This section contains lists of Waukesha County officials for the years 1852-1880, and 1892 extracted from old publications

Waukesha County Board of Supervisors
First County Election
Source: Daily Sentinel and Gazette, (Milwaukee, WI) Thursday, 
April 16, 1846; Issue 52; col B 

Menomonie- A whig said to be elected, name not known
Brookfield-William Fisher, whig
New Berlin-Mr. Sherwood, Dem.
Muskego-A tie
Vernon-A whig, name not known
Prairieville-Joseph Turner, dem.
Pewaukie-C. M'Vean, whig.
Lisbon-T.Richmond, dem.
Warren-W. Odell, dem.
Delafield-A Castleman, whig
Genesee-Mr. Case, whig
Muckwonago-J. Bond, dem.
Eagle-B.P. Melendy, liberty
Ottawa-T. Dousman, whig
Summit-C. Reed, dem.
Oconomowoc-A democrat, name not known
Whig 7, dem, 7, lib. 1.  In case another election is not held in 
Muskego, last year's chairman Mr. Martin, a democrat, will, it is 
supposed, hold over.-Amer. Freeman.

Excerpts were taken from pages of an old 1880's publication on the history of Waukesha County.

Nelson Burroughs, 1852; 
W. D. Bacon, 1858; 
Charles S. Hawley, 1854; 
A. Miner, 1855; 
Alexander F. Pratt, 1856; 
William Blair, 1857; 
Alexander F. Pratt, 1858 -59; 
William Blair, 1860-61; 
John Forbes, 1862; 
William Blair, 1863; 
John Fallon, 1864; 
N. A. Spooner, 1865; 
R. L. Gove, 1866; 
Isaac Lain, 1867; 
Vernon Tichenor, 1868; 
R. L. Gove, 1869; 
Isaac Lain, 1870; 
W. V. Tichenor, 1871-72; 
R. M. Jameson, 1873; 
Richard Dunbar, 1874; 
Vernon Tichenor, 1875-76; 
R. L. Gove, 1877; 
William Blair, 1878; 
P. H. Carney, 1879; 
Henry M. Youmans, 1880.

E, M. Randall, 1852-55; 
O. McMahon, 1856-59; 
H. W. Sherman and 
	Fred. Ring, Jr., 1860; 
Fred. Ring, Jr., and 
	J. A. Williams, 1861; 
Vernon Tichenor, 1862; 
L. B. Lyman, 1863; 
O. McMahon, 1864; 
C. G. Heath, 1865; 
William R, Williams, 1866; 
W. V. Tichenor, 1867-68; 
0. McMahon, 1869; 
N. Smith and 
	W. V. Tichenor, 1870; 
Frank H. Putney, 1871-74; 
John Forbes, 1875; 
George C. Pratt, 1876; 
O. McMahon and 
	George C. Pratt, 1877; 
Ira Kimball, 1878-79; 
Ira Kimball and 
	F. M. Slawson, 1880.
John P. Story, 1852; 
J. L. Delano, 1858-54; 
Vernon Tichenor, 1855; 
William F. Fette, 1856-1857; 
William F. Fette, 1858; 
Gustavus Meyer, 1859; 
M. G. Townsend, 1860; 
H. N, Davis, 1861; 
P. H. Carney, 1862; 
John E. Jewett, 1868-65; 
James Hunkins, 1866; 
Ira Kimball, 1867; 
Leander Hill, 1868; 
James Hunkins, 1869; 
Alonzo Tyler, 1870; 
John E. Jewett, 1871; 
Frederick Slawson, 1872-75; 
D. R. Prindle, 1876; 
P. P. Mulligan, 1877; 
O. Culver, 1878; 
C. A. Haertel, 1879: 
D. R. Prince, 1880.
J. L. Delano, 1852; 
D. Casey, 1858; 
James M. Hurlbut, 1854-55; 
Michael J. O'Brien, 1856-57; 
Joseph O'Brien, 1858-59; 
B. B. Brown, 1860; 
Ira Kimball, 1861; 
Chas. Zimmerman, 1862; 
J. E. Reauh, 1868; 
S. H. Barstow, 1864; 
Wm. K. Hunkins, 1865; 
Robert H. Jones, 1866; 
O. Culver, 1867; 
R. H. Jones, 1868; 
O. Culver, 1869; 
Peter Telyea, 1870-71; 
O. Culver, 1872; 
Peter Telyea, 1878; 
Geo. R. Jones, 1874; 
Conrad Sehrt, 1875; 
Robert Varley, 1876-77; 
W. C. Holbrook, 1878; 
David Johnson, 1879-80.
John A. Dunbar, 
William Blair, 1852; 

