Oconomowoc Cemetery
Oconomowoc Township
Waukesha County Wisconsin


The Oconomowoc Cemetery was located along Walnut Street between Wisconsin Ave. and the Norwegian Bridge in Sec. 33 in what is now a residential and commercial area of Oconomowoc City. It was west of the present location of LaBelle Cemetery on the southern end of Fowler Lake, Oconomowoc Township.


The cemetery was the first cemetery established May 15, 1851 (date may be wrong) by the Oconomowoc Cemetery Association. Burials were made there until 1864, when it was decided that a larger area would be required for the cemetery. The new site was called LaBelle Cemetery. All the owners of lots in Oconomowoc Cemetery were given lots in LaBelle in exchange and the bodies were relocated at LaBelle. The land was sold in January, 1865, for $1,325 to Messrs. Thompson, Metcalf, Fowler, and Hall and was afterwards platted as Hall's Addition.


There are cemetery records 1851-1864. The records of LaBelle Cemetery inclued reburials from the Oconomowoc Cemetery. There is no chart of the Oconomowoc Cemetery, but there is a chart for LaBelle Cemetery. The records are not available for public research, but the association will answer mail requests. There is no charge at the current time. Please send along a self-addressed stamped envelope for the reply. Contact: Oconomowoc Cemetery Association
P.O. Box 432
Oconomowoc, WI 53066

At the Waukesha County Museum for LaBelle Cemetery, transcriptions from the tombstones, 1844-1954, Sections A-H, I (Blocks 1 and 2), J-L, transcriptions from the tombstones with additional information from the records and notes on unmarked graves (sections A-D)


There are no known online transcriptions for the Oconomowoc Cemetery