1887 Newspaper Articles and Tidbits

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News and Notes

The Milwaukee Sentinel, (Milwaukee, WI) October 02, 1887; pg. 8; Issue 49; col A

OCONOMOWOC, Oct. 1, 1887
Mrs. S. H. Seamans, nee Edgerton, of Wauwatosa, and Miss Laura Dousman, of Chicago, are guests at the residence of H. K. Edgerton.

Dell Marcher and bride, of Columbus, Ind., are visiting at the residence of J. P. Foss.

Dr. Nelson Hulst, of Milwaukee, will erect a summer residence on the north shore of Oconomowoc lake, where he has recently purchased a piece of woodland.

Mrs. O. F. Jones and Edw. L. Ross are visiting their parents, the Rev. and Mrs. W. C. Ross, at Avoca.

The Rev. F. W. Webber, pastor of Zion church, visited in Milwaukee this week.

Mrs. Louise C. Williams has returned from a visit in Dakota.

Mrs. E. C. Van Dyke is visiting in Illinois.

Mrs. S. M. Sherwood, is in Minneapolis visiting her daughters.

Chas. Young, of Milwaukee, is visiting at his paternal home.

John H. Warner, of Milwaukee, president of the state board of underwriters, was here yesterday.

Ex-Gov. Bross and wife, of Chicago, enjoyed themselves at Gifford's this week.

Mrs. J. J. Hall has returned from a visit at Horicon.

Dist.-Atty. E. D. R. Thompson is convalescent.

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Baxter have returned from a visit of several weeks in Minnesota.

The families of C. A. Dupee and Geo. A. Seaverns closed their respective summer cottages and departed fro Chicago this week.

Ald. And Mrs. P. J. Nordeen are visiting at Crystal Lake, Waupaca county.

Miss Lottie McMulton and Harley Freelove were married Thursday evening.

Misses Jennie Olcott, Carrie Olcott, Susie Clark, Kittie Clark, Mollie Garside and Lillie Walsh, all of Milwaukee, attended the anniversary birthday party of Miss Guynoir Williams, Tuesday.

Several St. Louis people, who spend the summers here, are considering the project of building a large summer hotel at Buzzard's Point, one of the most beautiful spots on the north shore of Lac la Belle.

The Milwaukee Sentinel, (Milwaukee, WI) October 02, 1887; pg. 8; Issue 49; col A

WAUKESHA, Oct. 1. - This week society has occupied itself more or less over the wedding of Mr. T. D. Cook and Miss Hattie A. S. Miller, which took place last Thursday.

Oct. 5 Mr. L. E. Ryan and Miss Mary Bannon will be married at St. Joseph's church at 8 A. M. Mr. Ryan has been here less than three years, but within that period has won many friends. Miss Bannon is the second daughter of Mr. Patrick Bannon, a well known merchant, and long a citizen of the county.

An important event in church circles here will occur to-morrow, when Rev. C. H. Lemon, late of Monroe, will formally assume the rectorship of St. Matthew's (Episcopal) church. He has taken up his residence in the house of the Rev. Dr. E. P. Wright, on Wright avenue.

Dr. and Mrs. George Fellows took their departure yesterday for a two weeks' visit to friends at Appleton.

Mr. L. B. Sharpsteen and wife, of Walla Walla, Washington territory, are at present visiting Mrs. Sarah Perkins.

Miss Ida Ray departs next week on a visit to her sister at Chicago, and from that city will go to Omaha for a visit until after the holidays, to her brother, Lieut. R. H. Ray and wife.

Mrs. W. S. Chandler who has been seriously ill for a week or more is now convalescent.