Below is a list of cemeteries in Waukesha County by township. I have numbered the cemeteries so that it is easier for me to identify each one. Some cemeteries have similar names, be sure you are selecting the right cemetery when looking for your ancestors.

  • Many have burials listed
  • Some obituaries are linked to individual names
  • Only burials known at the time of page creation are listed in each cemetery. If you don't find your ancestor, that does not mean he or she was not buried in the cemetery.

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Town of Brookfield

(1) Benecke Family
Location: Brookfield Road North of Bluemound, Brookfield
Section 28 Other Information: Moved to Prairie Home Waukesha Twp.
History of cemetery

(2) German Lutheran
Location: Capital Drive (HWY 190) & Calhoun Rd. Brookfield
Section 4
Earliest Known Burial: 1865
Last burial: 1955

(3) Hinze Family
Location: 665 Elm Grove Road Elm Grove
Section 25
One known Burial

(4) Mound Zion Jewish (Md. Zion)
a.k.a. Waukesha West Cemetery

Location: 14400 North Avenue. Brookfield
Section 14
Longitude/Latitude: 430343N 0880529W
Earliest: 1879 Other Information: Established 1878. About 3200 burials

(5) Oak Hill
Location: Brookfield Road, South of Capital Drive(Hwy 190) Brookfield
Section 9
Latitude/Longitude: 430459N 0880842W
Began Operation: 1851

(6) Pioneer
a.k.a. East Pioneer
a.k.a. Dixon Cemetery
a.k.a. East Side Cemetery
a.k.a. Brookfield

Location: North Avenue Pilgrim Road Brookfield
Section 15
Began Operation 1851

(7) St. Dominic's Catholic
Location: Lisbon Road near Marcy Brookfield
Section 4
Earliest burial 1847

(8) St. Mary's Catholic
a.k.a. Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Location: 13300 Watertown Plank Road Elm Grove
Section 25

(9) Trinity Lutheran Church
a.k.a. Trinity Evangelical & Reformed Church

Location: 4435 N. Calhoun Rd. North of Capital Brookfield
Section 4

(10) Visitation
a.k.a. Notre Dame School Sisters Convent

Location: 13105 Watertown Plank Road Elm Grove
Section 26

(11) Wisconsin Memorial Park
Location: 13235 W. Capitol Drive Brookfield
Section 11
Latitude/Longitude: 430508N 0880433W
Earliest burial 1929

(12) Zion Evangelical Methodist
a.k.a. German Evangelical

Location: Highland Road Brookfield
Section 26
Last Burial 1926

Town of Delafield

(20) Delafield Village
Location: South of the village of Delafield on CTH C (Genesee St.) near junction with Delafield
Section 20

(21) St. John Chrysostom Episcopalian
Location: Genesee St. & Church St. Delafield
Section 18

(22) Tabernacle Presbyterian
a.k.a. Welsh Tabernacle Presbyterian

Location: West of CTH G on the west side of Bryn Road
Section 35
Latitude/Longitude: 430152N 0882001W

(23) Hartland Lutheran Cemetery
Location: 400 W. Capital Drive Hartland
Section 3
This cemetery is immediately next door to the Lake Country Congregational Church.

(24) Highland Cemetery
a.k.a. Hartland Village Cemetery

Location: north side of W. Capitol Drive near Zion Street Hartland
Section 3

Town of Eagle

(30) First Eagle
Location: Near Sprague Rd. on Farm
Section 13
Burials (abt 1836-1844)-bef 1940

(31) Jericho Corners
Location: Eagle At SE Junction of CTH E and CTH NN
Section 24
Latitude/Longitude: 425226N 0882524W
Burials 1839-present>

(32) Melendy's Prairie
Location: On the west side of CTH ZZ east of CTH Z
Section 7
Latitude/Longitude: 425428N 0883217W
burials 1847-present

(33) Oak Grove
Location: West side of STH 67 near the Kettle Moraine State Forest
Section 28
Latitude/Longitude: 425154N 0882914W
burials 1844-1967
Transcriptions 1844-1921

(34) Oak Ridge
a.k.a. Village of Eagle Cemetery (present)

Location: opposite St. Theresa's Catholic Church Eagle
Section 22
Latitude/Longitude: 425226N 0882855W
burials 1869-present

(35) St. Theresa's Oak Knoll
Location: Village of Eagle 136 Waukesha Rd.
Section 22
Latitude/Longitude: 425227N 0882846W
burials 1853-present

(36) St. Theresa's Old
Name changed to St. Theresa's Evergreen

Location: South side of STH 59 and intersection with Antique Lane W. of Eagle
Section 21
Latitude/Longitude: 425240N 0883008W
burials 1844-1941

