From "History of Waukesha County" by Western Historical Company, Chicago 1880

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A. A. AIKIN, farmer, Sec. 1; P. O. Pewaukee; was born in Fairfield Co., Conn., Nov. 4, 1811; in 1841, he came to Wisconsin; settled in New Berlin, where he remained until 1866, in which year he moved to the town of Pewaukee; lived there two years, then came to Delafield, which has been his home since. He has been three times married; his first wife was Jane Hyatt; second wife Harriet Hayes; his present wife was Abagail Squires, a native of Connecticut; they have ten children; their oldest daughter, Jane Ann, is the wife of Peter Kunz, Sheboygan Co., Wis.; he was a soldier in the 28th W. V. I. during the war of the rebellion; Harriett A., second oldest daughter is the wife of William Wallace of New London, Wis.; he served in the 5th W. V. I. three years, then returned and was assigned to Hancock's Corps, where he served until the close of the war; Mary, third oldest daughter, is the wife of William Granger, of Waukesha; George W., oldest son, was a soldier in active service all through the war, in the 28th W. V. I.; was honorably discharged; he married Jane Connolly; they reside on Sec. 1, this town; Matilda, fourth oldest daughter, is the wife of C. Horner; Clara, fifth oldest daughter, is the wife of William Rauber; he served all through the war in a Wisconsin regiment; they now reside in Minnesota. Francis, second oldest son, married Jane Crane; the unmarried children are William, Charles and Nellie. Mr. Aikin owns 200 acres of land. Is a Republican in politics.

HON. ALBERT ALDEN, Sec. 17; P. O. Delafield; was born in Portland, Me., March 5, 1811, where he received a liberal education, and afterward engaged in the mercantile business; in 1836, he went to New Orleans and clerked in a mercantile house until 1842, in which year he came to Wisconsin and engaged in keeping a general store in the village of Delafield, this county, which business he continued in until 1846; this was the first store established in the town of Delafield; he was also the first Postmaster in the town; in 1846, he was elected Sheriff, a position he filled two years, being the first Sheriff elected in Waukesha County; he was again elected to the same position in 1864, and again served the people well for two years; he was a member of the first regular Wisconsin Assembly in 1849, and was afterward elected to the same position for the terms of 1859 and 1860, serving with credit to himself and honor to his constituency. December, 1843, he married, in the town of Summit, Waukesha Co., Wis., Miss Caroline Fairservice, a native of Oneida Co., N. Y.; they have four children-Albert Jr., Agnes M., wife of Rev. W. O. Pierson, Pastor of Episcopal Church, Mt. Pleasant, Mich.; Virginia, wife of W. F. Brewster, and F. C. Louisa; Mr. Alden owns 360 acres of land; his home is beautifully located near the village of Delafield, on Nagawica Lake.

HENRY BAU, Hartland, was born in the city of New York, Oct. 8, 1846; in 1858, he came to Wisconsin with his parents, John and Catharine Bau; they settled in Washington County, where Henry remained about six years; he then came to Waukesha County, and in 1868 engaged in business in Hartland. April 26, 1875, he married, in Hartland, Annie Spangle two children-Charlie, born Feb. 12, 1876; John E., born Nov. 7, 1878. Mr. Ban keeps a strictly first-class saloon, having a full assortment of the best wines, liquors and cigars; he also keeps Falk's Milwaukee export beer, which is bottled by A. Gunther & Co; this beer is unequaled as a beverage, and is warranted to keep in any climate; Mr. Ban owns his place of business, is public spirited and enterprising. His father died in Washington County; he was a soldier in active service in a Wisconsin regiment during the war; was a good soldier; one of his sons, John Bau, died in the service. At present writing there are only three of his children living, vig.: Henry, whose name heads this notice; Charles, now in Memphis, Tenn.; Amelia, wife of Ferdinand Lehmann, St. Louis, Mo.

GEORGE BEECHAUDLEY, proprietor of Nagawica Cottage, Delafield, was born in Sheffield, England; he came to Wisconsin in 1841; his father, Dr. John Beechaudley, was a pioneer settler of Wisconsin. George Beechaudley, the subject of this notice, married, in Delafield, Ann Seaborn, a native of Gloucestershire, England. Their home, Nagawica Cottage, is located on Nagawica Lake, and occupies a magnificent site on the south bank, and commanding a full view of the lake; the cottage is surrounded by beautiful grounds, and is furnished with every evidence of taste and luxury; every convenience to be found in the mansions of Chicago or New York City are to be found at Nagawica; the hot and fetid atmosphere of a populated city does not enter the chambers of this cottage; but pure, untainted summer air, wafted on the breath of flowers, floats softly through hall and corridor, filling one with an Elysium of delight; those leaving the hot and dusty city can here congregate during the summer season and while away the hours in luxurious enjoyment.