J. A. Dunbar, 
Isaac Lain, 1853; 

J. A. Dunbar, 
John P. Story, 1854; 

D. Vankirk, 
E. Chester, 1855, 

The village was divided 
into two wards for one 

First Ward-
D. Vankirk, 1856; 
Second Ward-
O. McMahon, 1856; 

George C. Pratt, 
John Gasper, 1858; 

George C. Pratt, 1859; 

D. Vankirk, 1860 and 1861. 
The Assessor of the town 
of Waukesha now assesses 
the village of Waukesha.
W. D. Horton, 1868; 
H. H. Hunkins, 1869;
F. M. Putney, 1870; 
C. P. Silvernale, 1871; 
Alexander F. Pratt, 1872; 
J. W. Gilman, 1873, 
	1874 and 1875; 
O. M. Hubbard, 1876; 
George C. Pratt, 1877; 
John Gibbs, 1878-80.
J. R. Prouty, 
W. D. Bacon, 
S. S. Case, 
C. S. Hawley, 
Alex. Cook, 
Joseph Turner, 1852; 

Wm. Blair, 
Wm. F. Fette, 
J. Turner, 
Elihu Enos, Jr., 
M. D. Cutler, 
G. C. Cone, 1858; 

Thos. D. Cook, 
Edward Chester, 
M. D. Cutler, 
W. D. Bacon, 
Wm. Blair, 
Alex. Cook, 1854; 

T. H. Tucker, 
Geo. Hatch, 
J. P. Pullen, 
Wm. Blair, 
A. McCall, 1855 

[village here divided into 
wards for one year]. 
First Ward-
Thos, D. Cook, 
H. N. Davis, 
Jabez Burchard, 1856. 

Second Ward-
John Fallon, 
Chris. Nohl, 
Thos. Curtis, 1856; 

John Fallon, 
John Gaspar, 
E. M. Randall, 
Amos Smith, 
Vernon Tichenor, 1857; 

Wm. Soper, 
John E. Gallagher, 
John Fallon, 
John Collins, 
C. L. Robinson, 
Erastus Barnes, 1858; 

Wm. Soper, 
John Fallon, 
D. K. Warren, 
James Poole, 
Wm. Blair, 1859; 

0. Z. Olin, 
R. N. Kimball, 
C. C. White, 
A. F. Root, 
Isaac Lain, 
S. A. Bean, 1860; 
R. N. Kimball, 
A. F. Root, 
E. Chester, 
D. Casey, 
R. B. Hammond, 
Isaac Lain, 1861; 

0. M. Tyler, 
Aaron Blank, 
Wm. Blair, 
Humphrey Price, 
H. A. Meyer, Jr., 
Silas Barber, 1862; 

Wm. S. Barnard, 
John Forbes, 
Wm. S. Hawkins, 
Humphrey Price, 
Julius Reise, 
John Tyler, 1868; 

Sebina Barney, 
M. Schafer, 
J. L. Kennedy, 
Wm. Soper, 
Geo. C. Pratt, 
Erastus Barns, 1864; 

John Forbes, 
R. B. Hammond, 
James Poole, 
L. B. Wright, 
Julius Reise, 
Stephen Webber, 1865; 

Silas Barber. 
L. B. Wright, 
Joseph 0'Brien, 
Geo. C. Pratt, 
M. Schafer, 
Michael Gleason, 1866; 

R. B. Hammond, 
R. N. Kimball, 
Vernon Tichenor, 
O. M. Tyler, 
T. D. Cook, 
John Forbes, 1867; 

James Peale, 
Charles Cark, 
Joseph O'Brien, 
R. M. Jameson, 
Julius Reise, 
O. M. Hubbard, 1868; 

Silas Richardson, 
M. Schafer, 
W. H. Bogle, 
W. S. Green, 
G. E. Fuller, 
Geo. C. Pratt, 1869; 

W. S. Barnard, 
E. A. Church, 
R. N. Kimball, 
N. McBeath, 
F. Slawson, 
Orville Tyler, 1870; 
M. Schafer, 
R. N. Kimball, 
H. H. Hunkins, 
Michael Gleason, 
Wm, Langier, 
O. Z. Olin, 1871; 