Town of Genesee

(40) Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran
Location: Co G. (E. Brady Brook Rd) Wales
Section 4
Burials: pre-1905
Cemetery Moved

(41) Genesee Village Cemetery
Location: South of STH 59 on east side of STH 83 at intersection with Old Village Road Genesee
Section 27
First burial 1843

(42) George Price
Location: Beside Railroad tracks North Prairie
Section 32
One burial

(43) Jerusalem United Presbyterian
a.k.a. Welsh Jerusalem Presbyterian

Location: Just outside the Village of Wales. East side of STH 83 and junction of CTH G
Section 9
Across from Salem Welsh Cemetary
Latitude/Longitude: 425946N 0882301W

(44) North Prairie
Location: Just west of the Village of North Prairie on STH 59
Section 31
Latitude/Longitude: 425552N 0882526W

(45) Salem Welsh
Location: Genesee West side of STH 83
Section 8
Latitude/Longitude: 425953N 0882304W

(46) Saylesville
Location: South side of CTH X(Saylesville Road)
Section 28
Earliest Burial 1854 less than 40 stones

(47) St. Paul's Catholic
Location: Genesee Depot North side of CTH DE(Sunset Drive) at intersection of Snowdon Road
Section 10
Latitude/Longitude: 425919N 0882044W

Town of Lisbon

(51) Lisbon Central Union
Location: Lisbon North side of VV(Silver Spring) west of STH 164 CTH J
Section 21
Latitude/Longitude: 430828N 0881514W Latitude: 43.14 Longitude: -88.25
Established 1847?
Earlist Burial 1846-1960

(52) Lisbon-Merton Union
Location: Lisbon east of Village of Merton on Lake Five Road north of CTH VV(Silver Spring)
Section 18-19

(53) Redeemer UCC
aka Redeemer UCC
Zion Evangelical

Location: Maple Ave. Sussex
Section 23

(54) Richmond
Location: On Richmond Road adjacent to Richmond School Jct. CTH MD & K
Section 29

(55) St. James Rose Hill
Location: South of Village of Sussex on STH 74
Section 26
Latitude/Longitude: 430710N 0881230W
Earliest Burial Dates: 1837 only two burials

(56) St. Alban's Episcopalian
Location: W 239 N6440 Maple Ave. Sussex (Jct Maple & Main
Section 23
See also list of St. Alban's burial records 1877-1901

Town of Menomonee

(60) Emmanuel Community United Methodist
Location: NW corner of Roosevelt Drive and Appleton Ave
Section 3
Earliest Date: 1845
Oldest Cemetery in Menomonee Falls

(62) St. Anthony
Location: Fussville area N74 W13604 Appleton Ave. Menomonee Falls
Section 13
Established 1848
Transcriptions from 1846-1949

(63) St. James Catholic
Location: Lannon Area W220 N6588 Townline Rd. Menomonee Falls
Section 19
Partial List 1907-1944

(64) St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery
Location: N89 W16297 Cleveland Ave. Menomonee Falls
Section 1
Latitude/Longitude: 431040N 0880435W

(65) St. Paul's UCC
a.k.a. St. Paul's Evang. Lutheran

Location: North side of STH 175 (Appleton Ave) Just NW of Menomonee Falls
Section 3
Latitude/Longitude: 431101N 0880719W

(66) Sunnyside
a.k.a. Menomonee
Menomonee Center
Menomonee Sunnyside
Menomonee Union Sunnyside

Location: West side of STH 74 SW of Menomonee Falls (N of Lannon)
Section 8
Latitude/Longitude: 430959N 0880847W

(67) Union
a.k.a. Nelson
a.k.a. Connell

Lccation: East side of CTH V on township line just south of Schlei Road
Section 6

Town of Merton

(70) Bark River
Location: Jct. Co. K & Dorn Rd. N. of Hartland
Section 35

(71) Bridge Family
Location: Stone Bank Rd. N. of Stone Bank
Section 18

(72) Holy Innocents Episcopal
Grace-Holy Innocents Episcopal

Location: West side of CTH C one mile north of Village of Nashotah
Section 30
Latitude/Longitude: 430715N 0882409W
Holy Innocents Burial Records
Grace Episcopal Church Burials

(73) St. Charles Catholic
Location: Hill Street Village of Hartland 526 Renson Rd. Hartland
Section 35

(74) St. Clare's Catholic
Location: North Lake E. of North Lake on north side of CTY VV W of CTH E
Section 15
Latitude/Location: 430924N 0882126W

(75) St. John the Baptist Catholic
Location: Monches

(76) St. John's Lutheran
Location: Stone Bank N. of CTH K on east side of Stone Bank Road
Section 19
Established 1844