THOMAS BEECHAUDLEY, farmer, Sec. 22; P. O. Hartland; was born in Staffordshire, England, in the year 1836; in 1839, his father, Dr. John Beechaudley, came to this country, and hearing glowing reports of Wisconsin, he determined upon locating there, and accordingly proceeded to South Prairie, remaining there until 1841; in 1842, he had his family come to Milwaukee, where he met them, and in the same year (1842) they settled in the town of Delafield, Waukesha Co., where they made their home. Thomas Beechaudley, the subject of this notice, has been twice married; his first wife was Sarah Taylor, she died in 1870; his present wife was Annie A. Pynn, maiden name Ottawa, was the widow of Edward Pynn; by Mr. Beechaudley's first marriage there are two children-Mary and John; by his present marriage three-James, Eleanor and Thomas. Mrs. Beechaudley's children by her first marriage are Edward and Ida Pynn. Mr. B. owns 180 acres of land, located south of Hartland, on Pewaukee Lake; he has been Assessor of the town of Delafield five terms, has also filled the offices of Town Treasurer and Justice of the Peace several terms.

THOMAS BLOOR, farmer, Sec. 10; P. O. Hartland, Wis.; was born in the town of Lisbon-Waukesha Co., Wis., June 6, 1850; his parents, John and Mary Bloor, are old settlers, and still honored citizens of that town. In 1875, he married, in Neosha, Dodge Co., Wis., Miss Sophia Mann; after their marriage they resided in the town of Lisbon until 1877, when they moved to their present home; their farm is located south of Hartland, a short distance from Pewaukee Lake, is well improved.

ALBERT CAMPBELL, a leading farmer, Sec. 9; P. O. Hartland; Mr. Campbell is the oldest settler now residing in the town of Delafield; he is a native of Oneida Co., N. Y.; he came to Wisconsin in 1837, and in September of that year, settled in the town of Delafield, then in a state of nature, there being scarcely a trace of civilization; he immediately entered a claim, and set about making a home in the wilderness, and how well he has succeeded, his vast acres, costly and substantial buildings, bear witness to. He married in 1840, in the town of Waukesha, Artheusa Watterman, a native of Livingston Co., N. Y.; they have two children, son and daughter, Alfred and Frankie. Mr. Campbell's farm contains 320 acres, is located in a most desirable portion of the town, being only a short drive from Hartland, and in the vicinity of several beautiful lakes, which add so much to the attractions of Waukesha Co. Success has rewarded him with every effort of life; he has kept pace with the growth and improvement of the county, and to such men as Mr. Campbell is due, in a great measure, the present prosperous condition of this county.

JOHN B. CHRISTENSEN, farmer, Sec. 5; P. O. Nashotah; is a native of Denmark; was born Oct. 31, 1835, in the Parish of Stockemark; in 1847, he came to Wisconsin, settling in the town of Delafield. While he was on a visit to his native country, in 1863, he married Fredrica Spillman; she was born in 1844; they have three children-J. Christensen, born in Denmark, June 18, 1864; Elizabeth, born in Delafield, July 4, 1870; Martina, born Dec. 18, 1874. With the exception of about four years, which was spent in visiting his native place, and a short time he was engaged in business in the village of Merton, Mr. Christensen has been a continual resident of Delafield since 1847; he owns 80 acres of land, located on Nagawica Lake, and well improved; his parents, C. L. and Elizabeth Christensen, both natives of Denmark, settled near Lake Nagawica, in 1847; he received a collegiate education in his native country; he died in December, 1879; she is still alive on the homestead, near the lake, much esteemed by all.

W. M. JACQUES, farmer, Delafield; was born in Cornwallis, Kings Co., Nova Scotia, in 1813; he came to Wisconsin in 1844, and located in the town of Delafield, thus becoming one of the pioneer settlers. He has been married twice; his first wife's maiden name, Anna M. Harris, died at Delafield; their children are Charlotte C., now wife of A. Patterson, of Geneva Lake, Wis.; he served in the 24th W. V. I. during the war of the rebellion, was wounded at Chickamanga; George F., now a resident of Calumet Co., Wis., his wife was Anna M. Spaulding, of this county; James, served in the 24th Ohio V. I. during the war, as a 1st Lieutenant; he is married and lives at Leavenworth, Kan.; Annie M., the wife of James Colby, of Big Rapids, Mich.; he was a soldier in the 24th W. V. I. during the war, wounded at Nashville; William M., enlisted in the 24th W. V. C. in the war of the rebellion, served all through, was wounded at Chickamanga. Mr. Jacques' present wife was Elizabeth Vanderpool, a native of Albany, N. Y., born in 1822; her father, William Vanderpool, was a pioneer settler of Vernon, Wis.; they were married in Waukesha, in 1849; they have three children-Isabell S., the oldest, is the wife of Charles Luther, of Calumet Co., Wis.; he was in the 28th W. V. I. during the war; Charles S. and Frank B., the two youngest, are home. Mr. Jacques owns a valuable farm adjoining the village of Delafield. He has been elected to and has filled various offices of honor and trust since his residence in Waukesha Co.; is a liberal and public-spirited citizen.

