Milwaukee Steamboat and Propeller Lines

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Source: 1857-58 Milwaukee City Directory Erving, Burdick & Co. 205 and 207 East Water Street

Milwaukee Boat Club

William Henry Wright, President
David B. Ogden, Vice President
Jerome R. Brigham, Secretary
Charles S. Ilsley, Treasurer

Daily Steamers North

The Steamer Cleveland runs as follows:

Leaving Milwaukee every evening, at 8 ˝ o’clock (Sundays excepted) for Two Rivers, touching at Port Washington, Sheboygan, and Manitowoc, returning, leave Two Rivers at 6 o’clock, and Manitowoc at 8 o’clock the following morning.

Steamer Arctic leaves every Wednesday evening for Green Bay, from Kellogg and Strong’s Dock. Kellogg & Strong, Agents

Lake Michigan Steamboat Co.

Steamers: Traveller, Capt. Sweeney; Planet, Capt. Butlin;

one of which will leave the Dock, foot of Main Street, every evening, at 9 o’clock for Chicago, touching at Racine and Kenosha.
W. W. Wilson, Passenger Agent, at Johnson & Olmsted’s office, foot of Main Street.

American Transportation Co.

J. J. Tallmadge, Agent.
Eight first-class propellers, which receive and ship freight at the Warehouse dock next to Walker’s Point Bridge. Line for 1857:

Potomac, Captain -----------
Sun, Captain Collins
Milwaukee, Captain -----------
Buffalo, Captain Conkey
Oriental, Captain Steele
Iowa, Captain -------------
Chicago, Captain Hathaway
Nile, Captain Salisbury
Western Transportation Co. –
J. J. Tallmadge, Agent, at the warehouse near Walker’s Point Bridge.

The following vessels comprise this line:
Plymouth, Captain Dixon
Mohawk, Captain Pheatt
Free State, Captain Napier
Tonawanda, Captain Palmer
Neptune, Captain Naper
Dunkirk, Captain Hinckley
Mt. Vernon, Captain Bennett
May Flower, Captain Arthur
Autocrat, Captain Glover
Cairo, Captain Bryan
Griffin & Burns, Passenger Agents, foot of East Water Street.

New York Central Line

Dousman & Co., Agents.
Warehouse down the river, near the Straight Cut.
The following vessels comprise this line:
Fountain City, 800 tons burthen
Galena, 750 tons burthen
Dacota, 750 tons burthen
Mendota, 750 tons burthen
Wenona, 750 tons burthen
Evergreen City, 650 tons burthen
Cuyahoga, 650 tons burthen
Kenosha, 650 tons burthen

Old Oswego Line

Dousman & Co., Agents.
Warehouse near the Straight Cut.
The following Propellers comprise the line:
Galena, Kentucky, LaCrosse, Madison, Dubuque and Burlington

People’s Line

Dousman & Co., Agents.
The following Propellers comprise this line:
Bradbury, Captain Hewitt
Racine, Captain Brett
Pittsburg, Captain Beckwith
Acme, Captain -----------
Dickson, Captain ----------------

North Western Transportation Co.

L. J. Higby, Agent.
The landing is above Walker’s Point Bridge, near the Mississippi Rail Road Depot.
The Propellers of this line are:
Montgomery, Captain Nicholson
Globe, Captain Pratt
Ontonagon, Captain Wilkins
Adriatic, Captain Lathrop
Ogontz, Captain Wilkinson
Wabash Valley, Captain ---------
New Propeller, Captain ------------

Northern Transportation Co.

Barclay, Hale, & Co. are the Agents, assisted by L.D. Hudson, at Sanderson’s Warehouse, below Walker’s Point Bridge.
In addition to the following Propellers, they have the schooner Gold Hunter, the brig Mariner, and another sail vessel
Michigan, Captain Hoskins
Wisconsin, Captain Hickey
Prairie State, Captain McHenry
Odgensburg, Captain Richardson
Jefferson, Captain Springaman
Louisville, Captain Colwell
Ontario, Captain Parker
Buckeye, Captain Rosman
Lady of the Lake, Captain Williams
Young America, Captain Chadwick
Bay State, Captain Brown
Granite State, Captain Chapman
Vermont, Captain Canfield.