German Evangelical and Reformed Church Cemetery


The German Evangelical and Reformed Church is responsible for establishing two cemeteries, one half mile from each other on county Y (Racine Ave).

The first cemetery, sometimes called the Sittle Cemetery, Pioneer Cemetery or Damm Cemetery is in a small woods on the crest of the hill on the west side of Highway Y between Observatory Road and Swartz Road.


Sittle Cemetery is inactive. The cemetery was established around 1846 by the German Reformed Church of New Berlin. The church established in 1842 abandoned the first church and this cemetery during the Civil War.

The cemetery is under the care of the City of New Berlin, However it has been left to decay.

On a visit to the cemetery August 3, 2006, we found the cemetery overgrown. I contracted poison ivy from the visit, so if you plan on visiting please take precautions. Only one tombstone could be seen, that of Anna Margaretha Damm. Anna is the wife of Christian Damm. Christian sold the property for the cemetery to the church for $25 in 1852.

Cemetery Records

All available original records of the Evangelical and Reformed Church of New Berlin are held by the Evangelical and Reformed United Church of Christ
413 Wisconsin Avenue
Waukesha, WI 53186

At the Waukesha County Museum there are transcriptions from the tombstones and church plot numbers, 1846-1862. All of the early records of the church have been translated from the GErman and the transcription is in the Museum files. This includes death records, 1842-1949.


Photos if available on this site are linked to the surname. Obituaries, when available, are linked to the individual's name.

See also a transcription of the church death records

The following Sittle Cemetery Transcriptions were transcribed circa 1972 by Mrs. Kenneth Ristow items in [brackets] From Ev. Church Records

Peter W./son of Peter Kramer/died July 2, 1861/1yr 5mo 
	22 days [Peter Wilhelm b:  Jan. 11, 1857/Peter 
	KRAEMER/Therese GOTTSMANN/d: July 2, 1861 
	(cramps in the stomach)/July 4, 1861]
Catherine H./daughter of Peter Kramer/died July 16, 1861/
	2 yrs 2 mos 5 days/Peter & Therese (Gottsman) Kramer
	[Catharina Wilhelmine b:  Dec. 8, 1858/Peter KRAEMER/
	Therese GOTTSMANN/d: July 13, 1861 (angina)/July 14, 

KERN: (also seen as Korn)
Margarett, daughter of Henry(Heinrich) & Philippine (Schwartz) Kern/
	d. Oct. 20, 1846/age 3 weeks

LUKE:Children of H. & B. Luke
(Heinrich & Barbara (Damm) Luke)
Barbara/died Oct. 10, 1842, [Barbara LUCAS(called but 
	not baptized)/ Heinrich LUCAS/Barbara DAMM/
	d: Oct. 10, 1842 (of convulsions: age 13 days, 
	10 hours)/Oct. 11, 1842  Church cemetery] ossw:
Margaret/died April 20, 1846/2 days, [Margarethe LUCAS 
	not baptized)/Heinrich LUCAS/Barbara DAMM/
	d: Apr. 20, 1846  (of weakness: age 2 hours)/ Apr. 21 
	afternoon   Church cemetery] ossw:
Lewis/died Nov. 30, 1847/13 days [Christian Ludwig LUCAS/
	Heinrich LUCAS/Barbara DAMM/d: Nov. 28, 1847
	(of convulsions: age 13 days 7 hours)/ 
	Church cemetery], ossw:
Lewis/died Jan 1, 184-/18 days [Christian Ludwig LUCAS/
	Heinrich LUCAS/Barbara DAMM/d: Jan. 1, 1849
	(of convulsions: age 18 days 8 hours)/Jan. 1 
	Church cemetery], ossw:
Jacob/died May 27, 1850/1 yr 11 days [Jacob LUKAS/
	Heinrich LUKAS/Barbara DAMM/d: May 27 1850
	(convulsions) 1 days 4 hours/May 29, 1850/Home], ossw:
Margaret/died Sept 15, 1851/3 mo [Margaretha LUCAS/
	Heinrich LUCAS/Barbara DAMM/d: Sep. 14, 1851
	(consumption) 13 weeks 5 hours/Sep. 15, 1851
	Home], ossw:
Mary/died Sept 8, 1851/1 year 2 mos 11 days, ossw:
Lewis/died Sept. 22, 1855/17 days

Anna M./wife of George Sittel/died March 30, 1862/64 years 3 mos
	[Anna Maria nee JUNG b:  Dec. 15, (?), 1797/ d: Mar. 30, 
	1862 (blood consumption & abdominal infection)/Apr. 1, 1862]
Mother Wilde



In the cemetery transcription records at the Waukesha Historical Society
the following was found:

Abandoned German Evangelical Cemetery
(although it is believed he is buried in the second cemetery (#116)
due to the date of death)

George, born in Griesfeld, Germany, Oct. 13, 1790
	died may 11, 1873, aged 82 yrs 6 mo, 26 da/
	Husband of Anna M. Sittle (above)