JOSEPH JOHNSON, an extensive dealer in grain, and leading farmer and stock-raiser; Hartland; was born in Staffordshire, Eng., June 25, 1819. He married, in his native county, Eliza Shepperd; in 1848, they crossed the Atlantic to this country, and made their home in the city of New York until 1854, then came to Wisconsin and located in the town of Delafield, Waukesha Co., which has been their home since; their children are Thomas, Nettie, Henry, Eliza, Willie and Arthur; the oldest son, Thomas, is married and is a resident of Howard Co., Iowa; Nettie, the oldest daughter, is the wife of the Rev. William E. Toll, Episcopal minister at Sycamore, Ill.; the rest of the children are unmarried, and reside in Delafield. Mr. Johnson had his grain elevator erected in 1862; his manner of dealing has been such as to secure the entire confidence of the producers; he therefore does a large business, and has added much to the growth and business of the village; he owns nearly 500 acres of land in the vicinity of Hartland, and has one of the finest droves of Ayrshire cattle in Wisconsin, with which he bears off the first prizes at county and State faris; his house is located a short drive south of the village, where he has surrounded himself with everything pertaining to ease and comfort; Mr. Johnson is public-spirited, enterprising, is a liberal giver, and has always been active in his support of religious, educational and other interests of the town and county in general; he has a vivid recollection of the condition of Delafield a quarter of a century ago, and relates many amusing anecdotes of the happenings of that time.

WILL E. KUNZ, merchant, Delafield; was born in the city of New York March 12, 1855; when he was a child, his parents, Andrew and Julia Kunz, came to this county and settled in the town of Delafield; Mr. Kunz was educated at Carroll College, Waukesha; in December, 1879, he engaged in the mercantile business in Hartland, his being the principal store in the village; he keeps a full line of dry goods, groceries, drugs, medicines and everything that is kept in a first-class general store; he is a thorough business man, and has a large and constantly increasing trade.

WILLIAM LEROY, Jr., merchant and Postmaster, Hartland; was born in Hawkesbury, in the Ottawa District, Canada, April 13, 1830; he came to Wisconsin with his parents in 1842; they settled in the town of Merton, Waukesha Co., where he married Miss Lucy J. Poler, a native of Saratoga Co., N. Y.; after their marriage, they resided in Merton until 1870, when they removed to the village of Hartland, and he engaged in the mercantile business, which he has since continued with flattering success; he carries a full line of general merchandise, has a large trade, and is a thorough, go-a-head business man; he owns 260 acres of land in the vicinity of Hartland, which he oversees personally; they have one son, John, who is engaged in the store. Mr. Leroy's parents, William and Rachel Leroy, settled, as heretofore stated, in Merton in 1842; he is still living, and is in affluent circumstances; she died in 1874; their children now living are William, whose name heads this sketch; Louisa, wife of Chauncy Simonds, of Milwaukee; and Miss Celia.

CHARLES MOUNT, farmer, Sec. 11; P. O. Hartland; was born in Kent, Eng., Sept. 5, 1817; he came to Wisconsin in 1844; settled in the town of Pewaukee, Waukesha Co.; prior to this, he had lived one year in Oneida Co., N. Y.; in 1858, he moved from Pewaukee to his present home. His first wife's maiden name, Mary A. Howard, died in Pewaukee; his present wife is Angeline Pynn, a native of Newfoundland, and daughter of Edward Pynn, a pioneer settler and still an esteemed citizen of this town; they have nine children--Edward, Elisha P., Charlie, Hugh, Sherman, Lewis, Mary F., Katie and Melinda. Mr. Mount owns over 160 acres of land, well improved, and is located on Pewaukee Lake, in the vicinity of Hartland.

