. Wiltsee
	b: 1823
	d: 1900
	m. 1855
	to: Ellen M. Tanner
	b: 1828
	d: 1870

Child of Cadwallader J. and Ellen M. (Tanner) Wiltsee:
	Alice Glendora Wiltsee
	Diana Wiltsee

Russell Greene
	b: 1760 in West Greenwich, R. I.
	d: 1833 in Hancock, Mass.
	m. 1783 
	Patience Moon (Strait) 
	b: 1764
	d: 1845
Russell Greene served, 1780, under Captains David 
Wheeler and Luke Hitchcock, Col. Ebenezer Sprout's 
12th Massachusetts regiment, General Nixon's brigade.

Child of Russell and Patience Moon (Strait) Greene:
	Sarah Greene

Also No. 115449.    


Source: The Waukesha Freeman March 26, 1896

The following patents were granted to Wisconsin inventors: Thomas L McGregor, Milwaukee (2 patents) steam-boiler and manhole

Source: The Waukesha Freeman June 30, 1898

Miss Nellie McGregor, who has been spending several days in Janesbelle, arrived home Monday.

Source: The Waukesha Freeman March 16, 1899

Mrs. McGregor has returned from an extended visit with friends in Eau Claire.

Source: The Waukesha Freeman April 8 1901

Miss Nellie McGregor, who teaches in Mazomanie, is home for a week's vacation.

Source: The Waukesha Freeman June 6 1901

Prof. McGregor Resigns
After three Years' Service at the Industrial School, He Relinquishes His Labors There.
Prof. J.K. McGregor, assistant superintendent of the Wisconsin Industrial School for Boys, will sever his connection with that institution July 1st. Prof. McGregor has been connected with the institution since the fall of 1897, having had direct charge of the educational department. Superintendent Merica speaks in the highest terms of Mr. McGregor's service, and expresses his regret that it is to end at this time. Mr. McGregor is an educator of wide experience and his services will be very greatly missed at the school.

Mr. Bowman, at the present time assistant steward of the institution will become assistant superintendent as well as assistant steward.

See also the buried elsewhere cemetery list for links to Mr. and Mrs. McGregors' obituaries.



Source: Daughters of the American Revoluion

DAR Member
Descendant of Col. James Barrett, of Massachusetts.

James Barrett
	b. 1710 in Concord, Mass.
	d. 1779 in Concord, Mass.
	to: Rebecca Hubbard
James Barrett was in command of the North Bridge and served 
as muster master until his death.

Child of James and Rebecca (Hubbard) Barrett
	James Barrett, Jr.
	to: Meliscent Easterbrook

Child of James and Meliscent (Easterbrook) Barrett, Jr.
	Phebe Bowman Barrett
	to: Amos Dakin

Child of Amos and Phebe (Barrett) Dakin
	Charles Rufus Dakin
	to: Julia Ward

Child of Charles Rufus and Julia (Ward) Dakin
	Harriet Sherrill Dakin

Source: This biography is from "Memorial and biographical record; an illustrated compendium of biography, containing a compendium of local biography, including biographical sketches of prominent old settlers and representative citizens of South Dakota..." Published by G. A. Ogle & Co., Chicago, 1899. Pages 316-319



William McQuaker, whose portrait is presented on another page, is one of the leading and influential citizens of Clark county, South Dakota, who has taken an active part in promoting its substantial improvement and material development, and is now most capably serving his fellow citizens as county auditor. He is a native of Wisconsin, born in Waukesha county, February 29, 1856, and passed his childhood and youth in Washington county, that state. He is the filth in order of birth of the eight children born to James and Sarah (Herron) McQuaker, who were born, reared and married in Scotland, where they continued to make their home until after the birth of two of their children, and then emigrated to the New World. The mother died June 21, 1898, but the father is still living and now resides in Clark county, South Dakota. He is a veteran of the Civil war, a member of Company I, Forty-fifth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, and is one of the highly esteemed citizens of his community.

Until 1875 the subject of this sketch resided upon the home farm and assisted in its operation, and then worked in a sawmill at Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, for a time. Going to Minnesota, he entered the employ of the Great Northern Railroad Company as car inspector and while in their service came to Clark county, where, on the 3d of October, 1879, he filed a homestead on the northwest quarter of section 12, Elrod township. In the spring of 1880 he erected upon his place a sod house, 10 x 12 feet in dimensions, but did not locate permanently here until 1882. He made his home at first with his parents while operating both his own and his father's farms, and he soon became the possessor of two hundred and forty acres of valuable land, which he has placed under excellent cultivation. In 1889 he built a comfortable little cottage upon his place and also a good barn, 30x 44 feet, and there he has since made his home, devoting his energies to general farming and the breeding of draft horses.

