Milwaukee County Literary Organizations and Authors

Literary Organizations

The Young Men's Association
Fortnightly Club
The Progress Club
Concordia Club
The Popular Science Association
The Milwaukee Whist Club (formerly the Milwaukee Chess Club)
St. Andrew's Society
Burns Club
The Curran Literary Society
Verein Fortschritt
Holland Literary Society
Verein Vorwerts

Milwaukee Authors

Increase Allen Lapham, LL. D.
Orlando W. Wright, M.D.
Mrs. Mathilda Francisca Anneke
Marion V. Churchill
Carlotta Perry
Mrs. Emily H. Leland
Frank Siller
E.A. Zuendt
D.H. Johnson
W.H. Bishop
John L. Lalor

Circulating Libraries

(source: 1857-58 Milwaukee City Directory, Erving, Burdick & Co. 205 and 207 East Water Street)

James Yallopís Circulating library, Chestnut, near corner of Third Street established in 1851. Contains 900 volumes.

H. W. Angerís Circulating Library, 237 East Water Street, contains 3000 volumes, German and French works.