NILS SPILLMAN, farmer; Sec. 10; P. O. Hartland; was born in Lolland, Denmark, in the year 1835; be came to this country in 1857, and first lived in Washington Co., Wis., a short time, then went to California and engaged in the lumber trade at Lake Tahoe, where he met with good success; he left Lake Tahoe, he returned to his native place, and in 1862 attended the World's Fair at London, Eng.; he then came to this country and married Miss Huldah Peterson; she was born m the town of Merton, this county, her parents being pioneer settlers of that town. During the siege of Nashville, in the war of the rebellion, Mr. Spillman was in the service of the Government at that place; he served until the close of the war, and was honorably discharged; in 1866, he went to Montana, followed mining near Helena until 1867, then went to, Idaho, remaining there until autumn, then returned to this county, and himself and family went to Europe on a pleasure trip, remaining until 1870; in 1872, he engaged in contracting and building in Chicago, Ill., and did a large business; in 1878, he was in the Black Hills, Dakota. They have five children - Gertrude, Haelstrom, Eugene, Elmer and Clarence. Mr. Spillman is a member of the Town Board of Supervisors, and has filled other local offices; he owns a valuable and finely located farm.

F. A. STAPS, a leading merchant, Hartland; was born in Saxony, Germany, March 10, 1840; came to this country, while a boy, with his father, F. A.. Staps; received a liberal education in Milwaukee, and engaged as clerk in a mercantile house there until 1860; then came to Merton, Waukesha County, and, in 1864 formed a copartnersbip with Francis Schraudenbach, a leading and pioneer merchant of this county; they did the most extensive business in the mercantile line of any store in the county at that time; in 1870, he sold out his interest in the store at Merton to Mr. Schraudenbach, who is still doing a large business there; in 1874, he established a general store in Hartland, where he has since continued, securing a large and constantly increasing trade. Mr. Staps married, in 1866, Miss Caroline, daughter of Francis Schraudenbach, of Merton; they have two children - Nettie May, born June 5, 1867; Irving, born Jan. 1, 1876. Mr. Staps carries a full line of everything that is usually kept in a first-class general store; he is a thorough, go-ahead business man, and by fair dealing and strict business integrity has secured the confidence of all.

DANIEL W. WARNER, Hartland; was born in Berlin, Hartford Co., Conn.; in early life he followed a sea-faring life on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans for about four years; he afterward traveled over nearly every State in the Union. In 1847, he came to Wisconsin, locating in Raymond, Racine Co., where he married Martha L. Phillamore, a native of Bennington, Wyoming Co., N. Y., after their marriage, they came to Hartland, where they have since resident. Mr. Warner is an old resident, and a perfect encyclopedia of genealogical knowledge; he keeps horses and carriages, and meets every train, day and night, at Hartland, for the purpose of conveying travelers to any of the resorts in this vicinity, far or near; and also suitable "rigs" for the transportation of fishing parties to the various lakes and lakelets here-about. To use his own language, he is " compos mentis," and he is a kind-hearted, obliging man, as well as a trusty and careful driver; he is always ready, and, although he has had several competitors for his business thus has far crushed out all opposition; Mr. Warner can always be depended upon, and that, together with his overflowing good nature, is probably the secret of his success. Long may he flourish.

HON. STEPHEN WARREN, the original owner of the village of Hartland; was born in Hawkesbury, Canada; when he was 1 year old, his father, Sylvanus Warren, moved to Niagara County, N. Y., thence to Ann Arbor, Mich., in 1834. where Stephen remained until 1838, in which year he came to Wisconsin, arriving in Waukesha County in February of that year. and at present writing is the second oldest settler now living in the town of Delafield. May 7, 1840, he married, in Merton, Mary Nicholson, a native of Essex County, N. Y.; they had two children - Myron B. sad Sarah; Myron was born in Hartland; he married Emma Crosier; they have two children - Edith and Stephen; Sarah died in Hartland, in 1854. Mr. Warren and wife were the first couple married in the town of Merton, and she taught the first school in the town of Delafield. In 1840, Mr. Warren sold the mill-power on his claim in Hartland to Christian Herschey, who built the first flouring-mill in the town, and did a good business for several years. Mr. Warren was a member of the Wisconsin Assembly in 1855, and has also filled various local offices. He owns 270 acres of land adjoining the village of Hartland, and his buildings and grounds add much to the attraction of the place; he came when the surrounding country was a wilderness on every side; has been a continual resident, and has been identified with the growth and prosperity of the town from its infancy until the present, when it ranks in its wealth and improvements, as well as in the intelligence of the people, the equal of any in the county.

P. T. YOUELLS, an enterprising farmer, Sec. 10; P. O. Hartland; was born in Livingston County, N. Y., in the year 1824, where he remained until 1846, when he came to Wisconsin, remained a short time, then returned to his native county. In 1848, he came again to Wisconsin, and located in the town of Delafield, Waukesha Co., where he married Annie M. Myers; she was also a native of Livingston County, N. Y.; they have three children - Edward M., Mary E. and Albert; Mary E. is the wife of Henry Jones, Dakota. Mr. Youells owns 236 acres of land, finely improved and located in a most desirable portion of the town of Delafield; he has been elected to many local positions, and is a man who takes an active part in the advancement of every enterprise that promises to be of benefit to the country in general.