Wm. Langer, 
Arthur Holbrook, 
Michael Gleason, 
Peter Lau, 
Thos. H. Nelson, 
John J. Clarke, 1872; 

James Poole, 
H. H. Hunkins, 
Conrad Sehrt, 
Samuel Dodd, 
S. E. Allen, 
Chas. A. Estberg, 1878; 

Silas Barber, 
James Poole, 
Thos. Haynes, 
Peter Lau, 
Richard Street, 
0. Z. Olin, 1874; 

Chas. A. Estberg, 
O. Culver, 
F. M. Putney, 
Peter Lau, 
Henry Deakin, 
Martin Brown, 1875; 

Chas. A. Estberg, 
Richard Street, 
Ira Kimball, 
James Poole, 
F. M. Putney, 
Wm. S. Green, 1876; 

Sebina Barney, 
Jacob Sanner, 
John J. Clarke, 
John E. Lau, 
Wm, S. Green, 
F. M. Putney, 1877; 

Charles Cork, 
R. M. Jameson, 
Michael Gleason, 
F. M. Putney, 
T. C. Martin, 1878; 

M. S. Griswold, 
Hugh Williams, 
N. McBeath, 
Peter Lau, 
B. Boorman,
Frank Blair, 1879; 

Alex. Cook, 
G. F. H. Barber, 
John E. Lau, 
O. Culver, 
A. S. Putney, 
C. A. Haertel, 1880.

Miscellaneous Department
From 1892 Waukesha Directory


The elective officers of the village of Waukesha are one president, six 
trustees, six suprvisors, one marshal, and one treasurer to be elected by 
the qualified voters at the annual election on the first tuesday of May in 
each year, and shall hold their offices for one year, except for the 
trustees, one half of the whole number of whom are elected on alternate 
years for two year terms.

The town election of the the town of Waukesha, and all other towns of the 
county, is held on the first Tuesday of April of each year, and sis for the 
election of town officers and the transaction of other business.

The county or general elections are held every two years-on the first Tuesday 
after the first Monday in November.

All county, assembly, congressional, senatorial, and state conventions are 
subject to the call of their respective committees.  Delegates to these 
several conventions are chosen as primaries called in the different districts 
(towns, villages or wards of cities) throughout the state as may be directed 
in the published calls.

Village Government
President, Wm.H. Sleep
Trustees, A.S. Putney,J.L. Gaspar, Frd Phelps, J.G. Dunlop, Peter Lau, 
	Harry Dryer
Treasurer, J.K. Randle
Clerk, J.J. Gibbs
Attorney, T.W. Haight
Marshal, W.S. O'Brien
Street Commissioner, H.Y.Brothers

Standing Committees
Finance-Fred Phelps, A.S. Putney, Harry Dryer
Claims-A.S. Putney, J.G. dunlop, Fred Phelps
Streets- Peter Lau, J.L. Gaspar, J.G. Dunlop
Police-J.G. Dunlop, Harry Dryer, Peter Lau
Ordinances-J.L.Gaspar, Peter Lau, A.S. Putney
Fire and Water-Harry Dryer, Fred Phelps, Peter Lau

Board of Health
Dr. R. M. Wigginton, Health Officer acting in conjuction
with the President and Board of Trustees.

County Officers
Thos C. Martin, County Judge, having appellate jurisdiction with the 
Circuit Judge; A Scott Sloan, Circuit Judge; Chris Ganor Sheriff; Juson Hall, 
Clerk; Lawrence Debus, Treasurer; Wm H. Hardy, Register of Deeds; Alexander 
Cook, District Attorney; Andrew Snyder, Clerk Circuit Court; A.H. Craig, 
Superintendent of Schools.

