1906 Newspaper Articles and Tidbits

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Source: The Waukesha Freeman | Waukesha, Wisconsin | Thursday, December 27, 1906 | Page 1

Many Events of Interest
During. Year.

Resume of Twelve-month. Which Will Close With Ringing in. of the New Year

It is interesting at the close of a year to glance back over the happenings which the year has brought. The following is a summing up of the chief events in the county and city history from. The Freeman issues for this year.

The dates given are not the dates of occurrences but issues of the Freeman in which accounts of them appear.

Jan 4.—Death of J. A. Monroe.
Vanguard of Holiness Band arrived in city.
Henry Schafer, Jr., of Muskego, met death in accident at Milwaukee.
Site near Wales selected for state tuberculosis sanitarium.

Jan. 11.—Carroll College receives gift of $100,000 from Ralph Voorhees.
Death of A. J. Smith.
City council decides to consider no more franchises from Waterworks Co.

Jan. 13.—Death, of A. E. Elmore at Green, Bay.
Senator Ernst Merton announces candidacy for Democratic gubernatorial nomination.
Golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Thomas of Dodges Corners.
Word received, of bill providing appropriation of $8000 for Waukesha federal building.

Jan. 25.—Death of G. F. Clark, chairman of county board.
Golden, wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Conrad.

Feb. 1.—Death of Chas. F. Kimball.
State Dairymen's Association, meets in city.

Feb. 9.—Menomonee Falls Turnpike Co. sold out last of toll roads in county.
Col. P. H. Ray placed on retired list with rank of brigadier-general.

Feb. 15.—State convention of fire underwriters held here.
Mrs. L. H. Abbott receives damages in test case of Lincoln Ave. property holders vs. Milwaukee Electric Light and Power Co.

More "Jumpers" arrived.
Menomonee Falls promised Civil War gun.

Feb. 22.—Arthur Erdman victim of fatal accident at Menomonee Falls sugar factory.
J. T. Burton of Eagle killed, by train.

March 1.—Candidates for city offices make announcements.
Golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Whitehead.

March 8.—Meeting held here for organization of Waukesha Guernsey
Geo. Reynolds sentenced for burglarizing Arthur Caspar's home.

Democrats name' city ticket.

Council votes for issuance of $70,000 bonds for municipal water
Dr. David Roberts appointed assistant state veterinarian.

March 15.—Death of Mrs. Helen Thustan.
Eugene Carberry appointed to West Point.
Mayor Snyder publishes letter concerning waterworks complications.

March 22.—Death of W. G. Wardrobe.
City tickets nominated.

March 29.—A. J. Frame publishes letter opposing bonding of city for municipal waterworks plant.

Death of Mrs. Ann Stewart of Ottawa.
Rev. Chalmers receives call from Baptist congregation at Morgan
Park, Ill.

April 5.—City election results in Republican victory.
New County Board also Republican
Midnight closing enforced.
Alderman Thos. Spence dies as result of fall.

April 12.—Hugh E. Williams dies at New York.
C. A. Blodgett and S. E. Gernon pass away.

April 19.—Rev. Chalmers accepts call to Morgan Park.
County campaign opens.
Mayor Snyder reads annual message to "council.

April 26.—White Rock Spring sold for $1,000,000.
City sends $600 to San. Francisco sufferers.

May 3.—Col. Paul McWhorter dies suddenly of apoplexy.

May 10.—Henry Lockney announces candidacy for state senators.
National Water Co., purchases White Rock Spring, incorporate for $10,000,000.

May 17.—Examination for oil inspector for Waukesha county held.
J. B. Christoph ranks first. Appointed-

May 24.—Sheet Steel plant sold for $50,000

May 31.—Archaelogists have meeting in city.
Death of Jas. S. Dent.

June 7.—John Stencil of Menomonee suicides.
Curfew ordinance presented to council

June 14-High school graduates class of thirty-eight.
Caroll College, four, and Carroll academic department thirty-one.
Death of Peter McKenzie
Coleman House becomes Fountain Inn.

June 21-Herman Schwindt and Mrs. Herman Becker take their own lives.
County spelling and adding matches won by Josie Rausch and Olive Sanders.

June 28-Epworth League convention in city.
Death of Andre Aitkin

July 5.—Gen. Powell Clayton guest of 28th "Wisconsin regiment at reunion here.
Clarks and Jacksons have reunion at Big Bend.
Irving Jones at Genesee killed by train.