(77) St. John's UCC
Location: N. of Merton at intersection of CTH VV and Center Oak Road
Section 13

(78) St. Peter Episcopal
Location: North Lake on Hwy 83 S of VV
Section 16
Partial list from St. Alban's burial records Sussex

(79) Stone Bank Presbyterian
Location: Stone Bank E on CTH K and junction with W. Shore Drive
Section 20
Established abt 1847

Town of Mukwonago

(90) Coats Family
Location: CTH EE part of Country Squire Estates
Section 4

(91) Johnson Family
Location: North Shore of Spring Lake
Section 7

(92) Oak Knoll
Location: Village of Mukwonago on STH 83 S. of CTH NN
Section 26

Town of Muskego

(100) Bethlehem Lutheran AKA German Evangelical Lutheran
Location: Muskego Town W124 S9995 North Cape Road Durham Hill Hwy 45 south Hwy 36
Section 26

(101) Luther Parker
a.k.a. Durham Hill
a.k.a. Drought

LOcation: Near Jct. Hwy 36 & Hwy 45 Durham
Section 25
Established 1843
Earliest Burial 1847

(103) Jones -Muckey School
Location: Cty. L opposite Muckey School
Section 18

(104) Muskego Center
aka Muskego Village

Location: Cty L at Cty Y
Section 9 Muskego
Converted to an amusement park site (Muskego Beach later Dandelion Park?)
Graves were moved to other cemeteries.

(105) St. Paul's Lutheran
Location: Tess Corners S. of CTH LL(Janesville Road) East of Tess Corners Drive
Section 2

Town of New Berlin

(110) First Deutsch Evangelical Reformed Kirche
a.k.a.First German Reformed Church Cemetery
a.k.a. Sittel
a.k.a. Damm Cemetery

Location: East side of Hwy Y between Observatory Road and Swartz Road
See also Cem 116

(111) Highland Memorial Park
Location: 14874 W. Greenfield Ave.New Berlin
Section 2
Latitude/Longitude: 430049N 0880559W

(112) Holy Apostles
A.K.A. St. Valerius Catholic Cemetery

Location: 16000 W. National Ave
New Berlin
Section 15

(113) New Berlin Center Cemetery
Locatioin: Cty ES at Cty I
Section 28
Latitude/Longitude: 425727N 0880819W

(115) Sunnyside
Location: CTH Y (Racine Ave) & I43
Section 32
Latitude/Longitude: 425606N 0880929W
Dates From 1841

(116) Township a.k.a. German Evangelical and Reformed Cemetery
Location: West side of Hwy Y (Racine Ave) between Coffee Road and Swartz Road
See also Cem 110

Town of Oconomowoc

(120) Cistercian Monastery
a.k.a. Our Lady of Spring Bank

Location: Jct. 16 & Sawyer Rd.
Section 1(Summit Township)
In 1985 the cemetery was moved to Sparta WI. There were 7 burials

(121) Henshall Place
Location: Oakwood Ave. Oconomowoc
Section 33
It is believed the burials were moved to Old Oconomowoc Cemetery about 1851

(122) La Belle a.k.a. Oconomowoc Cemetery
Location: On Grove Street E. Side of Fowler Lake in the City of Oconomowoc
Section 33
Latitude/Longitude: 430641N 0882911W
Cemetary established 1864
Contains remains previously interred at Henshell Burial Ground(prior to 1851) and Old Oconomowoc Cemetery (abt. 1864)

(123) Monterey Methodist Episcopal
a.k.a. Wagner(Wegner) Cemetery

Location: N. side of CTH CW (Mapleton Road) west of Monterey
Section 7
Establosjed 1867 inactive since 1910
Tombstones in poor shape
Cemetery is on private property and has been abandoned.

(124) Monterey Village
Location: E. of STH 67 on Main Street in Monterey
Section 8
Established 1846

(125) Oconomowoc Town (old)
Location: Former location along Walnut Street between Wisconsin Ave. and the Norwegian Bridge
Section 33
Established 1848
Bodies were moved to La Belle in 1864

(126) Redemptorist Fathers Catholic Seminary
A.K.A. Immaculate Conception

Location: 327 Lac La Belle Dr. Redemptorist Fathers Seminary
Section 19

(127) St. Catherine's Catholic
Location: Mapleton S. side of CTH P
Section 11
Dates from 1847

(128) St. Joan of Arc Catholic
Location: Adjacent to Oconomowoc Town Cemetery above
Section 23
g Latitude/Longitude: 430831N 0882704W

(129) Oconomowoc Town
Location: South Side of Highway K east of the intersection with Hwy P
Section 25

Town of Ottawa

(130) Ottawa Town
Location: E. side of STH 67 at Jct. of CTH D
Section 14
Latitude/Longitude: 425908N 0882749W

(131) St. Bruno's Catholic
Location: In Old St. Bruno's churchyard N. side of CTH Z W. of Dousman
Section 8

Town of Pewaukee

(140) Bidwell
a.k.a. South Pewaukee

Location: Summit Ave Pewaukee
Section 33 & 34
No records. Reburial records at Prairie Home Cemetery
In 1909, 156 burials were moved to Prairie Home Cemetery.