Mr. McQuaker is a Populist of long standing and is a popular and energetic party man, who has done all in his power to insure success of the party or advance its interests in any way. In the fall of 1896 he was elected auditor of Clark county and removed to the county seat. He has now entered upon his second term in that office, the duties of which he has ever discharged in a most commendable and satisfactory manner, and in all life's relations merits the confidence so freely accorded him. Mr. McQuaker is yet unmarried.



Source: Excerpts from History of Walworth County, Wisconsin, By Albert Clayton Beckwith

Alexander E. Matheson was born in the village of Eagle, Waukesha County, Wisconsin, on the 11th day of July, 1868. Thereafter he went with his parents to Vernon, in Waukesha County, Mayhew, East Troy and Elkhorn, in Walworth county, Wisconsin. He lived in Elkhorn until July, 1894, when he went to Janesville, Wisconsin, to commence his practice of law. Since that time he has lived continuously in Janesville. He was educated in Walworth county.

Soon after leaving college his father died. This compelled him to enter business, and he remained in Elkhorn for two years, managing the affairs of the Matheson Trading company at that place. In 1892, owing to the selling of the business of the Matheson Trading Company at Waukesha, Wisconsin, and then coming of his uncle George Matheson, and his friend, John Dunphy, to Elkhorn he entered law school.



Source: The Milwaukee Journal, Saturday, July 16, 1892; pg. 4; col F

Pewaukee Notes A Well-Known Pair Divorced

Pewaukee, Wis. July 16-A divorce has been granted to H.M. Mills from his wife Letitia H. Mills, on the plea of incompatibility of temper. Both parties are well-known and much respected here, and the news of he separation was a shock to the community. A reception was given to Mrs. Mills, the evening before the departure, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Goss, which was very largely attended.



Source: Daughters of the American Revolution

DAR Member
Descendant of Elijah Pettibone

Daughter of William S. Greene and Loretta H. Pettibone

Elijah Pettibone
	b: 1748 in Simsbury, Conn.
	d: 1824 in Vernon, N. Y
	m. Martha Field.
Elijah Pettibone received a pension for service as private in 
the Connecticut Line under Capt. Titus Watson and Col. Charles 
Burrell.  (see also LeClear bio)


Source: Daughters of the American Revolution

DAR Member
Descendant of Corp. Walter Whitney

Samuel Whitney
	to: Amy Northrop

Child of Samuel and Amy (Northrop) Whitney:
	Walter Whitney
	b. 1760 in Fairfield, Conn.
	d. 1846 in Albany, N.Y.
	to: Anah (Wells)
Walter Whitney was placed on the pension roll of Albany 
county, N. Y., 1831, for service as private and corporal 
in the Connecticut militia in the Revolutionary War. 

Child of Walter and Anah (Wells) Whitney:
	Amy Whitney
	to: Solomon Britton

Child of Solomon and Amy (Whitney) Britton:
	Emiline Britton
	to: Stephen D. Carpenter

Child of Stephen D. & Emiline (Whitney) Britton:
	Josephine Cornelia Carpenter
	to: Sylvanus Nye Gibbs

Child of Sylvanus Nye and Josephine Cornelia (Carpenter) Gibbs:
	Madeline Gibbs


Source: Biographical History of Northern Michigan, containing biographies of prominent citizens; B.F Bowen & Company, 1905

"Success trends on the heels of every right effort." said Samuel Smiles, and amid all the theorizing as to the cause of success, there can be no doubt that this aphorism has its origin in the fact that character is the real basis of success in any field of thorough or action.  He of whom the biographer now writes is a successful farmer of Boardman township.  Kalkaska county, Michigan, and a man whom his fellow citizens have honored with their fullest confidence and esteem.  Mr. Murray is a native of Waukesha county, Wisconsin, where he was born on October 5, 1847.  His parents, Elon and Ruth J. Murray, were natives of Ireland, but came to Kalkaska county, Michigan, in 1883, settling in South Boardman, where they both died, the father on January 28, 1895, at the age of seventy-four years, and the mother on may 20, 1900, at the age of seventy-seven years.  Mr. Murray, who had been engaged in the mercantile business, was a man highly respected for his sterling qualities of character.  He was the father of three children, of whom the subject of this sketch is the second in order of birth.  When Charles E. Murray was about two years old, his parents removed to Montcalm county, Michigan, and later to Ionia county, this state.  .....