July 12-Congress appropriates $10,000 for post office site here.
A.W. Chamberlain chosen to be superintendent of city schools and principal of high school.

Michael Cullen killed at Trinidad Col.
Wilbur Lumber Co has second annual convention of representatives.

July 26-Peter Polzine of Milwaukee drowned at Muskego.
Masons hold Consistory picnic at new Masonic home at Dousman.

Aug. 2—Hartland has 525,000 fire.
Death of Martin Cullaton, founder of The Freeman.
Oconomowoc midsummer carnival.
City board of review decides to assess Fountain house property for $60,000.
Democrats meet and make slate of county candidates.
Otto Pruefert arrested on charge of murdering Frederick Hookstad.

Aug. 9.—William Koppe of Milwaukee drowns in Pewaukee lake.
Bethesda spring anniversary.
County candidates file nomination papers.

Aug. 16.—Pruefert held for trial on murder charge.
"Holy Jumpers" camp meeting in progress.
Elks convention for 1507 secured for Waukesha.
Annual report shows 5,464 books in city library.
Sites for postoffice are offered.

Aug. 23,—Death of Dr. J. A. Rice of Merton.

Aug. 30—Miss Marie Nunnemacher of Milwaukee drowned in Pine
Lake, and Robert Wentworth of Chicago in Fox River.

Sept. 6,—Rural mail carriers organize.
Curfew law passes.
Primary election, results.
Chas. R. Culver, Angele Getta, Jos Welch and Edward Slattery meet accidental deaths.
Death of Mrs. D. S. Tullar.

Sept 13—Primary elections held.
Inheritance tax in county for three years less than $10,000.

Sept. 20.—Rev. A. A. Kiehle resigns his Milwaukee pastorate to take chair of sociology at Carroll College.
Alfred Overland killed by automobile at Delafield.

Sept. 27.—Ald. Edward Foster dies.
Dr. David Roberts appointed state veterinarian.
Rheinhold Duhnke of New Berlin kills himself.
Clysmic spring sold.

October 4.—Irving Church of Menomonee Falls awarded Carnegie
medal for heroism.

Carroll is bequeathed $25,000 by Elizabeth McNaughton.
"Country Fair" at Eagle.

Oct. 11.—Death of James Stewart of Vernon.
Waukesha county veterans hold annual reunion.
Lead vein discovered at North Lake.
Clark S. Hartwell killed by fall of tree.

Oct. 18.—Work on tuberculosis sanitarium at Wales is begun.
County Clerk Clark makes statement regarding retention of fees.

Oct. 25—Bowe livery destroyed by fire.
Claude Ellis appointed private secretary to Mayor Becker of Milwaukee.
Death of S. D. Carpenter.

Nov. 1—Mormons hold conference here.
Telephone Co., completes new system.

Nov. 8.—Project of county historical society is agitated.
County goes Republican by large majorities. Democratic sheriff, G. L. Dwinhell, elected.

Nov. 15.—County board convenes for sixty-first session.
R. L. Gove chosen to succeed Edw. Foster as president of city council, and W. B. Hardshorn succeeds him as alderman.
R. L. Benjamin succeeds Clark S. Hartwell as supervisor.
Robert Adams-Buell awarded laurel wreath after concert triumph in Germany.

Nov. 22.—Geo. L. Wilsey and H. H. Schufeldt die at Oconomowoc.
H. B. Blair, A. W. James and 0. P. Clinton enter race for postmastership.
S. M. Braden, former Waukesha man, promoted to assistant general managership of C. & N. W. Ry., west of the Missouri river

Nov. 29—Rev. W. A. Billings of Dixon, Ill., called to local Baptist church.
H. E. Blair recommended for postmastership.
White Rock Spring Co. sued by G. D. Puffer et al for $1,000,000.
County board bars liquors at annual dinner.
Dec. 6.—Boys of T. M. C. A. hold state conference at local association building.
Thos. Connor is killed at Mapleton by Daniel McMahon.

Dec.13-County board adjorns.
Henry Smith, and Edward Bullis killed by train at Elm Grove.
Conference of county school boards held at high school.
Pruefert trial in progress.

Dec. 20—Death of Elias R. Williams.
$7,000 fire at East Troy.
Otto Pruefert convicted of manslaughter in second degree.