(141) Forest Hill
a.k.a. Pewaukee

Location: Village of Pewaukee Prospect Ave and School St.
Section 9

(142) Pilgrim's Rest
a.k.a. Busse Cemetery

Location: Jct. CTH J (Pewaukee Road) and Busse Road N. of I94
Section 23
Latitude/Longitude: 430312N 0881329W

(143) St. Mary's Catholic
Location: Village of Pewaukee 449 W. Wisconsin Ave. Pewaukee
Section 8

(144) St. Peter & Paul Catholic
Location: Duplaineville W225 N3131 Duplainville Rd. Pewaukee
Section 13

(145) Waukesha County Northview Home
a.k.a. Pauper's Cemetery
a.k.a. Northview Cemetery
a.k.a. Waukesha County Home & Hospital

Location: Northview Rd. at Cty. T Pewaukee
Section 28

(146) Our Lady of the Oaks
Location: behind the Believer's Worship Centre at N45 W25338 Lindsay Road, Pewaukee.

Town of Summit

(150) Nashotah House Episcopalian
a.k.a. Nashotah Mission

Location: 2777 Mission Rd. Village of Nashotah on Seminary Grounds CTH B(Valley Road) & Mission Road
Section 12
Partial from records of Grace Episcopal Church Burial Records

(151) St. Jerome's Catholic
Location: CTH BB (Concord Rd.) S. of the city of Oconomowoc
Section 6
Latitude/Longitude: 430602N 0883111W

(152) Summit Town Cemetery
a.k.a. Old Burying Ground

Location: CTH DR (Delafield Road) E. of STH 67
Section 15
Latitude/Longitude: 430345N 0882750W
Established 1837

Town of Vernon

(160) Dodge's Corners
Location: Junction of NN & STH 24(Forest Home)
Section 27

(161) Big Bend Rural Home
Location: Cty. L (Forest Home Ave) SW of Big Bend
Section 23/26
Latitude/Longitude: 425220N 0881303W

(162) Vernon Center
Location: on the north side of Highway ES (National Ave) just west of the intersection with Hi-Lo Drive
Southwest 1/4 of Section 9

(163) Vernon Evangelical Lutheran
a.k.a. Vernon Evangelical Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery

Location: Visible from Hillville Drive E. of CTH XX (Oakdale Road)
Section 8

(164) Vernon Reformed Presbyterian
a.k.a. Covenanter's

Location: N. of National Ave. W234 N5771 Big Bend Road Big Bend
Section 11
Church Established 1848

(165) Vernon United Presbyterian
a.k.a. Reformed
Location: CTH ES (National Ave) E. of Vernon Reformed Presb.
Section 2
Church Established 1857
Cem Established 1855

(166) Waukesha County Poor House
Location: S. of Townline Rd. W. of Big Bend Road
Section 2

Town of Waukesha

(170) Brown Family
Location: W224 S5010 Guthrie Rd.
Section 25
one remaining burial

(171) College and East Avenues
Location: College & East Ave. Waukesha
Section 2
Cemetery Gone
1860 College and East Avenues Cemetery relocated to Prairie Home Cemetery.

(173) Prairie Home Municipal
Location: 605 S. Prairie Avenue Waukesha
Section 10
Latitude/Longitude: 425943N 0881424W
Dates from 1849

(174) Prairieville
Location: Wisc. Avenue Prairieville
Section 3
Cemetery Gone
1850 relocated to College and East Avenues Cemetery.

(173) St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleum
Location: S22 W22890 E. Broadway Waukesha
Section 1
Latitude/Longitude: 430016N 0881209W
Church Established 1844

Unknown Burial Location

(180) Cemetery X

Holy Innocents Church Burials
Contributed by Judy Balen.
Most of these names have been merged into the cemeteries above.

Grace Episcopal Church Burials
Contributed by Judy Balen.
Most of these names have been merged into the cemeteries above.

St. Alban's burial records 1877-1901
Contributed by Judy Balen.
Most of these names have been merged into the cemeteries above.Evangelical & Reformed of New Berlin
a.k.a.First German Reformed Church burial records

Contributed by Kay R.