T.J. Holden, Brookfield
David C.Jones, Delafield
Herny M. Loibl, Eagle
Morgan J. Evans, Genesee
John A. Rodgers, Lisbon
e.E. Campbell, Menomonee
Ed. Drummond, Merton
L.G. Andrews, Mukwonago
John Schmidt, Muskego
Wm Hanna, New Berlin
M.J. Shannon, Oconomowoc
Fred E. Brown, Oconomowoc City, 1st W.
John Fallon, Oconomowoc City, 2nd W
And. McCormick, Oconomwoc City, 3d Ward
Thos E. Jones, Ottawa
C.F. Steele, Pewaukee
Chas H. Jackson, Summit
Wallas Goff, Vernon
F.E. Allen, Waukesha

W.B. Leonard, Brookfield
John A. Pawling, Delafield 
John J. Tuohy, Eagle
H.A. Bowman, Genesee
M.H. Pendergast, Lisbon
John Flanagan, Menomonee
W.W. Dayton, Merton
Chas. E. Wood, Mukwonago
Geo. E. Rosenberg, Muskego
Wm Verbrick, New Berlin
C.H. Counsel, Oconomowoc
Chas. F. George, Oconomowoc City
John C. Quintus, Ottawa
J.A. Ryan, Pewaukee
Geo. F. Fiedler, Summit
Jas. McKenzie, Vernon
Geo.M.S. Jewett, Waukesha

Fred Grapengeiser, Brookfield
Daniel Griffin, Delafield
L.E. Hall, Eagle
Wm M. Jones, Genesee
herman Reising, Lisbon
J.Wm. Castenholz, Menomonee
E.M. Crouch, Merton
Edward Goodman, Mukwonago
Herman Schulz, Muskego
Nicholas Orth, New Berlin
Magnus Hildahl, Oconomowoc
Alex. Snyder, Oconomowoc City
John W. Owens, Ottawa
Herman Hamm, Pewaukee
herman Buskirk, Summit
Geo Bertram, Vernon
August Wedenhoeft, Waukesha

H.W. Goetz, Brookfield
John J. Johnson, Delafield
George Wilton, Eagle
Robert H. Williams, Genesee
Henry Rhineford, Lisbon
Peter Reith, Menomonee
Jacob L. Jacobson, Merton
Jas. FArdy, Mukwonago
Anthony Shallanda, Muskego
Daniel Packenham, New berlin
Albert Wilbur, Oconomowoc
Silas M. Sherwood, Oconomowoc City
Thos. Jones, Ottawa
Magnus Andree, Pewaukee
Daniel Williams, Summit
Harmon Warfield, VErnon
J.G. Hart, Waukesha

Fire Department
Meets engine house 716 Clinton st. Opp. Post office.
Charles Cork, Chief
R.H. Hunkins, Assistant Cheif
John L.Gaspar, Captain
Albert Federer, Ass't Captain
Benj. Lau, Secretary
C.A. Haertel, Treas.
Trustees: J.L. Gaspar, Henry Snyder, F. Wardrobe
Janitor, Wm. Jeneman

List of Members
Hose Cart 1-
A. Snyder, Foreman
Louis Buckner
C. Evans
Fred Deno
Jacob Damm
Robert Reise
Wm James Joe Klock
Warren Wheeler
Wm Jeneman

Hose Cart No. 2-
Geo. Deakin
Fred Chambers
Bernard Lan
Frank Mills
John Sellers
Geo. Knipfel
John Gaspar
C.A. Haertel
August Henke
John Kohler

Hook and Ladder Co.-
A. Federer, Foreman
Chas Crane
John Imig
F. Wardrobe
Aug. Schley
Peter Vogt
Henry Tillman
Nick Madden
W.D. Roberts
Louis Markle

Go As You Please Co.-
R.H. Hunkins
Peter Lau
W.P. Babcock

Waukesha Post Office
Postmaster: Frank H. Putney
Assistant Postmaster: J. Ernest Jewett

Post-office Hours
General Delivery and Stamp Window-8 A.M. to 7:30 P.M.
Registry Division-8 A.M. to 6 P.M.
Postmaster's Room-9 A.M. to 5 P.M.

Sundays-General Delivery and Stamp Window 12 M. to 1 P.M.

Holidays-General Delivery and Stamp Window open till noon.
Morning delivery by carriers.  Money order and Registry
Division closed.

Delivery by Carriers-Carriers leave main office daily, except
Sundays, at 8 A.M. and 1:30 P.M. Extra delivery to business streets
at 4:30 P.M.

Collection from Business streets same time as delivery.

Baptist Church-Corner Grand and Wisconsin aves
	Rev. P.S. Everett, Pastor
	Sunday Services, 10:30 A.M. and 7:30 P.M.
	Young People's Meeting, 6:30 P.M.
	Sunday School, 2 M
	regular Weekly Prayer Meeting, Wednesday 7:30 P.M.