Stone Bank Cemetery
Waukesha County Wisconsin


Stone Bank Presbyterian Church as organized on April 15, 1852 by a group of Scottish families as the Presbyterian Church of Newberg.


This active cemetery was established in 1847. In 1858 the first church was built on land donated by John Ferguson, who had also donated the land for the cemetery in 1847. The church became known as Stone Bank about 1860.

North Lake Presbyterian Church as formed about 1903 as a mission of Stone Bank Church. In 1961 the two churches merges as the Kettle Moraine United Presbyterian Church. A new church was built in 1972.


The records 1890s-date consist of a card for each grave lot and a map of the cemetery. The meetings books of the cemetery corporation are 1920s-date. Records are available for public research. But please call first for an appointment. Mail and Phone requests will be answered at no charge.
Stone Bank Cemetery Corporation
N4302 Lakeland
Nashotah, WI 53058

At the Waukesha County Museum there are transcriptions from Tombstones and the Cemetery records, 1847-1939. The records contain lot, grave number and a partial lot owner's list.


A few photos have been taken of stones in this cemetery by Linda & Larry Kopet. Click on the surname to see the photographs available. This is only a partial listing of burials in the cemetery.


Anna Nelson

Howard E. and Ruth (Monsted) Nelson

Edgar H. and May A. Neustadtl

Theodore N. Nielsen


Charles Otteson

Margrethe Otteson


Emma Peart

James Alfred Peart

John Peebles

Archie W. and Arlene Peterson

Christain Peterson

Inglebert and Marcilla Peterson

John M. and Marion Peterson

Nora Peterson

Percy Peterson

Sarah Peterson

Mrs. F.H. Postulka

Rev. F.H. Postulka


Adam and Martha Quarmby


Edwin O. and Gladys H. Rea

Esther Rea

Lester M. Rea

Mabel Rea

Minnie J. Rea

Ansom and Louisa Reynolds

Charles Reynolds

Genevieve M. Reynolds

Margaret Reynolds


Edward and Emma Schultz

Wylda L. Scofield

John Shaver

Mary Shaver

Selina Smith

Salina Smith

Forest J. Sorenson

Jacob and Mette Sorenson

Henry W. Spencer

Marion and Muerial Spencer

Mary J. Spencer

Rose Stenger

Nellie E. Stewart


Carl L. Taylor

Sarah Thayer

David R. and Hannah C. Thomas

H. Arthur and Ada V. Thomas


Frank W. and Ertle My Van Lare

Mary Fenion Varney

William Varney

Frederick Wm. and Elsie Vodoz


Mary Walsh

Frank T. Ward

John J. Waterson

Adam and Mary Weickert

Handford John Whittaker

Herbert L. Wilde

Jeanette Wilde

John Wilde

William and Mary A. Wilde

Frank and Veronica Wirth

Frank V. Wirth


Susannah Yates


Effie Zimmerman

Fred Zimmerman

Frederick and Sophie Zimmerman

Leo Zimmerman